Auckland Star Newspaper Archives January 06, 1891 Page 7

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Auckland, Auckland Tote Auckland evening stae tuesday Jan uak 6, 1891. 7 ladies gapes visits and Dolman from 7s 6d to 20s Worth 20s to 72s ladies Black lace dust cloaks 35s to 40s warehouse Price 80s to 100s ladies Lustre dust cloaks 7s 6cj to 15s 6d Worth 15s to 32s sunshades 4s Ltd Worth 12s 6d Large assortment of Fina Fores in Muslin print and Gingham to fit All Ages infants to girls 12 years old own make from is to 9s 6d each summer hats and bonnets unlimited variety quotation of Price would give no idea of the value and variety the great baby Linen and ladies underlined warehouse 7, 9, if <srey-Street.p. D a y i soy has much pleasure in thanking the Public for their patronage at the most successful Sale Ever held in Auckland and begs to inform them that he is now opening up fresh bargains for the new year and Christmas Trade. Definition of a bargain a a real bargain is something much under what it can be manufactured for. This can be secured to the Public in one Way Only viz., by importing from the manufacturers and searching the warehouses buying big lots Here and Small lots there. Having a thorough knowledge of this Peculiar Branch of a very special business it is necessary that you have a very Large Trade otherwise it is simply impossible to go in for buying whatever is offered now because it is always the Case of taking the whole lot or none of any bargains Worth having and the crowds of customers who patronise this establishment is the Best evidence of the value they receive. Here follow a few of the special bargains a 100 boxes new Flowers 3d, 6d, 9d, is each usual Price in town 6d, is is 6d, 2s 30 boxes feathers tips and Flats less than half Cost great variety of aprons in print Muslin Satin and silk a few pieces left of Black and coloured velveteen at is per Yard bought a warehouse lot of dolls toys Straw baskets suitable for picnics Etc. Less than half Price a Large variety of flowered silk is old per Yard Brown Barrett amp Auckland direct importing co matchless finest flavour liquor. Tar blended specially for new zealand to connoisseurs and the Trade pronounce it perfection. Smith amp aug key. In addition to Ordinary Christmas attractions s. Amp c. Beg to direct attention to the fact that they have just purchased for prompt Cash at a reduction equal to 15s in the a the seasons samples of a Large Glasgow wholesale firms agent amounting to Over Vav �1,000, it \ also a Quantity of.,by special appointment. Nelson awarded Gold amp Silver pure blended teas i medals. Moate pure Indian and Ceylon teas the Seal. Latest Paris fashion. The special purchases comprise general drapery general drapery a consigned by a London 1 a wholesale warehouse to the duty paid by Nelson 1e0ate amp 00. Is three or four times As much As that paid. By any wholesale hons in Australia and. New zealand our artistic millinery excels. Spite of the numerous imitations. This should be a proof of the superiority of their teas. A Southern firm amp who became solvent. Haberdashery hosiery gloves mantles gents Mercery. Hats ties shirts umbrellas. Aid a miscellaneous lot of fancy and \ useful goods suitable for Christmas and new year presents. All will be sold at such prices a3 must ensure a speedy clearance. In yrs amp co. A Auri Jauri Zymber to Oats and yachts Fob hire James clarets Baat builder. Bottom of St Mary s Road Ponsonby. Bathing machines for use of ladies As moderate charges k Auri the re Lyuber. �olij�ojtj5dc of Many special notice. The Scarborough. Auckland direct importing company limited Corner Queen and Victoria streets. To effect clearance of Large stocks the company is prepared to make special quotations to jul Loti contractors and. Other had Tbs standing Price list will to suspended from left january 1691, until farther notice. For further particulars apply to the Mill manager or fit the office of the company Costoma beet Wesl it. It sex. Dickey wholesale and family drapers 287 amp 289, Queen-ht., Auckland Road. K Auri Timber company limited. N o a 1 c e. A revised mining regulations have failed by the company. Copies can be had on application tour j. W. Walk mining superintendent. Whan Gampona or at the often of company cu�tom8treet West Auckland Al Heap a1td Good cutlery Kyj razors f razors razors Thomas Samuel put Portaro cattery has just received a Yarga All kind of cutlery Raper or sols Iora h4raioret_ivorrtabla knives tfx ing under Whf Price Lettro pm amp Ted Forks. Spoon cruet Abo. Numerous articles Avitable for wed birthday and complimentary Presente in a tools at lowest prices. All kinds of qum am try Atli ,. And Ger Pontera too a _ h o m a s Sarubi 162. Qty Xeny by Lieut. Fly Pitt Arteag i Mart. Nity funeral establish jul 1c n end posted to suit All Olnee to 1 town or a a burbs it Sho Teet notice. Pou bed and covered co ulna always ready. Charge very moderate. To t. Dickinson undertaker 1117, Victoria Atiee a spoons a spoons spoons spoons a \ i a b l 8 Smith Lebam Uiato m Qiia�oh-s7. I factory Victoria a . Has received the tollo Wonc awards special prize. Melbourne first prise Waipa was Bretania second Piir a a. Dunedin exhibition. _ a work guaranteed for on year. File list tree. Quall Toj a the we knives % % Forks Forks Forks Forks amp a a <1 h i a a in the Market try them. O o ranges. Tahiti o ranges. 234 Queen Street Auckland. Donald a Edenborough Auckland Tahiti and Raraty Ngenh have always on Sale and to arrive Troia the South sea islands oranges bananas pineapples peanuts Coco an uts Lime juice and desiccated Coco an uts. A or purchasers Oan always rely on the a and e Brand being the Best in the Market and that the utmost an will be hum in sorting and packing the fruit Belore delivery. The Public arc respectfully refine std when purchasing to abit Fob Tahiti Obj bees and feb that Thuv get them Tahiti Orahlea at. Admittedly the Flost m Tbs world Jaq Unald amp a Dener Qutb commence Street. Owners can have to Weir boat a of rear taken care of on payment of a Amali weekly charge. The Kapai Corn Broom co., limited Auckland . Thos j. Harby att mans ring director. To e a c 0 c a a optician. Mathematical and nautical maker Shortland Street. Alway b i i Stock spectacles and eyeglasses of every kind an accurate fit guaranteed opera glasses of Superior Quality telescopes binocular Field glasses and Micro Scopes powerful and cheap theodolites mining compasses Abney Levels drainage Levels. Prismatic compasses drawing instruments Scales parallel ruler ships logs ses Tauts compasses binnacle barometers thermometers hydrometer Eie Otric Belle batteries and fitting artificial eyes various colours and sizes magnetic and galvanic medical machine Jav Fagac lanterns and slides hand magnifier Stereoscope and slides. Graph Scopes steam gauges and tubing Salid Metera in Octal line�?3-feet Tulasoo Pes of oaf settlers telescopes powerful portable and cheap 11s to. Settlers aneroid barometers Strong and Good settlers Moro slopes magnifying 1,730 times working models by steam and electricity Complete Seta of apparatus for beginners operate in Price instruments of every kind Rop Alied. Opposite the Post office. Repairs to _ r r tear r o 0 e a u e o c Christmas time Holiday making and manic parties Are c Oming along when Saint food Tula stimulating beverage must be provided Forth requirement of this time honoured sea son. My ample Supply of fruits and spices when introduced into Cakos and pudding properly lightened with that wonderful explosive Tara Era baking powder will make the most sombre minded boy or girl fall into an ecstasy and the parents frantic with Delight at the discovery they have made. Times of Lute have not been in favour of exc Eusivo Jovia Lity so if you wish an inspiration to he Abb you to put crooked things straight and yourself on the Ria cd to Prosperity be sure and provide my excellent coffees for the breakfast table Aud my a Rich Brown Tea Quot for the evening meal. To provide for a Noonday want a am in advice of a Phlp ment of so Cindy prepared Trinidad Cocoa pure and with the fat carefully taken out of it which i purpose packing in the Colony or Soll intr in quantities to auit buyers. The Active principle in Tea being void of Colour Aud taste is difficult of recognition so uneducated dealers Palm off Mph Colour and pungency for this Al or the real Charm to poor women and studious men. My prices for Blands Are t is Ltd 2a, 2s 6d, and 3s pure India and Ceylon blends is 8�, 2s, 29 4d, and 2s id broken. Is 6d. Coffees is 4d, is 6d. Is Lod pure and bean 2s 2d and 2s 4d. Fruits our Ranto 6d Flani St Letnes 8ii sultanas id Figa new cd Meta fruits 8d nuts 8cl j almonds 10d is 3d Valencia almonds 2a Well Worth the Exira Jordan almonds Honey 41b la bulk Jam 4d a Saeboe of Coro and Chiao in owns per bottle hams Best Only Lod Lemon Peel Lod la Lime Julch a 7� Doz and by and id Tara Eva sauce 6d Echo Ndu amp i it. 3 bottles for be guns pastilc3, jellies cordials almanac is Etc. Fredk. Whitehead to Mph Kubr of to was coffees sri ohis manufacturer of sauce baking powder essence of Coffee Aud Chicory v1ctoria-Street amp Ponsonby to id Zuckla it a a it. Orders strictly attended to and goods Pat , train or Steamer. Terms Cash. A a y m o u t a e. W Public accountant it acc. Office Shortland Streett nex a Taroff Goej m a Tolfe a schnapps a Esware of grateful combo Utitia Epps a Cocoa breakfast. A our it Ough Imp if tip go of the Nii Tural Zauft Ichieh it i War Lwy door Blell it a Lay the jul Loiou set of tit a of did it that it a a i us Vrh Watrt Kwh pro a a a Weil ir�hst&jefl�1. # it a Pierfy no urls hed Jrae. Civ i scr a jai1e3 Epi 3 amp co., Llomo Opama and Tako nothing but the machinery Register. Persona Havine engines Roux of Oit machinery Are invited to Havo the Fame entered in the new bal Gnu Mao Hickry Register published month y throughout Thyl Colony. No charge for entry. Commission on sales Only. Persons requiring machinery Are requested o apply. John of ambers Queen Schlut Auckland. N 0 a okie Istas. New Yliyah an wkudin9 p ii e b e n t a manuf Otred of this Moat re Atifa of new zealand Woods. In. S e u f e e r to in Woods has in Stock at greatly Rad aced prices Tel sleet the times tops Clove boars pm Carnot he Heaton for Excell Cace of work Tan ship. Inge option Lavitor. W. Be Duffert. Try of Waite Fittl a beet. Samples can Alee be seen at h. E. Partridge and. Cos. In Polisc Canistr. Fluelen Atrat Olff a schnapps Only Thosa who have never bid Iho genuine article Are imposed. Upon ;