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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - July 11, 1977, Austin, Minnesota Austin daily Herald opinion Page the Herald has been for 85 years and still is a newspaper for Southern Minnesota and North Iowa fair and impartial to All seeking always to promote the Best interests of agriculture labor and Industry catering to no political preference and showing favouritism to no group firm or individuals. Monday july la 1977 Page 4 Kim will do Well Washington merry go round can to think of a nicer thing to have happen than an Austin girl win the miss Minnesota pageant held at Riverside Arena Over the july 4 weekend. In the history of austins participation in the miss Minnesota pageant it was the first time an Austin girl has won the title. This super achievement Marks miss Kim Fossey daughter of or. And mrs. Robert Fossey As something special and the Well wishes of the entire Community will go with her when she takes the stage for the miss America pageant in Atlantic City . Later this year. We sincerely believe that Kim has the Talent poise and ability to impress the judges at Atlantic City. She certainly deserved the title of miss Minnesota. It will be an exciting adventure for Kim and for those who will watch her Progress with interest. It would be Nice for another miss Minnesota to win the miss America title following the successful bid of Dorothy Benham of Edina last year. But win or lose the Austin Community is proud of Kim Fossey and wish her Only the Best of Luck in the Competition yet to come. Exit by enter cruise politics invariably intrudes upon every major government policy decision especially those made in the White House a and president Carters termination of the by bomber program was no exception to that Rule. Carters decision to forego production of the by was notable in that regard because there is every reason to believe it was principally the product of conclusions reached after an intensive presidential analysis of substance and fact. But if political considerations were absent in dealing with the merits of the Issue their presence was quite apparent in the brilliantly orchestrated propaganda Campaign during the weeks immediately prior to the by announcement. As a result the president deft handling of the by Issue had a profound effect on his love hate relationship with the Liberal Wing of the democratic party in two crucial respects first the stage managed Effort which established the pre announcement impression that Carter was prepared to authorize by production earned the president invaluable credit among Liberal democrats when he finally disclosed his contrary position. Second Carter adroitly mane Vered Many of those same liberals a among the most strident critics of major new Pentagon weapons systems of the past decade a into a position where they will be hard pressed to oppose what probably will be the defense departments most important weapons program of the next five years the cruise missile. Without the month Long buildup hinting at a pro-b-1 decision Carter would have received Little credit from the liberals on the grounds that he was merely making Good on a Campaign Promise. Instead the president built a a a Straw Man a then earned the liberals gratitude by destroying his own creation. He could afford that luxury because there was Little likelihood of a conservative backlash on the Issue. While the by emerged in recent months As a major test of Public policy for liberals conservatives were transfixed by other issues such As abortion gun control and the death penalty. But the Liberal democrats already have paid the Price for Carters elimination of the by program. In those weeks just before he disclosed his decision some of the most vocal Pentagon critics in the presidents party emerged in the unexpected role of cruise promoters. Perhaps their most frequently cited argument against the by was the fact that the cruise could perform virtually the same Mission in a far More efficient economical and sophisticated manner than the controversial bomber. The cruise is by All accounts the most popular item of military hardware since the Advent of the jeep. It is a pilotless drone less than 21 feet Long and 21 inches in diameter. Various models can be equipped with conventional or nuclear warheads have a Range of up to 2,000 Miles and Are directed on a reprogrammed flight path by a highly advanced computerized guidance system which can land the cruise within 30 Yards of a designated target. The cruise is in Pentagon terms at least a real bargain. It costs $1 million or less per copy compared with $100 million or More for each by. And it can be launched from planes submarines surface ships trucks or tanks. Therein lies its Only problem. If the cruise is to be included in any future United states soviet Union agreement limiting strategic delivery vehicles a course this country currently is resisting there must be some Means of accurately verifying the number of operational missiles. But the cruise is an arms control Nightmare because its Small size Adaptivity and mobility make it very easy to hide. That scares the liberals who know that Salt agreements Are useless without verification cab ability. But its probably too late for them to forsake the cruise now. Martha Angle Robert Walters opinions of others bumper to bumper More than 90 per cent of visitors to National Parks arrive by private cars an assistant Secretary of Interior told a Senate Parks and recreation subcommittee. The subcommittee wa6 considering legislation to authorize the National Park service to develop Public transportation Altema uves for would be visitors. Under the Bill the Park service would have a year to inaugurate mass transportation plans in Rune National Parks chosen for the ease with which Public Access could be improved such As with shuttle bus service a ferry or an increase in Amtrak service. The idea is a Good one. People who cannot afford automobiles have a hard time visiting Parks. Private cars and Parks Don t mix Well. Representative Jonathan Bingham dem., has introduced similar legislation in the House told the Senate subcommittee a automobiles have forced Parks to devote Mare and More space to parking lots and Interior roads they have brought noise congestion and air pollution to those very areas supposed to be Austin daily Herald published daily except sunday 310 2nd St. . 433-8851 second class postage paid at Austin Minnesota 55912 m a i a Mideast stance protested Jack Anderson and Les Whitten Washington several influential jewish leaders troubled Over president Cariero a attitude toward the Middle East have compiled a lengthy list of grievances against his administration. We have obtained a copy of the secret list which contains 21 complaints. This list emphasizes Carters failure to provide important new weapons to Isarel his cancellation of the concussion bombs Sale a Deal that sex president Gerald Ford had approved is cited. Although Carter allowed the Sale of $115 million Worth of weapons to the jewish state he Hasni to made up his mind whether to sell the israelis an advanced aircraft targeting system. The jewish leaders Are upset on the other hand Over the Sale of . Missiles and other weapons to saudi Arabia. They Are also miffed Over a private statements by Carter that the Arab leaders All desire peace and that Israel is less this is coupled with a complaint about Carters a excessive Lau Dation of Egypt a president Anwar Sadat Jordan a King Hussein saudi arabians Crown Prince fahd and syrians president Hafez j. Mar Sand Changa of address notice to Box 578, Austin Minnesota 55912 subscription Ratis single copy at new dealers and Street soles .20 Nom dil Ivriy in Austin individual copy delivery .25 per week Carrier .90 by mail Zon i general delivery Austin mmn.j46 80 delivery m Rural area Post office it fun 50 mile radius of Austin and to of . Armed forces personnel anywhere in the United states or in areas served by a p o. Or . Payable in Advance. Three 8 .50 six months is 5-00 one year.$28.00 mail a Othir zones delivery in Post office Over 50 mile radius of Austin a payable in Odeonce six months. $20.00 one year.$35 00 All Moil subscriptions paid strictly in Advance due to postal re motion turn Back the clock Assad. The jewish leaders Are a a particularly annoyed Over the Praise for Assad. They Are appalled that Carter Shook hands with a Palestine liberation organization official a at a United nations this organization still operates under a charter that Calls for the destruction of Israel. The grievance list also cites a Carter leaks on the a non productivity of his meeting with former israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. Some jewish leaders Are also angry at leaks expressing dismay Over prime minister Menahem begins Victory. They Are worried that the president is trying to pressure Israel into a one sided peace settlement in the Middle East. Unlike his predecessors who plotted each diplomatic step in utmost secrecy Carter has speculated out loud about the possible dimensions of a Mideast settlement. Jewish leaders suspect that his remarks Are not off the cuff As they seem but carefully calculated. He is trying they believe to push the recalcitrant israelis into an undesirable agreement. Even the presidents staunchest jewish supporters Are upset Over his endorsement of a Homeland for the palestinians. He also suggested pointedly that Israel should withdraw from most of the captured Arab territories. Such remarks have drawn fire from jewish leaders behind the scenes. For instance Hep Benjamin Rosenthal d.-n.y., has written a private letter to the president. Rosenthal expressed a grave reservations about Carters habit of conducting negotiations in Public. Some of Carters proposals complained Rosenthal do a not seem to meet any of the legitimate needs of Israel for he warned the president not to impose a settlement through a outside pressure or Carter assured the congressman in a Handwritten reply that they a share the same goals in die Middle East. A if any Arab countries Are willing to negotiate directly and bilaterally with Israel a the president wrote a i done to know of Carter said he would like to see the two sides negotiate a with minimal involvement by yet he added a this May be the last Opportunity for Many years to bring the parties together multilaterally and with our the two phrases a with minimal involvement by us and a with our influence a appear to be conflicting. Rosenthal is nervous that the president May be using . Leverage primarily against Isarel and that he May intend to dictate the terms of a settlement. Unknown to Raju a dishonest travel agent was caught by customs inspectors with thousands of dollars stashed in his socks. The Money had been slipped to the agent according to our sources As rebates for discount tickets. This led to a major in a of vesti gation. In september 1975, brass ring a it is our 19 airlines pleaded guilty to 190 Peculiar function to expose the criminal counts of rebating. In villains of society. But occasionally we pause to Honor the Good Guys the heroes in the daily drama. For them we have a special award a the brass ring Good for one free ride on the Washington merry go round. Today we award the brass ring to Gopal Raju an obscure Indian travel agent who would rather go out of business than Deal in illegal plane tickets. The Story goes Back to 1974 when Rajus Agency India travel service ltd., was grossing $3 million a year Selling tickets for International flights. Junctions were imposed prohibiting future rebates and the carriers were hit with fines totalling $655,000. Only two years ago Raju employed a staff of to. He occupied two spacious suites of offices on the 20th floor of a new York skyscraper. Today a beaten Gopal Raju sits alone in his offices. He has been forced to Lay off his entire staff. Yet he has not lost his dignity or his Pride. He is Well groomed his manners Are impeccable. And he continues to give polite personal service to anyone willing to pay the Legal fare. Q lost a Eek protected from these environmental dangers. A maximum use of Public transportation would enable More people to use National Parks and help reduce the traffic jams people leave their cities to escape. Des Moines Register. Quotation for the Day proclaim this among the nations prepare War stir up the mighty men. Let All the men of War draw near let them come up. Beat your Plo shares into swords and your pruning Hooks into swords let the weak say Quot i am a a Joel 3 9,10. A there is no nation on Earth so dangerous As a nation fully armed and bankrupt at a Henry Cabot Lodge american statesman. And i heard a voice from heaven saying a write this blessed Are the dead who die in the lord henceforth a a blessed indeed a says the spirit a that they May rest from their labors for their deeds follow them a a Rev 14 13, a for when the one great scorer comes to write against your name he Marks a not that you won or lost a but How you played the game a a Grantland Rice american sports writer. By Roger Larson Superior weapons system strike wave May cripple some key vital industries 30 years ago for the past several Days officials of the Mower county fair and upper Midwest livestock shows have been Busy distributing 5000 copies of the 65th annual event Premium Book which is the largest in the history of the fair a 150 pages the Booklet contains the official setup of the fair which will be staged aug 5-10. 20 years ago the first million Dollar budget in Mower county history was approved by the county Board tuesday afternoon. The $1,055,000 budget for 1958 is almost $100,000 More than the budget approved last year and $75,000 More than will actually be spent in 1957. To years ago the no 12 Hole at Ramsey Golf course is in the news again As that was the site of the 5th Hole in one of the season at that course tuesday afternoon Ray Hackenmiller chipped in the Little White Ball with a nine Iron on no. 12 for his first of the year. Hackenmiller was with Gary Duran when the exciting event took place by Victor Riesel Washington about the Only crisis which Hasni to hit the vital american Coal Fields is their capture by vast fleets of identifiable flying objects from the icy planet of Pluto. Young and new miners aged 18 to 35 Are in revolt. The teamsters plan to unionize the Western Coal states romanians communist government is buying into Eastern pits National United mine workers ump leaders Are planning political genocide inside the Union and ump chief Arnold Miller in his quixotic fashion has telegraphed Jimmy Carter warning him to expect the worst on the strike front this summer. And the worst May come during the week of july la. Mighty Little desperately needed bituminous fuel May be coming out of the pits that week a and that month there a startling reason for the White House trouble shooters to beware the ides of july a and of August for that matter they re worried about National strike fever. First it should be known that strikes of All kinds have been picking up momentum. Basically no me really knows Why. Its just happening. In May almost 500,000 workers hit the bricks. And at increasing Speed steadily since Jan. I the strike record has been broken each month. In mid june the Coa diggers who like big Ben have been striking regularly popped out of the pits again two weeks ago Between 31,000 and 35,000 miners were on illegal wildcats then they and thousands of others simply went on their officially scheduled vacation they re entitled to two weeks beginning june 25 to monday july la. That a in the contract. On saturday july 9, the other a a half head for the Hills for two weeks thus the mines should be producing some Coal but what if the Coa diggers who Are scheduled to go Back Down on the morning of july la done to most unionized mines will be As empty of diggers As our great lakes Are of clean water. Officially the reason for the recent unofficial Wildcat stoppages is the alleged resentment against the ump health and retirement funds Cut in medical benefits but that s Only part of it. Fact is that the bulk of the Coa diggers today Are of the newest generations they done to recognize much leadership. About 30 per cent of today a actual working members just weren to in the Coal Industry during the 1969 Battle Between the old John Lewis bloc and the so called reformers. They done to know much about the triple slaying of the opposition chief Jock Yablonski and his wife and daughter. Except for the usual distaste for murder the younger diggers just done to care much about such ancient history. Further fully 60 per cent of them voted against the incumbent Arnold Miller in the recent ump presidential election actually Only about half of All the working Coa diggers bothered to vote. Swiftly this old Union with a militant tradition going Back to the 1880s is becoming a Young Peoples organization. And the younger members Are not wild about going into the pits every Day even at a labor unit wage and Benefit Cost of $558 40 a week per Miner. Mysteriously motivated often strange roving picket bands know this. So every time there san emotional Issue the provocateurs fan out to get the diggers out. Thus the wildcats have Cost some 15 million tons of undue Coal this year. And this atop similar strikes during 1974-75-76. So the health benefits to 821,000 beneficiaries have been slashed because the funds have taken in $85 million less since 1974 of course the Wildcat ters protested. Of course More slashes Are coming since the lower the Coal output the lower the employer contributions to the health and retirement funds. And the lower the contribution and the benefits the higher the anger and the More frequent the illegal stoppages. So the White House is on the Alert especially its Ever More powerful Domestic troubleshooter presidential assistant Stu Eizenstat. Also the Council on wage and Price stability is doing a study in depth on the dangerous and inflationary Impact of growing Coal costs. The report will be out in a month. And this is developing while the mine owners and the Union leaders Are arranging to begin negotiations for a new three year contract. The mangled old pact expires dec. 6. Anything can happen before this a and after. But no Union is an Island unto itself. There Are critical negotiations in other Fields a such As in communications. The other Day Glenn Watts communications workers of America Cwa resumed bargaining with Rex r. Reeds at amp to bargaining team across the Green Felt table. This is the biggest collective bargaining of the year involving some 500,000 Cwa members another 150,000 Are in other at amp to unions. The Cwa has called for a National secret ballot vote ending july 22 authorizing a countrywide stoppage Midnight aug. 6 when the contract expires obviously there a fever in the air. So there s no doubt the Telephone company unionists will vote overwhelmingly to walk out. If the strike wave continues in and out of the Coal Fields it will be hard to hold the Cwa Telephone operators repair and installation employees As Well As those of Western electric manufacturing and the Bell laboratories. That a Why the White House is worried by the ides of july and of August and of the rest of the year. Ifs an Ever younger More militant work Force these Days. They know what they want a and they want it yesterday. Last week the City of Austin gained its very first miss Minnesota after 24 years of participation in the pageant program. Last year a miss Minnesota became miss America for the first time since be be Shoppe turned the trick Way Back in 1948. Congratulations to Kim Fossey miss Austin who brought the title of miss Minnesota Home where it belongs to the a Beauty capital of Minnesota. A fond Farewell and a Job Well done to Dorothy Benham soon to be retiring miss America for representing our state and the nation so Well As miss America. I can to really understand the amazing and Nice turn of events which brings both these titles closer to Home except for one thing. Two years ago i resigned from pageant activity after 22 years. Maybe i should have quit 15 years ago if it would have brought these wonderful happenings around any sooner. There was no doubt in my mind that Kim would make it. After All in be known her father for 33 years and he a a pretty fair looking Man and in be known her Mother for Over 20 years and Barb could still enter a pageant or two herself. And win. Congratulations Barb and Bob. After All you did have something to do with getting Austin a Winner. Well All be following Kim a Progress in the miss America pageant later this summer and it be Nice if we could Call Austin the a Home of miss America a i see every reason to be optimistic. So from this Point on everyone will be pulling for Kim when she represents Austin and Minnesota at the miss America pageant in Atlantic City in september. The Best of everything Kim. People s forum human rights editor the Herald i read with interest pastor George c. Berglands letter condemning equal rights for homosexuals in America. He quoted Leviticus 20 13 As biblical rationale used by Anita Bryant in her attack on homosexuals naturally i had to Check that passage to see what it said in the Bible. Pastor Bergland was right. It does urge the death penalty upon homosexuals. But How about Reading the whole chapter not just part of it and see what other a a crimes deserved the death penalty Back then. People who committed adultery lev. 20 to and people who cursed their parents lev. 20 9 also were suitable subjects for the death penalty. I wonder if pastor Bergland considers it wrong to admit these a a criminals to Church membership too. I always thought Church was a place for a a sinners to go for help if churches Are Only open for a a clean people where do the other millions turn to my main concern about this Issue is not Church or religion however. It concerns the dangers of bigoted zealots like Anita Bryant who single out a certain minority group in society to blame for All our ills. Hitler did a very effective Job of singling out jews and homosexuals As being the cause of Germany a social and political problems and thereby caused the incredulous murder of six million jewish people. I am not exactly warm on the subject of homosexuality either but i do believe Gay people Are human beings too and deserve the same human rights. Pastor Bergland implies homosexuals Are wicked people a As if they decided to become Gay out of an evil inclination of their own volition. The latest research on the subject reveals that homosexuality is a life Long part of about ten per cent of the male population in America and six per cent of the female population. No known reason or a a cause for homosexuality exists. Most homosexuals claim they have been Gay since Early childhood. It is not something they a pick up in College or in bars in homosexuals who Are High on the Kinsey scale of sexuality 5 or 6changing their sexual preference is virtually impossible most homosexuals according to research Are not typical rapists sexual offenders or murderers anymore than heterosexuals Are. Homosexuality is not destroying America As pastor Bergland professes anymore than is heterosexuality. What does destroy a civilization most effectively is hatred and picking out a single group of people who happen to be inevitably different from the rest of us to blame for society a problems certainly constitutes hatred in the Dachau concentration Camp in Germany today stands a Monument with a slogan written in four languages a never its supposed to be a message for All nations to prevent once More the unleashing of bigotry and intolerance. Apparently there Are still people around like Anita Bryant who think this applies to everybody except the people she dislikes. Dean Bishop 609 9th be n w

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