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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 1

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Austin, Minnesota Area football results Austin 22 Mayo 9 wat. 22 Al. Lea 38 St. Louis pm. 12 Benilde 26 Hill 30 i Glenville 20 i Mankato 8 red Wing 6 Edina 0 Pacelli 13 Dos 6 Lyle 16 11 Adams 18 Elkton 6 rear details on Page 8-9, weather fair to partly Cloudy and warmer through sunday. High today 82-88. Low tonight 55-62. High sunday 84-92. Established 1891austin daily Herald vol. Xxviii no. 264 Austin minn., saturday september 19, 1970 single copy 10c 14 pages plane hijacked by gunman to Cuba by Eric Sharp associated press writer Miami if a a gun toting Hijacker who wanted to go to Cairo settled for Cuba instead saturday and took an Allegheny airlines Jet and its eight crewmen to Havana. The Young hijackers believed to be armed with pistol gasoline and dynamite was aboard the Boeing 727 on a flight from Pittsburgh to Boston and took Over just before the plane made a scheduled Stop at Philadelphia International Airport. Federal aviation administration officials said. He allowed 90 passengers to leave but kept aboard the e e flight crewmen three stewardesses and two men believed to be Faa inspectors or airlines personnel the Faa said. The plane sat on a runway for an hour while it was being refuelled. A the Pilot John Harkin said Over the radio he talked the Hijacker out of Cairo and persuaded him to go to Havana instead a said it. Robert Baker chief of Airport police at Philadelphia. John Balderama one of the passengers released by the gunman said the Hijacker a described As a tall thin Young negro a a grabbed one of the stewardesses by the neck and took her to the front of t h e planet just before it landed at Philadelphia. Passengers said the Hijacker then told another stewardess to bring him a Small canvass bag stowed under his seat. A passenger who helped the stewardess got the bag said it held a butane Gas contain n e r with a White plastic bottle taped to it. The Hijacker set the bag in front of him and announced a a in be got something Here to blow up the whole a Young female Passen g e r who declined to give her name said the Man sat about two seats behind her and that she saw him t a k e a Small pistol from a canvass bag he had under the seat. All Allegheny spokesman said it appeared to be a .22 a Caliper pistol. Baker said a Steward Ess slipped one of his men a note requesting a gun. He said a policeman a .38 a Caliper service revolver was passed up to the stewardess through an emergency exit door. Quot it was understanding she was requesting it for the Crew not the Hijacker a Baker said. A ordinarily i do this but she looked like a pretty competent girl a he said. A unit of police Sharp shoot ers approached the plane while it was being refuelled in a futile attempt to get a Clear shot at the Hijacker Eft Board the plane. The aircraft left Philadelphia for Cuba at 1 46 a m., Edt and landed at Havana a Jose Marti Airport at 4 32 a m., the Faa said. Macgregor to speak at rotary monday Cong. Clark Macgregor will be the speaker at the Austin rotary club noon luncheon monday at Holiday inn it was announced by a. H. Haakenson program director. All other Austin service club members have been invited and will attend the meeting. Cease fire of d by jordanians from smiles to concern Are emotions displayed by these passengers after they were released from an Allegheny jetliner at Philadelphia inter nation. Al Airport Early today by a Hijacker who then took the plane and its Crew to Havana. Among the passengers were from upper left a professor Vanake a wrestler an unidentified woman who was a a upset Harry Galt and Philadelphia City official lower from left Ralph Harp son Penn Central official from Plymouth meeting a. William Hanley Medford mass., Cpl. Arnold Ross Paulsboro n. J. A wire photo Beirut Lebanon a Cairo radio reported today that King Hussein has agreed to a proposal from egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser for a cease fire of at least 24 hours in the jordanian civil War. King Hussein a army launched heavy artillery and tank assaults against guerrilla strongholds in Northern Jordan As the number of dead and wounded soared past 5,000 in the jordanian civil War. The guerrillas claimed in radio broadcasts they had repulsed the army a main attack at a town 30 Miles North of Amman in the heart of what the commando have declared a a liberated in other parts of the country the army appeared to be gaining the upper hand. Palestinian reinforcements were reported streaming into Jordan from Syria to Back the guerrillas. The reinforcements included units of the Long Idle Palestine liberation army which crossed the Border with soviet made heavy weapons. The Semi official Cairo newspaper Al ashram said at least 5,000 combatants and civilians have been killed or wounded since the fighting began Early thursday. A guerrilla communique broadcast by Baghdad and Damascus radio said the army opened the assault at Dawn with an intensive artillery barrage on the town of Ajlouny and guerrilla positions surrounding it. The barrage was followed by an armoured Advance. The guerrillas said the army also resumed its heavy bombardment of the town of Zara 25 Miles Northeast of Amman for the third straight Day. A tanks and Field artillery Are intensively shelling the town and guerrilla strongholds there but our forces Are standing their Nixon administration blocks possible crime control top nationwide Railroad strike for60days political subject cambodian military plans major stronghold attack by Mike Shanahan associated press writer Washington a acting a with great reluctance a the Nixon administration has blocked for 60 Days a threatened nationwide rail strike. President Nixon signed executive orders Friday barring a walkout by four unions against 160 rail lines and creating a five member Board to investigate the dispute. Unless Congress enacts emergency legislation the unions will be free to strike if no contract settlement is reached in the next 60 Days. By John t. Wheeler phenom penh Cambodia apr the cambodian military command plans a big assault to smash through a communist Strong Point that has stalled the governments largest offensive of the War there for nearly a week. Limited . Air strikes already were being carried out in it preliminary attempts to Dis Odge an estimated 1,000 North vietnamese troops dug in at the Village of Taing Kauk 47 Miles North of phenom penh. Officers at the operations rear Headquarters in Skourn 45 Miles North of phenom penh said today they were not sure when the assault against the North vietnamese would Start but added they had been told by the High command that the attack would be preceded by massive . Air strikes against the Village. Officials in Saigon said that once the cambodians decide to launch their assault additional air support will be available from South vietnamese and Cambodia air forces. The officials said they were not aware of any massive commitment by the . Air Force but added great Deal depends on sources in South Vietnam said that because president Nixon wanted to keep a Low profile in Cambodia cambodian air Power would be used first followed by South vietnamese air strikes and then american planes if needed. Mail plane makes crash Landing Sioux Falls . A a Light plane carrying mail from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls received minor damage in a nose Landing Friday at Joe Foss fild. The Pilot Gerald House of Slayton minn., shaped injury when a Brake apparently locked and the Landing gear buckled throwing the twin engine Bench Craft on its nose. Schedule of pages vs.-mkts.�?2 area news�?7 editorial�?4 sports�?8, 9 society�?5 of nor Page to comics 11 classified�?12, 13 visions of the railway labor act affect some 400.000 Union members about 70 per cent of the nations railway work Force. Asst. Secretary of labor William j. Usery a top labor troubleshooter said at the White House he had hoped for a settlement negating the need for the executive orders. It was a with great reluctance a he said that the labor department recommended the president sign the orders. But he indicated Only a few Points of major disagreement remain to be resolved after weeks of government sponsored talks. Those issues should be dealt the orders signed under pro Hodgson asked to intervene in strike with by the Board he said. He said a five member panel instead of the usual three member Board was formed a so that an equitable settlement May be reached at the earliest possible its members Are to be named later. Under the 44-year-old rail labor Law the Board will study the dispute and submit its recommendations within 30 Days. Over the following 30 Days the unions and rail lines Are to consider the recommendations during negotiations. A strike had been called for sept. To but government mediators won agreement from the Union to delay for five Days. There were selective shutdowns in some areas tuesday and wednesday until a Federal court order blocking any strikes took effect. . Dist. Court judge Howard Corcoran said Friday he would leave his order in effect until it expires sept. 23. Earlier this week c. L. Dennis president of the brotherhood of railway airline and by Gerry Nelson St. Paul a both republicans and Deflers Are focusing attention _ increasingly on crime control As fall campaigns begin their final phase before the nov. 3 general election. The gop has mapped out a coordinated attack on the Del ticket with a 1970 version of the a Law and order Issue. Meanwhile although Deflers have roundly criticized republicans for making crime control a Par Washington a Secretary of labor James d. Hodgson has been requested to intervene in the strike by the brotherhood of railway and airline clerks Brac against North steamship clerks claimed the West airlines. Industry negotiators remained in a Telegram thursday rep. Adamant in offering Only a one Joseph e. Earth d-minn., asked year 7 per cent wage increase Hodgson to summon the parties offer. The unions want a 40 per to a meeting in Washington in cent or higher increase Over an Effort to Settle the dispute. Earth said the strike is now seriously affecting the employees the company and the Economy of the upper Midwest. He said what is unusual is that no Progress has been made in two and one half months. Three years. Besides the clerks the unions involved Are the United transportation Union the brotherhood of maintenance of Way employees and the hotel and restaurant employees and bartenders Union. Singer Dies american pop Singer Jim Hendrix who was taken dead to St. Mary Abbot s Hospital in London on Friday is shown during a recent music festival on the Isle of Wight England. A wire photo via Cable from London Titan Issue they have gone on to specify How the cop allegedly has failed in controlling crime. Republican rep. Clark Macgregor in a statement released Friday accused his Del opponent for the . Senate Hubert h. Humphrey of encouraging a the very acts of violence and lawlessness which plague us Humphrey at a Carver county Del dinner charged that republicans Are playing a the cheapest form of politics in making Law and order a partisan Issue. Atty. Gen. Douglas head. Republican candidate for governor kicked off his party a Campaign on crime a week ago. He sharply attacked his opponent state sen. Wendell r. Anderson for a a soft on crime attitude. Anderson mounted a counterattack Friday charging that Minnesota crime rates have soared beyond the National average during Heads four years As the states chief Law enforcement officer. Crime said Anderson should not be a partisan Issue but has been injected into partisan politics by head. The cop strategy aimed principally at Anderson and Humphrey is that they have done nothing to Deal with the soaring crime rate while head and Macgregor have a proven record in the area. In effect the gop is saying Minnesota a crime rates might be even higher without Republican backed measures such As ground a the communique said. There was no immediate Battle report from the government Side. Guerrilla broadcasts from Damascus the capital of Syria warned commandos to prepare for a massive tank assault at Dawn against Irbid 50 Miles North of Amman. Guerrillas took Over the City the nations second largest earlier this week. The guerrillas said today they had successfully repelled Daylong attacks Friday by jordanian armoured brigades in Irbid and in Ramatha to Miles East of Irbid on the main Road leading to the syrian Border. Although both Syria and Iraq have promised to Aid the commandos there was no move by the 12.000 iraqi forces stationed near Irbid to take a role in the fighting and syrian forces remained Well behind the Border. Israel has said it will not a stand by idly a if Syria and Iraq intervene in Jordan. Amman remained virtually Cut off from the rest of the world today. A curfew remained in effect and Black smoke still Hung Over the City. Diplomatic reports reaching London said Telephone links and Power supplies in the jordanian capital were disrupted. Sales tax Revenue estimate $215 St. Paul a state auditor William j. Of Brien has estimated 1971 state sales tax revenues at $215 million of which local governments will get 25 per cent or $43.7 million. Of Brien also noted Friday that 1971 payments will be increased by a Aback pay resulting from higher than expected sales tax revenues for 1969 and 1970. Of Brien said 1971 payments for Minneapolis St. Paul and Duluth a cities of the first class a will total $14.26 per person based on 1970 census figures. Other municipalities will get $7.13 per capita. School districts outside the three largest cities will get $27.89 for each child Between the Ages of 6 and 16. In the three largest cities two thirds of the allotment goes to City government and the school District gets the remainder. In letters mailed Friday to county auditors of Brien said local governments can estimate their own payments by using the new unofficial census figures multiplied by the per capita share. Revenues from the 3 per cent sales tax have been climbing steadily according to of Briens figures since it was instituted in 1969 under a Law passed by police training Federal Safe the 1967 legislature streets funds and moves to con in 1969, the tax brought $190 tool the Sale and use of expo million. The take this year will Sives. Be about $200 million. Mrs. Meir places dim Hopes annual chamber on further Middle East talks Here monday news bulletins Golda Meir Washington news Confer riday she found in t h e it a a sincere desire to Rael in any Way that the states mrs. Meir also said that israeli peace talks with Egypt Are impossible until Egypt and Russia Roll Back the missiles that Israel claims to be illegally placed along the Suez canal. A wire photo Washington a israeli prime minister Golda Meir has inflicted a heavy blow on american Hopes that the Middle East peace talks could be resumed in the near future. Mrs. Meir told president Nixon there can be no peace talks until Egypt removes the missiles Israel claims were implanted along the Suez canal in violation of a military standstill agreement. Nixon and Secretary of state William p. Rogers tried Friday but failed to persuade the 72-year-old israeli Leader that talks under United nations mediator Gunnar jarring provide the Only Avenue to peace. In principle mrs. Meir agreed. But she asked Why should Israel negotiate a peace treaty with a country which violated a lesser cease fire agreement virtually the same Day it agreed to observe it president Nixon and Rogers Are reported to have understood mrs. Meir a argument although they would not agree with her conclusion american officials concede the standstill cease fire violations could not have occurred without the knowledge and complicity of the soviet Union. They say there is no quarrel with the harsh words the israeli Leader used at her Friday press conference when she accused Moscow and Cairo of bad Faith and said a they both Are the Nixon administration consoled itself with the conclusion that because of the Jordan situation the question of resuming of political talks is hypothetical anyway. The United states however would not take mrs. Meir so a not for an answer. Diplomatic prodding will continue on several fronts officials said. Moscow and Cairo will be urged anew to a rectify the violations which has been interpreted As removal of their missiles deployed in the Suez canal zone contrary to provisions of the standstill cease fire agreement and new efforts will be made to persuade mrs. Meir to end her Boycott of the talks. American and israeli diplomatic observers agreed that despite the failure to smooth Over differences mrs. Meir a Daylong talks with the president and Rogers were useful because they restored Confidence Between the two countries. . Officials reluctantly concede the safety of hostages held by palestinian guerrillas and the chaotic jordanian situation in which the throne of King Hussein a pro Western Monarch is at stake have priority Over the hoped for resumption of the peace talks. Ninth five upper Midwest business Industrial and governmental leaders will be in Austin monday for the 4th annual chamber of Commerce Golf Stag at the Austin country club. The guests and local hosts will take part in a full Day of recreation and informal a quaint ship with the City of Austin. Wayne Austin is chairman for the chamber a 4th annual Golf Stag. Some of the companies and agent who will be represented Are Green giant Kah i e r corp., Rauenhorst Como corp., Minnesota Concrete paving assn., Northern Nat ural Gas Minnesota dept of economic development news Media and Many others. Besides Golf business leaders will be Given Tours of Austin. A dinner will be served at the country club. Times reports Creek arms shipment halted new York a the new York times reported today that the Nixon administration has decided to suspend a 41-month ban on full scale arms shipments to Greece. Vote curtails gambling profit investment Washington apr a Bill aimed at stopping the flow of profits from gambling and illegal transactions to foreign Bank accounts has been passed by the Senate. Predict Jordan army Victory Washington a . Military officials predict it is Only a matter of time before the palestinian guerrillas out manned and outgunned Are Defeated by Jordan a Royal army of fiercely Loyal bedouin tribesmen. Pow letters mailed to wives new York a a packet of letters written by us. Prisoners of War that were seized by customs agents wednesday a Are in the mail to wives and families of the servicemen a spokesman for a delegation of Young leftists say. Research new birth control method new York apr scientists reported today promising experimental work on a new birth control agent one that would be used Only once a month when the woman believes she a pregnant

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