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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Auckland, Auckland The aude land evening Stak a be sax january a 1891, a sir a a As. december 31. 13s9, at it. George fila Parnoll Auckland Ina wife of Preci. L in i of a Dan Gli Ter. january 3. Ai de von port. Auckland. N.z., Ilio me of Junest Pape pc i of a daughter in it a a los. Jinn Are \ Ai in District hos Puiai Jane wac Ai win uus Purlin. Lace of a in Lanti and user of no5 Fues Ticy Wei Dilian it St Recti aug Klaus aged 2 vet is the funeral Ull 1 Crovi the Hospital Cor Pii Rewa cd Motcie on to Rui amp Day Al 11 a in. Jim Rory int nor Inte residence. 71, Book Fotti Amelia relict of the late win. Wiil Mila. I the tuner will leave for the pan More cd Iuey ery to Morrow shia jul Al open. Chief Post office wails will close As under tins Day. For wan Strei holds Para. Una seen Point Union. Wan Ai of Kama Ana main Tapai per Quot Wellington at 5,30 . Wednesday fcb last. For Kalikati Taur an Sra. And Apatiki via thames. Poi1 Argyle. At 9 for to Larne our Argyle. At . J o1 Wai Weva. Kitwan 0 in All a. Lower Olate Kana Mullet Point and Lei amp a per Rose Casey at . A for co Romandel. Circo Romanual at u.30 . For to wrongs Ana Opo Tiki. Per on Husford , a per Waiora As follows for India China Japan mediate Rancan port and continent of Ufi Urov at3u.m. For Russell Katakawa Australia colonics end. United kingdom via Nycz. For letters Etc specially so prepaid and Adieu Esseily at ., a for Money orders to estered letters newspapers at o . Lai letter amp Lor Sydney and Melbourne Only . Marl wiil be due in London fcb urary 24, for Hick s Bay. East coast ports. Gisborne and Napier per Australia at 5 . Tuler amp Day bib inst. For Wawera. The Capa and a Kwo rfcs per Rose Casey at 10 my. For new Plymouth and Southern ports por a amp Girloch. At 11 . For White Winsa gum town and Kua Tunu per Iona at 5.30 . _ for Whangarei Heads Lavaden Point. Panin. Waiyu in Nganoi Kamo in Tangapa. Vai Kikie Katakawa Opual anti Russell per Wellington itt 5.30p.m. Friday january 9. For Gisborne Napier and Southern forts per a Mana Pouri at 11 am. Monday. January 26. Per Alameda As follows for Samoa Sandwich islands United states of America. Canada British Columbia. Central and South America. Brit ish and foreign West indies at 1 , for United kingdom and continent of Europe at 1 . Money Cordere registered letters and newspapers at 11,50 . La to letters hearing an extra fee of 6d in addition to the postage May be posted in the late letter Box on Hoard the Steamer up to the time of sailing. Mad will by due in Loudon March 2. The , Invercargill Wili leave Invercargill a or Coal Island Milford sound at 9 a a. Jan. 8. A Post office has been opened at mount Eden. Mails will to closed daily at 7.3c�?oaiu. Return mails will he received daily at 8 . A b. Biss. Chief postmaster. . This Day Lank of new zealand Sellers �3 Jok Mial Bank Sellers. Few zealand insurance ii mess done 72s 6d Havers 72e Sellers 73= 6d ii Ltd Haiti she buyers 243 fat nil insurance buyers 16b it Rew a caland accidents buyers 7s of Sellers loto Mandel steam Sellers 13a sex div Tiame Gas buyers. 31a ice Ziuni loan and mercantile Agency sept born Prosser and , 19s 3d mining Fry Fluke business done 3s buyers 2d 9d Sellers 33 3d a Btl Mercury buyers la 9a Bonanza buyers. Is Alfred buyer 7d Beliera 9d plying of Oaut buyers. Ail May q.ueen�?buaines3 done 3s 4d buyers of 3d Sellers 3s 6d, new Burness Doue. 12a 3d, 13s 3d. 12a3d buyer 12a Sellers 12s 9d Saxour Sellers 4a 3cl a rent on business Doug 5s 4d, 9a buyers 4a 6d Sellers amps. Cambrian business done 3s Sellers 3s us Norfolk Sellers la Lod Dilaudo Bua Ineas done la id is 2d buyers is id Sellers is 2d Victoria buyers is 4d Sellers la 6d a amp Welbank buyer. La Sellera ls5d Junction Busi Noaa done 9d Sellera 9d swimming entries the following entries have Beppi received for events of the swimming carnival to be hold in Calliope Dock on the 17th inst. Maiden race e. Bailey w. A. Carmina a Cassidy a Gold water a. L. F. Lie lean Jas. Hill a a. Mcleod Ossian Mcleod p. Of Dowd. Ladies Bracelet e. Bailey j. I Brigham w. A. Carolina a Cassidy a Cobar h. Macro a. A Duthler e. S. Gittons a. Goldwater h. N. Gold water p. A. Hodges j. Jack a. L. It. Mclean h. Nicholson a. Upton f. J. Taylor c. W. Dalton Jae. Hill p. Madigan l. M. Myers j. A. Mcleod o. Mcleod f. O Dowd Job Dowd. Champion 100yds h. J. Bailey Jas Browne a. N. A Nuchie h. Nicholson a Scott. Calliope Handicap 20qyds i e. Bailey h. It. Bailey . Brigham Jas. Browne of. Cossar h. Dacre a Denison a n. Duthie Jas Drummond e. S. Gintoa j. Quot Vav. Gitkos a Goldwater f. N. Gold Ocer a. Of Mclean a Nicholson m. Scott e. Thomas a. Upton f. J. Taylor c. A Dalbon Jas. Hill o. Mcleod f. Of Dowd. The pantomime at the City Hall still draws Good audiences and seems Likely to do so As Long As miss Vaughan keeps it on the boards. The performance goes with great spirit right through and for those who have not seen a pantomime or who have Nob seen one for a Long time a better evenings fun could not be desired the following Crews were picked to Row for Pons on by at the coining annual regatta Maiden whaleboat j. Mcconnel f. Fipps w. Engles a Broberg j. Breen j. Graham steer Junior whaleboat a. Finlayson h. Cook a Caesar a Farquhar a. Mcindoo j. Graham steer. The ferry company will run a Steamer to St. Helier Ebay to Morrow leaving the ferry tee at 10 . And 2 ., returning at 5. To night is the last production of the pantomime. The company expect to proceed to the thames next week for a Short season. Carters Drivers Hackman and City stage Carriage owners porters and lodging House keepers arc reminded Thouc annual licenses require to be renewed during the present week. Legal proceedings will be taken Early in the ensuing week for those who fail to renew their licenses. The Art gallery has been Well patronised since the Mackelvie collection has been placed on View. Yesterday the number of visitors was 312, and for the two Days the attendance totalled 602. This afternoon another Large attendance resulted. The local Branch of the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals Are again taking Steps with regard to the horses in the service of the Auckland tramp my amp a company. Yesterday or Redgate inspector for the society took three horses out of various care at the Bottom of Queen Street and ordered three others to be Denb out to the company s stables at Epsom All the horses he considered Wero buffering from had of amp holders one of the animals especially being in an extremely painful plight a meeting of the society is to be held a noon to Morrow to con Eider the advisability of prosecuting for cruelty to animals cables. America and Elk glad. Will there be War a Pacific press. Los Don january s. There is great activity at present in the american dockyards. The american press discourages Secretary a Blaines action. The a a standards does not believe that Blaine Wilt be allowed to wantonly Force on a conflict in order simply to overreach political rivals. Dalziel is said to have highly coloured the discontent existing in Newfoundland. The anti British leagues Are being fomented by americans sporting news. A it a a a. A on the is. Waiora is found suitable Novoj enfold and the yearlings bought by or t. T. May on behalf of or a a Ninuel Hordern of a Sydney will is a hipped to their new Home to Morrow. To Day or May and an Cilev i Lor no erd Anfeldt on behalf or a victorian considerably in Nocei s of the Price to paid for the horse at quater Day s a ample. Or Hordern i a Well in Well known in a Sydney a a big capitalist and h&3 exec used several big Milguy contracts. He l a brother of the big ism of Anthony Harden in Geo fire a a beet. The Retford Park stud where Nordenfeldt is to be located is eighty Miles Distant , and we Are informed the g eat son of Musket will serve approved re arc there at 50 guineas each. The stud is Only m course of forma Tion. Inter colonial Cricket. Giffen scores Well this Daj. The Cricket match Between Victoria and South Australia was conc tided yesterday and resulted in a one innings Victory for South Australia. Tie victors made 472 runs in their first innings while Victoria Colp made 220 in the first innings and 190 in the second. George Giffen Fot the winners made the splendid score of 237. The i�ua0tunu Oldfield trip to the Waitas a Range is recall to lir Stah although much has been said and written during the last twelve months go the subject of Tho Kua Tunu Gold Bald there is still a great Deal of ignorance concerning it in the Public mind and this a especially True of the Wai Taia District. Ninny Peom associate Kua Tunu Aud Wai Taia together us one and the same but it is As erroneous to confound one with the other As to imagine that they Are even within the same Belt of country. The two districts Are a couple of Miles apart Aud Are separated by one of the Highee ranges in the surrounding country. Not Only to but the distinctive heat urea of to two seeds Are wholly i Oamil a the Blue and White Gold bearing qua�?z7 of to Wai Taia More closely re3embl�3 that of the thames than Dooe that other while the Gold is much coarser and is of better Quality than that on the Bald Hill. There Wero not a few people in the Early Days of the held who predicted that the Wai Taia would be the real Centre of the Goldfield and recent events Promise to justify that prediction. So far All the claims that have been opened up on the Wai Taia Range have Given splendid return Olyon crushing Hasye been taken out and that was from the Bonanza. In few exceeded the expectation a formed concerning it and experienced miners give it As their opinion that in this and other mines the Quartz from the lower Levels will give even better average yields than the four ounces to the ton obtained from the Bonanza. One peculiarity of the mines on Thia Range in that with the single exception of the Wai Taia itself All for a considerable area Are under the Legal management of or w. R. Cook. This is a Branch of business which or Cook a year or More ago did not for a moment calculate upon Hub lie yielded to the pressure of circumstances and added to his business that of mining Agency. Tie popularity his office has Aeh Zovod in this respect Speaks volumes for the Confidence of the investing Public while again or Cooke a Energy in securing the erection of the first Public Battery on the Field allows that he a enthusiastic in his efforts to have the new Field thoroughly opened up. Or Cook is fortunate in having acquired six of the Best mines la Tho District but that he owes to his own conscientiousness and prudence in refusing to accept the management of any mine until a payable reef had Looan opened up upon it. To such an extant did to carry this principle that it is reported of him that on one occasion considering the work done insufficient to justify him in a aging shares he went on paying out of Hia pocket to the amount of about �75�?until the reef Wai struck. Our object in visiting the Wai Taia ranges was principally to see the Fri mines of or Cooke a which give Promise of coming so prominently to the front in Tho future and therefore the reference to the management will not be inappropriate. There Are at present six mines under his charge these being the Bonanza Arizona Keystone Victory wheal Prosper and perseverance. An admirable Bys Bero has recently bean adopted in connection with them for Tho purpose of securing More economical effective and harmonious working. The mines being All situated close to each other their affairs Ara directed by an executive consisting of one Delegate or managing director from each directorate. One of the first Steps taken by this Board was Fco appoint a general supervisor or manager for the whole of the mines and a first class Man was appointed in the person of or p. Stone an old and capable thames Miner who assumed control yesterday. The present Raine managers still continue in charge of their present Workings under or stones direction. This Tepa Pisors to be a very Wise one and Baa excited very favourable comment amongst the mining Community. Its effect will be to have the mine worked on a proper system at a nominal Cost to each while there will be a guarantee that the Money contributed by the Nhar holders will be conscientiously expended in opening up the mines. Roads required. 16 was very bad weather at the time of our visit to the Wai Taia Range and we had the fullest Opportunity of appreciating the neglect which the Kua Tunu Field has experienced both at the hands of the government and the county Council. What few roads have yet been made Are Mere tracks which have been Cut by the miners themselves. If this Goldfield Wero anywhere in the South and More especially on the much favoured West coast it would have Roada to spare by thib time but it was not to fortunate in its location. True the government granted a sum of �500, but Accord ing to current Rumour a portion of this is to be wasted in making a Road to co Romandel which is of very Little use in View of the fact that Kua Obuna has frequent and direct communication with Auckland by Steamer. Roads Are the great desiderata of Tho District. Without them in is almost impossible to get the Quartz to the batteries to be crushed while again supplies of building materials and mining appliances Are Only conveyed to the various mines with the greatest trouble and at considerable expense. Even when Quartz in carted Ever Tho present difficult country the Cost is so great As to make a serious item against the yield of Gold. Much has been made of the want of crushing Power hut As a matter of fact batteries will follow quickly enough when the Roada Are completed. There is Little use erecting Quartz crushing plants until the Quartz is available to operate upon and Thia will not be until some Means a available for getting the Quartz Down to the batteries in All weat Bere. To by costing bid Auckland summer meeting. The following Are the winning payments in connection with the Auckland racing club Bummer meeting a g. G. Steady great Northern foal Stakas. £270 15 great Northern Durby. 418 0 Auckland plate. 2nd13 0 �707 15 7m. Yousik a new year a Hub dlr so 85 10 mid sum mor Plum Lacap. 123 in Ita oing club Handicap. 352 10 Sylvia Handicap 85 10 Nowai Aiken Stu Lea a. 19 0 a . Butler Auckland cup. £517 15 great Northern Derby 2nd95 0 Auckland plate. J33 g �745 16 f. Nelson George railway Handicap 2ndnewmarket Handicap. Maiden Handicap grand stand Handicap Musket stake it and. 3rd Midsummer Handicap 3rdvictoria Handicap great Northern foal stake 2nd �6 10 85 10 57 0 85 10 123 10 a 15 85 10 Al 1c �493 15 �9 in 9 10 236 to g. Wrights hurdles 2ndnow year hurdles 2ndsteeplechase. A a �275 10 t. Morr Irtz Auckland cup 2nd and 3rd ,. £118 15 racing club Handicap 2nd67 a trial sfcpke9. To 10 Auckland plate 3rda 15 l a Nathan Christmas Handicap. Great Northern Derby 3rd p. C. Daniel Maiden steeplechase j. C. Davi he hurdle race. W. Turners railway Handicap Newmarket Handicap w. Robertson welter Handicap Victoria Handicap �247 d �85 10 23 15 �100 5 �95 0 �03 10 �57 0 9 10 �65 10 �42 15 9 10 f. Sten Ninci soiling race ditto 3rd Day Niccolo great Northern foal stakes 3rd Midsummer Handicap 2nd Sylvia Handicap 2nd>., a Sutton Nursery Handicap. A Maitland a steeplechase 2nde. Cutts racing club Handicap 3rdgrand stand Handicap 2ndw. Barnardo. Steeplechase 3rd . S. Lauriot Maiden 2ndwelter 2nd w. Walsh Christmas Handicap 2nd r. Burkes Nursery Handicap 2nd Taos Pagot 7 trial stakes 2nd a �52 j �47 10 47 10 �95 0 �23 1514 5 0 10 �47 10 �38 0 47 10 23 15 9 10 �33 5 �14 5 �9 10 4 15 �14 5 �9 10 �9 10 �9 10 �3,847 10 the payment of stakes in connection with the Auckland trotting club sur Amor meeting will Bema deat Wattle s hotel Epsom to Morrow night. _ major Muir advertises his thoroughbreds for private Sale. Settling on the Drury races takes place on saturday next. Nominations for the Vakapuna stakes and anniversary stakes to to run at the , summer meeting close on Friday next. Janet �ch1trc1� company. New May it Dac Elk Quot was played for the last time last night to night a new three act melodrama will to produced for the first time in Auckland entitled a in Hia it is a powerful drama of Tho emotional order. The scene is Laid in France and the time is the Franco prussian War. Hubert Graham an officer in the French has married a widow by name Marie and at Tho outset we find them very Happy together the Only worm in tie Bud being that Mario has a to crib which Hubert had promised not to ask her to disclose until they had been married a year. To unravelling of this secret involves a number of very Fine dramatic situations to which full Justice will doubtless be done by Mies a Church and her talented company. More gales. By a press association Wellington this Day. Captain Edwin forecasts heavy northerly gales with rain Between the 8th Atid 11th inst., the weather a the meantime unsettled and Windy mining . manager telegraphed a a fifty pounds of picked Stone this after breaking Down of the Flat reef in Tbs Southern drive on the Cross reef took place this afternoon when 1501b of Good picked Stone were obtained tee Hospital inquiry. Appointment of commissioners do. J. Giles r.m., and or. Haesel medical of Tho Avon Dale Lunatic Asylum have been communicated with by she government with a View to their acting As a commission to inquire into Ara Irb at Tho District Hospital. Or Oil Efi has however submitted reasons Fco the government Why he should be excused and 13 now awaiting a reply amp ate advertisements. 17"antedf general to mrs Garriock Hobson and Coonc of creeks. Fyt anted to rent a 6-Roumed House v l Vii. Bash to our in a icily of Osa. A a Wing ton and Rakov. Ujj acted Young girl to twist in v t House. A mrs peace 3rd from Scott s store. Comer look and "m7antedafi once Good machinist in w All australian clothing of Autori Footie Edu cation Al inst it l1 te-1 this mornings work. J the Cip Lith Tindal session of the new Zea j Thia morn j ing the Chiet business j Ribb ident a uld Lam of which report its Gien an another Page. Blore the delivery of the address the Init inc 1 of last meeting were read and Aon time i and some cohlth3pond�nce. A reply was real from the department 111 be gird to thu pension schema to the effect that the department had it under consideration. A latter was also read from tie department Tilting that �60 would be contributed to cards the travelling expenses of members. Or j. Martin a amp led Fco Tab a photo of tie Mem bomb. Nii a a. Phillips town clerk stated that he would have to Art gallery open 011 any morning the members might with to visit Che building the for Feu amp orial Board of Auckland uni Verity College inv feed the Ropi i on natives and Licud to a at 8 . This evening the appointments of Mea amp is Cronin Hermes and Newton were confirmed on the suggestion of or r. A Stewart. These gentlemen had. Boon appointed at the request of certain Southern branches. In Teply to or Wako the Secretary mentioned that Copie of Iassc report of the Council with spot Cully marked paragraphs had Boen sent to the government members and officials but no reply had been received until Che end of the year. On Tho motion of or Worthington seconded by or Scott nor w. H. Draffin was appointed assistant Secretary. President s address. Or Harrison president at Thia stage de Liscie Hie address which was received with frequent Bur amp pcs of applaud amp a. Affler its delivery or Foster proposed a Hearty Vobe of thanks for the excellent Ari Dieas Tho president had delivered he had often been engaged with or Harrison it other holdings and he Felt sure that on this occasion when or Harrison s a a Izot was on Hia native Heath a who would Bumpuss himself. He had not been disappointed. He thought that to address should to printed and circulated among Tho members. Not Only that but it possible it should go co every Home in the country. Tho vote waa carried by acclamation. Copies of the adv Lodi Weie then circa ruled among those it event. Or Arthur Lazardes Wii Kafcos was appointed a Tho second Delegate for South Ulii. Committees. Some i sensation took place on the appointment of committees and eventually on the motion of or in amp a amp on it was decided to appoint1 the committees to report on the following Subj oct a 1. Freedom of classification of pupils t 2, cons tit ution of Institute 3, syllabus and its Nard examinations 4, Pua Tjon and payment of of teachers and Mere Coors and 5 administration of accounts Revenue. Tho following gentlemen were appointed Fco act of the various committees with Power to added to their number a no. 1 committee messes Foster Bullock Edward Grant Watson Wake Fitzgerald j. L. Scott mrs Bullock and or Grundy convener. No. 2 messes a l. Scott Bullock h. T. Ward flood Grant Foster Wake Edwards Murray Fitzgerald con Vune Grundy and Mahoney. No. 3 committee More Haywood Rev. R. Joa cos Moore Wake Clarkson Samuels l. Hames Jeffrey Murray nod r. D. Stewart convener. No. 4 committee messes Reid Stewart Jeffrey Potts Murray Edwards Clarkson Watson Cronin simmers and Ward convenor. No. 5 committee messes Moore flood Newton Potts Stewart Clarkson Fitzgerald Cronin convener and Mahoney. A a on the suggestion of or Fitzgerald it was decided that the conveners of the committees should meet and arrange that All Che subjects proposed for discussion should be placed under one committee or another and Chat hours of meeting Etc., be arranged or Wake gave notice of the _ following motion a a that this Institute take into consideration tie method of bringing More prominently under Tho notice of the government the resolutions of the sir g. M. Of Rurka As present during the morning. At 12.20 the Institute adjourned till tomorrow morning. Anted a birr t girl for a confectioners shop state last address Dorau a. Star office. _. Wanted a message brow bar rect and co., eau Otic Street Auckland. Wanted a smart Young Man for livery and bait is abcs references j. , Jubilee Stab is Une Nunga. _. A Quot anted 2 rape Tuble trustworthy girls As generals a a ply Tor address mrs m. Marks go Over anted a Yon air Man to make use Ful a apply Prince of Wales hole1 mid Ron managing owner of the Auckland Brigantine Zeillan Donan has written 60 the Auckland Harbour Board claiming a refund of a Days decking dues which to Itata was overcharged by the Secretary to the Board. The Possot came out of the Auckland graving Dock Between 4and5p.m. On wednesday the 24th bulb. She was to have been unlocked at 10 . On that Day thus completing five Days in Dock but a amp Tho tide did not suit she was compelled to remain in till 4 . For this extra time a full Days Docking fee was charged. This or Rosa protests against and wishes refunded. At the police court to Day before or. To Giles r.m., William Montgomery was fined 40a or seven Days for having been drunk yesterday. George Ham mond Aud Stewart Cave were each fined 10s and costs for furious Riding at Devonport on Tho 29th of december. John Franklin was charged with having failed to provide his wife with adequate Means of support. Evidence was Given by both husband and wife. Ultimately his worship declined to make any order. Edward Harkins Junior was ordered to pay 4s per week towards the support of the child of Mary Shearer. Alexander James Scott alias Herbert r. Wilson was committed for trial on the charge of having on the 13tb of december at Hel Onsville unlawfully imposed upon Robert Melville Cameron by certain fraudulent representations by Means of a Cheque for �10 drawn upon the National Bonk by which 7s 6d was obtained from Robert Melville Cameron and also with having forged and uttered a certain Choque for �10. Bail was allowed. Madame Marian Burton who is now at Gisborne with her company for Tho race week will come on to Auckland by the to Anau and before returning to Australia two or three Farewell concerts will be Given Here next week. Since she was last Here Madame Burton a concerts have been most successful wherever she appeared and in most of the towns visited a second season was Given. In Wellington and Christ Church Tho Amateur musical societies took advantage of the presence of the company Fer their annual sacred concerts the oratorio a a the Messiah a having been Given in both cities entirely new programmes will be Given at Tho Farewell concerts in Auckland and popular prices for admission will be charged we anted camera whole plate or Large with or without Camara Stas. Office i anted a smart , commercial hotel _ wanted smart lad for farm work must to Able to milk wakes. 103.�? Thos. A Jackson and co. Lost on sunday lady a Silver Geneva i intend Tatoli. No. 71,246. Name i imms on Wilto d.iu.1, on re turning same to Star . Lound watch Aud Chain. Owner can Al Obi am same by applying tour Geddes Sra Brown. Barrett and , Elliott-St., and paving _ _ found Brown Pony More branded t 5 it off a Lia Ulder. A apply i my islam Butcher great North Road. W works published Auckland stae office. Brett s Handy guide to new zealand. Jubilee edition. Crown 3vo pages with numerous illustrations map. Diagrams Etc. Cloth lettered 3e6d. The new zealand Jubilee and exhibition chronicle. Crown 60 a amp gos and cover. Illustrated with 106 Beau ii Fui ear Aviega. Out shilling. The Early history of new zealand Denny 4to Over 750 pages handsomely bound and profusely illustrated. Fun Didd id join parti. School history of new zealand. By Frederick j. Mosa. , Crown Sot a Rob Pagoda. bound in cloth 3a boards �s6d, the defenders of new zealand. Crown 4toi 70c pages. Numerous illustrations Damius. Orups Utu Hall Morocco gut a a a �9, Brett s colonists guide and cyclopedia up useful knowledge. Royal 8vo b32 pages. Handsomely bound. Numerous illustrations. Brett s Auckland almanac and strangers Vado my Scull. Demy Iivo in i Pigos Ono dts icing Brett a new zealand and South Pacific Pilot and nautical almanac. Damy 8vo 370 pages. Cloth Gilt 73 6d. Brett a guide to Fiji a useful handbook for residents tourists Etc., with directory to the islands of the group. Demy boo. Illustrated with Lap amp. By h. C. Thurston a a by. History and tradition of the maoris from theyearl32qto these Gning of the treaty of Wai Tangi in 1810, by Thos. Way the Gudgeon author of the reminiscences of Tho War in new zealand. Doily 0vo �26 pages. Is 6tl, Early history of the Catholic Church in Oceana. By Tho right Kev. Jeon Baptiste pallier with portrait also an introduction by Bishop Luck. Crown 4lo. A 64, a weird Region. Tho Story of the Tara Era eruption with a description of the Lake District. Crown 4to a aerated go Cassar. The wonderful dog. By a. To Sohak f.l.s., naturalist. Crown8vo, cd amp per covers is. Cloth to 6cu medical guide to the Mineral Waters of Rotorua by or t. Hope Lewis ii Brett Printer and publisher the Star office Shortland amp fort streets Auckland a actions. R. Arthur j. P. Buddle to Morrow 11 . Household furniture ranges. Per ambulatory Large Glass Case sugar Beer Plant and receipt ice Chest books artists paints. Etc Arthur and Buddle will sell by auction at their Mart agricultural Hall City Markot to Morrow at u of clock ., household furniture and of. Ite cts. Couches tables chairs car pet i oilcloth Large settled Kauri Glass Case Small Glass Ganc counters Iron Bedstead. Double and single Mattres Aea cheats of drawers toilet tables a Wash stands Ware Small sugar Boer Plant and recipe Large earthenware Batt Kitchen ranges enamelled sink per ambulatory Magio lantern books artists paints. Counters toys Kitchen and cooking utensils. Terms Cash before delivery. K. Arthur j. F. Buddle thursday 11 . Do Faery hosiery Haber. Das Fery clothing boots and shoes fancy goods Etc Arthur and Buddle will sell by auction at their Mart agricultural Hall cite Market on thursday Neit at 11 of clock ., a general assortment of drap. Ery,,hbrda8h�rjr.hoaiery men Sand boys clothing hats Caps shirts ladies and gents1 boats and shoes of amp nov goods Etc., Etc. Terms Cash before delivery w ool hides sheepskins tallow. Far bal at Durham Yarda very Tan Day. At 9.30 am Hunter and Noy a. Anet tens. C to Morrow learing Gale household Jan Sojie pal c a go furniture suited to All requirements and a eneral a goods a carpets Mats of detains by ases a bronzes ornaments blocks Olieo graphs sc., a. The whole for absolute _ Sale of above Date at 11 of clock. Abriel t Bis Gabriel 1 auctioneer. Thursday january 8, at 11 of cock. R1 Kadi g alb of jeer tines fir it and a cigars Gabriel Lewis Wili amp Elt on above Date at 11 o clock. Cases clarets chateau la Rose Marzant St. Jab Ign and other brands 500 cases whisky various brands 100 Ceca Champagne pints and quarts 4 casks australian wines 50 hrs and octaves Pale Brandy 200 casks lager Beer 2- case6 Orange Butera 60 in oses Ginger Brandy 15 hrs. And octaves whisky 4 or casks 30 . Rum 2 cases cig amp is duty paid&c., amp a. Terms at Sale. B. J. Esau c. Arthur to Morrow 11 . Household furniture and effects. Piano Dresser Etc. A 12 o clock. 3 cases assorted drapery clothing Etc. Esam and Arthur will sell by auction at the r Mart Queen Katreeb opposite Tbs savings Bank wednesday next 11 o clock. Household furniture piano s easy chairs a dates is 3 Hall lamps mattresses a sirs. Tables afternoon Tea set Etc., Etc. Per ambulatory i aquarium 1 Lawn Moirs two wheelbarrows Reading Limp. Sewing1 machine. Lady a work table. Lady s inlaid table. Brussels and tapestry carpets Etc. Also at 12 o Loeb 3 cases drapery clothing Eto trousers Coats sheeting prints is Rico flannel towels a mss stuff shirts sox aprons Etc to Morrow at 11 of cock. O ats. C Faff. O ats. Salvage from fire at Butcher and co a store Albert Etrat. A a g. W. Binney and sons will Bell by Public auction on who promises Al Fiatt Birkut on wednesday january 7, a eleven of clock sacks Oats and chaff without Reserve. 100 Cash. Robeet Wilson Reginald Layton to Morrow at 11 of cock. At St. Johns College West Tamaki household furniture and effects school furniture Iron Garden roller Etc., Etc Wilson amp Clayton Hava received instruction from mrs t. F. King to sell by Public auction at St. John b College. West Tamari on wednesday 7th january at 11 of clock the whole of her household furniture and effects school furniture Etc., comprising cottage piano by Bor handsome occasional suite in tapestry 7 pieces. And g. Over mantel piano Stool. Carpets cheap and occasional tables double Iron Bedstead Spring mattress. 12 single Iron bedsteads with Palli asses and mattresses pillows about 50 Paira Bankets , wire chess drawers wardrobe. Fenders and Irons sundry lot of household requisites and Kitchen utensils. Also school furniture co Losife Iron Gardon roller Alna oat new Etc four Raj and cow. 1 luncheon provided Guy a bus will leave Mart at 9.4s . Wilson and Clayton auctioneers. W. B. Coohrane jail it Acari wednesday 14th january. Residence Nelson Street. The subscribers will sell by auction att Nir rooms Queen Street on wednesday 14rb most. At 12 o clock by order of the agent of the Public trustee in the estate of Rita so Larkins dece Sedara part of allotments ii 12 anti 13, Section 58, City of Auckland having a frontage of 79 feet to Vincent Street by 13?feet deep with residence of brooms Erco Ted there terms 65 per cent of Purchase Money can remain on mortgage for 6 years at 6 per cent Samuel Cochrane a Soh auctioneers. W. S. Co cheats Jan tic a monday february a. Wynyard House Eden Crescent to be leased for seven years. The subscribers have receive instructions from the a ent for the Public trustee to lease by auction at their to Job Queen Street on monday 2nd february at 32 o clock for a term of seven years that Large dwelling House Cottam Tiff 22 rooms known a Wynyard House situate in Eden Crescent close to the a Wynyard pier. Conditions of sole at our amusements. Samuel Cochrane and son auction loll old a Vcci 8 s phenomenal and popularity d mibs Jay a a an Hurch mias it Vii Ashu Uch Vii a Janet Acau Ilch a of nos ii grand Prodi Mthm intr Jan. Auckland Oigt Timo m a to Uii it a Ted Playa \ h p ? w in a Eugene a Cara. Hubert g Rana re Rene. Or. Cameron or Walker. Johnson. Or wttlkui1 Marie Guatam act 1�?r Paris. Acl pans. A cd Beamuw a produced drier re it.btagofuturro�0 Jas. . Trouser. A War. A who. Charting on . Mejt Flemming a a a h. Chichester a i a a in Rel. Poi or e. Watson a a a Ileo. 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Gives lessons Dally at to Albert a treet Pathfi 1 in the Art of Swimm made for any hour to Sut. Con Nemence of pupils. Terms for the season i months daily lesson it required a amp is is Advance. Ecclesiastical. Church of the Epiphany Kate Nahai a Road. Tiii3 tuesday evening. A festival of the epiphany., choral Evensong at 7.20. Church choir assisted by the choir of ail saints. 1 preacher Rev. William cold mining notices. Kua Tunu Quartz crushing company limited. A Call tha fourth of 2s per share of the capital of the above Amai coup any has uni Flay Boon Mada by the directors payable at the a a company s office. . Burim a Queen Street. Aug Klaffl. On or before Mondai january 12th. 1491. R code Secretary Auckland january 5r 1891.__._ Olden a Gate Gold mining it company Illin Ted. A Call the Floetl of one Penny per Amie if Flay been made by Tho directors it Tho Moore company payable to the Oody Mignard Effie office of the company s3. Snoen Erfet Auoe land on monday. 12th a Vnye. 1 a a manager. Auckland december 1&, 1890 r3,1 a Tenner tenders wanted for raising a roomed j. Moki Minie Nelson Street. Two doors an roomed. Otto Kaninie Davis Storo after s . To b u i l d e r s. Tenders for Tho erection of a Whangarei will be received Nutu Nova or wednesday the amp Warak architects. Offices Hiffa Street 1 /�?�1 i amp lib Zulfic notice a o r o u g h o f Newton. Strip Biry Ward. Extraordinary vacancy. 1. Pursuant to the a Ileau Laton la january Ash of be held on wed Bada Cosmu to Forbie written ro�?o1�?o a i ohm officer or left at tha Denver to the return my Avonna to fora so oos of Ralda-7, Lith Day of returning officer january 6��? a Moab Duff and 1>ay school St. Johns College Tamaki. A _ visitor a a airland the right Rev. Ugh Tahoe a a a afield. Iss mate wus Sami other eat Nam autumn term will begin on monday. Riesz amp a. 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