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Austin Daily Texan (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Austin, Texas First Colley Dai it in the South 1ummer vol. Ii Austin Texas wednesday june 23, 1920. No. 14. Onia delivers Dean of women to bloody Indian Battles were interesting talk on Cowboy lyrics Els of the puncher lonely life on the Plain and i Solace address students i Lila Casis will preside Over thursday Vesper service for women fought near Austin in past College night to be new departure by Alice Ballard How Many of the hundreds who now v w r a i of the struggling Young re in list this Vesper of the y. W. C. A. On of of thursday evening at 7 of clock in the Torii Ink Indian fights of Early Texas gymnasium court. The court is situated directly behind the woman a building. A committee will be there to Welcome the women students into the meeting place. A special attraction in addition to the message which miss Casis has for the women students of the University is the fact the the services Are held out in the open. Miss Casis has been connected with the University for a number of years in fact her sojourn Here dates Back to the late years of the nineteenth Century for she graduated from this institution having taken both her . And her . From the University of Texas. Aside from the Long stay Here in the University miss Casis will have a message Well Worth the time which any woman May spend in the listening to her. Miss Casis has been Dean of women for the last year and As such has endeared herself to the hearts of the University men and women. She is a personality whom All who know must love and Admire. The y. W. C. A. Hopes that a Large number of the women in the summer schools and in the summer Normal will come out to the Vesper service and hear her message for those who have Ever heard miss Casis Are eager and feel women students of the University daily pass by shy Creek on the will have the rare Opportunity of hear-1 Road in their luxurious High John Avery Lomax delivered his j ing miss Lisa m caging it Dean of we j powered cars know that just eighty Public lecture on a Cowboy songs 10 j men of the University speak at the i do a ring to the excite a capacity audience at the y. M. C. A. Auditorium last night at 8 30. Or. A Lomax is executive Secretary of the students association and director f their Austin activities. Speaking few introductory words or. Fred Rick Eby said a Texas Cowboy poetry better known in institutions a thou my Miles away from Here than in or own state. It is time for texans d know Texas Texas people Texas poetry and Texas or. Lomax then opened his lecture brith two stanzas from different poems which suggest the cowboys own resin for his singing. Speaking of the Rigin of these songs or. Lomax said hat they originated in the Western a Art of the United states and have Ben handed Down by various Means a by word of Mouth the work of the american Folk lore society and of lie newspapers. Until the publication for. Lomax a two volumes these mrs and poems existed Only in the memory of old cowboys and rovers. The authors Early life was spent Mong cowboys and in that he can till picture them Riding the Plains e is Well fitted for his work. While t Harvard or. Lomax a song at rated much attention and it was Ere that he first seriously started in collection. He often obtains rec ads of songs by having phonograph records made by old cowboys singing iome of his most interesting songs re re obtained from four negroes one of a Farmer another an undertaker other formerly a Saloon keeper. Speaking of social conditions in the far West or. Lomax said that the it boys lived and Rode a Hundred Niles from nowhere. Society was re used to its lowest terms and the men ought diversion in song. Since a Ian a song was always subject to the criticism of the others most of the Ings Are the joint product of a nuttier of men. The cowboys even had Lullaby songs y which they kept the cattle quiet at ight. Or. Lomax read various songs using his lecture among them being it me songs which expressed the feeling of the Rover who advises others stay at Home. The Reader showed Luch sympathy with the cowboys in is Reading. He also read a few Stan is on famous outlaws in which is flown the cowboys contempt for a Ward for instance the poem about Fie Coward who betrayed Sam Bass. We do not think usually of the cow Gay As being a religious Man but they often Sang of god in terms of great Imilia Rity. And then a moment later Bey might be heard singing with peat irreverence. They also had their Ive songs of sweethearts left behind. Is shown by several songs the cow Gay often thought of the comforts of ome and his Best advice to others rho wished to Rove a docs to a stay at Days How Many who ri<3i by Ever Stop to compare their opportunities with those of their grandfathers who followed the Indian Trail in the wilderness of Texas and prepared the Way for this subsequent improvements and Prosperity of the Lone Star state it was on Brushy Creek in 1840 that a or. Ladd one of the Early settlers of Austin escaped As it were by a Miracle when he was several times surrounded by the ton away indians who kept constant fire with arrows and balls. His gun snapped but would not go off yet he got away without a wound. The Story of this fight which was of wide spread interest and alarm in those Days is found in the Austin City Gazette wed esd March 18, 1840. A on Friday evening last about to of clock a writes g. K. Tuelon the editor a the alarm of indians was Given and it was said that a Man had been murdered by them within the limits of the corporation the citizens immediately began to Muster bringing with them such arms As they possessed in less than thirty minutes after the intelligence was first bruised a company started out in the direction indicated. After a Short while the company came upon the body of the murdered a i a Ward leaving Linville they attacked Victoria where they killed about fifty citizens and took Many prisoners. Among these was mrs. Cyrus Crosby one of the most prominent settlers of Texas. They remained about the i novel entertainment at Wpm ends gym will be enjoyable j affair for All plans editor announces beginning of Vork on 1921 year Book underway for Many new features work begun on various sections what is conceded to be quite a Novelty in the session of the summer. _ achoo. Tuvo in Miuchu Auu i , plans for the 1921 Cactus Are Well Finity for two Days. Robbing and Burn 0�h a Quot a the 8ummer. Normals. Quot under Way. And the editing of certain Tho i a1 a a i re 4 inn i a Ltd a1 i i i a a a my and killing the citizens then the ,e8� night festivities which sections of the Book has already be driving off several hundreds of cattle. He in to a woman a gym a a according to Wendell Mayes horses and mules packed with goods of All descriptions. On the Road they molested and killed a number of travellers. These two tragic incidents aroused the whole country. The citizens of Lavaca and the lower Guadalupe at sum on Friday evening from 8 to to of clock. This affair is strictly Public and All women who Are in the summer schools and the summer Normal will be accorded a Hearty Welcome by the tempted to give fight on peach Creek a w. C. A., which has charge of exceedingly fortunate to have the i a native of the United states who was a Butcher by Trade. He had been shot by an Arrow and scalped. I bringing his body Back the com Pany returned for reinforcements. Privilege of hearing her again. Of . Giving free swim to student organization near Gonzales but were repulsed losing one Man. The indians now believing themselves invincible delayed their proposed trip a to the mountains a lingering about for several flays. This gave Gen. Felix Houston just what he wanted. Gathering his Little band together he went upon the indians unexpectedly killing 60 of their number and wounding Many who wander lid into the thickets to die. The texan prisoners were rescued but mrs. Watts was rather seriously wounded in the fight. One of the prisoners captured in this fight called a Lewis a was found not to be an Indian at All. His own testimony was to the effect that he had been adopted by the comanches and his appearance bore satisfaction to that effect since his features were grecian and was of fair complexion with Beard and whiskers. A few Days later John h. Moore these activities. A program which will Appeal to every person who could possibly attend the affair has been arranged and All who want a taste of real College life and feel that they have really attended the University and not Only the summer school or the Normal will not be Able to miss the College night activities. This is the event at which More than at any other time the students of the University meet and become acquainted with one another. By Means of it the College freshmen and newcomers from the other universities and colleges Are initiated into the secrets and Joys of real College life. Just so the summer school students will become better acquainted with one another As Well As with the University in particular. College night is considered an initiation but those who fear the ordeals of initiation need not Harbor any secret fears for the com colonel of the volunteers came upon a m it tee in charge promises to have a Small Indian Village on the san Saba River estimated 300 Miles from Austin surprised the inhabitants and killed forty eight on the ground while eighty were drowned in the River. The Indian Village was destroyed. One of the old warriors who was conceded to have been about too every mule and horse not concealed years old wore a medal around his in the meantime the citizens were University women invited is Courin the country discovering that fume. F Vith or. Lomax As Leader the auth Nee joined heartily in singing the horus to several songs. This was Iro Hably the most enthusiastic audience which has attended a Public of lure on the Campus in some time one of the unusual attractions on schedule tomorrow night is the swimming party which the downtown y. W. C. A. Is giving the student organization. All the women of the University in both the summer schools and the summer Normal Are cordially invited to attend this free swim which is to be held in the y. M. C. A. Pool from 8 50 on. It is desired that All come As promptly As possible. This is the free swim Given each year by the local to the student organization and is Given for the purpose of acquainting the summer students with the swimming classes and the various activities of the association during the summer months. Those who desire to obtain add in a stable had been stolen. Toward morning the scouting party found the body of another victim whom the Gazette describes As follows a Hedley a Hedger and a Ditcher a native of England. It was a horrible spectacle. Ten arrows still in his body. Five penetrated through Throat Cut from ear to ear deep wound in his breast and to Crown it All he had been Early the next morning the party under the leadership of col. E. Burleson came upon the camping pen of the indians from which the Trail was apparent. Neck on one Side of which was engraved a James Madison president of the United states 1809.�?� and on the other a peace and besides these there were a number of alarming personal attacks of the indians. In january 1841, chief Justice Smith of Travis county and his Little son were Riding in the Woods when he spied a party of indians running toward them. In trying to hurry away he was thrown from his horse by a Branch of a tree and his son was captured by the indians. He was found later with his body full of a delightful Surprise in store for All who attend and the initiation will not take the usual form but will be of an entirely different nature. Editor in chief of the annual for next year. While the Complete staff has not been definitely selectee several members of the staff who Are in Austin attending the summer school have been at work during the past few weeks and work on the Book is progressing nicely. The pictures for the View Section Are being taken this week and the Section will be completed within the next few Days. A new and original idea is being worked out in this Section of the Book which promises to be one of the most interesting of the Many features that will go to make the 1921 Cactus one of the Best yet produced by the University. Scenes from the medical College at Galveston will be included in this Section for the first time. Hill Cocke formerly athletic editor of the daily texan and for some months on the staff of the Galveston news has temporarily taken charge of the athletic Section of the Cactus which assures a live and interesting Section. All of this Book which pertains to this Spring s baseball track and Tennis will be compiled before the beginning of the regular session next september which will allow More time to be put in on football and basketball the sports which will be the feature of the Section. An entirely new division devoted to the summer school who appear in the 1921 Cactus. All of the activities of the session will be portrayed in this division of the Book which will those who have attended these j form a part of the College year Sec events testify that the women students of the University will not want to miss this one big social function of the summer for Here they will be sure lion. This Section will be edited by Joe Minton a member of the staff of the 1920 Cactus who devoted a Large part of his time to this work on last to have a delightful time and the two years College year Section. The Short hours spent Here will be Well spent. Professor of math Speaks at meeting prominent mathematician discusses new method of teaching blocks for the 1920 commencement Are being made up this week and will be ready for shipment to the engravers As soon As the contract is let. Quite a few new features will appear in the College year Section of next years Book which will add materially to the general attractiveness of the Cactus. Photographers have already begun the taking of pictures for the famous grind Section. Campus Buzzards of the summer variety will not escape the watchful eyes of the grind editor professor Earl Raymond Hedrick a and the ease with which summer Stu visiting member of the University of dents Board the Gravey train will be on sunday morning col. Burleson rows. Sent a dispatch stating that he Hadj despite the efforts and even the Texas mathematics faculty. Who is disclosed to those who spend the hot fallen into another Trail within eight Many successes of the volunteers the i the head of the mathematics de months at Home. Miles of san Gabriel which divided tonal information in record to the at Tea place into several different swim should see miss Sallye Pinck-1 directions. Since it was of a Wise Ney student Secretary for the summer pan Divide a Small number of vol schools in her office in room 109 of unters 10 meet an indefinite number the main building. Jef Indian warriors Burleson wisely of abandoned the Pursuit. However the Ped Oggie lab tests j company engaged in a few skirmishes a systematic method of compiling the organizations Section which has grown to be one of the largest of the students of educational psychology May be observed every afternoon in the lavatory performing some most unusual Experiment. These Are supposed to indicate to a considerable extent the brilliance or particular idiosyncrasies of the minds of these Earnest pedagogues. For instance those who can say the alphabet backwards within ten seconds without making a single break give evidence of startling Indian troubles continued though not i payment o the University of mis in a marked degree. As late As july sour it spoke at an open meeting of the 1844, a party of indians a crept upon Pentagram society last night. As or. Benjamin and his family while at or. Hedrick was at the time president i books in the actus is being worked supper in their Yard at fort Houston of the mathematical association of ouf by h. S. Aronson who will be in Burnet county. Fortunately the America he did not serve on the a a Clarke of the Section this year. Aron family Learned of the approach be tonal committee on mathematics re 8�n has been on the staff of the cac Hind the smokehouse and were Able to quire ments but he had a Large part in us or to years and has during flee to their House in safety. Or. Can arranging the report. The work of time been assistant to the organics committee is financed by the car-1 nations editor. All organizations that Negie foundation for the advancement have Quot kept a Ive during the sum of teaching. It pays for the holding mtr schoo a will have a place in the of mathematical meetings and the Dis Book next year. Tributino of the reports of the com-1 Bennett l. Woolley business Man mittens. I at it a the 1921 Cactus has already or. Hedrick in his address said that be in plans for the Bush ass end of the report had to do with the Mathe 1 a students who live in a student s brains with Indian bands on the Way col. Burleson reported on june to j non put up a hard fight which drove a Large Encampment of Tonka ways i the indians away saving the lives of up the Brazos who were apparently i his family and his property. This is planning an attack. A kit a gtd example editor Tuelon says about july i a party of indians of the Force which the indians were stole into the Erica moment of a com busing. Pany of volunteers under the com the settlers were now beginning to Mand of Captain Lewis stealing teach the indians a lesson according Twenty one horses. At Daybreak a to or. Tuelon and the general alarm magical requirements for the first and Lewis was in full Pursuit. He Dis was beginning to die Down. The in second years of High school. Or. Hed covered the Over confident warriors Diana however continued to bricks summary of the report has been making arrows surprised them and troublesome and still contended that printed in a recent Issue of the Texas one song the chorus of which was ability along administrative lines lung contains More than a thousand j since their capacity for handling new Ines a the old Chism Trail. The recovered his losses As Well As a certain amount of spoils consisting of facture was thus very informal and blamed the aspect of an old time other songs emphasized the hardtops of the cowboys life others the it ugh Ness of his nature. Another song Eal by or. Lomax was the funeral of a Cowboy As he was carried a Farave. It is a noteworthy fact Bat the Cowboy could change quickly a Ltd a sad to Mirthful song. The song of the a a bicycle was also Given and accorded much applause. In closing his lecture which was punctuated throughout by much a it Lause or. Lomax said that the civil nation of the West is due to the cow situations is clearly manifested. The i arrows rifles and head dresses instructor has attempted to console the Well known tra Degies of Lin those whose records Are alarmingly vide and Victoria followed in August subnormal with the Hope that they j the account of the a a destruction of May show unexpected mental acumen Linville a in the Gazette says that a along hitherto untried lines. One of. Band of indians estimated at four or the students was heard to remark fifire Hundred in number went into that his brain Felt like it had been Linville at 9 a. Rn., killing Many prom run through a wringer since it had intent townsmen and taking As Pris been experimental with so much that j owners Many women and children. A it was in a sadly addled condition. I great number of the people hearing of of their immediate danger escaped to registration is boats but there were others who did showing growth not hear o the approaching indians until it was too late to flee. Mrs. H. A total of 1720 have registered for o. Watts a servant and a Little Girt the summer school and the summer who were among these were taken Normal up to 12 of clock this morning j prisoners and treated very cruelly it pm Yand that he was the forerunner fewer than 300 of this number have stated. The indians remained Dur f he Pioneer. The then gave a Brief registered in the Normal school. The ing the Day in town packing up goods. Splendid characterization of the attendance in previous years has been a Hen they left they set fire to As Cowboy and closed by saying that this Cowboy lore should become an Essen a Ial part of our history. Larger than at present. More Stu j Many As Twenty houses which the dents however Are expected to enrol i Gazette says included a some of the within the next few Days. 1 finest building in the settlers had encroached upon a j mathematics teachers bulletin. He Houston Dallas san Antonio and it. Worth Are spending the summer months securing advertising for the Book As Well As subscriptions from the sex students of those cities and land which was their a Tehas a their i discussed the use of the idea of the pm Sill prospc8 Are that the 1921 Happy Hunting ground which they i function As a principle to unify the earn will he a Tje largest Sale claimed to have first discovered when elementary courses in it a p red by the univer a __.i___1__ Sivy. They were driven from Mexico when Thig a a a. He Point out carefully. Cortez took that country and reduced mu3t be us a not from formal Sid but muh be put before the student by Means of a Large number of Illus-1 the indians to servitude. Of Rusk to hold program informal get together an informal get Ogeth or party is to be held on the Lawn in front of the woman a building thursday night from 8 toll o clock for All members of the faculty. The resident members of the faculty Are the hosts to the new and visiting members. The following constitute the committee in charge or. L. T. Bellmont miss Anna Hiss and miss Anne Aynesworth. A great Many Jolly games and stunts Are being program for the Rusk literary so rations from every Day life. A num a piety to be held in the Law building Ber of these illustrations were men-1 saturday night june 26, 1920 at 7 tinned. Or. Hedrick showed that the j o clock is As follows entire subject of algebra and Geom a National political situation a by etry can be vitalized by use of the function concept. In particular he emphasized the fact that tables Are a Ben f. Wright. Debate a resolved that governor Hobby was justified in sending the Good example of a first notion of a National guard to functional relationship. The address was enjoyed by an enthusiastic audience of Over fifty. An announcement was made that affirmative to. C. Nowlin and e. E. Davis. Negative a. C. Denman and Walter h. Philips. Address by William t. Mcneil. This promises to be one of the most professor a h. Roever would give a planned by the committee and it is j lecture on a an elementary Geo met expected that the party a Fol fulfil its rival exploration of certain phenom j interesting meetings that the club has purpose of creating a Friendly feeling Enaz next monday evening. He will yet had. Visitors Are always Welcome and acquaintanceship among the res illustrate with stereo Ticon slides and at meetings and the Public is urged to ident and new members of the faculty a blackboard demonstration. 1 attend i a
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