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Austin Daily Texan Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 1

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Austin Daily Texan (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Austin, Texas The daily texan student newspaper at the University of Texas at Austin vol. 74, no. 13 please Recycle this newspaper Austin Texas tuesday june 25, 1974 ten cents fourteen pages 471-4591 Summit on despite ailment phlebitis attack won t delay Nixon s trip my Utt or Ririe Washington up the White House disclosed monday that president Nixon recently suffered a circulatory ailment called a phlebitis but said he is fully recovered and fit to depart tuesday on his european and soviet Summit trip a a prospective 14-hour-a-Day grind of work pomp and travel Nixon was scheduled to depart at 7 30 . Cd on an eight Day trip that takes him first to a nato Summit in Brussels and then to a round of talks with soviet leaders in Moscow obviously reluctant to discuss the ailment several White House aides confirmed under questioning that Nixon had suffered a a mild Case of phlebitis a an inflammation of the veins that impedes circulation and sometimes involves clotting a but had recovered from it before he departed on his Middle East tour june to they said the condition occurred in one of Nixon a legs but would give no further details Deputy press Secretary Gerald Warren quoted Nixon a personal physician or Walter Tkach As saying a the president is in Good health and is looking Forward to Brussels and the soviet that a Warren added a is All he is prepared to say a and other aides contacted also declined to explain Why the White House had withheld disclosure of the ailment when it began and ended or any other medical detail. Lbs to newsman Dan rather broke the Story on the evening newscast and said Nixon a is suffering from phlebitis now but the White House spokesmen All insisted that is not the Case the president they said is now Hale Hearty rested after five Days of Retreat at Camp David and raring to get of on his next round of travel to Brussels first and then Moscow. A the looks great a said one aide who preferred not to be quoted by name. A he a Cool and Calm As Nixon one of the Healthiest of modern presidents looked in Good trim monday As he posed for reporters before a w Hite House conference with his economic advisers and he laughed about the Rigours of the impending tour like a Man who thrives on such things. The president said he expected the nato Summit meeting in Brussels wednesday and the talks with soviet leaders beginning thursday to produce 14-hour Days of work and ceremony a but Well survive a he quipped and glancing at the newsmen added he Only hoped the reporters could keep up. Rather said Nixon had been noticed limping apparently from the phlebitis during the june 10-june 19 trip to Salzburg Austria and the Middle East. Other reporters recalled Only that the president had begun to look fatigued about Midway through the trip but noted he was getting Only three or four hours sleep a night on a schedule filled with Public parades ceremonial events conferences and continuous plane travel. No president since Harry s. Truman has had an in office health record As Good As Nixon a. The presidents most serious ailment was a bout of viral pneumonia last july that hospitalized him at the Bethesda md., naval medical Center for several Days. Kissinger testifies Salt loophole closed. J.,a it. Nitro per War hurl / Washington up a after strenuously rejecting charges of a secret arms agreement with the soviet Union monday morning Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger later in the Day acknowledged the existence of a secret loophole in the pact according to congressional sources. In a three hour Senate arms control subcommittee meeting which members described As frequently acrimonious. Kissinger said the loophole was wholly unintentional that he had not known about it at first and that it was finally closed Only last Quot sen. Henry a. Jackson d-wash., reportedly accepted the explanation and said he had never intended to imply that Kissinger had made deliberate concessions to the russians the Issue Here is not 70 missiles More or less Jackson said. A the Issue is the withholding from the Congress and the american people of a secret the dispute entered around a pair of classified documents one supplementing the original u strategic arms limitation Salt agreement of 1972 and a later one briefing . Officials on the nature of that supplemental agreement. Jackson said he had obtained copies of those documents and based his original charges that Kissinger had made a secret Deal with the soviets on them. Kissinger maintained Jackson had misinterpreted the situation Senate sources said Kissinger told the subcommittee the documents had been kept secret because it was thought they were consistent with the earlier Public announcements on the arms agreement. Earlier in the Day Jackson read newsmen an excerpt from one of the documents which said Over Kissinger s signature that the agreement must remain secret Quot since the soviet Union has not Given its assent for Public release at this time there was no immediate clarification of just what the loophole consisted of but in his press conference remarks Early in the Dav Kissinger had referred to what he called a super Clever interpretation of a clause Quot which could involve converting old diesel submarines to carry modern missiles with nuclear warheads Kissinger said that the allowable number of such conversions was not nailed Down because a it would be absurd for the soviet Union to develop a missile for a submarine that is in itself whatever the loophole was however the sources reported that the administration had attempted for some time to close it. But the russians had steadfastly refused until last tuesday. Russian negotiators they said had claimed they were reluctant to agree to anything that would modify an agreement reached Al much higher Levels. A we now know that the loophole closing will be among the agreements sighed at the Summit a a source said. And added that the remaining concern was what had to be bargained away to get the loophole closed. When Jackson emerged from the subcommittee meeting he tried to pour Oil on the troubled Waters of his confrontation with the Secretary of state. He said none of his documents would be released until after president Nixon and Kissinger return from the Moscow trip. A we wish the Secretary Well and we Hope that agreements can be reached that will help stabilize the International . ,. The controversy began last week when Jackson charged that the american Public and even Many administration a a ulc Dos had been kept in the dark about a secret agreement which he said allowed the russians a larger number of missile submarines than the 950 stated in the interim Salt agreement signed at the 1972 Moscow Summit. On saturday the state department formally denied the allegations and monday morning Kissinger was asked about them during a news conference on the eve of his departure for another presidential meeting with soviet leaders in Moscow. Kissinger said there were no secrets and that the . Interpretation of the terms of the agreement had been described in detail at the time of the signing. But he received a clean Bill of health at his annual physical last february As he has every preceding year. By contrast president Lyndon b. Johnson suffered a heart attack in 1955 and later had operations for Gall bladder and Throat polyp problems after he became president. President John f. Kennedy had a chronic Back ailment and president Dwight d. Eisenhower suffered a heart attack in office in 1955 As Well As a stomach ailment that required an operation. The Brussels Moscow trip will conclude july 3, when Nixon will Fly directly Home from Moscow to Washington possibly with a refuelling Stop at Goose Bay Labrador Warren said Nixon might address the nation in a televised broadcast following his return probably on the fourth of july. Warren indicated Nixon expects to sign several agreements with the soviets during his Moscow stay probably including a pact to partially limit underground nuclear testing Secretary of state Henry Kissinger said at a news conference it was not Likely there would be any definitive second round Accord on strategic arms limitation at the Moscow Summit but he also said it could not absolutely be ruled out members of the Cabinet and the White House staff were to give the president and mrs. Nixon a Send off when they depart the White House South Lawn by helicopter for Andrews air Force base tuesday morning. Nixon in Good health7 after phlebitis attack state files antitrust suit charging Dairy monopoly m i Doronn Cair by Gwen Spain texan staff writer a suit alleging violation of antitrust Laws was filed thursday afternoon against the associated milk producers inc amp1 by the Texas attorney general a office. The suit was filed in 167th District court said asst. Atty. Gen. Michael m. Barron. Amp the largest Dairy cooperative in the United states is charged with a illegal rebates to handlers and processors. The suit alleges Ampi paid kickbacks to the employees of handlers to persuade employees to Purchase from Ampi instead of from competitors. Today foreclosure of markets. Barron said this is done by demanding milk buyers Purchase All or none of their milk from Ampi thereby foreclosing the Market a loading the Pool. Ampi allegedly manipulated milk prices by initially flooding the Market while artificially lowering the prices thus driving out Competition and finally resulting in Overall higher milk prices. A threats of predatory conduct open threats have allegedly succeeded in coercing producers to join Ampi against their will. The Ampi monopoly adversely affects competitors and Consumers within the state of Texas through for example higher wholesale and retail milk prices sudanese court Barron said. Penalties Range from $50 to $1,500 per Day. And the suit is asking for penalties covering Between two and four years. Barron said the penalties Are computed by Days of violation. A Fine of $2 million could result for the san Antonio cooperative. The organization will need to show at a court hearing Why it should not pay penalties for violating state antitrust Laws Barron explained. The show cause hearing is set for july 25 when the state will seek a temporary injunction enjoining Ampi from further violations no trial Date has yet been scheduled. Dan love re enters clinic for alcoholic rehabilitation by Ken Mcham texan staff writer mayor pro Tern Dan love for these cond time within a year is a patient in an alcoholic rehabilitation clinic. Love confirmed monday he is a patient at Starlight Hospital a rehabilitation Center near Kerrville a i will be Here from two to three weeks from this Point a love said. Love was a patient at a Minneapolis minn., clinic for five weeks in Early summer 1973. Love was reported last week to be considering resignation from the City Council to accept a position with an out of town business. Love said he had been in Contact with an a out of City business concern for perhaps three weeks about the pos Sibili i Colvin pays $40 Fine for leaving scene by David Hendricks texan staff writer Lames h Colvin University vice president for business affairs paid traffic fees amounting to s40 Friday for leaving the scene of an Accident and for an unsafe movement to the left. Colvin was involved in a car motorcycle Accident at 7.10 p m june 15 oni a service Road off in 35 near Highway 290 the motorcycle operator was huge Glass 18. An Austin craftsman. A a i ass told police he was travelling South Down the frontage Road vehicle travelling in the Lane next to me without warning turned Eft in fronted me to the turn around Lane that goes under the expressway to the East fion Hub ass added a i put on my brakes and fell off my Bike sliding on the pavement my Bike struck the vehicle on the left Side on the rear. The operator of the vehicle got out and asked me if i knew what i was doing when i told him that he pulled in front of me he got in his vehicle and left. R. A witness who helped Glass take Down the License number of i Duns Oldsmobile said Colvin was out of his car about 20 to 30 seconds Colvin explained there was no damage to his car and on that basis he left the scene Ile said he thought that unless there was at least $25 damage to his car he hid not have to make a report to the police. A the police explained to me that if there was damage Over $25 to either vehicle that i would have had to stay. I was unaware of this or i would t have the Quot amounted to $12.50 for unsafe movement to the left and s2?50i tor leaving the scene Colvin said. He also stated the police contacted him on Mon Dav. Two Days after the Ait ident. Damage to the motorcycle was Between $60 and $<5, Glass said Mitin police patrolman Terry Buck who issued the tickets said in the at i1-Dentrelwlhal of Flais received Abr Sioris on the ie., hand and both Knees and hat his right foot was swollen from the collision to of my association with this organization but said he had made no decision in the matter. A was to rumours of resignation there is nothing to it a at this Point a love said. Quot of course if i associate myself with this company it would necessitate my resignation because i would have to leave the City. A my resignation will Only come about because of a professional obligation in another City and in no Case will it come about because of my stay at Starlight or the reasons for love continued love said he is trying to make arrangements to be in Austin thursday for the City Council meeting but will return immediately to Starlight. Love has tentative plans to Call a press conference for to . Thursday in the conference room of the municipal building 124 w. Eighth St. The purpose of the press conference. Love said will be to answer questions regarding his possible resignation and his stay at Starlight. The trip to Austin and press conference Are contingent on approval of the Hospital staff. Love said he added he was fairly confident the trip would be approved. Love said the plans would be confirmed by noon tuesday. A i anticipate missing no meetings of the City Council because of my stay at Starlight other than the one i missed last week a love said. Love is serving his second of two consecutive terms on the City Council during which time he has talked of resignation on two other occasions. Love first considered resignation in i August 1973, after returning from the Minneapolis rehabilitation clinic. In december 1973, love considered resignation to run for county judge. In january he decided against running and to remain on the Council. A warmer. Fair to partly Cloudy skies with slightly warmer tem per natures Are predicted for tuesday through wednesday. High tuesday will be near 90, Low in the mid-60s. Northeasterly winds will be 8 to 18 . Becoming southeasterly by wednesday. Guerrillas sentenced in diplomats deaths Khartoum Sudan up a a sudanese court monday sentenced eight Black september guerrillas to life imprisonment for murdering two american diplomats and a belgian envoy. But sudanese president Jaafar Numeir ordered them turned Over to palestinian guerrilla authorities. Diplomatic sources in Beirut said Numeir s decision in effect meant Freedom for the defendants who were the first palestinian guerrillas to go on Public trial in an Arab state Numeir had been under heavy criticism from other Arab states for going ahead with the trial. Within a few hours of the verdict Numeir commuted the terms to seven years and said the guerrillas would by handed Over to the Palestine liberation Gani non Plo a the policymaking group for the guerrilla movement a to serve their sentences a sudanese government statement said. The Plo however has contended that the defendants should be treated As soldiers of the palestinian cause the guerrillas admitted in court that they fatally shot american ambassador Cleo a. Noel his Deputy George Curtis Moore and belgian charge Guy eid during a 60-hour occupation of the saudi arabian embassy in Khartoum in March 1973. The siege of the embassy during a reception was carried out in an attempt to secure the release of guerrillas held in jordanian jails and the freeing of palest an born Sirhan b. Sirhan. The Assassin of Robert of Kennedy. The jordanians rejected the demands and president Nixon said at the time the United states would not yield to Quot blackmail Quot the Cairo based Middle East news Agency said the court recommended commutation of the sentences because of Cut rent circumstances and continued Barbaric israeli attacks on palestinian refugee Camps in Lebanon in which scores of women and children have been killed and the continued persecution of the palestinian people by Israel the iraqi news Agency quoted the Leader of the guerillas Rizk Abu Ghassan. As shouting when the verdict was announced a your lives Are a cheap Price to pay for the continuation of the palestinian revolution for the rights of the palestinian people and for hitting at imperialism and reactionaries in the Arab Black september organization s most spectacular action was the killing of israeli athletes and coaches at the 1972 Munich olympics Colson s Cia theory told Washington up a a private investigator quoted former White House counsel Charles Colson monday As saying both he and president Nixon suspected the Cia knew in Advance e about the 1971 Ellsberg break in and the 1972 watergate burglary a and perhaps helped plan them. Nixon is a convinced the Cia is in this up to their eyeballs said Richard Bast the investigator. A this theory is that they were coming in to the White House to spy and they wanted to get enough on the White House so they could get what they wanted a. Colson characterized Nixon As being a out of his mind Oei it Cia and Pentagon roles Quot in watergate. Bast said. According to Bast who described himself As a private investigator with 17 years experience in criminal and Industrial matters Colson wanted him to investigate the possibility Otia involvement. Bast told up he informed Colson he did not feel that As a private citizen he could do this and that it Nixon wanted an Independent investigation he could appoint an additional special prosecutor. Of. Bast said Colson met with him May 13 and 31. Only a few Days before Colson pleaded guilty to obstruction 0i Justice in the Ellsberg Case. ,. After the Bast account appeared monday in the Washington Post and the Star news Colson issued a statement saying he and Bast Quot talked in a very offhand fashion largely exploring theories for Many of which i had been unable to obtain Tactual support. A the statements i. Made to or. Bast some of which appear to be accurately quoted should not therefore be read into any other context a Colson said Colson said he had gone to Bast a at a time when i was exploring whether he would be Able to serve As a private investigator on behalf of myself and perhaps other

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