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Austin Daily Texan Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1991, Page 4

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Austin Daily Texan (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Austin, TexasPage 4 wednesday february 27,1991 the daily texan editorials viewpoint up lofts expressed m the daily texan Are those o the editor and the Tenter of the article they Ite not necessary those of the University administration the Board of regents or the Texas student publications Board of operating trustees opinions expressed in dissenting opinions and staff or quest columns Are those of the write Union dues here5 the Kremlin peace plan for Kuwait. My Wesena in soviet troops a storm the to stations shoot citizens a a yes on prop two no on prop one Prive Over protesters of sorry with our tanks r recent financial pressures have made building a More perfect Union a difficult task. To meet mounting Money problems a pair of Texas Union fee referendums Are on the ballot today and thursday. Only proposition two however Best serves the student body and should be adopted proposition two Calls for fee increases s2 per Long session is per summer session Quot to fund student activity and educational programming receives about 1 percent of students Union fees. With the nominal fee increase the programming committee could provide benefits which would significantly enhance it life. Rhe committee could bring More forums concerts and lectures to Campus. I he Union could expand multicultural programming and leadership development As Well a better support the task forces on environmentalism and diversity part of the expanded fee would create a $70, xxx Campus co sponsorship fund. From College councils to sports clubs even student organization would be eligible to receive the Union Money. Proposition two is unique it s a tax that s Worth it. Only students control the funds and students Benefit directly by them. Proposition one though is flawed. It would authorize tire University budget office to automatically increase All Union fees and abdicate student approval Quot in order to cover future salary and or Benefit increases mandated a the state of Texas legislature for Union unlike the University the Union is not a True Public institution it receives no Money from the school or the state. The Union s Only Revenue sources Are student fees and retail sales such a dining services and reservations. But the Union must pay its 468 workers in much the same Way the state does. The fees students pay for the Union account for approximately 10 percent of its income. Proposition one however forces students to Bear the entire amount needed to meet employee salary and Benefit hikes. Proposition one by and other name would be exploitation. All wage increases no matter How Large would be paid completely by students and without their input. The proposal s inequitable Burden sharing is a misguided attempt to meet mandated salary increases. The Union Board of directors should consider requiring the other Union Revenue sources which account for most of its income anyway to an or their share of the needed salary increases. In addition the Board should investigate possible funding through the University. As proposition one reads now students pay for All the Union s raises and benefits and that simply in t Tair. Students can vote on the referendums As Well As All the candidates today and tomorrow from 9 15 . To 4 15 . Polling locations Are listed in the texan or students can Call the students association at 471-3 inn. A Adam i a Erst that my it Baltic peace plan support students with Union votes in the immortal words of pm Hubbard Quot when a fellow save it Ain t the Money but the principle of the thing it s the Money St Here we As students stand faced with yet another Union referendum. In 1989 the cry was Quot save the Union Quot in fall 1990 the cry was Quot save Union dining Quot and now the cry is Quot a vote ves is a vote for Why Don t they ust cry Quot yes it s the Money Quot after Allisn t that All Quot Thev Quot want. Our Money the answer is no what Quot they Quot want is our support. First off let s define who Quot they Quot Are. The Texas Union Board of directors is a student majority body comprising 11 students and six faculty staff. With All the recent student fee increases it s easy to understand Why there is fear of an administrative coup to overthrow our pocketbooks. It just so happens however that this does not qualify As such. In fact the two Union propositions Are just the opposite they Are opportunities to support student governance and empowerment. Why is that7 Here Are two reasons. Michael Tooker guest columnist a student employees currently the Union has no control Over its employee wage and Benefit Structure. While other student senders such As rec sports and the student health Center can increase student fees to support legislatively mandated wage and Benefit increases the Union cannot. What that Means is the Union must somehow cover increasing wages even though they re out of its control. As a result services provided to students Are in danger of being Cut Back in order to meet what amounts to Basic Cost of living adjustments. As students benefiting from Union services we need to support the employees who make these services possible. Many such employees Are students. In fact of the nearly 450 employees of the Union 300 Are students. So if you value the Opportunity for your fellow students to be employed and compensated fairly for their hard work a vote for indexing is proof of your support. A programming currently the Union spends is 11,000 on student programming or Only $1 per student per year. How does that compare to other schools a amp a spends $500,000 per year. That s embarrassing far be it for me however to use the bandwagon technique in advocating that Quot every other school spends More Money on programming so we should too Quot but the discrepancy Here is laughable. So Why will Vou Benefit from an increase in programming funds How funny Vou should ask. By voting Quot yes Quot for Union programming the program Council will create a $70,000 Campus co sponsorship fund to support More Overall student programming on Campus. This Means y our $2 not Only benefits the Union but other student organizations around Campus As Well. In addition Quot ves Quot for programming will mean More Mone for major speakers entertainment International forums and concerts that Are not offered to students on this Campus because of Lack of funding. Many of these programs will be free Quot yes Quot for programming also Means More Money for multicultural programming and leadership development. The Point is this Quot yes Quot Tor programming amounts to not Only More programs for you to attend but also More Power for those students who plan them. Programs at the Texas Union Are developed by students for students. This additional Money will be controlled and allocated by students. As a result More control will be put into the hands of students. So what happens if we Don t vote ves in a word to meet increasing costs the Union May be forced to Cut services Cut jobs Cut building hours and Cut programs. The end result is the continued erosion of student control. Some think by not supporting these propositions Thev Are punishing the administration. 1 however in reality Thev Are Only punishing students. Vote Quot ves Quot on both of the Texas Union propositions. Tooker is a marketing Birenbaum last year at his time every Freak on Campus crawled out from under his Rock to cast his ballot Tor student Radical Toni Luckett. Toni promised to build a coalition that would represent the diverse interests of All students. Instead she used the a presidency to bankroll her politically c or rect friends. The a devolved into warring factions that left it paralysed and ignored by the administration. Toni was not alone. Toni s cronies included this year s terrible twosome of Eric Dixon and Mona Kinlaw i. Together they mismanaged the a and humiliated the University in the new York l Unes Newsweek and time. The single most important question of this election is who will undo the damage and restore the students Faith in the sa71 propose the following reforms to build Trust with the student body a de fund All political groups. Thomas Jefferson said that Quot the ultimate tyranny is to compel someone to fund a Caus it he disagrees today the a is the personal Bank account of separatists Black student Alliance and sexual deviants Gav and lesbian students association. Both agendas Are sickening to the vast majority of students t t the University. 1 would give no Money to any group that uses the funds for overtly political purposes whether it is a Espesor pc t. A Stop All Quot spirit of the body Quot resolutions. Nobody is elected to the a because of his knowledge of foreign affairs. So Why should the a take it upon themselves to denounce american policy in Al Salvador or the persian Gulf who cares what the a thinks about non Campus issues let us focus on Campus issues that we can actually affect. A increase funding for cultural groups. Groups such As drama and debate traditionally Are shortchanged in funding and this is wrong. These groups compete and increase the prestige of the University. A contract out All medical services on Campus to nearby hospitals. I think we All have horror stories about Witch doctors at our health Center. We deserve better. We deserve Quality health care. A make All of Campus accessible to the handicapped. It is inexcusable that a Quot world class Quot institution should not be Opeil to All students with the desire and ability to be Here. A Block mandatory multiculturalism. All recent attempts at Quot diversity Quot have instead been thinly veiled peddling of White guilt. Real multiculturalism should not teach that Whites Are Quot ice people Quot that heterosexuals Are Quot breeders Quot and that capitalism is this is indoctrination pure and simple. Let the pushers of diversity use the Power of moral suasion to convince people to study other cultures not the threat of not graduating. And let the multicultural classes be created As the demand exists. A teach Western culture. We cannot understand other cultures until we full understand our own. Curriculum Reform should reflect this truth. Every graduating senior should know that Homer was a poet before he was a Simpson. A Block raising tuition to pay for either a new student services building or state mandated wage increases for workers in the Texas Union building. The new student services building is a White elephant. By the time it is built Many of its services will be available by phone. It would Cost the average student $150 Over his College career. I also reject increasing tuition to pay the Union building workers. Instead 1 suggest we break the government workers Union and hire scabs who will work for less. 1 will represent the students not the labor Union. A preserve the statue of Jefferson Davis. He is part of Texas Southern heritage and i have never been ashamed of Texas unique history. He represents the Brave men of Texas who died to protect the doctrine of Quot states rights Quot and to defend the Southland. Besides Davis looks at peace behind the statue of that other slave owner George Washington. You cannot erase racism by erasing history. A Block attempts to hire minority faculty from second rate colleges and universities. The Dixon Qiblawi plan to fulfil their quotas by hiring minorities from Eastern nowhere state is foolish. Because so few minority faculty Are available nationwide for Many faculty positions a halt decent minority professor would already be at an Ivy league school. We must concentrate on hiring great professors regardless of race from the Best universities of America. And these new faculty members must teach to the undergraduates no matter How important their research Mav be. This not quotas will ensure class availability. As vice president i would push hard for this Agenda. 1 consider it the very Best Way to earn the support of the student body and the attention of the administration. As vice chairman of the Young conservatives of Texas and president of Texas political Union a non partisan group that debates issues of political importance to students1 have the organizational experience to bring the a in line. If elected 1 will drop out of All political organizations to signify that i want to represent All students not just conservatives. I will also reject the $4,000 a year stipend that the vice president is entitled to. Students should not be bribed into serving their fellow student. I Welcome any advice from students on issues 1 have not included on my Agenda. This is after All your Hopkins As usual i find my own views and those of the daily texan in conflict As i am sure do most people. However As kind As the texan is it has provided me with this space in order that 1 May respond to the endorsements it has made and consequently 1 will do so. My statement is simple students Don t allow us to screw ourselves again this year we have seen what an ineffective and politically motivated a president can do basically not much. During the past year Toni Luckett has reigned havoc on the students As she has tried to push her politically extreme Agenda while ignoring Many True student concerns. She has used her position and influence in order to create a preaching pulpit from which she can espouse her own private beliefs. Last year the texan wholeheartedly endorsed Toni for the presidency saying she had the innovative leadership style it would take to unite this Campus and move this University into a new Era. 1 would say the texan was almost Correct in saving this but a different word Choice would have been better. In retrospect May 1 say that it would have been better for the texan to say Quot she had the innovative leadership style it would take to splinter this Campus into hundreds of factions and thus allow the University to realize it had made an error in electing her. Some of my readers May now be saying Well we already know this but How does All this relate to our present election simply answered because the texan has done it again. The texan has again endorsed political a insiders saying that they Are True leaders. Well we say hell if they Are such great a leaders where were they last year when Toni went on her rampage perhaps Thev were out getting doughnuts. We mean no attack on Eric Dixon or Julie Bray but we feel they cannot Wash their hands of All the problems of the past year. After All Dixon was the executive director of the a should t he have been Able to steer Toni Clear of some of the problems she created for herself he should also have been Able to help keep the a a United group battling the administration instead of themselves. Thev May be leaders but we Don t think they Are the ones that can reunite the a and Start dealing with student issues again. In recent Days we have spoken to Many student organizations and perhaps come off a Little fiery. This is due to a simple fact we Are not going to lie to Vou the students and pump you full of bullshit about How great things Are in our student government. Simply put there Are Many problems. The other candidates have chosen to make flowery speeches laced with titbits of the Success they claim to have accomplished. Certainly we could make that speech also but we chose not to. Instead we be addressed where the problems Are what we plan to do about them and where we want the a to go in the future. We certainly Aren t perfect by any Means but we do feel it is about time someone gets in there who really cares about things such As class availability greek relations and was texan ? 1 am writing to express my concern about your Lack of performance specifically on monday feb. La. Your coverage of it activities Lias been less than adequate in the past but this time you missed the Story entirely. 1 am talking about tin Quot great drag c i know for a fact that you were notified in several ways by group officials of the press conference and the event. There should be no excuse that you were not aware. I tend to believe that v our absence is due to your warped sense of priorities. The event involved the mayor s office keep Austin Beautiful and the it administration. The goal is to clean the drag which happens to be the most highly visible Border of our Campus of the illegally posted fliers and notices. The school of architecture ran a design contest to provide alternate places to put these bulletins in the form of kiosks. The first clean up was on saturday feb. 15. Nearly 200 students five different types of student groups and unaffiliated student Volunteer the mayor and his wife representatives from keep Austin Beautiful the Austin american statesman and Channel 36 were there a where were you7 you have failed to report a major positive action that directly affects this Campus. Minority groups need their publicity As Well As scandals but in covering these stories you must not Tail to include other significant stories. As the student paper of a major University you have the responsibility of giving student involvement on the Campus full attention whether or not it is controversial or you have failed with clean up the drag and i am embarrassed to say you Are a part of the it system. However you do have a Chance to Salvage this particular store there will be More weekend clean ups throughout the semester. You will be notified of them again and All you have to do is be there this time. Let on m. Age Ere member Phi Beta Chi professional women s business f maternity diversity key Issue the Texas Union Chicana of culture committee strongly feels that the platform of a presidential candidate Eric Dixon and vice presidential candidate Mona Qiblawi coincides with our goals and values for a More diverse University. In particular we strongly support their goals on diversity. As of the fall 1990 semester there Are a total of 2,339 professors with Only 77 of them being hispanic professors. The office of institutional studies which provided the information does not break Down the ethnicity to Chicana or Chicano professors Only into hispanic professors their commitment to the diversification of the faculty by looking into traditionally Black and latino colleges and smaller Liberal arts colleges is an exemplary Way to begin the diversification of the University. We also completely support their stance on the diversification of the student body. Since the Stu Dent hotly is definitely not representative of the state s population we strongly defend their proposal for the University to focus on retention As opposed to recruitment to combat the academic adjustment and financial Burden that cause these students to leave the University. Finally we completely agree with their views on curriculum issues which includes support for the proposed e3�o6 syllabus and the inclusion of More Chicana of courses. Raul Coronado Texas Union Chicana of culture committee i

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