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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 1

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Austin, Minnesota Area football results Austin 13 Albert Lea 40 Mayo 14 Wells 24 i Leroy 12 Rose Creek 40 i Hayfield 12 i Southwest 0 in 0 Owatonna 12 Pacelli 6 j a Hatfield 0 Lyle 0 i Wana. 0 St. Ansgar 44 Nashua 0 read details on Page 9 governor salutes Austin Herald Carrier salesmen state or Mikke Hota mob or tur kit nor Saint Paw la Aho i n or Vanir Xiv my a tember ?9, 1,970 or. Dick Green circulation manager Austin Dally Herald Austin Minnesota dear or. Green i in delighted to again join in the Observance of National newspaper boy Day falling this year on october to. There is a special significance to this Observance As part of National newspaper week in honouring the Carrier salesmen who conscientiously deliver our newspapers we Sre acknowledging the splendid training they Are receiving in fundamental business practices training which again and again has produced sos a of our most outstanding business Industrial and govern rental leaders. Moreover these Young men Are playing an important role in the Over More vital task of informing people of keeping Cut Lens abreast of happenings in a fast moving vastly complicated world. A a a extend my Best wishes to the newspaper boys of the Austin Delly Herald on their Day october to 1970. Sincerely or Harold Harold Leander Oti i to i Austin daily Herald established 1891 vol. Xxviii no. 282 Austin Minn., saturday october to 1970 single copy 10c at 14 pages Rogers says . Will continue Agnew talks despite Mideast violations Irondale answers Volpe orders sweeping probe of charter Industry Washington a a sweeping investigation of the air charter Industry and the Way it is supervised by the Federal aviation administration was ordered Friday by Secretary of transportation John Volpe even As the Faa grounded More planes in the Wake of the 30-death Wichita state disaster. New developments continued to come to Light a week after the oct. 2 crash of a leased twin engine plane in Colorado killed 13 Wichita football players and other persons accompanying them to a game. Here were the highlights a Volpe. Bypassing the Faa ordered . Willard j. Smith assistant Secretary of transportation for safety and consumer affairs a to conduct this i depth investigation and spare no Effort time or resources in determining the True condition of every chartered operation in the United states. He also will examine Faa regulations governing charter operations with a View toward correcting any deficiency which May be a the Faa reversing its previous statements said it had indeed warned Golden Eagle aviation inc., whose Crew flew the fatal flight against operate wash1ngton a sen. Walter f. Mondale says he and other senators referred to by vice president Spiro t. Agnew As a Radical liberals Are the real conservatives. A we Are the ones who Are trying to make the system work a Mondale d-Minn., said Friday in a speech to the supreme Council of the league of United latin american citizens a president Franklin d. Roosevelt was attacked As a Liberal but now i think historians View him As a conservative a Mondale said because he saw defects in the system and corrected them to strengthen the country. A today with All our wealth and Power we have millions who Are hungry and who never get a decent education and who because of their color or background never get ahead a Mondale said. A i think the Only conservative thing to do is to step in right now and improve society so it is deserving of the love and Trust of All americans a Mondale said. He said he is dismayed by plans of the office of economic Opportunity to give states Power Over Legal service agencies. A this program which costs ing Large aircraft. But the offi Cial in Oklahoma City whom the by i Lon Aye a Las pro Faa said issued the warning contradicted his Washington colleagues and said he Hadnot contacted Golden Eagle for nearly a year. A the Faa grounded two More Martin 404s which Origi Naly were in a let of 14 aircraft along with the plane that crashed. On thursday it had grounded All planes known to be owned by Jack Richards aviation co., inc., which had Pur ably brought along More Reform in our Laws than in decades a Mondale said. Wholesale Price Index climbs another .05% Washington a spurred by a 6 per cent hike in chased the lot in 1968 and subset the Cost of fuel and electric pow Quentlyn sold some of them. Or wholesale prices climbed one of the newly grounded one half of one per cent last planes said Faa officials in month indicating More trouble Kentucky was used last month for Nixon administration Hopes to carry the Murray state uni stopping the worst inflation in varsity football team of Murray ky., to a game at Fairfield Iowa. Mayor Mccarty s plans to close 19 schools thwarted 20 years. The increase was the third largest this year exceeded by a jump of six tenths of one per cent in july and eight tenths in january. One effect is expected to be higher grocery prices. The increase raised the governments wholesale Price Index to 117.8, meaning wholesalers paid an average of 117.80 Washington a Secretary of state William p. Rogers says the United states will continue negotiations with the soviet Union on common problems despite Sharp disappointment Over soviet missile violations in the Middle East and Moscow s return to what he called strident cold War language. At his first news conference Here since july 15, Rogers said Friday he will take up problems ranging from the hoped for cease fire in Indochina to big 4 talks on Berlin when he meets with soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko in new York oct. 16. Rogers sounded an optimistic note on chances for a cease fire in Indochina declaring a we have a feeling the time is he stressed the Hope president Nixon a new proposal for a standstill cease fire and the Complete withdrawal of . Forces from All of Indochina will provide a foundation for negotiations with Hanoi. He suggested such private talks would yield counterproposal that could be the subject of negotiation. Other . Officials say the United states is depending upon u. Regents propose 26% tuition hike Duluth Minn. A University of Minnesota students May be in for the second 35-per-Quarter tuition hike in two years next fall because of rising operating costs. The University a Board of regents Friday approved a record $254.7 million budget request it the 1971-73 biennium to be sent to the 1971 legislature and proposed a 26 per cent tuition hike Over the present $133 quarterly fee. Student fees would be boosted to $209 per Quarter including the required $41 incidental fee if the proposal is accepted. Tuition was hiked by $33 a Quarter in the fall of 1969, and Nixon a offer for Complete withdrawal which could take place in one year As part of a general agreement settling the conflict a to help the negotiations get started. Rogers noted that by May i another 95,000 . Troops will have been withdrawn from South Vietnam and a by that time most of our forces will be out of the combat the Complete . Troop withdrawal offer is on the list of items to be discussed with Gromyko state department officials said. Rogers said he had spent four hours with technicians studying photographs of soviet sam3 missiles showing new construction since the Middle East 90 Day cease fire was agreed upon. A there is no question about the violations a he said. But he said the United states would seek a rectification that would bring about a condition which would satisfy both parties and Start them to negotiating. He said both sides seem willing to extend the Arab israeli cease fire for another 90 Days. But As for Tjie missile violations he said the sam3 Sites were constructed since the cease fire. A we Are convinced i think beyond a doubt that soviet personnel Are there to assist in the construction and Manning of those Sites. When i talk to or. Gromyko i can give him the evidence of the Vio Rogers said there Are reasonably Good prospects to get the Middle East talks started because of two major factors first Israel officials for the first time said they would be willing to withdraw in accordance with the United nations Security Council Resolution. Second Egypt agreed Israel has the right to exist something the arabs had not conceded before. On Cuba Rogers declined to go beyond original reports two weeks ago which cited indications russians might be building a submarine base near Cien Fuegos. He said he will discuss those reports with Gromyko. As far As . Policy towards Moscow is concerned Rogers said a we Are disappointed not Only in the missile Sites. We Are disappointed in the rhetoric that they Are using rhetoric which is reminiscent of the cold War Days very strident in but the answer he added is not a a done to try to get along with the soviet Union. A we Are going to continue to negotiate realistically and in full realization that there May be violations of agreements a he said. The United states Wil provide verification procedures to be sure that it is not at a disadvantage if violations occur he Jaid. My fifth talking things Over Cincinnati reds hurler j i in Mcglothlin right chatted with Baltimore orioles mainstays Boog Powell left and Ellie Hen Friendly Between the two clubs 1970 world series at Cin Einna Dricks at riverfront Staci u in however when they meet to to. Friday. Things May not be so Day in the first game of the St. Paul a about 5,000 of St. Paul a Public school children won t be out of a schoolhouse monday after a District judge blocked attempts by mayor Charles Mccarty to close 19 buildings because of fire hazards. A judge j. Jerome Plunkett issued a temporary restraining order Friday and scheduled another hearing for oct. 27. The order blocked Mccarty and Victor Tedesco a City commissioner in charge of buildings from closing the schools. The pair had Felt rebuffed by the school Board in their attempts to move school officials to quicker fire prevention moves in the old buildings. Supt. George Young sought the court order and said that the safety of children and teachers should be removed from the Arena of politics. Young told newsmen Friday that the school administration was moving along on such improvements As enclosure of stairwells and heat detection devices. The mayor and Tedesco believed however that school officials were dragging their feet in installing of sprinkler systems. Youngs reaction was a your Contention is that sprinklers do not relate to life safety but to the Protection of he said it be prudent to invest Money for that purpose in the old buildings due to be torn Down anyway in a few years. And he said the children might suffer just As much from a dousing by sprinklers As from fire if they had to Rush out into Winters cold. A there is no reason whatsoever to close schools in St. Paul a Young said. A there is every reason to maintain the continuity of education which is badly Young said the school Board 100 in the 1957�?T59 base has budgeted $1.5 million for life safety improvements in All St. Paul schools in the coming year. He said installation of sprinkler systems would Cost about $1 million. Tom a to for Cost the incidentals fee was increased by $4 this year. Hale Champion vice president for finance planning and opera Anderson and head meet in debate and continue squabble Over taxes schedule of pages is mkt. 2 editorial 4 area news 5 society 6 sports 9 farm Poge to comics 11 classified 12-is courthouse hit by blast new York City police Check for bomb fragments Early today after an explosion hit the to the Long Island City where prisoners revolted jail last tons said the tuition increase would raise about $3.7 Milhon and allow student tuition to continue to pay about 28.7 per cent of instructional costs. Student spokesmen objected to the proposed tuition hike saying it would create a hardship for Many students. Champion said $400,000 would be set aside for financial Aid to both graduate and undergraduate students who would find the tuition increase a Burden. Nwa will take Legal action to keep pilots flying Minneapolis a Donald w. Nyrop president of Northwest airlines says a every Legal step possible will be taken to prevent pilots from honouring picket lines set up by the airlines striking clerical workers. Nyrop said Friday night it was a sheer fallacy to believe that if pilots Honor picket lines of the brotherhood of railway and airline clerks the 3-month-cld strike will be settled. The president of the airline pilots association Charles Ruby of Washington d.c., announced thursday that Alpa members would respect Brac picket lines As of 5 01 . Cot tuesday. Weather by Gerry Nelson Minneapolis a Minnesota a two major party candidates for governor Dufler Wendell Anderson and Republican Douglas head have continued their running squabble on tax issues and Are trying to out pledge each other on lower real estate taxes. The two candidates met in the first televised debate of their Campaign Friday night. Head would not commit him Elf to keeping the states 3 per cent sales tax at its present level but said he would use a a balanced approach to new taxes if More state Revenue is needed. He said he would oppose extending the sales tax to food clothing and drugs however. Anderson did not comment directly on the sales tax rate but Deflers have traditionally opposed raising or broadening the tax. Head with a totally misrepresenting the tax Issue in his attempt to pin on Anderson the Label of a would be governor who would riase taxes and take away local control of education. A the critical Issue of this Campaign deals with the honesty the integrity of the candidates involved a Anderson said accusing head of a a deliberately misusing remarks made by Anderson oct. I at a citizens league meeting. Anderson renewed his pledge to veto any Bill which would Anderson said he wants real estate taxes lowered and said he would seek new Revenue by closing loopholes in the sales tax Law and by making the income tax a More the two candidates also exchanged words in the eight Day old debate Over Andersons proposal to have the state take Over financing of Public schools. The Del candidate charged raise real estate taxes or take away local control of schools. Head countered with equally Strong words charging that Anderson had made a false statements to the television audience. A my opponent knows very Well. That he proposed at that meeting a new statewide real estate tax in the state of Minnesota a head declared. Head said the plan would make the legislature a a Supei school boards with Power to strip local boards of their incentive to improve education. Stillwater convicts Back in custody after escape attempt week. An Anonymous Telephone Stillwater Minn. A two convicts flushed from under a pile of Coal Coke by warning shots were Back in custody after some 14 hours of trying to elude guards at Stillwater state prison Friday. Warden Jack Young identified them As Lawrence t. Holmes 26, and Jerry h. Campbell 25. Campbell was serving a life term in a grocers slaying. Three guards had been taken hostage at knife Point by the pair after the men sawed their Way through two bars in their cells and had partly sawed their Way through another. However fair to partly Cloudy today and third floor of a courthouse in Call to a guard at the jail pre Conti nixed Vold hiahtodoy�4�2 8uar a were Relas a shortly the Queens Borough of new ceded the blast. A wire Pho 43. Sunday High 44-50 Low to after they were taken one by York. The building is adjacent to no Flat 26-34. One. The guards were roughed up by the inmates and James h. Mcdermott 43, Somerset wis., suffered a Scalp wound when one Man banged him with a bar from the cell. Mcdermott was hospitalized. Two others who had facial injuries were Ralph in Magler 60, St. Paul and Leo Dauffenbach 52, Stillwater. More than two dozen prison guards sheriffs deputies a police dog and a helicopter sought the convicts after the breakout about i . It was t until shortly after 3 . That the pair were located under the Coke in the prison foundry. News bulletins kidnappers threaten again to kill diploma Montreal apr Quebec separatists have warned mint kidnapped British Diplomat James Richard Cross will not be found again unless Canadian authorities end their search for him and free 23 a political prisoners by 6 . Today. The Quebec liberation front said in what it again called its a last communique Friday that a neither the authorities nor their fascist police will find Diplomat j. Cross again if they do not fulfil our fruitful talks reported in Auto strike Detroit apr both sides reported fruitful discussions out no major developments As general motors and the United Auto workers resumed bargaining for the second Day in a Row today in efforts to end a 26-Day-old strike. Iranians Hijack Airliner to Baghdad Beirut Lebanon apr three iranians hijacked an iranian jetliner to Baghdad today and threatened to blow it up unless the iranian government releases 21 prisoners Baghdad radio reported today. Chavez farm Union signs contracts Salinas Calif. Apr Cesar Chavez so farm labor Union has signed two contracts within 12 hours with major growers Iii the Salinas Valley which produces 90 per cent of the nation head lettuce and an abundance of other produce

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