Auckland Star Newspaper Archives June 23, 1930 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Ledu Ion weather forecast. For 24 hours from 9 . To Day. Southerly winds moderate to Strong. The. Weather will prove squally Ami changeable with scattered showers my will porn Bubly Bigorne colder. Bar Roctor rising shortly. Sens moderate. Tides moderate. Detailed on a tuner Page Auckland n. Z., monday june 1930. 18 pages it exec a we Elul delivered. J Price twopence. Roll honour. foul Ami Loving memory of my dear Sun William killed in action at Mesones june 113. 11 17. Sacred heart of Jesus have Icicy on soul. . Inserted by Liis sorrowing Mother e. Shields. losing memory of our dear brother. F. H. Russell killed in action Shiji Ewhen in France june 23. 1917. Ii try by i Loving Stev and to Lei i a and William Bishop. ■ births. Ashford on june 20, at nurse Duffer Worth s. ,1 in or and mrs. W. T. Ash lord it. a Rafiet Point Chevalier a Bonny girl. tune 22, to or. And mrs. Frank f. Dolton Nulli Perth. Wisl iii Australia a Hull. Stillborn. By Cable june 22, at nurse combers we Rinere to or. Mui Jii it. W. .1. Cowley Tico May Wahsun Sou. Doth Well. I Tululu on june 2-, at Kipling obstetric Llor if in to or. And mis. A. W. Fielder of Mam direct i eau Lane a san doth Well. No Xii tors Lor scion da3 s. Hutchings on june 20, to my. And mrs. A. J. If Chinig of Illust ii dead mount Albert a Sun. Doth Well. Ruby wedding. june 21, 1s9u. At st. Church , Loii Nii a ii ule. Daughter o i a. Brownlie to july Miji it John Stormont present addict 40, inflow Juad eps oui. Deaths. Ruiu hut on Tunc 21. At Hospital incl Trif k William relict of Lata Hannah Bocci key age 68 years. Wjk own. Us Jimr id died of injuries re it to cd in motor Accident Jafurs youngest and frail noted son of Man Broun and helped in other of Jam end John red 22 ears. Thy will to done the funeral will leave 22, Kean l n Avenue. Mount Eden at pm. To Morrow a for Liillie buro cemetery. tune 23. Ivy Helen dearly beloved wife of Iton it John idas in her 1 Wear seventh year. Clod to with her till we meet. Dias. On june 23. 1930, at Auckland Hospital . Beloved daughter of or. And or. Ii. Deighton tui Street faint Chevalier Slater of j. And h Deighton aged 26 years. At rest. Funeral leaves tui Street wednesday 2.15. june 2, 1030, at Auckland. Elba both Mary dearly beloved wife of will in in j. , 1 1, princes Street. Do Pouport. Interred this Day at Oneill s Point cemetery june 22, 1930. At a private Hospital Joseph dearly beloved husband of Julia Foley. 221. Campbell Road Oreen Lane aged s4 years. . A it squirm mass will he celebrated at the Ella relic Church at 7 . To Morrow tuesday the funeral leaving the Church or 10.30 . For Uta Lihu Catholic cemetery. re Side nce 22, st. Luke s Toad mount Albert William John Hobson in Eightieth it end. Funeral 2 ., tuesday from late residence for Purewa cemetery sync .2d, at her . Wallis lev Luad Wui lii Clara widow of the Lalo William Ilc ury Morton late of Bulltown 1u her Seventieth year suddenly. Interred at Waichi cemetery gun Day. june 22. At the Auckland Hospital Thomas posting dearly beloved husband of a Larriett newer the in Liis seventy fourth 3 cur. Private interment. june 2d, Frank or Dooley beloved son of or. And mrs. H. S. Ungers at their Home be Mudra Road aged 3 years. Shaw on june 21. 1030. At Auckland Mary slow beloved Mother of j. Shaw spot ski and i. Meane Ancy Harbour View Road Point Chevalier. Interred at Purewa. Loving memory of my dour dad. Thomas Mcquillan who died suddenly at Auckland june 23, 1927. Remembrance is a Golden Chain that binds a till we meet again. Inserted by Loving daughter and Kou in la we and grandsons Opal Ami Ernie. Mason. In Loving memory of dear Vera leu asleep june 23, 1929. Treasured still with love sincere jiul a memory but of. So dear. Ever lome Breed by her Chunos Sci e be lie i d and doth i 1 m e k e r 11 a 11. Loving memory of my dear lather who departed this life june 23, 192s aged 75 years. Cone from us that smiling face. Those pleasant Che Carlol Wajs the heart that won so Many friends a bygone Happy Days. Inserted by Liis Loving you and daughter in Law Fred and Eileen. Murray in Loving memory of our Darling Jim who passed away june 23, 1922, tre Amirr still with love sincere just a memory but us us dear. Ever remembered by Liis Loving parents and Bistis. Murray. In Loving memory of our Darling Little Jimmie who passed away june 23, 1922. Quot to had a Little treasure once. The Angels litre now. Inserted by grandma and Grandf Nusier e. And e. A Oliff. living Monn Irv of our dear Little Jimmie r to passed a Vul june 24 i 1322. I he was just a dear Lilly Snowdrop a fair Little Mower Irani birth. I rut cod took h >1110 to Liis keeping. I before lie gut ruled by Thea Earth ■ iii i u d i is Ami ties and uncles. a built in Loving memory of my dear iii Shaiful who passed away june 23, 1926. Cono hut not logo tin by la aug wife and family. Y 1st, u letter y 2-1 Brown handbag Money to and k in in. King 14-uu& ust £10 note saturday. Buildings Good Reward Vic Imti ferr it in Quiro 91-7. La Cli Ahi Queen Row Ard. In Ostby adapt and cd d st. Saturday morning pure Star 919.____ Ost lad get silk Scarf in Cunan st. Or Emmett st., i on Obj Reward 1 1 quo Star ss8.___ Daliy Austin Fui Del Eoiu-.\23 i Oslo or stolen Fawn j Turner number o89a. I Villi l olice. Of Lhand Dag both eau and new Umu kit Friday 41-.t l. U. And lost. Sum it Al Navy Glen Eden and Uhazi Wivis 23 personal. Riqui Home wanted for Black Cut male. Write 3031stak. A Jwj p us vex an outlier yet unit Squire so mail 910. Would like meet Alan View practice Etc. N24 pianist Young a Bires i tactile Banjo Saxon Djoric violin player View developing Iraneo orchestral Mutual advantage. Jana 3914. Stah. ______x23 Jack Bannat inf would he write to Mother who is anxious at old 24 anted Hirth. Kid Ftp san adopt baby from inquire Stah s&9._24 w wanted to adopt child. 1 to 4 years old in tilled parentage Premium required r. Quests Albany . _ 2ó jj14bet Ween Civ \24 Vito Ulp advertisers of hems itching Vav machines in Quot Star Quot about week ago Inot sold inquire , ss2._2 i 7 01 to. 19, wants join soccer club left y , Uig lit s 1 alt. Or Centre Forward. I ust spectacles m j in or near Adel Plu theatre. Ite Waid. 10. I a ail is m., .\23 write 3902, x23 t Ost. Disc wheel 4.40, hew Teri Lenro. Reward. I Var of Gentr Cut 3 re 27 x Ulm Fiill Liora station. I Ost umbrella Early saturday int it Nhi j top Sajiu Odds st. Lcward.80, Newton Ltd. S \ mini la st. Endow a a ñ it Ust. Pm l1ii Uiga e a Grey £2 in Silver rain sat 111 , Chi Tom is. One Robert. I rain sport Olliee. 2 y Estt an Anim due eard Roi Albert and please Lelauni to l Rodrict it in hotel Northland. Kuw.in1 business personal. A1 k Cadi my Patti Vnti heavy paper 1/0, measured 3/.civic buildings and st. Viu i of i it be. Also 410. Ancen st._1 Abuk you books. Human ology psychology higher thought. Miss White Quot 1 t Hape us. 7, Gay dldgs., Karanga c its Ball fancy Cost Mes for hire of made Between my. A minor Ai-.-,. Made to order miss Kirkby 4b, Cut i in Loving memory id who parsed away june e Ostuni Waigli univ dear Fotiu 23, 192 j. Day brings sad memories of a Zavod nun grim to act. Inserted by iii it Loving soil and Daug Hlor in Law George and Grady. Footle Wai tit. In Loving memory of our dear a Thor who push d away june 23, 192u. Too dearly loved to Ever be forgot thu. Inc Rcd by Loving Daug liter and fan in Law May and Loerli. Loving memory of our dear inter who passed away Juno 23. 1926. Ever remembered by Loving son and daughter in Law Isa and Hill. Russell. In Loving memory of 1g h. Russell killed in action june 23, 1917. Ever remt iii tiered by Loving sister Rose and brother Bert. Loving memory of out dear wife and Mother Gladys who passed away at Rarotonga june 23, 3929. Study missed. Inserted by her affectionate husband and children. Get. Football gear Tad bag. Leir i running Board of truck Oul Ide showgrounds Sah iday ukr la if Ost umbrella 1 tie Degg a music shop kindly leave Sboto add i k Friday Oul Ide Rewal in Moor -■1, common is. 21 and son. Eton. Patent .53 and 24, National Bant so a a j. Park a a Itonia Vlf. Situations wanted. New arrivals Anil All others will fed this column tie Best Means of a Cushing employers. Fifteen words one a accounts bookkeeping. It Audi Ceil Untung offers personal services Small tradesmen accurate work t. 2974, lowest a23 a veh Yiseli Laterna Tindal oppor Tuii Ity league Sti Lent . Ref initiative wants , Derium strut or Sale Imit ambitious 3882, stau 2s Pap enter Jung married Verli repairs alterations Etc. Write or 3474, Stak. Domestics wanted,._ a la Lusatian woman wanted loft Niter j used cd Uncle iii lit wort my hues state wises rets. Antu a Cuil is tii stau■-> daily help a Pabie k00j, a out ijiuju1 5-Uñl Lulli Araton Sti at., Oil a Greet Solitt Domby i a Tuelp cil17 or 1s, ■vv.uiu"tl. Olean loud Lime res Tine wants urgent. 1-23 ntc., wants employ r Louii or write tradesman 3069, stau. 34 / 1abinetmakeu, iii ent with firm cot Mary town Neally. wants repair replaced Host 2/, others it . 239. Girl is isei a1 registry 4ü-491domestics in Sitison used Plain cooking hopi Sewol bldg. Sash Moriis any Ilo Soti st. X2y 3-ears, refs. Palm d Here out st. Ressmak1ng frock modern i Grey Linn. Coats -eharges.22, c Gardener experienced expert pruning roses fruit Trees Hedges lawns any , 3u, Dean st., Arch Hill girl 20would like position in noun try pm wifi r 15. Ss23, a run. \23 lady requires position j Good Cook inquire Star 91 u domes lie work. Writ-3 or Call Horary s a remedy absolute cure Price 3/fl. 94. Queen st. 5 Suiter ers t Ost a ill to to Lull slut removed Bonis a Lnu ü i Iun Bay s iii Jyle a tic u 1 trn 5 st. In cell by lulls. X23 i ust. In 1 Tell to is ii Lri i Liam a re u iii 1. I Ltd Stork cd to leave 21, ai11i1 a lid car mall. Pm Miro 40-755. X2l j Ost j Hycl. Tab thu us Lin d in Chi Tell in g containing sum ill Infin you Slan dial l cd Usu to. Inquire Mcivor agent. Of Annhu aü., a . I Davison and peace Ltd., 94-c, Jervis lid. by and . Esti mites furnished. Phone 26 a o4._p Ernest leaning surgical footwear specialist Una removed to new premises j2t>, Queen Posito it frocks goats Oil Lime payment Small Deposit pay As you , 46, to 1 Rvin 1 n tt<1. 27 re Aretta Quot Eftee Triu Gifford s builds High luncheons and atle noon tens. All Home Lodi Chi pcs. U Bereave meet air. And mrs. Ii. S. Rogers wish to Quot Elink nil kind friends for their sympathy and Floral emblems in their recent Bereave a Clit. M cards. Lbttk1ís of in kitted x Toji poll at the Star office. Sami Les on application. Funeral directors. and sons Ltd., under Takt is Zintl Embon Licurs Marble Arclo Quot Hobson Street Auckland. Ali ones 45-Sso, 45-Sbl. Ltd c. M. Cate and co., undertakers. Junction Eden ter. Dominion re. _ Pilone 44-Üúu private 2u-üü3._d g. Lost will i Orson who picked up Small Groom leather l Uris Dpi Semi cult inn and Karnjit streets la Cluro Louh Mcmo Itric st. fur Brwn near in Len Saturn Ian Zicht Gentl Piini with child was ii Pii King if up n skin Tilv return 34. Pii Ptiip High. Or. Tel a. \93 i Ost drown Ila Duag a obtaining ring Friday night get Wpc st., Humi Noii cd. 1ost Ohice l0st. Martyn jew flier 183, by Anouilh st. Note new add Cost opposite National Dank for All classes jewellery. C Mil liner y in of removed to a Lou cum buit Din to Ali entry air on Salon. Sira my n Jindi Arcade Ali pcs x24 and Piso pct Terrace Tenace Mewaid. 111 j a ire 49. match 011 1 Queen st and Milford Vin . Afler noon a. Jail. S i a 3-1 t Ost Small Gold leather strap Hetnor Tost Igon handbag Conla Innig a Nisi and annual ferry licked wednesday Between City and Stanley Bay Reward. -6, Bond st., stand a Day._x23 lol and Liidi Itla Sallu Ilay. Albert st Klopi Ilic owner have same paying o\-Pmii-es.16, Moi Rin st Ellerslie. Pc neuritis no Dang Rouh drugs in y Nim. 12-du.v . Blix 1837, auck end fur morn Pitlor. Elul do Mechan. Truck single careful of 3381, Raul a t\0mest1c j j rets. Wages ., pc Mudra. Young £1 situations vacant. When to plying to unless otherwise stated copies Only of references should be enclosed. Tyg walled Good ill ipg Uros and an Salt let Piso iii lu2. My. Jglen Ltd. ____x23 / Lutt kli. It male for any design Ami Siy-,11 ill Lilii a. Iii t apply 15, i Lesii Rcd. U 01 god mate Lor for t but coup. Lar Lefel rpm ipod wanted to assist hams Chokl ¿3 g Storup buy girl. It ionic weekly do Diesti Eaton required 3 mornings apply 2, Kotraba 8t., ecu Iimura ill it Nitzl. Eliout 1c, 2 Lili 5 Iliili. V g Road. 9, Carlton Flats curl Lon Gore x Ihl for Light Lions it Vork no cooking or t washing 2 adult it Good Home apply Al apr ñ o clock or to Morrow 1 it Veo 11 and 1,2.1. Quot Ireat or out Ruih Huus Keki Eti Aldo by. Own misfires 5. Small if p a 3931. Stau. Green tunic we a x23 and Clui in tev. Farm Hindy 11 enquire 1 Star 1 11 advert yemenis should not be replied to by letter. The address May be had at the advertising or by Telephone mention the number 01íima1íama. Pan Ion help till ill c 910. A Quot i immediately Corn Light dunes adults. Painting and taper hanging no by inches of to in our prices def ,.phone 21-506 c 1>acinu Tuttos Millier. Pm find got0 coins lad set alight position. Apply e j. Moi Onsville x23 t0 Cornet give services to band for employment Ennu Lur Dennisii. 3pti. 3t,. _x2.> wants position is of tagging interest in , s. 3ós7, Star. Solicitor qualified. Town or country prospects Ohl Noiin t Ady. ,. I j Tiu of Nice Home m Exchange help my Umpai write Rural 3984, tail w girl anted All duties from 1u-8.íü assist with housework 8 lit ó Sleep a2 3 from is use Cut state age wages 391s, stau. _. A25 orig Cimring Oyster season een it by Ril. \23 lady. To canvass Good line Good com ais Sion to , write Al 3921. 8tau -x23 laundry wanted Tucker mid sorter must lie experienced and trustworthy poin snout position a. £3 por week to suitable in own Luul writing stating a Poi inc to O£>26, Siah. X23 4.51. Clerk to £ and Lar i. My p i ii g t Reg s i in 11 o a work Parsi Culini Alai , a la Semi Piug. Co iii work of Box x23 toll Trade Good Man wanted med repairing Gurunl. A Jirash ups ten Nils and welding at once iii lip Lewis chancery sl__i>4 m0™1 photography wanted per Inam it or piecework. Get ply Savoy studios 110,1, Queen -st., Opp. Milne Coyco. X25 table talk. A 7t$> Kkt fixed lady for Hoys Oil Luing 1 temporary Good Cook 31/ refs. When m .3897. Tail a us. Tail. A Flynn first class. Wanted xviii til ii 23 tii j boy wanted t i it of general work. Yuxiu manager furn1stier a Ltd., Newton. By m Lar h in 1 anted carpet planner take charge r t by Only enu Tidence 1. . Letter Carpeta. A24 woman Young House duties big Wadi Good Lomu Good wages Inci , 99, Kanin Mahape ril_2. \í7ü.mañt Youngl no Noble nil duties rat a k e r a it bag Wash apply Nufler 4 ., a Vav thoroughly experienced. Western Springs Kun morn game. A a porn Man. Re sired for Auckland City. Ounce Energelia Alan require Pobi Linn Ronic confectionery 129. Skin omit st x23 y youth. 12 months i Vii Oruci magnetos of she. In co Titine Auer enter Estip accept Snell wage write . 3562, work wanted a bout Chimney sweeping coppers ranges Lune Ontois prompt Aitken lion Moi iii Atu , Tut am st., Tiu Anonby. T,1iuuq 3u-75j. D a but Chimney sweeping22 years experience no dust guaranteed. In fit Isis or Phouc 47-976. Clydal hand emollient Preven live and to pure of Vlin proc hands mid chilblains. Ruh it Well Rueth carefully repaired in few hours j half regular fees at Howey Walker. 209, Gopon st. 23 Tunfu la Nisbet on Saav term lowest Price. Gun Stan s. Jiu Koran Mahape rd., Nark lbs strayed and 1p/ipoumded. J it a 5,. 24/9 .31 x 4, 4s/6 32 x 4. 26-uu6. D patents mrlik s Eppli Catoria free a Quot Quot lit. I , 4ü,&Quot"ü¿uu , Areli Hill. Plane write Heiry Hughes 209, Dilworth blag1 Ancklnnd. re private inquiry . Leu a Phelps. Lute London Altern Potuzn Bolles . 24 Middle aged to assist work place Good amino stau. Yeoman ■ work. 1 Waltn Llo iii pm Vork it House general 1iouül Dutts woman Plain Cook for Small adult a ter it i Langton lid Oto Mahu lii Romu Era Ellis registry main Stone bldg., Queen is Cook 69/, 49/g t waitress under a girls House Kuyper generals. i registry Alouso la Lourra i us ü07v Cook ii a 13, i ice strci4. Houise cepe. X23 strand Arcade Cooks 41/ Cook g House . Cooks Pirl Vnti i in stand , second general 4.1/. Cook generals a b0 a a to bout tarring mid sanding Tennis courts Etc. Country work catered for workmanship guaranteed. A. Southgate 43, Cromwell st., it. Boer phone 31-543. Wanted to buy. A Tok Rign. Sash cords replaced 1/2 each Nik 7 Cord. Write Sash cd Fretwell Tnnsuhby x2o a bout gents left off clouting boots Etc. Highest prices , 94, Hobson st. A Ulione 45-324.___h apparel mrs. Outer Ltd largest buyer ladies gents Leit Ott clothing15, reply full particular to watchmaker. To oboe 395. X23 n abbr h art3 our Board. A or tvs a in Forsti do or Rex drag line excavator wanted. Annuli ii Dot returnable of Harbour a Nril Gaii of port Aumi. Not later than thursday. July 3. 1939. Particulars and conditions of position obtainable from the finder waned. Jno. P. Kenny. Pepp Terv Ami try Surey. To Jobbitt Greer and son Ltd., 33-44, do gins Street Ponsonby require 1 machinist and. 1 Soseu for ladies underwear. 5-Day week. Pages arranged at inter viev Abad a Wing stole oui be made equal to next. Payne 56, Pichmond Load j a Vlot Urla st. Phone 42-674. X23 apply above address Between 9 . A id 12 d4 a Range for ail estimate for your used phone 27-697. C furniture High or Biccs spot Cash. A to Trai Ergun dog pc Aud Yli Ite red a to d,71, Sarai iced hi., Lorue col \ us Siniora. Sir. X 105, 32/g&Quot. Lick Lind 4j. Co s3 . C9/q. Fred Forde Pitt so to Taylor 6 dug 3, Avice 81., matrimonial. Tray edit Ilie Pup Black name Beau Liali la in slut. St. Nim in irked Quot. _ go Fintleman 60independent meet widow Maiden lady wishes High ii Al 1. Iuii1i, a Haixu to my Good disposition View marriage James we Jit phone 20-938, Western j Park funeral co. Gtd a Pel Ayed Lanai. Black spot on right wide of heal. Renard.11, Kiu st., Grey Limi x2. Phuc 24-4u9 or business Man dark iii Chaitiburs. _x23 homely Bright , Nizart i 20-35 a lii 25. Willies Kneel View marriage. Farmer 36, Ihoe-y23 h. J. Fraser manager late of Jno. Fraser Lude taker Invercargill a is-70, Iowa Ouliky k i. I Tath Ltd a Juu Gutho Chi Lud Kizu uit Uius late of Jno Fraser attached Nauis Sandy t. Sund on Tunc 21, 1530, it tic Epsom , in Lieuw be lilo Lute Victor mid. Lotf of Lur i to used us yours. H.i.l1. 1iivutc interment. tune £3. Flt Lute Rorsi Dinic 23, Union Street. To Okoll beloved Liu Abanil of Len i it Townley in Liis eighty High Ali year. Tim funeral iii leave to to above address Oil tuesday june 24, at 3.30 Friends please accept this intimation. june 22. 1930. At Lier late residence 9. Amoy Uati lie my Era. Arunie Blanche dearly beloved sister of e. Ii. E., and e c. Nile and Dangler of the late Samuel Vail. Interred this Day at Purewa cemetery wat hex passed away peacefully on june 23, Mary relict of inc late James , . Funeral leaves Watney 8ibun and suns khyber fuss Newmarket. Telephone 41-534. Also Ponsonby phone 27-164. Old opposite Reservoir. D lj., undertaker and funeral Queen st., Onehunga. Prinnes 12-003 residence 12-1q3. C Barker c. Director j. Mel Vor and sons funeral directors anal Euziba Roers. Official undertaker to Auckland Ilo spline anti Auckland intr diary my of Cameron and Bartlett late adams2s2, Ponsonby Road under37, fir vate 27-052. C takers Etc. Photo Jravis her late residence fun cum try 2.30 .., Weill Sedny 2otli, ii. Tongue undertaker and funeral director 1, it. Eden ,jh-2a4t it into 24-346.___ c inks and ii All undertakers and funeral director 9,. Chancery st. Phones 40 332 private. 29 034.__ji w. W in t t full 1927. Wife. Ever Loving Gates in memorial. affectionate of my dear Jurj Hnud. John Copelind Becroft who pushed away june Ever sadly missed by Liis Loving Loving memory of one Darling son Athol who pahed away a in 23, 1920. Ever remembered instr ii by father and Mother. Loving memory of dear Mother passed Ninny on june 23. To remembered. Inserted by her a fighter. Son in Law c. Mil m and Grai ulc Lilly run. Bray in Loving memory of Mother who passed away june 23. 1925. The of a Good Mother is better than Rich s. Remembered by her daughter Alice ant-1 family Penrose. Conroy in Loving memory of a in son and brn Lher. Pen Ival who departed this lire june 22, 192s forget you no. We Runor will . Yve loved you Here we Vou 1 you parted with a world of Fame you Only died to live again. Inserted by Loving Mother and Ste Irather und ural bar und Sisters. and and Lovi Uff inc Inry Obert Ivor who died at Hamilton Hospital june 23, 1025. We Are thinking of dear brother thoughts Are always in our hearts. Picturing it our memory just As we saw you last. Inserted by Liis Loving father sister and brother tribute of Lov iii memory to my dearly bal Tivod lat bar who i sol i into a higher life on june of j of Kurt try. I wite Imp oct Pieace. Ina Eiter by Eva Marett. Jon Lovins memory of my tear Mother who cell a Sloan tone 14-j also our dour Ivelio ii Hack August 21, 192s. W Morrison undertaker office and residence 197. Parnell rd., opposite i Arnoll Library. Phone 43-768. W to. Iii skill 130, by Zimuk st. Farmer i stau widow 2 daughters Xvi lies meet genuine widower View Matrimony. genuine 3866. I glazed Brick Fth a place i juju £3 allowance for Liangos 50 years sex porn once., do Inion re. _x4 wants w o re x25 Harp Entjer Good hade Mau Vovk. Town or country goo guaranteed. Inni Iivo artak 1 16. Naip Antku wants Small repairs Concrete painting work moderate , 25, Castle st Grey Lynn Lic 0 Bip free. A Pinter. , requires alter tins additions repairs Workman Guaran teed reasonable Eslia ates ring Cronin. 20. Deacon Alicd st. X24 Uzl ing singling paths repair cleaning and Day. 2. Ilond us. Epsom. Phone 16-721. V23 sewing any description pupils wanted. A lady would dressmaker 3s07, Istak. x24 . Wishes j ,ulin1tuk,. Csc a torpid to move Uny it Musket wok 1 won 1okor work Pewter work pen painting curving prospectus a Lina 4. Strand Arcade. c a1 marriage red nod companionable ing room introductions to 1119. G..____tv24 a Shije Igi matricu1 Leigh College . Nations general education ceases recent Clani nations. Naii Raucci bldg Jors sex Rucoi to Auckland coaching College expert tui Rinn by correspondence for matriculation proficiency Etc. Principal pox s9i. Particulars d Good circumstances Home suburbs wishes meet View marriage woman net Over 40 personality. Phoenix Chambers 36. X23 where. Pilone 43-281 27-108. Auckland Luggage Agency Ltd., established 21 yen is. C Homes and care attention. He stitching done or premises same Lay orders for lingerie frocks rompers. Quot Jeanette Moulin Rouge dldgs., Hembera. A disks removed liaised levelled h1 every Cui Ivak Scott to dressmaking and cia»?he8--qunrteri.v classes practical Dri so nuking Indi a Jankau rest Home Waikow Bai it. -. 1 1jjl rot kill for nervous cases and those l i needing care and intention from 12 2/. D Maranatha select quiet for aged people and tho a requiring rest.7, j vein Riniti 11 ill. Or. Kevn a s t. He i Ellis rest Home phone 25-092. Sisters Manden and Phillips recovery Home for convalescent terms moderate. B and attention Given eau louts and those a Tiqui Rizig rest a comfortable Home ¿ sunny 20-523__d4 monumental masons and Mason. Mcnab 109, Symonds Street manufacturers in Auckland of monumental masonry. My visual Insl fiction. Al Ccle mint Ami Wood Bend. 26. A it Rhain Hei h¿ t . Boki keeping course a thin Hugh tuu Iun £5 Cash or Eairy terms. Dept. A. Box 1793, a Auckland. 31 c Tohn Maxson i Eachor violin Mando foundations renewed skilled workmen 30 years exile Riemee Sam while and sons phone 44-70s._d Painter Pap Orlinger reliable work inns lip in nil branches of Trade at competitive jul cab. Write tradesman 8277. Stau. A d4 Fri painting too my papered from 8/ Lanni 12/6 Day ladders refs. Work of 3414, 2 Painter pop oranger compel int trades limn reliable Hgt a estimates inc ladders snap lion Day labour 12/0 write tradesman 3864, sr.ra Carlaw win Ham st. D i s a l e m Auckland auction ering company will a Cllon or buy furniture to Best Street West 42-238. Phone d Auckland auction ering will give you the Best Cash offer co. For your furnish a phone 42-233 or Call 10, customs West Street c before Selling i Jeff a buying your furniture consult Squirrel and co. We defy 44398. C clothing lag society shores cell. Suite boots old Gold build Phonet 45-330. We Mells 65. Victoria Price Anil fullest tails accessories whore to be seen. 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Sepia new zealand full Back travelled 2000 Miles in seven Days before test on saturday arrangements made to refuel monoplane Southern Cross in mid air when trans Atlantic flight attempted. Three changes in new zealand team to meet British footballers in second test match two men replaced. Short circuiting of motor lion connection attracted Aid and saved life in motor Accident mar open . Appeal of Arthur Thomas Munn sentenced to death to be heard by court of Appeal at Wellington this week. Driver killed on West australian railway when engine left rails truck reduced to Heap of ashes and twisted non. Sales on change to div were banners a trading it new zealand insurance £2 7/ mount Lvell sex div 1 c/8. S e x i 0 it clerk applications Are invited from those possessing the necessary Qualli cations. Must be Able to control staff. Knowledge of Burroughs machines an advantage. Salary £5 per week. Apply with copies of references to male clerk care Charles Haine advertising Agency National Bank buildings Auckland. £1 Cash orders to w. Way son Aud co Auckland s leading Cash order co., have removed from Security bldg. To 7th floor Ower Board bldg Queen st. And tatur Naturk second hand any Quantity for 41-91s.anscu and co., Opp. Lyric High prices spot Cash for used furniture phone 44-246, or Call in. Carlaw Wyndhom st. D outta pm requires urgently Geathe it. L highest Cash Price. Mrs. Suit. Ladies furs and fur Coats j 15. Victoria st. D sound progressive concern with big Market has vacancies for two Good salesmen who Are prepared to invest up to £500 or More in concern. Salary my commission would bring in at least from a to £15 per week. Expenses in Ortr oltion let ply Opportunity ss22, Star 23 piping galvanised wanted Loo Oit of Lim piping 20-523. Sausage Rnic wanted 10 or 12111 Block ice Chest Xii Klc 59, Elohim son av., Ponsonby.__24 Lyric. Clashes now forming. Outfit with Vonise of tuition mus icon to inv fee 15/. Including 0 a Harn to drive Floral emblems. Motor car at Edgar a Poi Biccs school of motor driving Drivers certificates guaranteed tuition by j experts on a a teu Ltd on All makes of cars. Pearces school of motor driving khyber pass. Phone i 206. D wireless apparatus for Sale. La Elli Thio Schumi gild Cro Sluys All by to Floral wreaths artistic Tirlia cited Odd where it shortest biotite. Just Piroue shop 40-035, residence. 20-74r. Miss Carney Floral artiste 21, in Arangis Lui Perd Beautiful wreaths special designs delivered miss Huberts Florist \ 1c m1 clip fecs mis Rutherford 1l1bneuy has Ris Mcd teaching at 2. Gaze s buildings la Karen Gabac Road. Modem american inc the a. I Foria and Syi Douds Street and residence. Phones shop i 24 o 1í sales Al e k. Study new course and la crease earnings. Details and interview while dept b Bon 171 3, g.. 31 Pap i i Angang. Neatness a pc Fialty by st materials supplied prices , 15, Beacon Bridd st. Phone 26-1.72. 24 painting. Cd cup motor car radiators up to Date i ® types wanted Best Cash Price 45-275.__c 25 linger drop heat sewing machine also hand machines Host prices spot Cash. 8. Strand for de radio equipment Gil Quot Herald by club. Queen so. _ d buy Safe Mclea Berb radios a will Stab Lilied in with a Imatt on of Uithol service greatest values and absolute Satia faction. To 21 papa changing painting rooms papered from 9/ labour 15/ Day work Guann Lccy. 3607. 8i it. Var Ltd Semper Taratus. 24 , radio Gonino Phozie Glyco amp m Boll Ltd., Queens us Branson. Vex Peri tot Reid Uduc Liuigi on both Lun Jow i old Oviok Lemarle. Sir nos. Ele. Nti fuel Ion Star. Mattresses in do a in t e try Desman Arcade. X25 ulbran8jcn precision built Niue in Jne. Screen Grid Randlo Grain iphone combination bulb lii piano tuning the Troug u absolutely Tom rough tuning und i cleaning vacuum nil tuning to. I none it fit. 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Ever remembered dear 11 do by a Dicki Aasu and family Mason in Loving memory of daughter Vera who departed tins Etc on june 23, 1929. She is not dead this child of our affection but gone into that school where Ajic no longer needs our poor Protection and Chi it himself doth Rule. Inserted by her father and Mother brother Frank and baby George. Loving remembrance of our dear Little Friend ver., who fell Nelm i june 23 1929. A Flower culled too soon. Ever remembered by her Loving Iris no Joan Gladys Dorceus. Kalman Quick sales. Mutual jjldgr., for Llan Evans Udworth bid Ferins. Colonial d invites to Good reasonably priced 5 roomed House with garage buyer nun Galoff or modern cottage must be 1> waterfront Handy City cheapening 12-fiü4. After 5-___ tor elicit 3 bedrooms Good b views warm position govt loan no. Insurance . 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Require j Gnu Galois 5 rooms All eff i re Mudra Anicil Epsom £13-1800. 24 a us boat blk value Fine j a 01 1 Rich b Montig Rizic Only 30/ ease wines Elliott st. D ■ a always lending a Robiin s wines Good port 12/6lirlin Elk naked Fly Felt expert radio. Violet Ruys medical coils earphones for deafness. 157, earan Garape rd., phone 44-532 microphones Public address amplifiers loud speaker telc phones television talkie equipment and Gray. gallon at depot 2-gallon Jera. Fort Auckland wine co., Rutland st. Choice port Quality guaranteed 30/ cynic freight 44-400._c Rockland wine co., Rutland st wine. Appetising old Sherry. 30/ per Case freight 44-409. To valid port 43/ Claret 43/ red Al 48/ Sherri 38/ extra special Sherry. Go special deserve Imort go. Freight Naid delivery free. State occupation. Corban and co., the wine people. .,1. For Street. Phone 42-403.__d phone 43-400 if your radio requires attention. Prompt reliable he Vicc. Porridge and Craig Queens Arcade. A radio repairs in your Home no cure no , care Crawford 5, i Luik a. Grafton. 2 partners maps of / Case. Front gnat Rich Sweet red of wine delivered freight . Crown wines Elliott st. A lion 47-133. D t Egal practice. Country town. Our client is aged and having been successful is retiring. Great Opportunity for to Imp Man. Legal Library Price Loo. Terms £153 Down balance £1 weekly. Jones grosser Vulcan blilgs., Vulcan Lane. Man Young respectable with £100, offered sound profitable partnership. Business sales co., 63, Queen st £2 10/ Stowey walk erg guaranteed perfect fitting . Superior Quality. Upper or lower Sot. Natural appearance. Pinte Light and thin. Giving perfect Comfort. Quot Standard denture. £3 17 selected Teeth. £4 4 Zilowey Walker s special » £3 15 Jjo Wey a Walker. City Chambers Queen Street. Agencies offered Stamps Loo a or collections Good prices Given collectors wants . 22. A Murby a plugs. On. G.._c steel. % hollow Drill of copra land Mai Itma wanted 20-525. _25 by Lotard the Price pot office. Cite. % table with accessories 167j. 24 Jophe Fuller Brusti co. Will consider applications from Alen of initiative and Energy to Mil positions in town Aucul country. Inexperienced men who qualify will receive training while they earn. Advertisements intended for our classified columns should be in our office not later than 1 Daily. Adv Ortii Elminti Recd Ved aft a this hour will be inserted up till 2.30 In late new pegs. Properties for Sale and i change sections for Sale businesses Lor Sale close at .10.30 . Daily. Wanted to rent. A la furn. And in turn houses. Flats urgently to Mcdonald is Vil it Vinarie to lepton c lb-u02. I Jaq to bungalows 4 or 0 rooms Oil localities. Numerous the nuns a Aliaj Tartick ours . Yorlli Shigeho ouse. Trains Epsom 23 no Puiyin afternoon Only. 709, Dilworth building. Phone 42-343. 23 of Galow Over 30/.mayhilland agent Sandringham terminus phone 20-615, rents collected.__24 tto uses urgently wanted Good clients Ujj waiting. Browne and co., 227, Dominion re. Q Trouse 4-5 rooms and cons. 2nd, 3rd Section up to £2 weekly write l urgent 8837. Stau. 24 up it a v k l l e r w a n t e d. Young energetic Man Ettli some knowledge of seeds manures and Farmers to travel country districts for old firm. A Good permanent position for the right num. Reply in first instance stating age experience Etc., to traveller 347s, Star. Tool use 5 rooms go Mac Vicinity Harp or Eastern Onehunga Good tenant 17, Seddon Terrace. Tab thu. X24 tto uses wanted urgently with or Willij a out . Dyke late g. Mackor 63.7. Dominion rd., phone 13-121. ¿4 f u r n u r e. We will buy the House As it stands or in smaller lots. Highest prices. Root Cash. Phone 40 325. Richard Arthur Ltd. Opposite town Hill a Copot Cash for your furniture. Phone 43-025. We will Call and pay Ynn spot Cash for your household furnishings any Quantity. And dont forgot we pay cartage. No valuation fee charged. Holiday vacant Ryai Atafua hotel i Houpu 1350ft. Holidays week ends Tennis Badminton 3k, Henderson. Wise proprietor. D lease offered. Ain Road lii Uranga Opp. Post office j. R. Robertson Ltd., auctioneers and valuers Queen . Courts. Phone 43-025. C Ujj 1 Anos , -1-roomed we it in c. I an Range. Cottage. 3 acres hou1»-, outbuildings also 155, s3, 55, 40, 20, 11, 4.mase-27, Queen so. 24 Trouse s-10 rooms All cons. Suitable Lap in tents boarders within 1st Section rent 393sr Stah. X25 to modern Bungalow email preferred Jill Young married couple no children moderate f. 3413, Statt. 23 Bungalow 4-5 rooms All eonvs., elevated Good locality reasonable reliable adult tenant . T3eltable of Nnaji wants at hmm. All conv write tenant. 8852. Stau Williams it. Helnn 3-Roomcd if. X2 s cd Harbu Prothero and Shearer 3 Fie Euritt blogs. For rent collecting. A Wax ted Quot in 2nd Bungalow 4 i rrtion., r co. 16. Fort st. 5 rooms with Ivyll Warnson and \25 the want houses Grey Lynn up to 52/6 Good Elinn i , Sutrov 27-r9s, a lease wanted u sad Jojou Seivold Juji in Ann Quantity unix tune a1ím or iii lot Wal Lilli. Willi or Quot Ith ont Stock , Orl it Crio Oce client. 27. Ruinen st._2j , wholesale to exclusive confectionery lines. For a Nii Ciru of nod Shibi concoction cry lines invites from wholesale houses in the North Island. Good retail confectionery connection essential wholesaler to carry stocks and handle accounts. For Complete particulars apply in Confidence by Leiter to confectionery care Charles Haines advertising Agency lld., the Lickli Icid building Christchurch. 23 agencies wanted. wants agencies any part it new zealand full particulars. Write keen 130, Symonds st said e a Ely we will Call mid make you a Cash a it Riec i chair. 321 for the whole or part of your furniture. Remember principals Only Are our valuers. No cartage or valuation fees. Highest prices Given in Auckland. Outdoor sales at residences our specially. Inlet sales tuesday and Friday. Two auctioneers Selling. Leonard Coakley. W. J. Cuttle. Seeds plants and Garden. Anemones Sinclair s celebrated Strain mixed 2 in zen a upon st. 12/6 100. George sin a ranunculus special offer Lif st. Strain Large bulbs 1/ Doz 7/ 191 and it. Newmarket. I 0ut Lowers Etc Lynnr Flowers to Welt lagoons Flower auctioneers. George Malkeil to Auckland Dos leading 249, i iced Street phone 42-Slj. Auctioneers Auckland. D properties sold amp withdrawn. Take Noli and a i. Scalia plact1 land take Aliice my apartment busies it . J. Market Best prices assured. Gardeners limited Wellington typewriters for Sale Tje pairs to All makes of typewriters and duplicators machines for Thos. Bailey. 34. Winstone a tags. a Cap portable Anil a Standard size Clearing lowest out prices. Imperial typewriters 2, Swanson st. A for hire. Electro Lux vacuum cleaner for hire. 3/ per half Lav 5/ per Dav delivered. Phone 16 . 24 my property no. 23. It. Royal av., has 1 tt7axted. Heen sold by Vulcan. Land Agency. W sober miss Dachenhausen. 21 Nelson st in Liiv. Fishing boat a.j.l., i it a of rent and r la ration in first instance to 3dfin. Str. Fin. X25 showroom and storage space. Wan ted to rent about 3060 Square feel of silo wrong and storage j1 Nitra Uip Quot Ohio Solo business. Must have rash Quot o storage space for and Dol Ivory null a a so 0cblltr prefer Rotl Epply to. Space. Cars .1. 11 Ott Ltd., advertising agouti House. Sortland Street Auckland. 11 our news pages. Pagos Cable. 7 daily serial Quot a the living statue 19 editorials a it the tuning spot Fuji a a and amp uni and tha Pooi Board Quot. General news 3,5 illustrations. La the Public mind markets and Commerce mail notice.8. A i0r 17 10 12, i. 11, i 4 4 j5 416 racing world shipping be sports. The passing Sim. 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