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Austin Daily Texan Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1991, Page 5

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Austin Daily Texan (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Austin, TexasThe. Daily texan wednesday february 27, 1991 Page 5 clarification the Deputy director of the Center for fast kinetics research wrote us to Point out that the chemical warfare research mentioned in thursday s guest column Quot the colors of War Are red White Blue and Burnt Orange Quot was not done at the Center. The person working on this project holds a joint appointment and the work in question Falls outside the Center. The texan regrets any misunderstanding. Series in the wrong it is interesting to note that Derek Robert s project in his three part daily texan series Quot the left is in the right Quot has been to Quot expose the flawed politics of people with whom he has closely bonded Quot a topic or. Robert finds important and topical Quot because of the value he places on struggles against racism sexism and class it s Good to know that at least his heart is in the right place. Unfortunately or. Robert s analyses have proven to be sadly misguided and alarmingly unfed Itous Given the warm fuzziness he purports to hold for the targets of his polemic As a Quot critic in Good Faith Quot if you will. Or. Robert must be seriously taken to task for at least two reasons. First nobody since the 50s, save perhaps Coffee shop Che Wanna bees and then Only in jest or As a bizarre fashion statement has held vulgar essentialist positions he has so wittily lampooned. Stalinist Are an easy target for any Hack who has thumbed through a copy of their Quot first Foucault however the enormous proliferation of movements which have been often problematically subsumed under the category Quot leftist Quot Over the past 30 years cannot be brushed aside or even in any Way adequately criticized via a Sopho Moric reductionist ideology critique hastily scribbled from Foucault s archaeology of knowledge. And what about Quot credit where credit is due Quot or. Robert secondly and most unfortunately or. Robert s series finale Quot leftist complaints belie complacency Quot betrays his own deeply problematic indeed conservative position through his dismissive and strangely bitter rhetoric. Robert perpetuates the patriarchal aggressive and confrontational rules of the discourse game supposedly All in the name of embracing non confrontational coalition building within Quot the the politics of the Well intentioned but fundamentally misguided people or. Robert is attempting to educate Are Quot flawed Quot because they persist in pursuing Quot worthless identity taxonomies Quot and Quot pathetically limited personal interests Quot and engage in Quot hopeless attempts at Robert underlines this last sentiment with the Snappy syllogism Quot you Are therefore As a parting shot he warns those who would take Issue with his dismantling of the Quot repression hypothesis Quot to just Quot get Over it Quot perhaps or. Robert should follow Jean Baudrillard s suggestion to Quot forget Foucault Quot and begin to educate himself regarding the real substance of current issues and debates within that distressingly Over extended category Quot the his critique is about As effective and timely As polemic izing against Quot the right Quot for urging the populace to Quot kill a commie for Pierre Lamarche graduate student in philosophy Agency is non profit this letter is in response to the editorial by guest columnist Michele Arocha "18th anniversary Roe is. Wade Quot the daily texan january 22. In her article Arocha presents outright falsehoods As if they were fact a common practice of the ant Choice movement. Her accusations of profit making by planned parenthood Are a prime example. Planned parenthood is a non profit Agency which serves the Community with High Quality family planning. Fund raising and Grant writing Are required to meet the Cost of providing services. Profiteering is neither a goal nor reality of this so Cial service Agency. Rather than criticizing planned parenthood and spreading lies about the Agency is. Arocha should be advocating for planned parenthood. The work of this Agency providing family planning services and sexuality education to our Community prevents the need for abortion. Arocha and her colleagues should spend their time Energy and resources supporting planned parenthood and other such agencies whose work helps prevent unintended pregnancies. But Arocha like others in the anti Choice movement not Only aim to prohibit women s Access to Safe and Legal abortion services they also work against the provision of contraceptive and educational services. This contradiction can Only prompt the thinking Public to question the True motivation of Arocha and her friends. Ellen g. Sanchez director of education planned parenthood of Austin a a a g Porfe Susan Hays for at Large place 2 tsp Board Ine other avenues of savings for tsp. Namely the identification and elimination at wasteful spending. Tim Walker for at Large place 2 tsp Board education and skills humanities program it College of Liberal arts Harvard University intensive language summer 1985 southwestern University 1986-1987. Experience utmost Magazine editor 90- 91contributing editor �?T89- 90. Assistant editor �?T88- 89. A Tab Volunteer do alternative country show. Texas student lobby co director 89- 90. Election supervisory a Board Spring 1990. Personal philosophy tsp should be More than a self perpetuating bureaucracy. Students worked to build entities such As tsp the Union and the Coop Only to see them cease to serve students. It s time to turn that j around. Tsp exists to serve the daily texan utmost Cactus peregrines a Tab amp to St and the Board must look toward its multimedia future. Goals and objectives tsp s Structure hinders its operations. The Board is so far removed from the publications stations Day to Day operation intelligent decision making is hard to come by. Problems Are recurring a instead of being solved a with editor station manager selection texan editor election and finances to name a few. The tsp Board needs an overhaul in Structure and attitude. I have the experience and out look to get tsp on the right track. Geoff Henley for at Large place 2 tsp Board Tim Walker education and skills i have received training in Many aspects of mass Media communications As Well As in leadership and organizational skill areas. For years i have headed projects worked alone and on committees in leadership positions and served in roles bridging the Gap Between administrations. My skills include writing and Public speaking and i am working to gain expertise in these and other communication skills areas. Experience professional newspaper intern a Midland reporter Telegram. 2 years editor in chief a High school newspaper. Extensive experience in All phases of Scholastic journalism from advertising to typesetting to editorial decision making. Writing editing amp layout experience in school yearbooks. Experience in writing amp producing for radio amp video productions. Personal philosophy it is my belief that change is a vital aspect of growth in any organization. Change is necessary because some of the Best ideas Are Brand new. At the same time however the process of change should be a careful Well tempered one. Without solid responsible leadership and dedication executing Bright ideas becomes a miserable ineffective process. I try always to keep my mind open receptive to Good ideas no matter where they come from while remembering my responsibilities. Goals and objectives i take great Pride in this University and i think the tsp Board should work to keep the publications of it on the cutting Edge of All College publications and productions. The newspaper yearbooks and radio and television stations Are reflections of u.t., and it is my goal to keep them shining As beacons for the greatness of this institution responding to change and continuing to Excel. David Djang for at Large place 3 tsp Board Geoff Henley education and skill i am a government senior who has received numerous academic and leadership honors including who a who among College students in America. My technical skills include Mastery of All of the state of the Art ism and macintosh word processor publication software including ism s word for windows and macintosh Cricket graph. Experience in auditing budgets and inventories i have some three years of experience As an inventory supervisor for a major retail firm. In writing for publications i have three semesters of experience with columns in the daily texan naval Orange and the Phi Alpha Delta pre Law newsletter. My leadership skills Are Well established by the successes of an organization i founded to preserve the integrity of Academia. Personal philosophy i believe As a trustee that it will be my duty to ensure that tsp remains solvent and Independent from outside pressures like the administration. Because tsp must be solvent i will be a vigilant auditor and creative source of Revenue for Texas publications. Advertising monies will be my focus and not new student fees. Goals and objectives my first objective is to preserve the integrity of tsp by keeping it Independent of external pressure. A second goal will be to initiate new criteria for training reporters so As to guarantee improved student Story writing. A final goal will be to exam David Djang education and skills because i am seeking a Liberal arts degree the largest College on Campus i feel i am developing the skill of critical thinking to represent the student population Well. To the Best of my ability i will ensure that each organization in tsp has the fiscal Power and fair rules to create top notch productions. Experience with insight to the Texas student publications. I have worked the past year on the Cactus staff in the student leadership group. My time there has already familiarized me with several of the More important issues the tsp Board will have to Deal with next year. In general i have experience addressing Board members and working on committees with several organizations among them the Texas Union management committee. Personal philosophy As a tsp Board member a responsible for the largest student publications organization in the United states a i will be committee to understanding every Issue that we discuss this commitment involves a willingness to work extra hours to research issues to be Active in committees and to poll student opinion on controversial questions. Thus i will try to be a sound link Between the student population and the Texas student publications. Goals and objectives with Money growing tighter each Day my main goal will be to find the Best solution to the budget crunch while still guarding the artistic rights of the editor and workers of the daily texan the Cactus the Pere Genus utmost and a Tab. As student publications these organizations deserve the Freedom and autonomy they need to produce first class publications. K. Scott Lewis for at Large place 3 tsp Board John Mostyn disputes after they have been ruled on by the supervisor. I have also been assistant editor for a local paper in my Hometown Tyler. I have also worked for a radio station Selling airtime for advertisements. Personal philosophy to attempt to do my Best at whatever that task May be. In order to improve myself and the environment i live in. I believe that to improve your own environment is to improve yourself because we Are All affected by our environment. Goals and objectives i plan to receive my degree in 1993.1 then plan to attend Law school hopefully at the University of Texas. I would like to try to open the student publications to a larger group of students. It seems to me that the extreme groups dominate student publications such As the daily texan. I hear everyday that students do not think it is even Worth Reading. I believe that by expanding the student publication to a More general student population it will increase the number of readers which in turn would increase the number of advertisers. Lea Garey communication place 1 tsp Board k. Scott Lewis education and skills graduated from Longview High school in 1988. Attended Kilgore or. College for 2 years. Member of the business club and named As runner up in who s who in accounting. Transferred into Texas in the fall of 1990. Experience business manager of High school yearbook and newspaper during Junior and senior year. The newspaper had a monthly circulation of 2100 and newspaper and yearbook had a combined budget of More than 50,000 dollars. President of Quill and scroll runner up in Uil accounting and received an award of excellence in communication. Personal philosophy i feel that the University is a place for people to broaden their goals and philosophies of life and culture. Its a place where a person can be Independent and be themselves but at the same time Gam new insight on other cultures and lifestyles by working with and interacting with other students and organizations. I do feel however that the University itself should play Only a minor role in this broadening of insight. When multicultural ism is forced into the classroom a sense of rebellion and dictatorship occurs. Students should be allowed to get As much or As Little multiculturalism out of the University As they desire. Goals and objectives my goals and objectives Are to carry on the tradition and continued Success of Texas publications while allowing for and looking for new ideas and opportunities for its continued improvement. John Mostyn for at Large place 3 tsp Board education and skills Sophomore at University of Texas. Major psychology amp history. Minor sociology. I am a very Active person and have a Good understanding of people and i have the ability to get my viewpoint across As Well As others viewpoints across experience i now serve on the intramural Council. This Council makes rules and settles Lea Garey education and skills in a a Junior with a 3.65 average in radio television amp film. Experience i have worked extensively with Texas student television in every position from flunkies to publicity director to assistant station manager. My involvement with to St has Given me vast experience in student Assembly matters As Well As tsp procedures. I have also made it a Point to keep in touch with pressing issues in the other Media groups on Campus. Personal philosophy everyone should be involved in University policy making. Instead of trusting second or third hand information on student referendums Etc i want to find out for myself what s happening and influence the outcome this is my reason for running for the tsp Board i want to have an Impact Here i chose tsp because i believe it is intended to protect the rights of students. Goals and objectives my goal As a tsp Board member is to provide real student input. The Board has its work Cut out for it with the texan budget and the incorporation of broadcasting. I plan to speak to As Many students As possible to get their views heard on pertinent Board controversies Watts a a to a a a h Mimi Mckay for College of communication place 3 tsp Board Mimi Mckay education and skills graduate student in journalism and Library science since Spring 1989. Coursework in Media and society Media ethics and minority journalism. Thesis in Progress on censorship and the alternative press. . From . Berkeley in political theory experience free Lance reporter and researcher for the Austin chronicle. Advertising and promotion assistant at Karu to. Personal philosophy to keep the character and policies of the publications administered by the tsp Board fully responsive to the student body which they serve and free from censorship. To vigorously oppose All Board members that wish to impose censorship or work against the interests of the student body. To work to make the editors of the daily texan Cactus. Peregrines utmost and the station manager of a Tab freely elected positions and full voting members on the tsp Board. Goals and objectives. With relevance to this position As stated above. Lesley Ramsey for College of communication place 3 tsp Board education and skills i am enrolled in the senior Fellows program in the College of communication. I am a photojournalism senior with an Overall spa 3.8. Experience make up editor at the daily texan. I did an internship at Walpole productions a publishing company of International Trade magazines where i worked As assistant to the president publisher. Personal philosophy i believe that we in the mass communications Industry owe a tremendous responsibility to the Public in that our editing decisions both of words and images determine people s agendas of world and local concerns and influence the Way in which the world views itself goals and objectives As a Board member of Texas student publications i would support Kosbin securing an acc License promote fiscal responsibility and student accessibility and place continued emphasis on maintaining the High standards of Quality that make our publications among the Best in the nation. Lesley Ramsey

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