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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Austin, Minnesota Page fou Austin daily Herald Austin Minnesota monday september i3/ 1954 Austin daily Herald established november 9, 1191 h. E Rasmussen editor and publisher Geraldine Rasmussen bus. Mgr. Entered is Sud class Metier at the Post office at Austin. Minnesota under the act of March 3, 1879. Issued daily except sunday the Herald has been for 62 years and still is a newspaper for Austin and Community fair and impartial to All seeking always to promote the Best interests of agriculture labor and Industry catering to no demagogues and showing favouritism to no group firm or member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatcher monday september 13, 1954 and i was afraid and went and hid thy Talent in the Earth to there thou Hast that is 25 25. Why what should be the fear i do not set my life at a pins fee and for my soul what can it do to that being a thing . The Batchelor trial Cpl. Claude j. Batchelor now under defense trial in san Antonio Texas says he wanted to break off the affairs with communism so badly he played sick and hid in the Barracks at night. Batchelor is one of the 23 soldiers repatriated from red China from which he emerged As somewhat of a privileged character in Camp no. 5. Among the unfounded and careless charges made by the witness was that he accused his own country of deliberately losing ground in Korea to keep the Stock Market up. Under Cross examination by the defense a sgt. John a. Cells of san Antonio described Batchelor As a a very very Good Friend of mine in the one of the characteristics praised by friends was his faculty of a getting things a it made no difference to Batchelor a he said a whether pos were progressive reactionary or the Many angles involved make the army trial at san Antonio almost As interesting As the Mccarthy hearing in Washington. Engineering race with the great demand for engineers of All types these Days the universities and colleges Are kept at a Busy Pace. Figures compiled at the University of Wisconsin show that the personnel of the National research Council is rapidly falling behind Russia in the race to produce engineers. This startling information was revealed by m h. Troitte director of science personnel of the National research Council. Troitte sounded the warning in a paper read at the fall meeting of the american society of mechanical engineers. Troitte said perhaps Only 20 it of our High school graduates have had general science courses and Only 6 to 8 a have had physics and chemistry. These figures reveal a tremendous amount of work in the institutions of learning where the demand is greater than Ever. The major differences Between the american and russian educational systems rests in the area training below professional Levels. Case is. The right wingers by Bruce Biossat politicians Are supposed to do almost anything to win elections. But that in t quite so. Now and then a group comes Forth which seems less interested in winning than in holding fast to its own particular set of ideas. The current political situation in new Jersey affords an example. The Republican candidate for the sen ate is Clifford Case. Until he resigned last year Case had been an Able and successful congressman. His re election several times was proof of his ability to get votes. When he quit the seat he held Wras lost to the democrats. With his Good reputation in the state and in the cop he was a logical Choice for the 1954 Senate race. His views place him in the Liberal w ing of his party but there also reside most successful Senate republicans from Eastern states. Case has the endorsement of president Eisenhower and gop National chairman Leonard Hall. Even conservative senator Dirksen of Illinois plans to Campaign for him. But All this is not enough for some republicans in new Jersey. Extreme right wingers they speak of cases liberalism As if it were something Akin to polio. What they Are most angered about however is the fact that a few months ago Case forthrightly declared that senator Mccarthy is a a deeply divisive Force in the nation. At the same time he said he would vote to remove Mccarthy from his committee chairmanships. Touched off by this declaration this Small group has since w worked avidly to try to sidetrack Case As the gof nominee. The right wingers want him replaced by a a less Liberal candidate. They predict Case will lose. It is impossible not to be puzzled by these tactics. These men Are suggesting that the party discard its chosen nominee a Man of proven record and proven vote getting Power because he audaciously challenged one of their these right wingers have a right to their views. But unless a majority of new Jersey republicans shares them. The group can hardly expect to control the Choice of a senatorial nominee. Case was selected by the gop voters in a primary held according to accepted rules those who now propose that he be tossed overboard Are party irregulars advocating a a Rule or ruins philosophy frowned on by National party leaders. It is these irregulars not Case who ought to be asked this time to step aside. Opinions of others de segregation Steps new York Herald Tribune shortly after the supreme court decision of May 17 declaring racial segregation in the Public schools unconstitutional chief Justice Warren made the significant remark that while he May walk slowly he does not walk backward. Deliberate Forward Steps toward total desegregation in the schools have already been taken in some parts of the South like Washington. I. C. And Little Rock Ark. However Hasty and ill advised action in other areas where Public feeling is still indifferent or hostile could prove a i backward step. A Case in Point has occurred in Montgomery i Ala. Where Twenty three negro children accompanied by members of the National association for the advancement of coloured people tried us a Cess fully to Register in a White school they were j refused admission on the grounds that they lived i in another District this and similar incidents could a Lead to lawsuits in which the n or other groups would presumably seek court rulings based on the supreme court decision. It appears i hat a Wiser approach would be to curb the understandable impatience of Many individuals and groups and wait instead for the results of a series of hearings scheduled this fall before the supreme court. At these sessions the justices will hear debate on the machinery for implement i my de segregation. Attorneys general of the seven. Teen states with segregation Laws have been invited to participate and despite the political passions of custom and an election season Progress is expected toward definite rulings on How and when bars Are i to be lowered rulings which must meet the divergent situations in the several states. Complicating the Legal issues through ill timed test cases before these rulings Are handed Down May seriously delay the final outcome which can Only be the Complete and peaceful disappearance of segregation. There Are three Means of believing by inspiration by reason and by custom. Christianity which is the Only rational institutional does yet admit none for its sons i who do not believe by . George e. Sokolsky the unwillingness of Thomas e. Dewey to run for a fourth term As governor of new York encourages the democrats to believe that they might be Able to add this state which domiciles about to per cent of the population of the United states. Three candidates appear among the democrats Franklin d. Roose velt jr., who seems to be in the Lead Avert Harriman who represents the . Element in the democratic party and Robert f. Wagner now a it or of new York City extra ordinarily popular among republicans As Well As democrats who takes the position that he does not want the nomination. Roosevelt or Wagner would be Tough to beat but Harriman May be the Compromise. The Republican candidate will be Irving a Ives now United states senator an affable personality acceptable to the conservative and so called Liberal Bra Les of his party. He will have the support of Dewey for what this is now Worth but he will not be burdened by the Dewey liabilities by which is meant that Taft republicans would not have voted for Dewey either supporting a Democrat or staying away from the polls. Outside of new York state. It is not always understood that there is a sizable number of so called Taft republicans in this state As there was at the ume of the 1952 convention. Herd the guess the state of new York is no longer a vast agricultural area appended to a Metropolis. The upstate cities have developed in population and importance and exit or. Dewey in them the democrats have lot been without notable successes in recent years. It is impossible i therefore at this stage to make any guesses As to the outcome of j the election. Thomas e. Dewey has Given the i state of new York an effluent competent and respected administration. He was elected three times because he deserved re election. His efforts to become president however weakened his position within his own state and i in the Republican party because it made him a target for personal attack and partisan vindictiveness. Dewey s political methods i suited new York they could not be applied on a National scale. He combined a he support of the Rockefeller with the support of the american federation of labor. After a prolonged stay in office he completely controlled his party organization and tolerated no Independence. He had sue-1 needed in suppressing All other leadership in the Republican party in the state and ruthlessly fir-1 de his own associates when they got out of line. He reduced the Republican party in his state to a personal Organ. Gop satisfied for a while republicans were satisfied with Dewey a ruthless-1 Ness because it meant the Elimina a Tion of corruption and indecency. The party prided itself on its a gang Buster governor. After a while this attitude became tire some particularly As the Dewey group among whom were Many j out states built machines of their own which took on the Char Acter. Tics of a Well entrenched Bossis j there have been recent evidences of corruption among close Dewey associates which perhaps is in a editable among those who remain in office too Long. The governor it must be said was untouched by the charges. Since his 1948 defeat for the presidency Thomas e. Dewey has become a very difficult personality. That defeat came As a great Shock to him from which he never recovered. His bitterness toward the conservative Branch of his own party became so deep seated that men who had been his friends turned from him in distress. He blamed them rather than himself for his defeat. His antagonism to Rob Ert a. Taft was boundless and stirred even some of his support ers to remonstrance. To Taft it was beyond understanding and on More than one occasion he inquired As to its cause. Nobody had a rational explanation. Dewey is not Likely to remain Long out of politics. He is not a wealthy Man having always lived on his salary with no other source of income except for the milk which he Sells on his mortgaged farm. His personal honesty is beyond question. Undoubtedly his outstanding administrative and Legal ability will find lucrative uses. But anyone who knows Dewey at ail must recognize that Money cannot Ever satisfy Bis ego. He needs the excitement the applause the Battle of politics and he will return to it when he can do it on a National scale. If i judge his psychology correctly he will never forget it. Copyright 1954, King features inc Potpourri smart voters will make their decisions before they go to the polls tuesday. Otherwise the Large number of candidates Many j strange to the voter will make the task quite confusing. On another 1 Page of today a Herald is a list of the Many candidates who will appear on the state ticket. We suggest that you Check your selections on the list clip it and take it with you to the polls. Or. If you prefer write out your own list. It is perfectly Legal to take a list of your selections to the polls. It will make your voting easier and More accurate and will also help Speed up the voting process. So pleasant voting. Orchids to the Moose the packers and ail the other parti-1 Cipa Ting organizations who not Only helped swell the Community a contribution to polio sunday but gave the customers a very interest ing and entertaining program the crowd s applause asking that it he made an annual affair was both loud and enthusiastic. What will your world be like 16 years hence a a group of experts of the pm comics department of the Mcgraw Hill publishing co. Got together recently to take a look into the fairly near future a the next decade and a half Here is what they saw. By 1970 our National production will be increased tremendously. Largely because of Automa tic controls in plants. Because of this heavy production. The average work week. Now 41 hours will drop to 38 hours in 1060, and to Only 35 hours by 1970. Despite the Shorter work week the nation s per capita in come by 1970 May Rise More than 40 per cent above the 1950 level. Greater income will mean much greater consumer spending greatest improvement in Standard of living by 1070 is Likely to be in housing standards there will he a tremendous increase in the num-1 Ber of private Homes it will also j be the Era of the two House family.1 i with Many people owning two houses in different parts of Thi i country. Most new Homes will he i completely air conditioned throughout the year and will be electrically heated in Winter largely by Means of electric heat pumps and electric resistance heating automatic washers dryers dishwashers Etc As Well As appliances not yet invented will become More widespread. Higher income and More Leisure time will Boom travel there will be an increasing trend a toward two car ownership. Personal planes will have a sub Stan tut Market and present indications Are the family plane will be a helicopter. Advanced techniques for preservation packaging and transportation will bring foods prepare cd by european chefs practically fresh to american dinner tables. In fact the experts conclude research and technology Are moving Forward at an unmatched Speed that by 1970, not Only can All these things be expected but there will he Many other developments that j will revolutionize living stick around for the next 16 years and see we dont like to tempt our Fate with the elements hut with a Little knocking on Wood. It is pleasant to contemplate that we Are in an area where the Hurricane and the earthquake Are in j known of course we do have tornadoes but they ordinarily strike with such Speed and in a limited area that they Are gone before we even get a Chance to Label them with feminine names yet. There i Are people in the thick of the Hur i Richane and earthquake area who 1 May they would be afraid of living in the Midwest because of torus i docs people have their preferences even in disasters. Office employees have boomed during the past to years and there Are now an army of almost eight million clerical workers. But they Are now facing the threat of displacement by machines with mechanical brains which can do Many of the jobs quite ably office machine production is booming. And sales Are running about four times what they were before the War. As a result Many Large i business firms Are reducing their office personnel. However we done to believe there is any real danger that the Cleri Cal employee will Ever become exit Tinct completely replaced by robots eventually As the machines get larger More complicated and More expensive so As to perform i More jobs. A saturation Point will be reached. A Point will be reached where it will be discovered that for Many jobs the cheapest less space taking and most diversified a automatic machine of All is a 100-Pound one the efficient office girl. The robot certainly will have More advantages such As that they do not Mary requiring the breaking in of a new robot. But by and Large in the competitive race the office girl will survive if no other reason than that the Large modern office would never look quite the same without the feminine touch. Side glances a a you la have to spank him. Marge he might be Tore at me for life a 1,124 sportsmen spend $227 million in state a summary of replies from i a that Many spent hut Little above 124 fishermen and Hunters reveals the costs of licenses and Ordin that More than $277,000,000 was Ary living expenses. It was found spent by 1.245,055 sportsmen who that 44 per cent of the Hunter purchased game and fish licenses j Dollar is spent for firearms 58 in 1953. The expenditures for per cent of the Fisherman Dollar equipment supplies and costs of is spent for boats and motors. Westbrook Pegler new York the revolutionary program written by col. E m House who was Woodrow Wilson s a other self a remained practically secret from the general Public for 42 years. This Cabal against the Constitution was set Forth in a novel entitled a Philip Dru administrator a Story of tomorrow1920-1935.�?� it came out. Anonymously in 1912 the publisher was b. W. Huebsch new York. He is now treasurer of the civil liberties Union and a member of the american commission for in Esco the a a educational and a a cultural Arm of the u. N. Enesco recently gravely concerned itself with the preservation of the tas Manian Wolf. The 1919 and 1920 printings of a Philip drug contain on the title Page a religious Symbol not found j on the title Page of the 1912 de Ilion. There is no clue to the reason Why Huebsch made this change. He is now in Europe. Huebsch Over a stretch of 20 years has Ben connected with 13 organizations which were described by the House committee on in american activities As subversive. Five of them were so described by attorneys general usually persons in this position insist that such descriptions Are unjustified i and Huebsch May want to make i this reservation too. Authorship hidden House did not acknowledge a i Tho ship of a Philip drug until Long j after he had actually planted his j first president in the White House. That w As Woodrow Wilson who started the nation a course away i from the Constitution. To the Esth Ete. Houses bashfulness is quite understandable. A a drug is a Terri Hie mess As a a writing. Yet it seems More Likely that House Dis i owned it for political reasons. He was by then Well known As the Counselor of Woodrow Wilson and his scheme repudiated the constr Jutman and countenanced civil War and dictatorship Charles Seymour the Yale historian. Later president and now retired wrote a compilation of 1 House s Quot papers Quot in which he Flat i in admitted that House did write a Philip drug. He volunteers his j belief that House had concentrated on a the careful working out of the political and social some reviewers were a piqued by the daring and ingenuity of these ideas and treated the Book As a travel food and lodging show that Hunting and fishing is a big business in Minnesota. Frank d. Blair director of the division of game and fish said today. Ten questionnaires for Hunters and to for fishermen were sent to each of the 600 sportsmen s clubs last Spring. The Hunter form asked for expenditures for ammunition. Firearms clothing dogs boats and motors transportation meals and lodging and miscellaneous costs. Follows similar questioning the Fisherman questionnaire asked for similar expenditures for equipment and supplies the Fisherman would need. The tabulation of the replies showed that the average Hunter spent $259 98 and ii is estimated Dian ambassador Arnold Heaney i a Philip drug should be reprinted William c. Herrington and Stewart in a big cheap edition. Bates. May disregard copyright Herrington is Smith s special As i the copyright was renewed in Distant for fisheries while Bates 1940 by House s daughter. Mrs. Is Canadian Deputy minister for Janet h Auch Closs. This time fisheries. They assembled the the author was plainly stated agreement which when ratified by there Are current intimations of american and Canadian a weak a determination to reproduce the $2 085,512 68 the total expense for or amp i will be effective for to years Book regardless of the copyright the fishermen was $195,003,782 92. It is estimated that expenditures for goods which ordinarily would be used several years amounted to about $125 for Hunters and $80 $90 for fishermen. The balance was the Cost of meals lodging the lowest costs for each is he item of guides and Cooks. U. S., Canada will combat sea Lamprey Washington Obj a two nation committee will crack Down on the sea Lamprey killer of fish in the political manifesto. That it certain great lakes. Y was. It was Only moderately in an agreement establishing a fluent Al with Wilson however. Great lakes Fisher commission houses main attack on the con was signed by acting Secretary of j Stit ution was carried out by Frank state Walter Bedell Smith Cana-1 in d. Roosevelt. For this reason. That 314,131 licensed Hunters spent a total of $81.667,777 38. Of this amount the division received $593, 844 for Small game licenses. The average expenditure by each Fisherman was $209 83 fishing licenses were sold to 930 924 persons and the division received transportation , licenses and costs of maintaining equipment replies not identified in his letter to the sportsmen clubs Blair recalled that a questionnaire circulated in 1947 estimated that the average expenditure for a Hunter Fisherman was $222 35 for a total of $119,000,000. The Hunting and fishing costs were not divided and Only 50 per cent of the total Hunters and anglers were used in the estimated total. The commission of three appointees from each country will seek Means to eliminate the predatory sea Lamprey in the great lakes White fish and Lake Trout fisheries have been hardest hit by the eel like parasite. Today s talk gun drama ends with rubber Hose Sebree by. a a crowd awaited police chief j. A Shelton when he answered mrs. Lolo Connery Scall to a come Quick with your gun there s a Copperhead at my Success definition there Are so Many definitions of Success that it is difficult to pick out one that May be said to cover the entire territory of Success. I came across one that seems to embody such a definition How Ever it was expressed by prof Alonzo Stagg the great one time athletic director and coach for Chicago University a football teams. Stagg said that the decisive factors in football were experience form and the will to win that definition can cover a mul confidently assuring the by _ standers he would t miss the chief Titue of varieties of human in the individual replies were not crawled silently through the weeds Deavor. There is no substitute for signed nor identified in any Man-4 toward the Snake. Shelton aimed experience. In applying for a Job his Shotgun carefully fired then waited a moment to tee if the Snake moved. It did no to. He picked up his a a kill to display it to the crowd. Blackout if mrs. Auchincloss does not manufacture plenty of copies to meet the demand this to be done by a mimeograph or other cheap process on the ground that Public welfare justifies such violation of her property right. This course would be consistent with houses own principles expressed in the Book. My copy autographed by House to George Sylvester Viereck his journalistic ghost Cost me $50. I two other copies have sold for $40 recently and i have reliable word that House asked Huebsch to recall All he could of the 1912 print i Ings and destroy them. Thought from Philip Dru among the articles for Liberty which Viereck ghosted for House was one entitled a does America need a dictator a warning to selfish wealth and narrow minded politicians c a p t a i i s 11 c this came out less than two months before Franklin i. Roosevelt first took the oath with that speech about the moneychangers and the fear of fear. Both of these thoughts were contained in a Philip drug. Right after his nomination Roosevelt went to Beverly mass., on a yawl with two of his sons and called on House. A the seer of Beverly Quot. Viereck says further that House was the one who put it in Roosevelt a head to Fly to the 1932 democratic convention in Chicago to accept the nomination a dramatic gesture which Hitler imitated when he went to Munich for the massacre or purge. The Liberty piece did not commit House nor by inference Roosevelt. To actual violent revolution and dictatorship. It might rather be said that House entertained evil thoughts or let them entertain him but did not Coursel commission. My spiritual adviser says the one is As sinful As the other. Emerge As Prophet Thomas w Phelps of the Wall Street journal s Washington Bureau showed remarkable acumen in a Story published in july. 1937. Phelps wrote Quot As Congress puts the finishing touches on the legislative program for the first four years of the Rosevelt administration. Col. E m House conf Daryl of president Roosevelt emerges As the Prophet if not the real brain Trust of the new Deal. Almost 25 years ago. House wrote of a revolution led by a Young West Pointer who triumphed in one Brief but bloody Battle became a benevolent dictator and proceeded to reshape the american government. In its Large outlines almost the entire revolutionary program has been put through or is in process of being realized under two democratic presidents who have served since House turned novelist for a few very few americans had heard of All this until a few weeks ago when i discovered in the memoirs of Jonathan Daniels an admission that House did write the Book. Years ago i had received Indian Nant denials so i now exploited Daniels admission with a whoop. However even today few citizens Hae heard of it and hardly one in a million has read it. And of course the press will still ignore it diligently lest it be seen that a colleague has made an important historical discovery. Practically All our historians and our teaching professors either know nothing a bout All this or refuse to teach this historical information to their students one of the most important political documents of our age has Ben blacked out. Copyright 1954, King features. Ner and it is assumed that the information gained is quite accurate. A few wrote letters or made comments which indicate that some sportsman costs Are far above the average up to $2,500 in one instance. This would indicate one of the first if not the first question is this Quot what experience have you had a a then there is form the Way you conduct yourself in your Job. Or the task at hand. Do Hose. Nursery rhymes and War to previous Puzzle across i a the Little laqghed1 4 Quot the cow jumped Over the a 8 what Polly Flinders toasted 12 Hail 13 operatic Solo 14 within prefix 15 French sea 16 Niter 18 talk idly 20 make amends diacritical 21 City in Mara Yugoslavia military 22 skin disorder Down 1 moist 2 across 3 Flowers 4 spars 5 spoken 6 greasers 7 burmese Demon 8 Quot what big you have 24 ten prefix grandma a 25 wolfhound 26 put Forth 27 position 28 poems 29 sleeping places 31 oldest 33 More mature 38 Lyric poems 40 snoops ill Lech w Lull r a a u o or re a a i do into l j of x a Quot f a 1 i j fir or r s t r a i Fri Quot a Lill sign. Iii p it. Be hit f to to Lii i in i i Tjw a put Lei a tar he of Quot Quot a a l w 51 1 us apr a1 r n o -1 t o tit f j. I ran a s x plus a a n Are a t a 9 preposition 10 famous Garden 11 painful 17 elapsed assistants Turkey dinner on card after theft Waterbury. Conn the Waterbury Republican published two stories on the same Page. The headline on one read a Turkey $100 theft proved by state the other read a Turkey dinner planned As league Bene i 26 mrs. Osiris 27 weep 30 evades 32 mock 34 humped beasts 35 revised 36 those in Power 3? Union fees 39 in boots 40 Quot Little to 41 vegetable 42 wild hogs 45 exert unduly 49 Heights 5 Island for 52 Century Plant 53 repose 54 above poet 55 enervated 56 devotees 57 new prefix i it was an old piece of rubber you keep trying to better yourself then there is that High essential a the will to win. This latter overshadows All else of you Haven to this you might As Well not attempt Success for you won t know How to handle it in your Hope and dream for sue i Cess in whatever you choose to do you must recognize the fact that you will have to tread the straight ahead Road to self discipline. And Bear in mind a cheerfully a that you will have to carry your own baggage and equipment. No one else will carry it for you. And you should not want them to anyway. There is glory in having a definite goal and pursuing it happily and courageously. Too Many people think that genuine Success Means the accumulating of Money. This is not j True. Success is achievement. Thomas a. Edison could have be i come the richest Man in the world by demanding royalties on All his j inventions but he Wasny to interest 1 de in making Money. He Only a wanted to keep thinking out some 1 thing new that would be useful j and bless the whole world. And so the entire world will forever be in his debt. A by George Matthew Adams. La Hsi Wirrion Kates single copt in new dealer end Street Gelee to Home delivery in Anatta per week. Carrier Dell very i As. Quot in year .,.�, la by i delivery in Poe Toffic within so in radius of austins payable in Advent Ona month. Three months by months a j Ona year Ujj mail Zon t delivery in Post office outside so in radius of Austin but within Iso in a payable la Advance. Per week. A three months ii. A us Ona year. J mail Ali. Other conc delivery in Post office Over 150 my a Milua of aunt Lnu payable in Advance per week. Us months Ona year. Ii 41 nuisances 42 Mary a pet cries 43 Spanish or 44 upon 46 sleeveless garment 47 toward the sheltered sin 48 dry prefix 50 Swiss Canton Noti zoo i rot Wilt apply a subscription service going to service personnel in u. And armed forces in All Oreas served through Apo and no. In. 2 r 5 i r t r id it it ii it i it b in 45 to n a Fey a v s a. 3d Jyh it % Ujj w Tahi Hihi a a 45 % i to 99 it 5 4 0 is phone number fools would be Samaritans Santa Monica Calif. Or mrs. Beatrice Quinn wants a new Telephone number. Her s is sex 6 3055. She says that s the same number exp 6 30-55�?that is on All Zis Angeles dog licenses. The number Means the Date the tag expires. A i get Calls from All Over ions Angeles from people who want to report that they be found my lost dog. It have no Whan moving plea Call the Herald office 8851�?giving your Changa to address. The Herald is on Sale at the follow ing places Austin Candy co. 319 n main St. Austin hotel Chatham and Bridga East Side pharmacy water and railway pox hotel main and water Holt pharmacy main and water Lane a pharmacy 400 a main by. Lucy a cafe 115 n main St. Nemitz Cigar 8tore, 415 n main is. News stand. Poat office people drug store 203 n main St k o. Wold drug co., main and Bridge Ste Hamilton cafe. Dexter. Circulation dept. Phone 8856 for irregularities in service pleas Call re above number Between 5 30 p. Rn.-6 30 p. In. Extra delivery service will a mad if necessary

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