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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - March 31, 1920, Auckland, Auckland The Auckland Star a wednesday. Starch 31, 192u. Wanted khow. Ilta i a i it a a i a la my bods Prii Ihung a All a i Quot sign a up Ltd a a a sri a and Jool Jpn. in rurdltik.-1ah but a m cd a la la j1 prices Insp Alloa invited. I Mihlic a Nortu Stop. Is App. A in plan no a v or. Al w t h d k n d w n. W Orrick , and co not Selling at lowest of Loeb hoax Benld hardware cutlery Bill Vevara and by Ducra run Munger. Regular shipments d la Litsun to but Boot Liruo Tapi x lid Newton rec Eek us a Rillar Day anti , Atka big passage in I tug i a the picture show. Leads to go Juge few a Keifs auf run roocph.__2l a a a i Dud la i Gnu can t go wrong if g George Walkes is Uell Tuff your Eony ill Kun auctioneer. Sella Oak furry Tureau Whol Tiuli cell. A i l a Oto a cd Vallien in or Knack of a jetting thu just ii Oivi Huff. _ r�th��o_lojkl7.n�?oi of a Iii ill pc Hulus x a Rul run. Lili a Appam bought.-��. Tit. North in. It a Fri i a ring i _ ? Taufi atm Llams to in re. Split Cyrano graphs firn get Chronograph air. Nikiti Monseu fun Quern is. Uus tvs. Hall s famous a fools. Trice u 12/0 package. Post. Free. To ensure get i Trig genuine order direct Frouz nolo agents. Bridge drug stores. Chemist 3, Ltd. At Grafton Bridge. Auckland. A i a a i lii if Farsi it Lili values ij-�1 Lee walk lit Alu Udd out on a Oto a a Ell Wmk Frioni Itobi at House. P5 my h will lir our Hlor or locus if go Iolina waiter the auctioneer. It a furniture Sale at l our Otid Hon and George Walker a auctioneer Nie Aua Tup prices. D iliac is Are better Thau one x Fps us Oakley. He knows cd it 1c w n suppl a Titi k c to ��?~11, Kahay Ghahate Hoad la or monographs and Itee Ord Neil 1/ per Box of 200. Phone 2i04a d wanted Kje own Ngach mint he ifs Jour Stock Liu juju us . Later Eualo Queen st. £3gv Lalieu a Are lulled co inspect the latest a intr us hurry. Reasonable or acc. 4t Mia baud Cyl a ii a a Arleu picture tit extra. A amp i he Viool Klug 6illl a la Loots at i he a ii Niue did Llaves the furry Boot sure. Opp. To. . Public <jl7elet <cr>vell7ugton but a re is Day Aud thur Flea at 7.�10 . And pally.�?27, Souert a full mrs. Oghlan. 40 Yeatch _ 23d, jewellery Ileal a a Nittum. We no a a teed Quick Quot a ale. Lauren on. Juru Dmitrl. Of Yaj h A..I.A.i i Cusp Aker al ter Reed am sense Jilin d India Boj hand racing Enugu clip 11. Al the put st. 15 in vat apr or tilt your Yth Nylon or avocation in. A Ito Tinli menu. Gunni Diidrio. Are Adan. 12. Vincent st. 1g Ergy is Uselle a Nylon or flt it Riss Olaf Tryson i Tell Clare. We-1 in a ii Day and Irit Carlny right. H in a Otoji Ftp cello n Uwi Oti. In t r. J 1o it. .174 1> he i Ilis a Large shipment just to eve 1�.,, a a inept Paivill Quot i ont ill Roxcy a Sojit Iyua radio a Muat it baby s prayer at a a Small a Beautiful Otto Nilz. Quot if Ion look i Hur Lye Quot give it the oho ill the of it Ujek in a Belll Jingo. Ijuan st. H Lily a�li1rcffso._____ f 1h1capest millinery. Why pay to rpm lid to �7/0. A Mem Kelty. Eur Henu to ado 470, i Jueau st. App. a. 1jd a in no Kkt 111 Kion. R Iima i the Kay Thiv saves the k profit. Jul u Aku Ajith lil Lull. Siree if furnishing i Oak see Ito Bortins. Act Lowit Drill l i Toli a successful sole m your Home get Coakley la sell i la Atun Aux at Lettl Anrit nne Ursi. Fligh st. Eat heating Cetl Mius Quot Quot make Gas fire fat re us in a Fri Hisil . Al Kph song. Sorn girl Arcade. Queen a m ill allot Rhine Kedu Juff in blots. Role Weka and he Neddal 2,g and i of 3 rant Lin Lime. £1. sub t. Whangarei. A Xii Lar to it set do ust. A or Tutt Opp. Runt a fire rail told. Eural tit Lou free. Charges moderate. A 1101. Imsu no dec time the i o mph sch a .113 Wontor i locally Mailis gust of a sen freely with All stems. A a but \ lha la moment when Oeor a a w Alk lit i auctioneer every body in merry mud be inn Ilaf Lilac Ile tired nil makes Dilt Onolea made pm the Prem see. I open Fri der o . Tilford a Raumond. St. Thone 2787 a. _ Quot full mesh at tile Maple. Can or resin i. The co. I Antia. Ltd. C better ims sults at outdoor auction Siuleo by Hetnal Nung the a Ort Icca of Georgl a Walker. He knows values. I it a Quot hone or lab them along to Quot la Gloria Quot gramophone Par Jon re. We Bare an expert mechanic.�?u7. Kii Ranga a Pard. _ d i st iut a by us wars important ques ii och. Time of writing Birthplace or for ill required ii Cassona by Corree Pon Donci Libra 477, Star. J Phe test in Jet Lon of new and fecund i a bind furniture is at in let a Sale Monis 38. Queen to. Opp. Riceton C w a n t an auctioneer a Ralpg 2333. Vole Paton and co., align st. C mob mod priv Button factory 1 of 12. Wellesley Street West Jini re noted to no. 2. The a a neat to the Corner of Queen Street. They Irish to inform their old tid now customers that they Liciu o Largo Slock of Piou is for buttons of All styles ii Ami shapes Aud am prepared to execute at very Short notice and extra special reduction for the Trade Nril Large quantities the nuo do Llesh Tchong Ana acc Odeon pie at in b % to addition to our a pm of to ulsness we Are going in for cleaning axiom a Ltd is Sijo a of ladles and gents clothes. C a Boon to ladies Auckland people Are Rea Liang the value of Trio Surri Cre of the Empire for Riera with fuck and fur Coats being Itell Ned and Ile modelled of half i Rice it is not popular advantage is being taken of this offer. It is but. An exceptional of season Opportunity. Get your Tutu and fur cola attended to now. Don t miss this Chance. Postage paid of country orders. Nip lie Ujj terriers a up. Town Hall. Queen Street. Telephone 36g7. Orn Van Calls. Jim Erly moments at Coak lev s 1�1 6 a Kri amp Totis to Auckland Enoid make a v Point if to siting walker1 Rig auction in Ali a Fuji j. U la waft tuesday and Friday Mart Salea c fend an hour of walkers Saleroom. 1 you la enjoy it better than the pictures c Mart 38. Queen st. Lent Lent Lent Money Money to lend. Ai sirt �5 of Rah of sly upon any approved Lent mosey Security Furni Lent Money thu including live Lent Money Stock farm simple a Hwy no Money ments Etc. Money Yon can always be cer Money Baku of hut Orabie and mosey Xuwu tan or nuts of cer Lent mosey Baku of Hun Ouzabia and Lent Ilose Absi Lutcy Dean Ona Lew Money straight business. Sone Fobe of citizens t ois lest a v i m a Lent Lent Len t Lent Lent Lent Rostus and tat count Yvo 1,qse1 limited a invt 0?, High Street fits floor. Telephone a2w5. Correspondence. Kncla3e stumped be Vedope Mosca a Dooley Money Money Money mosey Money Lent Lent Lent Lent Lent Lent Lent m or Money sad Tbs to a what Joii or when Georgd Walker is auctioneer. 60 Goose porn Sheo on easy re yells. Kor to Worllie �1 a o a Posti ,7/ we Kos to a a �2 10 i Deposit go la a a a a la o Etc Pipit of Quot r5 d u Deposit of a Quot ��25 a a a a 0 Deposit fit hd0 a a �7 10 0 lie posit 0/s a �40 �10 0 0 Deposit. 12/ a �50 a a �12 10 0 Deposit 10/ a spec enl Arhaug Oineita made for larger Aiu Yunos. A. G .b0ssman and of. T tl>., 111-l�3, Tabang All ape Hoad Auckland. D to Bucu queer. R a successful outdoor furniture Bale Jon Nan Zivali Ilijin a a a i whose Nunie and address will be Given in Iii heat jays tribute to to Lite Vul tie of Chi Unm Lul or its of Ruou Matloub. 11 writ i j had a a0tl�re it thick of Iii a Uniat Hiu and was advised to try la Cunio. J did Sun Lih Joat sat fac tory res Ullh. After Stikin hotties it Smtth ally red me. L Havu no bed Utica la buying Thui your remedy is i Hest i Luis a the Ziino. If Glen n fait Irh i Seldom Falls to or Lietty gout Lumbago and Kindred ufos ease. I a a no Liante ale -0111 1105 week s Trouit Fleuti 78 Liburn Elough Nervine slops Toothache. Progn Norn quickly cures corns�?1 \ take no risks. A engage George Walker the successful Salesman Yaj a Clieh Hgt a a a of Var trader cd Oakley. Tbone a cd. A a japs. Ltd or urls in a to life mafl1l to ave or j tcm5. The map at a i ltnhs1iinij Cor. And a. Kannis Ruh Apo Road. C hats Wearens of Siet Oti mid other line Quality hats will be pinned to it know a Lave up to Date methods of cleaning and igl Docking gent s con. The latter. T\j1 rang Road. . A Ciu Iai Way to furnish buy the goods at Coakley s Mart. C Ruji ill Hub fur Quot slap l pm i Nyber stud a repairs. Atli Rincy anti l regress la our Glt 187, Ltd. C at the Maple. Cash or Maple furnishing co. U and a a. Kai air Road. C 1 7�� r r r. F o i n t m 1 n t la Rosi in Ihly relieves. Park r. 2/b. G a l. L a a it e a chemist top of Samontia Strco-�., c us Island s Auto Londott. Phone 5383. U shout Jlee Kopinga Malm friends. Coakley i us promptly when up co., a and a it a Kaning shape Hontol. W ant suites soul auction a give it vere. I Aten uni cn., High st. Phone 2h8s, c Matle furnishing co., 5 and a a Road. C Diode its if you Fate furl skiing Coakley s Iba ainu c Beautiful Oak to Droum suit a for i Rivalto Sale it walkers a be Queen st., made in ills own factory. <2 furnish at the Maple. Cash or a plod Funn stung co., 5 and a Damn Garape rond. C g1 01ng away a Send for George vere a Ocklind n aunt loner. Phrae 2388, c b Ituen renovates venetian blinds 147, Rons onry Road. Phone 014. C h of to make a such Oak of your Salon gel Coakley to sell u Money Sun my is Mocur earned. U an be done by furnishing it Walker a auction room. O it Junish at the Maple. Cash or a Maple furnishing co., a Nelda Kraii Mahape rond. C Cave Macy in a Furu inning at walk cos Saleroom. He Sells both new and secondhand furniture. C jelling oct a in then Send for vere. A a la Aton aug a cu., a Gigli st. Photic 233fj, c i Rowdy a houses Coakley always grits them Beu he semis Ltd new furniture is to Ucb cheaper at George walkers Opp. Smeeton a. He ban his own factory. C inspect George Walker s new of amp in Lur department before deciding. It Ivolu pay you. A p urnisi1 at the Maple. Cash or teriuh.�?1tile Maple furnishing co., .7 and a. Krno Mahape Road. C wanted wow it. Quot Lvov Horne a Pride Sweet. A Straw al Berry and Vanilla chocolate Lee to run in Etc., try 16, Gray st. Topcu sunday. H wanted to bet Elf l c. My Bliley s famous lip and Cheek tint Alno peach Bloom defy detection 3/ti poet a my Eden . A4 a de tween ourselves in Coakley i a Quot the Quot Auto outer c a manure Dow Tribulo 8tat� it Ricc and particulars to distributor. £53, Star. S19 to b. Shot gun. Stale Price and Partlou a juts to t. Pascoo 4, to Anekal he. Grey Lynn. 224 we. Howison late manager internal glottal is ennant co Boga to announce to he it Lilic that he a starred business a general cleaner and decorator. Rentes Wahiad Down outside aad Reco vital by Spe Clai process a we take All estimates free. Address 24, Leighton st Grey Lynn. C a Quot ult Rii by Light he. Orilin a ight big Ltd Nai a Box i Devon port. M4 or other Good Portu Liln writer wanted tor mesh. A a pkg Tver writer. J to Box 1�i0w. Alic Klandl. 1�s1 for i Tillit or hot water pc Calm 20 v7 to 25gul.--t Opper Star. At ssh of Chr Quot for a Quot . It. 61 Arnik Lale. 100 hot wat its in Ltd a hot Star. 5 hit Dutoit Una i tires t2i want ii. In Siwula flu Price and part Kulacs . I l a a Llla Iii . Vry Ivel a warned in my >rtu3 and we will Call Amner. Bonk Etc Liann. No pin is. 1-12 Kush Rhar. With bal. Wuntp-1. In in a a Ottok loll. Siati Price 4ijni did a Rill get i a Ryle i Fpo Pul. Graft>111. A a in a Alipit tru a wan like taa in a Side boned and bedroom suite a a panted or Ltd Gennone. Nowton . J85 fur coat wanted to and Price to Thors 051, Star. _ �2 it l let wanted amp or k re Onia Good condition for , i�s2, Star. 15� g enl Eman waste to Purchase furniture for , 650, Star. 520 wanted a Reece loading 12- Price to Gnu b5s. Star. 83 t Ady Quot a Bike must be Good condition Jand . Peru Nipra and lowest Price to owner. Pox we <l.. 1c8 l Ady a Quot fur c ont. A st Etc Price a ted n Berr to he keen. Wal go ii., . Nil Marjy Ftp a in gig a and flt Hig wanted. Is to 2.7 particulars to Cneri. G.. 27 old Fulp tee Ili Gold Silver any Qunyu Tyty a Siml along by Reg lildred mall to i.. Box 404. We a thu ii Gleat prices a a Cine by Retarn. A a forge Walker 1>tlhe heat Nativi Iguest it for a hat.1- at you it in 1 use d any Wix. For grand Tinalu Atlys burning . Oth. Micil Viuca. Siuy malic Host Price Globo la i Quetu it Nett pm. Lie a Nyi. D oing re us a hit Yelnic mind Iwuc sp.-und�?Thini1. La fir flor. Wanted. to paint Mill , log colours a i he a swim a i Given. A Marilae Ifju. Bait. Tji a Hull if t a Ninky. Wanted ddn hut Star i Good Price pin Ai in Price. Scud st. W traps a Ink st a it. 1-g 4101 Sac v Toor it reel for Ligins Rod,--slr.e. Purlei 1 to reel. Star. 1/ to tags of every Des Chritton. Send them to i1ros.,, Rac i Rel mils. C urn Sun Luu and sole streets. Riion�1 527, is Quot do a write Tori. A Ullh Rrios. Parcels a-3 a jul the volumes Mitra Xii pm govt is mrs la. Top prices. Brough. Town Hantl Book store. 557u-k7s, Queen st. C /tlaltkso.n. Dealer is Puao Viliy head v buys in any condition , in rams tools to a Chest Tecl Lerv false Teeth. Highest proc i Alvrn. A n the Are Gash buyers of Goud Sun died fungus. Boat prices Glt dec. A Cthel Box 733. Auckland. A. Trading a a it. Tuisl Riih Quot. Meigle. J Snake ring. Give 11s a ring. We will Call. It a a Long Man req Krc a i or of Clem Fiir Ini Payur. It mgt Ileal can a a Karnof .v.7. Star 523 Tang require a a Rollin modern i Cru i t Urc it gently co a Deun. _ Nyp Quot Newton i d. I6m a it is a Rke la or tip new. Or open ii go Mem week Mel Crit mall Fri a or Creon a will work. Asi sowing Mai Iii in in Silti i j . 0h2, Star cd a orate Walker will buy my tits of used Kur Nitsuh. Am big tic _ ajl Nollge Walker will moralurv.1 w Don t re satisfied till George makes a i Urli Uffer Foryt Quot r furniture. It s Muncy you. 1 it up a or it so Kranh. A Quot Cash a yers. Get a a Quot Price Francisco and Dom. Export co. Late Thompson Sec la Mer hints. Cook st. C any Ini Aims at business motor tyres. Totrel Zeala Xnia trading co 2n, Fiji ploy street1. Phone 2431. _ a surer. 1 use highest Pali a Given. A al Elnola it a. Del Ichii loth tic. Phone �7 Teeth. Mrs. Cohen bid i Rrell give i if Nelll Quot in A Sparel. La to i or. A vhf inc i cd Hong jewellery. A i flu Nikki to. A a Phil r it. Marrin opre Chi Ailva. Wilt it wants0 to Seix. Coren. Linos. Oak Tahir to Tuur ship or bin Good i Urt Hinn Ile Uii pram. Odd chair irps. 10. Eirp born st. Ponsonby. �54 boo to. Or �151. All.41 tend1ubs. And Brick e. Morton builder Job Lucerne 2m in. From been Era try Platius. 79c m a Tok lorry own i wanted Trace for delivery of saws Timber to railway station. Main trunk line. W. R. Pat ferhon. 4-j so. Ferry buildings. Of Flinders invited for alterations to Library of Voic Kingmen s club for part Ulara apply to o. A. 11jwsom, so return a in a a Houg al of mount Eden to Dors will be Rcch cd by the in def nicked Kulil 5 o clock ., on a monday la Ali april. 1�w0, for a j. Tho of f4�wernge Zavorka. A excavating tri a he and Lei plug water la be. L inn n id Tuny be sern on .1 t inn at the Bof migh eng Luger e Dolce Valley Road. S. Gray. ."70 town i . Paihr Harbour i. I in. Ith i. ,1ai my a11 Tom Hevr and posts. Scribe in tar Wierz Uriu 1>e Rock id for al a i Lirra to no i. Later butt ill Lunday May 10. It20. Phe Imbesi or Auy Tim scr not no is Titi y a i in pts a. Full flit i u a from the us Derfl in a. P. Kenny. and j rei Turnr. votioe8. J. B. Juli cd Saiid a f.r.f.s-, surgeon. Ult Calami pets of second floor. 12-1, 2-4 Cd irem Ceka Road it 0.30-7.30 To Ftp Thone 1s43.__ill al a a Jakes a..i.a., architect bib a on return from Active service Baa resumed practice it 107, Queen Street exit his a amp Jesty a arcades a or <1, Fenwick . Buildings Queen st., jla3 Rick med the Barrice or ins profits so in. 072 j e Ujj j Lall Dndr m.i3. a Neon. 31-32, City no Ami he tvs. 12-1 ., 2-4 �o6. Re Mudra Road. 0.30-7.30 Telephone 1843. �o50 Quot a i Tussy to. Maui Akmid and heat Ltd a of Jim Illola Barr i stars and , Ling to inn comr that they i Arr a Ulm Nettni Lato a Hank sri 11 or. W. V. Gray of Ilain Latiin. Coli tor and that the new Gnu will i Rall n Iii fun Niton As from 1st april 1021, under the inline of Mamiaro mid Mars and Gray. 313 a it t 1 no Iosi , and Khaki table aug hard t am Kuiduk Gas Ltd Dot or. I omit rate to no. 1, Tver Irrer c Rte aug april a. 1020. Are invited for Quot ii ply a red complot errt3 Gnu of i a Oil al Unn producer. Spec it cations and erudition a May or Hen it Vittli e of this paper nod it the Waugh nil in i it Qibla a Iliff trip of i amp pc. I Mphosi re Trot. Wheir tender can a at i Tim lii fit Krutiy a Eudry not ncep5nrlly in i ene a. I v it City. A Quot crr iry. Weij Canuti Lens Ellal Bunfill 2-1. Us a3h m 0 11 u j l d r Quot 4 in raft i amt of 1alltlvmh>d stove Luik a dry Liard. in Ltd a citing. Delivered Ltd by or to burbs 30/ fuel. Asu Wilnin . 37 Hurlie Carl Ulm was ii is walking Hafl hiding fonts. La it in. Covers. Got my a a Milr Llory King land. 535 . Jarsley or Sal Jad ?5 w . 2h3 shed a a x 0. A it Kiir mrs. Doyle. 25, Helston lii. Oft 1 Sci Irwin Ion tel of Rill trek a . Dry. Hix Kugis �1 of Sli. Al Doliver Ritj flew it Juki co., Cor. st., Puni Laliae. In a few lists of tire Day Quot that Pur Ohl Home of mine Juls soul Wultz. Quot every i tog is peaches Dawn in Georgia a Quot pics Tony Waltz Quot a main my Din in Linn sunstiln1.&Quot Ltd wit Texas Howle a Quilean s buildings Quay st. 3s1 a Pierre al Rennod sep Pica right Wool x right Ile livery right. Ring phone 341u for Price just. A mar atoll and Ayi lug the strand Fiir Nel Bridge. D brat s winery port Wina freight paid or delivered Price 35/0 Case Goa freights 2/i Case extra d Miley say that Giorge i x pm ivs a big dust utell is in to we a for used a urn hire. 11 g . I Ruth Llang select private a it rooms would like to Purchase modern furniture la part or urholt. Write Katou Mha Newton . Gill Evje buy furniture pianos. Etc end give highest Stifos. Whole houses bought out. Motor car a Rcpt for Prampi service. I Boue s1�o Antuon inept. D Adnson Gailli l k i g., Ltd. A Bolt 4 or 3 booms furniture wanted contents of cottage in clean order preferred no Dubli Iii. �o01. Stab. D Best plot Chis Ubon Nihle for used furniture Given Byge Vitue Walker 1-18, Quin st. Opp. Since uni a l a King to mrs. . She Ruys Lodl Cal Geu tii cell draw w cd Fly he in exec log dresses Boot-1-, Etc. T Bone ii Tina 302, Quet is. U a ecamophone3 Ned decor Del All leading makes id . And p. Puna Agency Ltd Collcutt manager. D Ginger machine aple tided order �4 15/ Kyj of a to do Filwar Only dropped �5 to a a Globe 164, Queen st., next porters. D Clinger latent go. Oak drop end a her gain five drawer Oak drop head. £5 15/.�?Globe, 154, Queen st. D a Jingo Elk 3-drawer drop table machine Belt shuttle �4 id hand machine. A is a Globe 3d4, Queen st., next Porter A it r Are a. Al it la sctt be ainu. ,. º3 8a Iuka . Utc., wanted i highest Cash Price go i us j owl no i co., i Short Laud us d us la get a Okumur no for that b Lirui Turr 4f you ring lip George Walker. Auctioneer. A a a Lumc 2867. To it u u n 1 t u k a s e u o my 11 a not enough for seven Itu Uius in pallet or whole. Would like sume Lui Ujco if Tely. Write Runzi �04. Stab. D a1 Genei Talps i Lelce for your Bei Oag Lyngh. Cut Sun get blk Walker l hone 2s�7. D o p 1 o r t u n 1 t y. Emeal of st. Key ends All Kuzes of first class Kauri Timber Noth-1 s a a eat heart. Superior to lass doors her �?�if1 �o8, Superior Baths steel cell i"1- . �lj3<1 fill non. Jua Telk and fire Uldal Nyk. , Annm Galinot Hoad auck Liml. Bay windows Superior i Inga electric Tius Piniuk Marble Aud wooden my places verandahs Mould. Tail it nil re to sell a then Send it to j Vire. Path a Lead cu., High st. Phone �388. C Raven nos racquets he Strung or repaired a with Best English gut a barges . Lirui a Racquet Sitrin ser in Albert st. C spa Touy i Ltd l is Auk cheat est. X Kupp Lleti nov i Urt Eltun al Biu a Victary to buyer 0 trestles Era clothes letter boxes horses Gardun seat. A. And f0nr. shop and office filters. Loo octoria Street West fire and Extension ladders a speciality. It Oder skates add parts in Ktut a. Is r Ettli. Pat in and co. A your Favourite auction room a High st l hone �388. Liw Jun rotary. Be in re a a ver top a Vii paid Helms Holly h. A Ley 8t. W Rimie aug Koif in sincera and bolder a it of 8ociety has commenced at 16, Wakefield st am work is handled by a fully qualified staff. I if j2d8. C Quot Btij middleman a profits to pay when you al a fur Ulii at George i ukr 5, he �3 Tjie actual v Ulpe b. Ironald of Quot Harrisii Viii a Dominion Road private maternity nursing 17omr, has removed to new and up to Date turn Long Home Herbert Bondt Gerund House 011 Leit front Motul Lloil Ito ail. Phone 21102, c before Slung and thing you value get Coakley s Cash offer u furnish at the Maple. Cash or terttm�.�?�th13 Maple furnishing co., 5 and a Karu Glampe Road c Blou Silis and , sure Money. We specialise la Lunse Ami skirt making. Yet it i airs mix Terll mail up at Usu Damte charges. Kmart Louaas and skirt ready to Wear it lowest prices la town. Aleo heirs Tetli Hong done 4d per Yard Aud. St Lieh self covered by Chuhi covered with your own material to match your dress or american Button company 43, Elliott st., Corner Wei Lesley Street West a Cleat to . Cutting school. G re Lyle d0n-t in a a a lays fuming or Glt a jew Guit no need to order a in w suit at ruinous for Anster. Look out in old suit. Let Olyn t Mailer Bow a it in. Treated in Wunder Fol Quot i Rothall Way Quot it can i made like new at trifling Cost. Old travelling plug can similarly he Given a a a a Louse of life. T1 Lee Liall m al c0 renovating specialists and v r a l t 1c a l tailor a Fiona 4111. 137. Hymond Street. Work Polione 2g78a. A 111 Wing machines new and Tiff hts Liau it i old us chios Luken As Diirr nay Mem. Needles. Purls and Repulis to nil much . Ii. Wilson. £3 and 33, Wellesley st. Uii Ove i Illora a. A Tjin kit Zil wit drug Byad o a limit. Prich ally urn White dry Igor i Phead the Jip. Repairs by Weynert or. Ii. Wilson. 2,1 and 4t. W. I wms. \ Ujj Sells to for less. 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Latest Raodes just and crazier the motor ii it Quot to it Ord ought Ujj Mcvery Van Good conch a to built Horny �tiv><1 rim Liik order �103.�? Garland. Ltd., lib Ponsonby. A phone js48. 538 Quot Cohu. 5-Kenter. Of Lufi Model. In Firat a lass x condition any Triol or demonstration �176.�?bargain, d�3. Star. 220 Quot a Totok car. Quot i Senter. Eliot rec 11$rht and a starter. In private be Price �-275.�?o i hone 2474. 614 Maxwell delivery Van suitable for grocer or Greta Grorer guaranteed in by i Ria is no Nung order any trl in Price. £150. Munger. Auckland Psi Mulry col Elm a Queen 4<t. Put Reo 5-Iflaler, Prtrt locally Jeff. In Beautiful running order self starter. Electric Llight engine Tyre fitted stand any invest Garlo. Reason far Selling owner left a pfc zealand. A ring 4317. 326 Quot i ook ume of you old Farmers my Fol get Ujj out of that slow jog. Get a Ford car from John it. Andrew and Speed in. W motor cars for Sale. Running al �243. Br1tir-t1 motor lorr1e-s-, red in the severe tests of actual and War Leyland which As Blie la Oft reliable British motor n Active Jerrlee achieved its Posl of by thorough but i dependability. The pre War Ley Laurl Fiji Long no i Buller fur itself a splendid reputation in new zealand the Post War Leylony a ill in entice that repute a a 1 by its of every uni prove at Evoh pm during Tai it past Are eventful years. T1ie dryland is Huilt in a. 3. 4, a nil to Lun Model mud Hydra lir up eau of thine a in the 4. 5. And limn Model instant Letl Ulii Meina of Che Quot a Quot Jun Jel 4-Chnssla Are arriving Early in june and Nown Rte then lorries were delivered to it rhe War off re in der a on track but nor being then required were nude Avail Lily for resale at slightly under contract prick. Though having run i in Dnn and Lack Olliev were Thorum Sbily overhauled and refitted with new Tyre before a a a -<4�?T�?T models air especially suitable for tint nut tip and municipal work Ald Eun be fitted with Hydraulic tipping gear if required. Orders a a la build lie Jbv Eil at on c. All Wlla Are 111 tere ted 1n tills supreme British Lorn sire invited to write for to the Auckland agents. I. Sea Kook and co. 77, set Morula motor cars Watto Idiz he 5-Smter, second had. Host a Model preferred firn cd no a Cen Dlton to phone 052, Box 1074. 132 i dds item Ycilla wa5tr crore time a Felt Jing on Irnine and Tran re thu would buy half a dozen John to Andrew s Ford Gars. I the orders you love through j being on 1-nm by the traveller it i a Ford would More than pay tor one in a few months John v. Andrew. W the Ford motor company plan to build one minion Enra in 1920 it All for John w. Andrew put n to or few of them. W a pileup 1� an Opportunity of taking on a x contract for 32 inon lha about 2/ per Orlle. £23 per work with n ton truck nit l in in Nina. 7v� have the very trn a a in do he Rorls a Cai Mijac Smith. Price in. Faith Tell and co., a Vak Elfeld Street. 302 motor cycles for Saul c1bat15r-Lea and Side car 54 ., 2 j speeds free engine �45.�?seen Union Eil Ginger Luis co. Up inc to. _48 a a a Fly a Iriart Mohl nation. I he. �11 Tyr ref and mar True in splendid order or would a Ell Side car alune.�?77, Williamson Avenue. Grey a you a . Liu. And Side or. A Milrat Weiass Ordor. Quot a be seen it see ivies had White s get map. 1�?~rlre �7-7._ 46 a to it by i be Anil site Conr. 44 3-Iyj. Speed fast. Overstep la a and Cicai Nelland �77._ut Virgin in Avenne. Law Mot Oil Quot Cycle Indian. 7-9-., and Side car in first class rendition and in a nod int Ling order. 16tc Model not done r.000 mlle yet Goud reason fur apply w. Ii. Gibson 140, Karang re a to toil Cycle. 4-Rylinder. And 8de car i x eject rec in gel. A Pedometer. Etc ii crept Light machine in part pm a meet going Cheep. What Otter a Cylinder 67. Star i-0 properties for Sam fat pm Ukia 8i. At Arak a la Imalou w --11 by u1aj Ino Imerti Kun Gulow. Rov tue an mud co., a a dwt in _ 183 c o of e Nie buildings. Every Luud. Conv. Henr Burnett a. Taylor st., 8t. Helter a. 5 a hol ski 5 room roars. Jul fiction Haudy 2d Section boy Nobby distort it elevated Deposit Ilion in agents 347. Star. Quot a Conga Law 4 nhe rooms Well kept a neuf Aew. All a ones Handy Bohol in railway. A particulars from j. Finer al owner walk mete. G t�1.mediate Esah n a i. Den a Kauri Huumo 7 pure hath evil font Clytae train. A allx Cash �300.�?spcj 3.03, sym Imd a 8c. A tit thu la in grow. N�t1 hot a and cold water Gas. All Vous. View very easy fun Star. Quot j Litas Tony a . 12 run Emu. Nne. To in Hoyc. Eat font. To. Acc. 47 x won Fri j Iva lied Iowa. Price ctr duo Cash. -�.t00 Baluci us a act Kli her pass. Ltd a it. Oblie Eusy House 3r., nearly y acre a cd land Good Roud frontage a la Beech �1160. A bargain a Burnett 2, Taylor st 8t it Lier 3-__�n Quot Buu Arleiv .7 Romp and Kjt-x1a Elic Nett. Purnel Aln Bath hot a it hold water Gas and Coal stores. Zarse sect tin i Mills cars. Immediate occur Parloa. Price �353 f Ltd Quiric bros., 17. Theol a can Majera. Opp. . 539 a a Acke-s.�?10 a Cree English or amp a a a i Pron Bui a. Practically a plough Noble in ilk 13 cows now. One mud a Utoft �j9. £30 Deposit balance 5 3 ears 6 no of , Mercer. ¿4 of a Ngere crossing. 3mln�?1 acre 5-Rtnfi. House and of ones. Lawn str Dell and fruit Trees. £1360.�?mcl Helsm . Box 1823. 34 building sections. A Rena Era it. Eden Royal Oak for Selje cheap. Buy and co., Eudean s blogs. A a q to a it Alberto Lovely amp do i o i0wi 5 i0cpms j _ Rud i water ., pm arc. Liaty. Largo Section. Thl 1� n big snip so got in . Balt Rew a Chambers. 15 Queen st on amp ��?�.. Phone 2054a. F a 1 a a of a a Epsom id set Long pretty Bungalow 5 room in Apple order a very possible conv. Motor garage with wide Concrete drive a beautifully Laid out find a . Ball. Rew s Chambers 15, Queen st., Opp. Fi.. Phone 2634a_p erection of a House is Wood at Vakapuna. Tenders for the above win be re tired until a atm Fin Friday april is. At to it. Plans and so Wilh armoire m aur Oihi of. Grierson and aim ii Archit a cd i. 003, new a til into Lnu Nunn Ltd 7111�., inc i nil Auckland. 130 s k it a i c in it a i . I 30,j Terry Fri. Xuy May lf-23. Ate invited fur gig a Suil a y it of 471 tons rails Pietu with Kasi Rulus. and a a oud in a it Miu act May t a Neil it Public works Wuffli of at Auckland Chrly a Liu rih l in Tolu and it this Neil c. U. La. Herron. Store Muu Ager. I a it1 a w11 Rke departure us m or legion 24ili March. 1920, �o25 building and it lot 1st. To North its do us a make Tahka Rath. I Multori 1 motor my gift cd. Estelm civics for All of Meta work. I to is Udo do the . I it Rautela our work and on charges j a in moderate give tvs a Polione 27704. C Glide . A a der right Mil Vej to a Sale. 40 ., Jim Cratil and in a Phi it . Allty Good �3i1 non a pare. Chol st by Good. Quot of thoth or tvs Iii ii to to . Any trial. Apply wtl4noa13e1 Engi Turing co., Ltd., my us r<-1._ 520 a a o t a it car la of Sale. A Biocic seater. Run a find utile karst class order. Here Fly painted. In re. A what. Apply 4gj, . 1 null anus build pcs. Q by Jaydos for j7qrd 30, Job san scars A hav150?f Forfi right on March shipment of Forfi t ars has arrived. I ten trucks go a haiij0-n i or Thole 2523. Accessories Ford a distributor Anck thud Dlf tract. B Rwjr u r r t l d is r alter at Ron and additions to building. High Street. Auckland. Tempera for above Vil be ree Pivetz fit my office until Noou of Friday with april next. Plan a Ftp to sri life no inn a in my it at my of Ieie j. Cd it Lac. Aroh Itei t. Comi Uei i let to Lajsic Llull drugs. B4. A need Street. 62-1 fat a ii k a t i a x. Tender will la a reel vet a or the up to Noou Maxday a april if. Tor Hie formation. . In Lri of it a it not to Healire of Road in Nesli the Tun Perl Coal town shop. Ito Twaro. Near Ali fully. or any Lender not Necea warily an epic. Copy if plan tin a Peel Firat Lun also no s Miloe it Umily. Harrison and g��.1 est Tux Load dual noes. Victoria Arcade. Auckland. 600 the wam1ami Hospital and charitable Aid Board. Electric lighting Plant. Contract no. 2. R a k 51 new and secondhand ranges in1 Stock. Repairs la All Lar Airees. St0nex and White a vyv in cd Tolj Street. Phone 1?As c of o it e. S. Kill painters amp paper hangers Etc., 22, Wynd Fiam Street All Dnn ses of painting and undertaken. Phone 127 for our Kail mister to Call. Vic employ a Lorge stuff of i expert workmen. C 1 30 r h. To on _l3 engine. Direct Ian 220-Volt 2, to Evv Timnit n per t Alt kit a a it v. Vidt lie c eur Hio Aii Volt 102 cell t ii jig ., May 1. 1020, Are rated for 111 come Jite Nrec lieu Ngu Nui Hospital boar. i d plan May lie Yeeu at office of this pour or Ebe Board s of face 4, Campbell a a Yroel. To a Derrr May obtain and plan from the Courtl upon req less. The lowest or any tender i of Teeps Snelly no i i Iel. L. V. Kirar. 8tcri try. Rupord March 24. Ip2f>. A to motor garages reihe a a a a a pure automatic pm a it Iii. altar till1� to any Pel old riven engine and it will pare .1� much 1� 2 to 8/ in a p a. Tuv one now. Motor car size h 18_ 6. Motor Cycle �3 la. Money refunded if not As jump al amp Sentko. A. Ii ale Swanson Street Sale agent or Canadian motor company Little Queen Street. W8 t. Tommy t71a j Ltd i 11 st Hlll canister. Motor tyres and Tubbs repaired . Proch. Liners and covers in Stock. Address Excelsior rlix4s us fit Otts Street opposite Joha Burns and co., Ltd ring 2018. Is a Quot Kje a to n e Vert. Full consist Moscu a magnetos dlr 1. Of 2. Do 4. Do A 1. Ote. Etc. Sole ague a and server a Rudlun /"4 a elect Lea engl Necora Grey buildings tilth Street Auckland. Mit v\7e be Sny open Dull safety Rasor Bude a Quot Quot make them i Good As new�?4/6 dozen. Id a Queen Street a role Quot new Tkv few Uigh x amp aves furl m Oil flu Reb durable. Ask your Ironmonger for illustrated catalogue and Price or makers the dome Range co., Ltd., sole Street Freeman s Bay Auckland. Phone 2��v�oa. C works. Phone 2w27. Structural and general engineers. Range makers. Iron it Juies and in hugs. Fir cd Inper. Sterl Burrows and All builders ironwork. Etnia i is Given. W, p l u m b e it Lote a Ltd i r. Tudehope Masefield buildings. Water meters repaired and adjusted. 4a Albert Street phone 208. Wit e. J. Kelli and cd late of Wilson and Kelly. Ltd5t Pederal it ret engineers Iron and brass founders and general Iron workers. Mailers of cod Ereie mixers Power friction winches Lland winches builders Iron work. Every description of Iron Aud brass castings. Est mate Given for All tl56cfl of Iron workfh0ne j865. Is bu8ins88e8 wasted c1 Rol Ery. So ill. With living rooms v �1 suburbs preferred.�?urgent48. St a11. Al Grid very tin tines town or a a Birte i Lem Wal plug with dwell up bros., to cult Iuvina Siim Heidi civil Ems st. W. 8j Sun Huiban milk l7�o7xi> wanted fur vellent. Also Dairy mid other bus it a ses. 1 a a Niilus inquirers. Partlou lure to a Kuhn s , j3, Queen i. A a Jirld. Only r full i Atli Luisi to grocer 084. Sta11. 181 boats for Sale. T3g�t i2uf. Hut bottomed. In Good order. Trice �23.�?apply a. Do via went st. Newton 1&1 1n�jhy to full. <3 1 is Ruth Lucks. Auu Klaud Laudi co., Liob of wharf. D of oud j11 Good a Oln a order Chobaji. To. Riley 7, Lawrence st., i Onao Aby 4t to e Well knot i keel Yum Iii for Sale.--60. Union si., City after s 7 Yai it half Decker beamy. 18ft bin Dinghy 2 pair oars Anchor moorings Quick Bale owner , �o�1. Star 67 it. Open seller ram Pleie with sail let up for Quick tale. Must . Star a a Buick . 1p17 Model. 3-Scatcr. In Erato t condition. American Ford a Neil Model and Seq Ai nut. Apply vary Box 1224. Auckland. Lllan. A Mitakis amp qo., a to. Royal garage Auckland. Phones 124, fido 1760. In Anding by end of month a Trublic a trucks. 1, l7/2, 2vk 31/3 to its you cannot afford to buy a truck without f1e5t seeing the e t u b 1. I c. Made by the world s largest truck makers. For Sale r Ca ltho�pe�?5- state a Sug heh car in Good order �375 30 cwt. Truck Overland engine with pneumatic Chassis pneumatic tyres from alld rear. £4311 Kos a a ngl1si1. 3 to 6 Seiuli full , 583, Star. 57 my Oto it cycler 3 u a �30 a 3634 after 7 o clock.__60 Triumph or similar machine wanted old j Model not objected Ami particulars to Cash. A fill Start. 64 men who can handle and sail Quality in aids and tt41 Clos. Go Kyj dealer service to clients ease tall agencies open forr Tupler idea Sara can Tupler t Leroe Arrow cars Pierce Arrow trucks cd Truller . A Lerond Light Auto car 2ton and so pm trucks. We Are Romp Erluff or Arrence throng Ioui . Be in time. Snap i territory. Write iia la Day. Ments your Pacific Ujj of Rdv i Ritt Street add kind al 1 e-4stei1 ,e. A Myrr forint 11-w, customs Street kat5t. Our motto service at Alj. Costs. Í800�?buipk i. Nowr a Iorg Najj. £360�?doj>�kkaruter. Nil Fiew tracs oct via �?T1�?T to Quot a Quot a Quot a a he Truls air Rock tool Ikje Legaj la Giitl Kent covers Ami Loible Stic . £325�?ri-Nial 5-I�Nfisenger. Road Road Ocnos Fau he arranged. A �410�?m Axwell Hviid Uniel. This car 1 Oulu Blip soiled. £300-Pitrngtiss , a re Little Juwil. Jil Erturk Afflit. A wifi Froner out flae tyres out Cdr in. Good a a a der. £3c0�?new Ford with extras. Don t n tills. £360�?t-Pasiengcr stt7-Derakep suitable Var for Tazi. Terms a a a Era urged. £37j�?bltuk s-so3ter All new Ivres am first class order. Our age writ a Dodge Brothers the us a Iii car. Columbia Caits Ai knowledge a to he an writ Sims Eilevf . Ila Xieu a the it tit that loads the worlds Stop re Orti a2, Nitlow m 48 devs International Hahn Steh Tytul Isa he fool proof Lurk Binge it 4-3-Spesd, i dutch and a Narh built Side a or. A help will Tab Ilg lil Well in or died engine Purt . 650. Star. 78 several Liot make with and without for sure at bargain Irvin. 10. Wakefield or. 173 Fiode car very banded me reach half practically new. 4-Polnt Atlas Jimmat. Hara Aln for , 1�, Wakefield st. 387 Bungalow dec. Light bit room pore Bath and Nalii Calif it Frog House c. And r. Sec it x Iso. Temi ill Job Dominion re. Terms Nna hods it Root is Bath room. Pore. B. Nod a. Al h.w., was in Ilki use c. And to new it Orel eve cry Fhlug in Tiptop order. Terms. Hornea 14 suit and pm perennial inquiry. W. J. Priest it. Vulcan take. To Tea Throp and medleys xxiv Slor Llama Street we Are Felling a new bungalows Eichi rooms and sleeping Linrud Oil late Fossil Zion 1 Sudj al Isom. 2in1u to train. Very c3lo Eft l proposition. £2350. Good reliable Cycle at reasonable trice tub Complete Ullh first class Luis lamp hell spin us is and . Call at once Anil see this wonderful a Lamue. Y ehs0s g r o s., a 170-1t2. Symonds st c motor cycles wanted. Rem Cee a. A h a Elm ing in tin Igalo a to Llull a test. Of for rooms and Kitchenette. �?�7 Sui table far married Rod Pic. A to Cutty Harbour View. Froc �1600. £800 Cash iia Ittoop and Yte Djey. D_15. Shortland Street Inin to Cor �?6 to trim Ajo years old Gas. Water a fad try in Large retain. Dented. 11 acres Large Itoch agcy rom for arc qty reduced Only 150. Balance arranged. Carols. Sole agents j. Ii. Mulde on and co 119, Queen Street. W bicycles for Sale. G ends bus it be for Salo . Fitting perfect order.�?10, Abco ave la Ciquera Aeq for Sals. It. Eden new 6 rooms up to Date �1175. Cne a �300. Toxsgnby�?0 Ifoma near fair Akita Road. Only �700. Mount Eden Road. £775. Cash �275. Re Motieka a 7 booms up to Date elevated. £1300. Cash �550. J. N. Muldoon _00, Queen Street. 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