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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Auckland, Auckland The Auckland evening Quot Start dues Day january 6, 1891 Cha total amount realised yesterday for Svlvia Park stud including or steady a off a mares was 22,475 guineas the of Fly Fly four yearlings averaged within a a a action of 260 guineas each. Or j. I phils Ltd a 1� a tra Hunter and Nolan conducted Tho an 0 papula1 Knigh amp a Hammeil fairly excelled himself he. J a most arduous task to perform no j 72 lots being submitted but do a a a be this lie kept the great crowd that gabled round the Rostrum in the rare finest seed Humour throughout while he Jujj allow the proceedings to lag in invest for a single moment As a blood auctioneer or Philson can be fairly jetted the 44 Atco Quilie a of new be amp yid. To commission appointed by the a a re moment to take evidence in Auckland a connection with Tho action by sir Frederick Whitaker against or goo. Flu Tchison a regarding the Bank of now a Zahnd charge met this morning at Tho Momy Dignan and Armani Rong for tar purpose of Anau Ging preliminaries. It tra decided to commence the work of flak for evidence to Morrow in the supreme dirt buildings. The proceedings will by i be open to Tho Pra. A meeting of the Hospital inquiry committee was Quot held last evening at Robson a rooms. Or t. Jones presiding. Or r. J Duncan is acting As Hon. Secretary pro a i. It was resolved to Issue collecting boobs for funds to defray expenses incidental to the inquiry into the Hospital scandal the Money to be banked acc the Union Bank of Australia in the name of the chairman and Secretary on Trust several subscript Ioos were reported. It was decided to Toqe Asb the local newspapers to to Good enough to continue Feo receive further Aub script Iona on behalf of the Coin mitts. In a a stated that the petition to the governor regarding an inquiry had now received upwards of so signatures and would be forwarded to the seat of government by the amp no mail. Misa Arnaboldi late Muse at the Hospital has secured or w. L. Rees jil.�.r., As her Legal adviser for the proposed inquiry while or j. O Meagher Haa been retained by or 1i\. Berry of nor fcb Cote whose father lately died in the Ilo api us. A report from the Foreman of water works on the watering of manuk a Road was read last evening at Tho Warneil de rough Council meeting. It stated that be had with the assistance of one Man watered the Street from Tho fire brigade station to the Council office in an hour and i Balf. The watering greatly improved the Street but there was great waste of water owing to the watering being by to amp a from the tire plugs. To did net know what the Cost of the water would be or. Gilmour thought it would be Wise not to continue watering in this manner the mayor agreed with this View. The report was received. The Onehunga Borough Council held their usual meeting last night in the Council Chambers. There was bub Little business of any importance transacted the balance in the Bank to the credit of the Borough was stated by the town clerk to be �451 10s 3d. It was resolved that tenders be coiled for the position of dog Ranger to the Borough and to be paid at the rate of 9d per Collar. The arrival of the Warspite the new flagship of the British Squadron in the Pacific at Sun Francisco the other Day created Quito a sen Sancton the vessel being the larges b and most formidable that had Ever entered the port. She was visited by thousands of the citizens curious to see the big fighting ship. The to Are piece was so named after the famous a amp rewrite of sir Walter Raleigh but Why the letter it Fri was omitted it is hard to say probably the Tiret lord could not read. The Warspite iras launched in 1886 at Chatham dockyard Quot her dimensions Are a length Over All �20ft beam,64ft draught 2sft. The depth inboard from the upper deck to the keel is s4ifc. She is manned by a Crew of 600. Her Speed under steam is 17 knots. The a Frisco papers give a somewhat superficial description of the vessel and publish an illustration of her with a single signal Mast Aud in their letter press refer to hoc As being a bout to continue her voyage under a ail. The Warspite of 1890 is a rather hand iome looking full Brig rigged Craft and has All Tho appearance of being both Able to steam Well sail Well and fight Well. Appearances however Aro deceptive and such was the verdict in connection with the wat spite Given by sir Edward Reed sex coast Rector and designer of the Imp rial a a ave. In summing up the defects of the British Navy in Fri Bruiy 1686, he referred to her As a vessel which would be useless in modern naval warfare being unprotected far More than half her length and badly constructed in other respect. The Ordinary monthly meeting of the members of Lodge Ara 338, i.c., was hold lust igbo in the freemason�1 Hall hinges a Creet. In the absence of the w.m., Bro. J. Hanna s. W., presided. One brother was passed and the remainder of the business was of a routine nature. The Ordinary meeting of the Parnell Borough Council was held last evening. There were present or h. A seat Mayo cars. Savage Gay Gilmour my babe and augur. Accounts to the amount of �27 12a 3d were passed for payment. Or John mcconnell1� resignation was accepted he being absent in the country. The Bubines Wae very Light. The new mail contracts in Wakato have started. On the Raglan line the late contractor or Sutton is running opposition Feo the now than or Kingi Foli Pohe and on Friday three conveyances came Over from by Dan and returned on saturday All Well a ionised. Fares on this route have been were from �1 to 15s return 12s 6d to Jet single. Pro Bono Publico a Wakato Watrea prudent. Oor Wakato correspondent writes vow new years Holiday were completely fined by the horrible weather to have of twi need on new fears Ere it com-1 a fenced to run generally throughout the Jolt Ricc and on the let it poured Down for be boost part of the Day Beavy rain alter hating fierce squalls of wind. The j Foht wag even worse and Friday nearly As Jjo. The Glass has Boen going up since and we have Promise of 4 Tine Jujj Hwy Farmers have in Many inf dances offend considerably with both their Hay a do oat nrop3. Many of the latter the heaviest Best seen for year Jobu these crops have been to a Greab ex-051 Laid by the heavy weather. In some facts leg too caterpillars have made Ketr appearance and Down Mui to come the Good weather or bad or else be lost altogether. Fruit too has suffered considerably from the rough a Eaton and we Floc with this and the co dim grub which be trick in most places Tho Apple and Pear a a tops do not Promise at All Well. The holidays just past were about Tho dullest i have seen during the last fifteen years accounted for i think by the fact that a Large number of people have gone to Auckland and other places for. Jhel holidays. If Lam right it be tokens Tetter times so we should not grumble. In plentiful now for Labouring men Yood farm hands Are much in demand. London a a fax play Quot thus Auma up a by ?1r Caufie it by the recent Galea on the British coast the effect of the furious poles wag Only Foo plainly visible at Lloyd so saturday morning november 9fch. E cuties to the loss Book totalled 25�?an Jujj diary number for saturday and loan v am6r a horrors a there was a a he of casualties than has been seen Tat Gay a Day. By closing time the sides were simply covered with off.108 a porting disasters from All Parta pm. Tjai the damage done All round waa Soi amp to big mor Mcmay major Mair whose wife is the Only surviving child of the late or Sperrey property tax commissioner has received a letter from the Premier in which sir Harry says a a i have seen the solicitor general and i have seen Tho attorney general on Tho subject of the desire expressed by mrs hair that an inquiry should be held into the charges made against her Lato father by or Thompson of mar amp Den i had also had conversation with or Sperrey prior to Hia death on the subject of these charges and i had told him that the government had always Felt the utmost Confidence in him and placed no Faith whatever in the shameful and ridiculous charge made against him bub that i considered he would gee no real satisfaction from a Royal gom Mission inquiring into the Mattor for that people who could believe such shameful statements a those made would be bad enough to still believe them whatever a Royal commission might report those who knew or Sperrey had every Confidence in his integrity and Sterling uprightness and would not be influenced by any such statements As those made again by him. The government have the deepest sympathy with mrs Mair in her feelings for her father s memory and thoroughly appreciate her desire that Hia honour should be upheld and his name freed from Euch imputations As have been made bub i sincerely Trust mrs Mair will agree with the that an inquiry a the present stage would be practically useless and that Assurance which i now give her in the Natal of the government of their absolute disbelief in any of the accusations made against her fun Hhd and of the comply to Confidence they had in his administration of his department As Well As their respect for himself personally will be sufficient to remove any feeling which the Gross attack upon or Sperrey May have temporarily the big French flagship Dubourdieu which has been about the most conspicuous object in the Auckland a amp Arbour for the past couple of weeks left port this morn bag and the chances Are that she will be Tho last War vessel of her class to visit the wait Emata. She is a frigate of the old three Decker Type and in modern naval warfare would be a out of the running Quot altogether. She is a Tine looking Roomy vessel withal and far More comfortable one can easily imagine than such Iron cased floating batteries like the Orlando where the men they say themselves done to care to move about too much for fear of knocking a Hole in their cranium against Iron bolts or the like. During her stay in port Here her officers and men enjoyed themselves fairly Well though there was no special movement made Here As in Wellington to entertain the French officers on Shore. While she Lay in the Harbour she was thrown to visitors at intervals and the crowds of people boarding her were shown round the vessel in most courteous style. The Dubourdieu lifted her anchors at ten &.m. To Day and steamed slowly out of port for Wellington Clearing the North Hoad at 10.30 . She is timed to reach Wellington about Friday next and will make a Short stay there. Thence Ahe Shapona a course Tor Valparaiso Chi Iacross the Southern Ocean. From Valparaiso she does not go straight Home to France but makes her Way up the american Chaab again As far As san Francisco. Returning she Calla at Honolulu and then coming South she again Calls at Valparaiso thence homeward via Magellan Straits Togher Bourg she is duo at Home again in a years time being commit boned for two years under Admiral do press Oil. Both the Dubour Dieu and the Cruiser Volta shipped considerable quantities of Newcastle Coats Here. The Volta sails hence to Morrow for Valparaiso direct homeward bound. It is rumoured that an attempt will la code to upset the a Lection of or Joyce for Karo amp on the ground that All the polling place in the District should have closed at the a ame time instead of which that at Lyttelton closed at seven . And the others at six . Intense Heab is being experienced in Sydney and throughout new South Wales generally the temperature ranging from 97 to 1x3 in the Shade. Tremendous Bush fires Are raging in the bar Medman District 315 Miles South West of Sydney and a Homestead and 3,000 acres of grass has been Burnt. The Ordinary monthly meeting of the Parnell schools committee was held last night. Present Mesar Wood cilia Irnia i Kuy Gedye Hodgson Schofield. Or peek member of Tho committee and Secretary to the Board forwarded a letter stating that having left the District he tendered his resignation. The committee in accepting tree amp me deemed it their duty or peek for Hia services whilst of the Board. Or Schofield was appointed Secretary vice or peek. A letter from or Carr a candidate for a seat on the education Board was read when it was resolved to hold a special meeting on the 17th last. To nominate two members for the Board of education. Mosery Kaye Gedye and Hodgson were nominated a committee to see that the school grounds fencing Etc be placed in a thorough a Bate of usefulness and repair the sum of �16, being a Grant from the education boards being the estimated a amp i Cost of the necessary repairs and emendations. A letter from the board1 was read notifying that or w. J. Warnham will be attached to the school after the holidays View or Connor Pupil teacher removed to the country. Or w. A Speight was appointed to fill the vacancy on the committee caused by the resignation of or peek. City rates should be paid during the present weak. A Large Batch of Bam Monces Are just about to be Ign cd. The late mrs William Williams of Coo Street was an old identity of Auckland. She arrived Here in 1854 in the Joseph Fletcher a Young widow with her Only son or c. Overton who still survives. Next year she was married to or William Williams. Paralysis carried her off Early yesterday morning at the age of 65. The funeral take place at the Palm urn cemetery to Morrow. The Holiday a ports at whim Are Are being gone through with great Energy and enjoyment. Of boxing Day it was Yeti a amp Ted that a thousand people were in and about Ibao eared at the Good templars excursion picnic and sports in the Village and at Kensington Park we amp no amp Rei. It will he a matter of grate of location to auck Landers to learn that amongst the recent appointments by the admiralty was that of Engineer a c. Moon Feo . Pembroke. Air Moon was Here with the Squadron last year and made Many friends who will be pleased to hear of his promotion. The Auckland opera company appeared in Wakato last week at Hamilton Cambridge and the Alamutu. I am Borry to say that although they had fair houses particularly at Cambridge they did not have half what they deserved. The weather Wae dead against them and must have made a 40 per cent difference to them. I need hardly amp a that those who did go got a rare musical treat and bad they come at a More propitious a a agon they would have been Well a tinged Holiday title is not the Best in the country for these sorts of amusement. So Many Are away from Home and so Many private amusements and en-1 Are going on that Public per j Forman Caa a tand a poor show a Hamilton correspondent to Morrow messes Wilson and Clayton auctioneers Etc., will sell at St. John1� College Tho whole of mrs t. Of a King a household furniture and effects. Guys a bus will leave the auction Mart Queen Street at 9.45 . For St. Johns College. The City turn cock proceeds to Cut off All unpaid water supplies shortly. Fee for j putting up in in gave to iwo Cash i to pit ass association Iby a ill amp citric , Parnell and Mersom romantic Story. Lonibos january 4. The Story told of the connection of Parnell with mrs of Shea is a romantic one it is said that she once nursed him Back to life through a severe illness. At another time on learning of a plot to assassinate him she warned him to leave the theatre and to avoid his Carriage in doing so. These details have improved Parnell a affairs Parnell and Mccarthy. Los Nii january 5. Parnell demands that Mccarthy shall resign before the Irish party is reformed under the temporary leadership of William Indian rising extreme measures. Extermination threatened. To snort january 4. The indians have been reinforced and Are now in an entrenched position surrounded by a thousand troops. Fear of treachery prevents the acceptance of offers of surrender. It is intended to exterminate the lot. The press is horrified at this proposal the Griffa Gold. Hunger and death. Lok Dox january 5. The sufferings in the East end of London from the cold and starvation Are appalling. The Relief afforded is entirely inadequate. Sick Man recovering. Dos january 5. Lord Euston is recovering from his attack. 1 cricketer dead. Loft gtd january 5. Hunter the Yorkshire cricketer is dead. Gladstone a retirement denied. London january 5. Or Gladstone denies that he has any present intention of retiring from the Liberal leadership. On lord Carrington Australia. London january 6. Lord Carrington the late governor of new South Wales will read a paper on Australia at the meeting of the colonial Institute. Germany grasping. Tonnoir january 8. Germany is reported to Hare annexed the Marshall islands the Koch cure. Loni it on january 4, or. Koch is conferring with the German government on the expediency of disclosing his cure for Booths scheme. A a waiting policy. Mel Hourne this Day. The Premier of Tasmania advises that the colonies should await particulars before discussing general Booths emigration and colonising scheme. Cable reductions. Melbourne this Day. The chairman of the Eastern Extension company cables that the Gist of the agreement in regard to Cable reductions will soon be ready and i approved an order for the reductions to operate will be made without p. And of Carthage at Albany. A Uva Lay. The p. And o. Liner Carthage has arrived Here from London via Suez. She had the following passengers for new zealand a messes Clark Buckley Rawlins Lambert Tasker and wife Beddington wife and family Wallins Bley and wife Rev mrs White misses Eikin Grigg and Pacific islands great mortality. San mtg this Day. The Southern Cross Mission Schooner which has just returned from a trip to the islands reports great mortality in the Gilbert group from measles and dysentery. Eight cases of True leprosy Are reported from Penrhyn islands. There have been Many deaths or the Hervey group from la . A frightful flare. Straney this Day. A Bush fire in the Condobolin District has devastated Iso Miles of country. Twenty thousand sheep have perished through it. The fire travelled at the rate of to Miles an hour and Only a change of wind saved the township. The Bennett fraud. Sydney the i Day. It is stated that the Bennett Deal cations amount to Jaq 13,000. The chess Congress. Was Barnes wins the championship. By association to this Day. Yest i Day a play it Tho chess con Rusa re Sultan a follows a Taokham had the move against Ollivier and played the Zuke tort opening. At the half past five adjournment Hook Ham led by a Pawn Barnes Hud the Movo against Brown the scotch gambit being played by the first named competitor. Barnes won a Pawn at move 18, and the Exchange Rook for Bishop at the 27th move. With this dual advantage Barnos rapidly forced the game his opponent resign Nii a move 55. Fouat next opened against Edwards Tho danish gambit being brought Forth for Tho first Fri iut in the Conw roes. At move 19 to local men lost ground in a series of Exchange by first taking with a Knight instead of a Bishop. Mou amp a thus having the advantage of a Rook again act a Knight bad no difficulty in registering a win. The game Only occupied one hour and five minutes. Last night Hook Ham Defeated Ollivier 0� the latter could not Stop him queening a Pawn. Littlejohn beat Siedeberg through winning a Bishop at move 36. These two games were watched by a Large number of a Post amp tors As the result gave the championship to a j. Barnes of a Wellington with seven wins out of nine game41. Riold beat Bolton in the game which commenced at half past a even. Two matches to Day decide who in second re valuation of holdings by Teliu Sapir a muss Assoc Airoy Ding Isof cling Day. By a re valuation of the selections in Otago for the year under the Bels tors revaluation act the capital value of 434 holdings of Crown land bus been reduced from �165,134 to �96,085. The Cutter. Ten is. By Telegraph phes9 association. Cisi Iorns this Day. The Cutter Venus 38 tons after being on month stuck in the River acc Tolona Ilav has stranded on the Beach off the bar. If Tho i father is Fine she May be got off at High Spring tides in a fortnight s time. Ju0gi3.setsx Sottil at the y.m.c.4. Ru�o1ks there was a very Largo attendance at the . Building on sunday afternoon to hear judge Seth Smith said Arefia upon a some aspects of modern thought in relation to mrs. E. Button presided and briefly introduced Tho judge. Tho lecturer first referred to Tho great growth of knowledge in recent years and stated that this very growth was not without its dangers. There wag an in pulse in Mun to endeavour to go backward to the origin of All things but after going Back in thought As far As possible the mind became quite paralysed Tho mind in fact was incapable of conceiving the beginning of any particle of matter. The Zirafi verse of Tho Bible declared that a in the beginning Ood created the heaven and the Earth b at amp ome scientific men said things Nevor had a beginning. Did this latter View make the matter any simpler 1 whatever hypothesis waa accepted Ocbo mind became thoroughly paralysed in tracing Back Tho Chain of causation. Whenever he himself had tried to think Tho question out he came to the conclusion that the opening verse in genesis gave As satisfactory an explanation of the origin of things As any process of thought would Lead to. To should clearly distinguish Between will Fie fined truths and Mere theories of late years to had heard a great Deal about evolution. This theory was not altogether new hut it had now gained such a to Simeion in the mind of thinking men that it Doveri de respectful consideration the theory was that there had been a gradual development of animal and vegetable life from lower forms. It failed however to account for the origin of life itself in fact we were just As ignorant now regarding the origin of life As before. The human being to far As we knew waa the Only creature on Earth that was conscious of its own mind. Still after making sch theory of evolution judge Smith believed there was a valuable germ of truth in it. The i great outcry let a acc waa raised by theologians when the Ero Lefcion hypothesis was first brought into prominence and Tho different attitude now assumed were referred to. So far As geology was concerned the Earth s surface had As yet Only be a scratched. The True reconciliation Between geology and revelation had not hitherto been found but it did not follow therefrom that no reconciliation existed Hasty generalisation however should be rigidly avoided. There were probably Many Law surrounding us of which we were a present ignorant and there were doubtless Many other Laws in operation which in our present state we could not know. With regard to miracles it had formerly been assorted that they were impossible now it was simply held that there was not sufficient evidence Fco substantiate them i bile Miracle had ceased in ube physical world he considered that they were common enough in the moral part of Many a nature. The incarnation and the resurrection of Christ the lecturer considered the two truths upon which christianity Wae based and the evidence was quite conclusive of both Point the resurrection was a Well established Hia topical fact. After alluding to the subject of biblical criticism judge Smith concluded by suggesting that we should keep our minds open to receive new truths from any Quarter and should seek a the truth a it is in As the time was somewhat late or Button stated that any questions bearing upon the subject if left at his office would be forwarded to judge Smith and that gentleman a answers read next sunday the following recommendation of the works and Tariff committee of the Auckland Harbour Board was submitted Feo the usual meeting of the Board this afternoon pm that this committee recommends that the Bank of new zealand estate company limited by requested to state the Quantity of Frozen Moat it is proposed to guarantee Feo Export from Auckland within say 12 months hence in order that the Board May have a basis upon which to ascertain Conoe irions i any can be made a Anglo colonial notes. From our special correspondent London november 29. The topic of the Houll a a word about it. Although i have an ample budget of Anglo colonial Newt this mail i cannot forbear prefacing it with a word on the supreme topic of Che hotter i.e., the astounding manifesto wich which or Parnell has Slabbed my Gladstone in Tho Back this morning and literally taken away the breath of the Liberal party. What its a Ileal will be no one a yet seems Able to predict save of course that it completes she utter Dir org amp Nisan it of the opposition and finally sweeps away the last pretence Ofamin ability liberals and the Irish party. As a a device to save his own Bacon i should not wonder if or Parnell s treacherous move succeeded. Messes Healey of Connor Dillon and o Brien threw him Ever for Tho Sake of the Home Rule or Gladstone promised them but it they agree with their chief that the Bill the propose is non Worth having the cause for their desertion disappears. 1 have always told you the Liberal leaders disagreed re the measure of Home Rule to be Given Ireland and that the moment they returned to Power this would to conto apparent but i certainly had no notion Clad a tone s programme was to sensibly him food. Pavitt will never forgive Parnell nor Trust him nor i imagine will or commits. By vowing to heaven he would come through the div Otoo court with in Suji Rychod name he led them to believe in his innocence and allowed them to Cro bail for him All Over the country Davit 63-Pociully is simply furious or Henby Reynolds in Denmark. Air Honry Reynolds returned from his tour of the Denmark Dairis a and butter factories about Chr eur weeks ago and has since been As he expressed it�?44 putting Ultimo visiting relatives in Cumberland very shortly now consignments of new zealand Dairy produce will commence to am Ltd and or Reynolds will Tako up Hia residence in town and watch the Market. To Writch through letters kindly fur Nio Heri by or Davidson and messes Grice and co. To or Busck of Copenhagen i was enabled to thoroughly inspect the modes opa Avdi of several Sautter factories the milk Supply company of Copenhagen end Tho scandinavian butter packing company. Or by amp Cut i amp the managing director of Tho two last institutions and has worked Thorn up from very a mail beginnings to the greatest Feu Coss. The milk Supply company is i should soy the Best organisation of its kind in the world. The depot is on the outskirts of the City and consists of extensive and commodious preen Ilieff. The milk is received each nig 16 by train from about fifty firms which milk on an average about 13l Cowb each. Tho care and distribution of this milk Necos Pitatos Lijo employment of 170 hands inclusive of those engaged in butter making. The butter is Tnador by Dairy aids distributed Over Tho City the some Day. Through the kindness of or Busck i had the Opportunity of looking into every detail of tin s extensive and Well conducted undertaking to also arranged for to to Insp net a Large cheese and butter factory in the country and further personally conducted me Over one of the milk Supply company a farm. I was much Frunk with Tho c4oanlin�s? and Todur prevailing a this a staff Ishmoul. In one eyed 1 saw 136 Milch cows. Tim animal Wilt by confined in the building till next Spring april or May. Every car is taken to keep the beasts clean and healthy. Only certain kinds of tool arc allowed and each animal is provided with a trough of fresh Spring water. Aro appointed to make periodical visits to each farm to see that All the rules and regulations of the company Aie carried or Reynolds Stales the Fife lie received invariable Courtesy during his hit to Denmark and he waa agreeably surprised to find that now sealanders were much More to Tho front in their knowledge of Dairy fuming than he had been led to believe. Or Reynolds reports. of butter which Arliey Nolb had sent to him from no have turned out most . The following Are report on same a a the Sample packages Are to bund Ana Are in very Tino condition cleaner and in More perfect order than any danish or Irish i Ever saw. The Quality is Gool. Bub for flavour finest danish or Irish stands another report states that a the a ample packages were of first a rate Quality and such As we think will gradually make Way on this Market and eventually Hou at nearly the prices of the finest danish providing ave could always depend on regularity in arriving and Quality uniform with the Sample packages.51 the a reports Are indeed encouraging and show conclusively that new zealand Dairy produce will be Able with Ordinary care and attention to compete favourably with the sources of Supply. Denmark at pretend provides Over 40 per cent of the total Importe of butter into England. Some of the interested Danes who see in new zealand a Aerice competitor in the near future Are particularly careful not to divulge to a Branders their methods of Dairying. The agent general a office. Tho Nesva obtainable a your a Genic general s office has of late been of the scant est description. Or Kennaway informs me that of Civ Francis Bell is making exhaustive inquiries into the Koch consumption Cuoq and is endeavouring to obtain some of the much sought after Lymph. The genial second in command a muck exercised in his mind Auen an order from your governor Nenfi to procure a consignment of polecat is areas. Or Kennaway a natural history was at fault with regard to this particular Rabbit exterminator. I could not help him beyond suggesting in application to a a Samrach a Blue Spur company. Tiibi directors of the Blue Spur and Gabriel a Gully company have. I understand received further pecuniary assistance from the shareholders and express Confidence in the future of the company. Miss Jessie Weston. Though miss Jessie Weston s Campaign in the cause of14 colonial loyalty a has not up to Tho present been rewarded with any very conspicuous Success a he is still on the War path and wholly undaunted. Or Bakewell Muse the Young lady vows either by her pan or by some one Elsos be made to Rue the Day he Aspersen new zealand. Mies we econ wrote a scathing reply to or bake Wells article and offered it in turn to the editors of the big review. They were All exceedingly Nice and exceedingly kind. A editors remarks Mise Weston parenthetically always Are kind and always Are Nice till Yow get to Then they become in the present instance the editors would have none of Mia Weston a reply she supposed because a he is 44 not a person of or Percy Bunting the editor of the a a contemporary gave the Young lady an interview and she gave or Percy Bunting a piece of her mind. A if a said Mia Weston a your great reviews Only accept articles by persons of consideration How cause or know tee to take or Bakewell a farrago of libels a a the must be an m.l.a.,�?� Eaid Bunting. A a certainly an m.l.c., then a a certainly not. Or a amp Kewell crushingly is a medical Man and a medical Man of no special importance in Auckland Good Man Wop or Gladstone and Jessie Weston. Miss Weston sent her novel a a Ico Meri,5�?T to or Gladstone and theg.o.m., who id nothing if Nob Gallant read it and also wrote the fortunate lady a complimentary letter Nob a postcard in the course of which he said a a there Are few subjects of More interest than the present relations of the aboriginal Peoples to creation. I think you have rendered a real service by the exhibition of a very curious portion of the subject a another Auckland authoress one of the Moat charming Christmas books i have come across is miss Kate my cosh Clarks a a Southern croat fairy tal�,3 illustrated liberally with Delig Haiut pictures of elves and children by the author and mrk Atkinson. A very notable foot about this Book As the a a chronicles Points out is that it is written to meet the exigent Cia amp of australian children the scenes of Christmas tales ramp and by English speaking children have As the author remarks been for the inst part naturally Laid amid Winter Snow and leafless landscape. The Yule log and holy Berty have been of cite honoured 41 but there Aro growing up under the Southern Gross generations of children with English speech and English haute to whom the Yule log a Christmas is unmeaning and Snow unknown. 44 a Southern Gross fairy tale then i written Feu Auer children As these and also for those in the older land who have any desire to know what Christmas is like among their Kin on the other aids of i get world. White socking to amuse it is intended to convey information. New zealand land full of natural wonders and Natur amp to Beauty i its Flora and its Fauna Are in every Way remarkable. In miss Clarks volume though the allusions to those wonders and beauties Aro playfully introduced they Are True to fact. The colours and habits of plants and animals Are in sober reality Juat what they Are made to appear in fairyland. Santa Claus appears to Hal and tvs the hero and heroin but to their Surprise he a Pearl As a Young Man being in the new world he is Young like it. Santa Claus shows the children Many wonderful Thiegs which Are described and illustrated in a Way adapted to captivate the juvenile mind. Bir Walter duller replies. Sir Walter Buffer s replies Fco the extravagant strictures passed upon him in Tho report of the new zealand Antimony company s committed of investigation have arrived and show that he waa most unfortunate in not being represented at the meeting at which that remarkable document was considered. Had sir Walter Beau the try himself it is morally certain that whatever else happened the motion dismissing him from the Board would never have bc6n passed. I do not Euy he answer every charge Condux vely i do not know enough about the various matters for that. But he answers them and of the surface1 at any rate spacious by enough. Sir Walter Buller language is thoroughly i robust. He Rios not pretend that he went into Tho Antimony company Foi aught but to make Money. If Tho promotion had t been a Good thing 1 or him he would t have touched the business. At the same time there was no dec rot agreement the contracts Wero open and aboveboard. With regard to Tho directors promising to forego their Iez a fair Walter a ays a a the Board simply what was due to them Tiff Money waa More . A for Tho fees being extravagant Bir Walter claims they were Normal viz., �200 a your. To never pretended sir Charley Clifford and sir John Stoke and or Gisborne were a schea men a who would attend meetings and incur heavy responsibility for nothing. Waidley and co. Respond. Sir Walter Buffer s reply 1ms solicited form or Hercy Nai lev and his colleagues a Long Recti Mintory and explanatory document of the a you re another a sort. To this sir Walter May feel it necessary metaphorically speaking to respond a Yah in and there let us Hope the dispute so for As letters Are concerned will end. The question a Fco whether sir Walter and Hill Eon Are entitled to the �15,000 promotion Money which the new Board allege they made out of the concern illegitimately i or Waidley says to be threshed out in Tho Law courts. Therefore beyond briefly storing that sir waiter Buffer denies having made anything like such a sum and claims to be fully entitled to whatever amount he and Hia Oft a Vang did pocket it can pc by right Fco discuss the question. I confess i Don t altogether understand by the Way the blocked manner in which or Naid Ley throw Ophia Banda in horror at the of promotion Money having been paid anyone. Few people i imagine know better than he does that in is not usual in the City Tor people to exert themselves promoting companies in embryo free Gratis for nothing. Sir w. Buffer s claim that the late Board had really turned the Corner of their difficulties and that the company was actually doing Well when or Waidley kicked up a rumpus and turned them out is naturally specially irritating to to Banc gentleman. He May however rest assured the shareholders will justify him in the luf cure if Hia policy can by any manner of Means extract a dividend from the mine. So far his work Baa been mainly Patching up old blunders and it must by admitted he Lias cancelled the unlucky Cookson contract and gob rid of an expansive lawsuit on fair terms. Sir Walter Buffer i Leo criticises the new boards action in arranging to Send Home 100 tons of Low Grade Ore per month for treatment in London he predicts what with shipping charges Etc., this wont pay. Or Nai lev however explains that the company have entered into an agreement with a firm who wish to Purchase this Low Grade or for purposes of their own and offer a Price he thinks will pay. Retired. 1 notwithstanding the continuous denials of Tho official that there was any truth in rumours of the retirement of or manager Stewart of the Bank of new zealand i am told that gentleman has severed his connection with the institution and gone to live in Edinburgh. It is to visit Hia aged parents who reside in Nani zealand that Little Buncombe Asarello the composer of a Baba Dill and other immortal works is on his Way Fco visit your Colony. Bank of new zealand estates company. The statutory meeting of the above concern last week was a purely formal affair. Or b. J. Jell Ray presided and said that the whole of the million and a half of debentures had been taken up and instalments to the amount of �545,000 received to Date. The assets agreed Feo be taken Over had All been vested in the company and major Nelson George had returned to the Colony to organise their business. The directors had every Faith in the future of the company. Already bids had been received for several of their estate at prices exceeding the valuation acc which they had purchased them but the directory had declined these believing they could do be Cicer Noble investors. An experienced agent will next year visit South America Australia and new zealand on behalf of a Syndicate of Noble capitalist who desire to follow the examples of the late Duke of Manchester and the late lord Carnarvon and invest in colonial land. The new lord Carnarvon is understood to be interested in this venture. If you remember he was in route to new zealand when Hie father fell seriously ill but had Only if i am not mixing things got As far As the Cape. A a greater Britain a is the name of a a Lew and inferior h Coronios and new zealand company meetings. The Drift of the report which the Alrec tors of the Tapanga Gold mining company presented to the shareholder of their third Ordinary meeting last week was that the strikes and the floods had greatly interfered with the work of Tho year but that nevertheless the Shaft had Boen sunk 22ft, and the prospects of the Enterprise nere encouraging. Captain arg Ali the manager cabled that the Workings for the month ending october 25th resulted in a profit of �500. Or Whitthorne q.c., representing Dpi Ben Ocoro holders in Tho Ojeas now zealand agricultural company to theol Teuton �227,000, is bitterly of poring the appointment of or Doven As receiver and manager on the ground that the gentleman is partner in a firm of accountants who once acted for Tho company and whose name appeared a the Bottom of the balance sheets which ought it a maintained never to have been published. Before my Justice chitty the Kotliar Day or Yuhi Thorne applied that or Whitlen might be appointed to the Post. A similar application was you remember made in August. Or Justice chitty now offered to a amp a a a common order for a receiver but this see roed palatable to neither a Ide. Ultimately the judge referred the application of receiver and manager Fco Chambers. At the Ordinary general meeting of the new zealand thames Valley land company last week or Clark q.c., Eaid be thought the property might be made to pay in time and then by Way of proving the fact announced that they had lost 4,338 sheep or 33 per cent of their entire flock Dunn the year. This was the manager a Aid the consequence of placing them on too Rich land. How such a Blunder came to be made the Board did not explain. The Aito for the town of lib yield had been very unfortunately made and owing to the bad times the Money the company had spent laying out the township erecting cottages Etc., in the Hope of attracting settlers had been lost. Unsound new zealand Harbour boards. Tho collapse of the new Plymouth Harbour Board has naturally directed attention to other new zealand corporations of to lib same sort and the bind of Security they offer. The results do not seem to strike some of the inquirers As at All Happy. The 44 financial times a in a lengthy article last wednesday declares there Are Only five new zealand Harbour boards who a Bonds can with reasonable certainty to recommended to investors. Two of these Grey Mouth and Westport Are sate simply because Che now zealand government guarantees their Bonds but Wellington Lyttelton and Auckland approved by the 44 times a in the order named have enough Trade to afford reasonable Security. The Bonds of the eight Oiler new zealand Harbour boards the a financial times con Nob recommend though it by no Means goes so far As to say they will follow the example of new Plymouth. Loan of Chis kind Are it remarks essentially Specula Tiv investments. In the cases of Wellington Lyttelton and Auckland the risk no doubt exist but does not exceed the Hazard which a prudent Man May incur. In the others the risk is at least More than covered by the increased return obtained. Personal and general. Or Chas. A Wyatt a barrister of the supreme court of new zealand has had an unpleasant experience of English domestics. At Westminster police court the other Day he prosecuted a woman lately in his employ for misappropriating certain Domestic necessities. The Young person had apparently played Tho part of the boarding Hosso Cut with Groat succ�s3, a search of her lodgings bringing to Light sufficient a a sundries a to Staric a respectable Chandler s shop besides various article of lingerie belonging to or Wyatt s wife a 44 Mouth hard a or a Courtney a of Taranski various Gibbions to England in the cause of emigration and colonisation have not it would seem been entirely devoid of results. A number of agriculturists from various part of the country have been in communication with Capac Ashby and others with a View to ascertaining How much or How lit Tjw Faith is to by placed in or Courtney a representations. Captain Ashby s advice to these would to colonists who appear to be generally possessed of Small capital is not to pledge themselves to any portion of the Colony but Fco go Cut re new zealand see the country and its resources and then abide by their own Luck and judgment. The Many Friend a and acquaintances of or scr Cobie late second in command of the . Rim Utaka will be pleased to learn that be Haa been appointed Captain of the new zealand shipping company a new cargo Steamer sea King. It g. To Baldwin son of Captain Baldwin of the new zealand 41 times whose successes at Law examinations i recently chronicled sailed for Wellington in the , doric which left London on Thure-1 Day last. On Board the sum Steamer Are or and mrs Browning of Auckland and two children or and mrs to s. Lease sad or j. C. Clark some slight trouble waa experienced in getting the doric off to time owing to the interference of the Riverside unions which arose out of or Savoil a quarrel with the painters and scrapers1 organisation the prompt action of the thames committee however averted All delay. This is not the first skirmish that messes Shaw and Savil have had with the new unionists who have invariably come off second Best. There will be a Large number of through passengers for new zealand by the , Victoria bailing on december 12fch. The following have already booked re by or Auckland messes r. G. Behrens Moore Shar Laud and White mrs and or a j. Hale and mrs David Josties. For Chris Mcchurch s miss Cook or and airs Parker and family air and mrs Smith and child air and mrs Maling and family. For Dunedin or and airs Walton and child and or g. Alain that Well known sportsman air h. Beddington with his wife and family left London on thursday in the Carthage for new zealand. On the a am boat Are alias Elkin and or and a Ira Tasker and child bound for Auckland or c. R. Clarke Alisa Grigg Ming Hutton and or l. H. Price for Lyttelton whilst or Holic mrs Lambert and air White return to Napier. Air Apichell Clarke the newly appointed lecturer on modern languages to the Canterbury College Start for your paric of the world in january next. Coming events. Marti amp is �to., to night Pertt House Janet Achurch in 4�?~in i Hewer Quot s City Hall Misa Amy v Aughan a pantomime Poison Myhall Jervo inroad auction sales to Morrow. Arthur and Buddie a household Pur Liun Range a Eto 11 a a awls furniture Ole graphs ornaments Etc., 11 Esau and Arthur furniture piano Etc. Lit drapery clothing Etc., 12 a to a i Wilson and Clatton furniture school furn a sure Garden boiler Etc., St John s College. Wes Tamaki in g. Binney and Sona Oata chaff Albert Stretti amp Vii Trade Union meetings. Sexton shall Newton go sworts employ sea Union Thia evening 7.30 a a in to Yea and prospers a Union social . This evening 7.30 11 Hul Timber Mill and unset Neny a Union _ i Street a All Thia evening b Job ;