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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Auckland, Auckland Vol. . 10.Auckland, n.z., tuesday january 13, 1891. Peice one Penny. Union steamship company of new zealand i Jim Ted Royal mail expres3 service. Overland route to England through America. Avoiding Ai Iofi the heat of the red sea and the cold of Capo Horn. The is earners of this Lino Aro appointed Folca be Sydney and Auckland for Honolulu and Ean Francisco a cry your weeks sailing As Ander a it earner tons. Leavo Sydney leave auck. Alameda Manitoba 3c0�o 3000 Jan. 21 feb. 18 Jan. 26 feb. 23 Fob. 14 mar. 14 tickets Are available tol1 12 months and Esloon passengers can break their of Riley at Auckland. Honolulu san Francisco and any Placco Cali in route to new York. Through Faros. Sydney or Auckland co England Saloon �63 �66. Steerage �52 3s91 an<t�3212s. information a ply at any of the of icon Union steamship company of new zealand limited us Union Quot steamship company off new zealand limited. Time table weather an i circumstances permitting. Foe new Plymouth. Wellington and Lyttelton from steam a. Date of sailing. 1 Basson Gertral. Vakapuna i monday 19, 3p.m. 1 2.10 . Cargo at railway till 11 . For new Plymouth Wellington and Nelson. Wakaba thurs., 15, i . I 12 noon cargo at railway till 9.45 . _ for Gisborne Napier Wellington Lyttelton Dunedin. And Bluff from Aux Waira Rapa i thursday. Jan. 15. Noon for Melbourne and Hobart. Waira Rapa thursday. Jan. 15. Noon Fob Gisborne. Napier. And Wellington. So than Cross i tuesday Jan. 13. 6 for Mcky a Finay. Tup Aroa. Amp Tolona. So the in Cross i tuesday. Jar. 13, 6 p. For Tonga and Samoa Nuku Alofa Haap a. Vavau a and Apia. Maihui i wednesday. Jan. 14, 5 . Cargo till for Sydney. The Anat f wednesday. Jan. 14, 5 . For Honolulu and san Francisco. Alameda 1 monday Jan. 26, Cargo till 10 a a for Suva and a Vuka. Tattoo 1 sunday feb. 1,5 . To a. A ago must in . Nuu two hours before advertised time of de a excursion tickets a during december january february and March excursion tickets will be issued at reduced rates available Lor thru months from Date of Issue Auckland Branch a Palmerston buildings. Northern steam. Ship company limited. Time table Tanga by. Proposed sailings weather and permitting. A from Queen Street a for Russell wha Garoa and Iii an Cecis u t a i shipping the new Zea land shipping company a line of cargo steamers for. London. This so a Duke a of Sutherland 3,116 toss Register is expected Here on or about the 24th instant and will Load As above. This Steamer has a chamber specially fitted for the conveyance of Dairy produce and fruit and has also a limited apace available for general cargo for which Early application a necessary. For freight and other particulars apply to Chas. V. Houghto local manager. Customs Street. January 5,1891. I he new shipping line. Zealand company a for London direct. The Fine Clipper ship 1,641 totes Register Crosby master is now on the berth and having the greater portion of her cargo engaged will Havo Quick despatch. For freight and other particulars apply to Chas. V. Houghton1, local manager customs Street. Team to London. In the a amp no sulae and okla Fital steam Navi option company under contract with the Imperial new South Wales victorian and 3outh australian governments will de Patch the following steamers for London calling at Adelaide Albany Colombo Aden a Rindfl Malta Gibraltar aka Plymouth. Steamer. Leave Sydney leave Melbourne Carthage Jan. 26 Jan. 31 Victoria feb. 9 feb. 14 Valetta feb. 23 feb. 28 Arcadia March 9 March 14 Balaam at March 23 March 28 Oceana april 6 april 28 and thenceforward every Altera ate week. Passage Money can he paid at this end for Pas Sage amp from England Liberal concessions to path second Saloon having been thoroughly re organised this company is now enabled to offer intending passengers to eur rope uni failed accommodation at the fallowing greatly re duped Rottee no e tlokot_�37 return Yio Ket available for 12 months �?�65 passengers booked at Auckland at same rates As Sydney or Melbourne a Fol All particulars apply to cru1ckshank amp co., Queen Street. Auckland. Arsenta. to London a calling at Aluan Colombo Naples and Gib Caltab. Steamer. From Sydney. From Melbourne. Jan. 24 feb. 7 feb. 21 March 7 Steamer Clansman Date of bailing. I monday,�o9, 7p.nb for rang a. Classman _ t Friday 16, for Matetu and Mai at a. Clansman every Friday at 7 . Connecting with . Kati Kati at Taranga. All freights must be for Mercury Bay. Iosa i every monday and every thursday,9 . For Kua Tunu. J every monday and Loka every Timur Day. 0p.m. Returning every wednesday and saturday at 2 . Weather permitting. Every reasonable care taken in Landing passengers and cargo in surf boats but no res Ponsi bitty. Fou Paalua Quot Heads. And Mang Apai Wellington i every tuesday and Fritiaf for Whangarei and jars Den Point. Carrying cargo and passengers for Waiyu coach meet Acho Star Acron arrival to convey passengers to Waiyu. Lion lying passing Ere through to pal Puhi Wellington i tues Lay. 13, lj/30p.Wellington i Friday. 16.10.0p>in. From wham Barb. Wet Litleton Wellington thnrs., 15. Train. 9.26 . Mon., 10. Train 1,20 . For a. What Gamata and Whakatane. Douglas a tuesday 13, 5 . For spot Lici. Chelmsford i wed igday. 14, 8a.m. For thames connecting with River steamers for Paera the Aroha and other upper thames Settle Emente. _ leaves auce Lanh. Roto Shahana wednesday,_14, 4.30 . Thursday 15, 4.30 pm. Friday. 16, 6 . Saturday. 17, 6 . Leaves thames. Wednesday. 14, 9.30 . Thursday 15.10 no. Friday. 16,11 . Saturday 17,11 . tickets will be issued from december 15, avails bin for return until feb. 16, 1891. Saloon 10s ,7a go. Children half fare. Return till available either for . Rot Omahana or a.5. Argyll. Arcyle rot Omahana Arcyle Ali amp Vale rot Omahana Argyle rot Omahana from Manokau. For Hoki Anga. Glenelg 1 mon., 26,1 . for Raglan Kawata. Open aka and Wanganui. _ Dlen Blo i thurs15,1p.m. Train noon Quot for a and waiter a. Gairloch i thurs., 16,1 . Train noon cargo will be received at Queen Street wharf after half past four ., or after noon on saturdays or within one hour of advertised time of any Steamer s departure. Excursion tickets will be issued on and after december 1, available to March 31. Jayhe new zealand shipping company s Royal mail line of j steamers under contract with the new zealand government Are appointed to sail with her majesty a mails As under for London Yia Rio a Janairo and Toner ii a. Steamers. To a 1 port to tons. Dep0rti r9> Date. Erik out a. Ton Rahro. 4,474 Wellington Jan 22, �?T51 �-&5 1 w March 19 4 473 f a Bej april 16 4j63 rttneei3 a May 14 a orate. A a Llma Fataua. Rua Pehu freight and passage at lowest current rates. Particulars May be Vest cd on application to Chas. V. Houghton local manager. Cutanio Street. Auckland. Cuzco Jan. 19 Lusitania feb. S Oriya feb. 16 Orizaba March 2____ n Vii Mizii fire from new zealand to London i�111�?ottcicets� of available 13 months first Clas Union str ship company of hew zealand . Agon bin zealand. Steam to the South sea islands. The new . Richmond 850tons, 600 will leave for Tonga. Samoa and Tahiti _ on or about Friday j an. 16. Splendid accommodation for first and second Claas passengers. An experienced stewardess a Sci Fri g cd the Rolind voyage from Auckland calling at Tonga Samoa Tahiti and Rarotonga occupies about 33 Days and offers a favourable Opportunity to those desirous of visiting the Beautiful is kinds touched at. Tickets is Raed for the round trip. For freight or passage and All particulars apply to Donald amp Edenborough no. 18. Omen Street. Team Between Auckland. Paera 1�opu, Turuwa hike Taia thames River. And the Aroha. S. S. For Aero a Ruby. From Aero a wednesl4. 8.30a.m. Thurs., 15.12 Midnight saturday 17.11 . Weather and other circumstances permitting. After december 21, return tickets will be issued at single rates mat aka n a and Wade s. S. Maori for Wade from Wade wednesday 14t 4 . Thursday 15,10a.m. Friday. 16. Inspection saturday. 17. Inspection All cargo must be prepaid weather and other Telephone 34, a . Syms. Agent. 1 in Aroha hot Springs. The . Ruby connects with the Ohi Vemuri tourist Agency line at Paera by Means of which passengers Are taken from Auckland to to Aroha and Back from monday to saturday for 2 guineas. Including Steamer and coach fares. Hotel accommodation meals Etc Etc., and tree Baths. Lorely pea River and Bush scenery in route. Northern River steam navigation company limited. For Northern Wieoa. The steamers Kina and Minnie Casey leave Helenville for Darnaville. Calling at All ports every monday and thursday after arrival 6.55 Tram from Auckland returning wednesday and saturday with single ticket. 3a return ticket 5a, Geo. Gow. Manager. Captain a f. Anderson. Auckland agent. A a Para Harbour steam service. Cheap excursion fares and freights till further notice. P. S. Osprey will leave Helenville for Darnaville and intermediate Porta every monday and thursday on arrival of 6,55 . Train from Auckland returning from Dak Gaville every wednesday and saturday. ,. For further particulars apply to Douglas Bros. Agents. Helenville or. C. F. James amp co., agents. Auckland. G s. Co Romandel. Shortest route to a Quot Quot Hamas Scott a Lamb. Time table. Leaves Auckland leaves co Romandell wednesday. 14,12noou thursday,15,12 noon Friday 16,12 noon saturday 17.12 upon Weathe and other circumstances permitting. Not responsible ,carrying Cedis Chargi Glive Slock t n o cargo received Quot without shipping note and within half Anji our of advertised tar Rio of departure. A parcel amp must i prepaid on Hoard. Return tickets from december 22 Saloon 19ft Steerage 7s 6d. Available for one Mouth. Shipping 0 t i c b. Jul All claims having refer ence to this inward cargo of the Mary Sames must be Ren a a dered in duplicate at the office of the undersigned on thursday Jan. 15, jb91, or they will not be recognised. Arnold. Cheney amp co., agents Gutonis Streek Auckland. Jan. 13,1891. To Tasuku and one a Hunga steam navigation co. Ltd. The is Manokau will leave a under weat Jer and other air Cucui Eta uces permitting off calling at intermediate places fares return 6s, single 4s, children Hall time table. January. Leave Donohu Ugaz leave Waitts Cut 14�?wednes., 9 . 14�?wednes 1 . 15�?thursday, 10a.m. 15�?thursday, 2p.tu. 16�?Friday. U,15a.m., Hanuka Heads Coulthard a Etc. 17�?satur., 11,15 . 17�?saturday, 3.15 . 19�?monday,11a.m., via 20�?tuesday. 6 ., Huia Manokau via Coulthard a Heads cout Manokau holds tit Irdy a Etc. Huia. Etc. 20�?tuesday. 3.5 . 21�?wednes 7.15 22�?thursday, 8 . 24�?saturday, 9.45 29�?monday, 10.45 21�?wedues. 4 . 123�?Friday, 5.5 . 26�?monday, 8.5 snorts at Wailuku 28�?wednes. .8.5 . 30�?Friday, 9.15 28 Wilnes. 12 noon. R Huia Manokau Heads Coulthard Etc. 31�?saturday, 10 , 31�?saturday, 2 . Above time table is subject to alteration without notice not responsible for any goods landed at intermediate places. Not responsible for shipping carrying or Dis charging live Stock. A All cargo should be along Siao at least one hour before advertised Timo. Quot special returns at 4s and2s. Wailuku to Onehunga 0ti8thand22na, available till 30th and 23rd respectively. Special returns at 4s Aud 2s, Ono Bungato Wailuku on 10th and 23rd, available till 14th and 26tb respectively also of 26th sports at Wailuku available he 28th. A v auf Cju agent on Chungsik David Campbell Secretary. Wailuku picnics excursions amp a excursion to Wawera and a a Mahu Rangi Heads. Saturday till monday weather and other circumstances permitting. The fast s.9. Rose Casey will run an excursion As above in avid the wharf every saturday at 2 ., returning from Mahu Rangi h ends at 5 ., and Wawera at half past 6 . On monday and arriving in town about 9 . Return shillings. will also be issued covering the steamers fare and All hotel and Bath charges at Wawera for Twenty two shillings. Alex. Mcgregor agent excursion to St Helier s Bay. To Morrow wednesday. A Steamer will run As follows a leave ferry tee leaving St. Heller s 10.30 . 2.30 . B.16 . Return tickets is children. 6d. J. R. D. Baker. Meetings. A. C. B. S. Juvenile contingent. The half yearly meeting of the above Wili be held to Morrow wednesday the i4th instant in the Catholic Institute at 7.30 . A full attendance is requested. Business election and installation of officers. J. Carrigan jun., Hon. Sec 0hamber of Commerce. The monthly meeting of members will be held at the rooms of the chamber on thursday 15th january 1b91, at three . Business the desirability of opening up native lands for settlement amp a. J. Young january 10.129l_ Secretary. A or will be pleased to meet those immediately interested in the Iron Industry the shippers of goods on the wharf and the Boatmen on thursday evening the 15th instant at 7,30 o clock in the Lodge room of the Onehunga Public Hall. Iff zealand insurance company. Notice is hereby Given that the Ordinary general meeting of the new be Viaud insurance company will be held at the registered office of the company Queen Street Auckland on wednesday the 14th Day of january 1891, at 2 of clock ., for the purpose of receiving the directors report and balance Sheet for the twelve months ended 30th november 1890, for the election of two directors in room of messes j. L. Campbell and Thomas ruse Ell who Retivov by rotation but Are eligible for re election and for the election of two auditors the Transfer books of this company will be closed from the 1st to the 14th Proximo both Days inclusive. By order of the Board. George p. Pierce general manager. Auckland december 29, 189q._ in compliance with a Resolution of the chairmen of the Road boards of the county of Eden at a meeting held in the courthouse Auckland on Tho 26th november 1890, the undersigned hereby Convene a meeting of the mayors of the City of Auckland and of the boroughs of Onehunga Newton Parnell and Newmarket the chairman of Tho Edon county Council and the chairmen of the several Road boards in the said county on Friday Tho 16th Day of january 1891. 3 ., at Tho offices of the City Council. Lorne Street Auckland. His worship the mayor of Auckland will take the chair. Business a to consider the management of the endowments at Tho Onehunga Springs set apart for the Benefit of the county with special reference to Tho use of a portion thereof by the Borough of Onehunga As a cemetery. H. B. Morton chairman one tree Hill Road Board. Adam Porter chairman Eden Terrace Road Board. John Bollard chairman Avondale Road Board. Lodge St. Andrew no. Dis s.c., under dispensation from the grand a a a t a monthly. January. Representative to the Hall committee. James head Secretary. Educational miss Winkelmann has re opened her private kindergarten to which is now added a preparatory class for older , 1 lower Glenside upper Symonds Street. Boarding and Day school for girls. Principal. Mrs Young assisted by an efficient staff. Mrs Burgher is forming a class for China painting. Pupils work fired free of charge. Every Comfort and convenience provided for resident pupils. First term begins on wednesday 4th february. 1b91. Half term on monday 23rd March 1891. Until term begins mrs Young will be at Home on wednesdays and fridays from2 till i . Prospectuses on application. Corporation notices. C Ity of Auckland. Libraries act 1869, and amendments thereof. Notice is hereby riven that it i amp the intention of the Cit Council of Auckland on the 22nd Day of january instant in terms of the rating act 1876, and amendments thereof to make prot a Loyyal yearly rate of on Halfpenny in the Pound upon All assessable property within the said City under and in pursuant of the provisions of the above act payable in one sum on the 2nd Day of february 1891, at Tho City Council offices in said City the rate Book is open for inspection. By order. _ p. A. Philips town clerk. Town clerk s office. January a 1891. 29&�? personal. T n s. Or and mrs Mease beg to return their sincere thanks to or Harris and the workmen of Chelsea sugar work9 for their kindness in paying for the ground and erecting Headstone Over the Grove of our late . Henery g. Coldicutt. As there Are Many imitations of Wolfe s schnapps the Public must use caution _ , holding Good position desires to correspond with a lady of Means age from 25 to 30.�?full particulars at Hannaford a Agency. M Young Man fruit Fanner with life insured for 200, seeks a partner with particulars at Hannaf Ortts matrimonial a highly respectable tradesman seeks a partner be Between. 20 and 29.-Jpuu particulars at Hanna Ford e Agency. B e careful you obtain the genuine Wolfe a Quot parties desirous of renting or purchasing property should consult or Thornb 81, Qucen Street who has houses shops and businesses for Sale or to let in All parts of the City Madame wine clairvoyant psalmist and Phreno Logist. Family affairs a a Peck Alty a lower hip born Street Bottom of w 10 avoid ail mistakes ask for Wolfe s schnapps. T a Board and residence. Cowes Waihee. A to invalids Aud persons desirous of n change to the sea Sion. Comfortable Board and residence most healthy situation charming scenery boating fishing shootings Eto. Terms very moderate. Steamer to Androm Auckland three times weekly. Old clients will be glad to hear that i have considerably enlarged premises and am now prepared to receive both old Aud new . Parris. Private Board amp mrs Stephenson Yorkshire House Symonds Street Auckland opposite grammar school terms wanted by four boarders furnished private apartments with Board and attendance sitting room smoking room and two bedrooms hot and cold water Bathe. -x., 4. . _ wanted Board and lodgings about 10 minutes walk from Newmarket station whore none others , railway works Newmarket anted one or two gentlemen boarders in a Privato family in Parnell close to Star office. Public notices Al. Al Al. A Durham sauce is acknowledged to to equal if Sot Superior to the far famed genuine Worcestershire and very much cheaper. Ask your grocer for it. Bold wholesale by Moss amp co. D dissolution of partnership. Notice a hereby Given that the partnership hitherto subsisting Between the undersigned carry in or on business at Auckland As commission agents under the Elyj a of a Baber and Rawlings a has been and the Eaton is. Hereby dissolved As from the 1st Day of january 1891. Dated this 12th Day of january 1891. R. A Baber. M. Rawlings. Witness Edmund Mahony solicitor Auckland. The above named business will in future to carried on under his own name by the undersigned to whom All accounts owing to the late firm of Baber and Rawlings Are requested to be Paldy r. K. Baber. Fort Street Auckland january 12 1891. Have your lunch or Tea at the Victoria luncheon and Tea rooms Victoria Street e. Branch City Market adjoining Arthur s Mart. A first class Bill of fare of six different six Penny lunches always ready. During Holiday season open till 12 . W. To Crosher proprietor. 0�?z John Arle and �1 direct Tea importers. 207, Queen St been. Auckland. Price list Good sound Tea. Sar Yune and Assam blend Panyong end Assam b end 8.d. ,. 1 4 per la 16 a a �?z18 ,. 1 10 �?z30 a a _ 2 4 -.3 6 a a 16 18 ,. 110 a a Indian Pekoe .2 0 ,. Indian Golden pekoe8 6 a a Ceylon Pekoe Souchon 2 0 a a Ceylon Golden Pekoe.2 6 a a russian Tea Green Tea paper Tea Orange Pekoe Fooloo Oblong Etc. Five prize Dunedin exhibition. Panyong and Terai blend Pakiam and darjeeling Bland richly blended Tea a a Yery choicest blend Indian broken Pekoe a a Indian Pekoe Souchon 8 via Seefeld or os., of Batley and Russell beg to inform their friends that they have obtained at the Dunedin exhibition awards for their exhibits of Mullet zippered Schnapper Anh canned fruits _ and request the patronage of the Public As their Goode Are Superior to any other. Ask for Masefield , Star Brand Masefield i Mullet Masefield k i p p e r e d Masefield Schnapper Masefield Paradise pears Masefield jams apples Masefield br08.7 quinces peaches and accept no other of. O t amp although our factory at Newmarket was burned Down last night we shall still to Able to attend to All business As hitherto. Our carts will Call daily on cur customers As usual. All orders left at either of our Quee Street shops amp co. Confectioners Queen Street and Newmarket january 9,1891.____ s Cie Knific cutting in response to repeated applications or Jaggs has de Eide a to Start a cutting class for terms and other information apply to w Jaggs new Zeeland clothing factory Queen Street to let to let furnished 6-roomed cottage pleasantly situated close to Beach and King off Brighton Load Parnell. To let a comfortable House in Bur Leigh Street 5 rooms bathroom and every Convenie Noo excellent or fielders opposite. To let Good shop Best part skin Odds Street rent Only 6s week suitable Branch store or office a amp. B. Boulton grocer Symonds Atreco. To let cottage of three rooms two fireplaces Corner of Abercrombie and Alexandra streets. City water Laid on. Rent 4s.�? Bright grocer next door. Ruji 10 let on lease residence 11 rooms with a acres land Lake Road mile and a half from Victoria wharf opposite colonel Burton s. Rent easy to a suitable tenant map ply Flawd. Whitehead Valuator High Street to let in Queen Street opposite Wesley College 7-roomed Rouse with Kitchen plunge and shiver Bath and every other convenience a apply Thos. Belcher Queen Street. _ to let or lease the lamp farm of 155 acres 2 Miles past Henderson s Mill bounded by fresh water Creek with buildings Stock furniture Etc. Kent ��25 or�35 a year. Produce at Market rates accepted As apply Masefield s foundry t 0 let t 0 let Send for printed list of houses shops Etc., to let in All part of the City and suburbs. Issued weekly by j. Thornes 81, Green a treet or take a list from his special rack in ovary Tram car Quot Orth Shore. A to let Severa. _. Large Well Furni amp hed rooms pleasantly situated with or without office. It for Sale. For Sale Large fishing or Mitchell Norfolk Streel Ponsonby. For Sale Bull terrier pupa pure White prize Storeman Firth a Bond Albert steel for Sale Cutter Rob Roy and scow Lake Superior As they now lie in free Many a d. Gouk Juu. For Sale cheap 52-Incli Ball bearing bicycle in Good a b. Meldrum tailor Shortland Street. For Sale american Organ 7 stops nearly new Price �817.�?apply Organ Star office for Sale a Small business realising Good return to amp pushing Man and wife this is a rare a.z., stau office. Ii or Sale a reliable bugs horse 1 guaranteed quiet and staunch in single and double harness first rate Hack for lady or gon Ileman a apply close Bros. For Sale a Phaeton in excellent condition with or without Livorse and harness would Suita Sady very address and particulars apply to t. Hulst amp Ddurham Street. Flor Sale at Northcote a 4-roomed f cottage stable Good Well and 11 acres ail planted and fenced 10 minutes from the boat no reasonable offer chitty Beach Road Northcote. A pig Sale i for s ale printed lists of houses farms Laud and every description of property for Sale can be obtained on application to j. Thornes 81, Queen Street or in every Tram car from his special Racks therein. For six Days Only a enforced Sale of interest in Village Homestead Section of 43 acres land with All improvements including 4-Roomcd cottage fencing cows calves pigs poultry implements furniture Etc. As per inventory for �75 must he sold immediately of account of death a apply atones to a Tho sea 81 Queen Streu Imor absolute Sale Fine Dairy or jul sheep farm of 184 acres at Annua with House outbuildings All cattle implement household furniture Etc., As a profitable going concern at a very cheap rate to effect immediate j. Thornes 81, Queen Street _ cheese and Dairy factory for immediate disposal. First class machinery As Good As new 4 . Engine Bacon curing room Shede dwelling House Etc detailed lists of Plant with 7 acres of Good land. This estate Cost �900, and i am instructed by the trustees to offer this for seven Dava Only for �300.�?j. Thornes. 81. Queen Street. _587 com bings 1 combines combines �?200 hags beet malt combines for Salo cheap at Whitson a brewery pity a shop dwelling and Freehold allotment concreted Yard workshop Etc. Situated in Vic Toria Street with right of Way from Nelson is. No reasonable offer refused. A Wilson and Clayton auctioneers House land and estate agents _1 fruit farm 13 Miles from Auckland 25 acres about 9 acres in fruit Choice kinds outbuildings on most approved principles owner leaving Auckland no reasonable offer refused a. Thornes 81, Queen Street no. 716. Safety bicycle for Sale Ball. _ bearings Nickel plated almost new. Guaranteed perfectly the London and Berlin piano co., Short Laud Street. S a will buy a Nice cottage i oif of 4 rooms and scullery new Range in kit Olien water Laid on. Allotment 40 x 1d6 Laid out As a Flower and vegetable Garden. Velji drained a apply r. A shalders 199, cd per copy Sontry Waltzes Etc., full music size. List Gratis. At the musical budget Shortland Street. £12 office. Will buy a roadster tricycle nearly new Cost �25.�?apply Strait dividends. Re the 1jnion Eire and Marine insurance co. Of new zealand Ltd dividend warrants for half year ended 30th november 1390, at the rate of 10 per cent per annul May be obtained at Tho company s office no. 67, Neon Street. Bartholomew Kent manager. T he new zealand and River plate land mortgage company limited. The Transfer books of Tho above company will be closed from Tho i3th to the 24th instant both Days inclusive. To j. Brassey Secretary. Gold mining notices. Arizona Gold mining company limited. Tho first general meeting of the above company will be held at Tho company s office amp. Buildings. Queen Street Auckland on thursday the 15tli Day of january 1891, at three . We. R. Cook Secretary. Victory Gold mining company limited Kua Tunu. The first general meeting of the above company will be held at the company a office . P. Buildings Queen Street. Auckland on Friday 16th Day of january 1391, at 3 . W. 11. Cook Secretary i k Keystone Gold mining company limited. The first general meeting of Tho above company will to held at the company a office .p, Bui dings Queen Street Auckland on thursday the 15th Day of january 1891, at eleven . W. R. Cook. Secretary Wautel wanted Good Baker for country District unmarried wages 25e per week and l. 1. Nathan and co. Shortland scr cot _ ranted experienced can racers for t t life Assurance in town Aud country. Salary Given to Good , giving references to Assurance Star w anted coat Clark Aud sons factory. _ anted two respectable boys to. Learn Tho Trade also a girl to learn the . Knight wholesale Saddler Eug Laud Street Ponsonby _ ranted a , borne Welling ton Street. Quot wanted a j. Crickett plumber City Road Oil Symonds so. Anted a general servant references required a mrs j. Aus Onue Hurst Mere. Lake _ anted no once Good general for Ellen Bike apply mr3 Clark registry office Wake yield Street. Seated a Good general v apply before 12 noon or in the evening to mrs Clark sen., the Brae Reguera. W anted a general hotel Newton. Apply wanted a Good housemaid also second waiter. Must have references. A apply Oram s hotel anted laundress capable of ironing and glazing White by letter to constant Star. Office anted situation As lady help or Nursery governess a apply of Robertson Bros., upper Symonds Streel anted a Strong working Young. Woman for laundry work Good wages. A apply mrs j. Let am Wellesley Street w. Wanted a girl to assist in Fredk. Jackson Charle Street. Rocky Nook. Anted a girl to assist in housework a apply to mrs Thomas Roxburgh top of Grey Street. Started a Yonne girl about 14.�? v for address apply Bryan a foot of Groy Street. Anted respectable girl about 3.6. To assist in housework a apply to mrs Laybourn next door to Empire hotel Victoria Street. Anted immediately apprentices to the dressmaking a apply to mrs Huxtable,ru3hbrooksneddenand co drapers Queen Street. Anted 200 horses and carts at Kings stables lome Street opposite Growther b. S tand 6d feed. 6d. Wanted a Spring Caric and harness must to , stating particulars to a anted second band Large Safe state size and Price to . Box 216, anted a 16-foot rowing boat for. Pleasure a apply stating Price to Box 86 . Anted Brandy and Wolky bottles in any Quantity. A Harlaud and co., limited manufacturing chemists Etc. Lorne Street. Wanted everyone to know that the Best Agency for the soiling or letting of their properties a thornes 81, Queen Street Freak lists issued weekly. Table talk. Wanted laches and gentlemen s _ second hand clothing in Large or Small quantities. Best prices Given by c. Rogers Viliott Street off Wellesley Street near Central in rat mrs Rogers will attend ladies at of Weir residence if required. Wanted to Purchase a Good Saddle horse also Saddle and bridle a apply at once no loan and discount Bank High St. W anted known. C. W. Goods on tenders his Moat sincere thanks to residents and visitors for the exceedingly Liberal patronage conferred upon him during this Holiday season at the a London Arcade japanese Art and Oriental bazaars thus crowning it As one of the most successful seasons during Tho ten years he has catered to the Public taste. Just arrived some Lovely new japanese China Art Ware. Specimens of it Are displayed in the window under Tho jewellery department but for Choice variety seethe japanese Bazaar where a Large assortment of Bamboo brackets Are tu8t opened. Goodson a London Arcade. known that d. Goldie Ina prepared to Supply All kinds of Timber and other building materials at. His Mills Albert Street and breakwater Road including joinery builders Ironmongery and wheelwrights materials at the lowest Market prices. Anted handwriting t a taught in one course of lessons. Adult youths or girls in class or privately Day or evening. Pupils enrolled eur and after monday january 5th.�?for terms Etc. Apply to or t. Haile Giles educational Chambers Queen and dirham streets. W anted known tailors trim mings tweeds Aliffi coatings of the right kind at the right Price for Cash Only can be had from the importers a a. Lovett Wellesley Street. W n t e d at Mathews seen the new shipment of japanese cases japanese baskets japanese Cabinet japanese trays japanese fans japanese fire screens japanese card trays. Inspection will prove our to be the cheapest in town anti suburbs for every description of japanese Artward. We beg to Call special attention to our new Ostrich Feather a fans mounted on Amber handles very Choice. Our assortment of ladies basis card cases albums photo screens purses pocket books photo frames companions desks work boxes baskets fee., i unsurpassed in Auckland for cheapness and variety. J. A Mathews direct fancy goods importer 196, Queen Street Ano Newton Bazaar Tabang Ahapa Road. A Young lady is desirous of obtaining a situation As companion or Nursery governess or companion to a lady going Home a apply to Secretary boy s to buy Small Pony suitable for a boy must be thoroughly broken Aud quiet. Communicate by letter addressed Box 136, Post office. A Quot married couple without children. Man for Plain general farm work. Wife for Dairy and poultry will hear of a first class situation upon application with references to Caleb White Stab r a coat. Vest and trousers hands wanted at onto none but Good hands need apply Best wages Don 121, Queen Street. A Vondale vegetable Supply. Fresh vegetables daily direct from the growers orders or requests for the cart to Call May be left with messes to Steadman and co., addressed to w. T. Murray Avondale. Regular consignments forwarded to country stores and hotels by steam or rail Madame Bart of again. Chilian revolution. Coal Boring near Vakapuna. Sir Frederick Whitaker res gub. H.s. Dorio at port Chalmers. Ship Oan Iaru due from London. Rebel indians invested by troops Auckland boat Harbour too Small. Lake rot Omahana increasing in area. John White the Wakeha Maori is dead. Chatham Island maoris done to like the dog tax. Port Phillip proclaimed a Colony this Day 1851, yacht clubs annual picnic to to held on saturday 21st inst the French loan of �34,000,000 was covered sixteen times Over. Temperance petition to the governor re drink traffic in Rarotonga. The North Dunedin rifles Send a company team to the Napier firing. Rev. J. Chalmers lectures on new Guinea and Rarotonga Quot to night. Swimming sports take place in graving Dock Calliope Hook not available. Or w. A. Lla Ccormick is the new Secretary of the Auckland yacht club. Or heavy considers it is hopeless to Parley with the Parnell lion any longer. Manokau . Whal Aboab Crew left for Cru Tara regatta yesterday per . Gair lock. Or Joa Iab Martin has just made a three months photographing tour of the hot lakes. The death is announced of or Musgrave the Well known colonial actor at Melbourne. Those China pirates were enterprising boys. They made 30,000 dollars by their Little adventure. U one to r picnic to Mot Tapu by members and sympathisers of the Loyal Orange institution on 29th. South american republics Are never Happy unless they have a Good healthy revolution in hand. The experiments with the ii och cure a various hospitals in Italy have Given most Gratifying results. It is the intention of the City Council to Levy a yearly Library rate of one Halfpenny in the a and payable on the 2nd of february. The . Vya Hora arrived at Sydney yesterday from Auckland. The horses shipped from Auckland sales Are in Good condition. There is a Prospect of a firm in which the Well known firm of Rothschild Are interested storting meat freezing works probably at Wellington. The imports into Victoria for the year were �22,952,000, a decrease of �1,450,000. The exports were �13,227,000, an increase of �492,000 on the previous year. The position of the railway strike in Scotland is unchanged. The seamen threaten to Block the collieries which continue to Supply Coal to the railways. Accidents still continue. The governor and lady Onslow returned to Timara from mount Cook yesterday and went on by express to Rakaia. A had very mixed weather i Snong the mountains but had venae Good excursions front the Hermitage. The last squad of the permanent militia who have been doing duty As police constables in Wellington since the occurrence of the labour strike some months ago returned to Barracks yesterday the City police Force having now been recruited a Little kiss a Little Bliss a Little Riff a a tis ended a Little jaw a Little Law and to Trio Bonds Ara vended or and mrs Charrington miss Janet Achurch request us to state that their next a at Home a will be thursday january 15th, on the stage of the opera House instead of wednesday at the Prince Arthus hotel. Or Parnell was received with enthusiasm at Limerick. In the course of Hia speech he stated that he was satisfied with the result of his conference of Boulogne with or of Brien and would retire provided the liberals would give an Assurance of their intentions. The French flagship Dubourdieu leaves Wellington for Valparaiso on saturday. The rear Admiral and some of the officers left on a visit to Palmerston North this morning and return to Morrow night via the Waira Rapa District. On thursday night Tho officers Are to be entertained at a Ball by the a Ellington ladies. A Clergyman was questioning his sunday school about Eutychus the Young Man who while listening to the preaching of the apostle Paul fell asleep and falling Down was taken up dead. A a what Quot a said a do we learn from this solemn event a a a please. Sir a replied a Little girl a a Parsons should learn not to preach Long various estimates were made at the late Federal conference at Melbourne of the loss that would be sustained by the colonies if inter colonial free Trade were established ranging from half a million to one million for each Colony. A leading customs officer in Victoria has however compiled a return based on the year 1889, showing that the total loss for All excluding new zealand will be Only �390,000. News from the Chatham islands at Lyttelton by the . Kuhn states that the Chatham islands maoris continue to strenuously resist the dog tax. On january 8th two natives who refused to pay were summoned to court at Wai Tangi when the whole tribe came saying if the officials took one they must bake All. The officials were unable to do anything and the natives after dancing a Haka went Home. The Hama evidently paralysed those officials. A minister in Tho North was taking to task one of his heavers who was a frequent Absentee and the acce Bud defended himself on the plea of a dislike to Long sermons. A a a deed Man a said his reverend Monitor a Little nettled at the insinuation a if be Dinna mend to May land yer sell where yell a be troubled i Mony sermons either Long or a a Wool Biblina sae a retorted John a but it Llna be for want of Sioss and of Ted lost or stolen from papa Toioi on 11th january 1 Grey Mare with right Eye out. Anyone giving information will be Ponall and co., lost by Levi Stanton on the mount ros Kiil Road some 4 weeks ago a White Mackintosh coat. Anyone leaving it at or Gregory a store Shad receive one Pound of Hia celebrated lost yesterday morning either in the 11 . Tram a from Newmarket or in Queen Street purse containing Money and Ard on returning same to Star sit Rayed from Albert Street a Fox terrier Pup slut White with slight Marks on on return to Star hotel. and Tho i liquor craving cured positively. The Golden specific is Safe sure speedy and effectual cure. Thu saudi prove it. It is a recognised antidote to drink. Pamphlet with full particulars sent free by specific company. 146 and 147, Collins a Street Melbourne Victoria ;