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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Auckland, Auckland 6the Auckland evening Star tuesday. January 6, 1891 Magd Alefs fortunes. By w. Heimbe org author of a a Gertrude a marriage a a tro daughters of one race a 11 Lora Etc. Chapter Vii. Con med now Tell to something children a said aunt Edith leaning Back in the comfortable chair which Charlotte gave lip to her Tell me How the time 4aht dear aunt a entreated Charlotte you Mehali Tell us Pone things and do you know what i want to hear a she had Knelt Down and had taken auntie s hand. Tell us Why you went away from Here secretly you done to know How anxious i am to know about a Ehi Idie the Story is almost too sad for a couple of Young things like you. Of please Puutio please a entreated Charlotte. A i know they wore unkind to you they let you marry the Man you wanted Wasny to that it v a yes lot Tobea that Wei it said aunt Edith. A god knows the decision was not an easy on for me to make but i could not do otherwise. My whole Hie was bound up in him whom they declared 1 Raub forget at any Price. 1 if i could Only have bad a Good reason. But there was Tio fault to be found in him to was Good upright a splendid fellow Stich As you rarely see a Janul Hir visitor in our House from childhood. My Brothers looked on him As one of their Dearest friends. Your father had Long known that to loved each other Lottchen and my dear Mother had whispered to me on her deathbed s Quot if the time should Ever come Edith when Berka Aske you to to Bis wife do not say no for he is a splendid Weil afterwards your father married child and from that time Forward our engagement was opposed in every possible Way i not openly of no but in a Way that was a thousand times worse. Sometimes a fortnight passed without Ray seeing Berka although he used to come Over from Yolk erode several times a week j it almost always happened that i had gone out to walk or drive with my Sis cer i Daw and if i were at Home we found it impossible to Exchange a single word undisturbed. 1 but he waa Nob one of those who like to fight with closed viscera. One Day after i must say it unfortunately a letter from him which he had sent me by a messenger had very strangely failed to reach is and he had also found in impossible to learn the cause of ifs failure he Rode Over and went straight to my brother a room. I was sitting in the next room with my sister in Law who had Gerard on her Lap. Your Mother Charlotte never talks very much but she had just been making a a lug speech to to effect that Berka was a Quick tempered violent Man not at All fitted to make a wife Happy. I made no reply and bit my lips till they bled to keep myself from crying when i heard through the closed door a loud altercation and recognised Berka a angry voice. The next moment i was standing Between the two angry men and declaring that i waa engaged to Berk and meant to r Amain so. A a a we will see that a said your father. A a yes to will see a i replied and then began our quarrel. For Days i remained shut up in my room racking my brain As to what i should do. I had induced Berka to leave Windhusen that Day without any further hostilities and had assured him that i would by stir to him a a Quot i diff Irti think of going away though a Hundred plans flitted through my head then i settled on the simplest and Moat natural i went to your Mother representing to her How Long and How faithfully we had loved each other and begged her to give up her opposition and to try to soften my brother s heart towards a if Ehy would Only put herself in my place and think if Euch obstacles had been opposed to her engagement a a a never in she cried with a violence and decision which showed me plainly that i had nothing to expect from her a a very Well a 1 replied a a then i must see what 3 can do for Mya Eif and i went into my room there i began a put my of Ciungu in order. What i intended to do wan not Clear to my own mind Only i Felt i must go away away from Here a any Price 1 then i went to the servants Hall beckoned to Gottlieb who at that time waa a shrewd Burly fellow and ordered him to wait with the Carriage outside by the Broe beeches a a Little to one Side of Folk erode there was amp Little tillage and there lived Berkaw a very old and widowed grandmother she a was Quito thud lab and i Only knew her from what he had told Roe about her As he had lived with her when he was a boy and had lot Bis parents. And so Gotti ibb drove me there through the atom and darkness by secretly like a criminal i left my Mathei b House. When i reached the foot of the Steps i was ready to Eink to the ground in my misery and i had very nearly turned Back in spite of the unhappy circumstances in seemed to me As if i were leaving behind me indelible disgrace As if i were laying something worse than a curse on my old but then i sprang into the Carriage Ami As the horses started and the outlines of the old Abbey disappeared from my sight at the first turn i cried and sobbed and prayed Tike a Madwoman. Fjug old grandmother was Nob a a two moved when her grandsons Bride crossed her threshold in the Middleon the night and although she did not Undorf Ennd what it was All about yet Bho received me kindly and potted and comforted me. The next Day i wrote to my brother that i won id not return to his Home again and wrote to Berka at the same time where i was and what i had done. By brother took no notice of my Jotter but Only sent me the necessary papers for my marriage but from another source i Learned that a storm of Wrath had raged through the old rooms at Wen Busen and thab the fugitive would. No longer be recognised As a sister. Of. Children you done to know Bow i Felt at that time and yet the first Yeara of toy marriage were the happiest of my life. But then the storms and trials came. First Ray husband had the misfortune to shoot a poacher week after week letters threatening revenge were thrown into our House. It was a bad time then a the year 1838. A on evening i sat with my husband in our Parlour he had just come Back from the a Woods and we were playing with Robert when there was a loud report and a Bullet whizzed close past his Bead and smashed a in a thousand pieces. A every Day 1 saw him depart with a deadly fear at my heart and i went restlessly about the House till at last i heard the beloved step once More and could throw my arms once again round him in whom my very life was bound up. Children at Buch a time one learns Tew to Pray you would not believe How much fervent prayer springing from the anguish of lore strengthens the soul and helps to carry us through so Many anxious urn. But Quot who can escape god a will a says i old proverb and so a last came that earful Day when i could no longer hear i dear step because they bore him into i Bouse cold and stiff in she stopped As if exhausted. My eyes it re full of tears and i sought for car items band but her chair wag vacant and my band fell us on her soft hair. A Slio waa kneeling by aunt Edith a chair and a Low sob reached my ear. 1 bub enough of this done to cry Lott Chen continued aunt Edith a i told you the Story wus too bad Lor you Young people who have As yet Hud nothing to bears May heaven preserve you Flora it 1 you Little Magda it is True already know what it is to stand beside a Colliu unable to Realise that within those narrow limits rests a beloved Friend who will never smile at us a gain whose cold lips will speak no More Loving words that that which was our greatest happiness is lost irrecoverable loaf. _ 4 and then after they had buried him began for to a life of trials i had to care Lor Tny child and this care waa a heavy Burcu. My ridiculously am All of lesion did not suffice for our actual necessities not to mention Roberts education. Quot when we were married my husband had. Written proudly to my brother that he renounced any claim on a dowry with his wife. Now 1 was obliged to leave the fore acc House at a certain time and did not know where to go with my child did not even know where to turn for advice or counsel. About of Chorea or four Days before the time Lor leaving the old House a fire broke out in the night never shall i forget thab night 1 t a i waa awakened by a cry so horrible so ghastly that i started up in terror whenever i think of that cry i fed even now cold a Hills running through my veins at the same moment some one knocked on my window and a Hunter cried a fire fire 1�?� and when i opened the blinds i saw a Brilliant flame a Hay amp tack was blazing. I do not know now what i did the Tirats thought was to snatch ii Obart out of bed and put on his clothes. Then i looked mechanically for Ali a orbs of things which i wanted to save and to take with to. Afterwards when i saw the things i bad collected i could Nob help laughing and yet i could not have saved anything thab would have bean dearer to me 1 had caught up the Box containing a bridal Wreath the Little baby shoos and my husbands Silver Hun facing knife with a few Silver spoons and some clothes. And when i stood with my child and a bundle in my hand under the dark Trees staring vacantly at the flame it All seemed to to like a strange terrible dream. I can in member still that a crowd of people from the surrounding villages were standing round but they would not acir Hund of foot to save anything a it waa 1848, they even tried to throw one of Tho foresters into the flames 1 could hear the howls of the Drunken men and could see How he struggled with Thorn j they threw out of the windows of Tho House everything they found in it article after article of my simple household goods each one of which had Happy associations for me was Flung out broken by the fall or destroyed afterwards by the crowd. It waa such a wild horrible scene lighted up by the red glow of Tho fir which had now caught the splendid old Oaks which stood about Tho House. Thank god is 8uc�?T needed in saving the dear old House itself Robert Clung to me terrified and old Diana a splendid dog my husbands Favourite stood close to me giving a Low growl now and then. Then i Hoard my name called and a howl vent up from a thousand voices. I knew they wore looking for me and then life came Back to to filled with amp nameless horror i caught up the child and Fiad. How far i bad gone before i Sank Down exhausted i do not know bub it was just beside a Road and a Carriage was coming along. I called out Aud As the Driver pulled up i recognised the pastor of a neighbouring Village. The old Gen Claman started when he saw me. A the format Bouse is on fire a i said calling up All my strength when i was seated with Robert in the Carriage. A a cursed scoundrels in be Murmond and then he asked me where he should drive me. A a to Windhusen a i a Aid mechanically already half delirious. I thought that if it were nothing More it was at least my father s hone and in thab moment of horror i had forgotten ail that had separated me from it. It was late at night when we arrived there and the Gace Bell sounded in my ear like the Knell Lor the dying. Then lights began to move about Here and there the great door in the Abb task House opened and my brother who in these uneasy times was prepared for any alarming news stood on the Steps surrounded by the servants. I supported myself by the Iron Post of the Balustrade and looked into his face. He startled when he saw me for one moment a hard expression came into his face but it soon yielded to thab look of mildness and goodness which was natural to him. A a i come to you for shelter Werner for Mya Eif and Ray child a i said monotonously a if it were Toni ething had Learned by heart for my brain was weak and Ray Tongue refused to speak. Quot they have burned my House Over Ray head and i am then be caught me in Bis arms a i swayed and Wab about to fall and carried me into the House and at that moment i lot consciousness. 41 was ill a Long time and very ill i have Absolu Tely no recollection of that Tirao. I can Only recall the Day i first sat up in bed it was there in that bedroom and thought Over All Tho horrible details of my miseries. Gottliebe a wife nursed me and i Learned through her How near death i had been. La was a Tad Awakening and i used to wish often and often that i had died then. My relations to your parents Lottchen were eur amp ined even almost hostile though 1 tried to Bridge Over the Gulf and did not even Stop for humiliations. Bub they had taken my Robert from me he was to by brought up with Gerard and Joachim. This lodging was assigned to to and on Day my brother came to me the Only time in All those Long years to toll Rae that he would make Over to me the dowry which my husband bad once refused for me and my Sou but that i must first Promise not to interfere in the education of my son us be doubted if i understood How to bring him up. A Whaff could i do i had no Choice. To leave the House that afforded me a shelter at least with my boy was impossible for i could Nob have earned my living. 1 was a constant invalid and it was not surprising. 1 so i lived a lonely and gloomy Ufa without a Ray of Light to relieve my misery for my Only Joy my child was lost to me. When i Beard the Happy children a voices which came up to me from the deserted Oid corridor my heart would beat with expectation and feverish excitement but How Many Hundred times did i wait in vain for Days i did not sea him and when once hesitating Steps bounded outside and i quivering with Joy ran through the room to open the door there stood my Little son before me shy and almost defiant submitting to my caresses with evident reluctance. This was no longer Ray dear Loving boy who used to cling round my neck with such boisterous tenderness. 1 a a Robert a i cried going almost on Ray kuee8 to the boy a a done to you love your Mamma any More ? have you forgotten How pleasant it was when we used to walk in the Woods with papa and we saw the Deer and i made you a Wreath for your hat Teil to done to you remember that any More then he nodded and for one moment a pleased expression came Over Hie perverse Little face. 1&Quot Bat it is better Here a he generally replied i entreated him to Corae again i began to Tell him about his father Bow Good and dear he was bub he hardly listened to what i said and moved about impatiently from one place to another Why Robert a i cried in Ray despair a have you no pity for me when 2 am so alone 2�?� then he looked at me with a child a indifference and perversely Shook Bis Curie head and when i cried he would run away and wot come Back again until Nob Uble to Bear it any longer i sent Gottlieb after him who succeeded by dint of promises of sweets and All manner of pleasures in getting Bira to come to me. A How much i a flared at that time from anxiety about the character and development of my child and i could do nothing towards it i heard complaints of him a a quarrelsome arrogant child and Joachim a shrill shrieks proved Tome often enough that Tho two antagonistic natures had come into collision. One Day i heard in the Hall of the abbess House Joachim a loud howls and Roberts angry threat Quot you disgusting brute 1 just wait and i will give it to Vau a penetrated distinctly to fray quiet room at first i sat still and then As the noise grow louder 1 dropped my work and hew along the corridor. On the Steps at the end of the Long Ball the two boys were locked together in a fierce struggle and Gerard a dog sat beside them with uplifted Paw howling tearfully. Robert however was Bela Boring the Yelling Joachim with hand and Leet pummelling him unmercifully. 11 dragged Back the Little Tury when he turned to me with red and angry face. A the was torturing the dog a be cried quite beside i melt with rage. I must punish him the cowardly Rascal a 4 la was in vain that i tried to hold him Back then your Mother came out of the Library Charlotte and we stood suddenly Luce to face for the first time since Ray flight and for the last time also not even Over our fathers coffin did we shake bands. We stared attach other in shocked Surprise for those few years had Rob passed lightly Over her once Blooming face and she would hardly have recognised me for i was Only a faded worn our creatures my Glass told me that every Day. So there we stood opposite each other in the Dusky Hall and Between us our children were struggling though now in silent rage. A then your Mother seemed to come to life she snatched up my boy and she lifted her hand to strike him lie looked up at her defiantly and she thrust him hastily a3ide, and Shook her own boy violently a All in perfect silence with Timily closed lips. A i caught army boy and me to look reproving by at him but the boy freed himself instantly and throwing his Arras round your Mother s neck he hid his face in her dress. 41 stood there shocked and dismayed. A smile lighted up my sister in Law s face which pierced me through and through it win not malicious Job no a Itwara Blissful a Radiant smile which gae a wonderful Beauty to her cold countenance. But i turned Aud went Buck to my room and there i Lay More miserable than before. I thought my child a heart was lost to me for eve to be continued. 1 Worth . Mcrae writes a a my customers say that Arthur Nathan a Tea is the Best they have tasted in new 2s and 2a amp a per lbs do not to 14 a Penny Wien and a Pound foolish bub ask for and buy Jerown Barrett and cos genuine Pepper. It ii cleaner and cheaper than fcb adulterated stuff sold As Pepper. To make sure of getting our manufacture ask for tin. Every tin bears our . Barrett and co., Coffee and spice a h. Gilmore of Newmarket has purchased an extraordinary warehouse Job line of ladies and children shuts the Best Quality and All the latest styles. 1,300 to select from at less than half Tho usual Price also a Beautiful variety of a amp Mph Al a Oral bonnets. A Groat bargain. Inspection Advt a cd do a. The popular Devji Katie for a freakout Lucks a in to a and supper in All somnus if strengthening nourishing for eld and Young robust and Fumble. The a Trews of wealth Aro found la health and Moulth. Strength and staying poor or at a retained and concentrated la of Audi amp a b Cocoa. It la absolutely pure. _ a medical. Ayer s to Tail vigor i in Rev amp Ted for Trio restoration of faded tid Gray hair to its original color and freshness and. For keeping the Scalp clean and healthy. The most popular and elegant toilet preparation in the world All i House it it also the Best hair grower when the capillary glands become enfeebled by , or neglect this dressing imparts renewed life to the Scalp so that the hair again assumes us original fullness and Beauty. Ladles and that this preparation imparts to the hair a Silken pha�c7 and a delicate Aud lasting fragrance. Gentlemen use it to prevent baldness to restore faded and Gray hair to its former color and abundance and to relieve the Scalp of toy Bisonio humor and Audru. A proof of the superiority of this preparation Over All others of the kind is the constantly increasing demand Fox it in All civilized countries. 9. Mur Are by or. J. C. Ayer i co., Lowell mass., u. S. A. Sold by druggists and Medicine vendors. Liquid and capsules. Who a All other medicines Bave Fahed isre Prepira i Toni Are always effective. They Insuik Rupia sad met Ign injection i used in recent and mat�c0 capsules into Mora Chronice Ijes. 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Ana other responding symptoms if you Are a hinted Why further neglect your health or future happiness when by a single Donau ution which Costa nothing you can bal placed on the Way to health strength Quot Quot Vii Cockle easily and quickly cared by a new int Ilind. Person living at a distance who desire treatment without delay can by forwarding a full description of their Case and �1, receive e medicines by return of Post. Try by gtd electric appliances by Royal letters Patent Are the Onty genuine Betts and trusses offered in Australia Quot from bondage to Freedom Quot Ray late pfc and. Entirely new work on brain and Norve exhaustion private nervous and chronic diseases should be read by every Man nearly one Hundred pages. By Post two stomps. Address professor Garl Stih Sfat 21 Elisabeth Street Melbourne Victoria. 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As a remedy for coughs in general asthma bronchial affections hoarseness shortness of breath tightness and oppression of the Chest wheezing amp at these a pull stand unrivalled they Are Tho Best Ever offered to the Public and will speedily remove that mugs of oppression and difficulty of breathing which nightly de pave the patient of rest. Let any person Giva Leechail s cough pills a Trio and Tea most violent cough will in a Chart time b9 removed. Fro pared Only end cold wholesale and detail Fay the proprietor St. Helens Lancashire Ruwim h02,60 is lid. A off. 9cl. Each. A sold by All Tomc a amp to a sol Lindl Ciff Coalora everywhere. I , to a run ult Clell Bijj. K k k eating s cough lozenges. Eating a cough lozenges. Eating s cough lozenges. "94, commoroto Hood Peak farm july 10 1889, dear ,�?1 am a poor hand at of Iris aug Ray feelings on Paperi Butts hold Ike to thank you for your lozenges have done wonders forme in relieving Ray Tor a a a re. Since i had the operation of comi the same a the Lata emperor of Germany and unlike him thank god. I am still Auve and getting Vul Well performed at St. Bartol Graevs Hospital for amp duo or paralysis of the vocal chords no one could possibly have had a More violent cough indeed it was be bad at tires that it quite exhausted neb the muons also which waa very of aprons and hard has been to flexed and i Nave been Able to got rid of it a i am sirs yours truly j. Hill. Or t. Keating.1 medical note. The above Speaks for Ibi Olf. From strict inquiry it appears that the Benefit from using if eating g cough Loso ngee is understated. The operation was a specially severe one. And was performed do the Ipei Alifi. Irh t. Butlin of St. Earth Lomers Hospital. Since the operation the Only Ravans of Relief is Tho use of these lozenges so Sucre amp Afu Lam they that one affords immediate Benefit. Although from the nature of the Case the Throat irritation is intense. Or Hill kindly allows any reference to be made to him. Ting s cough lozenges eating a cough lozenges Ting s cough lozenges. Kea sold everywhere in tins. Proprietor Thomas Keating Load coughs old or recent bronchial or dyspeptic asthma bronchitis whooping cough golds mrs chess Etc. The finest Medicine m the would is Congreve a Balsamic elixir in bottles is. Lfd., 2s. A 4s. 6d., Etc note a for Anua Tihel Luctus Jaceb and Tao ebbs Ana Ell who have to a Vert the voice a Lump Ofiu oar this pleasant elixir and tucked at a lozenge before speaking will prevent Comfort the Chest and strengthen the Yoio sold by All Medicine houses. A sufferer from a nervous and want ins debility loss of Vigour Etc was restored to health in Sucu a remarkable manner after All else had failed hat he will on receipt of a self addressed stamped envelope Send the Mode of cure Fahlk to All fellow suite Iera address a. Miller g.p.o., Sydney medical. Steeds a is soothing powders for children cutting their Teeth. Caution to purchasers. The value of this Well known family med Lone has been largely tested in All parts of the world Ana in All grades of Solety. For upwards of fifty years its Well earned extensive tale has induced spurious imitations Tome of which in outward affjbar2nce to closely to Bumble the original As to have deceived Many purchasers. The proprietor therefore feels it due to the Publio to git a special caution against the use of such iral Tatiana. Purcima Stii Aro therefore requested carefully to observe the Teristi lab without which none Are genuine lat. In a very Case the words John ohkmi8t. Walworth a Surrey Are engraved on the government stamp affix and to each packet.2nd. Each single powder has directions for the dose and the words a John Steadman Chomar Walworth printed thereon 3rd, the name Steedman in always spelt with two be a the the manufacture is carried on solely in Walworth Surrey. Sold in packets by �11 chemist and meld it vendors at 1� 1m to 2s 9d Aach. 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Simla january 6 16&q. To , Davenport esq., 33, great Lotus sell Street Bloomsbury London. Dear sir two embrace this Opportunity of congratulating you upon the wide spread reputation this justly a a teemed Medicine or j. Ololla Browne a Sohlor Odythe has earned for itself not Only in hindus to a but All Over the East. 4a a remedy for general Utility we much question whether a bettor 1 imported into the country and we shall be glad to Hoar of its finding a place in every Anglo Indian Home. Tho other brands we Are Happy to Bay. Are now relegated to the Nativo bad Are Atcitt jump Long irom i hair Sale we Fanoy Thair sojourn Thoro will be evanescent. We could multiply instances Aci Itaf Nitim of the extra or Inary i Mcacy of or. Collis Browne a Chloro Dyne m distr Rocen and dysentery. Spasm Crumps neuralgia to vomiting of pregnancy and an a general sedative that have occurred under our personal observation during Many years in choleric diarrhoea and even in Tea More terrible Forras of cholera itself we have witnessed its surprisingly controlling Power. We have never used any other form of this Medicine than co Iii Browne a from a firm conviction that it is decidedly the beat and Alio from a Cense of duty to owe to the profession and Tho Public As we Are of opinion that the substitution of any other than Collis Browne a is a do alb amp i tits a Bukach of Faith off tb1 Fatt or the of Imit to and p Ati a it Ali cell we Are. Sir Faith fully yours Bymes and co., members of the Sharp society of Roar Britain his Exoo Lenoy the viceroys chemists. sir w. Faga Wood dialled that or j. Collis Browne won undoubtedly Tho inventor of of Lordyne that the a Tor of the defendant Freeman Wai deliberately Antrim which he regretted to say. 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The Superior Quality of the Union a bound to Gaio the Praise of All who can appreciate a Fine Tea. 5 of clock Tea i Rewis wholesale and retail grocery stores Victoria Street the cousins and Atkin steam Carriage and wheel a a factory a a Elliott and Albert streets have the be stand Moat varied Stock ii material also special facilities for repairs painting Aud trip Mitiff for the season now at hand. For Sale a Large number of Good secondhand vehicles comprising Extension hooded Phaeton ladies Phaeton. Double and single in Oral a. Waggon ettes. Dogcart Etc Atkin and son6. Proprietors f j. Syvine Nerton a Wood Turner it Nebham Street established 1866. Band saw work and carving at cheapest possible prices. Billiard balls from 21s per set. Boll exchanged. Fool pins. Marble and Chalk pocket on hand. Special care Given to re Turang and staining balls. To meet the times a reduction of 25 per cent in All common work has been made. A r. 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