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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Auckland, Auckland Vol. . 28l / 4b 4 at \ g.., Iau Dor. Auckland ., wednesday. November 24. 1920. 12 pages Price a twopence. Frost and found. T of Quot to purse a Malnin Fzli 0njlorn. Jurim nud add Efta in purse re hard d27 t pm Napier wheel cup Between wharf st a 1 Vakapuna it Wimunc regard at Quot i Oil Holder of Tali lamp a a around City. Hew arc a. A a. Hogg a like Fjeld is. 7 pm. Law ban och Between Tau Rautu a boat and Snori Onby. Reward to Rose he. Ponsonby 5 t 01, 1 horses 2 3rej Hacks 1 Bay a Mare 1 Black gelding i Capo 141, gue Ciunga to st a will Perm who look glut Saj l umbrella from �?T003011117 club hotel hat urd kindly return 596 t Ost. Small Bunch of Freya Between st Mark a ski. And of Symonds st Reward Roll find co now Market �o19 , Gold medal with lettering 11. K. A tailor. Iuar a Kui Uett reward�?1�o9, Victoria Arcade Auckland 30& 1 Usi 01 mrar.111. Froin so 7, a Etoh hd., a toy Block Pom monday evening a Good Reward a returning Samp. 60 x Ost in front of g i1 tol4ige Cun a car Roofeh a Reward on returning an Glo Aron Birnn soda i Wolanin Miteen at 54 t Osty would person who picked rip Quot child s tricycle in Dominion lid. Kindly return to 2. Dominion 2 204 Tost Gold medal. No null Island Canary a championship a Houghton by Hilll Pps and imply it l r Queen st. 13 t Ost. Letter Case Ronert Long Roll of notes Slemp Bay car s 30 a in wednesday Reward la Hammood phone 3058. �21 t Ost railway ticket for Wellington on a saturday 20th, al of reserved seat Tirkot a Reward Slat Loemai it ler i office. 69 lost yacht Mast from Shelly Beach Ponsonby Good Reward up b Green Hough. 127. Newton re Fhone 2398. D4 lost Between Wellesley st. And courts parcel containing silk Blouse and Blue ribbon Reward phone 4-266 cd rings 1 is t Ost. 1 a Irge Parrel near the railway a station Reward a Janies White 31, Murdock regret Lynn phone 1674. D4 a la it Ltd d a but wants work quote a�n-1. At Star. 2j� a Lues Cone ill tny a re Hel a lae unequalled knowledge Fusu Roseau muck cat As Allier Maui or rei. Tak Puna. Liti j Alt Enikh and Joiner exp Erie used. Etc. Of Alwy in bibs 3 open to take labour vol act. Any st Sld preferred Huu Gaw expert gr06. Stattel amp a wants country work after. Brat May cottages Wood hed. Etc2flfvtar Jolt it if required reliable. Fam ten g cleric seeks Pori Ion in a a Auckland wholesale Arm a la or refsetc., write accurate Jim Star 41 Quot Jou thy engagement us manager wanted Able take full Cou tool buying a Barrett 37, Wllliam Sou Hipona Obj. A t Ost no senber in. Brown Cocker a Spaniel Bitch answers to name Howard returning to Brown 100, Kelson st As t Ost watch and Chain with locket a lip tween Rollph nigh and Reguera. . Young Norman s Hill one Bunga 174 lost l Ynola and several Small key attached to a piece of Spring. Saturday in Newton re a will fled or kindly leave at �21, Newton re ? 524 lost on sunday Between Epsom find for tort off Gold a Tibolet in try shape Octagon. Reward.�?3, Huuk Lin rd., a Ponsonby. 43 t Ost tuesday afternoon to it. Eden a train or cur John cur to of leather on re. Containing Hank note a. Owners Sauie and and dress Nalde a finder please leave at or Ting up 1452 128 a Pound Dinghy owner May Tuite same a Iby applying 9. Haa tongs Parade Devon port. 48 1tnd, Soldier s badge in cull at Ormrod s Star Agency 574 a a strayed and impounded. Strayed. White Pix terrier Black ears spot Ltd blk. -Reward.�?59. Prospect Terrace. It. Eden. _392 strayed st Andrew led., boy Pony 12 of Lonj it six it forehead. . Volf full st. Andrewes rd., it. I Loskill 579 if tray de Black and tan cattle dog a a new erg to name of adj Mere Reward. J Parkhurat it Prince -st., Onehunga. 557 strayed dark Brown gelding medium draught 16 hands . Finlay is. Elisabeth st., . Phone s&12 3 Ringal 218 strayed from Epsom dark Browa Mare White Oil Hind fetlock Small Etar on forehead. drive a Flom. Phone 2&13 s Ringa. H2 in a a a a it Rositis Public a Pound by Banger for straying on Dominion Hoad one Ray Pony Geld drug abort tall Shoil White Atar on Fotz Hendy Little White on off Hind and near front foot White spots on Back. If not claimed and expenses paid Walt be sold on saturday december 11, at 12 noon. R. Al 4. St Tanner. Q�s3 Roond keeper. Pcs vital. Tome wanted for 3 Motherless chief Len i girl 9 boys 7 and 5 , i onto Najr p 0. 50s to it Edison with Good Home adopt health or a baby girl Amau , it. Eden . 602 , Ama Tenn inter felted yacht race join in hire lao Tab ansell.�?28, Emmett st poas Tiby. Is t\7 1ll mrs. T. Dudley late of Napier Call at 22, a Norfolk st Poua Onby a Helen. 53 situations wanted. Ihetu Nied soldiers and All of fare Wui Hal this column the Best Meana of reach inc pm Piovera. Sixteen word one shilling 54 of Lioom Gardener thoroughly exper Leiis a cd and s Liegl try 10, Giad sume a a dub Quay st. Fiji Flady to widower Ether to v. To the pts to a Luloh to lady with eight duties a Addrena at Start 17t t Ady Young desires position in office City or country a clerical 391. Star 202 a Totor Quot Mechanic expert capital to a Ltd �1,000. Inn tel working up it Heirship garage engineering or Getic 283, Star-_1j3 a office or Barbers towels to Wash it by letter to Washer. Newton . 530 painting paper hugging Doy or con tract Devonport District,�?a.b., to. Devonport. To Ortlon or Trust by capable business a a woman pm t., 307, Star. 46 Tjo Silton wanted by experienced Ford a al motor Driver do running rep sir a a 29s. Stab 210 Quot position wanted by motor or incr com in Ercyal or private car experienced a careful. 30d. Star 40 a pc amp Letlon As caretaker or Handy Man l wanted. Sex in Nadifi railways police office aged 3& years . 276, Star,___09 position with electric were injun wanted i Soldier. Little experience willing accept reduced wages a energetic 27�, �Star.__�1 wanted by two experienced then Large or email areas.�?38. Disraeli st., Grey Lynn. 113 a sewing and machining wanted ladles and children s underwear and garments Teepee Tolble 273, Star. _ 53 a situation m Gardener pc gentle than s Home Auckland wanted by Yeung Man 90 Good references total abstained -41.w a 323. Sta 09 washing wanted to do at Home by reliable , 326, Star 132 tt7abhing or cleaning for Friday or a a Batur Dalj by reliable woman 8/ a reliable 378, Stab in it yt7ashing and ironing wanted from 9 to to 4 9/ Artel fare refit reply trustworthy Dominion re. F 0. 606 w work wanted for Man with Horre Ned Spring cart work m3. Star. 73 domestics wanted Tofu la so rfrgl3tty, Glare Stone . Ill Opp. Ferries cow los 70/, 60/. Walt ref a 40/i housemaid 40/ laundress General 5/1 nurse n. Honan mind Ward woman m. Couples �1w> Cooks 90/. 00/ Porter Driver 55/ Handyman 40/ Sawmill Cook 80/ a farm hands Gar. In Ocoer. 65/-�?phone 1782. D strand Hegi try strand Cooks to was Traa 37/6 nouse Malda Lautej Dressea 37/6 kit Beaman 45/ Forter 40/.�? phone 900. I amp to the Toolkit s employment Bureau labour w dept., abort Lori requires imme a Laredo. Cd ski Couke a Kerala generate thou aet Parlour Nalde Ilou ii am3, relieving Maida Ward melds Wal Treasea work ing housekeepers helps laundry Mew Etc. No feel charged. 578 to Bach Milford 1beucb suit 3 of 4 Matea 00 fireplace 4mlns to do do of Tiomi Cara. Address Stab. 82 of cottage 2 Trobia partly furn to let Verandah Murray s Bay waterfront 59, the drive Epsom.__1w> cd gotta pfc. Fern. 5 rooms to let from / december 18, for 6 weeks Yoandy Fon Flo by car and Beach �2 10/ , Ponsonby , Cis 8 Iqba and conveniences-�?22, Bright st., pen Terrace. 174 Fern shed dining room double a bedroom and . Upper Ymonds is. Hyx ill. Anyone Iron Wing the whereabouts Vav of tji m a sip Odh i communicate Trish it. Gray Ford. Of Nanbu 120 w orders Union members of the above Union who have loft this fwd work at Hoarau and who am entitled to retrospective pay is from the leu april at the rate of per Day Are requited to apply to the Public work department Auckland and they will receive All q3aok pay due to them to. Cd tel i omd a Secretary Hoarau Branch. Matrimonial text Dow Over 50, Lon Ely with Means Vav Wiah a to meet Nice respectable Man with View to Hettle in life.�?a.t., 298, Star 2w property sold and with or or. T and note my property a at Oto Hub is withdrawn from Sale. F a cd take of Otlet that my property 23, Castle .st., Grey Lynn in patterson.__2 land and business agent a please take notice that my Bensine a at Onehunga i withdrawn from Sale a a. To. My Kirnon Albi. 6s dentistry. G and extreme care gentleness and extreme care a and extreme care painless methods gentleness and skill Otist Howey Walker is leading still. Expert extracting. He a dental surgeon 209, Queen Street. In Opportunity to list of Fly a a a the vent round by not preserving n a Premier egg pre-4tiye keeps them fresh for a i. A stores a garage to Ilet space for several Dir it with use of Wash.�?31. Murdoch re. Grey lorm tel. 1374_ Jia a7.tng to let for 3 or 4 cow?.�?w. Ujj Cooper taken in House furn., All oort. 3 Mouths. 2nd Section. Grey a 278, q Tiee n a due of 5 rooms fnrn., Short term elevated posit Lon rent in 45, King George av., a Quot Jouse furnished of 6 roomful for 3 Memtha Handy to , with refs., Between 5.39 and fl.30, 10, Una sell 81, Stanley bey.__j1 \4tilfort>�?6-rd. Fun mashed Bung allow Ijain Ronus for term �?1\ j Trump a i Queen st. 201 rlford�?2-Trcnroj de partly furnished cottage Tiow vacant.�?225, Queen st Opp. Princesa 1hl> office to let Queen by Long lease Low 813, Toe. Y a i Treml by a�?8 re zip of Latr Ros Deuce. Jato i it for 3 months �3 15/ per week. S. R Burrett. 4, _29� Edom to let no so storeroom Herne Bay also camping sections a to no at . House 5 rooms Nice. T Garden close Bench onto Slat january rent 5 guineas a week. A Dailo end co., 7�knpunq._ a Vakapuna Cloe Beach Well run 1 Ilomae. 5 rooms and pantry. Sea Leos. Pas to vie Lith. Dwelt or 2?, about a months adult preferred Chance 3�k Star. M0 let furnished a Epsom a j Superior Reivi Lenarc. 7 mme. A from december 6 Anfio. Boy it Oak Golf Ort Ihle Totine 7 room1 months from not urn 1.-Frater Bros. I�6 Gummer cottage a f�0 Jet Piha Valley. West coast 04 cottages to Ault parties. Fall Lam and couples All an bunk of fresh a Quot water Creek and ten minutes from Beach. Coach daily Good roads for motoring. Two hours drive from City a rent la Advance. For further particulars apply american dental Parlours 269, Queen Street. A Penn 4s0. Sl>1 t7ioii Gnu Rio a. Ammunition Ami of skirt is been wow them1, no plans a or Hian. But anal it at Price by. Var Alt Suita Dellla and pop 2 to 8, 13/6, 14/6,, w Ricen. _ a �5�okai-mn,. W.p., a kerosene tin of egg Down with a in Pon s be meth a amp a be sorta of al nos a j task a Gnu a it a a a it a. All domestics wanted. help or Good general Nan lug lieu Olla �?40, re Tanto Kail lid. A Urey let in m Lloldi t Joung girl or la Oahu Selth 1.i1ikl Oser .1. Home Elij place a atoll up a 10, Shell Beach lilt a Ouhon _hi4 situations vacant. I pc Diahl nor Tai Recu words. Use shut us Whiee Ousec Tulve Luke rations two Sybili bugs sixpence j Dahmani 1 let hotel. Que a unfed. A United service Tjok. Teusz ral a it 7, City Ltd seated a my ilium Lionil j Cut Jaicei a Carn Coler co k Nan led Arm hotel City i Vook general Good san adult family mrs. La Lillie 23, my Tori a hemp Era 5 >1 Cook general also help i Daja Weekin Quot mint Runga \ invent 1 Ufa on la or i4 ring _ i Nguk. Lir Tuam wanted for Cut Najj at Xmas. Linen dict Khz duri Tilou 14 Day a conk. 374, Star us i Tbs a u.v/. No Quot i it ii Piihl Vitilie Imwald 40/. For Rotorua a Ile. Morl amp of 1/shour i it a part enl shorthand st 577 Rook Genii a Forf Small 1 Omen Cut <.otl��p. At Taku Nina. Good . Alfred st Albert Park it Umer Ille. 4. D4 dgml8tic Good nor ulnits Ouli. God Omige. A no vice Dalton d. Surrey m. Grev i tin a_2 Oil Estic help a until All duties except w4i--Hlnf. Good �?1, tout Lou Domi Loti re Terni Nui 633 eneral or Lnda Hal Van need. It lot rumbly up Ioni. Good visages other help kept no washing or in Whitig a Addre a at Star _ d4 / it. Or Elj half holidy 18. Or t Miller a pc Rel More Quot Argilo st 1�?Tonsonhy a 11 /.enehal. Evening mid a Tihany a free a general housekeeper even1 Cien lug us Lureny curl Sukdav artery nor free also capable woman lipid in by 2vo afternoons a apply or Llor Rocka Minto Ltd be Quern. 4 .1tj.l to with Light Hon Senork a or Kentzell. J33, Ira firm re 3iti a girl Young. 14-75. For Glit Liou Seholt duties apply 2�h. A on soph Ltd _53 girl will log wanted urgently a risk Rene Rel hour Worb Pood Home address at stail__9 girl wanted just left school to help 2 children Light place a id Commer dal re Urey la Mill Byvirl 36-20. For general housework Stanil of family to Pooh log , a eight in 42, Carlton Gore re. Grafton .36 girl you ult. House duties every no gel. Hol data Given. Good u signs al pc Home a Willesden cart Icli Alaee Gnu Liden _ y49 a Lull wanted a Slat right household duties one left school preferred. Good isukps.�?37, ii Eufal rep Nojiri Olioun 114 5a d4 Joung co assist Liow Nork. Hov a washing Good wage1 and home�?15 st Lulu s av., Epsom phone 3900 i2 ring r>43 g a re to Vanpetl Joung a let with 2 child run duties Light., and Good Homo �1 per week a mrs j s will Lam a 8. Spencor 8t., off Victoria a Itei Norn 540 re Yungr or daily cleaning from 8 30 to 2.30 Quot Miena Fri vat 10, Carlton Gore Bond 553 Helt wanted Cai Alc of nil duties Plain Coo Altig to wish log ref a ankh mor Uings is Mountain Reoti kit her paw_____p0 ouse sewing meld wante it i a Matron. Y m a 5ss housemaid Wintre gift bicep out a i toil service hotel Queen st new it Agapi bar Noil 5r2 g1 h housemaid and Good Wintres. I Jav. Al of. Lad help�?13nrw l Riners st phone 1484 wanted for 7 mouth1 for the nut Lerv Iii off in Llalon Ltd Ihrl Sti 114 Good Cook for finn Ite k Letl. For single gentleman.�?14 Ranfurly re pc Sotu mar tight and evening 1 73 housekeeper wanted thoroughly capable Ilef Roncea Renu red will pay Pood rape and Daws Star or Paboue 23131 f2 ring 1s6 thou Semard a wait Rte is wanted. Apply at or. Albert hotel 56g # Kitchen maid Sloop out al no Teri or ire hotel. Queen st 570 to wanted apply manager., Cleft. Durham street__506 r Ady help wanted adult Fon Allva a la Telephone 1061 584 lady by up. I a Puble for a it nil duties wages 35/.�? 25. Arney he phone .1320 d4 lady tru a Worth Able take charge Good wages 2 and nits a 17, Emmett it st Penn Oliy phone 27bl. 69 Tady. Callable hand Koutlis of Hyrtl. Alv it a Drees Renoi a Tnp. Tier own Homo a write feb doll Lou r l p o__23 t Ady help wanted for family nulls 4 a in Turda flfternoon1 and evenings free apply 3, Mason s Herne Bay phone As 91. 584 lady help or companion aisle girl wanted ask it Lio Iise duties ovary Convent Cave Homo a rail tobacconist Reiniera Ojmn-1te ._542 t atty i gone ral wanted for a a Whan Groi pay Naoe no washing Handy to town go Oil Vinges. Write m-r8 inv deny Dobda. Pervs Street Whan Parel �729 Anth maid a molten re a Laoag rooms. Watson s Blo Swelle Ley 8t. E 163 pantry girl or girl to assist Nagos. I / a a f fonder the Doncaster Opp Koval hotel. Victoria it kj5 r1 eci Eving girl Thistle hotel 600 artness wanted for tearoom a address at Star 60 w a Els we i n a no to it tern highest Naces Marble bar. 142 highest Naces Marble bar. Ait Besses r he n or room. Salners 35/. Waitresses Keri tired Fob soda cookers 7/ed. 69 Queen Street a . Good in gun Given. Grand hotel. Fil3 to Toucan wanted for a blog and Clenn ing1 refs or Frederick g Leunard. 12 st Stephen i Aper tin Uirl to Man Young to Wash and Iron 2 inf dark n week and 1 whole Day Friday for general work a Arundel Wate re be Quad front f>9f to ottoman for Hon Mald work Nelv no it mishit1. 7 09 to Quot a pm 1 of Ponek a fur der a 3�?o week a Victoria Itono Etc Nodop st. Her cd to woman Good a it i n terl for hop a work Alid Wpm unit. Rall Seaside Hfurflnt-Ho-ue1 Wirat �2�?4pplt a 14 Harv loj <31 cart 72 to it out a Lou jig Glen a acted or pm elite i in Iii Ano , nver 18 Nufi i a Erie ii it e of to it i wages a Inq 1m.iuukos, 11 1 8alnnuj a. L Oletz -1m Ftp Ltd. Mun i Craic a i Quot i ites pm Akk sitian., a us improver Good wages no a Tiu la work Eltie 3 Gracio had 053 Niibu Jaunt Aguirr to Arl st a Tea Muff Rwjr inc Carpi in j nolo air 197. Hui Cuiris st act neat and girly we or Quot Dils shop usalkliint�?i1 f. Hill. Stationer 5k l r Lldon Ltd s.5 of a Litu re i -4 Aluta a i i to jibs. Wanted to us lat in. Mlih Olsn Ruif a Rall Mart Dominion 1m Terud Nus 030 girls for fruit poking Gitil Angeo to Mii Aioo girls a Tom Phon Llla lid. Fruit Pere re of. Neten 8t 183 tilts Mai Iscil for Inaita to room no Siiter m Wilny Nork i to Semi. If Rel Tysl i Virnell la a a . vast Ardi t i i. To inn till Ijunia r of earning oort Mcney for a hrs .tinh1 Ali lit Olko work Atul plenty of Vresk air rite i a fim d. 371. St my s6� Mil m r Lihsi. ii a olt orb k i Guo just left school preferred App it in pet son mattress 1 at tory Ltd lome Street 551 i a Lull a via to. Wanted for Vij it apply lit Flo Lorett uting com tiny. F o it y7j. 1 it in s it Iii w d it k Roo m. Lucht in i 1 lii Sigil 0<8k1 Tigri for pc Ginnis i1 Umla ii hid. Yueen sleet err nud apprenticed to the in it tet Simk the Naused. Good wages a mrs l Palmer 234, Queen. Next i run Cerii theatre �31 Jun in it in it to Kenny and Soh a ital sym Huha a Ady assistant. 1 dope in ended s m mom is toral co and Cigar 1 sri it in 20 Queen Stielf 163 pm it lh�tol3atl��tl��t , �1 per week with Nundry Quot Helva Florine Pelt and to Plihal 10. T Turrou Joro Road _p4 us Quot so hit r ii. K in uni tuners a mtg Ltd it Ward wages in Inove Erlewi id 13 to a in Lilc Noil aug Jirl Tish laundry. Jar Man it Lex Lex Perletti cd i a i Inis nudte.1, �?T10 10 a Railsb lieu Udry. Par a thrill Uneuy a in Iahn. Imp apprent he a for Worf Crinne in the Renk Ltd ii Revti st frers. Us Ltd mra Rob its time blend lying to st Fory 4 p 111 sup run readout Costner Home. Eph flu 122 a he l�jol7illouurs was Lusti 2 get us a ill Indica. It Erin a a not a coma Testi nto Niad req Ulrch 127 Grafton lid jul Oil let i Hift liar wanted Nuivo folder and a i Tosser in and or s a Flat nine re. Collar Mart Haithi hands. 2 ree r Machinay. Knur la Rand. Nln of Leei e taut wanted la ugh it or Noria. A is Symonds st 5r3 sell it and ii a atm Macutz tests wanted highest in get five Days. Dec Kinton and cd Wakefield Street 79 Rivo Ilist ppr Tai of st in div in Alolod a re tired for Branch Bill Phi out or Aiu let nil. Or Pupil to Trail tor a a Jmc. A a it it a kill i Opportunity. A in 88 Ai Celwain 270, Queen a treat �2 to piste Junior female for end leu of t othe watch 25/�? in of. Box 654, Auell land 454 Tol deviate sui�0ol f01� girds vol or tiie right Kev Crand the Bishop of aur Klad l a d y r r i n r i f a a apply Capon for the above position will lie Reiyei Vil by tie up to december 2fttb. 120 applicants must i get Gail Natoll of a Tnp i Rita a Nasty to continence n t �573 a year. The Elmol m a new one under ii Rich of i it nit us Ali a it. And will let a opened in Levi Ruaro. La 2l. With n Roll of about 100 the stand ird of education ranges from Miler Citron to the Clr Craith application to Honi 1 of panned by copies of recent and furl her particulars will be supplied on Apollen Jioji a Oram a Pec Renty. Phi Romport Auckland not Tuth 1920 11 a pins Glass Blouse machinists i lot 5 e t items inns. H to Jolt ise i in slurs Laruie onto application Ambler and Coalbert Street near Wellesley Street situations vacant. Electrical Grade al a liar Ltd Crue Bay _ 233 a if us entice Huart la Leanru the Linde. beet Metai a a chef 72, Larne st 164 i it tuned Host claw Kea a a a i n Shiv no i a ii Peteuil Viader jul Ruhy Iruin top wages a a Bluett mid re Uchs uan Gathina .546 i3�oot Trade boys fur a i Agea. Good Worklin. Nort Pru Hooi ltd73. Federal st Futory Ood i on Dot tout. A 123 age 20 a in Atterson Ihk cocoon it a a Gnu . Good of tit of a it t no it a by. Xju1s, nuart. Meat a the it Eden situations vacant. I situations vacant Engineer wanted fur is it free trader al it at once Wakato shipping l o a a p Quot it ill wanted al it at once Wakato shipping 10 it a Buji tuft Ltd Vii in tum i 1fn Ginok Driver wanted . A a Pplk Crimi l st Lawrence i a 151 in . I of in. Gamer Dominion fid 5-is Busi Driver wanted for Sawmill fir to picket. Hint nit Ori aug pc 4ii Uil Uible Ateo. Arron Oung Man i v1 j 11 k Cirii pm Tare Trainin used handling Tim tick. Its it hip to Hal a top in Jan Iii Cou 4i4.__qne a Roa i. Horo pit o__572 1 i la Strong a Gardener wan cd. 1 Day weckii.1 i Lui us. Hedges Etc apply 47, Empire rep oru 155 wanted for Blacksmith Ruas Trucmon co ltdd4 Golf to Carter wanted be in to 21 dict ernets Gallal Gmur i�3 Victoria Street t Aro iter wanted a Higgins 100. Liol Jaun and sni of l i anted for pm Altig depart Nurl Timber cold 203� 382 Jujj in nil ifs lion l Arul dlr a Nib and he t>d1 Wated tor thut graphic store Good. A for one willing to learn . Yijin Jonil 17-? by Stopp Mart for Ine Uges a John Earle i a. To Mercia its 223. Pm in trhicra1 theatre 30 to it of Stuart wanted Good wages no pre Loii a experience Tioco Skaryd in Radii i re Ling co. High and chancery its 0l to the fur Rade. Ltd inv i i t1?. N ii Fps in it com a Oei Irp �1 a april it prompt la Montreal for co a Leal Filco a Eton Chumbert 6-1. Queen 3t �?2f� Roy a nor a to cent Oihi s Arul dlr apply Jhb cursor j id it a Den 143 i,2. Gowl. Wanted a apply Uli Hij Reau Mout Fet. Opp Hill cd a j Guthrie t Abdl Ririe a Horl. On Ion. Good wanted for con Cretti Good wage. Pern Witik Grange Ltd. It Eden 71 t 1n�otyte Gpe Rutur Are Hanic a i a not Jet had a apply promptly base 1 it Aily time. Quot a Oelton Tai Ltd hut Hera Bunby re Lautej for digging Jar Tutor , paid. 3a a Venn Tot. Altundal a in hone 4kli b 05 wanted for Appl Irun pity office he fish a 15allrutt, to to. Ids ii Lidh Street East r a Perl Etc de. Wanted Eddres it Stah Tjui aija am uhf a k a u s lib user Gotrik Corner William st Dominion Ltd Tram Butcher Mao boy for gut. Wanted r and w a Tuta Aby. Ltd Sli Ortlund Street clan Vassar innit edible. Buie to Hilke j Good Lunek a a Geh Rihl . Ref a address it Star 121 p Ari and in lot 11 mtg a a 1�?~hllcux and rom. Victoria Arr id 21i cd Hief Cook w \ n the d al a assistant Baker apply. Mov steamship 100k Poco Ridl wanted it al Dorla st 12 company 620 twi w a v a 7 2.12 to Muvery 2l. A prong 1 a a a Patent men a up ply thu of in com _ office ural Tran port co. No 4 Felty. Quay st 534 i Loitman wanted a flt Nice a h a it pm Ford. On Huhti to a pm Gatton. To be made on p 0 0 i form 17.i, no Niri Ilc at Rhiel to it Siliec i will be remedied up to no you for the Poillion a thu rat Inri he i la report depart meet. Cli eing stl5 december. 1920 Mars run rot Duck Ghenu div Avion in lure �247 per in inn tint Muni �27� further part Eulars Jay he obtained on in poll Minn a Turnbull. Be Pretari a a a tilth. Service s a i 8 t 4 v or fer Large Ountria Tuillo l adm pain Toga pile Epport unit j w at k Ira g it r 18, re Geol retouched irn other depurttueut3 Street 171 10 a Iris for fur Trade we he e a few v4cavcii 4 for girls Vjio Are willing to learn tins fur Trade also Good sewers. Ii15�o wage end Good prospects tur co �?�5j5 head office 4w, lower Quein st. Wanted for toys and confectionery departments. Apply miss 1ngms, cd Hutchinson Bros Ltd., _ Queen Street. Lady assistant wanted for account and s Brunch in solicitors office. Apply Lexal 386. Star. 17.4 a a ant lab Ruveh rjequjlt�7d woman wanted to clean office apply in be Skoti tiv in y Between 3 and 4 to to tory and Thornt. 297 5?Ello Fanrik 14. Wind him Street. Toutt Vung housekeeper we a f for a mall in mlle. In rnimtpy�?58, Isy Nord. A a Porte Quot ton burst �?�_577 Young. To assist Light duties Gondi Quot Home. Near car Stop. A mrs Burchek. 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Tenant must Purchase furniture Ideal ? at Star. 9� drover Star i do Beillat Ehab a address at Phu Nogai la. on fireside with Dii a Oil repro i peer practically new Milf �8�?79 in Ltd 195 cd a uht Etorly inst i Storr a ail Lebag suite. Double Iriina red tilde a an Odu Yin ont st l h office piano c3 Quot 7 3s4. And Tele-164 to if Exien Ion tables open out to 12ft. Neatly Neu a is great Norih r l _ 193 Saddlebag \ Civet mitc. 7 pieces a iu1�. Lovely oiled Pitnu sad Shourd �?2 putto Imp re is cd Affolt it 2-n a it 2 Fern Lilg or Fen it ring a Tetra trading co. Eulma machine a Thomp Bong a o strand Arcade cheapest Best. No table talk. Print Netrado show to night 7 to a thu Bon Ila Clio. Nekton. Xou ire invited 1 a i Taka Puma jockey club race five Hundred unsigned Union Bank note stolen. Higher ferry fares let Etu Een Felling ton and Slak time in the Boot mantis actin 1112 Industry to Prospect. Auckland a electric Tramway i civic started eighteen years Ugo to Day Sydney Munung Lei aids it at c l. U a al position 111 the Taciuc i Graie of Kun opening tin after icon i Kvelve Firth Home for Kiriu h d re Liei Henry a pen aged 40. Shot through heart at Mamakou. Pea Rille along be of the body. Announcement of or fun tick cd Opp ? Early retirement after Twenty years service As a judge defence minister going to Rotorua a it Morro v to i i it Soldier patients at Kin Glorge Hospital. Minister of defence and air Boal inspecting Koh Marama. As jobs Blu Ite for key aerodrome. Canadian government officially announces that the hide a Barge does not apply to new zealand. Two Avondale totalisator clerk adjusted yesterday on i Harries of a Rahinne to two others being tried to Oliy elderly Man accidental la killed 1a�?t evening at a Day m Teuton Chr Oinah being struck by a milk cart Shaft remarkable Story by wife m due suit to Day tiie respondent a i no list is charged by Petitioner with cruelty and non support Hon. E. P. Lee minister of industries and 1/01111110100 says Liere is a of Economy among the younger members of the Community especially among the unmarried. Promenade night in Kar angina Quot Road to Morrera the it feature is the display of sensible g a by Pearson and co., the Tooti card = taxi tutors had to Aigbe is promenade night a to k01 a nga Hape Road. Diunte to Lippers to gift Drapola cil in Englc i variety by Pear in and co a 1 a 1 old Quot clothes renovated and al Earl it it a re modelled for Chr Tmara tin mrk of Empire cleaning co. Opp. Town Hall simply wonderful and Iliean had the Sale of men near ? meeting Tow Els Etc. 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Agent new i of largest Stock Ich in Auckland at to 05 �?3, Rutland 221 Ems ing machines l Moichi Hilburd s fro i �2 10 it fhjmu_2787____ old Ricjard a male 10 called Mirror Talco Moi Lei Tuiuri to reasonable of Fps at Star 20 Vale a Kemp Era two furnished double bedrooms nud Diangi of Jui. Close vew a Market. Private Luilly motor Shell a a Dreir fit a a Tjomas 229, Ponsonby re a Superior i furnished bed Slettin Groom Modem icon a Cle Earlu Light a air lilo he Siuyu ? or Ganton j47 8 nearly new a takupun.1 a o__<149 Complete Best Quality in lung �?35, foe Lily ment for l i a 7 a i l or Tunon my flys ii tet. Mullet net Hui Ibers i,k3 rhlri8 Vvs no Only a tips Puiul saucers 9/9, a. A no a i amblers 3 11 a Bra two Arcade 13d, Queen st 214 Roll Omli Hon s7, strand Arcade have the a err grit Runck of Rewl Tig machines in new zealand �3 to �4 7__d tit Var blur Quot 8,Impie Junt s suits Tell. O=.tutvipk ail sizes Choon Pri it a la a pres in. Fort st 51 Pih nos 12. 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Quell st and All Sta to Era w a i unit the a every the jct to a a Dart Home All Elynn Tisera and exception Nelv a Pup at w a isl s a aft. Queen Street c sideboard. Table it Quot Irr whatever Yoti r. Bedstead. Machinists Alno Aupi entice A kid it at Iva Kuit In a Mucu Chen ppr than else Ivere c the mtg Tiai. Life and citizens as8l Hance co Ltd require the services of 11 canvasser and collector Fot Industrial Ordinary and Accident bus Neasi previous experience not essential also a vac am y in Napier to the right Man Jas a Pickett a i strict us Perl tement. 89 41 45, Short bind st by Wiz Ahr to give the Best furn is a a to of value in Auckland our huge turnover proves we succeed a . Walker s8, Queen st. C Addiela at Star room furn. 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H and e Shower pm ate entrain gent a address at Star t frontage couple or Fricda u Multi town a address at Star 2 optional offered to it a ocl Loii address it Star lb1 rooms 2unfurlal Victr Only a a it Range a _ Chapman st Newton Nestr Reservoir ��o2 Koom Neely furn to let1 Uit cntii1 Myrtli going to business if preferred apply 52, is Georges a i 1m. Darnell 4 Tooms 2large unfurl. Be of it a it Eden in route suit 2n a people moderate Iii Lustie rent . At Star i Man or boy wanted to Tiel it it Jii a 111�?��?� v farm in to Bane use co of Nistra Good Home it i Hick 546 a Xvi la kill Gor gtd w Menil it he age Viperi ence and wages reiiiuoi�?35 to Koltl. Or phone Del 554 t>lougif\lt\7 Tirats Itie a it7 al pc a a Yates and co her al bar by in a Midi w it i Usu u %. Farm Ilu tii la Muir "2tlj t h u i a work ail Wiilma a a al. Iii in i in it 11 line j.�5, s talk Quot you t 1 h. -2 a ecu ril \ a my. 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L rn1n 1 i i 4 in �5 Given Awat a we Tambe or own furniture and can Ynve Yon �3 out of every �20 you spend it s Manoj in your pocket to furnish at walkers. C suites r1mj and Oak bedsteads at Imp than Bon Price a Orrne walkers. 38, Quei to upholsterers first class wanted at once. Bedroom suites in polio Rinius not so Evre Siv because we Walker 3 Are the maker 1 Queen Street Lambourne Complete House furnished three i amps Ponsonby y o a t h s 2 want for store. Apply head Storeman d. Nathan and cold. Partite ships. La my a ii i Artilli wanted. 1 ii sine ,2 c capital Lon Fec p. W a the i Star pm a a Lilma in Gem tie l a Alt a trl bar no Huon inner e g n c ii it itly 77. 198 209 lie rooms 2a furn. Gas a a tor Feriv Nln from in a of ii Houie on pfc from my la in 1 1 at flew at Star. D Kooms 2tim teed in Lluli a Leila Mhz u 1 a in i ? Jug j-11 1 i hts a �?22, i cm.,11 i i a p m or role 41&Quot 2 1 u suite ,of�?�7ioom it Quot Fri i old is. Dre1?� Iki r i ii u 11 in Quot Gilmore Ironmonger com enl in ill i Rulens a solving the Goring Pimp i Arkle b \ 1 her Quot i c4\ now a a a tit Pill tem or i n it May i Juki i a it to popular Fea old Ltd by Ort at inc r ill Mun rate -10/ per room per w.?k i a p Mangues 15 per mom per week for 3 Monthe �4 per room per we1 k f a 1 or under use in mind Radii a a a Tiina room1-, Hall nil can Vrej nere firing Jav Gas lighting for in in Roo my free butter egg meet milk no leg i to it by no Faim rate store school. Post ind Tele Riib i Vilice Quarter mile away Nuiji launch a. A Riep Mann Lea a i Arkich Eft 15 a m 1� is Auckland 5 f Fth making the Cert of living decidedly cheaper further Purt Licul a ring la he be 1937, City wrs4 Jim lr5 i Doii it j till \ \ 1 i i Quot Quot Jsu it pc 1 pc i i a i m rid a Mvi j. L?ec0> of Lital / Ijar a i a in ,.tr Hill in it ill1 Prolic i_____45 a get was a it tid. We Are paying l la Putns fun Quot goad a no mencs let us make a Cash offer for yours. Geva electro a pocket lamps mud tel Iule Purches of Beut Quality at Hazard a 1 Queen st. 7,6 upwards. Call and in a Spect. A pfrni8h 4t tote Maple Cash or t, pm Raj Shing co 5 nud of. Karau Mahape roa3 a a a Oakley a new furniture Haarl Somler reduced in Price. This and next week. Fat auctioneer and Vatt for Saleroom is. Queen Lireet phone 2s57 up Ectal Mirc Mayo boy it Elty Suita 2 to a 12 it Symonds st ;