Auckland Star Newspaper Archives June 23, 1920 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Auckland, Auckland Vol. . 149. 1 Auckland Star. 9d i Rel week in Towt and sub tabs. A a it Acon i i in l a of j ohtj5d, 12 Quatt Tell in Advance. Lost and found leu Brucd sni Ditt Budge a a Indi plume Ici urn ii n \ lost Tun i Anttio i gang. On about 17th june Reward a a Neu Murket hotel a Vij Auckland wednesday. June 1920. G.jmj., London. <12 pages Price twopence. Domestics wanted t Ost about to it a o Nock agi. Ojik i Uil pen. Int. U til Artrip so at a tue l Ost. it Eon White a llah la ujan a Ujj Johle to prevention t of Tusk in. A Hui a n so in 1-ik \ la v i Ike Tuv cd i a Quot studio Larih Roh Iru tel Nio Quot runic Rev 41 j a 1 40 situations wanted i 1 set tlivli�.1&Quot a Rii Velsi l j0l, lib Etal a mini Oflia Italy _ Xiloj a Stoen 1b,. Our Nin tui unit. Wasp a in Limie Ottissa in Kkt Ibi if .1., a. Rrkt�?T7a so a Quot a rare falter a Penman Torrea 1<&Quot /.l,l�?ojet�?o1. Re Quot lust a �"1 al in Iso Ulii c Vilh Imp i i re work of nov fac in no in lie Ian a we Man amp Iron Tus Horny 40 a 1v-�?Tml. It help �4 i a mrs Mcmurt re 1 lid. Led i 1 Nihil a put lived a Init try nuff \ Letona lost 2 dinghies to it together a Lone Cul in Fri Chi of nor 10 a Harffey Ltd cos n a. St 141 la a North id jpfltf1 in a u mail lii , n o j Myin rare a kind i a an it i a i a n 7. To urn a emf a test. 1 nun Naff �12 in not 1 Iti for a n a a ii Dan ipi�1 a 1 Xoi Liarny a Rulp return 5ir> l05 to Small round a sold Devonport Keepsake reward�?27, port 1 tic to a Kerr di1- liar tips i a return Pis i re it l trip Vit Tuno 22�?� l Devon i 1 let a it it i a in i Quot it limt1 Peno no 7. Fan Quot us a a. no n c mar Sipui it i help of i elderly riiip1 \ Lillee Midi ill air id pref a a 187all Templo Man i Orup Neil a nun a Nam work pict erred a it in nor it. 7i a it it i f omes Tiu help 1 9 .1 it a no 1 lit i haul kit 12 Indium i u a j Mirino in in blur Ini a n 11 Una. A Pali a ill i f d to Ai in Rotor j ii attain a map to Ili Jufer i Hii Irr Piiru a i it Libras i Hunnie a >1 re. To. I Seflin Tisi Vuk i. 1 a i inline a a file Ira w t st Tourne it Ronsi rid. Emoru. To Houe a situations vacant. A Rupnik and tar Themi u g not Eodald Ali tet for Dpi one shilling Oliree i Obei Urjil . Two so Iii Jim a a hand site Ere a Pic he melt is vaunted fit a Nair min. Krotin the Stirk i Milliner. And .1 Ood Minin under i Host Arhat is 2namnlpp<i a Alt. Join Fijn Amu la , Victoria Street 10 Adai 1 mis Lieis a apply a Cothrun Reti Outi clothing cos Sunn of is 1 to 170 eng is Oik m t a i Daf w 3 midd i Quot it i red i it to mud Ilch Lyhl Quot Pok Jii Muir Kutz in Luye a ahir.�. A a i ins up l lion no �?~2709 of Vohl not a am i a of Ltd i,.irdener i i Xvi a a 7 let air a a Vid Slop i Home Holt gtd 72. Ill l st. 7 d a a tiled irs it Ivi us. Us Silione 471 m2 Ltd , a Rio Giitl Quot Kyj a c a Midi to Jill ill. No ook taif fipe mba us it. Onklin Nelp la per Jed ,2 muted As �iouciua1d for it i in Erk Nihoul it. A Milih al. M--1111 Loyt. Of , men la from town Hall o rpt a 10 toi n Hill Aud it to it own Jet t Ost in Oto. Fnu ii in incl a a aj1 in on Upu mulch ibid Miil Lorton Ltd Rpu 1 Nault la n it a Tirlet a re if t opt. Noui t weeks Irone la fur. I in in Brno i Atli l of Hplu Pon al ichor let a find Dominion 11 al �1 Lewner Cir to Lisle i Hobson is 41 like 2 in it me to ii \ u j d i 1-7 a a l lit i front i a in let a i \ maths inn Nril v of a Iii Iii. .1 in i \ a a Uii lit ri-.iliollil of my ill l let i ?1 Micuta up i u Ltd a Iii 1 Havu i work e in a place a a a non Hild 7 View 74 i Pinill 1 to Frt Iii i Tell a nil Iju. I d fur fish a Llop. He Llimo Gate thib Marl 00 i a Pok t most. Ulue in Empl pin a a w Yarp s on it Iri a on st in rain Huipo in a fake Reward a phone 22 brooch with Ein Irv of Hoh glued tis keen tip al t 6st. Between it Eilen and we Imp Rule by i order re Turin o a try Brno and Down Kos it North<1momolu Asirie Reward 7.94 i be Watt do lost on Sandat. Of a from Fornwall Pak Emie Fnu of we repair Fos Terr apr do pars and Pell Lack Fawn Ronad est Mark pyrrhon aide a return to t Mirk. Natlo Oal Bank. Symonds a Street seek mid 4o found wire haired it apr Block Patch on right Elde �?3, us Shujo ave. Epsom.__14s Tjio und brooch be a an Asquith a owner can Hare same a by pays Dart a and it it can i f nil \ of get a motor drip Hunch clip in 1 ii a i Quot so mar on Niento it. J il0-l.ll i a 1151, i a j1-,id no Wilu i a Pic in it a Quot f. L o a e Iron for it a Iris i i2. Pink hit t i Iii w Ork hunted morn no a Tihon Iro utne a 12. M Esi i and Ltd hem strayed and impounded. Cut Raveid sunday night milking cow. Alde rom. _ a Poi out run Ard brads. Hula rid on Hub Hill in -�.62 personal. Tabt boy healt Liy u anted to adopt a in refined Home apply select Len Atar �j7 Vood Hoide wanted for Bor. So will pay 1�o a a Rencil 1�c. Star h Refl pal. _149 ome. Pood wanted tor boy on farm kind people near sri ools my. A to 40 k ate a jilt st sep you. Fred. Go. �t1ar. Write at once kind person Wou d ii1 o to adopt healthy Jill hrs it me \>n1en up 5. To it to ind person to take Charr of Babr Nyrl. I a Nat old. For 3 months al week a address at Star 73 Tveit. A s Cohen of Sterne Rny la to to Hhd the medical and Nurmi a staff of the Auckland Hospital for their kind but potion flu Rinir his late operation a a s Cohen. 4. Kelman a Pon Nohr =�0 "m7x0nm71? la ate Wellington -4- n none knot tiit her address please t>err0n a Een taking Tam from la Olti. A Dueon it. Please return same to sir it further trouble. 168 a be fined person whinted Legal adoption a 2 Morichs old baby boy a Rojc pt4r 101 be nates und rid a plan up a end Ald is to Flornz the to your add Box 14in a 21 property sold and withdrawn. T and agents a my Lindse in Cecil Rob. Milford Hnz been withdrawn from Bales a .7 Ilner Klinc 15� t and take notice farm to port Albert is ult Bratro from Pule Myrv it Booth 11 t and agents a take notice a Perth. Titian go a . Is withdrawn from Bale-�talnn1 new 73 Polk l a Pine in a p., apr Tini null our wanted 1 e a i to 4. A Rock a Muir a Iii Iii a Laidre i Stak a a a a Elm Ming and tan re of k 1 font uni i a Wolm work tit a Post inv wan Tod a a tto a 1 a a prom Tell a Cook. V vib positron 1 \ it canted a1 be Lorr Viires a to i int couple of a 1 a to Mon is Rook wanted in a a cml a i Crook Quot 2rtc.ri bar Era Cook 7 in 44 woman re Peon he with let a vat nil in to in Quot to it cult to Fossil Tonti flor 4rt�. Reference a gentle Kings Tarn Foung Lundt Light Dier Quot a to de by a cd of of Fol Nodi i Fomil. In fabs pref Addre fit Tvr if Lon 11 fat 1��9, a tar Erport enc nun try. Hoe if a Quot 15 a a Ilc _ a git in inc Quot of for in in fat. I to r3 is in a st Oral re to before Fri der for four Vine week Parment 1c and puce t peal to Kup Lotfal train inc disabled ?r3, the officer of the a str la Hon Denert intent a Nold be plea re to hear of rein ply fun vate a Rork Bopa fact a of bins Farmel. In which rtt shed Soldier unable to follow the per pre War Ocon patrons. Enid be taught Row to Fly uniter the department1 lbs Ldla oct wage scheme full particular on application. Ein phone 3317 and training sections 45si write o. Box 490 Frank h Bur Bush District Repa Trulon officer Auckland. Wanted to rent. Dumi alow. 4 0 keep tug rooms a teed. Aroma 01. Furl shed 1 near school a a a Owens Dufur re. I Pottage Small Tim win owl urgent. 165, Star. 1-Tuonis, Cit in firn suburb cottage. Sea ii. Furn. Wanted , Milford 2 week trim Lith close Hunch to. st. Gail Quot Pix service Man rei Ulreh soon 3 4-Roomad Imri Efti cottage Flat Handy to Auckland w.c. And Bath six rent in a Iannce would take for year More married one child 2jts �?k., 188, Stab 183 House rent j rooms any suburb wanted to it l. Henderson to 76 House nov locality org put. 122. Stafl 5 rooms furn unfurl. 48 t and agents Plette Tike notice hot in property in water st. Gnu Kunstl. I withdrawn from Sale a w t ullo princes it on Auriga 370 land agents and others a a tense take notice that have fold the following with Idrew same a a hols Mon to theirs Bill wind Vienne Roit b Elir Nepi it net mount Eden Whitefo Hool Bond morning Side a ice1 Fec Man no 130, Elizabeth Trecet. Mount Eden of Toti a map the property Send it along t Hare the purchaser h. Bronti Domi Lou Koa ii. Pin top ai44 a Fote new addirlfi0�? ?8. Kat Tang a �1-vfr Road opposite Melvern s stores. 7 in no hours if to fill to me have Yorr a Hare genuine a in prs flit org an i Enn Pic i ii to e fold the following properties during the past three month4.-�? mrs cd ppr hour a in rom Merclyn i Road ill in Oue in great North Road. Mrs fro egg renin id Piir rpm Street in Cash More it House in furry to ret. Glenl s too a in dry Deri tract aunt s two House in trimmer Road in. S whip hot is Lisp Iii Wil Lifis a Jon a. My r�?Tiiip/si1 n House in Wullum Oti a. Fouse. In Blaich Street it Lvi he al Itou a in Kenneth at my Goze Nhut Houp in ten njord bar. Adam1 House in Glon More mrs. Corrle he use in car. Greenl Nirce House in rare fort Street. i Gnu apr s House in Street my. Mcdonald s Ilo Ueo. In nor stun. Note new Aid rpm s a Georgie jail Ford bal Kar 4nga.hape Road. Opposite a me teem a stores w3 tto Tise. 6 s rooms wanted he nurse la i Nii Spuhr Grov Lynn Nrec Rcd up to �2 per week rent a in re a 372 Stab m3 each re it us real by a Chelner mint up Annc rpt building Farned a a Fultn. But 1423. 774 a a Bonus Small hons Flat i a a it a Rondeu cart a for inc. Han a Ihfe a . 174 fitab_102 Ujj it g e n t l y w Ante d. Superior. Homely i Xvi feed rooms Bungalow for Small family. Reply business Man. Phone 4215 pianos wanted. Haake Spencer Broadwood al Lliam would Phy top Price write g f o 191 >1.4 no a Good make , , 12 lip to �70 Hardin be 142 Pianoff wanted Iron Frame Borer no a Bert Good Price write i Isno o 122 hol sri i Rio est Naused no Crim plete charge cd. 121 sta�5 i iu1 be Good in family a Rutlt mid 3 eased prof Carr Hilj Chi Iii Sii a apply a i Arci ice it Pon of inv 002 3�it�?~upk� a us Holic a a be Linn a ,11 Sou it0, a Rived for counter d Hume 1 child no v Bez Sirj i to inns it la Lull in hot afable wanted Mill i i i i t wages apply mrs airy 27. Sea gew us and Reiniera. Polione 2.m i 2 rings 141 tto cafe Matt anted la rom oud it. A apply 12, a Rte d4 hoi. Sema Iii a a it re is a Peri Encin a in re a Rdv 0\ford Otlniel Ute Quot a Quot and. Young. A apply Cor 1j Avenue. Edo Dale j ally it cup. Quot All Quot angled assist Hon sen Ork a Arabi re. Had Halesowen duties a Rall family Liberal Outing �?4-�?o, Wal Pipi a2ml House on left Frau Cornwall Park a 7.94 oat Dynin la pantk1maid vented Robin it a i. Queen st pants Tysall wanted for tearoom Ifoma hours a Addris i Star 1 i4 Pantle Imalle. Experienced tearoom Rcd Taco f Duren st 12c a Quot an t i gym Attl a re a Rte wanted a Ian Cheater Ulii Ingroum. Opp. G 6 0. Now under nil a in increment 187 to it Ostion wanted by refined Young lady a no Ehll ire mire Anil Wiselet with it Gilt Honse world Good reference three a Chi nor free write nurse 160. Star to respectable elder a lady companion protean it. 2 Tartu in Good Home of suitable a Errann had it Lre she Star 08i it vol a ii red cml general c Lerk la Cluj re Short nil furred hut not cd in enl wages 83/ t v rtait.�?t.c., 171. Star. A in tt7ajtrusses 2. Wanted wages inv a 16. Nigh it j�1 is. Opp too in Gnu link in Queen 5p0 yv7-4-1trefs in nod Good once a a 7 Sonoma House. Alfred Stalbert Park too tt70man, Strong wanted for Kitchen a a a 96 Siufu out one Muy off weekly a >7ntrfvn Ymata _ 7.m to Tufman. Monug nmn Lerl for All Dulc a a scat in hug week end3 off a adilre1? it Star 579 Tubman Young for housework Etc for a a few Eppli info Irlvy re �1 Giorc apply doors Hetey 589 woman capable a sure for Vin it Iliani nud Cie Milne mud a to Nevaj furred near Symonds , 179 Star 139 Kyj Wanted. To take Cha Tige of Home and ct1ildilen for Tew months. During parents visit to Australia. Apply Iron 705. Oto w a1tre5ses wanted. Apply at once 79 Albert hotel. Owca upper Queen Street Wati ded immediately girl to a fist i Ltd Kitchen Good Wales a Cdr bet Weeti 2.80 and 4 30 572 piano Good tone Resh dentistry. A a once my return from Amerlia we have obtained a very up by apply of the a nest troib made the Belt Dve that our work is quite qual to the very beet in thle country. He Saeea Street. Teary ably assisted by clip Fotty Long dental surgeon. And 4lr. J. A. Kill nor Gold work gentleness and extreme care. He Yal Keb �00, a to eve anted will Par id 1 fim Lara to mrs. Hans s Piv st. Newton 36 piano Good second Batik Iron Frame a a Intel gentle a a Slade 2, who son , Newton f l piano Good. Wanted by Cru in Tea alter in Nui w Fen Price Cash Quot writ a genuine it Wynn up o 121 Quot front 134 a Pella a registry 10. Gladstone Bambi legs h Gin Quot Sif get on Terry buildings a w Cooks 09- re Caudal 55 waitresses Quot of thou maid 80. To Lundre it Pirn Tvan lifts Kielie Makle Genera in 20 . H in flour mind. I Ifni n housemaid prohationer., office girl. M couple �160 Noka. Third Cook a ish Mitiu. Gardener Thode 1702, >tan08 wanted pay from �29 to urgently a write go pianos i wanted urgently Foi nov go 1 make Borer prices a write is Samoa ome Emovi Par go 332 piano. Good secondhand wanted German maker preferred m it be free from Wood rot Price no object piano 17. Star we have a client wanting piano any make be us first no fou Furm i Jug depot. 246 Karao Mahape re. 123 to in it a Ubert , Hannah a buildings a apply 58 Victoria st 1b bicycles Bike go nov wanted in a pad order.�?12 Finch of. Morin guide 3 y�1 Cycle Good order pref., though not to it and particulars Neuse chem 100, Stab. 1 Loncle Gaut and particulars a to Lahorne 43. Albert Stop a. Kingsley st., Orel so so s a what shall i do Hubby can get a no rest since baby discovered his Pew crop of shall 1 Stop bids Donnelly s restorer c Oakley makes the furniture he Fields. And Eup pile it it fact pry Friscea rep red Purv. A a a a via is arc cd strand arc do a Rook. Foit ref kids. Of tits Hajt Sfa Koeper for Gen Lenien general Ponti Quot non 1 let of it tails wanted Ashi a land d to Suranee buildings. Coaching for Ellb ir1 Tami Naimoni backward education Ennior and senior d Ltf-8ma"kers and Tai Jores fat a Leura to a a ii t a Arr a a z school of i i Wpm st w a d �200 cutting. Learn motor of a driving and Meehan a a Nav t a a Mcninc in Trust Lon a re tut tuition Modera e Feea several makes City Council s certificate guaranteed c Irvin 19. Wakefield st. Mph Liseby school make la Mode i Ion taught to remodel _ the air Hati hats remodelled Nuri orders Laken for new season s models any and evening glasses a a miss Mackenzie 63, finite an buildings ws4 taires.makl.. S assistant a aupied must a in Tho nigh it it in this a m Linen me. W in ii s Jid svy lira by st. Kijoji my i i Volti is Makels i pried ice a al Ose of Lui Proi for. A a a Iii �,1-1-4 no a Lay n Ork a apply head j re Milker it i Palmer al Nellic a Lur timer 3-i Queen st 32 j. I a i on us just hot k Bool 10 Ai-�?1st at a a n n fount a in apply the Lin Vitul 16 icon 1>2 Alire 16 17i help 1u skip a Oppl Ltd in k Book . Opp st 11� Queen let l al , smart for Stoving ii t a Nuin Oit a Northern Boot co lid 09 73 fed Mil st 00 gllll., j tiling a i imral. Wanted ii it a Cloud office nid phone App i1 Ilij Rolny plumber la Ami it Iii lid Newmarket ii i a jump to Pixie in it by accurate 4pplv Hetty pin 1 and 2 of clock a Mona i % m i i i u dub it st. Auckland Jagt t any i Lei life g al i Pituc Nch i ton a vips by Friday afternoon 1-i.miii s., Honl of h re to Ulii till to 091 lady farther wanted for double song a uni t once v>1 in Sliu act lev incr Siford nud i1 it is join wion _ 82 Den Ini much list try a cd. Noi Gilt tuned work a Ign a no Ali Elk Abbott 82. Holi no st al Loil la Ati Lively in Glitz situati05ts vacant i i 1 i i Vii i s wasted rth Start at �1 tier i of Ani Porter Ltd., lug Norryn Parnell 1�?Thune 2 506 17 t a a m, lib gtd. Was it Lake Cigar cd it lag Makulj Dopa Romeul a Nigist be Awni irad Chiuan and full knowledge traib be a prompt in ludic j actor banners Nion trading i n ill a k 7 it. Good Aji per t Najr b a Quot Good i Lin a Lynoule mail i Wihla a an led a Psi. Queen is 177 a lii. Ilm Cju it a a a Rcd Quot Quot Breid so jails Rake re image tap a a Wing a re i 521 Hake to ail Man i 1>. Ujj a a Cir cd out re Loti i u an a Quot a 1ilpfercncps a of Fri tit of pjs f us a sell. Iii in it Hoci a tire a Street a Jerk Walt a .1 156 m 4ntli apply it Avi to ii al a kit y. Ltd. Sybor Lemd s Rio b1 v j Nurl huh and Ortii auikttt., Good Propp is r�?~t7 1 tel he menu Giuily Burn trend of a boy for Insl lne and tin Ming a it it a oin a rare on King Lui it i Iii dirt apply jeweller 17. Queen st Kuh ii 149 b1 t�>07 a u 1111�?o 11 for Uip i its 4pp� j ii a .ik.Uii mid to Juk , st 7.17 in in bin a till l my Matitu v a i new ind 8 a a Bini Sci i Polivi situations vacant. To Gnu j1 m a tiled 1 to tel eral Iiams 1 a sea shop in Good Wanca la re Toul Nicu if itchy. Meliff Jwj st 197 / 1 Alt Den i Krs Ujj Wiit Trdy apply no let a is if urge a Ltd. Lair Illel is a a Ilia knt Liis find labour cts be to la Gurii Tiitu a Mir Bros lout i 1i Sisi / Lahl line los Nali ted Inry be work a atui1\ on Pill 172, Grafton Ltd. 3 doors Fromke a bar pass 5s8 7 laity in a United Good tor Utah nub is a h Sapnu Ltd. Great Laue j Kolip 4<ib7i d rings 2d la Dkl. Jub a Umile s0iie j Bunga. Oun it Iii Woik for real amur Man a 71 Fern bids 116 Carplyn l fus Wai Teil Afi ply a Norm Ollic for Natl Job it top wnge1 lows a d noun sri Thomas floor Worth. Sec 176 i laity a a teluk i6l wanted Reguera Norl my in f to jobs 7 Ornaha de in Tione \2,kt3 a h do Blum fell bulkier 177 a al i in j a is a i ted. Maureic 2 9 a a Muiir Ami iiieruiiie�?4pply Nolop Leiv Iii. Onchi Iii Tojiu ter Iuliu every Tiwu lug t i i Ruc Quot aft 1 Quot a to ifs a anted. Cwm held 7 d wag a a travel Long Lime Frei a App no tip g Pul Aslon la John Sof a Eti Sobov 1a7 Rdv ssi i tteh8 a Lope Tipri a in Kituku Timber it Rise till 561 c Tyriver in need for 8irnnj Road roller. J so to no que lib talons Rel wages a apply req Dnepr Lay of Island Ron in. Engine Ichio Eui. A airing for store a Boeing a t a aug t 1 1 ,n,.r 40 jul Rill i <3 of i _r�71 anted i a a to re ticket for lib firing Baili role g 1 u 14 Marker Anil a thecker competent goal a a ice of thu i ram Klaud Maui Quot in a Ltd a upper Queets st a of Imp dry a in Anele for Verr Ini crop ers Bt-c-1 nou Kifle in aural paid a lion Marche Karanga Hape re vu7�. Quot Tarl cd. A anted for Printe hos nine Flarv �104�?applv to a re of Marr it i h. b1 Quot Quot for Eli Reil nol k. It Ami bund / Uii Itti i a Liuva Fps Light dial map Shofi die decals <5 Roy and stationer. St Landing. Quo n go a a Truman i titanic a fir st re no working a it i a in flt for t n to Date Jfe i inf in y nth reference ii and Tufe a age. Thonvo in turd i my m to 14. Star gj7 it Man with town As Brueh manager i id 72 Kingston st 174 a i5s comp tont a Carer git a tired a Whei ler t Oslo boy for Vollme u ges 2u per a Eck suit. Age add reference to it. Is. St i s not a until fur Nin sinces to la Iltchi and Bonn Ltd Sui Sui a per town Gnu Sci to a i 1 eff a �1lb a lib in Arld reit Hospital 119. Star Ideiil safely Drevlou Aole experience in Boot a ind absolutely it we in rail apply it v of a per in Nur Burtt stores Kari Manop hi>k1 Vii Yfim my st70f ans Tom . W anted Good a Cucu applet nod Pep it in try cools great no Nruh re _7ul to Ltd to Hetesi a st a Ltd of Man j he Rik thin de men work a be dlr meow it. Eon Tny to. No Rater Driy a of a More 17 Tomn it 143 al Oman inn tetto Wah flor incl Wige �2 16 n week of. 168 Star _554 a Ruff a. Clark and Pons. Ltd Rishi try for their clo the lip factory do at of tvs Totth s g to Quot i \dhtvt8t 8 trouper Saehi Joist Breed ties machinists highest wages Bald it Botn Pelynt hands five Day week apply manager. Clothing f a tory Graidon Road Mann ger win be at the factory Fich evening till 8 30 to interview applicant. 33 of of sir assist shop and run Eric the a a Arthur Yutuc iad i Ltd needs run of Liwer Albert pt__72 boy a Durt acute Santeil a / t a Hapilan inti Felt and paper Mer a Berf n i Viii nor 117 to it of want Cal for Mon Sage to and we a in Gas �1 to tart a avast and to France no cd tor of wanted for photographic stove last left Schnol preferred a pal it wafer rib Idri Quot a a Titi st ,1v> i tobit no air enter waived a ii Queen 1vtifie i it i in Porr s3 j cv10 k Leif wanted Good prospers apply by letter journal. 2, Star 04 b b for wholesale merchants office. Apply Box 122, fkr Cronl Post office \ a uni me have Foj . A fresh a trl Young Junior. Wanted Fob office the Empire cardboard Box co Ltd Courtl Street Faff a shop Jand Street. City 1.1g acky. Logan Quot Ltd a Brown Street. Pon Sonby. M wanted at once Good Neddle Woollex for Tini Ahing blues Dainty work. Goad wages for Firth a partly him apply to the manager 26 m 1 i n i and apprent ids wanted for our mul Tiery workroom. Fire any week excellent salaries to competent a Lola. Apply millinery Dep Archd. Clark and sons Ltd lii not Street i Gwan. g company. Wanted shirt wach1nspt�. Pyjama . And Rixis Hehs. Also Stock cd jute for shirts. Ihl Sheet wages and Ronn. Amp Dav week morning Tea. per der lug Basl Nep. Hours Aud saturday morning to a manager. 2 Aud 4, Chapman Street now Tom a it Oad Newton. 75 Mallo Resper coat Vest and trouser hands wanted. Costume and skirt hands also Ila Chi mists for All departments. No saturday work. Apply Hugh Wright Ltd., 547 Queen Street up Uranga Host tal Board. Wanted for above Hospital a fully quaffed Nurije salary �100 per annul pot farther particulars apply miss bag it District health office 550 fort Street. T f i t e wanted reliable at shorthand Good writer with some experience Gonera clerical work salary 50/ to at amp it. State age and experience to qualified. 1s5. Stab. _ m1�ds, Sinclair. Teacher of Mil Sicery Day and evening classes terms Etc. 2nd floor. Strand a carte c otd1� Diu tug and Are forming Nurr Tler lass for Aboye Enron Early be Haydock land _ Wake fled 51. Auls u be. Be idiot a. Dressmaking classes 14, Tabernacle big classes Dally 7 ., monday wednesday saturday to braday morning Only a shorthand in three hours. New sys-1 tem. Send 5/ for course . Adcock. The fati a Moa. 521 tuition wanted. Lady go Nile Man a anted to teach boy for private genuine a Box 1wl Atill Clairl. 87 agencies wanted. G e n c i u s wanted progressive up tied in firm of Good Srai irime requires new agencies for Otago Southland anything undertaken Uell pushed. Member of finn risking Auckland in Feo Dat la first instance nah Quot Progress a 124, Star a a of Josh fish at fish a hop Rich Otid a buildings Grey Lynn Tram Termina. Ioa Boss nuked for Heel nud toe Piir fro Orv. 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Seventeen ii near and file hindus arrived by Maheno yesterday. Police court trial of Wiredu pita at Whangarei on murder charge. Major Broun a entomological collection in to be retained m the Down joint. To conclusion reached at last night s conference on Tram Concession restrictions. Auckland playing rest of new zealand in league match on Domain this afternoon City Council ready to concede Extension to 12 months of Concession ticket limit. Cabinet decided to proceed with Eree Tion of 55 workers dwellings in Christ Church. Soldiers association to hold Public meeting of protest against Asiatic influx. Harbour Board set up special committee to consider Means to Check pillaging on wharves. Stormy and perilous voyage of Gisborne Ato diary yacht Kingfish round the Bay of plenty. Presbytery Lant evening decided to Cita Rev Murray to explain his attitude on infant baptism. Steel barricades Are to be obtained for the Queens and Kings War Arvesu at a Cost of �250 per set. National Dairy conference urges government to devise Means for securing Fleet to carry new zealand produce. The associated Banks operating in new zealand have decided to tighten up in advances to Dairy companies for new enterprises. A Association executive carried motion Adverse to enunciation of technical College Principa respecting football suspension. Suite costumes and clothing of every kind cleaned and renovated by wonderful secret process. Costumes remodelled to latent fashion few shilling. In Spiro a cleaning Coop. Town Hall had gents Chrome pegged Hooters for 22/6 pair at Pear Onte Root store Karanga Sape Road Newton. This is 2/8 per pair below manufacturer s . Farm hands. To family of 7 jail prs require Herd 86 a onus by hand More by Machinay a. A of ter Opu amp ten to via Mercer. 572 a positron on sheep station wanted by 2 j youths one experienced a write farm. To Onchit Isrl rfcs Chare 111 Ling wanted by married Mait 50-80 co is Mac toe. 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