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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 5

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Austin, Minnesota , monday september 13, 1954austin daily Herald Austin Minnesota Pace five networks Campaign to sell Public color to -0 a a new York if a a Multi million Dollar network Campaign to sell the television Public on switching from Black and White to color has started full blast. The National broadcasting co. Teed off last night with Betty Hutton in an original musical comedy. Quot satins and spurs Quot the first of 33 color a a spectaculars scheduled for the coming season. The rival Columbia broadcasting system opens its big color Campaign next wednesday night with Quot the Royal family featuring Helen Hayes Claudette Colbert. Fredric March and Charles Coburn sunday night series both nets will present their color extravaganzas on an every fourth week basis and Quot satins and spurs was the first of no cd a sunday night series. It will launch a saturday night series sept. 25 with a lady in the dark stirring Ann Sothern and a monday series of. 18 with Ginger Rogers in a tonight at 8 30.�?� besides its every fourth wednesday color extravaganzas lbs will Start a thursday night series sept. Go with a production out of Hollywood featuring Mario Lanza. Betty Grabie and Harry James. Both networks also will do Colo casts of their regular shows on a rotating schedule As they already have been doing on a limited basis. Top to far a satins and spurs was a Brilliant spectacle on the few thousand color sets in existence but came out in Black and White on Ordinary Home sets which Are color Blind. But even in Black and White it was top to fare. Producer Max Liebman often called the Ziegfeld of to for his famous a your show of shows and the predecessor a Broadway revue a turned out a tuneful comical 90 minutes of video viewing. Blonde Betty Hutton was at her bouncing Best and livened her performance with spicy dance numbers that May have raised eyebrows among the More sedate viewers. Kevin Mccarthy turned in an adept musical comedy performance that put. Him in a new role for his to fans accustomed to seeing him in dramatic parts. Pretty Neva Patterson Ahly handled the limited role assigned to her As did the remainder of the cast. Couple married in wheelchairs los Angeles Lff a wheel chair wedding has United a Para lazed insurance broker and his sweetheart who lost both legs As the result of a blood ailment. When James l. Madigan and Socorro Gomez were wed Satur Day at the Church of the immaculate heart of Mary both rolled to the alter in wheelchairs. Both Are 27. Madigan a brother. Joseph 24. The Best Man was also in a wheel chair As was the maid of Honor miss Rita Vigil 30 Joseph was paralysed by the same nerve disease As James and miss Vigil has been paralysed since birth. Jackie a Happy storm passes by Jackie Martini 22, Trenton n. J., vacationer splashes Bare legged through the turbulent Surg at Atlantic City n. J., today after Hurricane Edna passed by out at sea leaving virtually no Trace of its passing. High Waves in the background and an All night rain which ended with Clear skies and Bright Sun this morning were Only indication of the storm Here. A wire photo a Al Quot la a ii i a j. X i Man ties Down Boot Maine election May indicate i rend on Cay Airfield Portland Maine in a Hurricane battered Maine ballots today in an election watched nationally for possible influences on the make up of the next Congress. At stake in Republican eyes is continuation of 20 years control of All top offices in Maine and a Chance to Point the Way to gop victories in the 47 states voting in november. Democrats insist the Issue in t the elections effects elsewhere but a a what a Best for they be called for an end to "20 years of one party fair weather forecast generally fair weather was forecast but Hurricane Edna which raked the state s most populous areas saturday is expected to Cut the total vote. In 1950, the last a off year a 240,127 ballots were cast i the polls must close by 7 p.m., i est although vote counting can Start at 5 p.m., in communities with fewer than 300 people. A smaller vote May Benefit democrats whose most spirited Campaign in 20 years has been concentrated against selection of re publican gov. Burton m. Cross. The democratic Candida is National committeeman Edmund s. Muskie. Asking Raa Lac in also asking reelection Are Republican sen. Margaret Chase Smith whose 85.000 Victory margin six years ago is a record and three gof congressmen. Opposing mrs. Smith who never has been Defeated for Public office is Paul a. 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Water phone 3494he emes saudi Arabia critical of u. S. Foreign policy Beirut Lebanon Ufir once an Island of american Friendship in a hostile Arab world saudi Arabia is fast becoming this regions no. I i critic of the United states. In the past year the saudis have expelled americas Point four program. Have publicly rejected America s offer of military Aid and have signed the famous deals a discriminating against american tankers. And in Arab league circles the saudis have urged Arab states to follow a neutralise policy in the cold War. This is a far cry from the Days when the late King ibo Saud built his country s foreign policy on the basis of american Friendship and was willing to give America bases on any strip of his desert Sands. Ever since the old King s Deatha jut fall a rift a been widening n Arabia the saudl8 Between the United sine and the i Sejdor Aid 0as a a country which has become fab Nev Lousy Rich from Oil exploited by ,.americans Mads Ron. 3 America s attitude toward a among the reason qualified of thu has mad a u server Here list the following As Early 5rollj Imp Caslon Onfer Lnch important u. S. Indifference Feisal brother of King Saud and foreign minister. Prince Feisal led i american indifference during Arab delegations to the United a the saudi dispute with Britain Over tons during the crucial Days of the Suraimi Oasis. This territorial dispute looked like a Little thing to outsiders but it became the big International Issue of the saudis. They expected american diplomatic support and were embittered when they failed to get it 1946 and 1947. When the United states backed the general assure Bly decision to create the state of Israel. It was the arabs most crushing diplomatic defeat. 4 a group of anti Western advisers around King Saud. This 2. American military Aid for group includes such Arab nation Iraq. The hash emite Royal family j lists As Rashid All Gailani. An of Iraq and the House of Saud have a iraqi exile who led a pro Axis re had a Long family feud. Dating hellion in Baghdad during world Back to the 20s when Ibn Saud War ii Rashid Alt has dented his drove the has Hermes out of the j me to fighting foreign influence _ in the Arab world. His influence j reportedly has grown since the i death of Ibn Saud another adviser whose Power is growing is Jamal Husseini a palestinian. Husseini blames the United states for the loss of his Homeland to Israel and he is determined to keep the arabs rut of any pro american bloc. Our role of service to those who selected Mayer s did not end with the funeral tribute. Counselling on All matters pertaining to sorrow is always the right of our patrons. 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Water Fox hotel building 6055 Nimitz visits uss Missouri san Francisco <9 a dressed in full regalia As an Admiral of the Fleet adm Chester Nimitz yesterday took one last look at the battleship Missouri a on whose decks he signed the japanese surrender nine years ago. She leaves today for Mothballs at Bremerton 1 Wash. Nimitz and his wife who live in Berkeley visited the 58,000-ton j ship before 25,000 others streamed aboard. Jutting skyward 1000 feet totem pole a Rock formation in Monument Valley Arizona casts a Shadow 34 Miles Long at Sunset. Loans to buy an automobile Loans on your present car Loans to consolidate Bills Loans to reduce payments Loans on household furniture Loans on equipment and machinery Loans from $100 to $5,000 Industrial credit company 60815 n. Lansing Austin dial 2314 sought one before. Fullam teaches history at Colby College. Congressmen Robert Hale Charles p. Nelson Aud Clifford g. Meltire Are opposed respectively by James c. Oliver Thomas e. Delahanty and Kenneth b. Colbath. Oliver sex cop congressman from the first District was Defeated by Hale in 1942. Hale seeks a seventh consecutive term Nel son a fourth and Meltire his second. Vice president Nixon while a rationing in Maine called the election a the first state wide test of the Eisenhower administrations he called for a an even greater gop majority than Ever Boston it Logan International Airport officiate smiled today As they recalled a plea made by an unidentified Telephone caller during saturdays Hurricane. The alarmed Genteman asked permission to go on the Field my lash Down his boat. A boat a done to you mean air plane a queried the control Tower. A no no my boat a its been swept on the Field from the first Mil muons paid adv Winter lefts rider it mired. Tat ortrud Ted paid or Al be Gnu air a a r b Wenn Rotim Center qty Ctet Nten advert Itoga Twa be Vatet to Atte we 589 Minnesota lawyers urge you to vote for Levander for attorney general Bernhard Lavander tit aaa a sure Rhea we Lofay Der we Are a re that Bernhard Lavander will be an Able and worthy fun censor to j. A. A. Burnquist As your attorney general on september 14 vote for Bernhard Levander \ i b Sta Titor a sir j it by a or 6 Lull Tael a i knt i. Low a tar Orye fro a k it it rut Limtt Brink iut i t p Tih or it Sta Tenter Hill at ii we m. In ii id Aiti 4 de in John h la Una j Millard lit Lri Ai rial Albe i a r a rn.,a in in. Sitar i r v Flea teat an Ona a in , id a end Laid i 4ay ran Jai ii t and Rte the j. Heimsn h Audna Friar ardent John r. Arno ill arte Aramid it Artinise Bilbo c. Term w c Bsat by tsar la Battel Jan. An h bar it i Bailo Nav let b Bai ate k i twin Barr Harte a list Ford i homa. Hiattt William baa41 i i Liman Bra re re Iten m b Vanir. Tharna w b ill to b often w Bee ii re Quot a it i a Oterie Franklin of ii or la i or v benign. Or Inton by to i in Quot to Sam re i Mao k e Truiti Ber on Ion j brr tier Berlin Arthar a and it Tarn l in Taim Ink a i Brev later k Brit. Liter of thai a by Roian Botan by Rawll tinman i blur a p Blair to a Htay turd Jerome Bata we c a Taoism Are Quot loft g Star Toto f of Derick Bradford Jet Mimm _ a i Brill i Brin a Pumbe rom t my new amt paid b rink Bote h it my Whent Brothel i brow a Arm i Arr Bra a Barkan j Bali air Alf roil a be Rte Art a brr a Bai h Mora be w charter Barton fit j a Tetart franc la d Baller Here Baller. By were Batler in Gordon Abt m. Tea no All inter Harold c. Cant aa<1 of a it Carlie Poratta i Ca Nae Herald it caftan m Arn in a it Ltd Carroll John k Carroll a Mer Utah word John to Cade c a Quot Quot comb Rte we Fronat it coca note Jan t Charlet mater Christi a enter j ii Ria banana Challa Clark Ouin it Charier w it Frank cd rho Roe a of Clew a fat Tuff the oms b Chi 1 Nauke by Ler Colette irl i. Can Ber a Jav Doodad i Gro a a vetoed for. By. Taha a i w 00 in my a. By Suaad a of Forth Jan t a tear Learnt r a Ira Ala Tam it Dana in a r of i a or Are i Laten b or Lar by Al me Kero i Diro Kroek Bari it 111 Nim tier latin i the ii Iii ii rid c. Onn Natl Jahn m Len Van John ii Bari i la l Inland rank it i Tegt a it i Are ii ural a to or Gael William i. Or Aabert lean l i Rill i a Arith w l>o4,f Rin i a Don Ort it by hard i. Hank Ben it Laten c. I. For Kama b Aren i a Man tribal i it Ama Harold it a Ivl Lilam i k Uteri h h b c i near ail it him Chris to Fror Fisne William Al Erica i b a err. A John a fake ared Al rata in and j far in Frank it fan la Hanoi u far Ite billiard it f Kater All la p f tit Bote-1 j Felosi Linn a for Isth wort we Field John it finn. Or. Allen it Etna the Andrew final a aver it fat la a undo re it f1ehef Grunt h Fth her Ward Flemun John it fwd he John to i i Thomaa a Firma t i for arts j a c font Gordon for or a j Brae Forshea loan for eat a a Walter foal Wood b Fine h w for nth rite Knoll l of Tralee co Rad Al or teen j h Fragodt c f Saarm Tuom in Rad f. A a a it it Aero eat briton aide Hamer h Tarbe it o Arthar h o or ii,.tfc h Zieha Stark h Uhan Wark w Behan Fred rank w Oerter it Gifford i o Gllbert Arthar f Carua c i in Ore a Karph Ciu Char left it. I. Man a mall John b Foet Curt la c fan n but or inc outlier Frank it Grahn la j on la j granted Ila i Ami Mia to. Crank tin p Oral Bennett w Ore of Arlin r Omen William a Oram , m oat John c hair Jib Haji fir a h Haft it ate Haman a Baa m hate John Hannaford Jal m Hann Foed Iii j Ainna Harper c. Fri a Hanson Donald i har rim Burhard Hart. Or. Warren b Hart harmed b hate Takt Bote hut inn b a Hanger heur w har Tel a. Or. Attar the d West a incl x he Uliter min Ham Herdeen in a a Rad or Han Lames 8 Veaneta via -1in rear Kwa in Heel f Homon Theodor it be a b b Herr w to Atef James l 8 hand or. eaten bite Ftp Rel la Hui do v it arid her a Zimek or. Fri Kiwi c a aft a t.w7 he Taw i Aal i in ii a a or f. Brie wiii1u4b i Jamb homa b hoi Atte it Donald a Bec a Iuka i Imi Rotert c in him to Rama Heap Charta u Bor. Or. Kermit no rata j la Immiti a x a Fhy a Theta a i hint c. A i Tervi Attee u fee Rae irs loft ire sea a i j Anna or. Trial a Janes Jai d i be old alter i Johnson Hart Johanan honed f Jab ova by la l. Jok Ima i r Johnson its Tea Jab Nam pm o. Of Omo Behen i in Nae t erne c Josh Neon Vla i l in wan Jehu in Wendell s John in c. A lame bed w be her a a Tate Wiser Aile i junk in ated d Balteff to a Aret ban ate ate a a Rotter Faun Kalif Ole it Kafir j barn of am d Keener o r Benner t Blite t kerrs oar tee a Kidder Georji c Al by after v Al a Tiai Chal Mer Taw r b male see Atli or Baler Mui Morris b Miu heft i Iliana b in had i v. Moll j i moated it do Sud Monk a to by hard a Moore Jeha moot meld b Mooi unto k to lid a id i. Mon a to n Morte Aoa aide it k Monee we tar a Mea Korf Judd a Malad a la Barnier ii in the a m rat Eto a a Cheries n ate Lea Jeon it Striae Jatow i Liaise lab rite bet be Leslie m net Eoo manure o Metso v Tine wefts a of re n j Kerr plaid v it or Hole b m twi rtt Bend w Bera it armed to Futua Airt Sta hard a. We Rohre Bedder l we Rohre Daliis d Borine late to c byte Ute it vers la j. I w of Tenet Tiro raw it Setal a saw Taw All Lee j. Tell to Adward u a Oral Oak ii a Orth l ter Toek Tallier v. Ibao Elliad Ihweil to. R we left eat b Janet at eel Barer. N Miu i Kadis her on toil a. Aim c. In Bui it lha Ald k. Saai la item Ltd m it lib hah tet g. Smith ten c. Amah j. Me in. Smith be me Hweih Bard few Titi who Etor a us be he it b Ante will Taw it John it Tufts Hare it Hsesk. In hate own Merle irate Burhard How my n life Bete Milton i Hirn Tor lotto b Oserson pm Reid m on Hen it be. Or is lid on he Deer a ft�?1 l whens. A Ralfh it Lacker Ala m a Tel beheld it. In Stone i knew h. A tem Rede be bit h a it nod Ahr Seth to h in hard i Kiel i ohs Anas Alin a Ante i Catt Rte Bate Tel w Beau Bena William Bort Tad Freak b Rte be John g by tee i of rid b Roteta jambs b k Shier if Kaha ii l. Rte j Rtchard x Klin Haiku q Lac Peel Isamu to Hart Lames Bert j. Land Roe Gestes or Kaeder Lai min Harr i lath of Bodoni a str so to her Leash hic hand j Xsasia i arow i Vander Ulm Lai Des id it bal nil t c la a a Kos a w b e urine berated it h h lot John w it ii Dale Palm Eta Kota Palmer Boh Palmer by. Ii re j coition Parks mar us re o pm Rytti it Fator j h i at iwo. K a. Of atom or Jato d Dei i is c. T. To Kite iroc m i Ark Las John r it. I Bra i Fri Aries t. Run a Adward w pet Rote Fred it Peterson prod it it me Roan a. Usati b Peter Ralph h Peter so a r it see Walfrid h Petesz late pet Ute Anton of a Harte a of Iff or Jeha n. Pm ii she or. Prate w. Pay Bermo and c p1<whs Heel f Priori mis h in rite a Teetor h pet Nan by Nard Mel re teen j. Quilts to pc Fth tour we Arnold f mail a ten a. He Rhet. To. W. C. Be hew o be lift a Arthar k ins Osrol Instein i r. To sen v to rho we a Tau w Beno a thief of abode Beers f this i pen Besa i b them Pate a Lite to the Ute i site to i a Bow i there to Loim St to or l. T m. Tripp a ten car and Tirner t Terete by pm g it sols both ton f tar Esste a i tied uni of a ii Merman j. Ratshe Hassid w 8 sad it teal Clinton w Miu Albert p h Tofa Arete e la Tan a in f int lie i Tot Tarn Jeha Losell a Adeph k Low Don w i this a i Ron hah b. Marta Fhate Waltar a Mas Malow k a hens Phi by j Mack wafts a males a. A h Markari Waldo f isl a Art it or or a a to b Frank f. A a saw to or Carth Gap mfr ii Mcm Aalto a c it. 1,4lh wall., t my j id h War Jato a Huttoft ran Watson Amette j wet 11 to of x. Busters it Welch a or Wriver id Bimmy a. Wert a id a. Wow Koto u West _ Ami b wart in we Vohl Tehran we and f we it am i it Birks Meo in Prate abcs Mem my a me huh i d Weirton Edward b mews we Caw c Meta As cutoff som j. Bite Steph f Mere hand m c borne b t. Bod ribs of Riha re a rubbed Wear c. Ranker Cheeter John c Cert Al l. Bor Harold a. Re to Pinto ii James f rpm an sate it by a Arkord a. Bateste Warren a Terp cat Edge b a Dree Bay to Vantard l Fate fit b. Feb yep a Bow Mart a Stet r Vita. By win thaw Gerald q who Lams furry so Wilson to. Pam Winder Jota Windhorst a Winier Art c w Hite to. To Sta Antawn 0 Wolcott m Wolf f. Wolff Sec tier Savis in i Bernhard Lovander i

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