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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Magazine Section. Naming titles and plots. Hints on Story telling. By Frank Sargeson i have heard it said that the Only really difficult part about writing a novel is find in a title and that if you want to put a novelist in a rage you just a a him the name of the Book he is uni King on. Well you Don t often strike it novelist in new zealand so i can t say whether it s True or not. All the same id say the facts appear to Lio quite the opposite. Same of the Best novels Are known by a persons name. And what is really astonishing the most commonplace name can satisfy you. Ras anyone Ever said that Quot torn Jones Quot Isnit As Good As David Copper Field Quot or Quot Oliver twist7 but theress another Way of naming a novel. Its taken for granted of course that people who write novels tire interested in. Literature although you might not think so from a lot of novels i know. Well All they have to do is to take a dip into the lit Rutur of the past and dredge up a word or two. This method has always been a habit of novelists but nowadays they dont Bow their acknowledgements As often As they used to. They make you suspicious that some queer title is a quotation but it s Only if a ouro Lucky that you can Hunt it Down to its context. For years i was bothered Over trying to place a Book called sleeveless errand. I could obtain no clue from the contents As it was decided they were unsuitable or too suitable for Public consumption. Then at last in troilus and Cressida i found the title in the Mouth of that prize Railer Thor Sites. Then again through Many page6 of Shakespeare i kept an Eye open for Thomas wolfes look homeward Angel and Felt quite annoyed when i found it in by Midas a Pica that i fancied i knew almost by heart. A suggestion these two ways of naming a Book Are so easy that ism afraid i should be out of patience with any novelist who Shilly sallied Over choosing his title. Anyone who would write a Book first and name it afterwards sounds to me the sort of person Whord slip out of bed and put on his sly sea and socks in that order too before he put on anything else. If i were writing a novel i should simply run my eyes Down a Page of Shakespeare choose my title and the thin of would he As Good As done. I dont mind saying that for my own satisfaction i have often done it and As i dont Ever intend to go through the tiresome formality of actually writing my novels id like to offer their outline to anyone who might car to make use of them. This fearful slumber is one of them. Its taken from Titus Androni Cus when will this fearful slumber have an end it is a Story packed full of biting realism. Joe and George tackle Are Brothers. Joe is sensitive and imaginative George is stolid and faithful. Their parents Are Humble hard working and utterly respectable. The Home is broken to pieces when George gets convicted for stealing a Pound of Tea from a grocer s counter. Of course to did t steal it be a snot the sort that steals things. Joe might have been but As a matter of fact to did t steal the Pound of Tea either. Anyhow George starts drinking. Joe Sticks by him but gets tangled up with a doctor s housemaid whom lie marries. Unfortunately she has contracted the drug habit through the careless Way the doctor had of leaving his drugs lying about the House. She proves unfaithful. Joe is broken hearted and returns to George who has been induced to sign the pledge. Joe s misfortunes Start him drinking again. He does away with himself and Joe who has keen consoling himself with the. Secret doctrine sets out for Tibet to try and find Koot Bloomi. Perhaps the Only was to Indue the critics to tolerate a piece of realism like this would a to Label it translated from the russian. Romance. Now another offering. It is Likely that this would be immensely popular with the Public no matter what the critics might say. It is a romantic Story. Juka in two gentlemen of Verona tries to protect herself against the Loose encounters of lascivious men. Loose lncounieif3 is just another name for a Story which has already been printed under several Hundred different titles. I believe it used to be referred to collectively As the Penny novelette. Rut that was before my Day. Nowadays it often costs As much As seven and sixpence and except on a guest night you can never see it for less than a shilling 011 the films i give my own version. Bebe velours is the unhappy Only exquisite child of Louisa velours. Louisa sings in musical comedy. She is of a jealous peevish character owing to a tendency her voice has to crack whenever Slie takes a High c. Relie is ambitious to sing in musical comedy herself hut is thwarted by her jealous Mother so in a mood of resent nut she slopes with Edgar Blaise. She finds herself unable to love Edgar As he is rather old and suffers from carbuncles. He on his part somewhat reciprocates her feelings Asho never did like Pink and White flappers. Indeed he married Bebe Only to win a bet with n fellow member of the corpulent a club. They it i Ift apart. Oune having acquire in the Drifting Labit Jiehe finds it difficult to Stop. Louisa relents sufficiently to ugly her with plenty of Money so she Drift about the world in a wiil of Swart clothes cigarettes Sherry parties. An Ltd Loose encounter. Her Drifting habit is at his finally checked Otie night in new York by an encounter with a marvellous Eskimo i to happens to be Down that Way Selling his furs. He takes Bebe with him Hack to his Samv hut. They Are mar ried by a missionary and have a Marvel ions wedding Pai to in the Snow and the Story ends with 13ebe rapturous exclamation Over her Fust taste of blubber that until then she did not know what life was. I see no reason Why this Shuhl not but written into a Best Callei. It might to possible to Advance the Price of the Penny novelette to ten Hillings. Along a great australian Highway Canberra and the Hume Weir. Ways of the Jelly fishes. Portuguese Man of War. By a. W. B. Powell months Jelly explorer s Monument named after the explorer Hamilton Hume the Hume Highway is one of the main arterial links Between Sydney and Melbourne on Oftis Page a correspondent describes Fife journey and above Are pictured scenes by the to Hajj. F the Commonwealth government offices Al Canberra 2 a Virtu of the Federal capital which has been described As a Zonin Prunner s Ream. 3 á Bushman and his Kut at the end of the Dap. 4 a View of the Greal Hume Reservoir near Alburn. $ illustrating distances in Australia a Road sign in Melbourne. On the same Post another sign gives mileages on the Road to Perth 2361 Miles historians history. From Tasman to Savage. By Cyrano for several reasons or. J. C. Beaglehole s new history of new zealand deserves careful attention and lengthy notice. The author is a. Professional historian a University lecturer in history who has already made a name abroad As a. Chronicler of Pacific exploration. Hoir it also a poet of real distinction. Hill prose Stylo is vivid and epigrammatic. To carries on the literary tradition of new zealand history by Plain writing that was founded in our Early Days and to firmly consolidated by Reeves. This equipment if it employed in a method new to us and even startling. Of the 100 pages of this history about half Are devoted to the War and the Post War period the chronicle is taken up to the Advent of the present government and the factors that produced this result including personal characteristics of leaders Are frankly discussed. Or. Beaglehole is More personal than Reeves and in the latter part of the Book lie is summing up men and results in a Battle that the country has just witnessed. To Many the idea that air. Forbes and or. Conic belong to history May be novel but Here they Are painted by an historian in bold strokes. The personal integrity of or. Forbes waa unimpeachable hut honesty a never been a compulsive rallying cry As Primo minister his uni Fortrie Lay in having been always the messenger of disaster and As a statesman his record had been too indeterminate to earn anything More than a rather impatient tolerance. He appealed with enthusiasm to the past but for the future he Hud to offer nothing of excitement. But it or. Forbes had done too Little or. Coates had done too much. A or of an earlier period or coat put and his staff sped with eager elasticity from specific to specific. Or. Stew nit saw with terrible distinctness the of everything. This we feel is history with a difference. The new generation. Fundamentally this difference is profound. This Book is the first history of new zealand written by one of the younger generation Mil by one u to shares a widespread mood of questioning and disillusionment. Or. Beaglehole brings to the task of writing our history wide knowledge and the historical approach Over anti Over again o i observes him trying his Best to be fair to both sides. But one is conscious of a Modem attitude of detachment and criticism. In the past few years the present depression has often been compared with the depression of the eighties. If Only to remind or Tell new sealanders that a depression was not a new thing this has been necks Parv. But err Beaglehole shows the difference Between the conditions in which the a depressions Wen set. The Dpi ass Iii nth eighties was or seemed to be a chapter in the Progress of our established order. But in the inter depression new zealand was facing a new economic epoch and it followed in same degree amp new social epoch also. In his weighty treatment of our period of bewilderment arid reluctant counter measures he atop Short at the formation of the labour government or. Beaglehole writes As what May be called a modernist. The War he apparently sees purely As a product of economic imperialism which is hardly adequate. Is the new Germany which i in some respects so like the old Germany actuated entirely by economic factors the prime minister and he people had no doubt of this Validity of their cause to few in new zealand can it yet to said that disillusionment Haa conic. The country suffered with the generosity and endurance that Are so oddly and tragically characteristic of the greater part of Mankind. Is it i reasonable to ask for a Little More warmth in a reference to new zealand s War Effort a picture of Seddon. The whole Book is a Fine achievement in compression. A it was planned compression had to be particularly severe in the period from Tasman to serbian. Or. Beaglehole omits nothing of major Impi Lince and contrives to weave into an unusually readable record politics and economics in their proper pro portion. It is significant that whereas be gives the missionaries credit for some of their actions lie considers that the counter Fancote against them is not Light the onslaught of a new cosmology and an alien theology had itty profoundly distinctive out vol on the essential life of a native people. It is when i. Beaglehole reaches Seddon that i history3 acquires a Pecia a interest and importance. This Lively picture of that statesman make All the plainer the need Tor i new life. Only the other Day in. Tho record left behind by sir William Hall Jones new Light was thrown upon the origin of old age pensions the piece of legislation most prominently connected with Seddon. Quot inescapably genial inexhaustible itinerant a Iii live in Ami in claims with an unrivalled capacity far identifying the Workings it t the Dell with tin politics of zealand Radical with a real i o i the Opi Wissi in Nailer Lih eyes ail imperialist Wuh .1 will Arity urn Olid Flamo Jintil. Devoid of theory hut shrewdly of the umber cute fact an astute Anil a Good , lie United within himself a whole orchestra or rather to a Hirvi Lenont and As .1 Pic former on the Iris drum lie was i Villi out a peer. Yet the noise did it must be tinted soil la illg.,? there should be More of this Nort of character painting in our historical literature. Readers will enjoy or. Beaglehole Poi traits even if they do not Nglee with All his details. His mind had neither elasticity Noi imagination nor affiliation with the humanities he writes of Massey but there was about him a material solidity that comforted his countrymen where the humanities could not. Readers will appreciate too the Clear narrative Isief though it is of the confused after War period with its unparalleled perplexities and lec Urso to staggering remedies. Or. Beaglehole is very close to his period hut it May he doubted if anyone could left it More clearly or present it in better proportion to Tho Public. Or. Beaglehole Wiite As a philosopher As Well is it a historian. At the end of the Book he tries to evaluate new zealand and the new Sealander n kind of it adv that is being forced upon us As we leave the purely pioneering stage further behind. The excuse of being preoccupied with pioneering avails is less and. Less against charges of neglecting cultural development. What or. Beaglehole Lias to a should be read by All. We need frequent reminding that Man does not live by butter and Wool alone. Our isolation is something to be coi uttered by Strong measures. We Are inclined to be timid intellectually and to undervalue brains. The creative spirit of the Dominion or. Beaglehole holds has flourished not in Art hut in human Taii Ansini and it May he agreed that to have achieved the lowest infantile death into in the world is Wortle a cd arum or even a Leonardo or two. To those who Afi Sert that Hygiene and Goniu Are not necessarily opposed and that a modicum. Of Good taste in Street architecture is quite compatible with the regular feeding of children the answer is not so easily Given. Taste in architecture. This is Well Iii he. The two things me compatible and new Sealander have to be taught that they arc. What might die said in reply to or. Beaglehole is that Good taste in Street architecture is Lucking in older countries is Well As Thi one. There arc signs indeed that in or. Beaglehole Ift hard to satisfy. To Cwm Short the Southern provinces As building their surplus funds into monuments of victorian gothic Impulsion which remain with dlr Ardful steadfastness to this Clay. What docs he refer to ? Are Amter Bui y College the museum doorway and the old Pio Virnial Council chamber so very dreadful salutary As Are most of or. Beaglehole s lie seems to expect a Little too much. It cannot be said that new Zea. Land has Ever thrilled to a Eliot a of Riding from Kurip deft More than to a Penny Rise in the Price of Wool. So he writes immediately after the sentence i have quoted about Massey Bis countrymen and the humanities. But what Community docs thrill try a chorus ending from euripides the indent greeks did but i Hoard someone i Sinaik the other Day that there was no Cinema to divert their attention. In England today the poet finds it extremely difficult to live. Or. Beaglehole i venture to think docs our cultural Adim lenient less than Justice. We must Bear in mind of course the restriction under which he has written. He himself Ift ail admirable proof that we have produced something Worth while in aesthetics. He you Klei s that while there i it glad recognition Between the new Sealander and his land and even love there not identity. Not enough men have died in this land. Not in letters nor in Art has life or Jestal listed and ennobled ii Elf. In time he thinks this Complete identification May come through communion with the Eter Nal verities of nature. It May be sonic i satisfaction to or. Beaglehole to be told that he is one of Thorick who Are Workin to bring that time to Melbourne. The Federal capital ze.1l.11ul a a limit 1-Hstur bag Leliose Allen Anil Unwin. By j by n. W. Clarke we left Sydney a Troub 10 . One unit inn morning on a three Day motor tour to Melbourne via the Hume Highway the Hume Highway is named after Hamilton Gliime australian explorer and forms one of the main arterial links Elween Sydney and Melbourne. We travelled for Miles through undulating country along splendid tar sealed 1 of Refl passing an occasional Village now and then a Dairy farm or cropping land and frequently fruit Stynda erected by Tho Side of the Road the latter filled with an inviting array of fruit Anil pots of Honey Ami Jam. As we hurried through Cain Belltown the old Church of St. Peters waa noticeable with its Date carved in the Stone above the door 182j. It made us appreciate tic age of Australia As compared with our More recentl3t colonised new zealand. If you break Down and want a Tow rings j Picton qua the comforting bit of info mation that met us at every Corner for Miles on Tho Down Grade to Pieton a prettily situated Little place in a Valley through which runs a tree Finger Stream. Pictou is not a very important place in modern Australia hut it has at least one claim to distinction in the fact that it waa knee a privately owned town. The main feature nowadays is the Royal George inn a rambling old place built in 18111. We made friends with the proprietress and were taken by mean i of an old wooden ladder through a trap Duoi into the cellar where they used to keep the convicts in the old had Days before becoming a Public House the inn used to he a military gaol and the bedrooms Are the Elf same quarters that housed the officers each i Orno having s number carved in tin Stone above the dam Goulburn and Canberra the Road Between Pieton and Manila is a dreary stretch of country with nothing pm Miles but Good tar sealed Road bordered by endless acres of stunted Gums and old stumps of past giants. Now gaunt 21 by shape at All sorts of tips angles. From Maridan to Goul Lairn the Corint Rusid i is Erv similar and wre were wearied by the monotonous recurrence of Grey Mem Gums and find looking ring barked Trees when with surprising sur Luness. We came upon the outskirts of Goulburn. The first indication of its being a town of and so up was Pilen by til a flight of a huge Dun coloured gaol surrounded by a terrifyingly High Wall. This gaol was built in the Early Days of the Colony by convict labour. Goulburn abounds in Stone churches Many of them quite old. It is a flourishing Inland town on an elevated Plain with a population of Over 20,0011. I by 1.30 . The first Days stage of i our tour was nearly completed when we i came upon the outlying area of the Quot Federated territory of Cabena after killing the Edge of Lake George he Silmi of whih Dii Eft up periodically Over 1 a huge proportion of Ita actual area. The Driver told us Australia had at one time invited fair Malcolm Campbell to try to break the worlds record Here. It certainly would not need much levelling to make it a suitable Speedway for record seekers. Canberra is approached through farming country where 2000 people till the ground anal help grow produce for Zofio government servants in the town area which is 12 Square Miles in extent. In the autumn Sunshine of late afternoon the approach to the crts through True bordered avenues is very attractive. It in rather like Rotorua with its ring of encircling Hills the most striking feature is the Beauty of Tho Trees the Golden Leaf of the Poplar dark red of the prime and in Hutc vivid red of the japanese Oak contrasting with the sombre Green of the evergreens which lend a background of Shadow. A town in a wilderness the Federal capital represents a colossal expenditure. It is to be hoped that Auckland and Wellington will never become so jealous of one another As to necessitate a new zealand Canberra. Viewed by night from red Hill the town is a fairyland of twinkling lights and a stranger seeing it so for the first time would be very surprised to see next Day How scattered the settlement really is. Most of the important buildings such As parliament House the government offices the Institute of Anat inv and others Are in tilt of White Stone Anil look % Ery often tie air inst their setting of Leafy Trees and shrubs. Paglia meet House i a particularly imposing Block. The inlaid Piquet flooring of native timbers is a wonderful sight. The camouflaged gun captured by the australian forces in the great War Ift an interesting sight in the gardens behind parliament House it was brought to Canberra by the simple method of Hile Hins it to a railway train a it has its own Henry wheels. The is in its original slate save for an occasional touching up of the Bright Pink i blues and greens of the painted designs. Gundagai by 10.31 . Next Ray we were Well on our was towards Yacc a typical new South Wales country town with its one main Street of shops and garages its dust and its Sunshine. Mid Day brought us hard upon Gund Ayni. Ive Don my share of shearing sheep or Droving Ami All that. And Lio Imri a Bulino trams Well. On a hat. I be seen i he Tell Oak stretch nil Drain and he hic his bleary Rye and the div it 011 the Tucker Box nine Miles hmm amt from the legend of the drover Quot dog. Vas Only remarkable for another dreadful lunch australian to until hotels Emu far Short of the Standard of our Onwu. Later the country became very lonely run with the exception of n stray it w Agger or our two car seemed in sole Possession. In n lonely spot with <1 looping Lunini almost meeting across the mad both pm Cliffle to Bicak Down and we Wei e Able to walk 011 a mile or Ltd it and visit a part of Routs camped on the loads do for the night there to Sample Hilly Lea. And some rare Liu Moui. Too. Two and a half hours later 22 hungry 1 n 01 til arrived under of drat Knelt at Albi Irv where we were to pass the night. After a fit Stantial meal we piled into the end to \ new the War memorial and the town Light. Pc Monument of which Albuit Folk air proud u a White pillar occupying the one High Point in Hie City. A colossal Weir. Early on the Road next morning we begun the Day by visiting the Hume Weir which 15 reputed to be the second largest dam in the world. It is n. Tremendous piece of work and when Complete Mill in full operation the engineers claim there will be enough water stored up for irrigating the whole of new South Wales and Victoria. To crore cd the dam by car and proceeded by Way of i series of Bridges to Cross the Murray River which is the natural Border Between the two states to Wodonga the first town on the victorian Side of the River. Our next Topping place was Wangaratta a prosperous Little country town Between which and Euron stretches the famed Ned Kelly country. Wanatah the Kelly stronghold is a straggling Village of one or two streets which in surely not have changed since the Days when Kelly and his gang rounded up the occupants and locked them in the school 00 11, preparatory to an attempt to wreck the mail train. After leaving Euroa Tho country becomes undulating and Clairv furnia take the place of Shcop runs. The haystacks were unusual to new zealand eyes it that to lick were mostly built 11s Cocks instead of stacks and they were really Golden instead of Dun Brown As our own in fact we they were built of wheat sheaves. Victorians Countryside. The Countryside in Victoria is pleasant. The main Road is wide with a tar sealed Centre for tia Flie Anil wide Elny boules each Side for Dro gift and their cattle. The Glim which line the Road for Miles Are tremendous in site and very luxuriant in growth and they form a canopy to thick in places that the sky is completely blocked out. Kilmore a straggling Little town with an hotel on which Peicher precariously the feign of the red lion was our =t halting place Kilmore look very old and \ cry Dull the Shojaie very tiny and Are the house1?, the verandahs of which arc Only a couple of feet from the Roadside. A Short run of Twenty Miles or to. A Nett much smaller Dairy films bounded by Wall of piled tone like the old tone Walls 70und in Imire past a dog coins ing ground past a Brick works and we were on the of Trier Edge of Melbourne is suburban Aien. A Ely few minutes and our journey along the Hume Highway would be completed. Mingled in our minds with the excitement of arriving Ai our destination and of the sightseeing be Foo lift in Melbourne was. The thought of Bow very different Thi Highway now is from the track along which Hume and his companions blazed their Way South Well Over a Century ago. Indians population. Last july it was estimated that the United sates of America contained 127.300.000 people a growth of 4,740,000 since 1930, or at the rate of about is year. In the previous five years the growth was at the rate of 1,,000 a vac. India Ift making astonishing Eti ides in population. Here is her wonderful record 201 millions in 1872 294 in 1001 310 in 1021 373 say in 1 33, according to professor my Kerr Iofi estimate to the All India population conference by i Flo India will Home 4l0.00u.00dl that la Bolds is the limit imposed by capacity to produce feud. During the summer fishes abound in our seas swimming along by tie rhythmic expansion Ami contraction of their umbrella shaped discs while at night the sea becomes Luminous with their phosphorescence As they Drift along like glowing lamps. Out of the water they me just shapeless lumps of Jolly that quickly evaporate and leave Only a glistening Mark on the Tai it for in composition a. Pc lev fish is Only 1 per organic matter All the rest is just Plain sea water. Many instances Are on record of Friendly associations existing Between the larger species of Jelly fishes Ami Small fish. In the North sea Young Whiting arc constantly observed in close association with a Jelly fifth named cya Naea while Shoals of up to a Hundred Young horse Mackerel have been seen sheltering under the ample umbrella of some of the tropical forms which May attain a Sie of -1ft or Moro across and turn the scale at 901b to 1001b. Young fish however Are not Al nil grateful for the shelter afforded them by these sea umbrellas for they Ara quite capable of devouring portions of the fringe and. Tentacles of their Friend ii Host. Rowe or the Jelly fish is quite capable of getting redress should one of these am a 11 fishes venture too near the cavernous Mouth which is situated underneath in the midst of those harmless looking tentacles. A whole Colony in one. One of the common Jelly fishes Aurclia Haa a remarkable life history. The Young after emerging from the egg attach themselves to atones on the sea Bottom and grow into Little White tube like creatures about half an Inch Long quite unlike their Parent having a Crown of Small tentacles surrounding the Mouth. Then a very curious thing happens. The tiny creature divides itself into a series of discs like a pile of saucers these develop tentacles around the Edge and then the top Saucer swims away As a tiny Jelly fish the next follows and so so that in the course of an hour or two the whole pile separates and each gradually grows into an adult Jelly fifth. Many interesting kinds of Jelly gift ii occur in new zealand water p Art insula Rev in Cook Strait where Large gaily eolo Rcd species May frequently be seen some Over a foot across and with stinging tentacles Yards in length. One of our most remarkable Eca creatures is related to Tho Jelly fishes mid goes by the quaint name of the portuguese Man of War it is frequently found in huge numbers cast up on our West coast. This exquisite creature which is from on to five in eyes in length is a Brilliant Peacock Blue and in form it is in elongated bladder filled with air. The Crest of the bladder is peaked and frilled along the Edge and no doubt serves As .1 sail for the Colony of creatures underneath for from the lower Side of the bladder there hang Bunches and streamers of miscellaneous looking objects some White some Blue and others intense Violet. Each of these objects is an individual for the portuguese Man of War is not a Pingio creature like the Ordinary Jelly fish but a whole Colony of animals each one performing its own special function resulting in n. Ell disciplined ship not inappropriately named. Armed with stinging capsules. Probably the name is an old one and goes Back to the Days of Vasco a Gama when Portugal was a great sea Power. Although not armed with guns the portuguese Man of War is by no Means defenceless. Just pick up one and. You regret that action for some d1y& to come. Those harmless looking fit Reamer Are argued with powerful stinging capsules which raise Weals on the skin and Muse a pain More intense than that caused by stinging Nettles. Moreover it May take several Days before the effect of the Poison wears off. Tie portuguese Man of War or phys-n13a Cam Ellsi As it is termed Zeip Tifi cart lev is not restricted to our shores in fact it is Peculiar to no country but cruises the High seas particularly in tropical and sub tropical Waters. Until by misadventure it becomes wrecked in amp Omo Distant land. Northerly winds in particular bring Large fleets of them ashore on our West beaches and i have Dom visited Mur Iwai Beach without seeing Large numbers of them stranded by tie tide. On Odd occasions they have been seen in Auckland if Arbour but never in numbers. An. American zoologist who made a pc Al study of the habits of the portuguese Man of War found that they float idly in the sea until some unwary fish conic into Contact with the Long Atli Eaines sure peeled below the float. Immediately a fish touches one of these it in run Ileide powerless by the singing Coll after which the streamers or tentacle contract and i to the fifth to within Range of tie hungry months of the tool univ attached beneath the flout. Once More we Marvel at such faultless organisation and in a lowly Jelly fish Al that. Other interesting relatives. Another interesting 1 Dative of the Jelly Fiche of Tho it am Lovely Bine As inc Portigue Sec a in of or tie by the wind Sailer Yodel i. Both species frequently Wadi a together at the Yinet fast. But the let a the ill Railor is less conspicuous owing to its smaller rde. It if Clr Luru More than Lin Al Cross and instead of an inflated Blaikle in bus a transparent Flat Oblong lat l marked off in concentric lines like tie scale of a fish. To lift i it i 1 mounted by an upright Sini Ilai piece which placed diagonally forming an excellent sail from which the creature gets is popular name. On the Usu pm tide of tie raft is crowded Tho hundreds of of Iii Blue animals of similar Stine tim to those old Tho port minese Man of uni but without the Long trailing bringing cells. A Thiol member or line pious. Korpita í4 like your Chi except that the raft Ift Perferi Tiv Mund and there is no sail. Tint i a Rait in my sea Hou Eccl or opened it for the Hist Tine on re nth on the Man win Bench. A a coif a Cebu a ;