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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 4

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Austin, Minnesota Austin daily Herald opinion Pace saturday october to 1970 a Page 4 the meeting Points for arabs jews by Don Oakley there can be no peace in the Middle East until the question of the palestinian refugees is solved. That is like saying that elephants have trunks. Yet in the manner of the legendary Blind men who tried to identify an elephant the world s leaders have for two decades been groping around the Middle East Puzzle variously describing it As a tree trunk a rope Etc. Now the second and revolutionary generation of palestinians has literally exploded onto the scene Sho ing every other consideration in the Arab israeli rivalry into relative Unimportance. In a perceptive examination of the problem written out of his own experiences and observations in Israel and the Arab countries author James Michener has done what the diplomats seem unable or unwilling to do get Down to the fundamental issues. It is ridiculous he says to argue Over who owns Palestine. A o a if exclusive consideration is Given to priority and longevity of claim the land is jewish. If continuity from 636 and. Through 1947 is the criterion the arabs own it. If military Victory against a Coli too of Arab states who ignored the United nations plan for the area is determinative the jews won the land in 1948 and ratified their claim in the 1956 and 1967 wars. The Only real a a owners Are the ancient canaanites who. Fortunately Are no longer around to put in a third claim. Arabs and jews therefore Are obligated to work out some sensible system of occupancy that will be fair to both. According to the last accurate estimate made in 1967, the total population of the refugee Camps was 1,317,749. Some sources say 600,000 actually remain in the Camps which Michener describes As a scandal and a horror. The arabs have refused to allow an official census lest they lose . Relief funds a o a the refugees consist of two groups those who fled the new nation of Israel in 1948 and those who lived in lands occupied by Israel in 1967. Israel has said she is eager to provide for the return of the second group As soon As a peace treaty is concluded. But the arabs demand the return of every one of the nearly 1.4 million refugees. Clearly Israel with a population of Only 2.8 million 300,000 of whom Are moslem could not absorb such an influx. Even Arab experts think that no More than 150,000 to 200.000 of the palestinians would actually want to go Back to Israel and Israel says Michener should be willing to accept at least that Many. A o a Israel has offered financial compensation to even Arab dispossessed in 1948. Let the Arab states decide among themselves How Many there Are says Michener and when the census is completed and the Bill calculated let the jews of the world help pay it. The computation should also include sums of Money Given to Arab governments dependent upon How Many refugees they accept and to whom they Grant full citizenship. The most difficult step toward achieving Justice for both sides is the outlawing of the terrorist activities of the palestinian guerrillas who have now attained the Power to bring Down the governments which have nurtured them. But it is a step the Arab states must take. Michener s recommendations Are eminently sane and reasonable and that of course is their fatal flaw. Were men governed by reason the Mideast crisis would never have attained the proportions it has. An ironic sidelight a o a since 1948, the United states has provided through the . From 68 per cent of too per cent of the support of the refugees More than $471 million. The russians have contributed nothing. Americans Are hated and denounced As imperialists and enemies of the arabs. The russians Are hailed As the friends of the arabs. Byproducts of space ships by Robert Wischmeyer a Why go to the Moon again when we have so Many problems Here on Earth a has been asked frequently since America landed men on the Moon in 1969. This self doubt was followed by a tightening of the . Economy so aerospace endeavours were Cut Back. In Many ways this has been unfortunate. Not Only have thousands of the Best scientific personnel in the nation been put out of work and thousands of workers idled As space contracts ran out but the proliferation of a a spinoff benefits from research engineering and equipment development has been slowed. Ironically the very concern about ecology that has resulted in some of this turning away from space is a result of space flights. As or. Fred Hoyle a noted British astronomer predicted years ago once men saw the Earth from space a a new idea As powerful As any in history will be let Loose a a namely that this huge passenger ship must be environmentally protected. Space programs accomplished something which previously Only War could bring about an intensive and extended mobilization of a nation s brainpower and resources opinions of others cleanup games two new games on the Market Are called a a smog and a a dirty with Dice and boards and cards they Are supposed to acquaint the players with some of the realities Anc complexities of air and water pollution and with the compromises necessary to reach the cleanup goals. There a nothing wrong with playing while learning or vice versa and the new entries in the fun Market do at least Promise to spread an ant pollution message. In fact we recommend that they be installed in corporate Board rooms across the country As reminders that too Many people have been playing unfunny games with our environment too Long. A Chicago daily news. Austin daily Herald published daily except sunday 600 new 1st drive 433-8851 second class postage paid at Austin Minnesota 55912 j. Knox Dye publisher and general manager Clarence Burgeson managing editor Send change of address notice to Box 578, Austin Minnesota 55912 subscription rates Bingle copy at new dealers and Street sales .10 Home delivery in Austin individual copy delivery .15 per week Carrier by mail a zone i general delivery Austin minn.$31.20 delivery in Rural area Post office within 50 mile radius of Austin and to All . Armed forces personnel anywhere in the United states or in areas served by . Or . Payable in Advance. Three months 5.00 six months. 9.50 Ona year. 18.00 mail All other zones delivery in poet office Over 50 Miles radius of Austin a payable in Advance. Six months. $12.00 Ona year. 23.00 All mall subscriptions paid strictly in adits to postal regulation. Toward a clearly defined goal. Although military considerations have always been a part of the space efforts the chief objective has been scientific and peaceful. To list All the practical benefits of aerospace research would take More space than is available Here. Some examples however will illustrate Why americans Sharp cutback in the space program has perhaps been shortsighted. Global communications via satellite television and global weather forecasts Are two of the most conspicuous accomplishments. Weather alerts from space satellites have prevented much loss of life and property damage. The growth in number and application of computers is largely due to aerospace demands. The computer Industry is an $8 billion a year business in the United states and contributes heavily to americans Trade surplus. Techniques developed for computer usage in space exploration Are now being applied in finding pollution and traffic solutions to Aid business management and planning and to Speed transactions in travel reservations Industrial process control banking typesetting and other everyday procedures. Development of new metals and other materials has resulted from aerospace needs the thin plastic that wraps meat Teflon coated Kitchen utensils Flameproof materials filament wound Glass structures lightweight alloys honeycomb panels lubricants and plastics to name a few. Add to these tangibles the intangibles of National spirit and dedication and the National awareness of How Humble Man really is in the context of the universe and it seems apparent that we have reaped great profits from our space spending. Future National allocations for aerospace funds should be considered in this Light. Space spending is not at Odds with Many a self improvement. Turn Back the clock 30 years ago in order to further vocational guidance in Austin High school arrangements have been made with science research Assn for the use of their occupational information system. The Austin Junior College is working on plans for adult evening school on the College level. 20 years ago four Austin area farms Are among Hose exhibiting at the Dairy cattle Congress at Waterloo. A crowd of 2,056 came through the rain last night to hear Harry James and his music makers at the Terp ballroom. To years ago bids for drilling a new Well to serve the Southwest area of the City will be received by the utilities Board. The . Air Force band and singing sergeants will present two concerts in Austin. An Early Start Bruce Biossat Kennedy off and running from Dawn to Midnight fast Boston a Nea a sen. Edward m. Kennedy his fabled Campaign magic unimpaired is running for reelection in Massachusetts As intensively As if he had a 1972 presidential bid in mind. But he does not and friends say its just that Kennedy a done to know How else to run. The second Day i travelled with him we made 20 Campaign stops in Western Massachusetts and had about five under the Belt before we had a decent breakfast. The Day before opening the a fall foliage festival in the berkshires he marched t w o hours in a drenching rain in a North Adams Parade. This latter sort of thing seems necessary in new England to prove ones manhood and the evidence is it pays off. A woman spotting him among the soggy marchers shouted a look at him no hat no umbrella he a got my vote a neither Kennedy nor any one around him Ever says it but obviously a Good vote for him this year would stand As important reassurance for him after the 1969 Chappaquiddick tragedy in which a girl Secretary lost her life As he drove his car off a rickety Bridge in pitch dark. The a conventional thinking among All those with some pretence to expertise is that he ought to rack up 55 to 60 per cent of the vote against his attractive Low. Key Republican opponent Josiah Spaulding a Boston lawyer. I found one or two daring enough to suggest Kennedy might go higher. The trouble with being a Kennedy is that you have to run against the Best thing you have Ever done. And the irony in his Campaign history is that this Man who runs from Dawn to Midnight got his greatest vote. A 1.2 million margin and 72 per cent of the total in a year 1964 when he was immobilized by a broken Back and could t Campaign. In Kennedy a first Campaign strategy session at his Virginia Home in mid a june 1969, a month before Chappaquiddick. A key adviser told him he d have immense difficulty Matching 1964. He was helped mightily that year by sympathy for his own plight a Brush with death in a plane crash by sympathy for his assassinated brother t b e late president John Kennedy and by Barry Coldwater weakness against Lyndon Johnson in Massachusetts and elsewhere. The adviser at the Virginia session reminded Ted that Only he and Johnson Leverett Saltonstall in 1944 and John Kennedy in 1958 Ever had piled up winning margins beyond 53-54 per cent. Yet even without this kind of prodding counsel or the Chappaquiddick business Ted would be going All out because it is ingrained Kennedy habit. He is not the half Day Type. From the moment in the morning when you see the first Young Man with a Busy air and a penchant for working the phone you re caught in the whirlwind. Nobody milks a town like Ted. If he can to comfor Tab i y talk production details at a Cas Ket company Stop Heil hit the diner nearby where the workers Are. His Tours of textile and shoe plants Are wild zigzagging excursions wherein he jollies up Chunky Middle a aged women gets his picture snapped endlessly ducks into every cranny. The smiles and the comments in plants and at Gates underscore the enduring magic a i kissed his hand this is the happiest Day of my life. God bless you from a hesitant Little Man in a baseball Cap. Lordy lordy everybody a looking. I got to shake his hand twice. A while this is going on aides Are doling out buttons and passing out Little printed Shee t s which Tell what Kennedy did for Northampton or Chicopee or Pittsfield. Back at the Boston of fice fronted by a skillful picture display strategists oversee his expert to output prepare speeches at 38 he sounds knowledgeable on most issues Tell you the 26 per cent of 1970 primary voters who passed by his name signify no a Chappaquiddick undercurrent because 21 per cent blanked him in his great 1964 and 28 per cent blanked Jack Kennedy in his big 1958. The family lawyer sound trucks Bane or ? to one bystander a blaring sound truck is a form of noise pollution fouling the Public air. But to another the same truck is a healthful exercise in t h e right of free speech. Which View is Correct with increasing frequency our courts Are being called upon to decide. They begin with the proposition that Freedom of speech is not an absolute unlimited right. In one Case a City ordinance forbid sound trucks from Mak a to by Wea in name class and student identification number tile agreeable is Spaulding sounding like Ted in Antiwar and anti abm stands struggles to seem different and puts Hope in the Blanks. Maybe he went to Israel for a week to escape the whirlwind. Quality a Community had the right to hold noise Down to a moderate level. However while reasonable restrictions Are All right most courts frown on efforts to ban sound trucks altogether. When a City tried a ban of this kind a Union again took the matter to court. At the hearing the City argued that the Union could use some other quieter Means of getting its message across to the Public. But the court held the ban unconstitutional saying a in certain instances the sound truck May be t h e Only practical Means for communication of opinion. The right of free speech is worthless in the absence of a meaningful method of its another City passed an ordinance saying that sound trucks could be used provided the chief of police first gave his permission. However the ordinance said nothing at All about any guidelines on which the chiefs approval or disapproval should be based. Here too when the ordinance was challenged in a test Case the court saw danger to Freedom of speech especially in the realm of politics. A the sound truck has become an accepted method of political campaigning a said the court. A must a candidate for governor or Congress depend on the whim or Caprice of the chief of police in order to use his sound truck for campaigning a bidding the ordinance invalid the court said the Power to prevent speech just like the right to speak must be kept within reasonable limits. Library a la carte by Jean Lommen Reader s advisor. Austin Public Library news you can use. One of the least Likely subjects on your a Reading list a is probably the study of bats. Net bats make up one of the largest populations of mammals in the world a and Are at the same time the least known and understood by laymen a even nature lovers the world of bats is an a precedent e d Book. It is a photographic study in animal behaviour which will astound the Reader both with its text and fabulous photographs. Many of which were taken with a special camera and produced in Switzerland by Fine Art printers. How can you condemn an animal if you Don t take time to inquire about its looks and its unusual Way of life0 this is truly a fascinating study for those interested in nature and or photography. And ifs far More than trivia when you consider that the Beautiful sonar system of bats May help us to an understanding of How information is processed by the Central system brain and spinal Cord of Man. Readers miscellany. The Complete Book of decoupage by Francis s. Wing. Now in its eighth printing and brought up to Date in this new and revised edition this is a guide to the fascinating two Century old Art of decorating objects with paper cutouts. Mastering your memory by f. Stephen Hamilton. An easy effective guide to proven methods of memory training that tells you and shows you How to remember names. Faces dates numbers cards and other factors in your daily life. Teach yourself to relax by Josephine l. Rathbone. . An easy to follow step by step program to help release yourself from mental and physical tension. Bookmark fiction. The child from the sea by Elizabeth Goudge. From her Early childhood in a Castle by the sea in Wales a to her estrangement from King Charles ii and her death in Paris at the age of Twenty eight Lucy Walter lived to the full a life of intense Joy and equally intense drama. If you be been waiting for a Good historical novel this is it Force red by Milton r. Bass. Force red is one of those a frightening because it could be True novels of the Pentagon the White House and Congress. It is the name of the elite nuclear police Force of the ., and it is threatened with dissolution. Reluctant to relinquish Power and position Gene r a i Breed head of Force red. Resolves to take Over the nuclear bases. Once again the forces of violence confront the voices of reason and restraint. The bitter Lake by Lawrence p. Bachmann. Set against the struggle of the arabs and the israelis during the six Day War this is the drama of clashing and melding personalities of passengers and Crew strand cd on a British passenger freighter in the bitter Lake because the egyptians have closed the Suez canal. Written from an unbiased Point of View it shows sympathy and compassion to both sides and makes history seem very real. One Down by Anders Bod Elson. A psychological thriller translated from the danish by Carolyn Bye. Vinter had just been made manager of the Plant a an important Job to him. Also important to him were his wife and children. The moment that changed his life occurred when he had just a Little too much to drink the brakes had t been quite Good enough. A n d he panicked. A Driver leaves scene of the and. One person knew who it was non fiction. Future Shock by Alv i n toffees this is a Book about what happens to people when they Are overwhelmed by change. It is about the Way in which we adapt or fail to adapt to the future. with common everyday matters a the products we buy and discard. The corporations we work for the people who pass at an Ever faster clip through our lives. The future of family life and friendships is probed. Strange new life styles and subcultures Are investigated. Future Shock is the disease of change suffered by those who do not know How to adapt. The purpose of the Book therefore is to help us come to terms with the future. To help us a a copes. Seize the time by Bobby Seale. Bobby Seale chairman of the Black Panther party defendant in the Chicago conspiracy Case and one of the new Haven Panther 14. Writes from jail a about himself his party and its leadership. Claiming that there Are Many misconceptions about the panthers due to distortion by the mass Media and demagogic politicians. He proposes to present the facts of what this organization is really like and How it operates. The Mother of the graduate by Cynthia prop per Seton. Cynthia Seton set out to put a a spirit into those Over the age of thirty and rally them to the defense of reason and orderly change. She ended up by wondering Why she herself had not rebelled at Smith Twenty years ago. Not yet a militant in the women a liberation movement. She feels she must nevertheless stand up and be counted. The Price of my soul by Bernadette Devlin. In the Spring of 1969, Bernadette Devlin. Age 21, was elected to parliament. In the summer of that year the image of Bernadette on the barricades in North pm Ireland became familiar to everyone. In this Book she tells her Story and that of the Irish turmoil. Questions and answers social Security the following questions and answers on a your social Security have been prepared As a Public service of the Austin social Security District office 404 2nd St. New. Q. I have itemized Bills from several doctors and one for ambulance service. Do i need to fill out a claim form for each doctor and for the ambulance a. No. The itemized Bills can be attached to a single form. You should White your medicare claim number on each Bill. Q. I am 3 years older than my husband and i will be 65 in december. I have never worked under social Security. Will i be entitled to medicare a. Since you have never worked under social Security you can be entitled to Hospital insurance benefits und e r medicare Only after your husband files for social Security which would make you eligible to file for benefits As his wife. You can however enrol for medicare supplementary insurance benefits if you enrol during the three months before or after the month you Are 65. Q. My father was hospitalized for several months and used up All of his Hospital time under medicare. Then we had to take him to a care Home since he was not Able to be up and around. If he needs More Hospital care will he Ever be eligible under medicare a. Medicare provides up to 90 Days of care in a participating Hospital for each Benefit period plus a lifetime Reserve of 60 Days care. Assuming your father used up his lifetime Reserve he would have Hospital coverage Only if a new Benefit period begins. If he is not in a Hospital or skilled Nurs i n g Home for 60 consecutive Days a new Benefit period would Start giving an additional 90 Days of Hospital care. If he is in a care Home which is not a skilled nursing Home a new Benefit period would begin at the end of the 60 Days. Q. I have heart trouble and the doctor sends me to the Hospital for tests every 6 months. I read where routine examinations Are not covered by medicare. Does this mean medicare would not pay for my checkups a. It is True medicare does not cover routine physical examinations. However in your Case it appears the tests Are a necessary part of diagnosis and treatment of an illness and would be covered. We suggest you Contact the nearest social Security office to provide the specifics on your particular situation. Q. In Reading the medicare a request for payment form i noticed the question a was your injury or illness connected with your employment a what difference does this make a. The reason for this question is that medicare cannot pay for any services that Are paid or could be paid under a Workman a compensation Law. Readers who have questions on social Security Are invited to submit their questions to Stanley Sprecher at the Austin District office or through t h e paper. Office hours Are 8 45 am to 4 45 . Monday through Friday. T

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