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Austin Daily Texan Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1991, Page 3

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Austin Daily Texan (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Austin, TexasWar in the persian Gulf. Wednesday february 27, 1991 Page making Contact associated press a member of task Force Ripper of the . First matured iraqi soldiers who were being processed inside Rine division tried to communicate with a pair of Cap Kuwait sunday. Allied sorties step up pressure associated press rhetoricians Exchange volleys while their troops Trade bullets Washington i he War of words that marched Side by Side with the War of weapons in the persian Gulf reflected Battlefield realities tuesday. With his army in disarray Saddam Hussein fought with a deluge of rhetoric while president Bush could afford to be direct. Quot of great people Quot Saddam began his speech in Iraq. Quot of Nobles in the forces of jihad and Faith of glorious men of the Mother of Battles of truthful zealous be Lievers in our glorious nation and All muslims and Good people in the world of glorious iraqi women. Bush wasted no such sentiments. Quot i have a Brief statement to make Todas Quot he said. Saddam most recent speech is an outrage that out of the was their juxtaposed words provide a telling counterpoint Saddam Quot this showdown is Clear evidence of what god meant it to be a lesson that would Lead the be Lievers to Faith Jimmu mtg and capability and the unfaithful criminal traitors evil and depraved to abyss weakness and Bush Quot he is trying to claim Victory in the midst of a rout. And he is not voluntarily giving up Kuwait. He is trying to save the remnants of Power and control in the Middle Bast by every Means possible. And Here too Saddam Wall fail Iran asserts i a. Has hidden War goals Nicosia Cyprus a iranian president Hashemi Raf Zanjani said rues Dav that America and its allies were rejecting a cease fire in the Gulf War because Thev have plans that go beyond ridding Kuwait of iraqi troops. A Sfanjani said that Quot in the stages when peace efforts were about to Bear fruit opportunities were missed one after the other Quot according to Iran official islamic Republic news Agency monitored in Cyprus. A Sfanjani comments came in a meeting with former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi of India who arrived in Tehran on monday for talks on the Gull War. He said that Quot each time the United states and its allies found an excuse for intensifying their pressure in order to attain their goals until the situation reached this associated press a . Air base in Central saudi Arabia a Allied pilots intensified bombing missions against targets in Iraq and Kuwait on tuesday to maintain pressure on Saddam Hussein retreating army. Senior air Force officers said the allies sweeping air land and sea Campaign succeeded w Here diplomacy failed by overwhelming the iraqis and forcing them to flee Kuwait. Quot if these Guys Are beating feet we need to put the pressure on them a continue to maintain the pressure until the president tells us he accepted the conditions Quot said col. Hal Hornburg commander of the 4th tactical fighter Wing. Hornburg said it was critical that the air Force Fly Quot some Good sorties Quot to Hammer the fleeing iraqis. As he spoke a group of f-15e fighter bombers thundered it Kywa id from this largest . Aii base in saudi Arabia. I he colonel said the Allied offensive was even More impressive than he had expected. He attributed the Success to the streamlined Pentagon Chain of command adopted in the 1980s, rigorous peacetime training and the will to learn the lessons of the Vietnam War. Allied aircraft had one of their busiest Days monday flying 3,000 air sorties 1,400 in the Kuwait theater the . Central command said tuesday. Half of the sorties were close Aii support missions and a spokesman said the Tempo was the same on tuesday. "1 think we re past the Point of associated press two . Pilots walk in front of an a-10 Thunderbolt to a tank killer Jet. Just letting him get in his tanks and drive them Back into Iraq and say i m sorry Quot said it. Col. George Patrick an f-16a tighter bomber Pilot from the South Carolina Low country. "1 feel fairly punitive about Quot George Bush has the right idea now Quot said it. Col. Duane Clawson of Frankfort . Quot you want to negotiate with somebody you put your knee in their Chest and your knife at their Throat and then when they say yeah i la talk you push Clawson said he had flown his f-16a on a Mission in Iraq to attack iraqi military convoys trying to Retreat from the Battle area. He said he did not drop any bombs for fear of hitting rapidly advancing Allied forces. From his previous Mission Over Kuwait he painted a picture of the Battlefield As Quot a very jagged convoluted Quot front line marked by columns of ., saudi kuwaiti and other Arab forces. 1 would t want to be an he said. Quot it does t look real Good for their Side. You look Down and everywhere you look there tanks and pcs armoured personnel carriers and they re All on the move and they re All our he said two squadrons of f-15fs, the . Air Force most sophisticated warplanes have started thing Dav time missions As Well As their Normal night sorties As part of an intensified air Campaign. Bad weather and billowing smoke from iraqi sabotaged Oil Well trios in Kuwait significantly hampered f la As from fix ing daytime support missions Tor coalition ground forces striking deep into Kuwait and Iraq on i be slav 1-16a pilots who need to see then targets for the Best results were frustrated Thev had to return w Ith their bombs and without Tir ing for the first time a new 30mm Cannon strapped to their planes. Allies defeat division of Republican guard elite iraqi units offer stiff resistance ministers could rein in Supply to avoid postwar crash associated press Vienna Austria a once the Gulf War ends open will be prepared to rein in its Strong Oil production if demand Falls too much Indonesia Oil minister said tuesday. Quot if a Cut in production is needed we will do Quot said Ginand Jar Kartasasmita one of a half dozen ministers attending informal talks of the organization of Petroleum exporting countries. The ministers made no decisions at their secretive session monday Ginand Jar said. It was hastily arranged about a week ago to consider ways of avoiding a Price crash once hostilities end in the Oil Rich persian Gulf Region. Quot there is no agreement yet Quot he told reporters. Quot we Are discussing ideas and tossing ideas other Oil ministers attending the meeting were from Algeria Nigeria Gabon Libya and Venezuela. No one from the important persian Gulf states turned up. Their absence especially that of saudi Arabia influential Hisham Nazer ensured no actions would be taken. The 13-nation Cartel is scheduled to hold a formal monitoring session on March 11, possibly in Geneva. At that meeting the ministers will Likely decide to reimpose their quota system and end their production free for All begun shortly after Iraq invaded fellow open member Kuwait on aug. 2. But any move to Cut Back open production will Likely meet resistance. The top venezuelan Oil executive said tuesday that his country Oil conglomerate wants to maintain current production Levels even if that Means lower prices. Quot our strategy is to maintain current production Levels within a scenario w Here prices will be much More moderate Quot Andres Sosa pie Tri president of Petra Leos de Venezuela told a meeting of venezuelan business executives in Caracas. He said Low prices would stall plans to develop alternate Energy sources. Venezuela is pumping close to 2.5 million barrels of Oil daily Well above its open quota of 1.94 million barrels. The open quotas were abandoned shortly after the crisis began when a u embargo halted sales of about 4 million barrels a Day of iraqi and kuwaiti crude and other producing nations responded by pumping More crude to eliminate the shortfall. With no restrictions the remaining 11 open nations Are pumping about 23.6 million barrels a Day analysts say. That is Well Over the ceiling of 22.5 million barrels a Dav set in an Accord in demands Saddam a absolute surrender of Kuwait associated press Washington a president Bush grimly vowed to press the War against Iraq Quot with undiminished intensity Quot tuesday As the Pentagon said Saddam Hussein shattered army was Quot in full Bush said the troops were leaving Only in Hopes of regrouping to fight again another Day. Quot Saddam is not interested in peace Quot Bush declared. Quot he is trying to save the remnants of Power and control in the mid dle East by every Means possible Quot Bush said. Quot and Here too Saddam Hussein will pounded by air and ground attacks Saddam forces were on the run in occupied Kuwait and threatened by More than 100,000 . And Allied troops in Southern Iraq. A Small band of . And saudi special forces probed Kuwait City As an Allied Force of thousands waited to enter the kuwaiti capital. Quot tomorrow when the Sun comes up the question in my mind is whether the enemy is going to be therein. Gen. Thomas Kelly said at the Pentagon. He said Saddam powerful Republican guard had not performed any better in Battle than other units. Quot the iraqi army is in full Retreat although there is still fighting going on Quot Kelly said. Declaring that the allies were advancing faster than expected Bush proclaimed Quot the liberation of Kuwait is close at after an afternoon update on the War Bush said Quot we Are not Only on schedule we re ahead of schedule. No commander in chief has Ever been proud of America men and women in in a radio speech Saddam said he had ordered his troops to withdraw. Bush dismissed that in a terse and unyielding statement in the Rose Garden saying Quot he is trying to claim Victory in the midst of a vice president Dan Quayle was at Bush Side during the White House statement and later made Clear that the United states wants to Render Saddam powerless. Quot sad dam and his military machine Are simple incompatible with a lasting and just peace Quayle said in a speech at Mcguire air Force base in new Jersey. Increasingly Bush has appeared determined to see the War through on his unyielding terms rather than embrace diplomatic solutions suggested by Moscow. In fact his conditions have been made tougher in recent Davs with demands for Saddam himself to Bow to . Terms. The Clear goal is to Denv Saddam a face saving was out of the War. Open May Cut production . Raises stakes As Saddam retreats Michael Putzel associated press Washington a Saddam Hussein doomed attempt to keep Kuwait has suddenly become a desperate struggle to survive political demise and Public humiliation. Flaming routed the iraqi army president Bush now wants to Settle the score with Saddam himself. Quot he is trying to save the remnants of Power and control in the Middle East by every Means possible the president said of i foe. Quot and Here too Saddam Hussein will the president insisted that Saddam himself must Quot personally and publicly Quot agree to the peace terms the United states and its allies set on Friday. Bush thus raised the stakes in the Gulf War with the approval of his closest War allies. Quot Saddam Hussein went into Kuwait on his terms Quot vice president Dan Quayle said tuesday Quot and now he is getting out of Kuwait on our until monday the United states and its allies ostensibly sought Only to implement the 12 United nations Security Council resolutions aimed at forcing Iraq to give up neighbouring Kuwait which Saddam forces annexed last gust the first of those resolutions no. Boo requires that iraqi forces withdraw Quot to the positions in which they were located on aug. To 1990,&Quot the Dav before Thev crossed the kuwaiti Border. But White House press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater made Clear monday night that Mere withdrawal would no longer be sufficient. Thev must he said Lav Down their arms and walk out. In line with the resolutions the l United states also demands that Iraq give up its claim to the Oil Rich emirate agree to compensate Kuwait and others a including even Arch toe Israel a Tor damage done to them return All prisoners of War and hostages and help the victorious forces find and remove had Den m nes on land and at sea. Also 50 Republican guard top of the line soviet made 4-72 tanks were captured As they attempted to flee northward along a Road near the euphrates River the source said. Elements of the 24th infantry division intercepted the Convoy and captured the tanks the source said. The officer cautioned that difficult huh Ting still Lav ahead particularly involving any future clash with the remaining guard forces. Quot we Don t want to be too optimistic. What ahead could be Verv Verv difficult a he said. The senior officer report was the first detail of How the attack on the guard was being carried out. Earlier tuesday it. Gen. Thomas Kelly operations director for the joint chiefs of staff described the guard troops As being in Quot deep deep trouble Quot whether they remained in their bunkers or Rose up to confront . And Allied forces closing in on them. Their communications have been severely disrupted that Quot Thev Are having difficulty sensing from which direction they might be attacked Quot said rear adm. Mike Mcconnell the joint chiefs director of intelligence. The officer said that in the tuesday attacks . Casualties were Quot very very Light Quot and that no . Vehicles had been lost. Associated press Washington a under the cover of darkness and in a driving rainstorm hundreds of m 1a1 tanks and infantry from the army Vii corps have attacked and Defeated i Republican guard division in Iraq a senior Pentagon source said tuesday. The attack was led by the 3rd Arr ored division and the 1st infantry division mechanized and the units were blowing Forward and engaging a second Republican guard division in Iraq said the source who spoke on condition of anonymity. The attacks from the West were being conducted on a front dozens of Miles wide West of Kuwait the senior military officer said adding that guard units were offering Quot stiff officials said earlier tuesday the . And Allied troops intended to draw a noose around Saddam Hussein vaunted guard preventing a Retreat and Quot destroying them in place Quot unless they surrender. The source said Apache helicopters were flying Over the Vii corps attack into Western Kuwait to Challenge a regular iraqi army division

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