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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Auckland, Auckland Vol. . 228. 1g1stiird As a Edwi Ibl 1 \ . N.z., thursday. September 23. 1920. 10 pages Price a twopence. Lost and found. T Ost Grey smile comb. Opp George st. Tar Stop a la a test Glen Oil Dalry Reward. T Ost leather Portac containing nah and train ticket. Hirn not. At run ale t Ost m part ., Fawn overcoat picked up by Rund of motor lorry pc flip re to i. Part Avenue faqs la Jeen Grey Una one tree a a Oit oat Seal Reward n. Hair Lin. Toil phone 780 2 rings 15 l0 a a too us Oil Kiu Between no old sent Law is. Reward-40. Kiriaka i Newton panne a in 35% la a to i or cml Ltd to Between 7> 0 it1�?� /�?T,�lln<1 st. Last no it Renard return Wlna top Ltd of t Ost h.? wristlet watch Wyine al Fly of after noon list Vougn Khz bar pass and Newton. Good , khyber a. 553 t Ost Small purse wry �2 10/, Between in i Rueh car and Dominion ilfl., or the Nzura hotel Corners Reward at Star 100 t Ost mom Liny night Between Hepburn Quot st and railway station. Travel Liugi Rirs and Cushion Reward a address at Star. U2 t 03t, lady a Gold watch. Mil Nav tvs a tween Ryle st. College Hill and Herne bar car. . Hayward ft1 Queen 53 t Osty left parcel lady s blouses Etc probably ladies Carriage Wellington to run saturday morning Reward a address at Star. 53 t Ost Puree containing 10/ note Silver and lady s weekly ticket on 10 pm. Boat from town on the 20tli Otist Reward. Address it Star 221 t Ost. Gold brooch Quot Between Trade Hall and custom steer or Dominion re. Car and been ratio Reward.�?5, Trade Hall. Hobsch st 197 t Ort. Parcel containing 2 boobs and a ilk Scarf Between Apo and Dominion re. Owner s name. S. A. Singer in Hooks please return to. A Verlna hotel _ 135 cd spare wheel and new Tref Rel. Nch or stolen by tween Newn Arket and Short loud st wednesday a Reward foe information it tall Corbett co lend agent Quot Newmarket phone 2&269a 194 tel Ottnad. A sum of Moneva address it x Star. 1c6 tt<0 und. 12ft pin Ehy no name owner Rati have same by saying . Lei. Upper Vincent st. 183 Quot Uso did. Umbrella ferry boat owner cot a a a have mire by Nayong Cost of advertise Mcnol a fax 8 pot 43 air Klynd. 146 situations wasted. I a a Quot of will Del i a it Lopin is turn word on a. 1 i Ady a Kris a. A a a a a i rear Quot Camme Clil nieu Haneal a apr Deuce with Engi a us to a accessories and motor Ehl Clea correspondence Costina. And general business routine seeks position it to Prospect a mancunian Box 972, domestics wanted a whited for Tow Lee premises once a Studlo. New North re. 70 a woman , Devou port 73 Rook port b a diploma. Of Stait Oual tied open. To kept it Quot to it be aware Joof position required by first class Man hand or machine country . 29, Star. 167 tout Lukek competent All Jound Man wants position As Maun up Good re a. Country or augur by 2, a Kiwit. 109 carpenters and joiners 2open for engagement Day work or Midor. 16, Star 153 cackle it it competent reliable wants Light pm ring a Carter 992, Star. 21 to Imil oiment of Auy kind for saturdays n Natch by Young married Man a reliable of Dominion re. Tost al Loco info in Illian 3 Jere experience Cor Resipol Leuce clerk and typist Sperl if cud Stock clerk open for engagement a matriculated 4t�. Star. 9u Vook competent clean sober for a Wal Vajk to Tai flu no bread . Walsh. Of Lewsi. 11�o oots general 30/ housemaid 20/, Majit friends family a wanted for Wong Nul a strand registry. Strand abrade. 209 to Omid Stic help reliable Plain cooking a of essential a Ages ?13/ Eten legs apply 127. Grafton lid.__c5 Tomestic help email adult family Light duties comfortable Home Young or Middle aged �1. t. Hardley to Terdle it a. Ltd. Customs st w. Ill general help la Gill duties sleep Lio Roc. Mrs. Folineo Draper 134a, Ponson Liy re 00-2 a Xen Kral Good wages to capable person Oue fond of phone 4025 4 Ringe it 516 so Ltd wanted for Hou amp a a Latte 3 Iulg a 11 by delicate.�?l24, Valley Ltd., Lear Dominion Ftp. 507 situations vacant. Drep Ald advertisements not exl Jedi us a Lateen Worda one a Bunje three cons Eutlee Imse Tiona. Two my ninja and sixpence a a Dook keeper a Young lady for retail business Majery la attn Good to. Brno 254. Ltd Boot Trade a Saleswoman Good wonted Nof ger a soles. 99, sta1l f to oot a sales Nouvian experienced wanted. James Adams and co., Wellesley st. E. A Hoce r amp a you the. A Over 4 Yeura c ton references Ruth 19, Fittro Active a wants Posi Star. 206 dug or had new House renova branches old 123, new North lid. Thous Giwork wanted. It -1-1 the div or Romura to. Repairs Alt , r cooking by write "aijck-601 t Adi. Joung with child 3 years Caltea position House keep or h.t., 44, Star. 61� strayed and impounded. To Stovard for information who to detain in Black and tan cattle do slut in whelp with new Black chalo.�?3. Costi a st. Ponsonby 05 impounded in the it. Albert Public Wjk Potiuk by the Ranger for Strayne on Hunting tree Avenue Bay Mare Black Points Aleo Chestnut Pony gear Muir. If not claimed and eve name paid will be sold on october 9, at Noou. 81 t. Hayes Pound keeper. Personal. A kind person wanted a to adopt healthy baby boy 18 months old baby it Star �9 will Call for letter end of week married. 123 cd. A will use end not the other. Done to try to see Rob till you return irom Frisco. . Ftp i Udif this Dato i will not be responsible for any debts contracted in my name without my written authority a a. Cox it. Albert. 55 hoc pair late of Cortat Church j kindly run a Reehal hotel Northland. Hug thrill la in Auckland and would like meet Friend 3 any after to it on Auckland railway station 229 Tom e wanted for refined intelligent boy a 3i. Urith kind couple town or com try nerd a term to Home 111, Star. 8t or Arr Morson. Auckland. Kind person wanted to Board healthy baby Bov. One week mob Prev t2. Star. 128 Litant thanks to All friends who spirited in Are on Fry w. Cushion Point Chevalier. 73 tier son wanted to adopt Henly in Boby al d1rl fortnight e., . A a a Clr latin. 121 will Quot Mnuk Farmer re Quot firmer drills write Quot Caln and sign . F. Cranwell. A de agent. Bov p7. Auckland / 56 matrimonial. Marth onial professional gentleman Rel of Good birth and education stinger in Anele find Baa recently inherited n Fortine wishes to communicate with Young woman View to Early marriage and travel ii Hront. Bank references and hid lest Credon Lnla Given. Send photo state age. Telephone number Post office address ignored. Strictly confidential. A a Abc Box 12v7. P Zanck lend. 208 property sold and land agents take notice nor property in Taiva re. Lias been . 122 t and notice my Home in it. Andrew s ., jew of is Bristow_64 t and take notice my al farm it Parun Bay la withdrawn from. We we to. A Gotera. 63 t and take notice my a property. 99. Clo Bem ., has been sol al by Duane Nuil . Softer. 143 t an5d Agente a take notice the bilk let id estate property of the Inte or. C. U. Bottrill the tilt Bra in from Sale. 6 to let cottage furn3 rooms a a raft from san Tenn 1 from wharf Bench Fontanel f per week a Bench 1s1, Star. 144 cottage fartl., 2 rooms Kitchenette bathroom p w.c., High al Erntson Garden Spado a fitly town term �2 19/ o Box 203._ 119 it. tort of fumie hed bungalows to nip error couple it star_548 by Mudra Grain railway station furnished House immediate Possession pp1v to Bov right a 179 m an Young aged 25, seeks position in City any , 83, Stab. 181 tax elderly desires Era Layment in jux town Handy Good , &4, Star. 51 ton town or country no objection farm work know town , 996 Star. S5 Linting or paper buffing labour or Contr Nch efficient. 14, Star. 154 Jain Tang in per amp Ngung. Decorating 193 put rai., j. Al us 4 Ca 4�?vl 11 11111 estimates free Small jobs included. Moderate. 49. Star a painting and i Aper hanging wanted by 2 tradesmen Good workmanship guaranteed Prore moderate eat mates bristle a. Retmier 581 to position of Trust wanted any capacity no objection country or travelling Good a particulars accountant. S3. 95 situation As help in Kitchen or bowl work wanted by Young , 137. 1bt Shing and cleaning wanted. 12/ a Day , 74, staff articles for Sale tjowl8.�?set of Taylor bowl Quot for Sale d size 5 l4ift Price �3 log apply wat Lett and ninja yarn Rede Lead factory Pon Sonby. Phone 1093. 516 Nair pets 2axil no ter 12 x 10, in Good order owner leaving , Marama av., Epsom. 556 a Quot Toat Tweed lined Check never worn Large due f8 10/, take �5 10/.�? address at Stab a 121 Idle Ilia gramophone and 20 records v Cost �35, will take �35.�?apply Box crepe paper Large shipment. All colours 10ft, 1/ Roll Serviettes. 6d British Arcade 156, Queen -st.__40 tel leu talc Lauua Oil British 35/ Barker electrical Engineer 404, Queen st. Phone 2642a. D Gas stove aug Dand Cooke with sundries and Hood Good order.�?17, Bay Belli fid., Herne Bay. 108 Gas s res Fletcher Rufsell and main with galvanised Hood Chimney and Wall plate.�?133, Grafton re. P Raal phone new Oak hornless Lovely Tyno with so new records Only �8 a bargain.�?70, City Chambers 1s3 gramophone splendid tones �5 10/.�? 157, Karanga Hape ___566 Tram phones for Overy House to suit fill pockets.�?157, Karanga Hape re. 668 gramophone Horn Tench due n hangs it it �5 10/.�?1st, Karang Annpe re. 56� p gramophone. Victor triple Spring on Cabinet Large Horn with 40 select records Cost �60 take �20 genuine bar gain a to. City ?_140 handsome dining room suite Green Plith �17 10/ once Ulm bedroom a Salte �18. �?50. Great North _49 harness double Light Deil Veir one Collar 22in Good order a it Bayfield ird., Herne Bay. 1-06 Home Candy a takers let a stocks held by Henry Berry and co., Albert st., Auckland. 95 Itchen Dresser Large add la Chest of drawers a apply 4, Altce st., Rema Era of station re 66 lady est get 1�121 calender Post free from Davy 220, Hobson st., to keep in your parse.107 t Adies costume1, 1 Navy Blue Serge la toll or invade. 1 to Are cheat 331 a Waist 21, a address at Star._107 linoleum 18ydft by 2, Quality and condition Good �?191, Hobson st 29 t insole it Quantity of in Good Condid . St Stephen a Parnell 50 Forgan Good , Between a go Atul g 30, evening or letter a Roas 124, Remus re. 67 pair handsome roil bed Cheval bedroom tnhles.�?15, it. Pleasant re. 171 phonograph so Tsolson Diamond Standard �16 Choice of 3000 Blue Amberg records a Edison dealers to City Chambers. A183 phonograph Edison fireside attend with id Amon reproducer a tract la i by new crazy �8 inspection invited.�?76. City a Chambers 159 it Ramt seagrass for Sale slate Colouris new �3 5/.�?220. Great North lid. 3 Qew tag machines. A Thompsons 8, Straw Arcade. Cheapest pest. No Queen st. Renta deliver free. Agent new Home. D seeing machines a largest Stock of secondhand machine in Auckland at ii Ford to. From �2 10/ to �15.--8, Rutland ,8t Pilone 27s7a. 177 s i be r Boot Potcher Good order a of sep Rel super 06. Drop head at he of crib s Rutland st a near town hnl1 175 r ohim9 6unfurl apply a Ftp 6 o clock a i Rcd int Star. 45 rooms 3also Imo tfir Gar App 2nd cec., to refined me no at Star 66 fund for big it repairer to Quot a inquiry 31, in Prev Crescent. Cito per �5 rent grew a the of of face Quot Roc Sony it still Dina Tir porno and Quot Franr Ronan a apply R get car i Ludw. He sri of 512 solid Oak bedroom Snitch Oval mar rom �33 handsome Oak and other Slde-li00rd,f �11 �?56. Groat North _4� suit unclaimed Grey Worth �11 11/ bargain �3 8/.-�?r. Jaffe tailor is one pit it. Ojo Sutts i inc Alread. Bane a Erge Worth fil2 12/ bargain �9 9/-�?r Salt tailor. 15. Queen st 545 a of talents 10 x 12�?order now for Camplon j j season. Samples just . J Phoenix that Nunra. 1w my s. Books and Faney Good a Livirt j Tyreek of a ale mint 1 a Jim elite a Fiddock Kingsland. Kwh k articles for Sale. 1lts girls a. Vented to Rell steer of. Tart in a Kilts 144. 19& a Iolin in Case Good order �3 or offer of a vat lev it. Newton. 193 re perfect a in tel k. A the built like n watch Duit lop Tovrea and , Opp. Conru Quot. No Wrom a b the it Cycle a cd Slub built. Up die Hub. Bell Pimp roots front Jet a Fri Rej Alfilda. Opp. Courts Newton b 7 Money have to. A a the wanderer a Don t wait for trams get a Cyler Ash or terms a Reynold a. Opp Coutt a Newton. B giant calf oct a lie Only re Jim Gas water Heater Uono of cling no com plications safety a gae , it Ned b i Tif Tito of frames 2. In we. Trin r w 2ft 6la. Ail came Nete Kismet a ale. A with Trio Btu. Pm tuners. Lifts . A. So is a. Al Quot a a Quot 0�?o�3 l cil Etoh bras tubular Cal font \ a Ligal �11. Also a4few Gas Bollert. Ring Fletcher rkos., phone 514a, 109, a Laukau ., Farnell. R Guam famous Rezo a Olas the talking Machina with the original Patent reflector Bonne chamber. A fall and hear. Prices. £6 6/_to it Howiey a Endean a bidgs., Quay by Only address. Quot keep it dark. A a latkes a hair Day restores Black or Brown Rall 3/ in a 8/a.�?clultoj chemist Llyl Victoria 64, a Quot i irl experienced wanted for general a housework smal family no washing easy place.�?31, Shelly Beach Ltd. Phone s550�?2 rings. �?~__123 org. Good for elderly lady to help with ,�?7. Lower Vincent lady wanted aviary 30/ Good Prospect state age and full particulars a retail 13s, Start my dressmaker also improver Good Davis 297, Ponsonby re. Three i imps l-2 dressmaking a smart wanted also apprentice Good Mcaffer. Fol City chamber_54 �fj.lkl3, for boxing and Oriya mint depart a a agent a Northern Boot coltd., 69-73, Federal 6t so respectable Young for Wool Csc Ilo fancy goo la a George Horton 23, Hall 1 of Commerce High it 1181 of Liila ror ice Tchay work Pood Trade easily Learned Start �1 per week Satu da5s off in z. Saddlery co 1 a Hobson is 8j situations vacant. Apprentice Plura tag wage 16/ splendid Opportunity emart boy �?4, myth st., off st. Marks ., Rea Ueva. 806 Tyl Oaksmith Alio Eizig and general Foj Angea of or can take Over . T. Hurkett South Norse Wood. . 24 to it lacks myths a it floor Man or Good tm-a-1 Provet wanted Pood wages to steady Man a it Nedje Bros. Bad Gurel. 590 Natl lib Ilder first Clevs Workman is intelligent woodworker interested b in aircraft 8chonl. phone 842 al inc 173 a Ody is Nirta Pioneer Cycle a Newmarket work. 557 h housemaid waitress at riot Northland.__564 housemaid experienced right of Tram line a tel 179 26 housemaid wanted or Epsom private Ian nov wage 25/.�? address Star. 61 Trouse Quahi Wol Vresics 2 wanted Aio pantry hotel Queen by. 684 Trou Seliad. A laundress for Small adult j a family. East coast station 3,7/ Cook registry strand Feado. S?i0 ill our keeper Andy help Van fed a no Ash Hong. Good wages.�?14, Bassett re. Re Miera. 80 a it working or Cook a general reliable person a apis by miss Hammond. 7. City Ltd phone 2089 if lady Young to help with children and Light Housel old Dut left no Speight 251, Koran Mahape re 7t t Ady help for comfortable Homo in j-4 country no family references required apply Holgate Northern co Union blogs 5ffj a smart want al a for our lithographic department. Litho dict Brett printing co _ a t Ady clerk Junior a Wylie. A to plug age a refs and salary expected to j Quot a604, Star 84 toy wanted Fot Nasri Effes a apply Attlio a i it if. Tailor hop Victoria is k 2 Quot Dot wanted for Oli co Good pow Pecan a 23/ per week to ,�?� 77 Star. _ 158 boys wanted for factory apply textile bag and sack co Opp. City Market quot40 Quot Doy wanted for mess apr Etc �1 nor -4- a Ltd tombs Ltd. Rafto killers and a stationers City._81 of Ruar t. Wanted for messages apply Alex. Harvey and sons Ltd. King s drive _g8 situations Lafant. Country oat Neil Good conditions to right Man a a. Porter 41, Sherwood Agrey Lynn. 131 situations vacant f he wanted used to Lambo work Foi and Burnand Ltd a Slami Nul a 528 Quot emitters and boilermakers wanted a a steel co., Sale st Freeman a pay d4 Foux dry Lahorner or Strong youth a Fenev and son an h 1lij 506 b immediately apply publisher Star fort Street t Ady Olce and typing experience a wanted salary 33/ state age Ami add Rosa a manager. Box 411. In a 87 in of Mattl dts vaatc.1 Mno to Bernine tent a non also youth for Tail off pants maid. Amort wanted 35/ week to suitable Persutt �?238, Queen st 154 pants Talala and . Smart wanted Good the Long rooms duri Iora st. E. 1&3 be Oluera �?general and Hong Embly wage 30/ each a Wash uni family 2 adults at a Star. 39 t Ady wanted for drapery Ayd Root i a dept., Ounn general store. Wakato. Previous knowledge of the Tunde be Rasary. Write Frh ifs. To drapery. 66. Star 533 t aunt dry a wanted experienced sorter Quot and . Girls for mangle j room gaol wages Dominion laundry co Hohson st 123 1 probationer nurse Indr wanted for t a private Hospital a july Quot Rawling. Grafton re. 64b1 b and Lahorner a anted a App a a k. Quot Buckley. 14 Domini on .723 Ltd Good wante it once a Aii ply on it a a Quot Ruel Nung Stanley Dav fat a till or 43 / nil Een keeper wanted immediately. A Eden and Epsom Tennis club a apply h it Cooke and son. 12 fort st 324 a a third Kessery a improper wanted at once a w Wail acc. 163, Symond fit 552 l Gantert or Wynum let Saloon to steady Man,�?59, it. Edn 153 a two re Tiabl gent a hands �4 to and Cornio 8.5. Grafton re a 173 first class or pm Provst a we tto ii Rood in gear Reid and Burka 6/, Refl guv st Taiwan no 155 �i1n<= a Anred week Cora Tunt work and door a night Terv Morrer ule. �2� Tun if r Nurt wanted for Man Rani a oath a a Appl Ocamons la letter to cd or -. Join ers met Ohi a .8/ hour. 44-hour t tit a Ion 13 2n. Required for or Orpurt Rageot. Orn Ottn of Nerlene of Krosp pct m4\�glng Truf tor a wholesale. Ltd. Customs Quarry Man Good wanted t. Must be at Hammer and Drill work n no Alfau Man to do gardening apply my Gillum Bros 61, eudean�?T3 �?~bldga., Auckland. ____521 a pm Oakman first Clasa. Wanted House a also 1 , Bex 1. Of Neopito. A Imi in Arnit i hunted Urondo. A Johas. Shii Muon. 32 rtt let Long a w a a cd up Trou wer maker Serup. Dry 366 it a hand for Good Job. Piece or weekly a Bunker 2ml door. Smnf1 Arunde 396 �si5a1llr gut. Ill is Laws Unutoa 01 hid to a Bent ? Start october 2 or earlier con a to. In 1 contractor 57, vigor Brown in idler Quot 209 Tetil be Myrix Ift it to Nice to for the a Ftp a to plenty i goo i Allaround 5v�s&Ltd-Wrigtit. Top Wao it pen Innest jobs apply f port flt and in i Een Street s3 told the. A troop Nan Tod in Ftp a t 3-5 a a i. I Vanager no Deposit Plano co. S a a in a a 4? Ilo to. In i Fly apr rate a a Hley a wanted a fan Quot want cd a for Giaui i up ref to Ltd a is Mast in c ii tick it a us a it the stg re by. A Ege 2iv pc neck a 4 a Gish put to Quot in Tail seedsman and f it is Iii Mati a a 7� par\tri?<4 mid i apr Dianee a or into a w 7 a i a fiu Dpi Lenot re 182 net uni it Coxa i i. _ aet it b a a in twi a rpt or cont or a t no 179 t>ajvtr7r and pane a men inn pal Rne vat it of Roo ii ii. d1 �?1 to full o a Law a d Board and residence. / urst class. A Mona House it. Lower Fly monies st. Elioue ii. D4 Board la quart family by by i cubs girls a. 117, fet.1 it Liu Atud ild Iii in duct required by Joung Lauy a rang to busiun9a�? Lek Mah "_�5 guard ror a a. Usu Chi amp private a Luuy a anti it jul aug Milter cd a it a. Six al iia Nautel by Hal Sieu , pm ate must be a it Rall Lucr Juenal 113, a Cly al. Widow and in Yod us for a Fen months Only addicts is All.__�oj4 Board required o. it is of t i k mail Patli permanent. 76. S Tak viol he and req a Ilaa us King Road pern uni finlly y. 79. 6tp e Snoj Siglo 156 Bui lib and i Sid enc go d Hoino for drag Den 21 in 1 a ascent. T test to i is Man a mrs table. ,u 116 b Oard and is Rule. By Ini ii amps Hoard Nan Star in a Isuzu cd by 2 a a p of al i a men Ibro Tirats ill a of or Uit. A Piura i of. St a it my Goard of lured kilo a a h a prior in i h Prisa to family a til in Ltd o Iden-17, st i 8 i i 1 Quill i want it i neck a i in 1 Tienda i juiced for l�1v Good locality a All. Tire la writ filli8 i 5t5b 25 a Oard ibid Liwidetn-2 by Jill Andy Rity to lyrical. 111. V. Aota i or a rail fit i Quot j i in full m a i a Onta . A a Axil etl Central a get a taunt if it in i t Cut in Brj fit red to in or i com red i it her tonci if wait i a n .97 1 Quot by 19 arb and Lihani Deock t to nth re Mcd a musical my i had couple with one baby Ionel in ult 55 rite m in nor. 146 Star 373 Hamilton Quot Borough a Power of i ctn i it Riu ence for 1 threatened with stoppage cd saturday table talk. Riverine left for i Adnoy tvs afternoon bankruptcy sitting at supreme court to Day. Tahiti from Sidney Early to Morcott morning. Kamtim due from Westport to Rorro a a with . Bankruptcy court adjourned till Xoi Ember 2d. _ cargo of Traur sugar f of Fiji arriving by Makanoa to night. _ a lore trouble dieting bet is ecu railway department Artel e.f\c_a. Meeting in City Council chamber this Alcorn Joii on forestry matters. Heavy rainfall a North Canterbury with Snow in the Back country. Lucent cars attempt last night at the Quot senior foundry Freeman s Bay. Port Napier gone on to Wellington to Complete discharge of her cargo. Coal Famme growing More acute and settlement poets no More definite. Massterson w ill go dark after to Nick pc until More reaches the Gasworks. 1a in influence on no Trail of betting discussed a Iii glut league last evening. Last ear 2j3 Degreen were gained by students of 11k now zealand University l Remir hints at probability of legislation to discourage reckless motor driving. Departure of Mayhenn from Sydney for Uek Laud postponed till to Morrow afternoon Thole a a closing Don it of manufacturing imminent for Lack cd h1 i of Aas Taat . Nairn 281. Queen st 82 s hop ass staut lady a f ill al pock Bellcar and stationer. 31. It. Eden waitress experienced wanted for Tea room or Stacey s,4 Queen st. 1ct to waitress expert Iceil i nod to Tenn w Wate a Masante htrte1t ten Ranga. A 61 _ Oman , Ever Bod res theatre. A Oman or girl to Asal to housework no . Wellington st. 50 a woman protestant for general House work Parnell from 8 to at 8 tar. 22 woman reliable wanted permanently Fps wite Hlf. One Day a fortnight.�?26. Ladle mile. Rom Iera __527 we al a. Capable. Middle aged Totne knowledge in rang attend elderly invalid a country a Youm and co., 26, Queen st. 213 Avondale a at area so Wai resum 2 . Sinclair 4, Lincoln st. Ghoae-j716. 29 by los regl try 10, Gladstone Bult Dinge Quay Street Opp ferry building Quot a a Cooks b0/ second Cooks 56/ Walt reams. 55/ a a Stu Pennside. 40/. So late dresses Rantry Mald. , 40/, 20/ Parlour Bald . Nurses. N Han Emald. N a cremes Quot. Housekeeper probationers Pewen Mald. W. Milkers boys bushmen factory hand phone 1702, d cd strand a Repi Atn. Strand Arunde a cock. 6n/ Tva tres Quot 40/ hons Emold Tab dress 40/ housekeeper 85/ Nury a. 35/. _ strand Rej Stry a chef. 3rd Man. Kutr Hernan. Couple Quot �200, cot Toee 5flltera, 55/ youth sheep Rar. A Tione 990.__uk pupils wanted a Shlez go coaching collese. New Zea fax land insurance rail Dongs. Coaching for Kuhtic . Backward education Brokkee Piti. Junior and senior. A t\re88mab ing Wex a lessons All u branches first data dry Vieras Luln. Hours 9 am. To 6 Neaty 11. Tabernacle blogs. Newton. B miss Sinclair. Teacher of millinery. Day and evening , Etc., 2nd floor strand Arcade. B mlle. Leboux dress mating Clotees 14, Tabernacle bldg. Classes dall7 also 7 ., mon., wed. Bat. Thart. Morning Only. A Quot physical tin tractor about to form a a Giese would like to hear from those interested. A particulars instructor Star 75 miss Sheelah King a.m., a a teacher of pianoforte and theory will interview Pupil at her studio at Kenneth Eedy a Plano warehouse opposite y.a., upper Queen Street Between 11 . And 1 And 2 And 4 On a a mondays. Wednesdays and fridays 1> we alter Smith teacher of hawaiian guitar ukulele mandolin Banjo Correct method Quick remits.�?16. Turner st. P �2 2/ to become a swimmer to receive a private lesson from a Muter of the Delight Fol Art. Both nose me. Ladle children All delighted with their Crea. Write Box 1327, or ring phone 2746, Aud ill promptly make arrangements to Salt Yoo. By d. B. Anderson pianos wanted. Broadwood Brinsmead or other Good make will pay Good Price a a Quot a. Hawthorn 28, Karau Mahape re. Particulars 9li piano a unfed any make Horer no object top piano Newton . 103 to it Ian 0, la Gish at be Iron Frame. Spot .�?mozart. Arch Hill . Anted urgently must it. 67 pm Xii wanted pay immediate Cash for j instrument 10 to 15 years old a school 908. Star a a shop assistant lady. a Ernest j b. Howie and co pastry Cooks. 200, Symonds st 56 solicitor s Draco a a Mitch. Office a girls Annlot in handwriting to Box 1614, City. 137 Oman wanted to a let and Tea room a cadent Tea room 15. Wellesley st Quot West 132 Tju Slimline 12 wanted to fell do acre Mann Nehrin. 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References and particular Quot to grocer. 61 a Dominion Road . Urges wanted for thu Auckland a ten tal Hospital. Salary �110 p.a., Villi a go re and lodging. Apply personally it the Quot mental Hospital. To the medical superintendent. A Uffia Baloner nurse wanted. Midwifery training apply Matron Mangouni Hospital s Cuthbert b. Wanted immediately teacher of dressmaking. Experienced person wanted for dressmaking Clase four hours per week. Apply in writing to principal. St. Cuthbert a. Stokes Road 1 mount Eden. 530 Yroc lady As assistant bookkeeper wanted. Must Hare Hole experience. Apply grand hotel dentistry. Up e n d e b role Etta if you Are Servo a and Agni live about having your Teeth touched piano English wanted urgently a genuine. Spot genuine. Newton ._ 1?2 piano to it i Frame wanted for dance Ball. Top Price Walts Arch a lip of. Piano wanted for country school Price up to �05 English trustee 348, Star 191 piano Good second hand wanted for country school Little Borer no school g.p-0, 9s piano required for family use will pay Cash for medium Jar Lee a. J. Ban Goa . Box s22._4w5 piano second hand wanted for boys club pair fair oath Price also fill hard , 143, Star. 183 tel Altor from the country want Plano v for children learning a pay about �70.--Rnta, 849, Star. 192 j i b k l d. Quot dentist has commenced the Tigi of his profession in be Boom s buildings Queen st. A Quot o to Howey Walker 209 Queen Street. Gentle near and extreme care gtd pc Vinson and Ingram dentists Karanga Hape Boad. Specialists to Bridge work facial Besto Ratton dentures filling and pm Lees extrac Tlona. Telephone 4104 a clerk smart wanted with re Orl no a of fee Sirvel diff Fri in rec a us Canale Hook a keeper apply tall no Elart to clerk. Rox . Auckland 68 n Cilinia Asni l Glass Airle Packer 5vant.ed constant work Good Dilona. Wages to suitable Man �4 to Start. Replies confidential. Apply Quot by letter to Ipac Kier. 13.-, Star. 159ssi8tant customs clerk. We have a vacancy in our office for a smart respectable youth for the above position. Must have pre Rlou Quot experience of Catoma work. Preference Given to those with a knowledge of the do a ulcese. Apply by letter enclosing copies of reference Quot to the manager Kempthorne. Prosser and co s n �5. Drug co. Ltd Albert Street. 526 the government of Tonga rf.qu1rt a travelling Foreman of works. Panl Loit should have some know pee of roid run Lars. Can res and Ferro Concrete work As Well a Ordinary building and maintenance of existing build lop. Applicant Quot Quot hould also he Able to etl Meta of mater nos and draw rough Pinna and . Salary �230 ppr annul. And an of 19/ per Day 5viien travelling. Appler Aliatis with Tea to on Loti to Robert Millar and co. Agents for government of Tonga Kings Chambers. Coi Merre Street Ujj ttys Nants wanted for Auckland mental Hospital. Sell nov for it Rural Rel Lien. £222 19/. With Board and lodging for single Imea �187 10/, with Hoard and lodging applicant must be under 33 years of age apply Penman by at the mental Hospital to the medical superintendent. 032 up pirate applications on printed form 111 be received until 3 r m on tits Elf Dat. September 80, 1020, for say of the a headmaster reran Era. In lira �420 and ��%0 House allowance. Last quart or a or Ernie 690. Sole far her a mane a Anta Gnu Rokl Rains �139 she �20 a. Arn a and a Perlmu near Drury 6 Day but lome �220 find a roomed re is Denic combined overage 31. Orewn and of often half time new bib ooh about 22 children. my terse at �230. It Eflyn to Kahuna. Ar8t8tantsat �140 will he 1 0. At �189 Crsp Lyun Manga what Rich maid Road-tt5mai.f sirs taint at �140. Bau Tonnu Itam bldg a bog wanted Good conveyancing clerk to take charge of country Branch is thin two hours of Auckland. Apply in first Ine fance. Stat tug experience and Alary required to Hals buy Cox 431, Auckland. 520 bookkeeper and general clerk. And correspondent for i wholesale soft goods House. Applicant must be Over 2venrs of age. Experienced and capable. State present salary a la it salary required. At i cant. Porn 1557 Arkland. 105 Quot Goy wanted for the office k Aifoi Woollen co. Wellesley Street. By smart tor Legal off1cb. Wanted apply handwriting. D4 cos 754, Auckland. Coach Smith and Farrier. First class wanted for Suva Alio Painter. Capable of doing Plain . Good All round men required. Wages 20/ per Day. 45 hours per week. Fares refunded it end of six months. Apply r. Armiger. 120_ re a bit a and cold. crockery furniture and general trading. a re invited from Shoaa who Are capable of taking charge of a by Lenaa above hoes. Per Anent and lucrative to amp it Lon to tillable and energetic Man. A apply Catlynn close sat i Day. A september 25, to Box 90, Tad Manunca. F o r r. M a n of w o r k 8. A b o to r e r i wanted. For Tom an Wright Stephen re no a contract Oahu he. Tvs anime Jesul Neeb with Shcond-"1 Carrr fixate wanted for a s we agape of Hunga Trade apply. W r fat Ron 39, Ferfer but Dingol. 514 o Junior. Youth or to lady required for City office. Revlon experience not essential. Apply to . Box 54s, Auckland. A Kph Gar Good Ron and Ewen of to invite App Lac Quot if it a for position of suburban drapery traveller. Only Young men a Ltd it irn Bio experience need apply. Post references conf dental to 1m Box 213, Auckland. Of tying machine expert thoroughly experienced wanted for to Jorge business of gang Saatloo. Constant employment and Good salary. A apply Box 579. Auckland 91 y\7ancato Vav a of Quot Art hop Star and Ohar Tabije Aid Board position of accountant. Applications for the above Are invited from qualified accountants Irp to to it the october 1920. Salary. £-90 per annul. Particulars May be obtained from w. I. Contrady Secretary. Box 14, Jam Elton. Kroutil to assist to costing and stores office. Apply or. C. Cavanagh. Pm Yulan Armitage and co Federal Street. # Ltd., Antral by a a will Froh nut air a it Ivan ipod i a or n a Init ref Quot a i r Ting room. D Hump a write redid Eil station Ticen st refined Reva tel no . A a y z. 120 8tar 46,1 electing of protect this evening by a card Aud a Emblem e by a in estors in local body debentures against lion Fly la couple Ron of inv apr posed taxation. A Gajc Ujj a to Merit f To Lonj or Corinth c it to a he do of Wii Erras s Rev wiw1. Corl Nuhic 1t6, Star a 50 tract n a furred �?terra1?, a rent to to it Oard required by pen Lemaa a7 a Lior t Xiv j 2�?T i proposed fax i Ife of j. 1�. Burn Engineer p i Vince j. 1�. Burn Engineer at Petone died to Hrench accidentally drink n Fri a. He re Deriv Runau per poem 112. For 137 i a la a c. M. V�?1 a a 111 to i1 a a a. Ii private preferred or a inf poisonous liquid. 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Tise 7v Nur to ref a or or Aii Omile near ctr -r-rrr-h1 tartar 198 Jjo oms Quot ref iftrlio8 Aprl her n tint fed 1o so inc re of yesterday inv private member Tovi Ilid a address it Carterton Borough Council ree Gneil j �?�?�1 As protest against re election of Mem to mtg ence near a Narf Waterside in Abera "1 a Hallil beei1 Sun Pend in. _ t it 73 i Auckland accountants urge the Appolito he 18. Liverpool st meat of a Royal cominis bion to deep Board and residence is Section Luino the permanent methods of taxation. Phone 325 a r cd Brishc Liburdi couple sentenced to three a tto acan feb for boarocr1-. Cd pay c it no months Itjin Ozment yesterday for Torras . Clair House. 2in. Ruel neglect of the Wowen a huh no = in st Fot m Man Revoire Smrdl hers Quot a tiv i of. Fam ill i in Fly Eyajan to child. St a err Rij �?_j7_ wanted to sell in furry in Raj or Sra Cut. J. Tom ii in Quot Hoil it Fri tuft Rrt 41 it of a a inline Quot al h or nip Natl runs acc tn11&Quot a pole Rev cml Nile a i a Navy in a in no i tit r a it a Tony worker y Feath Orsio co operative Dairy co. To it i will consign the whole of its exportable 7 i cheese a through the Bristol producer i association. _ _ i a Wellington visitor or. W. Tait Bill dim a octet a shares a�-31 4/ full found Hing across Tram rain in Jervia a Iid. What of fur 5x4 Fate , Road la amp to evening severely injured and 4 x j Ink min 17. Far 161 Union solor. A jibes in Uusi Lor retorts a Prosi ratio ii of Auckland Tram Ray Union in connection Xiv Ivlin recent strike adjourned till october 0, oing to illness Itsue a kilns blast furnaces csc12 in x 6 x a 3s�?ii. Tyrny Nurul coonehiing.1 525 t f 1t a Las amp he walled 1 a. To a t1.543 a la a i. Cro Rahic App. Bulham 01 Zir Alk late Tell for a a fur will Ltd d 1 t,�?T1 t i a Fri in lit Yanuari a a in it re apart me its vacant a Iriye a Laverne. It. Albert i i fleeting of the in tiers last night decided the 0 Rel mrp 1 Uta quote stack about la tons �23 that it is inadvisable at present time to a by Kland lid. Maugere left Side ask teachers to give instruction in Talt Alfil Hygiene in the Public schools. The j fullers Ltd have bought the Colic st Prospect 1 Lull Drin 1 itt a Are pm �1 i write of a e \ tt7ind0w ski files 4frames Complete. 1 for ifiie�?1. Boonme a a Advelia Olfier will give 2 Yurn Rowau in Nome it. Eden near cars to a coined married couple no children m , id re for help �?15 rite r a 7&Quot. Star d4 of a a Seum no Dpi to in Chri tih urch to erect lie it. Eden. A i 1 a i.1 a Fri a a a la new vaudeville theatre. J lie Price 13 j understood 1o be Well Over �12.900 Vella s value aids Ora tia. Or Maulden is suing the City 1, Fumii and Kitcho ddts. A to it Ard 11� by Dri Kim a and shul Nefro al Oella. Yinru for uni use Hitchen a address st s wine co 24b, Swanson st star___1gs his Tek. T drawer. Oak Betl of Tattini room i Una. Slut 2 by in r 1 m a Ven Calif it. Elec. Light .Etc.�?ii, Quot sin mind y old Ron Sherry wmtf�?1 Quality 33/ Voie. Cart Heitli freight paid. ._._. A oort wine Igod. 15/ per Sallo i car no Minvil and y m u a for �7�> for injun a Guys or Jirs to Wendell Swine shop. Us. To ins n us a alleged to have been Cau de i Karnar Hanpa Rev a 1,. Rirt1 ii no or than Palms used i Quot port Wiltie special 35/ Rise. A Iel stored of a or Street Decora a Gnu on of care occasion of i rally ii of Plaht v 6 Eitra a Colon the Trine of Qlee pm it the cac a Vas called in court , and and f Singer. 7-Draner. Oak. 6ck2. Is new. A Ourng a Jor to Spek a a hand. £2 10/ mfr hocs m Exchange Glork 134, Queen st d c ome to the Thrift a in Bitmon to i Mihn. Hall Connert machinue5, Akes _ Morrow Jill sitting room iurn., Balcony self prices. Machines brought mild exchanged chamber. 21o to f put adults 1/, re i Ron Raed. . Electric i Jav. A Globe. 154. Queen st Tlene 21&Quot d j it Len girl j to �1 j Eer. One. Istl had for Sale to Tara and Bunn. I a the noted i Luw . Third floor i Rolf nil Addi it 13 i theatre Royal. Kingsland you blk room suit marry fat a Oriolo also Quot to o t 0 r garage u % i furn bedrooms. Raen preferred a 1tj �sla1 Mojo Entrance.�?9 j 11 Ali heat. A a a Fiat Dildo no a. Ile anime a i that i Uril to let. 2 lie Tooni n . stove and g. 24 Vonroth us ebb Quot bedrooms 1 Mingas ring a it 2 Louuis Kitchenette. Furn. Up a Ltd Nice it loan meter till View we Nark Pic Cine 146 Devon t 2 1 1 a on Hon it Bias fir no Sil to legroom a and i plate terms a Star 290 t auge Lee j a it t in Groom Filo. Olhorn furn. Snot a mailed couple find Bristoe a Isrl irs Graf Ron jmj add Kirss it so \ r and thanks Timote who answered Bis Advt. Re apartment equal to new 31, Cornwall i ask a1 exit Epsom. Be Vafis Aud buy from the maker it. Al Iund. Louka White Jian Toibb of and Cabinet i Arton. 82-84. Hobson 6t 42 Cults. Aad figs obtainable All scores 24oz tin. To gtd 3/6 fri8c0 and Dominion co., Pooh Street 4ucl.laad. D 1 \ in. Vij b Aal Jortis it Uja Kea in . Ltd records All be ii lug Quot Aud f Riata Ai a lock lol Drutt. Manager Bui our sports footwear Early Tennis Bowling Cricket and yachting boots and shoes at lowest Price. At per Quot son and co., Road and farm i Dalry Farmier thi Fui Ujj to in Evwen o a. Init and in Jing Tore Rietl us one of Start 15/ week 7 pm 23, st. 53 Quot Tai a it v Ulvi guru sure. To j Lorili to Deposit a re Anos Flora 10/ in posit. 5/ weestly�?70, City Chambers let j a fit Louerl a it no a nil run i Arcuni snied to plough it. I Carrieri Man preferred a vol Gate. Northern Quot Oil k c. Quot a toads 8t 513 Ilund an to Peti ugh. No Illk my i3 5 a liar milk and or Eiwood free a f a a it it it to Kunii 94 t and Tufit a inti it. In Orchard a Tulit a girl pud Good Home to tilt Alil s Ini al nip Oto a Onlin a 42 tatar r 111. 71 f re pert help a rim o Ali 1 lev it v Roh re Nice i another in. Conr aug Morecr first. S,1 Oom slip it log to r1 ? a a i 1 it on Suu two Busine a t pm i it heir Ltd. Nii Fum of 8tvtc \ la new ill Miuse for private Sale at a pct Ziy reduced Price till Clid of South Stoyk taking a a de. Grorge walkkp., As Queen st d 7>ll is Mark a Ali Jtj sell elite in. To any a a Nariti a Petrie 7, Alpha Ltd Parnell n Titan uti Foj in milking a �1ai , Euilio in. Eji Ersilie Hor Ifa e room. Run in Inu in la Vijil Nueku tal it is 2julio Unni to rum snot ind a Pult Heads and linger Boot Patchor Mic a a Dill is st to 572 is new a a Roei b Retina Una Soldier room fur girls. 1st s use com Alt j address it 11 rooms in i ur.,4 cu1 Nen or 8t a i a w jut me rotary 4-dr.mer drop emails it it a 4i, i flor uti furn. A Uli Hal Nncy repairs or Etc it to a null a ii a or st Paul s Church a addres a Orera 23 find 35, Wellesley st. W. Laboi 126 a filler a opera j iu-1 of it a Gale a in furniture end �?10, Torper of omit. Funru one with get sol p Hren lice. Use All Oom Wilkel it Furi shed Henri uss ii bps �?16, Chi Ipen 8t b in Boom Larae front Nee of Eon a i a a Lance for to raping and alight help a Star s Quot Tom double from 3eni it Quot ten Vddre-.? if a a tar 1 44 inspect the Beautiful used furniture tia help tor to i. In our shop Turner st of Man Vomish Pinr arb p r birr Mutin fur Ity Fiir. Oue aule = Eirc a Mitt Edriea used my wanted fur arc Neil furn work �2 a \ rail i Frink in i. A Ulm for. A or ring 12k mind Ore not a al til my f a a anti in Jor Minim i Luigj farm e Abb o Nilk Ati ii to a Tang h Llu Ihl Mir i of up Lou 560 wanted to rent Bai b Siu ii re rushed o Romu Middle derm lips tend Lau pvt my Ford to lil Kapuniai l pitch bar he i 3 o �?T1 re lit pm e n t cum cd until be Claing suit me a 142 to it Ooms la or 2la a. Unfurl Central. In up Jismar i e rent working people Qimei addres m to i _ 424 Ooms unfurl. Be end a. Gas in not Mali to. Eloe id Sertl a jt.\r___�45 fun. Rui Tehle girl or pin Awn Pirn of the Day preferred Uitz Rodri w or Tatt 113 add a gun a he Hora fast sunday _ int learn a address Star 298 in a e00m� Nissl a Ltd Quot Oft Wah primate family Quot Kuom. Lirse Large nut Tun few a Iolite Elk Erly in Rev pref a \ mre8i it Star. 214 Korais 1.2nice m c near 2n-ri a pct on Dominion re. Tin turn to refluxed Lon Dominion re. Own cooking tiv a Lara Quot state. 103 door. Large it furn. 2 or 3, to let e views private contra.1. No Emilii Walt Eunata st off new st., College 51 by 9 rooms bed Mon and Kitchen me far Tove. Ole Etric Light al Ardre it Staras if you want your Home to look a get _ come to a our user goods Are better than the present Day \ new. Quot to half tie Price Lovely oru aleuts antique Vasei. Art furniture. to i n-v-1 of ii n \ re. Fur a fur a ii l 0 i cd v,1.1�?T. It. In a Tami a it Arnm Dru in a a Saint Pru c co i 5 i a d Lupin All 1 in ii Init a i a put 14l st a adult 171 de amp is f1rnitdiie store 403. Queen Street. Opposite Myers Park Entrance. A plumber and corrugated Iron 125,000ft of frat class Kauri and Weatherboard. Flooring be Lings lining scantling and crossbeam 3 by 2, 4 by 3 4 by 3, 6 by 2. Fly 3. 0 by 2, 12 by 2, tid 12 by a a. Seven tone of first class corrugated Iron. I am now ready to receive orders and make Iru Mehte delivery. F. S. Petrie b 7. Alpha ., Parnell phone a308 bargains to new Mirn Brulte at George walkers new furniture department special paces this month before 8rnr taking _ i h"1/ v a 7�ikin Fri a r0vii 1 a a a i i Hun 1 illicit o c bit Inesti it Siut a Ier Rcd run tip it Jui Irv 1 Helm "7,rro�r_i�?T��?~ 24th t it Jura an 7 Ford Erpf to -1 a a Lar ii Worthi 11 i or a i let it 1 r 1 no 1a a it c1 a Bent in 1 null i Val 2.�o and fur 11 ll.-. I it., Tiitu in i n 5m3 A 1-,1 at ski nil.11 a ii but c �fu1 Ulah in it wanted. I confectionery or stationers Fiji Iii a a anted. A Niimd at grocery uusines.-. Mula i n in a aug ii Quot 100, i to t Ady with Little Capitol her of an Rani reply. Of Lulue. To a a i like to. Fiou a in on soapy 756 youth. Experienced,1 for extending and invoicing. Salary to Start �2 10l apply in writing with references p. Hatman and co ,1?q a mpg it Quot Petu Ryhd Soldier was Hes Pur. In a. A Lac repeat. Dept. Furlet near City suitable Market gardening or fruit growing no fire its a Soldier. 30s, Star. 70 a Deb Tieb. Liar in �100 pan ital Tronald tie Taii loot business with a ii . If. _ a facturlnc1 Nannt Trefet Rcd. Atnif nor. T news aug wig Auu a assured income of �5 t a 0 11. 226 Aen Tillman of Good address Haling no capital to invest. Is desirous of meet aug another in same , 980. Star it tick la t3, Star manufacturer a t ad1d3 and gent s Felt and velour a renovated As new.�?1tutfa# so Mohla st a Siim 5\ ii in j in it i Hrc Iliria i air. I j. Quot 1 Alt ��trp1 a in i i Oti inv or Uin i is Gro i ref i a Fin is str Iio a Ivr in am in u m a i no hop m Ltd in key ii Eitnier Tutor i Street a bronc Bijie Road limn Iii Flohil of a tempera stale rent Terra of lease to Fig co Dux 1.176, Auckland. Qetv1ng Oak Dron re hide latest Delagna. Prices right. Repairs to All , a strand Arcade. A ;