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Austin Daily Texan (Newspaper) - July 11, 1977, Austin, Texas A editorials the daily texan Page 4 a monday july la 1977 heroin Medicine for our economic ills by David c. Martin in recent television interview. Secretary of health education and welfare it a i Llano had the unmitigated temerity to suggest that Congress should consider Dis continuation of government subsidies to the tobacco in Dusley or Califano a recommendation was based on the specious argument that by supporting the tobacco Industry the government was making it less expensive for our citizens to Purchase heart attacks strokes lung cancer emphysema and other diseases there Are is veral reasons Why or Califano s suggestion is Moon a latent with democracy and the american capitalistic system first it is the find Given right of every american to select when possible the fatal disease of his Choice Elt a it and such an action would have a catastrophic effect on the american Economy in this tim of inflation and unemployment As a concerned taxpayer i would like to express the personal View that not Only am i in favor of continued support to the Lobar. Co Industry bul i further recommend that Congress in elude subsidies for a heroin Industry introduction of .1 Legal heroin program would of a Boon to the american Economy government subsidies for a newly created heroin Industry would allow Farmers to devote otherwise unusable land to the production of poppies More Farmers would Prosper not Only by Selling opium but by rotating conventional crops with topples creating greater yields of carrots tomatoes and other truck crops farm equipment manufacturers would Benefit As Well by the increased demand for planting and harvesting equipment the hauling of the freshly harvested poppy clop to refining plants would create increased needs for the trucking and Railroad industries new jobs could be opened in the Fields of heroin refining and marketing vending machines would appear All Over the country offering a wide variety of opium products for the do it yours Elfers Candle and special spoon manufacturing would flourish in addition the new heroin Industry would provide employment opportunities for health professions per sonnet to treat overdose cases the automobile Industry would increase its output Ber aus of the demand for am bulanm2 1 Salt it through Over a Brief note we re going to try something a Little different arum Nee How it works beginning monday All 1 guest viewpoints and columns will be treated the same if you re a frequent Reader of the editorial pages you be probably noticed that the Only consistent difference Between a column and a guest viewpoint is that one has a picture Ami the other one does t oftentimes the author of a guest viewpoint turns out to be a better writer and thinker than that author of columns granted there Are Many examples of beautifully executed columns and perfectly butchered guest viewpoints but for the time being we re going to treat them the same if you d like to contribute to the editorial Page either As a writer or a researcher please Call us at 471-4591 or Stop by the texan office in the basement of the Tsu building at 25th Street and Whitis Avenue let us know what you think doses of heroin the population problem would be eased Hie lonely Gravedigger put out of work by scientific methods of prolonging life could be removed from the welfare Rolls and go Back to Active duty at the cemetery such re employment would ease the Burden on american taxpayers by reducing welfare payments and increasing tax revenues implementation of proposal would also result in the improvement of protective services. Policemen could Stop wasting time and taxpayers Money pursuing the elusive heroin Pusher police time t mild then be devoted to More productive efforts such As the arrest of Street walkers and homosexuals furthermore a powerful heroin lobby could be created in Washington lobbyists for the heroin Industry could compete with representatives of less important lobbies such As consumer Protection school finance and Aid to the elderly and informed lobbies for heroin would not Only create new jobs for lobbyists thereby increasing tax revenues but would provide for additional fringe benefits for overworked congressperson potentially interested in supporting this important cause proposal has not yet been subjected to criticism but i find no flaws in its logic the Short it orig tags Are few and the benefits Are manifold tax revenues would be augmented and unemployment curbed Competition Between the heroin and tobacco industries would help maintain the vitality of the free Enterprise system. Citizens would Prosper by resulting tax cutbacks smiling faces would be seen everywhere. Most importantly the sacred american tradition of Freedom of Choice would be maintained As people would be Able to choose among alcohol tobacco and main lining without government interference Martin is a student in the a Eulege of natural sciences cleavers crusade Black White anti red by Reginald major a we Are involved in spiritual warfare Between god and the Livell declared Eldridge Leaver explaining the missionary real behind his newly launched a Eldridge Leaver crusades a Quot a crusades a or says. Quot raptures the urgency which i feel i seem to hear the Laird saying to against these evils thou Shalt crusade a a thus far the Chiel evils against which the former Black Panther minister of information directs his famous rhetoric Arr communism and Black Militancy and among the chief supporters of the incorporated crusade Are some of the leading luminaries of the predominantly White new right evangelism looking like a preacher and sounding like a politician Cleaver dishes out a Hearty blend of old time religion and fun la men la i conservative politics and his Mission apart from keeping him out of jail appeals to in budging the wide Gap Between the Black and White evangelist movements a feat that if accomplished could Cement a powerful new conservative political coalition he and wife Kathleen were baptised in october. H>76, and placed their two children in a us Angeles Christian school i Don t want children corrupted by bearded teachers who Don t agree with . Said Cleaver cleavers first appearances were limited to White evangelical groups who responded enthusiastically to his Quot testimony Quot about How an sex communist and Black militant had become one with Christ even though there is no evidence Cleaver Ever was a communist Eldridge Cleaver when sceptics charged that he was avoiding Black audiences Cleaver began appearing at All Black churches such As the Providence Baptist Church of Sar Francisco whose pastor Calvin Jones is a locally Well known conservative and a sponsor of the Eldridge Cleaver crusades his reception there while not Overly enthusiastic was approving during his testimony Cleaver criticised san Francisco sheriff Richard Hongisto Ami state assemblyman Willie Brown for campaigning on behalf of Gay civil rights in Florida with a bitterness that seemed to contradict his claim to love everyone in eluding his enemies he dismissed California leading Black politicians including w Illie Brown la gov Mervyn i malty and i Ais Angeles mayor Tom Bradley because Quot they did not lift a Finger to help Quot i appeared before Lionel Wilson a Black judge and he raised bail from $50,000 to $100,000. Cleaver complained judge Wilson ironically has since become mayor of Oakland with the full support of the Black Panther party throughout his testimony. Cleaver subtly hinted that White political control is closer to the proper order of things. Upon his return to new York from Paris he said two f by men one Black and one White arrested him a the brother had a big afro said the now Short haired and clean shaven Cleaver Quot and it came Clear later that the White Man was in control i knew then that i was in the right place Cleaver said his Friend Billy Graham had told Hun he was glad that Black people were receiving the evangelical message because White people won t listen to White people anymore a a says one longtime Black activist in Oakland who has followed cleavers byzantine career from the beginning a a Eldridge s religious message seems to be one of convincing Blacks to Chain themselves to the Rock of Ages after they steal away to in fact cleavers Brand of Christian activism is closely related to the kind of evangelism that in the past has been characterized As decidedly anti Lack some of his key supporters among the leading White evangelist Powers have carried the anti communist Zeal to uncritical support for the White minority governments of Rhodesia and South Africa while Cleaver has avoided embracing such a position publicly he privately takes a hard critical line toward the Black african states involved in Southern Africa s racial wars. In an interview he decried As a a racist a any support for a those niggers trying to push our Brothers into the sea a in Southern Africa the future of the Eldridge Cleaver crusades is now being mapped out from a Stanford calif., office in the meantime. The organization has already begun publishing a a a crusader newsletter appealing to readers to a Send us a generous contribution towards the founding of this Reginald major author of one of the earliest Hooks on the Black Panther party the Panther is a Black cat and Justice in the round a Book on the Angela darts trial is a member of the foundation funded pcs Urban task Force Pacific news service jewish leaders protest Carters Mideast stance by Jack Anderson Washington several influential jewish leaders troubled Over president Carter a attitude toward the Middle East have compiled a lengthy list of grievances against his administration we have blamed a copy of the secret list which contains 21 complaint this list emphasizes Carters failure to provide important new weapons to Israel his cancellation of the concussion bombs vile a Deal that sex Ives Dent fort had approved is cites although Carter allowed the Sale of $115 million Worth of weapon to the jewish slate he has t made up his mind whether to sell the israelis an advances aircraft targeting system the jewish Lea Dei s Are upset in the other hand Over the Sale of c s missiles and other weapons to saudi Arabia they Arf also miffed Over a private statements by Carter that the Arab leaders All desire peace and that Israel is less forthcoming this is coupled with a complaint about Cai ter s excessive la Dation of Egypt s president Anwar Sadat. Jordan s King bus tem saudi Arabia s Crown Prince fahd us Syria s president Hafez Assad the jewish Leader Are Quot particularly an toyed Over the Praise for Assad they Art appalled that Carter Shook hands with a Palestine liberation organization official a at a United nations reception this organization still operates under a charter that Calls for the destruction of Israel the grievance list also cites Quot Carter leaks in the a Quot of hts meeting with former israeli prime minister Yitzhak rabbi some jewish leaders Are also angry at leaks express dismay Over prime minister Merthem begin s Victory they Are worried that the Prest Dent is trying to pressure Israel into a one sided peace settlement in the Middle East unlike i predecessors who plotted each diplomatic step in utmost secrecy. Carter has speculated out loud about the possible dimensions of a Mideast settlement jewish leaders suspect that his remarks Are not off the cuff As they seem hut carefully calculated he is trying they believe to push the recalcitrant israelis into an undesirable agreement even the president s staunchest jewish supporters Are upset Over his endorsement of a Homeland for the palestinians he also suggested pointedly that Israel should withdraw from most of the captured Arab territories such remarks have drawn fire trom jewish leaders behind the scenes. For instance rep Benjamin Rosenthal in has written a private letter to the president Rosenthal expressed a grave reservations about Carters v Load habit of conducting negotiations in Public some of Carters proposals complained Rosenthal do a not seem to meet any of the legitimate needs of Israel for Security Quot he warned the president not to impose a settlement through a outside pressure or preconditions a Carter assured the congressman in a Handwritten reply that they Quot share the same goals in the Middle East. A if any Arab countries Are willing to negotiate directly and bilaterally with Israel a the president wrote. A i Don t know of Carter said he would like to see the two sides negotiate with minimal involve ment by us a a yet he added Quot this May be the last Opportunity for Many years to bring the parties together multilaterally and with our influence Quot the two phrases a with minimal involvement by us and with our appear to be conflicting Rosenthal is nervous that the president May by using leverage primarily against Israel and that he May intend to dictate the terms of a settlement a group of prominent americans will launch a Campaign to make the Panama canal zone the 5lst state the group dominated by the right Wing. Has mailed copies of their novel idea to 55 senators and 125 congressmen rep George Hansen r Idaho has offered to introduce a Resolution but most members of Congress have been noncommittal the polemics Over the drug laetrile have dominated the headlines but another great cancer controversy is beginning to boil up in the Backrooms or i anus Pauling who has won the Nobel prizes for science and peace can t get a oderal Grant to pursue his cancer research the eminent researcher has written a scathing private letter charge that a the National cancer Institute Dies not know How to carry on research or How to recognize a new idea 1977 United feature Syndicate inc fund the schools fairly reasonably they think they can. They think they can. They think they can. For the Sake of Texas children we Hope the legislature canard Wil enact an equitable and reasonable Public school finance plan in e Specia session which begins monday. Since 1973. When the . Supreme court strongly suggested that Texas clean up its school finance act the legislature has fiddled i a vane y of proposals for school finance the last plan that the 64 Egis nature enacted was a a band Aid Quot approach to the old system. Justice Potter Stewart in a concurring opinion said the old system was a chaotic Quot and a unjust Quot but constitutional All the same. Nor does the present finance system violate the Texas Constitution which simply charges the legislature to establish an efficient system of free Public nevertheless it s time for the legis nature to remove the band Aid and put heavy bandages on school finance. Most lawmakers agree that Reform is needed a the question is. What is the Best Way to update Texas antiquated school finance system and to eliminate inequities in it7 the problems Texas schools Are financed by the state in the form of equalization Grants and other funds property taxes derived from taxing land in local school districts and Small amounts of Federal Aid. The problems first since there is no uniform tax appraisal system in the state the property tax system is a confusing mess. Second the 65th legislators Hasni to agreed on How much Money the state should give to local districts for local costs and in Texas there is $232 billion in property which can be taxed and used to finance the education of 2.5 million students. To illustrate problems arising from financing schools with property taxes. Dallas had $100,674 in taxable wealth per student while fort Worth had Only $70,027 in 1975-76. If both cities used a hypothetical 35 cents per $100 tax rate Dallas would get $352 per student and fort Worth would have Only $245 per student. To make up the difference fort Worth would have to increase its taxes or get More outside Aid. To cite disparity Between districts the per Pupil expenditure a few years ago ranged from a Low of $432 at Valley v Lew in Hidalgo county to a High of $9,314 at Lipscomb in Lipscomb county. The tax Burden is greater in poor districts because of the Low value of property. Residents in poor districts sometimes must pay More taxes on cheap property to raise Small Money for the District s schools. On the other hand Richer districts Are Able to impose Light property tax burdens on their property owners because the land and property is much More valuable a thus More Money is raised with lighter taxes. As it stands a texan generally has a Chance of getting an adequate education if he or she lives in a Rich District but if he or she does t that Chance is greatly reduced. The Legislatures solutions on one Side there is a group of mostly Liberal Urban legislators trying to protect Urban educational interests. On the other Side you have a group of essentially conservative Rural legislators who Are trying to protect Rural interests. Of the school finance Bills the most notable Are a House speaker Bill Clayton s he i which would reduce local costs paying to support the states education program by giving $310 million to the districts. Equalization Aid in his Bill is $120 million and a variety of expenditures bring the grand total to More than $900 million. A a Bill in the Senate education committee chaired by sen. Oscar Mauzy a Dallas is a $932.7 million proposal. This Bill would give $233 million to reduce local costs and $210 million for equalization Aid. A he 3, sponsored by reps. John Bryant of Dallas Ron Coleman of Elpaso and others which will just about deplete All of the Money for school finance. He 3 would Cost $959.5 million. The Bill would give $189 million to reduce local costs and $318 for equalization Aid. Clay tons a Bill supposedly Aims at property tax Relief and the Bill s equalization Aid is less than any of the others. Bryants and Coleman a Bill gives More equalization Money to the poorer districts and reduces funds to some of the Richer districts. Mauzy s Bill is in Between the two. Should Public education be funded on the basis of the wealth of the state or the wealth of the individual school districts we Hope the legislature opts for a Little of both. We Hope the Bill the legislature passes will not Burden the poor with higher taxes for a lower Quality of education and not reduce the Quality of education in the Rich districts. The symposium on Friday the daily texan will devote its editorial pages to a symposium on the general problems of school finance and some solutions to those problems. We encourage our readers to contribute. If you would like to contribute typed articles or letters to the editor on the subject Send them to the daily texan drawer Dut station Austin Tex 78712 or drop them by the office in the basement of the tsp building on the Corner of 25th Street and we hits Avenue. Letters should be limited to no More than 40, 60 character lines and columns should be no More than 80 lines a m., d e. The daily texan permanent staff editor. Dan Malone managing editor Gary Fendler assistant managing Chiles. Glenn Redus assistant to the editor. Dana Ehrlich news features editor Gene Ashlock sports editor. Ronnie Zamora entertainment editor. Laura Tuma photo Osorio associate news features tonal associate sports f editor Damond Benningfield reporters. Earl Austin Bill Cockerill Erie Harrison. John havens Leroy Kleinsasser. John i Arker Stephen Pate. Susan Rogers. Doug Swanson. Gregg Weinberg Debbie Wormser City crossly news assistants Joel Hollis. Mike Stephens. Jim Mcenemy editorial assistant Dave Haug make up editor Robert Owens wire editor Gloria Garza copy editors Harris Willcockson. John Mcmillan photographer Berke breathed w prs or it t a to Arm a of Al a eater or one a a Artic and a not necessary. To it a a it a Bob o by Ris for Anc subset poor a it to at or Sage 2

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