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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 2

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Austin, Minnesota Can ids it considering building run from Southern Alberta to to the world longest and perhaps Ronto and Montreal about 2240 biggest natural Gas pipeline. It will Miles. Jazz band will play at chef s funeral same Lake City i a there will not be the usual sad Organ and piano music when a Colorado cafe operator is buried tuesday instead in accordance with the chinese free 3 americans imprison i Hong Kong in a United wishes of the deceased a jazz band consulate official said today three americans ordered deported from red China after More than watch for Johnson Cash Way s annual paint Sale september 22nd thru 25th will give with a hip beat. The widow wont Wear mourning either. Shell Wear she said a clothing he liked to Sec me the funeral will he that of lode i Vandavere Jay 44, who was killed in an automobile Accident near Rangely Colo he was proprietor of the Headquarters it afe at Rangely at the tim of his death and had been a chef in several Salt Lake City cafes his widow mrs. Dorothy Pappas Moore Jay said today her bus hand had been an avid jazz music fail s Lar Rel Emend free Book on arthritis and rheumatism How to avoid crippling deformities an amazing newly enlarged 44 Page Book entitled Quot rheumatism Quot will of sent free to any one who will write for it it reveals Why drugs and medicines give Only temporary Relief and fail to remove the causes of the trouble explains a special cd nonsurgical non medical treatment which has proven successful for the past 35 years. You incur no obligation in or Riding for this instructive Book it May be the Means of saving you years of untold misery write today to the Hall clinic. Dept. 1702, Excelsior Springs Missouri. A year in communist Captivity would not arrive Here today the three Are Richard Applegate 37, of Medford ore., a National broadcasting co. Correspondent Donald Dixon. 25, new York International news service correspondent and Benjamin Krasner 30, a sea Captain of Brooklyn. The . Official telephoned from the Hong Kong red China Border 3 h at plus Quot a amp a Quot Green Stamps a open Niles assorted Creme cookies extra fancy and fancy full la 29 Aola crushed Bartlett pears. $1.59 5 hoi Coo $1.00 $1.00 pineapple Cal top yellow cling peaches. Market Basket red Alaska Salmon. A a a a 4 no 2 a a cans a a i a a a la can 65 bom baked Beans pure ground fresh ground beef a a a a # 2 a cans 45. 36 89 fresh sliced pork Steak. A a a a a la 55 always free parking Al Piggy wiggly that there was no indication when the Trio would arrive. He did not elaborate but said the Bor Ier watch was suspended until Toner Row piping radio said yesterday the Trio were ordered deported from Kiangtung province. Hong Kong Borders Kiangtung. Sentenced to prison piping radio also said Hugh Francis Redmond former new York business Man had been convicted of espionage in Shanghai and sentenced to life in prison piping said the Applegate Trio was picked up by a red coastal defense unit m Rich i i aboard Applegate yacht Kert after it a intruded into China s territorial Waters of Kiangtung a a the Trio had planned to sail to Macao portuguese colons on the Mainland to pick up David Cicero. Ins new photo service photog a plier and return him to Kong Kong ordered deported piping radio said the chinese ministry of Public Security recently ordered the three deported and instructed local authorities in1 Kiangtung province to carry out the order there was no indication of when or where they would be released the broadcast said Applegate yacht had been confiscated. Consulate officials and to ice stood by at a1 Hong Kong Border stations yesterday but there was no sign of the three Applegate a world War ii Veteran. W As no cd a Hong Kong Cor respondent bad typhoon lashes Japan Tokyo a fit violent typhoon june Cut a 300 mile wide path of death and destruction across the Southern japanese Mainland today. At least nine persons were dead eight missing and 5,366 homeless. Kyodo news service reported the storm slammed into teeming Kyushu Island with winds up to to . Winds slackened to 90 m phas the typhoon roared Inland. Three Southern Kyushu cities lashed by an 88 . Win tidal Waves and cloudburst Rains were evacuated. They Are Miyazaki. With 120,000 residents Miyako Ojo 75.000 and no Beoka 88.000. The newspaper yom Iuri said a Flash flood May have virtually wiped out Miyako Ojo the storm paralysed communications in the area. Seaman finds sea safer than Highway Wilmington Calif. A a Small boat skipper has Learned that the perils of the sea Are nothing compared to those of los Angeles traffic. W. F. Yeomans of nearby Hawthorne was towing his Home made 28 foot Cabin Cruiser to the Harbor for her Maiden cruise saturday when his car collided with another Auto. The Cruiser Slid off a trailer and the Hull and rudder were damaged. Yeoman was treated at a Hospital for Shock. Good news or and mrs Frank Applegate of Medford. Ore were overjoyed at the Dews that their son Richard Applena of was being deported by the chinese communists. Mrs. Applegate is holding a copy of a letter she wrote to Clement Atlee asking his Aid in obtaining her sons release. A wire photo Adenauer government menaced by socialists by Daniel de Lite Kiel Germany up a a political riptide menaced Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and his pro american foreign policy today is ins socialist foes merged As the strongest party in a key state election. Although the coalition headed by Adenauer a Christian democratic Union appeared sure of hold Rig control of the government in the soviet zone Frontier state of Schleswig Holstein. The socialists 12.000 vote Lead in yesterdays balloting was seen As a clearcut exposure of the old Leader s suddenly dwindling popularity. The Rural state called the a poor House of the Bonn Republic a rebuffed the 78-year-old Chancellor s plea for a vote of Confidence in electing its new la tag state parliament. I a a a a stuck accelerator causes Auto wreck los Angeles t the sign Over the door of the used car Saleroom said a we need your car a drive Lewis Jackson or did a with his throttle stuck. His Auto crashed through a heavy wooden door sideswiped two cars on the showroom floor ran Headon into a convertible and bounced it into another a u t o Lowell r Moon about this question what a vacation first our suitcases of clothing and our fishing toe in de s Ion from our Cabin to n am a tale. Overboard into the Lake is there Sam Low Cost insurance to cover Oil personal belongings on a trip Austin stale Bank agcy. Phone 8891 the 1954 primary election is tuesday september 14th. Make plans now for yourself and every eligible voter in your household to vote let us not treat lightly this privilege Given to us by our forefathers protected and kept for it by the sacrifices of Many go to the polls and vote for the candidates of your Choice. Be a Good american prec ired and paid Tor or Egu or rat a by cod r go Ebe Aust n. Minnesota. Candidate for Mower county Register cd deeds add him ment advertisement hic correspondent at Medford. Applegate Mother declared Quot this is the happiest Day of our lives god is so Good Quot his father. Frank is a retired contractor Dixon went to Korea for ins after Loining its new York Bureau a 1951 he is a graduate of Syracuse University and a former staff member of the new Rochelle n y. Standard Star a we re going to lock him in a room and just look at him Quot Dixon n Joy of Mother declared. Quot next tuesday is my birthday. This is my birthday gift a the Only one i Kra Anery a parents. Or. And mrs Frank Krasner said their von joined the maritime service in 1942 after a heart condition kept him out of the armed forces. He spent most of world War ii sailing Between the United state and Murmansk he was shifted to Orient runs in 1949 no Plocic like the peace quiet of Home Salina Kan there have been few Dull moments at the a me of or. And mrs. Frank end Sley a month ago their daughter Mary 2, fell and suffered a cracked nose. Two weeks ago their son took a Tumble and broke his Collarbone. Thursday Mary drank some lighter fluid and had to have her stomach pumped out Friday Mary a Scalp was Cut when she was hit on the head by a toy gun brandished by a playmate. Lei s elect 2 Liberal senators Hubert h. Humphrey Arnold l. Fredriksen for for United states senator state senator pol. Adv. Prepared ordered and paid for at regular rotes by Alf Larson Hayfield chairman of Fredriksen for stat senator committee. Campaigning for overtures to Russia to unify East and West Germany tile socialists outscored the Christian democrats in �?~ii1 same that accorded the cd a 2 1 margin Over its Arch rival last year when Adenauer was re elected Chancellor. In today a final count the cd trailed the socialists 384,870 to 396,798. Cut in half the a due a vote was Cut almost in half from its 1953 Peak of 637,5701 in Schleswig Holstein. The socialists picked up 38.269 votes Over Lav year s total of 357.798, Adenauer fought to save i in to emotional prestige with a speech in tim stat Friday in which he described nato membership and unconditional German sovereignty As his new goals. But As he talked with British for eign Secretary Anthony Eden in Bonn yesterday on finding some Way of rearming West Germany despite the French scuttling of the european defense Community the voters of this state showed their mounting discontent. Elect 20 candidates the socialists elected 20 land tag candidates to the cd s 19 in direct contests. But a complicated system allowing 40 per cent of the parliaments 69 seats on a proper tonal basis gave the rival parties a final total of 25 seats each. The refugee party won to seats the free democrats 5, and the remaining 4 went to the she bloc formed by the German party and the Schleswig Holstein Community. Do minister president Friedrich Wilhelm Luebke whose forces have run the state since 1950 in partnership with the refugee party said today he would also invite the free democrats to join in a new government under his command. The free democrats Al a ready Are Adenauer a partners in the National coalition government. Lost of strength Luebke blamed the a due so of strength on the French National i Assembly s rejection two weeks ago 1 of the european army treaty which Adenauer had promised would restore West Germany a sovereignty and rearm it As a partner in Western defense. Until the final seat distribution was announced. Socialist spokesmen indicated they had hoped to form their own coalition government in Schleswig Holstein. With both the refugee party and the free democrats in its coalition the cd would Muster 40 of the 69 seats compared to the socialists 25. Adenauer a four party National coalition includes the refugee Par to. The free democrats my the German party. The National coalition is seriously strained by the cd cd a reverse Here the free democrats want Adenauer to relinquish the foreign ministry Job he holds in addition to his e in i worship and let someone else take the Job collapse possible political observers predict the National coalition will collapse if the socialist trend continues Strong in state diction in Bavaria Hesse and lower Saxony later this year. In the. Dual to of Chancellor and foreign minister he assumed live years ago Adenauer has quelled several coalition mutinies be fur now but on Thost occasions he ranked High in Public favor. Why Are so Many sufferers from pains of arthritis rheumatism turning to Provo for sure Relief at Oral a Law than Hui irada than both thousand tha ant no of arthrone and rheumatic pain have turn Al to Privo f Agiaia Tor spacial nothing Razaf a at Taal Quot Iha a. A Hava found the Aru of von suffer mfg tog of aver Almon Tor Inrig Una aral pain m Amia neck hark a von Lex. Hmm ugh re lev Changa lha Anuran Cuury it of your Ida by turning to Privo for tha Qin Haat. Vongaa Laving non narcotic Alia known to vnai11ca i Natira it Conia a prank rip lion via ingredient harm Taw to All organa of tha human a priv deluding a a Leviant Ida auth s time a anal air Wotan re of anon a a son Frau fatty ran Stu Tow lad by Horton i ii part toe in til Aalt him la All Voo How to Gat tha Moat Affa. Tiva Rand Law Anil a Thna Ach and paint Fada away. It to important that vow Hamma ran Civ act a a vary Light Mataaga be y movement of a fleeced a Rax that to tha Way to Ottaka Naira help you by stimulating Blond circlet. Thaw Impi nil Ara in Lac lad to enhance a Nam Mac no Aff Arta of ski to i Ghiata i it and wonder that to Many Ara turning to a common Attar Pri tyo pre Gram Why not Tom tha thou eerie who Ara living bettor life with ski to _ Only for tha trial Alia Bott la of s Talata a and if you an not tart waiting pain Rabat before in my half tha Talata Loftt rat urn tha Balao. And your Money will a refunded in full by Fruto your drug i t Baa ski Ivo a sit i of ovary Jon Kari Hava found Aati Afatia in ski to a you tip it ran obtain to slay a. Nothing Rabat Start today Kamat Nhar Provo to tha Only Maudica Tina with that pre option Type Infra Titan to which mat Yew not tou not St of. Not of in la Baiwtz Sisu far re trial Oia Bott Landing drag Coroa aim aril Provo in tha Economy homa Sis at t no and tha Una pita clime six at i to Holtz pharmacy 474 h main look for your Lucky number in Quot our own fall Catalon and join in Tho treasure Hunt too free prizes every Day sept. 15 to sept. 25 axe Johnson Howe. A you own Quot the phone rang in the Paragon pet shop. A have you any canaries that really can sing a the caller asked. A yes May am a the proprietor Chris Archer answered. A we have warblers choppers and rollers the voice interrupted. A just a Plain Canary will then so optically a if you re sure it can sing a wait a minute a Chris told the customer a Titi put one of our salesmen on the he held the receiver up near a Cage and whistled a few notes of encouragement. Soon the Bird inside burst into song. After a half minute of trills and runs Chris put his ear to the phone. The customer was enthusiastic. Tho Canary was sold a for a song a this cheerful Little Story really happened. It illustrates the fact that there Are countless ways your Telephone can serve you. Telephone service is constantly at your Side for everyday use and for emergencies whatever they May be at a Cost of Leas than one cent an hour. Its por you. Good Telephone services personal prompt and we believe the cheapest service you can buy. Northwestern Bell Telephone company a

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