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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Austin, Minnesota Page two Austin daily Herald Austin Minnesota monday september 7, 1903 Austin daily Herald established november 9 1891 n e. Rasmussen. Editor and publisher Geraldine Rasmussen. Bus mgr e Nfn re d a 2nd Cia a matter at the Post off in at Austin Minnesota under that o March i. 1879. Issued daily except sunday the Herald has been for 61 year and still is a newspaper for aus in and Community fair and impartial to All. Seeking always to promote the Best interests of agriculture labor and Industry catering to no demagogues and showing favouritism to no group firm or individual. Member it the associated Preth associated press is entitled Etil sively to la us for republication of All the local news panted to this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches monday septim8ir 7, 1955 of thou Shalt keep All these commandments to do them which i command thee this Day to love the lord thy Iod and to walk Ever in his ways then Shalt thou add three cities More for thee besides these but. 19 9. A a a if we make religion our business god will make it our g j Adam. How to Stop Woste by or. Alfred p. Haake we know that government spending Anc waste Are dire treats to the life of our a Hon. Lenin and Stalin after him. Confidently expected to see the United states destroyed through her own spending inflation and ultimate exhaustion of resources. And it was not an Idle Hope for we have gone far Down the Road toward governmental insolvency and ultimate dictatorship. That was a reason Why the Republican party platform of 1952 promised reduction of government spending to Stop inflation and to reduce the enormous Federal debt. That Promise won hundreds of thousands of votes for Gen. Eisenhower including votes of democrats As Well As republicans. The victorious Republican administration heir to the leftovers and spending commitments of the Truman administration continued the spending and even increased it in some directions. The promised and hoped for reduction of spending did not materialize although valiant efforts were made to Cut Down or entirely eliminate some of the less justifiable expenditures or commitments. Close to the end of the recent session of Congress came a request to raise the debt limit from the present $275 billion to $290 billion. It appeared that the falling off in certain revenues As Well As continuing High Cost of government w Ould Force the administration to borrow several billion dollars and go Over the present debt limit the House of representatives acceded to the presidents washes and approved the increase. Then and i am among those who Are grateful the committee of the Senate refused to approve the request and let the Congress adjourn without raising the debt limit this action or rather failure to act. Left the president with several alternatives he could Call a special session of Congress to raise the debt limit which might be exceedingly unpopular and even fail of its purpose. He could use special Powers at his disposal. Ile could do the eminently sensible thing of cutting the Cost of government. According to press dispatches the Parsi Dent decided to Cut the Cost of government on aug. La he sent letters to the Heads of All departments and principal agencies warning them that it is a absolutely essential a that they produce progressive reductions in their spending for the remainder of the present fiscal year. Thus the president with a renewed vigor a has ordered that government expenses be Cut in the Hope that the resulting econ mics will relieve Hun of the necessity of calling a special session of Congress. That is encouraging hut it is More significant than that. For the president has placed his Finger on exactly the answer to the question of How we can Stop the wild spending and growth of Power in Washington that ultimately spell socialism and communism. The answer is simple it is this give the administrations less Money to spend. Congress can Stop the waste and deterioration by refusing to appropriate the Money we can adopt one of the oldest and most effective fiscal principles in the world it works i in private life it works in business it will work in government if administrations have the Wisdom and courage to use it it is live on your income if we As in i Divi duals do not have enough Money to buy everything we want we do without the less essential things and through Sav Ings of Odds and ends. Hits Here and there it that slip so easily through our fingers we j can do a much better Job with a Given number of dollars i this we Riter would undertake to Cut at least $10 billion from our Federal budget and get better results with the reduced amount of Money left to spend we simply must learn to live on our in come. America s unconscious heroes somebody said once that our kind of Industrial civilization is carried along by thousands upon thousands of a unconscious he meant that in Many walks of life men today perform Tough often drab tasks with efficiency and spirit Day in and Day out the sum of their efforts is a remarkable level of National attainment. One of the those unconscious heroes a Rode the cab of a freight locomotive near Mattoon 111, the other Day. While at the throttle he suffered a stroke that paralysed his whole body except his left Arm. Yet with that Arm he worked the throttle and brought the train safely into the Mattoon Yards to Miles away fortunately for America it has Many men like Engineer g. S Mcneil British recovery fight is Bright there is so much disheartening news from abroad that it is pleasant to be Able to find a Bright Ray on the horizon this Shaft of Light comes from great Britain where a substantial economic upturn is in Progress. According to reports. Britain s improvement is founded largely on an elemental fact of Trade the prices of the raw materials and some of the other things it buys have gone Down while primers on the products it exports have held steady. This has fattened the British Bank account building up Gold and Dollar reserves this new flush of health rebounds to the Benefit of the ruling conservative party. Which has been in the Saddle since the fall of 1951. No my pretends that the conservatives have any push Button command of world raw material prices that much is just their Good Fortune. But even labor party men privately concede conservative leaders have done a Good Job women play vital role Mankato for pre on Auklet 2f> 1>20. Sec re Terv of state Colby announced that the nineteenth amendment which granted women the right to loft was part of the Law of the land Tenne be was the thirty a nth state to ratify the amendment at the time it was passed a great number of women already voted under the Laws of the states in which they ended i he nineteenth amendment Walt Tully the last successful Battle in the Long and hitter Campaign that had been waged for Universal suffrage today the position of women in thin country ii even better they occupy Many High offices in our states Thev Are appointed ambassadors and a a Ltd Man is included in president Eisenhower s Cabinet this is Only intelligent the brains skill and experience Thev bring to government can contribute a great Deal no country is so powerful or in blessed with Able people that intelligence and ability can be ignored simply because it is held by women George e. Sokolsky the Taft Hartley Law Robert a Taft was gifted with a precise logical mind and was always willing to face the facts. Changing his position if the data on a subject convinced him that revision was called for therefore even when the Taft Hartley Law was passed he held that it was not to he sacrosanct a unchangeable actually the Congress a. Pointed a watchdog committee to tee How the Law would work and to propose such amendments is might he necessary president Truman did not encourage changing the Taft Hartley Law because he had built it into a political target which he hoped might bring shout his reelection the extremists in the labor unions wanted a return to the Wagner act which gave them organization a1 advantages the Wagner act had been prepared by i tee press Man. Who has admitted that he had been a communist sen. Taft had written a series of amendments to strengthen the Taft Hartley Law but they never came before Congress however a portly after his death and As con Tress was adjourning that is aug 3. A document appeared in some age for it during the recent session of the 83rd Congress committees of both the Senate and the House held hearings on amendments to the Taft Hartley la although these committees have not yet reported. It was obvious during the hearings that the committees favored ident Eisenhower. Goes Fuith a than the american federation of labor lawyers found necessary an analysis of the White House message shows that there is not one provision which really benefits Industry or the workers or any individual worker hut that there Are left recommendations which would strengthening not weakening the enlarge the privileges benefits and Law the business advisory Conn Cli also considered proposal for amendments the Secretary of la Bor. Martin p Durkin under in striations from the White House called a conference of Industry and labor to consider amendments this conference failed because Durkin s conference failed the White House requested the secretaries of labor and Commerce to Confer on the revision of the Law with the Hope that they could agree on a program that would show a United front within the administration this came of nothing lawyers a Busy meanwhile on the outside a number of lawyers representing Industry and the american Fedora lion of labor met privately to see whether they could out of their experience reach an agreement on newspaper purporting to but a a amendments to the Taft Hartley Page prepared by the White House immunities of labor unions and their officers closed shop reinstated the closed shop is practically re instated the ban on the secondary Boycott is weakened the right to throw this Issue into the courts. By the process of the injunction. I is restricted thus making the labor Union Independent of the american judicial system this is. In of feet. A reversion to the Wagner act one can go into this message Point by Point to show that what Ever wrote it took an extremist position against Industry and the individual worker hut favored the labor Boss above All other americans. The message is obviously political. Designed to win the support of certain labor leaders for the to publican party in the 1954 Campaign it does not meet National Potpourri we 1 by i a parking meter slug Austin police never get mail quite As interesting As that which Dove need in Colorado. It involved mrs Judith St John of Denver and Julio a authorities of Boulder a bless your Little pointed Heads a wrote Judith in Resfa Onse to a Post card telling her to remit a $2 pen Alt forthwith Quot perhaps this $2 ran be used to repair and recheck the parking meters in front of the j. C Penney store in your City you put in a Nickel and out hops 4ft minutes of s better Down the i Street a Nickel gets you to to Noth ing thanks real hard the other Day mrs St John re revived an official looking envelope from the Boulder municipal court a dear the letter began. Quot we fondly hoped our new Pencil Sharpener hats with snap brims would disguise the contour of our Noggin. Quot we Are Well aware our custom ers occasionally get a meter cheat or. We appreciate receiving your Type of letter. Rather than the x a of Type accordingly we r Are returning your Check buy yourself something Nice for Christ a of k has been described As that time when a boy Stop collecting Stamps and starts play ing Post office Side glances new York City election has National overtone a a a a 7 t m ii t a to 0 i cd no or wc4 ugh �4 j pennants. Pack frs and in Equality. The Horine squeal re ports the company has ordered just like that a five million pen Nants which Are to be Given away with each can of Chili or tamales then again there Are those oth or Austin packers working their hats to the hone inst to win one this is the Era of the Handy Man about the House. The master of the House has he come a spare time and week cml expert fashioning what is now be my called the Quot Dot it yourself de Cade. A Survey shows 7.r> per cent of the painting ii now done by amateurs using rollers almost exclusively. The proverbial one armed amateurs Are doing to per cent of the wallpapering More half of All tool sales Are to amateurs and there Are More than la million Home workshops in the nation High labor costs Short work weeks and improvement in tools and gadgets have combined to make Home work a mushrooming Hobby of Vuk Shen indictments of menus clothing but none As Sharp a in the letter received by an Eastern clothing firm which had the temerity to say it could t think of any improvement in the male s at tire the writer came Bai k with these what about that trap for hair oils and perspiration surrounded by a tight leather hand known As the Man s hat Quot what Al hit the substitute for the Hangman s rope known As the four in hand and leather Belt that keep you from breathing sinks that Are a1 ways falling unless attached to circulation restraining support and cuffs that Are collectors of a up Slugg ? and shoes those heavy Rem Nants of the horse s Hoof no question about it. The male is in a bad Way and needs a dior with an inventive and practical mind to restyle them nearer to his comforts looking Back i but not sent to Congress calling for the revision of the Taft Hartley Law in such terms As to give the appearance that the president favored a revision to the Wagner Law Law. I understand that at these conferences concessions were made by interests it is narrowly and immediately political apparently it was Long in preparation yet its authors dared not Send it to con creates wonderment the method of releasing this both sides however the so called Gross while senator Taft was Law White House message sent not to Congress but Given to certain newspapers included a single Concession to Industry and 12 proposals document we As so Peculiar that it which the american federation of created some wonderment As to its labor lawyers had abandoned in authorship thus far. President Al a word this White House message Are Shower has neither repudiated sired by some unnamed person but the document nor claimed Parent not claimed or repudiated by plei be would have torn it to shreds on the floor of the Senate should president Eisenhower Send it to Congress in january it can Only mean a terrific fight tint could split the republicans and give Rise to a third party it is dangerous stuff . 1953 King features inc j to years ago with All profits used for Purchase of gifts for Mower county men and women in the armed services the Cio servicemen s club held an american heroes Benefit dance at the Oasis ballroom Austin decided to disband its five Monkey Ami. The monkeys were Given to Carnet rough with the provision that he keep them outside of the City. Quot this in t a game with a to per cent limit a a Merrill Hutchinson. Minneapolis advertising Man told a Mower county Bond Bally at the Austin High school auditorium 25 years ago Headquarters of the Austin corps of the salvation army were moved to the East Side presbyterian Cha Pel which Huas leased for a nominal sum according to ens f. E Gardner. Over 40 Austin Young people left during the month for colleges and universities throughout the United states Austin s eagles scout club held its september meeting at the Shaw gym with Joseph Voorhees As i chairman. I Quot Pii take it on one condition officer that you buy one of our club s raffle tickets what could he Al a than that a Down at Lisbon. Iowa. Rich Rad has had a lot of fun this summer watching visitors try to Puzzle out the sign he painted on the Hack porch of his House it s a sign appropriate in Austin too. Radi s five lines of old English style script read Seville Dair Dego Toucan Bassie inure Nanjo dems Trux Summit Cousin Sumit Dux having trouble give the kids a crack at it. Radi says youngsters who try to read and sound out the letters have much More Success than adults All the five lines say is see. Willie there they go thousand buses in a Row no Joe them s trucks some Mit cows in some Mit ducks. Complete revision of labor Laws May be found necessary by Peter Epson Washington a Nea a labor Day 1953 finds representatives of Lith employers and employees per to Well up in the air As to what will happen to their relations with the government during the coming year. President Eisenhower s special message on labor Law revision is supposed to be in final draft form some time in late september sen h Alexander Smith of new Jer by. Chairman of the Senate labor committee reported As he emerged from a White House conference just before Congress adjourned. Whether the presidents message will he kept on ice for a possible special session of Congress later in the fall or whether it will be held for next january has apparently not been decided the Early draft of the president s labor policy statement which leaked out a month ago had to be called balk in a hurry for further revision listing some 15 proposed changes in the Taft Hartley labor Law it still did not go far enough to suit the labor Union leaders but it scared the i Quot s chamber of Commerce because it made too Many concessions to the unions president Eisenhower is of course on something of a spot with regard to labor Law revision. He promised it during his Campaign for election after inauguration he created a labor manage Merit Public commission to study Tho question. It broke up after one meeting in which the conferees could not even agree on what to do first. To fill this void. Secretary of la Bor Martin p Durkin has been working with two White House coun sol. Bernard m Stanlcy and Gerald d Morgan or Morgan was one of the drafters of the original legislation that turned out to be the Taft Hartley Law whatever this committee of three comes up with. However it can t possibly satisfy both labor and management the president s new menage on amending the Taft Hartley Law therefore seems doomed to the same Fate that has met every other proposal along this line democratic or Republican the message will he referred to the lax it a commit Tes of House and Senate it die prolonged hearings will of course. Be held. At these hearings Only the extremists Are heard labor Union extremists want the Law killed outright management extremists want the Law let alone or else made even tougher. Caught be tween these two forces. Congress usually comes up with a Compromise which pleases nobody. To get around this difficulty. Cyrus s Ching former head of the conciliation service and one of the smartest labor relations men in the country has been advocating an Independent commission he allowed to try its hand at a Complete overhaul of All labor Laws. As a suggestion the commission might have three senators three representatives and six outsiders appointed by the president Mem hers of both the labor unions and the National association of manufacturers would he kept off this commission its nongovernmental by James Devlin new Youk pm new York City is in the midst of a sizzling mayoral Campaign the out come of which May be a Factor in the next presidential election. The democratic City primary sept. 15 will provide a test of strength Between the new Deal Wing of the party and its so called conservative for control of the party in new York state the new dealers currently hold state party control in their ranks Are prominent figures such a sen. Herbert h Lehman rep. Franklin d Roosevelt Orand Averell Harriman. Former foreign Aid chief they Are hacking Manhattan Borough president Robert f. Wag Dirksen sees Fec Bill in next Congress Washington f a sen Dirk sen Hill predicted saturday re publicans will attempt to Force Pas Sage of fair employment practices commission legislation in the next session of Congress. Dirksen s prediction came after the agriculture department announced it has abandoned controversial requirement that Hanks which make farm Price support Loans must Promise not to practice racial discrimination employment bottled up Billa the Senate in the past has bottled up civil rights Hills approved by the House largely because of Southern democratic filibusters against such measures sen Hill d Ala said in a sep Arate interview he sees no lessening of Southern opposition to Mea sure of this character. Dirksen said he realizes the southerners May talk at length against an Fec Hill hut that he believes republicans should try to pass such a measure to carry out members would represent Only the Campaign pledges made last year school Days general Public. Employees and employers might scream their Heads off that this was legislation without representation. But the fact that it was the a so Tesmen for these two groups who upset president Eisenhower s conference earlier this year is cited As evidence that they have no place on a commission to study Complete revision of the labor Laws. The need for such review arises from the multiplicity of labor Laws now on the Hooks in addition to Many conflicting state Laws there Are the Federal fair labor standards act. The Davis Bacon prevailing wage act the Walsh Healy Public contracts act. The railway labor act and other. Several new labor practices like pensions Cost of living escalator clauses and automatic productivity increases have been introduced since Taft Hartley Hera me Law questions on whether these Cost of living increases can be made com oat Ihle with rigid economic controls m time of War is debatable. Even the railway labor act which was considered Model legislate at the time of its passage has shown mans of Corning apart at the scams during recent rail wage disputes it is recognized that in certain industries the railroads maritime transportation and atomic Energy production special legislation is needed inter Union warfare and racketeering on the waterfronts Are a severe Handicap to the v. S. Merchant Marine and the sanctioning of strikes in atomic Energy production if that Industry can Over he defined Are a threat to National defense. Answer to previous puzz it a a Ross 1 writing tool 4 report8 arithmetic Coll 2 studied in geology 3 Medley t a essays of a in English literature 15 excavate 16 foreign in parts of year it grind Teeth la pitch �?T2 lampreys �?T4 studied in geography 6 italian City 7 pronoun to afternoon parties 2 grammatical gender 4 ship parts 15 Cov Era w Ith Metal plates 16 worm 37 former socialist Eugene 39 piece of statuary 40 subterfuge 41 encountered 42 come in 45 showed contempt 19 one who scatters 51 greek letter >2 wings in latin 53 opera for music study 4 total in arithmetic ii Back Burd 56 pare 57 drink slowly Down 1 seed vessels 2 great Lake 3 u sed in photography study 4 studied in Art class 5 wolfhound a a o m in pm a m a a f pc ill --4- via a on o in a i Al t o c v i a to a a a Quot Quot Quot i i be a a it in in u win to grrr i a a a # in a offs that l. A t a a in a a a # jul in a. I in h to Al i v a r e a in or a it Ai a a variety of Fec proposals have been made most of which Cal for establishment of a Federal commission to prevent racial Reli pious and other discrimination in hiring. Don t require Claus assistant Secretary of agriculture John a Davis who is presi Dent of the commodity credit corporation said Friday night the nondiscrimination clause no longer would be required he said the de cts on was made on Quot a question of fact a that employment was not involved since lending agencies generally handled the Loans with out increasing their staffs the acrimony Over the non discrimination clause began Only re a gently when southerners discovered it has been contained in All lend my Agency agreements since May Secretary Benson said in South Carolina earlier this week that he regarded the clause As a Dunn eyes group set up but Walter White executive Secretary of the National association for the advancement of coloured people that if the president allowed the non discrimination clause to he dropped a the might As Well disband immediately the government contract compliance this group was set up recently to Check on Observance of non Diacri Mira Ion by government contractors Davis Friday released a state ment announcing it will be entirely optional with Banks whether they no the anti discrimination pledge the can scratch it out and Well accept the contract a he said. Wrote to in gov James f. Byrnes of South his month Carolina who backed Gen. Eisenhower in the last presidential election. Wrote the president aug 27 saying Many Banks would refuse to sign agreements containing the nondiscrimination clause. White called reversal of the or Der a Quot humiliating capitulation Quot to Byrnes Ner jr., for the democratic Nom nation for mayor. Farley a pow a a leading Power in the conserva Tive Wing is James a. Farley former democratic National chairman who broke with resident Franklin i Roosevelt this group is hacking mayor Vincent r Impellitteri for renomination a Victory for this group could project Farley Back into the National jmj Lotical picture. Whichever group wins out will have a lot to say in the selection of new York delegates to the 1956 democratic National convention. The election. In which the re publicans and Liberal parties will give the eventual democratic candidate his main Contention is scheduled for nov. 3, the Republican candidate will he Harold Rice maj who resigned As acting postmaster to make the race president Eisenhower Here to dedicate a Public housing project. Posed for pictures with Riegel Man and welted him Well. The Liberal candidate will be City Council president Rudolph Hailey familiar to millions of Tele vision viewers As the owlish eyed quizmaster of the Senate crime committee both Riegelman and Hailey Are unopposed in the primary the death of democratic politic a1 Boss Edward j. Flynn and a murder have figured in the primary Campaign. Charges Flung by the candidates have been As hot As the City a recent 99 degree temperature Timmany support Wagner is supported by the Manhattan tammany Hall and Bronx democratic organizations impel Litteri by the Brooklyn Queens and Staten Island organizations Flynn headed the Bronx organization. And his death last month on a vacation trip in Ireland appeared to be a blow to the Wagner cause. Wagner s supporters insist however the Bronx lines will hold firm for him despite rumblings that some leaders will switch to some tammany Hall District leaders already have defied chief Tarn Carmine de Sapio by support my the mayor. Although members of the same party. Wagner and Impellitteri Are waging a bitter fight with Riegelman and Hailey throwing barbs from the primary sidelines. Union Boss shot or the midst of the verbal slug Ging. Thomas f Tommy Lewis. A Bronx Union Boss. Was shot and killed by Edward snakes Ryan who then was shot dead by a to Beeman. The Bronx District attorney a office figured Ryan was a hired killer and set out to learn who employed him. Among those questioned was Joseph Rizzo imprint Fri s Bronx Campaign manager. Pizzo. When he was released said the old Flynn machine backing Wagner had hauled him in to Embarrass Impellitteri in Quot one of the cheapest political tricks in the Annale of City in one of the later exchanges Wagner said Impellitteri was getting underworld support in the primary. Quot i have read the statement issued by Junior a retorted the mayor and they Are a completely unfounded and unmitigated to Riegelman. The democratic aspirants arc a Tweedledum and Tweedle dumber Quot Hailey has been withholding most of his fire for the election Campaign after the primary 23 heating devices 6 washes lightly24 otherwise 7 canine 8 intends 9 seaweed 10 cravats 11 meat dish 17 less attractive 19 sounder mentally 25 soaks flax 26 donkeys 27 Olie sity 28 belonging to that girl 29 formerly 31 last 33 dark Reddish 48 moist Brown 50 knot k 38 girl s nickname 40 drive Back 41 ethical 42 kind of Cher 43 egyptian Riv 44 former russian Rule 46 Grant 47 toiletry Esse i 3 x a 7 i s �?�0 x if Quot i h ? a i s i it Zill ii to to a 5 ii kit by d of w of % % a pc i a ii Sixx it % Ici a a it so i or Ltd v St f color Moy veer men toward hats London re hatters in great Britain Are so desperate they have been manufacturing Green bowlers colors Are one answer to the trend away hmm the use of hats by men. The hat men claim they Are Selling lots of the highly coloured hats colors also Are found in Caps for Wear at the Beach and on the Golf course but even these sales have not checked the trend away from the use of hats they admit sadly. A spokesman for the British Felt hat manufacturers federation said that 1952 was a year a of catastrophe in the history of the Hatting Industry Quot hatters admit they Are fighting u Hill Battle. Ever bad weather does not put hats on Many of their customers they say. Of mos pick woman t hic ago a mrs. Daphna Nygaard. Jamestown. N. Has been appointed to the eight member credentials committee of the democratic National committee. National chairman Stephen a Mitchell announced Friday. The appointments Are subject to confirmation by the full National committee. Mrs Nygaard is democratic National committee a Uman from North Dakota. St ascription Hants ilnits no St new dealers a Avreet s a i Horn delivery in Bastia hrs Carrier let a Ery a Sija a a a i on year Ibio a St Wail Loffl i dearer in to Treftc within m Mil Kadlu of Austin a Escabi in Advent on month. I three month a a a a a. Ass _ ass on year. Of Mahy Ion t delivery in Post office of it aids so Mur to i us of Austin but within in nil a j a la Advent pm week. Three month Iii. Is re months. On year a a ill a mail ail o ref kit Yonis let Eil Erv in Poat offre Over joas us in Drift of Austin a parable in Arroe per Wees. I i six months ii. So one tear ii. La Noti Jon i rot will wooly 4#r subscriptions Rybic going to sri pc personnel or u 5 or Ltd Arm a forces in Oil oreos served through Apo Ort no when moving Aid office Ullin add p Ess Jolt Tbs be Dairou your Chine the. Hirai o .9 on Sali a thy Pollow inc places Austin Candy co Ziv n main it Austin hot Chatham an or Iii Kasai rid pharmacy wit and railway pox hotel. Main and water Henry s cafe across from past Ollas hour pharma main Sod water lanes pharmacy 400 n main St Lucy Caf Hin main at no pm Ltd Clear stors Sis n main at news stand pos office people a Drue store 303 n main at k o Wold Drue co Mala and Bra Dee ats Hamilton Caf Dexter circulation dept. Phons 8856 for irregularities in service pm cell the Azov number of tween 5 30 p rn.-6 30 p m intr delivery to Vic will a mad if necessary

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