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Austin Daily Texan Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1968, Page 4

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Austin Daily Texan (Newspaper) - April 21, 1968, Austin, Texas Disruptive act Rule faces Validity test of at first look the Bon re of regents decision on �?odisruptive�?T1 activities is a formidable one a a Tough new measures As one metropolitan daily newspaper worded it. But before the extent of the ruling is known test eases will in unavoidable. And test Ca m s Art doubtlessly needed because of the vagueness of tile measure. The ruling makes subject to disciplinary proceedings any student or University employee who a acting singularly or in concert with others obstructs or disrupts or attempts to obstruct or disrupt by Force or violence or by threat of Force or violence any teaching research administrative disciplinary Public service or any other activity authorized to Lxi conducted on Campus. Although the Board of regents specifically included in the term a Force or violence a stand ins sit ins and lie ins there is question As to exactly what Point a demonstration ceases to be an exercise of tile right to assemble and the right of free speech and becomes a obstructive and Doe this ii dude a noisy rally that has official approval but which can be heard Iii a classroom it so then one student notes that workmen on construction projects make so much noise classes Are often disrupted. Is a sit in disruptive when plenty of space is allowed for interested prisons to see the exhibit or visit the Marine recruit or or whatever related article Page i what will he the extent of the disciplinary procedure who must come lain what does Quot threat of Force and violence mean what does Quot Force or violence mean i util mine of this questions Art answered it is difficult to understand just How meaningful just How Tough a the regents action is. In recent rallies students have threatened that unless their wishes were met the University would not open in september a threat that includes violence in a very real sense. The regents have a reasonable fear of such a threat of however this ruling is used to curb and hinder All expressions of Froc speech not in line with a accepted doctrine or admin rat Ive feelings then the ruling is itself a threat to the academic process. The test of Validity will in in the application of the regents decision. Inadequate research although Many students have asked that the daily texan take an immediate stand on the Board of regents derision to expel students and fire faculty or other University employ s convicted of handling or using drugs the texan will serve editorial opinion until later in the week. The editor feels that this ruling should be considered in regards to similar rules. The weekend did not allow enough time for adequate research. The daily texan student newspaper at it Austin oot Nev fused a it i n it texan Are those of int editor or of the writer of h a a tto re. A if via us those of Ute University administration or of die Boa Quot f in. In a a to news 4per a rho University of Texas at Mem is nub. T i Bacat of to i Awell University Sutton by to. Daily exc t monday and saturday Gnu Max Mccoad Casa oaf at paid at Austin. Sew. ,-., a. Cd. Ieti hid a Sui at the editorial on e j at a a Abura tory. J 8 to i naturist concerns Deicer of a i to it r n a Quot t a i v u Ani add Erbring. J b. Ill or 1-3371. I i. A Airt Rte ulna member of the Al e a. In ii it a a in conference and Ute Lex p. Natty <4 the cat texan it National a to Catoo to adv int la Baal Quot to ave. Sew York. . Permanent staff editor Mary Morphis Moody managing editor David de Voss asst. Managing editor William Oppel new it e lit or Mark Morrison editor i Pace asst. Chris Davis Amus pm hts editor Leslie Donovan sports editor. Jay Cooke features editor Jenna Bell Issue St a it associate news edit Rbruce Hicks news assist ii in. Glen Johnson editorial Page Randy Baker assistant Amu tents editor. Olivia Hartman assistant sports de or. De Spaulding make up editor. Karon Houghton copy editors. John Bryant. Jan Teague. Paul so Rollo photographer by Bandy the fir m issued Point to the editor gov. John Conn ally seems to have missed the whole Point of the nonviolent program espoused by Martin Luther King when he recently stated that Quot or. King contributed much to the Chai s and turbulence in this country Quot apparently gov. Carnally is for no change political economic or social. He seems to prefer to keep Quot undesirable Quot groups in a Servile status. It is this attitude reflected in hts Back handed condolences upon the assassination of or. King that has caused violence in this country net or. King a work. Dot s gov. Connelly really believe that or. King was awarded the Nobel peace Prue for contributing to violence or dots he consider the Nobel prize merely another award by a group of a a fumes a Holt a a my line ignorance to Ltd the editor the letter by Charles Vorhe Den and Jim Hunt in the texan reveals the very basis of Salt ism ignorance. To say that John Foster Dulles eclipsed Martin Luther King As an advocate of i each. And to say that Albert Schweitzer was a greater humanitarian than King is to exhibit a profound ignorance of the condition of non Whites in the United states and Tho crying need for social Justice which King has Given momentum. Tile Tetter also says that Abraham Lincoln Quot surmounted King whatever that Means Quot in his efforts to remove some of the barriers Between come on. Now. Here s a bit of history Quot i will say then that i am not. Nor Ever have been in favor of bringing Altern in any Way the Sci Aal and poll tical Equality of the White and Black rat Psi that i am not nor Ever have been in favor of making voters lures of negroes nor of qualifying them to bold office nor to intermarry with White people and i will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference Between the Black and White races which i believe will for Ever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political Equality. Quot and inasmuch As they cannot so live while they do remain together there must Fie the position of Superior and inferior and i As much As any other Man. Is in favor of having the Superior position assigned to the White race. Abraham Lincoln 1859. Only ignorance can deny the greatness of Kings efforts the same ignorance that has allowed racism to run wild for so Long. Carlos Calderon or. Marcclo f. Gomez Denis Bradford isell \ Atlee Mirrle who s Black to the editor regarding Frank Erwin s statement in the texan Quot i remain convinced that Bobby Kennedy s cold ruthlessness his demonstrated opportunism and his overriding personal ambition Render him totally unfit to hold any High Public talk about the pot calling the Kettle Black Gene Batea a Bik Lin View not True to uie editor i wish to take exception to her blocks a cartoon in Tho wednesday texan. His comment implied that 17,000 people were murdered each year by firearms. In effect this a not True. Based on 1965 statistics published by the Fri in their uniform crime report of the 17,000 deaths roughly 9,1500 were suicide and another 2,200 were accidents. Compared to this there were Only 5.634 reported Homo Idos during this same period. Tile above information comes from a Speed ii made by rep. John Dingle of Michigan on March 7, 1967. In the i s House of represents fives. The copy used to obtain the statistics was in the october. 1967, Issue of guns and ammo in a Quot be James of. Takes san Jacinto a i to disappointing to Tho editor Tho response of Dean John sillier to the demands of the afro americans for Black liberation is As disappointing As Tho response of chairman Frank Erwin to a group of students and faculty in his now famous Quot dirty nothing s remark each of these responses is indicative in its own Way of the nature of the University establishment. Tile merits of the demands of the a Abl Are not at Issue Here. What is at Issue is the fact that the University administrators do not understand the forces which prompt such demands and so Are incapable of evaluating them. In response to the general implicit demand that the University Community divest itself of All element of racism Dean Giber Points his Finger of blame in every direction but one. Specifically in response to the de Viand that the University Institute a course dealing exclusively with Black history Silber equates Black history with the history of ethnic minorities demonstrating either total ignorance or total misunderstanding of the nature of racism in the United Stales. If As i Hope the former is the causative Factor in the nature of his response. I would recommend to Silber a careful Reading of the Quot report of the National advisory commission on civil disorders Quot available in bookstores in paperback for ll-25, and especially chapter nine entitled Quot comparing the immigrant and negro this report makes it Quot Crystal Clear that the Finger of blame for the racist character of the institutions of the United states can Only be pointed at White. Moderate responsible America. Dean Silber s letter in another Way makes the same Point. John j. I so Aho w or graduate aspern bima Lect kidding to the editor concerning Bill Green s logically constructed junk on the Quality of College educators he is kidding in t he this is a big joke in t it of creep actually is serious then Quot his alien dangerous sick philosophy must not be tolerated in modern civilized an Ier ii a a 1 11 bet the boy Ever votes for Wallace. With a National Leader like that we can All look Forward to greens dream of limited Quot academic Kitty Quinin Lei Leon St. Letters. To the editor firing line letter should a be typed Tuple spaced. A be less than 250 words. A include name address and phone number of contributor. Mail letters to the firing line the daily texan drawer Dut station Austin Tex or bring letters to the texan offices journalism building 103. Teton report liquor referendum outcome will affect legislative move to by Randy Baker editorial Page writer liquor by the drink has been a bitterly divisive Issue in Texas off and on since world War ii but the intensity of the conflict Between i Hose favouring it and those opposing it has never been greater than it is today two weeks before a non binding but highly important referendum on the Issue. Held simultaneously with a referendum on parimutuel gambling and with the Parry primaries tile outcome of the liquor by the drink referendum with Little doubt will influence decidedly the next legislature s consideration of the Issue. Proponents of liquor by the drink argue. That mixed drinks sold freely Over the counters Are wanted by the majority of texans and that they will serve both to incas tourism and to raise state revenues. They further argue that the present liquor dispersing situation is hypocritical especially in relation to the private dubs and is in need of a major overhaul. Higher rates opponents of liquor by the drink contend that by fhe drink Selling of alcoholic beverages will Lead to higher Accident crime and alcoholism rates. They note emphatically that needed revenues can be gathered without the introduction of mixed drinks Selling. No facts really exist to prove or to disprove the argument that liquor by the drink would improve tourism in t a was but City off i los in Texas major cities clearly believe that it will be beneficial. Many Houston Tea Der for example Are convinced that one of the reasons the City was unable to lure either National party presidential nominating convention is the Lack of liquor by the drink. Principal argument underlying the proponents Case for liquor by the drink is that of the state s need for additional Revenue and of the general popularity that the hour by the drink Issue of Joys among Texas adults of the Issue is approved about St j million a year will pour into the boites coffers from the it cents per ounce tax charged on the drinks and from the $2 000 a year licensing fee charged clubs hotels restaurants and motels that would serve mixed drinks. Net final figures it should be pointed hit that the figures Are those favored by gov. John Connelly and will not necessarily be the final ones furthermore of the $2 too charged licenses $500 worm go to the county and $500 to the City in which the outlet is located. Repeated pm lie opinion polls have indicated Blat More than 60 per cent of the state s adult population favors by the drink Selling of liquor and upon this Point proponents base one of their major arguments gov. Fau Nally recently said. A the great majority of texans want liquor by the drink and i think they should have it a statistically Public opinion pills show 64 per cent of those Over la favor the measure in 1968 As compared with 67 per cent who favored the measure in 1967. A final Point around which Many base their desire for a legalized be Hng of mixed drinks is the alleged Sham of private clubs in which the serving of mixed drinks is Legal to Bona fide club members to their families and to their guests. Guest cards until february Many of the state s Job interviews n it Iii a in xxx i is is 2i Northeast school District so Antonio 2� to Bureau of Indian affair a Tea corps prs a a i a Aam Texas link Rau a its Puac pm let May 8 Veteran adm cat a api official notices App Licate titration in tuesday. These a pc i re Gilt rat his a up of to for the Sun 4 and 3. Ai no the in. A strut i<3n mate be Gummer session 19sr Regina i ii be Ava lab a through Tot office of the registrar. Nut be available after May 7. Is Xion. I mss. A Iii it f hit the App to up i. Student a no has pretty of Texas May rest by Mali toy filling i is Ava. Abir at a Box in. Tit registrar. Man b i. Ai Security numb must he included on cat on and must be done wot later Day. May ?. I be Dent Aho cup to earn for student far Ether semester of next it Ltd a Atwould . Of enrolment applications in Hail to All completed applications for Eta it Ach of Mutt be returned to that by uns. Graduate Zesare Inatio to Bush toe committee in graduate to As a trial fur a candidate a qualifying or admission in Tor be pad will be held n a on Friday. A 3� 3 and 7 pm and Saturn in May t Tell a in. One Blue Book a be brought for a. To a in the examine n candidates Reg i the departmental secretory a English w lid students no a Regis tied a not be admitted to t a exam list n. Reading it and Xci men question a be of to. Cd Fugit the graduate adviser Lur of a Maurer to. 2c. Or rom English budding to applicant fur adm on to pm of a Cand Dan who have one or both of the foreign language requirement should leave evidence to ups effect with the departmental Secretary when registering for the mammal on. To qua to a a candidate for the pm d., april must also make a uti Barton score in the record exam nation aptitude test in a tem in Yea the test a be la sen ria.-, apr t. Or on saturday t on and fees must reach the Prince Ducet anal testing serv be not later before the Date of the Tost blinks Are Ava table in ens so of and Cou amp a Sruti Center Tea in pick Sutton Dent Mav the tired i Steve i and As car tide building i Tor to we b a r. Cants graduate the present either on tis la All app5ton of be o than is or. App. At to Quot fire to and us Aas a Al a. k. Iii 1112 ate approximately 1.360 private clubs Many located in dry precinct issued guest membership cards to almost anyone who walked in the door and looked As if he had enough Money to buy a few drinks. Under the recent ruling however for one to be a Quot guest he has to be the guest of a Bona fide club member who is not employed by the club itself. It remains to be seen if the new regulations will to circumvented As easily As were the last but liquor by the drink advocates believe the entire problem will be eliminated with the passage of the liquor legislation. Opposition to liquor by the drink Como primarily from fundamentalist churches and from related groups such As the Texas alcohol narcotics education inc. Tane. Among their chief arguments is that liquor by the drink is not needed to raise additional tax revenues. Higher revenues they note for exam Pip that if Texas were to make Beer subject to the 2 per f ont selective sales tax nearly $13 million a year would be raised a substantially higher than the $7.5 million available from quor by the Dunk. They also Point out that if Texas would raise its Beer tax from the present rate of $4.30 a barrel to $10 a barrel such As in Oklahoma and Louisiana that an additional $50 million would be raised annually from that source alone. In a by the Way Type comment proponents of liquor by the drink say that individual drinks would Cut Down on alcoholism and consumption be to use the Drinker could drink his fill and not be tempted to finish the fifth off. Opponents however vehemently take Issue with this position and make it one of their primary Pointe of opposition. Tane for example in one of or House Organ issues says that by the Dunk states consume 72 per cent More alcohol per capita than package store Only states and have 33 pet cent More alcoholics. Tane argues that since liquor by the drunk is such a profitable item a $5 fifth would Cost about $20 by the drink ii will be pushed and consumption will Rise. Accident Rise noted opponents of liquor by the drink further note that statistically traffic accidents Are about 30 per cent higher in by the Dunk states. They note too that 80 per cent of ail Texas criminals were under the influence of alcohol at the time of their criminal act and assume the crime rate will skyrocket with the added availability of liquor and a the boost of chemical courage Given by a a couple of drinks As the Tane bulletin phrased it. Whatever ones views Are toward liquor by the drink and for most i diversify students its not a a hard to imagine it is Clear that the Issue is a vital one of increasingly greater importance As Texas urbanization rate continues to climb. The opponents have a Strong Case but then too a Cool drink in the afternoon after work before battling the freeway traffic Home would taste mighty Good. An overdose of democracy j cause of americas death reprint tile Diamondback j Ai end of mar land for historians this is the perfect time to study the decline and fall of America. The fall wend occur immediately of course but it will surely come within Thorn it decade. It is Tho inevitable Fate of All nations that like the United states Lack both the courage and the intelligence to solve their crucial Domestic problems. For America tile crucial problem is the racial situation and the wonder is that this country has survived the l ast Hundred years with it a unified National policy toward tile Rise. But through Tho country has survived a Bountiful crop of hate was planted and Harvest time is almost Here. Can to Ore to any doubt that America s demise is imminent the past few Summers have Only seen rots in negro neighbourhoods. Tile fire next time will be integrated. Reconciliation doubtful after Whites have had a taste of riots it is doubtful there will be any More talk of reconciliation Between the races. And when the talking stops an All out race War will be Only a step away. At last Martin Luther Kings theory about the White Many a capability for genocide will be tested. Even at this late Date it would still be possible to avoid the upcoming disaster. Possible but entirely improbable. It would take far More guts and brains than the people of this land possess. What a causing the fall Tho answer is that this country is dying from an overdose of democracy. Negroes and Whites alike have come to behave Tho inane that a that an individual is More valuable than his society. For too i u Dor to e Banner of democracy. Pc Hove carried the Banner of Quot individual s rights a examples the White Man who believes he should have tie Quot rights to decide to whom hell sell or rent a Home. The White who say Quot i Belice in integration but i Don t want my kids bussed to another the negro who fee s he has the Quot right Quot to Burn Down his neighbourhood because of some grievances. W hat rights what curious rights Are these 7310 right to i o b got of tile Light not to be involved in social Reform the right to use any Means to get what you want legally or morally these must never be rights. Those who Are trembling with fear that Tim outrage a cry for change May come about should Calm their nerves. Tho changes suggested by this column could Only be accomplished by a unified Unity in tills land. Instr id of Unity America today character Zed by selfishness. Too ignorant and too Blind to see tile path he is taking and too cowardly to risk the Radical changes so desperately needed the average american has damned his country to disaster. No instead of a National policy Well continue to have insignificant localized programs along with endless Miles of talking debating and threatening. And while All this goes on a country will slowly die. Historians probably will note that no nation Ever deserved its Fate More. 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R4s 6 t"1 Ive it 9 Roll 12 is 13 pc 14 15 i 16 17 18 19 20 Evv a v Unow Xiv a 21 i a Al 72 23 r?4 25 26 27 78 Val 29 30 31 32 33 tit cd. Pc 34 33 36 Ishu 37 v1a 38 39 is 40 41 a or Kwh k a r�?o.v2w ii a it 44 45 46 47 48 49 5b Hub is 52 or 53 is 54 55 5vvi Vav 56 in m 57 i i m not even Zoino to coast Fok a summer. This Vear i m determiner. A anything you can sing i can sing louder her blockage 4 sunday april 21, i96s the daily texan

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