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Austin Daily Texan (Newspaper) - July 11, 1977, Austin, Texas Monday july la 1977 a the daily texan a Page 3 safety of Energy plan debated by Eric Harrison City reporter in two years it will begin. The Fayette project Austin s Coal fired Power plants near Lagrange starts generating in 1979 and the City will step closer to an assured source of economical electric Power. Energy heaven so to speak Aust no led the pack Quot of utilities converting from Gas to alternate fuels former mayor Jeff Friedman said in april fired by Gas shortages and zooming prices. Austin decided to convert four years before president interpretive Carter s similar Energy program for the nation. The City s plan is to use Coal and nuclear Energy As interim sources until technology perfects other sources. Austin led the pack but uncertainty about the safety of current Federal pollution regulations and development of alternate Texas sources begs the question a where current pollution standards might allow Coal plants to release unsafe Levels of Fulfur dioxide into the air or. William Fisher director of the University a Bureau of geology said Friday. A the big question concerning emissions is just what level constitutes a real because no one really knows what amount of Coal pollution is or is not Safe the environmental Protection Agency currently sets arbitrary standards the former department of the Interior Deputy assistant for Energy and minerals said the current Standard for Coal is 1.2 pounds of Fulfur per million Btu fired. If standards could be too lenient is it possible to Clear All the harmful pollutants from Coal emissions a you get what you pay for a or. William Wade chemistry department chairman said a if you re willing to spend enough Money time and Effort you can clean a Coal however someone has to set a stopping Point a Point where the emissions Are a clean enough a he said. A you can have economic disaster if you go too the two Coal plants making up the $450 million Fayette project Austin shares costs with the lower Colorado River authority will use Low Fulfur Coal allowing them to bypass some pollution control devices according to r. L. Hancock Austin Utility director the site is Large enough to accommodate two or three More units however if built they probably would use High Fulfur Texas Lignite which requires pollution devices called scrubbers to meet Epa standards the City then would be faced with the problem of disposing of sul uric acid sludge. It can be stored in the ground but care must be taken in choosing burial Sites. Fisher said a it s possible to contaminate the water Supply which is worse than air pollution any Way you look at under Carters proposed Energy program which would convert the nation to Coal and nuclear fuels As alternatives to Gas All Coal plants must be equipped with scrubbers whether or not they use Low Fulfur Coal a switch to Coal As the nations principal Energy source however could mean 35.000 premature deaths a year in 33 years despite ant pollution precautions an As yet unreleased National study predicts according to a recent Washington Post Story the $3 million study a financed by the Energy research and development administration and involving More than 200 scientists and economists a est mated 21.000 people die yearly from Power Plant emissions it is difficult however to get honest evaluations of Energy alternatives As a scientists Are polarized on nuclear Power a Wade said when it comes to possible Energy sources there is no such thing As objectivity. According to one school of thought tall smokestacks Are the Best solution to Coal Plant pollution. Hancock said. The Fayette stacks Are 600 feet tall by releasing emissions High in the air the theory goes the wind disperses the contaminants before they can touch Down the government study found however that High stacks do not necessarily work it blames concentrated Coal emissions carried by prevailing winds from 900-foot stacks in midwestern states for lung disease on the East coast. A it is very difficult to say with any kind of precision that the midwestern plants in fact Are the source of it East coast pollution a Fisher said adding that the pollutants could come from any number of sources similarly. Hancock said some experts contend scrubbers Are Good for cleaning emissions while others say there must be a better Way. Projecting the City a growth and Energy needs officials expect Coal and nuclear fission to hold out without additional sources until 1985 Energy alternatives such As solar geothermal and underground Coal Gasi fiction methods Are being researched and used to some extent but they Are still in the developmental stages. A what we need Are some Good solar demonstration projects to show what the True advantages and expenses Gary Vliet. Associate professor of mechanical engineering said Vliet is involved ill solar heating Gateway apartments a married students housing Complex Austin was one of nine cities volunteering for a federally financed solar Plant last year but never had a Chance of getting it Vliet said if the state had been behind the Plant. Austin or san Antonio which also applied would have had a Chance a he said adding that City Council member Jimmy Snell s vote against the Plant did t help Barstow. Cali eventually got the project University researchers Are involved in a $3 million project to harness geothermal Energy contained in underground hot water Wells while underground heat and pressure Are used in other countries and in California As Energy sources it will be years before Texas Wells can become productive until the water is Analysed a we done to know to what uses we can put it a or Myron Dorf Man director of geothermal studies for the University Scenter for Energy studies has said even More experimental is underground Gasi fiction. A process whereby Coal is combusted underground to produce Low Quality Gas though the Gas produced is Low in bus it is produced and gathered with Little disturbance to surface land one objection to the method is that it uses up too much Coal to make the Gas in the first place. Vliet said Austin s current Energy plan combining Coal with Oil nuclear Energy from the South Texas nuclear of a project to be completed in 1982and some Gas will meet austins Energy needs through 1985 the City is hoping technology perfects either Energy alternatives or economical environmental Protection by then meanwhile one of the major conditions of Austin s proposed settlement of lawsuits against its Gas supplier coastal states is that Austin get a hefty share of the company s Lignite holding news capsules Damascus explosion blamed on Baghdad Damascus Syria up a a Large bomb exploded in a parked car across from the Interior ministry in Damascus largest downtown Square sunday killing at least two persons and injuring dozens of others. It was the second such attack in eight Days. Witnesses said an a a enormous blast turned the car into a charred Skeleton and hurled pavement from crowded Marjieh Square for hundreds of Yards. Officials blamed the attack on a the murderous regime in Baghdad a High temperatures reach 152 degrees Athens up a an Eastern Mediterranean heat wave sunday boosted temperatures to the highest Levels Ever recorded in Greece and the thermometer hit 152 degrees in Turkey. One tourist died of sunstroke in Crete. At least 40 persons were hospitalized in Antalya Turkey a resort 240 Miles South of Ankara. Many of them were children officials Sai Moynihan accuses user of bugging phones new York times Washington a sen Daniel Patrick Monihan a member of the Senate select committee on intelligence said sunday that the soviet Union is violating the constitutional rights of millions of americans by secretly intercepting their Telephone Calls. Moynihan charging that the soviet surveillance program meant russian agents Are a committing crimes on a staggering unprecedented scale within the United states urged the Carter administration to demand a that the soviet Union immediately cease and desist in its espionage Campaign a arrest of Kent state squatters delayed Kent Ohio up a Blanket Hill squatters protesting Kent state University a plan to erect a $6 million gymnasium near the site where related photo Page 6 four students were killed during a 1970 Antiwar demonstration defied a University order to vacate the Campus area sunday. President Glenn a. Olds who saturday told the protesters they had until 8 a m sunday to break Camp did not have the demonstrators arrested after the deadline had passed. Alaska pipeline fatal explosion Sparks controversy the explosion which demolished pump station 8, caused millions of dollars in damage and halted the flow of Oil to port Valdez. Fairbanks Alaska up a Sharp dispute Between company officials and workers on the new $9 billion Alaska pipeline broke out sunday Over the cause of an explosion that destroyed a pump station killing an employee and halting the flow of Oil through the 799-mile system. The explosion and fire Friday night demolished pump station 8, injured five other workers caused millions of dollars in damage stopped the flow of crude Oil from alas As Prudhoe Bay to the port of Valdez and sent up a pall of smoke visible in Fairbanks 37 Miles away. The chairman of the pipeline firm said the Accident probably was caused by human error. Workers said it was a mechanical malfunction. A pieces of Metal from the building were flying around a said a worker who scrambled to safety with minor injures. A when i turned around there was fire everywhere. It was just a big workers in the pump House said an electrical malfunction caused a valve to open spewing Oil that ignited and blew the buildings Shell 300 feet into the air. But . Patton chairman of Alyeska pipeline co., a consortium of eight Oil firms disputed that claim and said the Accident probably would be attributed to human error Alyeska officials said the flow of Oil badly needed in the Energy crisis might resume within Days. But a spokesman for the Fairbanks Envoi mental Center called for a new Check of the 800-mile pipeline charging the Start of the Oil southward on june 20 was rushed despite a poor Herb Robson 41, Newcastle England said he was in the building when the valve which had been placed in manual position failed. Patton told a news conference in Anchorage that human error probably was to blame. He dismissed reports from the scene that the inability to close a valve caused the fire which followed the explosion killing technician Charles Lindsey 39, of Fairbanks As he attempted to fight the Blaze. The workmen some covered with Oil fled the building just before it exploded blowing off the Shell of the Structure. Five injured workers were treated for minor wounds but several Hundred others at the Complex escaped injury. An investigator said the faulty valve that suddenly gushed Oil into a hot Turbine probably caused the explosion and fire Patton asserting that Oil might be flowing through the pipeline within a Days rather than weeks a said pump station 8 could be bypassed while it is being rebuilt. Alyeska will make sure Federal investigators Are satisfied before the Startup of the pipeline Patton said. The National transportation safety Board is conducting an investigation of the explosion and Patton said he expects investigators from the departments of transportation and Interior also will want to Check the Accident scene. He said the pipeline was not seriously damaged work continued on a Rush basis to clean up the debris and begin rebuilding the demolished pump station Leader returns from exile up to la photo Black nationalist Leader Ndabaningi Sithole wants to be a head of state in Rhodesia. Exiled for 27 months he finds that the White regime wants his cooperation saving him from the threat of prison. Activists Start March for regional Freedom Madrid Spain up More than 2,000 Basque activists carrying Knapsacks and nationalist flags set out sunday on a 1,125-mile a Freedom March for regional autonomy and a total amnesty a the marchers who assembled Al four towns in the Basque Region plan to meet aug 28 in the City of Vitoria and join a a fifth column of separatist sympathizers scheduled to leave from Brussels. Belgium the government has not authorized the March but authorities were not expected to harass the Effort by left Wing and nationalist groups to try to foment Basque patriotic feeling Spain s various Independent minded regions have been trying to regain or win Home Rule Premier Adolfo Suarez government has announced it favors autonomy for Catalonia the Basque Region and other areas. Government sources said 1,500 marchers set off from the Basque shrine of Guernica 400 left from the town of Arauz and smaller groups assembled in Salvatierra and dodos. The two leading and moderate political forces in the Basque Region the Basque nationalist party and the Spanish socialist workers party have not sup ported the March because party leaders said they Felt it was unnecessary in an interview sunday the new minister for relations with the regions. Manuel Cravero said Quot we Are going to be Able to go very quickly from a uniform and Cental de system to a regional state a the Quot Freedom marchers plan to walk an average of 12 Miles every other Day interrupting their trek with rest periods rallies and meetings one of the organizes exiled Basque Leader Telesforo Monzon said autonomy for the Region a should reflect the recognition of a people that wants to be free with a government and its own parliament and also its own constitutional charter a even though the government has released the last Basque political prisoners who were arrested before december 1976, left wingers assert 125 political prisoners remain in Spanish jails and should be freed in a new amnesty in the Basque Industrial Center of Bilbao the nationalist Flag was hoisted sunday for the first time Over the City Hall building the Flag resembles u red White and Green Union Jack. By Cut could Lead to debate Over More costly my missile Washington up president Carter s drive to refine us. Defense strategy May spark a new arms debate Over the still inbuilt my missile a a weapons system even More costly than the super expensive by bomber. The my would hit an estimated Overall Cost of More than $30 billion by the mid-1980s and involves the Mobile Railroad car Basing concept that Carter wants to scrap. Carter has been reviewing . Strategic planning eliminating some coveted military projects and approving others a in an Effort to decide exactly what kind of defences the nation needs and what it can afford. He recently cancelled the $24 8 billion by bomber building program and soon afterwards the Pentagon announced it was discontinuing production of the minuteman Iii a the nations most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile. In killing the by project Carter decided instead to rely on highly accurate pilotless jets known As cruise missiles to provide the air launched Arm of . Strategic deterrent forces. Critics say the aging b52 bombers that would launch those missiles might prove vulnerable to soviet antiaircraft defences and they note that the cruise missiles themselves Are still under development and have never been tested against the defences they would Likely encounter. The my on the other hand would use already proven technology to build an icbms with greater accuracy and carry a dozen or More independently targeted nuclear warheads to within too feet of a target from 6,000 Miles out the minuteman Iii carries Only three warheads to within 600 feet of target. The Mobile Basing system involves new technology and would most Likely place the missiles on tracks in covered trenches up to 20 Miles Long the missiles would be moved periodically within the trenches keeping their exact location a mystery to soviet targeted according to one current estimate this Basing system would drive the total Cost of a Force of 300 mrs to somewhere above $30 billion in the mid-1980s, when the missiles would become operational. Some analysts also have suggested that More mrs a at greater Cost a might be required if the United states continues to rely on land based icbms As a major War deterrent. The Ford administration proposed that $294 4 million be spent to move the my into full scale development in the fiscal year that starts oct. I. Final decision on full scale development would be made for 1979 peace corps a Vista reps on Campus this week july 13-15 interviewing seniors ads information table West Mau one listen is Worth 1,000 words. On Island records and tapes 6.98 up 7.98 tape Texas Union class the asian Art of steaming steaming food the Way the asians do it is a Low calorie Low Cost Way of preparing meals. The orientals steam not Only vegetables but meat fish desserts and snacks As Well. The diverse flavors and textures Surprise most people. Irene Wong is currently writing great Asia Stambook which will be published later this year and she wants to choose final recipes for it. This class will taste Many foods such As the Savory steamed buns of China the sushi lunch of Japan shrimp dumplings of Thailand and pressed Duck. Students will prepare a steamed fish and other dishes during the three hour class. Irene will talk about steaming principles equipment and seasonings. Discounts at local Oriental groceries Are included. The class will meet thursday july 14 from 6-9 . Register today in the Texas Union program office 4.312. Fees $6-ut students faculty staff $8-others._. A Niter inno Uncino Sanctum 3inj clip j sat Floe in route a6 Dali we he Prue towered 5z More hid week Fox off done to wait no reorders

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