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Austin Daily Texan Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 1

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Austin Daily Texan (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Austin, Texas Watch for the flaming a a Cactus on Moonlit sky at 9 of clock tonight Battu to an vol. Xxvii Section one Austin Texas sunday january 31, 1926 ten pages today no. 103democracy depends on scholars Meiklejohn bears pile up Early Lead to beat steers 29-22m do is Texas smothered by solid ill do five Man defense Slade roams court at will King High scorer for longhorns docs men nit hitting Stewart uses twelve men in fray Olle in starting line up Stude tells prof lecture made him sleepy survives the Frank est Man in school a been found. Saturday morning in the Inid to of a lecture a prof noticed that one of the student had a weary puzzled expression on i face. He asked the Bey what a the matter. Well for one thing i can hardly keep from going to sleep a answered the student. The other members of the class Are trying to figure out whether the boy had lots of nerve or was just Plain dumb. Old Chard Over 1dp pod Lisi time saturday University . Club will wave final banquet is eighth in history he will rival the Sun tonight with flares from plane i by Zeke handler a perfect five Man defense that completely smothered the longhorns and enabled the vis to to take a commanding Lead before the first half ended tells the Story of the Baylor bears 29 to 22 Victory Over varsity Here last night solid Wall the steer Basket tossers were unable to penetrate the solid Wall of humanity presented by the Baylor live when it was forced on the defensive j the Bruins shifted from attack to faculty members insured $522.500 5 chief of staff Calls on All members to attend in announcement a the old guard Dies but never surrenders a the Battle cry that inspires every True sol die Ras he retreats Defeated but unbeaten from the stricken Field has been the War whoop of the _ stolid veterans of the University a. J e. F. Club since they banded to reduction of $1.50 per thou a aether eight years ago. But on sat Sand on new Premium urday night february 6, the old is announced <5�mrd will surrender. It is pus five _ i by their Farewell annual banquet. I he. I vets will go Over the top Tor the More than half a million dollars j no l at Zero hour somewhere in is carried in life insurance by 201 Dustin members of the University faculty flares and bombs to be dropped from plane As Cactus Campaign opens electric bulbs Reep lighting not direct e of study Marble playing is new accomplishment of University eds Wisconsin philosophy professor addresses Large audience saturday a report from the guarding with lightning like rapidity Howg thirty six auditors office members of the proclamation issued moved to a High pitch of eloquence the chief of staff a penned the Jerry Marshall Well known Avi Ator will officially of men Ihu Cactus drive at 9 of clock tonight by dropping bombs and Hare from by electrically lighted plane. Monday morning at i i of clock he will drop 2,000 cards bears a a few words about the Cactus. Upon five of these cards will be slips attached which entitle the finders to colies of the Lac Tus. Quot a y Yoke a Knuckles Down and shoot from behind your line a a a clean n a Quot Gwan i said c a nine before you did. Kid no. Only a group of University boys playing Marble in front of the woman a building it series that University student will a Ain take up Marble playing the game which was discarded in childhood a professor who happened to pass while the students were playing remarked a i would not be surer sed to see in a few Days the majority of students run Ning around with their pocket full of Marble trying to match their t. Iii even in the t be free Jerry Marshall finds special dynamos necessary As source of Power declares teachers should assume that students Are Able to think a intellectually America is going to the Wall unless the thinking scholars make themselves tin forerunners of a great per j lilt ii or i la 111 in is Iii Cut cd i Witri a dragon bombs phosphorous i j of of mental construction in flares and sky writ ing will Tea America. But when the scholar recut the faculty of these hied of mine Al jumping off Trench at. Tin carry $16,700 and 169 j appointed time he has addressed them the faculty of the main m follows and their smooth play simply Alfted j faculty the medical school at Gale a Mol remarkable proclamation in Mil the hard fighting Mavericks. Reston carry $80,200 six members Runng exhorting All ranks to Louis , former Waco High 1 Star playing i first season of intercollegiate basketball roamed the court with the Grace of a Veteran and was constantly dropping the Ball j through the network. He was High Point Star registering six Field goals and a free throw for a total of is. Jumping Joe King the wiry \ artilly Forward followed close on the heels of Slade in individual brilliancy netting ten Points these coming from three baskets from the court and four tosses after fouls by the enemy. But King was the Only steer who could rope them consistently and Osban be reduced by $1.50 at each age j . The events of those stir therein lies the tale of the Orange an reduced Premium rates hiring Days that we then thought to it Whites failure to come near a tie at Elpaso members of University in Austin carry $428,600, making a total of $522,500. The amount of to policies Range from $500 to a maximum of $5,000. The Aetna life insurance com Pany has authorized a reduction of $1.50 per thousand of insurance on the new premiums As per the following rider attached to the group pol icy a it is understood and agreed that a soldiers sailors m , aviators marines. Nurses of the american expeditionary forces greetings a nine years have flew the Coop j dime the big mess began to uns Crum j Hie. A your and Georges mine and the bugler a experiences since that Mem arable eleventh hour eleventh Day t All connected with University in 1883-1893 to have luncheon at cafeteria the Premium rates per $1,000 of in j eleventh month in 1918, have Durance effective under this policy j to us into paths Ever widening in a genuine a ooh timers dinner will take Dace sunday at i o clock at the University cafeteria according to Dean t. U. Taylor of the in and that such reduced Premium rate w shall be used in calculation of pre a it radically etched in All their Viv j fingering school. All people who an. J i Mug for insurance hereunder fron their hard grind in to us after the second of february had the Longton shooters i it 2f. A eve it aha i the new scale of Premium rates by increased before the second Day o lot a til int Trase 1 More to second nay o lie Nee or oui to talk Over old times f doleful february Imi and prodded that at j of enemy of time has tuned to by. A # m p a the end of each year thereafter the company shall have the right to establish new Premium rates for the in Wilmot contest scheduled tuesday score after the Bruins had been worn out by half. Been a hitting a it would have been a very close margin of Victory for the invading aggregation if not a tit Mph for the hopefuls o Doc Stewart. Not hitting Captain Sandy Esquivel of Texas 7 ,. A continuance of the policy was on his Man All the Way hut Nib efforts went for naught As it was another Man the marvelous Slade Presb Semi finals who looped Long ones with the greatest of ease. Some contend shots at a distance of 20 or More feet from the Basket Are a a Lucky ones if made but the Bear Center Wasny to carrying a Horseshoe. He a making them Semi Fala in the Wilmot Hecla and you can t take the credit from cation Content for freshman men will be held tuesday i february 2, Quot not Only did Slade ring Basket aft at 4 p. In. In the Law auditorium or Basket but his cohorts helped pile Semi final for the will be held up a never to by forgotten Lead. Kei saturday february ii at 4 p. In. For Strickland younger brother of the in the Law auditorium Well known Benny of Baylor athletic i Only preliminaries Are going to Fame and Jimmy Walker the Gates be held for the girls and every Ville Phonon were All Over the court freshman girl who wishes May an t the same time. Strickland made Ter the first contest february i line Points four Field goals and a the preliminaries have already beet free one. Walker Only netted four held for the boys. Each literary but his passing feeding and defend j society will be represented by four dive play stamped him As one of the men and in addition a certain num biggest threats on the Baylor team. Ber who qualified in the special dozen men tryout will by allowed to compete. Coach Stewart used an even dozen y he finals will be held Heb Iuar it men in an Effort to head Oft the Fly 16. Ing grizzlies. Starting Stainer is 0 a Ivel Baldwin Olle and Estes seven Vesper services. At s upon our memories Are last fading into the purple Mist of our remix venues. But there is line Ole Neutral product of that win a Mee for a general leniency of ours which the it Viii. To j a ,. At present connected with the University who were Here in the first ten years of its h Story that is from National president american Assn University women coming to Campus Wormy a it to ii which Humours of a Duel that took place Lown name s t Isi us 4 i in front of the engineering building red the hearts of the Alf me. A it. A a from the Day we sounded out past,., i hurl All Ond and Many other interesting the la it v to the time we had our things were about ail the reporter Alj a a 1i, b t was Able to tease out of Dean Tay a those of us who fought the Bat i in a i Lor. Each one is to it have to Tell the Tadin de Kansas City with Black Jack Ai u i l -., most interesting thing that happened Pershing marshal Roch denials., i during his or her career during the Diaz and Jacques admirals Beatty. I j ti, i a i Good old flays and Lontz and Devil dog Jack be.,.aamong those who will be present who charged into thebon Are the following or. Vav. J. Battle Dean and mrs. To. Y. Benedict or. Jul. I aim mrs. Loan Rutm s. In. Anu mrs. Francisco and those Jeune Breech lore at new Orleans a Hose performed pro Gidie. Of Vair Arni a a i mryc Nick. And Fri Durance at san who fell at their Post at so. Paul can testify in a loud voice that the same old stuff is in us. So Long As that spirit lives so Long will e. P. So Hoch or. And mrs. M. B. Porter professor and mrs j. E. Pearce sirs. Charles Stephenson miss Mary Decherd and Dean and mrs. T. U. Taylor. More men were shoved in before the end of the Battle. Vesper Vesper services for monday d of the Battle. Of clock in the girls study Hall will conch Bridges of the Brum. Made by Troppe French instructor in the University. Miss Bessie Sheldon will give a vocal Solo and miss Lillian Ausburger will be at the piano. A Quot to a America be Safe for americana. Spilled rum ration a to bring Back into play something of that old time Esprit de corps is me of the Aims of this feed which i the rolling kitchens have brought up is evening. Although the eighteen j centimetre amendment Battery Punk. Lured the Cognac Wagon and spilled All the hum ration a it was being brought up we have endeavoured to offset this mortal blow by eliminating from the Bill of fare All Dehy rated carrots deodorized onions de. Galveston met the requirements and moralize goofs and Decoute sized a skunks. Or. Aurelia Reinhardt president of Mills College in California and i National president of the american association of University women will be the guest of the but Cal Chap Ter of the association next wednes j Day. An Effort is being made through j the Dean of women a office to arrange with or. Reinhardt to address Young women students of the University at some hour wednesday afternoon. Council appointments will be presented to Assembly tuesday appointments by Dick Blalock to the senior Council win be presented to the students ass Rob y for its approval at the meeting of that body tuesday afternoon at 6 of clock in the office of the Stu dents association. A discussion will also be held pertaining to the students association loan fund and several other matters will be brought before the meeting. A o a a a House mothers for men name officers tuesday Ture Jerry Marshall a flight Over Austin tonight at 0 of clock when he will ascend .�?~>,000 feet to officially open the 1926 a actus sales Campaign. Marshall will first drop a Sci in of dragon bombs in order to attract tin attention of the students. This will be followed by a series of red Silver and Green phosphorous flans dropped from Marshall a plane the flan s and bombs will be Auto a mutually dropped it a Means of Eleo a Trie fuses. Drop 2,000 card the word a a Cactus will be spelled out Iii electric lights on the under i Sale of the Wing of the plane in i urd it it a Pell to is work it will require Over too individual bulbs specie dynamos being necessary to furnish the Power. The two Small dynamos will be placed on the tips of i the wings who re the wind resistance will rotate the miniature propellers generating the electricity necessary for this unusual display. At flu la o cult a a class monday i morning beginning at 10 55 and last mgt a i Iii 11 06, Jerry Marshall will Holar recognizes the fact that the so called a men of affairs Are not to dictate what we ought to study democracy in America will he Safe. The intellectual Freedom of the scholar will insure a Safe a Udu Muncie is the greatest sin on Earth a or. Meiklejohn said. A it is the first duty of a human be ing to be sensitive which is Good taste. A dumbness ii the opposite and that is the world greatest sin being dumb. We buy Keats poetry put on our shelf and then a read the saturday evening Post. Is Keats the great poet immortal in America. No he a dead in must not dictate. These were the keynote words of or. Alexander Meiklejohn professor elect of philosophy at lie University of Wisconsin and lecturer on democratic and educational subject., in his address delivered before a Large audience at the University Fly at a Low Altitude Over the Campus dropping 2.000 cards advert a a methodist Church last night ing the 1926 Cactus. Among these Freedom of the scholar or cards we ill be l Ive which will entitle to think about a the finder to a free copy of the cite 01 dinking As a Democrat ii tug i the subject of my address a or. The High Altitude at which mar i Meiklejohn declared at the outset shall will be forced to it Fly was Madej after being i Traduce briefly by necessary because of the blinding of i r Watts Cunningham chairman off it t of the phosphorous flares and. University Public Jet Tures Coni Ine electric lights. Marshall is an a tree or. Meiklejohn won the experienced aviator and has engaged i Hearty approbation of his audient in such demonstrations before this. I Retting immediately into his sub drops smoke screen sect an<1 avoiding so called funny Marshall will emerge from the to i stories Rizon monday with a smoke bomb caving an opaque Cloud behind him. A student have heard a Good Deal in two fulfil Turtle club requirements pyramids practice tryouts for Turtle club were held last wednesday night at the y. M. \ a. Pool. Two girls. Asta Grona of san Antonio and Cora Dibrell of 1 a let me give my definition of democracy a he urged. A a democracy is a Community of people or Cut semning the smoke bombs but few Gani Zed on the supposition that peo of them have seen an air plane a Are what they Are not. De Noera i Ian a dropping the smoke carries on As if people vers in Marshall has been engaged in Tak a Tell gent assuming that people Are ing students and citizens of Austin i capable and willing to think and our for pleasure rides he has been Mak j democracy it senates on that propose University Uon. On that basis inc his Way through the by this Means. He formerly attended the new Mexico University and Purdue. In came to Austin from his Home in Indiana in his scout plane i am a thorough Democrat. A we find that our teachers Are divided into two classes the Aristo cats and the democrats. The Aristo i which is capable of making 120 Miles Erat believes that students cannot an hour. J think so never expect it of them. V a j the aristocratic touche gives the students his knowledge. He does six students to take the work. He is their Superior but be destroys the student. Expects study. Monday at k. C. Hall a the democratic teacher assumes a. J that the student can think. He expects the student to study. The House mothers for men will have their regular monthly meeting tues a Day night at 7 30 in the girl study part in Spanish play Hall according to mrs. Sadie Hay president of the association. The purpose of the meeting has been announced As the election of officers a i of Campesino a the Spanish for the coming year. Play in which six University students a there will be very Little Ether i Are to take part is to be presented business As everything seems to be i monday night february i at k. C. Running smoothly a said mrs Hay. Hall. Continued on Page 6. Of monday Chapel will consist of singing Chapel services monday will consist of the usual song service in which All in attendance will take . Captains meet team captains and Council Mem wer Ltd duly elected to membership. The other aspirant for membership a pull your knife and Fork out of a showed very Good f it pm and their the old spirals and prepare to Manger grac4 jut below the required Rush in tax office As students pay up democratic government and the democratic teacher that assumes Torti the people and the student Are each continued on Page 5. Part this is the regular method of Ber of the woman a athletic a of conducting Chapel on monday a elation will meet at the University cording to or. J. W. Ramsay. Commons at noon monday to discuss throughout the remainder of the plans for the next . Bus Mesa week we a. Smith will have charge meeting which takes place thursday of the programs or. Hammy said february 4, while the Bull barrage fall. Think j a it in he these tryouts Are the last University students have time t of the nurses lit the Hospital Andrj a held before the Spring pay their poll taxes and vote leave or . In Paris and every urn exhibition. Well a attend to their regular school thing will go Down All right the prac Tir it for the whole of duties according to the report from a let Joy be confined but done to Cut Turtle flub inst wednesday Dentpha the office of a Heffington county your sized stunt swimming and floating tax collector. A a it it pyramids. Tow new and decidedly on account of the Lush in the of Jane is Here unusual formation Are being work flee sunday being the last Day that rented. Jane k. Worthington former stud out and will be used in the exp taxes could be paid it was Impo Aai a six of the University boys Den in the University and now con it Hibi Tion. Further practice on stunt j we to get an estimate of the num take part in the production nested with Hollands Magazine of and stroke will feature the next j Ber of students paying their taxes Are Phillip a. Hazen c. H Hazen. I t Ruff aim Haydn Manga a i a a special feature aside from the play is a Trio of violin cello and Harp played by mrs. Ixonia Barnett Virginia Barnet and Ira a Neth Jerly. Mrs. Barnell will also Render it Vera violin selections a comply. Hied by Jeanette Fischer. Another j number included in the program is j the Spanish dance by Helen Butler my Eleanor Ann Buckley display ing imported costumes. A Short English comedy Wilt also he pre we they Dallas was on the Campus saturday \ meeting of the club which is to be it was said however there were and sunday. She will return to j held wednesday at 8 p. M. In the i As Many a 40 women students in Dallas monday i woman a building Pool. The office at noon. Martin Chacon Baldomero a. Oha Moses p. Con Stephen Garza and Rivera i Calendar sunday 9 p. In Marshall opens Cactus drive. Monday 8 35 a. In Chapel m. B. 157. I p. In h. E. Club picture University studio. 5 p. In vespers girls study Hall. 6 p. In Orange jackets University cafeteria. Tuesday 5 p. In students Assembly office students association. 7 p. In Ramshorn engineering building. A

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