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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 4

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Austin, Minnesota Austin daily Herald opinion Pace saturday october 17, 1970 a Page 4 Quebec terror tests Rule of Law a humor columnist writing about the abduction of two hostages by French Canadian terrorists might begin something like this Quot the trouble goes Back to the failure of the Paris peace treaty of 1763 ending the French and Indian War to achieve a just and lasting peace in the disputed Quebec area. The refugee Camps set up on the Plains of Abraham have become Breeding grounds of guerrillas seeking. Such an attempted analogy with the situation in the Middle East would be less humourless than futile however. A o a while there is Little to choose from Between the terrorist tactics of the Fly the front for the liberation of Quebec and those of the pulp the popular front for the liberation of Palestine there Are no explanations for the existence of a Quebec a a liberation Quot or separatist movement in Canada More than 20 years after the British wrested it from France and More than too years after it was established As a nation with Quebec As an integral part of it. The French speaking minority one third of the total population has of course Long complained of discrimination at Tho hands of the dominant English speaking majority. But today a French Canadian is prime minister and French has been elevated to equal status with English in the government a flit is in fact the very Success of French canadians in recent years in achieving economic and political Equality that Best explains the growth of separatist senti Mentse sentiments that Are not however shared by More than a Small minority of quebecois. It is this resurgence of Pride plus the fact that huge Quebec is and has always been a predominantly French province in the midst of English speaking provinces. But How explain the terrorists with their bombings and their kidnappings even the Leader of the Quot official Quot separation party the parti quebecois Calls the Fly Quot a Type of sewer rat with which every society is afflicted in its partisan a o a the Fly is no More to be explained than those other sewer rats below the Border the weathermen though the Fly does at least have some sort of rational goal beyond Mere terrorism. There is Only one Way to Deal with the rats. Unfortunately refusal to the Fly s Ransom demands May Cost More innocent lives in addition to those already destroyed by bombs set off by terrorists during the past to or so. Much More however is at stake than individual lives. The whole concept of government under Law is being Quot tested to its uttermost Quot today says University of Minnesota anthropologist e. Adamson Hoebel. Law Quot is the major tool of social control developed and used by 30,000 generations of men who preceded us Quot and must be preserved Quot if we Are to survive Quot he told the 1970 up editors and publishers conference in Williamsburg a. The distressing events in Canada provide Only the latest underscoring of the truth of those words. Faster faster not Only Are More americans driving More places they re driving there faster about one half mile per hour per year faster to be exact. A new study released by the Highway users federation for safety and mobility shows that Between 1947 and 1967, the percentage of vehicles exceeding 50 . On sampled Rural highways increased Iron 40 to 80 per cent due to improvement in vehicles and roads during that period. These increases in Speed Are not necessarily bad though they do exact certain tires brakes handling and a motorists own visual and motor response Are among the vehicle Driver capabilities that Are taxed As speeds increase. The report concludes however that lower Speed controls on Urban or Rural highways have no Strong potential for reducing accidents significantly. The least probability of accidents occurs when motorists Are generally driving at the same Pace rather than at very High or very Low speeds. Opinions of others a Gripe groups Quot during the past year or so citizens groups such As taxpayers etc., have sprung to life in every Nook and cranny of the area. As hard As they try sometimes they Are not taken seriously by political bodies because of the feeling that such groups Are Only a Gripe groups. And As they try to mix politics and economics it is As if they were caught up in a whip saw. If Only Hie Public w Ould support such organizations politicians would soon be forced to the a new interest in the consequences of their acts and proposals. We think politics and practical economics would follow almost Mountaintop pa., Eagle. Death from dope Quot facts have it that accidents on the highways deaths in Vietnam fall far Short of leading the league. The greatest single cause of death in the 17 through 25 age group is dope. We have the finest crop of youth in history. Some May disagree but look at the records. They Are better students run faster jump higher and Are better than those who came before them physically. All this even with the curves being quotation for today he who is slow to Angel is better than the mighty and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a City. A proverbs 16 32. The Man who is bigger than his Job keeps Cool. He refuses to become rattled to Fly off in a temper to stamp and holler and swear. The Man who would control others must be Able to control himself. A b. Forbes american business editor. The saying is 6ure if any one aspires to the office of Bishop he desires a Noble task. A i Timothy 3 1. # an in life is the Only Fortune Worth the finding. A Robert Louis Stevenson. Austin daily Herald published daily except sunday 600 new 1st drive 433-8851 second class postage paid at Austin Minnesota 55912 j. Knox Dye publisher and general manager Clarence Burgeson managing editor Send change of address notice to Box 578, Austin Minnesota 55912 subscription rates Bingle copy at new dealers and Street sales i .10 Home delivery in Austin individual copy delivery .15 per week Carrier by mail zone i general delivery Austin minn.$31.20 delivery in Rural area Post office within 50 mile radius of Austin and to All . Armed forces personnel anywhere in the United states or in areas served by . Or . Pays Ole in Advance. That i months 5.00 six months. 9.50 one year. 18.00 mail All other zones delivery in Post office Over 50 Miles radius of Austin a payable in Advance. Six months .$1200 one year. 23.00 Al mall subscriptions paid strictly in Advance due to postal regulation. Tossed at them a Washingtonville n. Y. Orange county Post. Useless paper work Quot considering that George Washington started the . Government with nine executive agencies employing a total of 1,000 Federal workers this gives you Soma idea of the developments since that time. The Federal government today is a Patchwork of nearly 2,000 agencies each sub divided into bureaus sections divisions and committees. There must be some method of simplifying the existing government. We Are smothering ourselves in useless paper work most of it winds up in warehouses in dust Laden files. A Bonduel wis. Times salutes competitors Quot a businessman has a plaque on a Wall above his desk which reads As follows a my competitors do More for me than my friends do my friends Are too polite to Point out my weaknesses but my competitors go to great expense to advertise them. My competitors would take my business away from me if they could this keeps me Alert to hold what i have. If i had no competitors i would be Lazy incompetent inattentive i need the discipline they enforce upon me. I Salute my competitors they have been Good to me. God bless them All a Quot news Tempe Ariz. Population change Quot a Survey shows that the average Community changes its population to percent a year thus in ten years you can easily see what happens. There is a Complete change except for old timers. This fart knocks into a cocked hat the argument of the merchant who says he a been in business so Long that people know where he is. Hence he does no to need to advertise. He a probably been Here a Long time but a lot of his customers a Arlington minn., Enterprise. Turn Back the clock 30 years ago a Survey of the City for future planning of playground facilities was set in motion last night. Austin motorists slowed Down last night to find their Way through a Blanket of fog which covered a wide Section of the Northwest. 20 years ago the Austin High school senior chorus and orchestra will present its first free Public concert of the year. A raise of at least five Mills in the City a tax rate was in Prospect As the City Council went to work on their new budget. To years ago Austin employment in september showed its Best improvement of the year. The regional meeting of the Minnesota druggists association was held Here with sessions for the men and the auxiliary at Nelsons. Ppr that ainu to Bunting Lee Mueller English accent intimidates citizens of United states London a Nea a it is not a topic we care to discuss but it is True. Gospel. If there is one thing on Earth that intimidates citizens of the United states shrivel them into Poi to crisps it is an English accent. There is something about the English language when spoken through the Teeth of even a moderately educated briton. Somehow for some reason he sounds More educated More refined More High toned Richer and certainly More civilized than we do. It is for this reason a and none other a that people like Bing Crosby hire English butlers and maids to answer Tele phones and doorbells. The e r e May be some truth in the British having a better attitude toward this calling but its the accent a the Cool a i see. A that gets the Job. Nobody can say a i see. Quot like an englishman. Personally i do not have an English accent. My voice i am told quite resembles the Sweet trill of a mockingbird at Twilight a assuming of course that mockingbird was raised in Eastern Kentucky and has a head cold. I am what they Call a Lill Billy baritone. Like most americans i was for years intimidated by British accents. Whenever i was in a conversation with englishmen and one of them began talking i shut up. Who was i to interrupt a British accent that is All Over now. However. There a a plate in London where you can go and take the cure. The place is speakers Corner. It is located in the Northeast end of Hyde Park each wednesday and sunday and gives a platform to anyone who wants to say something about anything. Hundreds attend Many speak Many More argue with the speakers and others just listen or talk among themselves. Nearly All speak with British accents. The train of subject matter rattles past a Long haired Stu dents cries for revolution to a Large red faced Man in fishing boots who preaches for 15 minutes on the virtue of bathing. Quot water not woman is gods gift to he shouted. Quot cleanse your body and you cleanse your Quot go jump in the thames shouted a heckler referring to the River a polluted condition. Poor i thought but he got applause arguments sometimes Border on anger but there have been no incidents of death at speakers Corner since Public hangings were discontinued there in 1887. I decided to speak a decision of considerable magnitude since the last time i had spoken to an assembled audience was at a Jaycee meeting seven years ago. It also was of considerable magnitude in View of the number of speakers one had to out shout just to be heard. Standing i waved both arms in the air Nixon style and shouted Quot muh Frens Gimme yer Atte shun Fer a minute Quot the clamor died instantly. It was As though someone had struck them Between the eyes with a Ball Peen Hammer. Quot what did he say a asked some idiot loudly. A Yeh Quot said another Guy. Quot i say fellow Are you an Eskimo Quot shrugging off these slovenly chaps i continued to speak eloquently on the subject of Granny a tartan a rare disease indicated by mottling of the legs and caused by sitting too close and Long by the fireplace. After three minutes i sat Down to a smattering of applause. I was purged. I decided. Free of hangups about men and their accents. If they could forgive me mine. I could forget theirs. And i have. Quick quiz q a does the . Flag Fly Over the White House Only when the president is in Washington d. C.? a a no it flies Over the White hous whether or not the president is in Washington. Q a what is the present monetary value of a . Dollar in terms of Gold Gold has not circulated As Money in our country since 1933. It continues however to serve As a Standard of Money values 13.714 grains of pure Gold corresponding to $1. Q a who was the first boy scout to become president of the United states a a John f. Kennedy. Q a what great evangelist was once a major league baseball player a a Billy sunday who played in the National league from 1883 to 1891. The family lawyer heir conditioning Freddie was delighted to hear at the Reading of Uncle Danes will that he was supposed to inherit a Large sum of Money. But there was a catch. The Money would be his Only on condition that he give up cigarettes. In Short order Freddie challenged the Validity of this ant cigarette clause. Quot Uncle Dan had no right to try to control my private life in this a 1970 by Nia in this is awful Junior s living in a hippie commune and it says he s from an upper Middle class family instead of an upper class family4 Way a he complained in a court hearing. Quot my personal habits in eluding smoking Are no ones business but my however the court ruled that Freddie would have to either give up his cigarette habit or lose the Money. The judge said that since the Money belonged to Uncle Dan he had a right to put strings on his gift if he so desired. Of course it is natural for a person making his will to want to shape the character or conduct of his heirs. Nevertheless the Law does impose limits As to How far he can go. Consider this Case a Man left Money to his daughter on condition that she not Only give up cigarettes herself but also make her husband give them up. This time a court decided the Man had gone too far and held the anti smoking clause null and void. The court said he h a d asked his daughter to do something that was not fairly within her Power. Furthermore in close cases the courts Are inclined to let the heir keep the bequest even if he has not lived up fully to the expectations expressed in the will. Thus another Man was worried about his songs dissolute friends. He provided in his will that the son should have certain valuable real estate so Long As he did not become a Quot drunkard and a As things turned out after the Man died his son did indeed of come a drunkard. But he never did become a Vagabond. Accordingly not having acquired both of the vices specified in t h e will he was held still entitled to the real estate. The court said it was reluctant to take away an inheritance unless the will left no real Choice. Library 3 id carte by Jean Lommen Reader advisor Austin pub let Rory it news you tan use. The Standard director of advertisers Quot shows and tells Over 17.000 companies doing National or regional advertising. Listings include name address Telephone number and products or services of manufacturers. The 80.000 men listed with their titles Are the men actively responsible for the management of . Business. The alphabetical Index permits the immediate information on a firm name. The trademark list gives a key to Quot Blind Quot advertisements and enables one to find the names of advertisers or products of which Only the trademark is known. The geographical Index published separately in a pocket Book edition lists each advertiser by City and state. Look for this guide in he reference room readers miscellany. These Rich years a journal of retirement by Jean amp Robert Hershey. The authors knew that the pattern of daily living would change with retirement. This narrative account of those first three years will provide interesting Reading for those who Are now retired or who look Forward to it. American history through commemorative Stamps by Henry s. Bloom Garden. Highlights of history As seen through 68 Beautiful Stamps whose stories celebrate t h e events and personalities that shaped America. Learning to ride Hunt and show by Gordon Wright. A thoroughly illustrated step by step handbook for riders of ail Ages a from elementary to advanced horsemanship written by the famous Trainer of championship and olympic riders. The Eye of Eisenstaedt by Alfred Eisenstaedt. This Book is an answer to requests asking the famous life photographer How he actually took some of his great pictures his ideas about what makes a Good picture and what technical advice he would offer to photographers. Bookmark fiction. The embroidered Sunset by Joan Aiken. Who died at High Beck cottage the two old ladies had lived there together so Long that even their Best friends found it difficult to Tell them apart. One thing was certain. One of them was dead a murdered. The other one was gone a vanished. To unravel the mystery comes a Young girl from America to locate the missing old lady who May be her aunt. Who me by Yoram mat mor. David Zuta the Zany Young hero of this hilarious novel is a modern jew who unexpectedly finds himself in charge of an irregular guerrilla squad in the struggle against the arabs in Jerusalem. In addition to being a Soldier he is a poet and philosopher and aspiring Don Juan. From bravado to humor the novel is acclaimed As one of the wittiest books to come out of Israel. Ago Tine her legend by Judith Gleason. There once was a Black Queen. Ago Tine exiled by Fate from Africa. This is her Story and As such an historical novel an african Folk legend and a tale of the super natural and the occult. Miss Owen Owen by Margaret Forster. Miss Owen Owen is the incredible headmistress of the Searill High school for girls. Immovable and tactless she moves through life pursuing what she believes to be important totally unaware of the ridicule and enmity she provokes. She is con Cut with nothing less than a system of revolutionary changes and soon becomes a source of scandal to her fellow teachers and the townspeople. Non fiction. Game of nations by Miles Copeland. Miles Copeland at one time employed by the state department and a Man who helped organize the Cia Middle East expert and sometime player in the game of nations. Has written a Book exposing the underside of internal diplomacy. To illustrate his theme he has selected As a Case history the Rise to Power of carnal Abdel Nasser. He discloses some of the cynical amoral Man. Euve rings that characterize International politics revealing Sorre of what the Public never knows. The Battle for Morningside Heights Why students rebel by Roger Kahn. Senator Eugene Mccarthy says this is a the most important Book which has been written on the Issue of student unrest Quot. Reading it will give you knowledge of what happened at Columbia University and also an idea of what students Are thinking of and concerned about. The billion doll a r Windfall by Morton Shulman. Morton Shulman has done extensive research about the ethics involved in the relationship Between mining and the Stock Market. In his Book he lays out in chronological order the Story of the Texas Gulf fiasco. The Reader gets to pick his own villain from a Long and colourful group. The psychological world of the teen Ager by Daniel offer. This volume is exceptional in that it has selected for study a group of Normal adolescents. It attempts to answer questions Long asked about Young people. How do they see themselves and to what do they aspire what Are their psychological problems and How do they Cope with them what role does sexuality play in their lives How wide is the so called generation Gap questions and answers social Security the following questions and answers on a your social Security have been prepared As a Public service of the Austin social Security District office 404 2nd St. New Austin. Q my wife and i received a combined Check from social Security. Will there be any complications in negotiating a Check should one of us die unexpectedly a no. Of you do receive the combined Check for the month of death Contact your local social Security office and you will be instructed As to the procedure in negotiating that Check even though one of the payees is deceased. Sometimes i get confused As to which month i am being paid for when i receive a Cheek on the 3rd or 4th of the month. The Check you normally receive on the 3rd or 4th of the month is always for the pre Vious month. Q i understand that disability benefits cannot be paid to anyone 65 or Over. What happens when a person who is getting social Security disability payments reaches 65? does he have to apply for retirement benefits a. No he does no to. Actually this is simply a bookkeeping procedure that takes place automatically. Benefits Are continued. But the payment is made from the social Security retirement Trust fund instead of the disability Trust fund. Q. I work As a Domestic in several different Homes. I have been told that i have to Sefl employment tax on my earning since i work in More than one Home. Is this Correct a. If you earn at least $50 Cash wages in a three month Calendar Quarter from one employer that person is responsible for the payment of your social Security taxes. The employer withholds 50 per cent of the tax from your wages and pays for the other 50 per cent i q. I expect to earn Over $1680 this year. Is it True that i will not receive any benefits at ally a. It is possible that you May not be entitled to receive any benefits. It depends upon the amount you earn and the months you work. Regardless of the amount of your earnings you Are entitled to a monthly Benefit for any month in which you nether earned Over $140 in wages nor Render substantial services in self employment. Generally speaking substantial services Are recorded if you work More than 45 hours a month in your business a. I will be 72 in july and i am still working. I have never received any monthly social Security benefits since i signed up for medicare several years ago. When will i be eligible to receive a Check. A. Y o u Are entitled to a monthly Benefit beginning with the month you Are age 72, regardless of the amount of your earnings. However your earnings for the entire year you reach age 72 Are counted to determine if you Are entitled to any benefits before the month you Are age 72. The july Check will be issued about August 3. Readers who have questions on social Security Are invited to submit their questions to Stanley Sprecher at the Austin District office or through the paper. Office hours Are 8 45 . To 4 45 p.m., monday through Friday

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