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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - January 7, 1891, Auckland, Auckland Vol . 5.Auckland, ., wednesday january 7, 1s91. Price one Penny. Iii print to Nion steamship company of is Kkt a 2kajlajnd limited Hoy a i. Mail express service. Overland route to England through America. Avoiding alike the heat of the red sea and toe cold of Cape Hoin. The steamers of 4bi8 lil a appointed to leave Sydney and Auckland Llono Ulsund Gan Francisco Eiery four weeks. Sailing a uniter a Steamer. Tons Alameda 3003 Mariposa 3000 leave Sydney feb. 18 leave auck. Jan 26 ,23 arrive Frisco feb.14 liar. 14 tickets so available Jot it Saloon passengers can break the r it a a a Al Auckland. Honolulu san Irano Isco. And any Placebo fall by route to new York. Through fares. Sydney or Auckland to England Saloon. =663 anti �66. Steerage �32 3391 and �3212s. _ All int Orius Tala apply As any of the offices Union steamship company of new zealand limited. Union steamship company of new Chajoi and limited. Sea time table weather circumstances permitting. For. New Plymouth. Wellington and Lyttelton from a nil he Aga. _. A a a a a Lea i 1 Passyn Stea Raar. Date of sailing go train. Vakapuna mon., 8.40a.m. Foot no a Plymouth Wellington and Nelson. Wanaka 1 thursday. 8, 5 , i Lis . Cargo received by railway till 1,10 . Wan As a_1 thu re. 15,1 . 112noon_ g1hbornk. Napier Wal Linton Lyttelton Dunedin and Bluff Fatom Agok Landi. Man a Puri Waif Aii Apa 1 Friday. Jan. 9, noon i thursday Jap. 15, noon Fop. Melbourne. Mana ourt w Tira Kapa i Friday. Jan. 9, noon j thursday. Jan. 15. Noon Lyttelton and Dunedin Iya Katapu a thursday. Jau. 8.3 .__ a g Lobo Ity l. A of Iek and Wel Lington lustral1a 1 wednesday. Jan. 7.6 ._ ror a Anui we Pilto. Toyomaru. Hicks a Bay. Tup Aroa pc Tolona. Lust Balia i wednesday. Jan. 7.6 . Of a a a Tonga and Samoa Nuku Alofa. Haara1j. A a and Apia a a. I Aikui i wednesday Jan. 14. 5 . A cargo till noon i Sydney. Wednesday Jan. 7,5 . Tuesday Jan. 15, 5 . 7iraow b . Or Honolulu and ban Francisco. Lam Eda 1 monday Jan. 26, 2 . Cargo till 1�o . For Suva and a Vuka. I sunday feb. 1, 5 . A Auto cargo must be booked and alongside in to hours before advertised time of de Larmore. _ _ a excursion december is nary february and March excursion i cd ets will be issued at reduced rates available or thre months from Date of Issue. Auckland Branch Palmerston buildings. A steam a ship company limited. Time table january. R proposed sailings Feather and other circumstance permitting. From Eure St debt a what of. _ a ru33f.ll Vul Angelioa and a a Steamer. Dato of sailing Ansman i monday. 12. 7 . For Tau Ranga. 1ansman i by Ridney 9. 7 . For and Matatia. Every Friday at 7 . Jansman connecting with Kati Kati at Taranga. All freights must be Drepaul Mercury Day. I every Moo Day and i everythurbday.9 . A Kudo tue monday and Tia every thursday 9p.m. A turning every wednesday and saturday at 2 . Weather permitting very reasonable care taken in Landing passengers and Ergo in surf boats but no re i it a Para Ray Whangarei Heads. And Mang Apai. every tuesday and Friday _ Fob Whang Arici and Marsden Point flying cargo and passengers Waiyu Steamer on arrival to convey passengers to Waiyu 1. Boosting passing erg through to Phi pm Illington thursday. 8,10.30 . Ellington tuesday. 13.10.30 ._ from Whangarei. Wellington a a sat. 10. Train. 5.25 . For thames Conn eating with River steamers Paera to Aroha Aud other upper thames Settle Eroen Fah leaves Auckland rot Omahana i thursday 8,11 augy lab 1 Friday 9� 12 noon. Rot Omahana i saturday 10,1 # leases thames a Argyle i thursday 8,3.45 . A rot Omahana Friday. 9,4.30 . Argyle 1 saturday. 10, 5-50 . A . Return tickets will be issued from december 15, available return until feb. 16, 1b91. Saloon. 30s Steerage. 7s go. Children half . Return tickets available i Ier for . Rot Omahana or . Argyle. From Opu Nake and Wanganui. Enelog i Friday,9,1 . Raglan and Rawhia. To thurs. 15.1 . Train. Doon in new Plymouth and w altar a. G Ai Kly Cir i tbnrs., 8. 1 . Train noon .�?no cargo will be received at Queen Street wharf after half past four or after noon on saturdays or within one hour of advertised time of any steamers departure. Excursion tickets Iii to issued on and after december 1. Available to March 31. Steam Between Auckland Paera Kop Turuwa Hill Taia. Thames River and the Archa. Ruby. For Paera from Aero a thurs., 8, 8 pm. Saturday 10 6 weather and other circumstances permitting after december 21, return tickets will be issued at single e rates Katakana and Wade. . Maori. For Wade from Wade thursday. 8, 5 . Friday,9,2p.m. Saturday. 10. 6 . All cargo must be prepaid. Weather and other Telephone 54 . Syms accent Aroha hot Springs it Rudy connect with the of Lemurl a Troy line at Paera. By a Ean 1 pass Naen Are taken from a Mokiana Roba and Back from monday top4�?o 2 guineas and coach Lotel meals so Baths Lovely Cea River and Bush in route. So la a Quot. Haw Savill and Albion company Limi pud. Monthly line of fast passenger steamers Between All ports of new zealand and London. The following powerful new. Steel built steamers Are appointed to leave London direct As follows _ Steamer. Gli i kka1 commander. Date of Der Portare. Tax in Tjw e4744 5�oo a j. Of claw Jan a 1891 Dowty �4784 5c�0 . Jemmings feb. 5 Akata ,5026 5000 j. Stuart mar. 5 Copto 5031 5000 . Kompson april 2 toxic �4753 5q0o w. H. Killcy april 50 Tamiji ,4743 5000 b. J. Barlow May 28 final port As arranged in addition to above. Cargo steamers will be despatched at regular intervals. The accommodation Ali classes of passengers is unsurpassed. K the homeward route will be via Rio rec Janeiro and Toner Ilfe and the time occupied should not exceed 40 Days. A n experienced s surgeon will accompany each passengers carried at lowest current tickets at greatly reduced rates. The undersigned Are empowered to Grant Dot stages from London to new zealand payment which Hae been guaranteed in this Colony. ,.full particulars regarding freight or passage Money May be ascertained from l. D. Nathan amp co. Cauxx Khank St co. A. Heather. Phe new Zea j. Land shipping company s line of cargo steamers London. The . Duke of Sutherland 3,115 tons Register is expected Here on or about the 24th instant and will Load As above. This Steamer has a chamber specially fitted the conveyance of Dairy produce and fruit and has also a limited space available general cargo which Early application a Noces Biry. For freight and other particulars apply to Chas. V. Houghton. Local manager. Cna Toms Street. January 5,1891._ the new shipping line. Zealand company s London direct. The Fine Clipper ship Machrihanish 1,641 tone Register Crosby. Master is now on the berth and having the greater portion of her cargo engaged will have Quick despatch. For freight and other particulars apply to Chas. V. Houghton local manager. Customs Street. .1 team to London. The Peninsular and �s�iiiie5is�l 0rlhntal steam Navi to Tiv company under contract with the Imperial new South Walea victorian and South australian Gdan Ruments Wii despatch the Tor London Callin a at Ade Taibe Albany Colombo. Adelf Brindle a Malta Gibraltar and Plymouth. And thenceforward every alternate week. Passage Money can be Naid at this end Pas eases from England Liberal concessions to families. The second Saloon having been thoroughly re organised this company is now enabled to Oiler lenten Ding passengers to Europe unrivalled accommodation at the following greatly reduced rates. Single ticket�?�37 return ticket available 12 months �?�65 passengers booked at Aue Klandl at same rates 63 Sydney or Melbourne Ali particulars apply to v Cruick Rihanek amp co. Queen Street. Auckland. Gasenta Rient line a steam to London. Calling at Albany. Colombo Naples and Gibraltar. From Melbourne. Front Sydney. Jan 24 feb. 7 feb. 21 March 7 through fares from new zealand to London Smeare �21. £33, and �25 second. £37 and �40 Safo of �6s and �70. Excursion return tickets available 9 months first class. £106. Available 12 months first cte3\mionesteamshlp company of new zealand limit Voagen is in a Calatia. Co Romander shortest route to Kun Tunu Thomas Scott Mastek time table. Leaves Auckland a leaves co Romandell thursday amp 13 noon Friday 9 12 noon saturday. 10.12 noon weather and other circumstances permitting. carrying or disc charging live Stockno cargo received within half an Jour of advertised Tini of do parture a Jpn reels must be prepaid on Board. Return tickets from december 22 Saloon 10s Steerage 7s 6d, available one Naonta. Auk Haniton e Hunga steam w navigation co. Lip. The amps Manokau will leave As under weather and other of Locum. Stances permitting calling at intermediate places fares return pcs. Single 4e, children half Price time table. Onehunga leave wait Kun 8�?thursday. 8 . �?�10-satnrday. 6 . 10�?saturday. 10 a to. 14�?wednes., 9 . 14�?wednes.l . Ib�?1thursday. 10 . 15�?thursday, 2n,m. 16�?Friday. 9,15a.m.,, Hanuka Heads Coulthard a. Etc. 17-satur�?z 11.15 . 17�?saturday, 3,15 . 19�?monday,11a.m. Via 20-tuesday. 6 ., Huia Manokau via cont hard a Heads Coul Manokau Heads thard�?T8, Etc. Huia Etc. 20�?tuesday, 3.5 . 21�?wednea. 7.15 . A 22�?thursday, 8a.m. 24-saturday ,9.45 . 29�?monday. 10,45 . 28�?wedues,. 12 noon a a Manokau 21�?wednbs., 4 . T23�?Friday, 5.5 , 25�?monday, 5.5 . Sports at Wailuku 28�?wednes.,8.5 , 30�?Friday, 9.15 . For Huia holds Coult bards a. Etc. 31�?saturday, 10 of. 31-saturday, 2 . Above time table is subject to alteration without responsible any goods landed at intermediate places. N of responsible shipping carrying or discharging Iive Stock. _. All Carero should to Alonga Iao at least one hour before advertised time. A special returns at 4sand 2e, Wailuku to Onehunga on 8thand22uct, available till 10th and 23rd respectively. A a to special returns at in Anil 8�. A Goa Hunga to Wailuku on 10th and 23rd, available till 14th and 25th respectively also on 26th sports at Wailuku available till 28th, g. Vause avid&��bell5�?o, Boore tary wait Lett of a Teal to the South to sea islands. The . Richmond. 850 tone 600 Hutton will leave Tonga Samoa and 1 Haiti of of about tuesday Jan 13. Splendid accommodation first and second Dass pass engerts. An experienced stewardess lamp earned. The round voyage from Auckland at Tonga. Samoa Tahiti and Rarotonga occupies about 38 Days and offers a favourable Opportunity to those desirous of visiting the Beautiful Telan Stouch de at. Tickets issued the round trip. For freight or passage and All particulars apply to _ Donald amp Ken Borough no. 18, Queen Street picnics excer Sioris excursion to wait Jura and Mahu Rangi Heads Steamer leave Sydney leave Melbourne Masmitja Jan. 12 Jon. 17 Carthage Jun. 26 Jan. 31 Victoria feb. 9 feb. 14 Valet to feb 23 i feb. 28 Arcadia March 9 March 14 Ballarat March 23 j March 28 saturday till a 41 monday a a incr and other circumstances permitting. The fast . Rose Casey will run an excursion As above leaving the wharf every saturday at 2 . Returning from Mah Rangi Heads at 5 . And a Aicra at half past 6 . On monday and arriving in town about 9 . Return Iii Ulins. Leichti Ceceta Livili also be issued covering the steamers and All hotel and Bath charges at a Aicra Twenty two Shil Ianus Alex. Mcgregor agent. Ate zealand in educational Institute Auckland Branch conference 1891. Tho annual excursion evil take place on thursday january with 1891,to Lake Beach take Puma. Steamer will leave Queen Street wharf at 12.16 . _ tickets. Is each luncheon May be obtained at the Lako hotel is 6d each. Tickets May to obtained from members of Tho committee and messes Wildman Chapman Upton and co., Champtal up Aud Cooper. Murray and so Cor. W. H. Draffin Hon. Secretary lost sind Mohmd. Lost leather strap without buckle belonging to Harned a Wakefield and Albert streets on returning to l. H. Neumegen. Wellesley Street Oserthe drink habit by using the celebrated gotten specific a Safe and rapid ure drunkenness in any . Can be Given acor etly or otherwise. Pamphlet sent with magnificent testimonials free by specific co. 145 and 147, Collins Tarcel Melbourne Victoria personal. Rjohn Franklyn of bachelors1 Hall Ellerslie. Wishes it to to generally understood that he is not the person mentioned in Lasic cloning Star As having been summoned by his wife Susanna maintenance. Rhek7t7co.js employees picnic. Tho committee of Tho above beg to tender their sincere thanks to the different donors who so liberally subscribed towards the athletic spa Rob h. Wilson. Hon. Sec. Of committee Lamond and other brooches. Lace pins oct. Splendid assortment All patterns prices to suit a. G. Bartlett so 154, re. Dalton confines himself to the a tailoring business alone. Adam �3 wine clairvoyant psalmist and Phreno Logist. Family affairs a special to. A lower Hepburn a a Reet Bottom of Wellington Street. _ _ people and others Are informed that the balance of toys remaining mus1. Be Slaughter of at Onoe to make Toom Otter Fresoli in Lime at dam piers Victoria a Freer. _ Ress rings engagement ring wedding a. G. Bartlett a 164, Queen Street. Educational. R w. H. Webb professional teacher of music trill resume lessons on monday 2nd february. For card of terms Etc., apply to the London and Berlin piano co., Short Lami Street Between 10 and drawing. A mechanical freehand perspective geometrical and Model. Private Lyon in class Hay and evening at or Giles s educational chamers of and after monday january 5th. _ iss Dandy Side of Grafton Road gives lessons in French russian singing music and r it. B. Woodham _ tj5he�o off tue pianoforte and harmonium. Address Caro of a Eady and co., music Waro House Queen St or Burleigh-St., kyber Paaul. North Shore attended once a week. Boarding and Day school boys. St. Johns College Tamaichi. Visitor the right Rev. The Bishop of Auckland. . P. Smallfield. Assisted �7 or Graham Bruce. B.a., with honours London lately first assistant master and acting principal at the College Wellington Shropshire. Music master Drill master Herr tuts Ohka. Prok . Daily instruction will be Given m holy scripture. Boys will be prepared tie Cut ii service matriculation Ana other exam a Tho autumn term will begin on monday february 9. Prospectuses May be had on application to the Principio. N Volunteer notices. By i strict orders. Brigade it office Auckland january i 1891. The undermentioned corps will Parade at the Drill shed do 8 . On Friday the 9th inst., Tho annual inspection by a Lieut col Hume. Full dress with . Band to attend. Auckland naval artillery a volunteers. Ponsonby naval artillery volunteers. T. Viret Shepherd _ commanding Auckland District. N e w zealand association. Rifle Napier meeting 1891. Entries will he received the Napier meet ing up to 9 . On wednesday. 14th inst. Intending competitors Are requested to Send in their name at ouse so that full arrange Menta re railway passes May be made. James haulta1n, member of Council , Temple Chambers High Street Auckland Jan. 7.1591. To shipwrights settlers and bushmen Copper brass Zino. Toa Load fungus beeswax a bark fins and horseshoes bought and. The Best Price Given by a Cheo Queen it Floreet and mechanics Bay Auckland. _. 0 avoid a la mistake is Fei a t meetings. Atch make Sec amp jewellers a meeting of the Trade will be held att a y.1u.c.a. Rooms to Morrow thursday a a auntry 8th. At 8 . Business important. Auckland Quot. Operative makers Union Boot a general meeting will be held in the Wesley Hall 011 Friday. January 9, at 7.50 . Business important. We l. Harding. Secretary Road Board notices. Rich Hill Road District notice i3 hereby Given that James Curtis Skezas was on the 5th instant Ai a regular meeting of the a cd. Hal Hoad Board an minced Ranger and Poua Koeper the above District. J. T. A dines Clairman Russell Street january 6.1891.__ sch Hill Road District. Dog registration act. 1sb2.�?T1 notice a hereby Given that the Arch hid Road Board at a regular Leotina yield on the 5th instant did fix the fee ail Dos Over six months of a in the Aboye District it 5g five shillings. See Section 2a a dog registration act 1880/�?T seclioti4 4 a a any person who shall keep any dog within the Colony of a greater amp be than six months to period of fourteen Days without causing such dog to to registered and such registration to be again Mude from year to a penalty not exceeding five pounds Quot Etc. Etc. Section 21 a a of any person shall after the 1st january in every year keep any dog wearing a Label issued in any previous your a penalty not exceeding �0,�?� Etc. A t. B. Dines cd airmail Nasell Street january 6,1891. Hom d and residence Cowes cottage to let 4 rooms i a h. Nathan. On Toms Street. It i gentlemen seeking Board and Keai hot Donee convenient to business will find a comfortable Home combined with moderate terms at Wark Worth House upper quote Street near Bell. P private Board amp mrs slip Henson. Yorkshire House Symonds Atreo Auckland oppo eito grammar school. Terms moderate anted 1 or 2 boarders in a quiet family terms address apply St Alt anted two or three Young men &8. Boarders. A apply mrs s. Vivian n Elson Street opposite Scott a store. Anted gentleman Boarder every Home Comfort in a Piersant part of town references . St Ait office. Soon Apps Public notices Auckland Harbour Board. B y Law s. Harbour Board office Auckland january 7� 1891, notice a hereby Given that the by Laws adopted at a meeting of the Board held on the 6th inst. Will Como into operation on to Helsch instant. By order of Ibe a oath. A m. Brigham Secretary Al. Al. Al. Durham sauce i acknowledged to to equal it not Superior to Tho famed genuine Worcestershire and very much cheaper. Ask your grocer it. Sold wholesale by Moss amp co. Vondale vegetable Supply. Fresh vegetables daily direct from the growers. Orders or requests Tho cart to Call Mav 1 0 loft with messes t. Stoa Man and co., addressed to w. T. Murray Avondale. Regular consignments forwarded to country stores and hotels by steam or Best value your Money is to be had at j. H. Dalton a tailor 210. Queen Street e Wise in time Only on purveyor in thousands will have Sufficing patience and courage to prepare pure Ana first class articles like messes Crosse and Blackwell who schooled the taste of the Public and achieved in the end the Confidence and patronage of Consumers. This is not an easy task in our part of the world where the cheapest and most advertised goods puffed up As to qualities they never possess Are bought by the masses hut we can wait As we feel assured that common sense and a Good palate most find out in the Long run that on coffees spices tens Etc., Are. On account of their combination of purity flavour and Choice Quality the cheapest and can be enjoyed without tha doubt creeping Over the consumer which Surel v the Case with poor or adulterated articles of daily , Barrett and co., direct Coffee spice and Tea importers. A Edwaed t. Smith Edward t. Smith Edward to Smith the second Gough the second Gough the second Gough is coming is coming. Is coming. Ladies and gents watches by a. A Bartlett Rotherham Etc., Etc. In Gold and Silver splendid Stock to select a. G Bartlett a 154. Queen Street. I r m g e by. Marble clocks handsome designs of Superior finish from �3�?a. G. Bartlett chronometer maker 154, Queen Street. O t i c e. Oradei native Reserve. Anyone found trespassing with gun on Oradei native be Sebb will be prosecuted with the utmost Rigour of the Law. Signed Para Puharre trustee Okrakel Nativo Reserve. O e. I have this Dav sold to my son William icily our my butchering business at Newmarket. A debts owing to to Are to be paid at the shop a3 hitherto where i shall still Hove the management of the business. James Kimsour. Newmarket january 7,1891. Act Einheit trickery nor Competition bos Xiv been Able to affect the reputation of Wolfe Bosh Nampa t. West venetian Blind maker in. A k a Kang,.vii ape Road a Jsse cation of orders and repairs. I guarantee my blinds to be of the beb Quality throughout and to stand the hottest Sun without warping. Remember that venetian bunds Ore Heaper in the end than any other. Best Quality from 12s. School furniture As supplied to the Board of education and All kinds of Woodwork made to order. Designs and Esti in application. A a. ,. Of or tto Fly Rel Jill. At Loki amp Xiluo to a Jet. To let at Devonport a 6 to oozed Star office. To let four a Roo ipod House. Fronting Pitt Street water inside rest 6s.�?ayply t. Harper Canada Street. Let Cliea stabling next fac Ito Hotek lome fit Reet. Stan.3, 6d feed 6d. Shed for . J. Kinq proprietor. Fiao let opposite Wesley College a Queen Trout 7 roomed House with Kitchen plunge and Shower Bath and every convenience a apply Thos. Belchers Queen Street. Efflo let 3 month a furnished Al House 6 rooms with every convenience to of Grafton Road. Healthy situation. Extensive View or to h. Ashton and son 8. . Ids Nice buildings. To let or sell 5 Miles from Tauran a 12acres and dwelling Orchid Stream Rich deep soil. Low Price and easy terms owner a amp Vine left District. More land could be bought a Baker Bros finance and estate agents. Wanted. Wanted a smart Young Man very mid bait stables references a Denizen Jubilee stables one Hunga a anted Pood shoeing and general Smith about two , stuting wages to Geo. Pearson. Hamilton fast. Wakato. Wanted a draper1? apply exons. Of Thoa. Short Queen St. Anted a Iirsfc-cla6? trousers and Vest White Albion hopi la a Queen Street. _ anted a lad about 15 or 16, Able _ to Divivo and attend to hoist and Richmond Dairy a crams Road Ponsonby anted a lad to make himself Gen orally Nso rid. A apply Prince of Wales Hoel Hobson strict anted smart boy shout 15,-apply j. Robinson tinsmith pit St. Furnished House to let at Devonport splendid situation. For 3 months or o. Williamson agent 83, Queen Street. Quot a North Shore. A to let Severa jul Large Well furnished rooms pleasantly situated with or without office. Summer resort. Pleasantly situated rooting to Lei at Maliu Rangi Heads where boating fishing shooting sea bathing Etc., May to had. Terms very apply to Tho undersigned. Wanted a furnished cottage of 4 or 5 rooms is c weeks from february 5th in the neighbourhood of kyber pass , stating terms Etc., to John Douglas land agent Qucen St. Of a Sale Sale 2 level allotments 3s by 100 w. Stonex Church secreet Ponsonby. For Sale a bargain allotment by 97, in Morton Street off Cook Strucel a apply address at Star office. Jeglor Sale a second hand billiard to table with req i amp ites in Good Coni Ilion two to choose . Lequesne Hamilton. For Sale the City Market luncheon rooms As a going or Crosher luncheon rooms Victoria St. East. For Sale or Exchange City property of 25 acres 3 acres in Orchard 6 and 4 roomed cottages and All required outbuildings about 12 mics from Star office. For Sale a a a Ood Hack lady or gentleman win or of prize at recent show. Would exc Troge Lor Light Spring cart and harness or Young Star. Office. In or Sale at North Cote a 4-roomed. Cottage stable Good to i. And in acres All planted and Leoceda 10 minutes from time boat no reasonable offer chitty Beach Road Northcote. For Sale the Battery consisting of 10 head of stampers a horse Power engine saw cutting Limber galvanised Iron shed trucks Tramway rails mining tools Etc., the property of the Paul a Creek . Co. A particulars apply to Saunders and co., share brokers Auckland. Anted married people and others t to know that the balance of toys remaining in to be slaughtered at once Tomiko room other fresh goods so be in tune at Damp Icv a Victoria at aet anted Parnell. A general housemaid. A apply and Nursery to miss Ryan anted by the 13th, a Good general servant Refe Deuce required a apply to mrs Mowbray. Manokau Road Parnell anted by Young employment during the Day in shoo or otherwise is Good at . Stau office. Anted a Strong willing girl to make herself generally useful Enod references Cox laundress upper porno Sirwet. Anted a respectable girl about 15 to assist in a Small or White grocer Corner great North Road Ponsonby. Wanted respectable girl one accustomed to children Small . Mcgregor grocer Valley Road. My. Eden. Wanted a Good laundress Good a wages to competent hand. A apply Grafton laundry near Coni Effery Bridge. A anted a Domestic servant one from Tho country to mrs Newman revue Ray or Joseph Newman Insurance buildings anted a Good Cook and laundress. A apply Between 6 and b any evening to mrs Alfred Nathan princes Street. F anted camera whole place or Large with or without camera stau office. For Sale 30 allotments containing i to i acre fronting and roads and opposite tie m. Eden Lawn. Tennis grounds splendid View soil first class terms 25 per cent Purchase Money required balance can remain Al 5 per cent five years. A apply w. Fought no 20, Insurance buildings. For Sale Good Freehold 5-roomed House at Ponsonby Well built and in Good order �150. Terror �10 Down and balance in weekly sums of 10s. No interest. On payment of �150 without interest the property will be conveyed. Tito House Cost �165, to Eay nothing of Tho land be Wing ton and Baker estate agents. _ or Sale a bargain 40 acres Cood land with Nice Sandy Beach frontage and of. Good Quantity of Niit de Bush upon the property Only 10 Miles from to John Soppet House and land agent. 8, Queen Street. Ipod positive Sale cheap really Good Little of 71 acres All fenced and subdivided Liuio 7 paddocks each of which Are watered from Beautiful Stream running through the property a Good Orchard 7-roomed House and other buildings Only 2 Miles from railway station and 11 from to John Soppet. House and Lund agent. No. 8. Queen St. O r s e. Avondale a Large allotment 2 five roomed cottages. Blacksmith s shop Alt in sound condition in Centro of Village. Price �240 a bargain. cottage Good condition Corner allotment in Centre of Village. Price �140. 100 acres on the Avondale River fair land deep water frontage. Price �5 per acre terms a Asta. Avondale to let a 5-room de cottage in Good condition with Orchard and 4 acres of land in grass attached rent very Low. Farms Large and Small on easy terms. John Pollard estate and commission agent Durham Street. F o r Sale a cheap portable steam Winch which can now he seen on Board the ship Machris Haniby at the railway wharf. Full particulars can be obtained inboard or on application to the new zealand shipping co. Customs Street. A Barg immediate Sale a splendid of 600 acres nearly All in grass Well watered with Limestone and Wood in plenty now grazing cattle and sheep part of can be sold separately Stock can be purchased if required Price immediate Sale very with easy at once Toi cd. Wayte state agent a Good Butcher s business Sale everything in Good working apply Star two Good level allotments at Richmond. Fronting High Road one 40 by 130 foot and one 80 by 130�?to be sold a tickers and Hull 109, Queen Street. Wanted. Wanted known that d. Goldie is prepared to Supply All kinds of Timber and other building Unte rials at his Mills. Ibert Street and breakwater Road including joinery. Builders Ironmongery and wheelwrights materials at the lowest Market prices Boot Trade Eagle , a Good machinist and fitter also a finisher a apply new zealand Boot factory Chapel Street. Boot buy any class of uppers to make up Stock or ordered work also. Cut leathers grinder Etc., at. J. J. Austins 62, Victor la Street. Machining done the Trace. Iamond bangles at Cost a. G. Bartlett a 154, Queen Street _ Jit Dalton took first prize a artistic gutting at the Dunedin exhibition Angle wanted second hand in Good . Box no. 173, Auckland persons who study one thing Only should Excel. I give my whole study to tailoring and results i command the Public to the awards Given at Dunedin exhibition a a h. Dalton tailor 210, a it it respectable Mao wants to learn Al a milking Etc. Would give a address d.t.k., Star office smart Saleswoman wanted to take charge of Small salary required and references Post office Box 206. _ to Bakers wanted at once a Good steady Baker pm. Robinsons Queen Street a amp whup a anted two 400-gallon tanks also mistress Range with state Price and where to be seen to s. S., Box to. Anted a Dairy of fresh butter and eggs to be delivered on f. Irwin grocer Coal and firewood dealer Ponsonby Road. Anted to re pfc from and of month 7 or 8 roomed , stating lowest rent to f.r., . Box 244. Wanted furnished apartments or Small furnished House. State office. Anted 6-roomed i House with bathroom and Wash House Good tenant. Apply14 House a Star o lice. W anted immediately 2 front unfurnished rooms with use of Kitchen terms ,� Star office. Anted second hand engine and boiler about 4 ii. P. Also second had Gap lathe screw cutting about 5incentres both in Good order a apply a.z., Star office anted Brandy and whisky bottle. In any Quantity. A Sharland and co., limited manufacturing chemists Etc. Lorne Street. Wanted ladies and gentlemen s second hand clothing in Large or Small quantities. Best prices Given by a Rogers Kudo to Street off Wellesley strict near Central Market. Mrs Rogers will attend ladies at their residence if required office. Anted to let,2 unfurnished rooms in a Good locality,�?addresse.m., Star table talk. Increasing amongst chg Day. Sydney mail Fco Day. Grand time yachting. Splendid Holiday weather. Hutchison inquiry to-du3r. Behring sea dispute serious Richmond in from the islands. Pacific Cable now within reach. Rev. J. Chalmers arrived to Day heavy fighting at the Carolines a in his Power 11 very successful sir f. J. Moss Back from Rarotonga. German warships go to Behring sea Yankee Blaines policy a very Bellicose several tourists went up to Rotorua today. Madame Burton sings Here again nest week. First new zealand War began this Day-1845. Good demand at present Crown lands Morton ism mantis. Or cd amp eng icon is excellent in a in Hia Yankees want to exterminate the amp indians. Darnaville township will be sold on january 21st. Germany has formally annexed the Marshall islands. New mail service proposed from Vancouver to Australia. Win Sarapa arrived at Sydney from Auckland yesterday. Gargo Steamer Duke of Sutherland Load Frozen meat Here shortly. Auckland Schooner Julia Pryce lost with Ali hands near Rarotonga. Monday january 26th, is entry night the anniversary regatta. Regatta committee making energetic preparations anniversary Day. Lieutenant colonel Hume is now on Hia first visit to Auckland As commissioner of police. A coach builder named Prince of Christchurch under medical treatment drink died in latest census shows the United states1 birth rate to be 2,000,000 below the previous decade. The hawaiian government is Narl eying with the government of Canada improved Trade relations. Or h. A tapered chief reporter of tha m new zealand times a has joined the staff of the la Sydney daily Telegraph i Mill fcb one of the Irish Sitivi Nibles convicted of taking part in the pm mix Park murders has been released from goal. Subscriptions to tha fund to defray or drake1� petition against or Reeves selection Ina Nabua Are coming in freely. The Invercargill petition relative to tha legislative Council has been forwarded to the governor with Over a thousand signatures. A southerner has suggested a a Haere Roa a lit a Long Toumey a or a a >9 As an appropriate name the latest Young Onslow. Sir e. A n. Braddon a Genic general Tasmania has arranged a Strong London committee the exhibition to to held at Launceston. The natives of Tho Caroline islands attacked the Spanish troops again lately bub were reputed under the heavy of the Gatling guns and lost heavily. The which gutted Hermann s theatre in fifth Avenue new York and injured stuff Levant Houfu originated anted to buy an Iron Safe state the la a he electric Light wire. Aizo and Price and Cwb Ere to be seen two thousand. Labourers at Swineford must be in Good by letter to Iron i county Mayo Ireland demand work at Safe Star office. The railway Relief works and threaten if in is not Given them to Bop those at present engaged. Debt is the beginning of slavery. A creditor is worse than a master a master possesses Only your person a creditor possesses your dignity and Ean spurn in with a blow or Hines Engineer of the victorian Harbour department will proceed to now a a Aland As representative of Victoria in selecting a site the erection of a Light House on the snares. Her majesty a ships Taranga and Ridge Rooma two of the australian cruisers will be commissioned on 20th inst and afterwards Janned at Devonport their complement being 212 men each. Yesterday a petition was lodged at Christchurch against the return of or Joyce foe Akaroa of the grounds that All tha polling places in the District were not closed at Tho same hour Lyttelton closing at seven and the others at six. A difficulty has Arisen in Queensland owing to shearers declining to sh6ar under the new agreement with the Pastora liets Union. The latter will wait a few weeks to see if the men give in and if they do Job then free labour will be employed. Tenant a that chandelier in the Parlour is so shaky in a afraid some time when the children Are romping under it the whole thing will full. A landlord a Well thab chandelier ainu to Worth More than its Prica old brass anyhow in done to matter weather it gets broken or .�?� on monday a Large number of maoris men and women passed through Hamilton in route to u mormon meeting to be held in the thames District. A Large number of natives from the North and front Hawke s Bay Gisborne and Opo Tiki and other settlements on the coast Are expected to to present at this meeting a Young woman named Mary Ann Hickey better known As Dolly was arrested by Tho police at the thames yesterday charged with assaulting her Mother who is a bedridden invalid. It appears accused is Given to drink Aud on these occasions assaults her Mother Aud threatens to a a do a her. A lad named Somaoy. While working Over the Tunnel at Kai Marci Grey Mouth yesterday afternoon was carried by a falling tree 200 feet smashing his and injuring him internally. Or. Buckley was at once sent to the scene and amputated the at the shoulder. It is feared the lady is seriously injured. The Syndicate Over which lord Harrington presides is willing to accept a �10,000 subsidy from the Queensland government a mail service from Vancouver to Australia and Hope that owing to the Imperial character of the service the victorian government May be induced to contribute �5,000. The Syndicate propose to establish a Branch service Between Honolulu and san Francisco. Yesterday Forenoon the body of a Man named George Willmot was found floating to the Harbour at Lyttelton close to Tho Ocean steamers1 wharf. Will mob bad been living in a Small shed on the reclaimed land some time and was last seen at eleven on monday. It i3 supposed that he waa going Home when he fell Over the wharf. He was about 40 years of age and a native of Hobart. Do be a a Penny Wise and a Pound foolish a bub arid buy Brown Barrett Aud genuine Pepper. It a cleaner and cheaper than the adulterated stuff Eold As Pepper. To make sure of get a Ting our manufacture tins. Every tin bears our , b Irr Etcy and Coffee and spice manufacturers a Alti anted to buy a second band Viano in Good order mus t be piano Star office. Anted known a Corneata Pink Corn cure removes hard and soft corns effectually Lars a bottle with Brush is. A John Ken Ferdine Newton pharmacy Iiran Mahape Road. Anted handwriting taught in one course of lessons adult youths or Giris in class or privately. Day or evening. Pupils enrolled in and after monday january 5th.�?terms Etc. Apply to or t. Haile Giles educational Chambers Queen and Durham streets. Anted known 3,000 ladies and children a Straw Hata in All the very latest shapes. 6d, 9d, and is . Hopkins 258 and 254� Queen Street and at London House Victoria and Nelson streets. Anted known c. W. Goodson tenders his most sincere thanks to residents and visitors the exceedingly Liberal patronage conferred upon him during this Holiday season at the London Arcade japanese Art and it Oriental bazaars thus crowning it As one of the most successful seasons during the ten years to Haa catered to the Public taste. Just arrived some Lovely new japanese China Art Ware. Specimens of it Are displayed in the window under the jewellery department but Choice variety see tie japanese Bazaar where a Large assortment of Bamboo brackets Are Fust opened. Goodson a London Arcade. Anted known. Just opened up at a t h e w the latest consignment of so albums pocket books purses handbags Glove and handkerchief boxes work boxes Woi baskets and companions card cases in leather Silver and Pearl handsome Plush brackets desks Victorias Cigar and cigarette cases dolls a specially music cases toys Etc. Christmas cards Christmas cards Christmas cards we hold the most unique assortment in Auckland. J. G. M a t h e w a 1s6, Queen Street and Newton Bazaar. Karanga api Road. Anted known a Hopkins 252and.254, Queen Street and at London House Victoria and Nelson sweets has purchased a warehouse Stock of ladles and children a hat a and is offering them at the Low Price of 6fi, 9d, is each. Wanted known. A Indi Anite Waterproof Cement repairing Waterproof overcoats. Aquiline magic cleaner removing grease and stains from gloves ribbons Etc in tins 6d Kenderdine. Newton pharmacy Karanga Hape Road. H. Dalton confines himself to tie Tail Rinir business Olone ;