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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Auckland, Auckland The Auckland Quot evening Staey ,. Tuesday k january 6, 1891. Shipping thib evening 7,20 . Sunrise.�?1to-Morrow morning. ¿3.52 my. New Moo a january 11th, 2.56 . Ii ugh water. it Blind �.10 log instr or Momme 3.41 _ _. Joti Anuku ? afternoon 5.d0 tomorrow morning 6.21 jct Para Jno Itow Looren to to wow Alvernoon 7.21 arrivals Waiora 3.s., from Mol Bourns Hobart Dunedin and Southern ports. a mesdames Erskine new May Stewart Robinson. Snail Hinckley Burneck and a a Miry Missos Walden Flanigan Elua Newman Donno Santier Hollis a Tono Mclellan messes Johnstone Robb Caulton Grant Evans Sim Nies Kelly Good Hayward Fawcett Kilt Forsyth Waller Welch Walden Finlayson Fitzgerald Jei Lroy Mahoney Flanigan Smith Captain Hinckley and in atari 41�?Tvo Wellington a from Whangarei. Pos sengers. A missed Hobbie Lena Elym Wilson Wadt Nann Woddall plat to Laird lan8e, Roberts. Murchie gobble Goring Liddy Julen Jones Moore a Lotic messes a. Moore Louus Roberts. Lear son Kobor Taon Abercrombie Donaldson Liddy Levy Murchie Campbell Cox voyce Harle Sotheran Whitehouse Mckenzie 2marshall wanting Reed Mclean Mcleod. Cutler Nize Hules Hixon Hendry Cook Wilson i Latt Maior Goring and 14 Steerage. Australia s. S., from Napier Gisborne and East coast ports. Passe Niteis mrw Milner and boy or a. A Clarke or cantelis and one Maori. Departures. Clansman ,� Lor Russell Whang Atoa and Mangouni. Iona ., for Kua Tunu and Mercury Taupo . For Suva and Leuka Fiji Russell. Passengers mesdames i Cherow Petersen mias Manro messes is Munro 3wells. Alameda, for Sydney passengers or and Eva Stacey miss Remington messes a. Loader m. Gallagher a. Kelly Atid 57 in transit from san Francisco. It Dpi Bourdieu French frigate flagship of rear Admiral do pres meal Tor Wellington and Valparaiso Union . movements. Tuesday a Vakapuna leaves Onehunga 5-50. Wednesday a Australia arrives from East coast and leaves again 6 . Mana Pouri arrives from Sydney Waiora leaves Ter Sydney 5 . arrives at one Lunga 6 ., and leaves again 5 . Mana Pouri leaves Lor South noon. arrives from Tonga and Samoa. Northern . movements. leaves for Whangarei Marsden Point and Para Bay at 8 . _ wednesday. A Airlock arrives from Wai Carai Wellington arrive from Whangarei Glenelg arrives from Hoki Anga. or Argyle leaves for thames daily. The . Alameda resumed her voyage to Sydney at 7 of clock last evening. The barque 3ielen sails on thursday for Whitn Garrii to Load sawn Kauri for Sydney. The norwegian barque Prospect is now �28 Days out from port Chalmers for this port. Tho Schooner Christine Cap to. Moliver 5�, Aow about due Here from Noumea and Norfolk Laland. The Schooner fleeting is now on. Lior Way up to this port from Ohiowa Bay of plenty Wirob a Load of Maize. The Schooner Olive copt. Ross should Quot be showing up Here again from Tho Friendly group with fruit and copra. A late Sydney Exchange says a the 9tnarfe Auckland built Echo Nec Sovereign has been fixed to Load flour nod general cargo from Sydney to j the s.3. Taupo Captain Cameron left j port for Fiji last evening Laden with a full j general cargo including Large shipments of provisions some Timber Etc. She Calls at the Bay of islands to Coal. The Union company a East coast Steamer Australia Captain Gibb arrived at noon i to Day from Napier Gisborne Toyomaru i and Hangap Rama she 1 brought up Homo Wool and sundries. Captain Hinckley of new York master of the american wooden ship leading wind now in port hero arrived from port Chalmers this morning by the . Waiora to take charge of the vessel again after being invalided for some time. Tho wreckage recently reported pm Mcl Lish reef near Long Island off Queensland by Captain Young of tha Sydney whaling barque mens Chikoff a Boli oved to be from the fore and aft Bali sonar Bartolat a vessel wrecked a the reef several years ago. The Waiora. The Union co.�?T.s. Waiora Capac. John Anderson arrived in oort at 10 . To Day from Melbourne Southern Porta bringing a fair complement of passengers and Homo general cargo including 791 packages transshipment from Home sex the , Subb. Or Fenwick Purser report sly paving Dunedin at 6,10 . On the 31sfc of december and calling at Lyttelton Wellington Napier and Gisborne leaving the bitter port at 9 . Yesterday. Tho Ato earner met with Fine weather up the coast with fresh to moderate and Light variable winds. New York shipping writing under Date december 6, messes r. W. Forbes and son of new York state regarding Charters for the colonies a a freights the Market in without special change vessels being in. Moderate Supply and rates steady. The figures Given in our last regarding Charters May stand with perhaps slight concessions for Large ships. The following is Blois have been taken a St. Katherine for Melbourne Annie Reid for Adelaide Bonny Doon for Dunedin and Wellington Mobley for Wellington and Auckland Samar for Sydney the Mary Hasbrouck will not carry cargo for Auckland. The Alice will make Auckland a third port of Call and is now nearly engaged full. New zealand rates Are Low and Nob firm even a present figures. We look for a decline for Ato least one port during the ensuing month. Charters Are in contemplation for Brisbane Sydney and Dunedin direct. Present rates May be quoted a follow Melbourne 12c. Sydney 11c. Adelaide 14c. Brisbane 20c. Dunedin inc. Lyttelton 20c. Wellington 18c. To 20c. I Auckland 20c.�?� the fresh vessels chartered to visit Auckland since last mail Are the Well known barque Alice Captain Swain and the american Brigantine Motley 591 tons Captain Harper of Machias the Motley is loading for Wellington and Auckland and Wab to sail about january 15 passengers for Auckland. Tho following passengers for Auckland hah booked at London up to november 29th a per . Lusitania to sail december 5th or Knightley Coxe or Geoffrey Hardwood. Per . Oriya j to sail december 19th r miss r. Birch or f h. A Bloomfield. Per . Victoria sail december 12th mar g. Behrens and Man servant or and mrs a. A Hale mrs d. Jones. Moo jew my Sharl amp and Ftfe a White 7 a port of one Hung a. Departures. Gairloch ., for Wai Tara. Passengers messes Bumbley Bell Sib Bitic Kemp Cleghorn Hansen fulminant Bay Ley g. Brown Mckenzie Mclean. Darrow. Glab Veit Carf Ahon Barr Gilmour Mckeller Parsons Barnard Johnaon Carroll Levi son Carr Mckay Donaldson Hudson Mackay Cairns Hill mesdames Gilt on and child Bair and 2 children Parsons Matson Andorson and 2 children misses Mcleod Hughes Kilgour and 15 Steerage. Go Toelg ., from Hok Langa telegraphic shipping. Lettu toy january 5.�?arrived Povio log Brig from Nelson. Sailed . Pakaki for Westport Baldur barque for Wellington Firth of Dornoch barque for United kingdom. Boor this the Anau from Melbourne and Hobart it 5 . Passengers a mrs co Ope mias Jenkin or Parker Rev. Kelly. Opalick and Granivell have Art Scyros Art muslims Art Cre tonnes of the newest Desiron amp sex Rati Lukcik. New Ealand 0_kaphic and j Avies journal. Issued to Morrow wednesday. Contents foe january 10, 1s91. Holiday sketches whole Page by our special artist. N t a thrilling in Story by mrs Oliphant. Cam Nien cd to Cnober la. Back numbers can to obtained. Sketches at railway employees picnic at Manawat by cur special Artlay Adas revenge a capital Story. Against the Grain a Zoroufi paso sketch for Holiday Jmc. Early colonial life . Lovely plates. Showing Suoi her costumes. Our illustrated London letter. Views of Auckland architecture. London and Paris fashions five o clock Tea Chat. Price 4d per single copy. Six months1 subscription 10a payable in Advance including postage. Send your orders Ato once through any bookseller or nows agent in new zealand or direct to the publisher h. Brett.-, Short Laid theet or. Haines having returned from Rotorua has resumed practice at usual hours january 5th. K e l s a a y f 3, the Arcade opposite the town clock. Christmas cards specially ordered from England have just arrived and. Are shown As in former years in separate room. Cheap toys. Fancy goods of every kind. Cheap soft sponges at 6d, 9dt is and is 6d each. Storekeepers and hawkers supplied. Kelsey a opposite the town clock. The colonial insurance company of new zealand fire and Marine. The business of tide company has been transferred to the commercial Union Assurance company limited or London by whom through the various branches and agencies in new zealand ail accounts of Init to and by. And All losses under the colonial insurance company a policies will by settled in future. Frank Allen. General manager. Wellington. New zealand december 11,1830. Commercial Union Assurance company limited. Estall to Suteu 1861. Incorv Opito under act1 of Pirli Ament 7 and 8 vol. Cap. 110. Head office f9 and 20, Cornhill London capital fully subscribed�2,500,000 capital paid up. £250,000 total invested funds �2,600,000 total annual net income�1,150,000 g in e e y s dry g in. Good for affections of kidneys. Vide report of sir Charlea Cameron . trickery nor Competition has la been Ablo to Olfort Tho reputation of Wolfe a schnapps. H. F. Wind sub surgeon dentist by of am. Bho Etland St opposite general Moab of Bce late of the Linn of kempt and Windsor. 1 beg to inform the pet Lents of the late firm of r. Ana we a that All Aure Emerts entered into by them will be completed by me. And All work executed by them will be repaired and kept in order by Rue As though the firm were still in practice Firat Ola a work in every Case guaranteed. Terms moderate. Tele Phoc e�77, or. Wilkins uses Elcor Voity galvanise and v Apenir Baths formerly honorary surgeon Alfred Hospital Melbourne also infirmary for diseases of Eye bar Throat and Chest Melbourne two years at Throat Hospital London with sir Morell Mackenzie. Spectacles arranged to All sights. See i am Poblet on cure of medical surgical and chronic nerve debility mainly without internal medicines sundays 10to 12, Budr Ilant Street near Siab office i Arlick and or an we in have the seamless japanese matting in 1, i and in Yards wide very pretty and durable. Leftault snit 1862.j a. Go Bartlett 10 Queton Street. Chronometers chronographs watches jts Wellesty clocks . The Best Fence to select Christmas phmsent8 we Dino presents birthday presents chronometers repaired and rated or transit abbr ration. Clip monographs and All Linds of in Ochoa Caroi ully and skilfully repaired. Wheels Piu Iotia or any other part of a Tatoli required made on the premises. Highest and Oulu award for clip odometer and watch work at . And . Exhibition 1e89-s0, Jowo i Lory made to order repaired Ore. Ordenia by Poat receive careful attention. G Silty k Oller Mills Shortland Street tic proprietors beg to announce that having entirely re modelled their Mill on Tho latest g Rad Ual o eduction principle by tic introduce Iii of rollers can v. conf Rooco offer their new ji0llek j l0dk. And solicit n trial. Tho follow Lue Are Tho Branda first Quality a Snow Drift. Blui second Quality a superfine. Red. -1 a bycfi0pt a Ca limited proprietors. Christmas i Christmas i Christmas i Hannah Stone amp co., Cash Boot Palace 172, Queen Street Are now opening up their splendid summer Stock of boots amp shoes. Tha advantages of buying from the largest direct importers and manufacturers in the Colony together with the facilities of a election from an immense and varied Stock Are now fully recognised and Tho system of Cash trading which must commend itself to All an established Success. Special lines. A. D. Ladies kid lace shoes. A a amp 3 Glace kid elastic sides .�11 evening buckle shoes from 2 9 splint he value Ladica lev. High leg Bals. From �711 Strong and useful women a Plain leather Bals fron 7 6 children a shoes in great variety per pair from. �06 fort country Wear menus elastic sides toe and Heel plates 9 11 a a Derby shoes from. 7 11 Strong nailed Blucher Foroi. 5 3 a a Strong Plain bluchers5 3 a a Kip pegged watertight 10 9 a a shooters a 9/6 10 6 Beal Goon value gents Light Bals.10 6 slippers in great variety from 211 Cove and West a Boa Tocks a and Pinet s boots in great variety. Observe the address an nah g to new 00., Auckland Cash Booi Palace Queen Street. / i a lick and Cran Well jul a re pc Cei Ved a new lot of carpets also Selling i0d remnants of tapestry and Brussels. A bargain inks and Jei All wholesale 4 retail Cabin Etma eks upholstery is and carpet Wabe horsemen Aro Iii St Landing of rim Utaga and coptic carpets i carpets i carpets i armets a pets a/akpet3 i now patterns for the coming season in Brussels tapestry and Kidderminster. Brussels carpets. 4a 6d per Yard now laity Erie in in oleum 1 t in oleum t Juno Euils juin oleum 1 w inks and Jitlall Shortland strict. Auckland a Dard w. M. Eum Geir. Barrister and solicitor 110, Victoria Arcade Auckland. Money to lend aka japanese Firo Grats Sot do. Two quite a not cloy at Tho Low Prit o and Cran Well. Now Ope no Ufa hero amp a Nedden k 0�?z family drapers. Clothiers a nos. 104 and 106, Queen Street i Emilea latterly occupied by the . A magnificent new Stock of goods is every department the latest novelties in go Lime millinery dress fabrics to skilled dressmakers and milliners on the premises. Stylo and fit guaranteed and Keaton Noble charge Large Stock of Straw hats or All kinds. Country orders promptly attended t Rush Brook Snedden amp co Gummjr summer i 1890-91. We have now opened a Choice assortment of new dress materials millinery hats feathers Flowers and general or Avery at prices to suit All a competent staff of dressmakers on Folio premises. Country orders promptly executed. A. L o v e t to Well of s l a y Street. I Peci Al importations of dress . Hoyce s a Milne and c arc now showing Iho following do materials All of a Njohn Ara us Kublo Lor Tim Praseut season und which they can confide Tetly recommend lj1cv having been bought to Gruar Udoni image. Both Fai Butylo and a Suva in Tho Gilomo markets. Tho follow ing Aro 11 few of Ibe special materials in All Trio new and fashionable colourings French bkg Plain and willed French Foule. French cash3lff.ttlsb splash checks. Splash stripes broken checks. Block checks Wool brocades. Grenadines mohair in Plain and j3ioca<to last cloths in Black and coloured claikbtte3 in Slack and coloured Cheviot Light weight in Plain and Checka nuns veiling single and double Width Delaine Plain. Printed and checked single dress lengths in great variety. Mourning Parramatta Henrietta Cashmere Merino i Crape cloth Largo and Small figure Lair i i Avette Crystal Lelton brocades spots stripes. 4 diag Miotla checks ceilings Delaino. Crapes Etc., Etc. N Silks in All the newest shades Guys Koyal of Poult 110yale, Poult Merveille Serge imperials Surah the Wear proof a watered Engaline brocades checks spot a s. Stripes Pongee in Plain and figured pollards in Plain and spots China Silks in Plain and figured silk Grenadine in Plain and figured muslims in Plain and printed bridal and evening Silks in Pale shades velvets Plain and brocaded washing Gingham in brocades Checka. Figures and Plain sateen in Plain. Figures and spots Cambric in trails spots. Checks Etc. Walatkas in Plain and striped evening materials in great variety. Passement Erie in variety ornaments dress sets to match dresses in braid and Bend it Rich Jet Gimp and sets. For fiems and prices sent free on application. First Claas dressmaker and Large staff of assistants. Queen and Wellesley streets Auckland. Just purchased at a heavy discount a splendid lot ladies silk Broche and Cashmere Dolman newest Stylet j and to be hold considerably j under warehouse Price Small lace and Cashmere capes almost Given away. Also labor Lynh of boys so youths Straw hats from 9d each. pro 4s 6d, for 3s 6d, Job line 03tri0h feathers at a half a prior a a v s grand Stock of new Kai Apoi cloning Colo rated Milt i cheap Brand clothing Soyat Knocker Suita special to. Pug Abies is. Reduced to 6d. 54-in, blk and drab italian cloth a did Yard to Clear. New patterns in and ?.ia at very lowest rates desperate Job line a men s. Womb no a amp girls hosiery. Job lines in clothing new umbrella dross goods prints and Gingham cheap to Clear terms Cash and no discount. 88, Ftp a Eeik str a new zealand 1 to wit. J in the matter of a Bill in Al titled Quot an act to j built tier Amend the be a Liland Bank a it notice i3 hereby Given that the Paulc of new zealand intends to present a i petition to inc general a Embly of new zealand at its next suasion praying for leave to introduce a Dili to be in titled a an act to further Amend the new zealand Bank act 1861.11 tic object of Tho said Bill i3 a to confirm Aud validate certain Roso Lutious Pai amp Cid it the Hall yearly general mooting of the proprietors of the said junk hold in Don Loii on the 2uth August 1890, and at a special Caner Al Jim acting 01 the Airt Pio Notor Fuldo held in London 011 the 18th september. 1s30. The following i9 a copy of the resolution9 above referred 10 1. That the �115s per share of to existing shares in or capital of Tho junk numbered 1 to 100.cog inclusive and �2i0s per share of the amp or res in the same capital numbered 100,001 to 150,000 inclusive be and the same respectively Are hereby cancelled such capital having Ucen a lost or amp ble a sets and that hence North dividends shall to paid on Trio first mentioned Shuros As representing �5 5s each instead of �7 each and on the second lev mentioned shares As representing �7 10s each instead of Jill each hut Sincli reduction shall not interiors with or m Hhd Way alter the liability of share holders to contribute a tur Thorssin of �j0. Us provided by Tho blinks act Aud Deodor settlement in the event of Lisa assets of the Cori cation Haing ii by ii cont to me t its Oil Tiger nuns. 2. Tomt the ljiruetor3 he and Are hereby cml powered at their option to receive from Huoh holders of Tho shares in the capital of the Hank numbered 1 to 100,000inclusive. As my be willing to pay Tho same �1 lbs Par share to reinstate their shares to �7 and to receive from such holders of the shares in Trio capital numbered 100,001 to 150,000 inclusive As May be willing to pay the same �2 10t per share to reinstate them shares to �10, and on All a tiaras so reinstated to pay dividends on the rely stated amounts Anri notice is hereby farther Rivo that copies of theft id Bill wit be deposited at the Omee of the jct Ainner Orsland Lonj. Oide sat u Ellis Piton at or within 14 a s Niter the commencement of Tho scion., dated this 20th Day of december. 1s3d. Clil. Lutis on. Auckland. Solicitor for the promoter of the Bui. A hmm a to with who Cut Ark Inch Pobat i to a pc ebb ring a ice of a a cd Ormuz Dpi and a eco a Ter the Causa that lacks assistance. For Ita wrong that Neade Resla Tanco Fer Tho future in the distance and. Tha Good that we can do. Tuesday. January 6. 1891. Rthur Jathan s Fri was. A blk a Arp Quot a economical a religious to tub palate. Juji Nachant yet Strong. Amiin reach of All. 2/ . Kathas teas. Rth Uil Jpn cd a nil in a Iroll a a will to full was gig to Seack . Jjo key Cir a of buy �z5bttee. A pc a cd it Fob it. O and a 0/6 be into a kit la very a Ai . A. Iltz Flor a Natisak s teas. Onue fully Success de l�o�,xjs�tlf�t�,f�otk�a�7 us cd. Al it _ rpm a a a Rte to lepers won t v Rhaye Ani other. _ Bio saving to the l . A it and a a i per Pound. Try it Ai rust of Xci. Rthur Nathan s Tuia. Quot Quot a the Bunch. Juie pick of rep ii Best of them Al trial will prove it. Is Eli Able and economical. Arthur Nathans reliable packed teas Are obtainable everywhere at 2s and 2> 6 1 per la to Tho finest Blois of China. India or l Nylon. No agent but All grocer and storage opera keep it. If not Proem old Ripon application Picaso write to the prop Etoir and of will to supplied without delay. Kerosene kerosene Best brands 150% and 1s3% test. A Large line for Sale at a very Low Price. Also full printed Price lists of groceries provisions Etc. William eae1�, Queen Street and Newmarket d w a e d s f. W. E lat amp k. H. Bartlett photographer. 23 6, Queen Street Over a j. Dickey the studio has been altered and improved to a considerable extent. It now possesses the finest Liht in the colonies. All work finished in. The Moat artistic style at reduced prices. Children a portraits a specially. Copies of any negative taken by r. H. Bartlow can be had. A in King a Cascara cordial u combination of Cascara Altit Ppd Phyllis an p . Has an est Ablahed refutation in chronic constipation and liver complaints undoubtedly the by at ape Rient for old or Young. Price 2s, per bottle. A the pharmacy Queen Street. or bake fetus consulting jul rooms will be removed after this week to now private residence at the top of waked eld Street. Next to Symonds Street fire Bell. Hours for Consoli action u to 12, morning and 5 to 7 in tie evening. December a 1890. A. L. m 1 t he surgeon dentist Twenty years exp Krince Corner of hob80n-Stkeet opposite St. Matthews Church. First Clara work. . Terms moderate. Good fit guaranteed and if necessary fitted with out extracting stumps. Painless extractions by Gas or chloroform. Consultation free. W. H. k e e t dental surgeon City dental rooms Queen Street Over tool Lams and Ca tailors opposite National Bank. Telephone 494. Silver jewellery artistic designs k5 endless assortment prices remarkably Low a at a. Go Bartlett a 154, Queen Street. Wolfeb schnapps a accept nothing but the ocl final Ai Noall Tot Tuu Oiw we injurious. A. Quot Charles Dickens in his own inimitable style introduces to his readers the stately baronet whose first impression that the country was going to ruin was derived from the failure of an attempt to get a la de a Nephew foisted into a civil service Billet a a with plenty of Money and nothing to the old gentleman a judgment was further confirmed by a subsequent failure to get the name of a faded female relative an elderly Yonne lady of Rouge and necklace celebrity placed on the pension list. The keen sarcasm of England a great humorous writer might have been supposed to depict a purely imaginary Case if modern history did not furnish us with so Many living examples the most cursory Reader of Dickens is aware that the novelists powerful sketches have living flesh and blood illustrations. No theme has supplied the Radical papers with More material for exhaust less invective than the anomalies that still exist in connection with the English system of pensions of late years the adoption of a plan of commutation backed up by the measures of the libera party has caused a sweeping away of Many abuses. Names have disappeared from the pension list whose very continuance there served As an irritant to popular feeling. When within the last few years radicals could Point to such items As annual sums paid to a daughter of an adopted child of lord Nelson we fail to wonder at the hostility displayed towards the pension system by the great mass of British taxpayers. A it would seem almost impossible that the worst features of the pension system could Ever be revived in a democratic Community. We Are not however without evidences from time to time that in some quarters the old spirit Silil exists and is Only restrained by the Force of popular opinion. The vote of 2,000 for the daughters of a deceased Cabinet minister daring the Atkinson administration shows an acknowledgement on the part of some of out legislators of the principle that sums of Money May equitably be voted under the Shadow of a parliamentary Sanction to the relatives of deceased statesmen who have been handsomely paid during their tenure of office. The new South Wales parliament has just been occupied with the discussion of a pension Case which though its provisions were meant to be limited to the lifetime of the recipient yet shows a deliberate attempt to override the civil service act of that Colony by which every civil servant of whatever Grade is entitled to a certain pension on retiring from the service. The name of no Public servant in that Colony is More familiar to the Public than that of or Whitton the late Engineer in chief for railways. For the Long period of thirty four years or Whitton has been engaged in the pub Lic service. Whatever his services have been and As to their value there is great difference of opinion in new South Wales he has been handsomely rewarded. During a period extending Over several years he has drawn the handsome sum of i Soo per annul or Whitton is at present in receipt of an annual pension of jc67s this sum he is entitled to by Law. The government however actuated by motives in which feelings of private Friendship seem to predominate have lately startled both parliament and country by a proposal to raise or Whitton a pension to the amount of his annual income before retirement�?�1,800 a year. The arguments put Forward for this piece of official favouritism constitute a sort of special pleading which however it May commend itself to the senatorial mind is hardly Likely to carry much weight outside the Halls of legislature. The minister for works who took up the cudgels on behalf of his Friend said that or Whitton s services to the country were almost unique. The opponents of the measure were quite prepared to assent to this although not exactly in the Way the Hon. Member intended. They could not forget that although or Whitton had been looked upon by his admirers As a sort of engineering god a Good Many of his works were left As a costly legacy to the taxpayers. The famous Zig Zag line alone ran the Colony into hundreds and thousands of unnecessary expense at first Cost and is a perpetual Burden upon the maintenance Branch. The minister for works however let details of a practical kind severely alone and dealt chiefly with sentimental considerations. He pathetically informed the House that or Whitten was in his 71st year and that in the Ordinary course of nature lie could not be expected to live More than four or five years. One is reminded of those advertisements that occasionally Grace English papers whereby anyone who wishes the reversion of a Benefice is informed that the present incumbent is in Bis 78th year in failing health and an apoplectic subject. Continuing his theme or Bruce Smith went on to Deal with the Large imaginary sums that the Engineer in chief might have gained in private practice. The House however did not seem to attach much importance to purely Jim Phi i the tical considerations. The statement that it was beneath the dignity of Pat. I lament to waste time in discussing a paltry sum of a i 20o a year no sympathetic smile on the Rin of �"7 who the pathetic Cabinet minister was surrounded. Sir Henry partes in taking up his parable was not More fortunate it is Well known that a Strong personal Friendship has subsisted of Many years Between the venerable Premier and the Engineer in Chick of railways. Sir Henry has always in held or Whitton As a Model of engineering skill which sentiment has been reciprocated by a conviction on the part of his Friend that sir Henry Parkes is the Prince of colonial politicians. This Damon and pythias kind of Friendship had not however much influence with those members who Felt that they had to look after the interests of the country1 As Well As or Whitton a. Sir Henry admitted that he was usually no advocate of pensions of any kind. He was embarrassed too with the knowledge that in the opinion of Many competent judges or Whitton a conspicuous abilities were not so Clear As when viewed with the Eye of simple Friendship. The Premier Laid great stress upon his Friend s general honesty of purpose but this was merely setting up nine pins for the pleasure of Bowling them Down. No one called or Whitten s integrity into question. Even his opponents who maintained that his obstinacy had on various occasions involved the government in expensive litigation did not dispute the general uprightness of his character. It was a pity the Point was Ever raised. In such discus. 1 Sions either Eulogius or reflections m the private life of a Public servant at equally out of place. The Straits do a which the Premier was put to find plausible reasons for his proposal cd. Plains his resort to such Flimsy a Jar 1 meats. It is satisfactory to find that the government sustained an overwhelming defeat and that or Winston will Only be Able to draw from Tbs Treasury his Legal pension of. Per annul. The episode is not t however without a certain significance. The new South Wales parliament. 1 while it did not decide against the pension system which was not the Point in dispute was careful to affirm the principle that no civil servant must expect to receive More than the pension provided by Law on the ground of exceptional Public services or the still More indefensible ground of Pri vate the question of the abolition of die f pension system if we May judge Kcjr the feeling displayed by various Meru Bers a is not unlikely to occupy the Uri Tention of the new South. Wales parliament at no Distant period Neici Tref dents As that we have alluded to do not cause it to grow in popular the conviction is strengthening in the colonies As Well As in England that if civil servants Are fairly paid for their services the onus of providing or their old age should be thrown upon themselves. In most instances constant employment and regular income place them in this respect at a Aigi eat advantage compared with other people there is no reason either from the nature of the service or from their exceptional abilities that an invidious distinction should be made Between them and their fellow citizens. It is pleasing to notice that the attempt to enrich or Whitton at the expense of. The taxpayers has been condemned by the new South Wales press representing the opinions of All political parties a verdict which has been approvingly echoed by the voice of the general Public. The Sylvia Park Sale gratification will mingle with the regret which a Felt Over Tbs breaking up of tin Sylvia Park stud yesterday. The prices realised prove that auck Landers have let a get a very Good thing by not taking Over thl property which was repeatedly pressed upon them. On the Ether hand the reputation of Auckland As an exceptionally favoured place Tor Breeding blood Stock is now Fulvi established and it has yen to to pro that the horse bred it Sylvie perk which have won Sacii signal honours on Tho to nil All Over Australasia owe All their stamina to ancestral Urana and Garefal rearing whether for instance the progeny of nov Erfaldt Bern and reared under the insolence of the australian climate will equal Tho grand Stock which own a their Birthplace the Dpi mantled stud farm at Sylvia Park. It doubt it. Possibly for a year or two climate May not materially affect Worde Feldts value of a sire after he has been removed to new South Wales but ultimately we firmly believe that it will do so and that some of Tho children who remain with us will yet displace the grandson of 1,nsk0�?�.i a a a re a of big prize winners on the turf. A Al a the to ined Afi if i Park will no longer be the Centre of a popular Industry Ite place May be taken to a very Reat a a trial la dependent private breeders who materially strengthened their studs by his a a Teeter Day a Sale. Whatever tue there in the Auckland climate of grass they will receive the b6nefitot in their operations and it will be to watch the f outre earners of the the a a a Beds which will soon be dispersed All Over ago ddee1 has been said about the Good Luck which attended the Ope twos at Sylvia Park. Before the last chapters the history of that institution m closed a word or two ought to be said of the Enterprise and Good judgment shown by its promoters. Thu Chance which placed Musket at their disposal was in one sense a stroke of ludic bub in required threw Donesa to take Adan age of it and equal judgment Wae shown in the subsequent Purchase of Nome Feidt if tha financial management of the to. Nan been on a Par with the pro tidal management of the stud it would to Day be a profit producing institution instead of being numbered with so Many other Auckland enterprises which have benefited the Public a the expense of the shareholders ;