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Austin Daily Texan Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 1

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Austin Daily Texan (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Austin, Texas Weather Cloudy cold a High 46 a Low 29 vol. 66 the daily texan Price five cents student newspaper at the University of Texas Austin Texas sunday january 8, 1967 employment opportunities Page 5 a ten pages today no. 95 marines attempt Delta infiltration by the associated press Saigon us marinos struggled through Waist deep vehicle mining swamps saturday in the opening phase of an american Campaign in the Mekong River Delta that could make this the bloodiest year of the vietnamese War. The heavily populated Delta with mangrove thickets and Rice paddies laced by 25,000 navigable Miles of Waterways has been out of the martial main Stream because of the Prospect that Sharp action against indigenous Viet Cong bands would mean heavy civilian casualties. Its hard for even a native to distinguish guerillas from peaceful Panama Clad peasants. But the Delta has been a heartland of the communists for 20 years and now americans Are joining vietnamese troops in an Effort to crush guerrilla bands estimated to total 100,000 men. Vietnamese efforts Over the years had led but to a stalemate negating hard won gains farther North. The Viet congas extensive Delta organization feeds Large quantities of men supplies and Money to red units in other parts of the country. The Rice Harvest is on now in the Delta and Viet Cong tax agents Are levying Grain from the peasants in areas the communists control. Swamp mud and water initially proved a greater obstacle than the Viet Cong for the american marines who in company with vietnamese marines Are making the first big american thrust into the Delta. Eight vehicles had to be towed out. Enemy resistance to the 4,000-Man 66 draft dodger total less than world War la by the associated press Washington Justice department figures indicate that a smaller proportion of Young men is trying illegally to avoid military sender now than at the height of world War in a comparison saturday of figures for 1944 and 1966 shows that with about four times the number of men in uniform during the world War ii year there were about to times the number of convicted draft violators. During 1966, according to an Fri report 450 persons were convicted of violating provisions of the selective service act. Task Force which stormed ashore by Landing Craft and helicopters on White Beach Friday from a flotilla of 12 us Navy ships was reported limited to scattered sniper fire. The operation called dec House five centers 55 Miles South of Saigon. From the air the Delta looks like a picture postcard land. But vietnamese troops regularly assigned there have found campaigning ugly business. It was with reluctance that us military planners decided american units with the fantastic firepower of heavy artillery and fighter bomb ers should move in to help. Their fear was and is that an aggressive military stance among the seven million or so Delta dwellers might Label us forces a colonialist army. That is a tag avoided so far because the americans have been deployed where there were fewer people and More room to Man Euver. Experts figure a full infantry division 15,000 or so men is the minimum needed to really Start carving through the stalemate. 60th session to assemble state faces funds shortage Connally reviews City tax photo by Steve remit legislators prepare Tor tuesday representatives Ralph Wayne left of Plainview and Bill Clayton of Spring Lake discuss plans for the opening of the sixtieth legislature. Great society controversy forecast for 1967 Cong ass by the associated press Washington under the lowering Shadow of the Vietnam War a new Congress which leaders believe has a Pinch Penny mandate from the voters opens its doors tuesday for a months Long session. Both houses appear headed for a wrangling beginning which could set the tone for almost continuous controversy As the members appraise the state of War in Asia and the state of president Johnson s a great society at Home. The White House announced saturday that the president will deliver his annual speech on the state of the Union in person to a joint session of Congress on tuesday night. This Means that the administration program will be Laid before the legislators before either chamber can get very far into controversies coming up As Phelimina the death of a president1 relates Juk lbs dispute by Tho associated press new York president John f. Kennedy was trying to Patch up what he considered a Petty dispute Between Texas politicians when he met his death in Dallas William Manchester reports in his Book a a the death of a president a itself a subject of dispute. The feud indirectly involved vice president Lyndon b. Johnson Manchester asserts. Describing Kennedy a feelings about the three Day tour of Texas in november 1963, Manchester writes a the Prospect was unappetizing and vexing to the chief executive. It appeared him that Johnson ought to be Able three Sites originally were considered for the luncheon to be Given in Kennedy a Honor in Dallas the woman a building Market Hall and the Trade Mart. Each presented problems of Security for the Dallas police and the secret service. Eventually the Trade Mart was chosen. And the route followed by Kennedy a motorcade took him past the Book depository building where Oswald worked. The motorcade route had been published. Ries to legislative action. The House must decide whether to deny a seat to rep. Adam Clayton Powell. n.y., or remove him from chairmanship of the education and labor committee or take some lesser disciplinary action. Powell a negro is in hot water because of troubles with the Law in new York and because of his conduct of committee business. In the Senate a Hardy band of liberals has served notice it will try to water Down Rule 22, which requires a two thirds majority to end filibuster talk. As matters stand neither Effort seems Likely to go anywhere. Johnson s delivery of his message will be a Dowtin to work signal for a Congress in which republicans will be flexing their voter enlarged biceps and in which Many democrats Are Reading the november election results As calling for a breathing spell on new programs. Republican leaders Are planning their own state of the Union presentation. One of the first pieces of major legislation to work its Way through both houses is Likely to provide for an increase in social Security benefits. This will not affect the spending budget sure to come under hot fire from republicans when Johnson submits its later in the month. On its heels or possibly before it will come a supplemental appropriation to finance the skyrocketing Cost of the Vietnam War. Johnson has said he will ask Between $9 billion and Sio billion More. The request could be even higher. As with everything else that affects Vietnam this appropriation is Likely to be used As a forum for acrimonious debate Over Johnson a asian policies. The Senate foreign relations commit tee already has provided for the beginning of this by calling Secretary of state Dean Rusk for closed and open door testimony Jan. 16 and Jan. 23. With the National debt bumping against its present $330-billion ceiling the House ways and Means committee has Given first priority to a proposal to raise the limit still higher. Gusty winds bring Winier onslaught by he associated dress a line of whopping Dusty winds blew into the Gulf of Mexico saturday night leaving a Patchwork of grime cold temperatures and violent death in its Wake. The new onslaught of Winter touched off Snow sleet and ram Over scattered sections of East Texas saturday when it collided with a cell of warm air. A traffic Accident on rain and sleet slicked us 69 near Zavalla in East Texas claimed two lives. Federal investigators indicated the Gusty winds probably were a Factor in an air plane crash Friday at Waco that killed David Gillespie. 34, and Alton Jones 41, of Lafayette la. Tile whipping winds which gusted to 72 Miles an hour Friday and maintained Force As the front pushed to South made grass fires a pressing problem across Bone dry and Dusty Texas. The weather Bureau said overnight lows would be in the 20s and 30s through Central and East Texas with the lower Rio Grande Valley expecting temperatures in the 40s. By Bill Cryer texan managing editor the sixtieth legislature convenes tuesday with Many new faces but with a traditional problem of state houses finding More Money for the state s Ever broadening enterprises. Gov. John Connally has predicted the state will spend $911 million but income is expected to reach Only $847 million in 1968-69. To fill the Gap the governor has railed on the legislature to look for Mon than $100 million in extra Revenue to meet state expenses. But the $100 million May not be enough. It does not include an average salary boost requested for Public school teachers of $556 a year. The total Dill for the pay raise if passed would add another $136 million to state expenditures. The municipal league As Well As Many mayors have said they will be knocking on the doors of the legislature pressuring the lawmakers to pass a Bill enabling cities the option of a i per rent sales tax. Gov. Connally will meet monday morning with a delegation of Texas mayors in what has been billed As a last minute bargaining session Over the tax. Last Friday the governor said he was a a weakening in his opposition to Tho sales tax. He indicated that he might recommend the source of Revenue when he Speaks before a joint session of the legislature Jan. 18 or 19 on his other tax plans. The a a new face of the legislature will be represented by to new senators and 58 new House members. But the new Faue is something More than 68 new legislators. Tile sixtieth session of the legislature will see More representation of the Urban areas and of minority groups. The representation from the four most populous counties in the state Bexar Harris Dallas and Tarrants has jumped in the House from 35 seats last session to 51 this session. In the Senate these counties had Only four senators now they will seat to. This is not to say the members from the Urban centers will vote As a bloc. They probably will not since they represent differing political views and constituents. But if they use their combined strength they could prevent the passage of any legislation requiring a two thirds majority. Republicans gained As did the states negroes in the last election. The Lone Republican House member from the fifty ninth legislature Frank Calhoun Midland will be joined by two gof Collongues Charles Scoggins of Corpus Christi and Malouf Abraham of Canadian. Henry c. Grover will be the first Republican senator since 1927. The first negroes in the twentieth Century will be seated this session. In the House Curtis m. Graves Houston and Joseph e. Lockridge Dallas will be sworn in. Barbara Jordan Houston will be the first of her race to sit in the Senate since reconstruction. As a preview of what to expect from the new session the associated press re Centy polled members of the legislature on probable forthcoming Bills. Three fourths of the senators and More than half of the House member answered the Survey. The polls showed that a a majority said they would vote for some sort of tax increase a Many were against the proposed College tuition hike a a move which would add $44 million to state coffers a a Good Chance for the $136 million teachers pay hike a House members favored rules changes proposed by speaker Ben Barnes but a majority of senators will support it. Gov. Preston Smith s stand in which he said that he did not see any need to change the rules a there May be a Chance that texan will be Able to buy mixed drinks but gamblers would be Wise not to Wager on the passage of parimutuel betting a a majority favored. Gov. Connally proposal to rewrite the Constitution but there was widespread disagreement on How this should be accomplished. A annual sessions were favored a safety on the Highway received an affirmative nod from legislators in the form of raising the minimum age for Driver licenses and requiring periodic re examination of those already licensed. A Many said they wanted to keep the death penalty As Well As stiffening penalties for major crimes a most said that they had not mad up their minds about Daylight savings time but those with an opinion opposed the summertime switch a the legislators were Happy with the two year merger of the Parks and game and fish departments but some said they were ready for another change other wanted an investigation while still other wanted to enlarge the three Man commission and still others wanted new member on the commission. Barnes suggests change in rules by the associated press new House and joint legislative rules that advocates say would a strengthen the hand of the individual member were rec. Ommen Dod saturday by a five Man House committee. Speaker Ben Barnes said at a news conference that he approves the Rule changes which the House will vote on after the legislature convenes tuesday. Joint rules which govern dealings Between the House and Senate require a majority vote in each chamber it is questionable whether the Senate which traditionally considers itself the a upper House will buy joint rules recommended by a House interim study committee. Old Campus landmark gets face lifted to him to resolve this Petty dispute self the trip seemed to be an look Magazine is serializing a the death of a president and these reports appear in the first of four instalments totalling 60,000 words. The Magazine is scheduled to reach news stands tuesday morning. The first instalment reports that an altercation of some kind flared Between Kennedy and Johnson in Houston. It took place in a hotel room adjoining mrs. Kennedy a and she heard a raised voices a Manchester writes. A a he Johnson did not define the nature of the the Book says. A precisely what was said is unknown. Johnson controlled his celebrated temper in his chiefs presence but in the words of one Man on duty outside a he left that suite like a a another described Johnson a expression As mrs. Kennedy the report of the episode continues remarked that the vice president a sounded made and she asked her husband what the discussion had been about a a that a just Lyndon a Manchester says Kennedy replied a but he a in trouble. In that period november 1963, the Book describes Johnson As a political it says he had heard the a groundless but persistent rumours that Kennedy might drop him from the ticket in the presidential election of 1964. The Book brings to Light a tragic fact a that Kennedy a motorcade in Dallas might never have passed the Texas Book depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald had positioned himself. By Madeline Tocker texan feature writer remember when you use to walk by that old mansion at Twenty fourth and Whit is and wonder if it weren to a haunted House then hearing a shrill Soprano voice from an upstairs window you began to walk a Little faster. Well it turns out that this is not a haunted House after All simply a stately old mansion once belonging to maj. George Washington Littlefield. Littlefield House built in 1894 As a Home for maj. Littlefield is now undergoing a face lifting. The Board of regents appropriated funds toward preserving the House and converting the upstairs into office and office suites to be occupied by the development Board. A we Are leaving the ground floor exact As it was a explained Wayne Bell architect for the project. A it will be used for official receptions and functions of the regents the Chancellor and the development Board. Parlor and meetings areas will be available to departmental chairmen for interviews but the main function will be official maj. Littlefield willed his Home to the University at the time of his death in 1920 to be used As the president s Home and for official entertainment. The enormous size of the House made it unsuitable for a private residence and since then the House has seen Many different uses. At first the offices of the Austin and University Centennial occupied the rooms in 1936. The Kappa Alpha Theta sorority had plans to convert it into a chapter House hut in 1938 the music department took it Over and occupied it until 1942. The most amazing thing about the old mansion is that from 1942 to 1957, the naval Roth housed machine guns Aerial torpedoes depth charge projector two anti aircraft guns and a firing Range which is still in tile attic. In 1957, it was a a restored and in 1959 the music department moved Back in until Early this year. A this is the first time it will be used As an official restored House and even remotely be used for what it was Given to the University for a said Bell. Littlefield House was to be torn Down and moved but regents decided it was Worth saving with respect for maj. Littlefield. During his lifetime maj. Littlefield gave in excess of $2 million to the University. He financed the Purchase of the Wren Library and paid for All sidewalks lands adv ing. And lighting on the original 40 acres. A Veteran of the civil War maj. Littlefield gave $150,000 for the teaching of history of the South at the University. Littlefield House was built in 1894 with red Stone which came from the Pecos area and Brick which was manufactured locally. The architect James Wahrenberger of san Antonio designed the House according to the French tradition. A since then the House really Hasni to changed much a said Bell. Tile main changes in the preservation of Littlefield House will include the addition of an elevator where the dumb waiter used to be. The University will add Central heating and air conditioning along with modern plumbing fixtures. All of the Woodwork is being restored. A this is a very tedious process a said Bell. A it must All be done by there Are 15 different kinds of Wood Iii the House and eight kinds of Stone and Brick. Downstairs will have new carpet like the original along with Light fixtures similar to those originally used in the House. The downstairs porch will maintain the original tile pattern but the upstairs porch will have new tile. The outside of the House will be scrubbed and painted with repairs being made where necessary. A when its finished it will be As close to authenticity As we can afford to make it a Bell said. It will also be landscaped authentically. The lawns will surround the House along with Rose gardens. Tile driveway will be lined with red Hibiscus just As in the late nineteenth Century. The old Carriage House stables now occupied by the Federal credit Union will be renovated and used for offices april i is the approximate Date for completion of the face lifting of the House thus fulfilling at least part of maj. Littlefield a wishes. Littlefield House a. A Southern Bell undergoes face lifting. Photo by Van go Johnson

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