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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Auckland, Auckland The Auckland evening Star tuesday january 6, 1891 3 the Svlvia Park Sal total amount realised 22,475 guineas Thi Tal of now zealand stud com a a a a famous Breeding establishment yes a a Wae quite an exciting scene. Spirited Vadini took place for the majority of to Taulote. Tin Throe lauding buyer were or t. T. A it acting on behalf of or Samuel Hof Jerny of Retford Park stud or w. R. I Jota the broken Hill millionaire and or s h. Golian. Or May secured Norden Feldt and four of the yearlings while Jar Wilson secured the beat of the Brood a Bros and foals including Mersey and bar magnificent Colt foal three parts brother to carbine Nelly m�0"�� dam of Lochie Pearl Ash maid of honour tres Deuce Mantoan a Damand the Baad Somo Young or s. H. Golian bought largely and for the yearling Colt by Nordenfeldt Nelly Moore Tbs Napier sportsman gave 1,050 guineas or Thomas Morrin secured three gems in ony Sylita and Stepp. The total Ssoane realised for the whole stud Ino two mares and foals sold on behalf of my. G. Stead was 22,475 guineas. The stallions brought 6,530 guineas Brood mans and Seale at foot 9,128 guineas yer Giogi 6,237 guineas foal reared by hand 110 guineas or steady a mares 470 Eaines. The 24 yearlings sold averaged within a fraction of 260 guineas. In last no get i Issue we Gare the prices obtained for the Tirol Brood roars and foals but in telephoning one or two slight errors crept in. Or j. Mcnicol was the buyer of the Brown Mare Ophelia and not or w. Macgregor Hay a Pant to. Appended Aro we buyers and the Price a ruined Fop 1 a a yearling the following re a Lute Oak were passed after a Good number of questions had been answered by or Rota. Or Agger moved and or Bush seconded the tint Resolution 11 that this meeting approves of the suggestions made by Murreee and request him to move the House of representatives towards calling upon All the English speaking parliaments to appoint delegates to a conference to consider the relations Between capital and or Healey moved and or Pryor seconded the second Resolution a a that this meeting is of opinion that a co operative Union should be formed and that All organisations and All classes in the Community should be asked to join id the after the resolutions had been put to the meeting and carried unanimously those present signed a paper in favour of forming a co operative Union Barea to be two shilling and sixpence and a committee was appointed to draw up a report to be submitted to a future meeting. The i. 60 160 130 but Colt by St. Leger Hippo a or a Kidd. Auckland. Bay Colt by a Olin Woody Mph or s. H. Golian. A Bay or Brown Colt by Norden Felato Hrycina or Goodson. filly by St. Leger lady Merhiy or w. Paul Auckland. Brown Colt by Nordenfeldt Nelly Moore or s. H. Golian. 1,050 Chestnut Colt by Nordenfeldt my idea or g. G. Stead 05n Brown Colt by Nordenfeldt Patch mid Eraser Rangi Tikal. Brown Colt by Nordenfeldt a Florence , or s. A Golian Chestnut Fiuty by Nordenfeldt Blanca or a d. Nathan. Brown Colt by Nordenfeldt Steppe or g. A Stead. Cheat nut filly by Leola nub Lyra or Fletcher. Bay or Brown Colt by Nordenfeldt a Ster Agnes or t. T. May. Cheat nut Colt by Nordenfeldt Spinnaker or j. D. Ormond. Cheat nut Colt by St Leger lady Saran Worth or Woodhead go bomb. Chestnut filly by Nordenfeldt trea Deuce or t. T. May. Bay Colt by a Leger Radiant or a d. Ormond. Bay or Brown Colt by Nordenfeldt Atlantia or j. D. nut filly by Nordenfeldt Spear grass or d. Fraser. Cheat nut filly radiance . May. Cheat nut Colt by to Olious Happy land or t. T. May. Chestnut Colt by St. Leger Ophelia or Edwards. Bay filly by Leo Linuan titania or Austin. Bay Colt by captivate or Madcap or Goodson. Bay Colt by Cape iraqi or maid of i Hoan id. Of Brien. A it fat n h 37 250 130 950 75 650 30 810 300 65 300 \ 90 350 150 180 65 35 85 60 total. 2p56��7 a Aii i g-virt97t7e? a a 1 Mon Borough Council a Meiriro of the above body was held last night present the mayor or 8. C. Brown Cra Webley Donald English Cox and Tibia. Or a a Shackelford the newly elected councillor waa sworn and took Bis seat., Watts town clerk reported that the consumption of water for the fortnight had been 166,000 Gallons. Currie also reported Baring inspected the abattoirs which were found to to in a satisfactory condition Boa Koi Stephos a the mayor moved and it was agreed that the fee for dog Collar should be 5 for the year a or. Donald said that Slaughter men and other who were forced to use dogs to make a living asked him if Aoma redaction could not be made where a number of Guob dogs were kept. It waa done in the South and be thought it would be Well if it was done Here. A or. Webley pointed out that the Council had not to Power to exempt cattle and sheep mayor objected to any exceptions being made it it would claw Jioio Bimi to scr English Laid that if a Man used Dop to make a living to could Well afford to a pay for his dog. To would oppose making any , Webley said a would like to a be drovers and sheep Parmera exp a a pad. ¿m1t8cohmittbb.�?counoillorshseksl Ford was appointed on the streets Gomatt tse a councillor Cleghorn wrote forwarding his resignation As be was com called to leave Auckland for some time in connection with a contract in the South. mayor mentioned that certain repair were required on Tbs great North read. Tha matter was referred to the streets committee to report. Co operation proposals . L. Rees,m.h.r.,on tha co operative systems now Exra Ting to great Britain Germany France and America was held at Robson a rooms last evening. Or Adams presided and there Ware representatives present from the different unions to the number of 26,. Or Rees stated be had gone Home with credentials from tha new zealand trades councils to the London Council but owing Tea Ernie of the London Council which debarred anyone Ather than a Labouring Man from speaking at their meeting he not Tad an Opportunity of addressing the Council publicly but privately he had conversation with or Broadhurst or Bures end other leaders in los doa. Or Rees stated that �80,000,000 had been spent in strikes in England which if diverted into the co operative system would Hare provided work for hundreds of thousands of workers. Or Rees draw attention to the fact that general Booth need tha ideas in his or Bess a Book for the Atheme he had lately placed before the British people every Civik aed nation was now seriously thinking How Bast to bring about the better condition of the working and poorer classes of humanity. Be thought the question would be solved by co of oration. Adam Smiths principles the survival of the fittest were based on pure selfishness but he disagreed with that doctrine and believed that co operation would do away with Cut Throat Competition. Than Wae nothing to prevent the mangers or any other Farmers club from starting co operative Torea in Auckland and uni Nitts and other from purchasing goods from suck a to ran and thereby participating in the profits secured. Homr twi Felt convinced that the co operative system Only wonted a fair trial in Auckland end it would succeed. Or Rees spoke about an hour and waa warmly applauded at Encl ending. A a what will they says exit Somba Given to the study of abstruse problems Tell us that the Man who makes two Blades of grass grow a Sra Only one grew before benefits the human race. This in True no doubt but the Benefit of accruing from the extra Blade is infinitesimal. Whet would they have to say about the old German Monk who invented St. Jacob s Oil a preparation that has saved More lives and alleviated More pain then any other Medicine to world has Ever seen 1 every careful housewife provides herself with a bottle of or. Jacobs Oil be a Saro and certain remedy for Burns sprains Toothache so Throat rheumatism and the Many other ailments every family is liable to. And yet philosopher do not rave. Just what is wanted. When vide any article Baa stood the glacial test of Public use and opinion for any lengthened period of time and the Public demand for such is continuously sustained you May be sure that it fills a Public need that in la just what is wanted. When in the Case of that article being a proprietary Medicine the demand is net Only steadily sustained but continually increasing Yeu May be absolutely certain that there is some extraordinary Merit in it and in the Case of St. Jacobs Oil this is Baron out by the testimony of the press and of thousands of reputable citizens in All parts of the civilised world. Apropos messes Francis Awbery and sons London one of the oldest drug Bouses in great Britain established nearly a Century end a half write Quot we have sold St. Jacobs Oil for years demand continually increasing on its extraordinary the ladies of Auckland who suffer from backache or headache the effects of a humid climate will be glad to know that the electric corsets so favourably known in England and in other parts of the world to now obtainable in Auckland from their own drapers in All sizes and either in Light or dark colours. Shipments of these goods an now in port and can be obtained from All the Well known drapers. All ladies interested in Hygia Nie garments Are re nested to Call and inspect the Sample now of View. Wholesale a43xkts i w. Wcarl Hur and co que left -8trbbt Waterbury watches at the worlds fair in the enemy scamp mrox Young of London who a manager of the Waterbury watch co Monaya a exhibit informed me that to a a ailing on an average 500 watches a ii Yio the Industrial Section of the children s Fulache where the Waterbury a also on display and i was informed at the water Bury Headquarters in the Rue Montmartre where a store for the Sale of Waterbury watches exclusively has Boon opened for some time that the watch a much liked by the French people and the Sale Are rapidly incr a ing a a in the manufacture pm jeweller local agents of the water Bury watch co Deaire to draw Tho attention of would be Purcy amp Berb of genuine Waterbury watches to the fact that the word Waterbury a in Small letters and also the interwoven letters a a. W. Co Quot appear upon the dial face of every watch manufactured by the above named company. This caution is unfortunately rendered necessary from the fact that it has come under notice that numerous persons have much to their disgust beep deceived into buying watches of water Bury which were no More Waterbury watch a than the Moon is Green cheese. The agents of the company will be glad to have any future cases of such imposition promptly brought under their notice. No Buffo re from disease who flu fairly try Ayer s Sarsaparilla need despair of a Cam. This remedy purges the blood of impurities destroys the germs of scr Fula and infuses new Vigour throughout the system a and Vic All Good housewives both find out the value of Arthur Nathan a Tea. They All say that they go farthest and Are the Best. Any grocer will Supply you at 2a and 2a 6d Par . Pea off soap. Fair White hands Bright Clear complexion soft healthful Atim p e a soap. Adelina Patti writes Quot i have fount Pearl soap matchless Lov the hands and complexion. Watches jewellery Etc re the Jig suitable insurance association of . Capital one million. Unlimited Lieut Ity of Over e00 shareholders. Elvory description of fire and Manne insurance can be a heated on most Avo arable 40 All losses will be settled Iii mediately without reference to Hoad Oft co. George Johnston manager. Phr Mises que Cen Streit late Hayry a tourist Agency. Mama Heim insurance limited Mannheim Germany. Globe Marine insurance company limited. Head office 79, Cornhill London. Marine risks accepted to a parts of the world at lowest rates. Wool insured from sheep s Hack to port of destination on most favourable time. Claims payable it any of Tho companies Atencio throughout Tho world of Johnston agen1. Auckland december 1890. New zealand insurance company Fink and Marine. Capital. Oct plod of and Reserve funds �440,000 from first or Marine loss can be effected in this company. Claims met with promptitude and liberality t. J. Brass a. Manager reihe North German fire insurance company of Hamburg or. George Johnston late general manager South British Colas been appointed agent to accept Bisk on behalf of Tho above company. Foo Bess in civilisation. Nature Lovev make i a Mietzke. Whatever material iat hand is turned to Thi Boot us a. Men the creation of nature follow in her footsteps and steadily eee Kaa higher plan by rejecting the loss worthy and a electing that at his command which a the mean practical. This Progress in civilisation is marked in All details of life and particularly a the different apparatus or mechanical contrivance for every Day con tin Poncio. One by one the less fitting drop out or Are literally crowded aside by Thosa offering Superior advantages. Steam superseded sail the old time horological contrivances Are pushed to the rear by the newer let costly and More reliable appliances of today. To Day Tbs Public demand Economy combined with Quality honestly and accuracy and in All these particulars the Waterbury watches a fill the Bill Quot and thereby have gained respect and admiration in a very Quarter of the Earth As holiest re Quot liable and faithful timekeepers produced at As Low a East so is compatible with Good material skilful workmanship and their undoubtedly excellent qualification. The faithful and trustworthy Waterbury watches May be procured from any inspect Able storekeeper or dealer throughout the Colony Price series of of the old Favourite 13s6d, series 41j"or Quot a Quot the new marvels enamelled dials 22a 6d each. If you require a reliable timekeeper de hand Thi w Attr Bury. Health is wealth Thi ladies of Auckland who suffer from backache or headache the effects of a humid climate will be glad to know that the Elac Vic corsets so favourably known in England and in other parts of the world Are now obtainable in Auckland irom their own drapers in All sizes and Aither in Light or dark colours. Shipments of those goods Are now in port and can be obtained from All Well known drapers. All ladies interested in hygienic garments Are requested to Call and inspect Tho a a ply a new on Riew. Whoi.x3aj.ik age tits a a. Me Arthur and co., pc key talk xxv. Tip Baco. so Many deviate from a Graceful Carriage May be accounted for id As Many ways As there Are misshapen beings. Muscular weakness. Lusa spinal Kolutn is the mainstay of the body which stiffens up too straight Man or woman and nature has provided muscular supports to hold it erect. Twisted out of shape. Distortions. Pm on an it women recklessly twist themselves out of shape and the result to tha few standing straight and the Many a ending Down. Symptoms. which afflict Tho Back Are the most insidious or Subtle. They come at times without warning. We Rise Roma sitting posture to find the Back so crippled or strained a to cause acute suffering. Treatment. the parts afflicted freely with St. Jacobs Oil. Rub hard end vigorously producing warmth and it the Jam is slow in yielding wrap the parts in its sped in to water and wrung out. Many ladies admit Grey hair on some other person but few care to try it effects on their own charms. They need not since a sri a hair Vigour restore Grey hair to its original Colour. Sold by druggist and Dart g to wart Jawson and 0o.h ensl18ii lt5vjcp.b. Spend moult Money wisely. And a sure the Best value by Pur Chalue from the manufacturer. _ there Are no middlemen a and co1� Eye ten and no retail profit. 43-s.u. And of a Crystal front Una Ullh Laver la of recommended for colonial use lasts a lifetime highest Quality 1 Well Worth �5�5 10s-s.1j. And or. A grand Liverpool Hgt us. Hupt Lagleter a Terr known improvement Geld balance defies All Competition cheap at �6 6� beware of imitations a 10s�?, and co Superb englis i Hunting a lever Brae pair extra jewels and real chronometer balance �6 10i�?. Aad cos grand three Sartor Flat Centro Sac oods c . Lovers thousands in Roar without equal Oneal at .�10 w 10-, English doable minute void seconds Independent Chronograph lever All English Tho Best sporting watch in Tho world matchless value �17s 6d�?s.u. Sterling Silver Defiance watches Tho Best Low priced watch aver Blade Hunter s ditto amp to ids i ladies Aua amp a ladle a English Gold Levera. �910. . And ladles Hunting Geld level s.i>1 mud cos ladies keyless Gold levers �14 10 . And cos ladies1 Gold watch dec Ylem �7 its a. And co. Gents log with Gold Leters �12 10 a cd. And co s gents English Gold Hunting Lavers �1510� amp a. And of Oak a gents Gold keyless Hunting �1810s . And co to gents Haftl t chronometer �25 . And gents English double Gold Bro nor amp Phebe �2710 a d �30 . And co. Guarantee a saving of �5 per cent to every Burer teach com watch they Roll. J Kwell Erya jewellery. Iball the newest. Elegant Loudon designs. Imported direct by 9.u. And co. Newton Alan Moats by every Steamer. The is test variety a Kotiw zealand every Artel of Kun Arnstead Quality and at about half the usual colonial priest. Geld sets of Broo Ohee and earrings 2�s, 30s, fits 60s, 70s, 60b, and upwards Gold brooches the largest Stock a the Colony 8a to. 10� 6d, 12s 6d. Us 6d, 17� 6d, 20s, 22s a 27� a �00, Asb. 40s, 45a, 60s. 60s, 70s. 80s Gold ear Renss 4� 6dr 7s 6d. 8� o4.10a 6d, 16�, 17s fid 30s, 35s, 45s to �6 5s Gold bangles and Bracelet 8� 6d, 12s 6d. 17� 6d, 213.30s. 42b, 50�, 60� to �5 6e ladies Gold Alberto abort. 46�, 65� full length with drop end Tassel 66�, 70s 75s, 64s, 90s, 97� fid 100�, 110�, 130� ladies Gem rings and engagement a feign 17� 6di 30a, 35et 40�, 45�, 60s, 70�. 64s, �5 10�, at 10s to �10 ladles Gold keepers 10� a 16s 6d, 22s amp a 40� ladles wedding ring 17� fid 28� 6d, 40� gents Gold Alberto 86�, 90�, �5 10s, �7 7a, �6 fir. £9103. £1015� gents Gold lockets Loa 6d, 17s cd 40s, 42s, 50�, fisa 70s, �610�, and �10 10s gents Gold seals and charms 16�, 18� fid 2lt. 24�, 30�, 46�, is. For other lines in Gold and. Silver jewellery is full particular in , and illustrated watch pamphlets Litteri and communications to he and dressed to Stewart Dawson and co s a bit Enol Sec watch . Is Queen Street Auckland other colonial Brano heat Melbourne Sydney and Dunedin write at once Forone of so and famous do titrated pamphlets containing All particulars Mincer Nung the a valuable Elmek Ampere and list of reduced prices sent by Post for 3d a tamp tree on application at 94, <2u,. 1� 3d must be forwarded with country order to cover postage and registration feet Stewart Dawson and co. Repaid ant Ciena Gold and Silver watch a to matter what Kaaher or when bought Periu Namthip Farad Teeas Donto in a Toto fragrant non a tied Freo from1 f Anc or other ingred Leutz which destroy the enamel it White Sake Teeth revolt and Arrea end gives a Oleari pts fragrance to the breath. Rowland a Kaldor p Aamot fog Hoa thai a a emollient milk for the Looe and hands and is most Cooling and refresh fog to the skin to hot climates it remove trekkie a Tea sunburn roughness end redness of the skin pimples cutaneous eruptions amp cd a soothe and heal or Folly boat a Tings of insects eczema Burns Ana Olton Tadeous irritation More Eflee Tualin than any other preparation and produces soft fair Birin and a Lovely delicate comp amp Rion it is Waira Ted hornless and freeform any Lead or poisonous ingredients warranted eats which tinted White chemist or Cream and Rose. Ask any chemist or druggist for Rowland s article of go Hatton Garden London England and avoid Puri of Worthley a to amp icat Iohp. Quot a either trickery or Competition Hnz i3l been Able to Ascot the Quot reputation of a special feature to this company is that to pay lasses it Baa a revolving credit guaranteed by the National Bank of now zealand lid for �10.000. To those who May not understand a revolving credit a it is practically on unlimited credit inasmuch of a dbl eur fires if occurring in one Day Means the agent can pay �10000 on each should the losses reach that amount. No company doing business in new zealand can guarantee better Security to its clients policyholders will observe this company is unlimited liability and its numerous share holders Are of the wealthiest class in Germany. Claims for losses promptly and liberally paid. H. Ree3 George District agent. Brewe Auckland Tjom a n a brewery a it ure juber first prize a Melbourne a a a Quot Quot Centennial. The proprietors Beer to draw the attention of Consumers to the Fine Quality of their ale and Stout in bulk and bottle which they Are now suppl in to All their customers. Delivery made to suburbs free of he arg. Only one brew the Best not Rattner machinery ale a Whan the Cork a draws. The bottled ale being brewed from English malls equal to any imported. Brown Campbell a co., proprietor educational picture Frame manufactory and musical instrument depot 88, Viatori Street Auckland. % a Carter teacher of sub to violin Banjo guitar Comet piano Etc cheapest House in new zealand for picture frames musical instruments and fittings Alt kinds of musical instruments tuned and repaired. Ponsonby College Ponsonby Road. Skin offal miss Lilian edger . The next term will begin on monday 22nd september. Prospectuses Etc., on Edghr is at Home on monday afternoons from 3.30 to 5. Auckland school of Pitman a shorthand. Queen Street Corner of Swanson Street l. J. P e s b a shorthand writer and reporter certificated teacher of Pitman a reporting style 20 a Calif experience. Visits schools and colleges and Gores lessons through the Post to country pupils classes for beginners now forming 10s fid per Quarter Privito tuition any hour one Guinea Quarter in Advance. Auctioneers Orth Canterbury Bacon curing prime Bacon and hams having been appointed sole agent in amok land Forth above company we Are prepared to suppl distributors with regular shipments and of guaranteed Quality. Esam amp Arthur auctioneer and commission agents. U c t i o n s a it e 9� to lapps and gent the Colony retch Quot keeping tru3teei of estates Etc., Etc Gabriel Lewis desire top inform ladles and gentlemen exp outer of estate a in that no is prepared to undertake outdoor sales of household furniture and other properties and will make Cash Adan of it against a ame prepare valuation and inv a Torios at shortest Node a Large and efficient staff of assistants under my personal direction with Home and Solon la experience is engaged for Tho purpose of catty tag out this particular Branch either la town of country. All communications Adel reined to me will receive prompt attention. Gabriel Lewis Anat fonder a either trickery nor Competition Bas a bean Able to affect the reputation of Wowak a a Willow Grove Strawberry gardens next the upper wharf Devonport 6t Abe How Ope it. Strawberries and Cream. Mark Parrish in returning thanks to his supporters for part favours begs to inform them and the Public generally that he has great pleasure in announcing that these Well known and popular Strawberry and Tea gardens Are now open Mark Parriah being on of the largest Strawberry growers in the Colony will always have a 1&2 go and fresh Supply on hand and can guarantee Patron the ripest the largest and most delicious fruit in the Market fresh Cream twice daily. Tea Caffas and other refreshments always on hand. Three Hundred visitors can be seated at to tables at one time strawberries and Cream. Willow Geode gardens Devonport school treat and picnic parties provided Tor by special arrangement. Family orders dinner parties and for Jam promptly attended to. As. Parish proprietor. Public Kitces copyright a a uneasy rests the head that Wear % Crown,1 unless it s polished with Sapolio. It a a solid cake of scouring soap. Try it in your next House cleaning. Even a King can be cure cheap Comfort and Najy Relief from the cares of House cleaning by the in to fitment of a few cent is 4 cake of Sappho. With it wonder can to accomplished in cleaning and co army for which purposes it has no equal. Quot dirt defies the ring but it abdicate a wherever Bap Olio make its appearance and quickly too. Try a cake. No 35. Ujj Rettus Handy guide to new zealand. Illustrated by be. Ernest Bill Rougie. This indispensable and popular work is now published with lithographed map of the wonderland of new zealand or Tut Best Way to travel the Colony. we most interesting Audin Ludo Ray descriptions of Tho most important and thrilling events of to Jubilee period through which Tho Colony has passed. The beauties of Tho country Aro depicted Tho Northern and Sou Chern lakes mount Cook and its glaciers the various waterfalls which have charmed our visitors the Northern and West coast sounds with directory of the towns and cities and health resorts of new zealand. To Book should to found in every Home and Library. It la published s fid and May be had at the booksellers or Star of face John Jug o l l a k a estate and commission agent Valuator and arbitrator Etc. Of�u�e4 Durham Street West Auckland. To professional and commercial �o1en. Idly rewrite to Fino. Shorthand writing and official reporting Trub Vaeth of iut snob to by Foi Icet apply for address at a Start office gecretj3 of life and health Fri a by Post for six , Penny Stamps a medical treatise by an eminent French Hospital physician 30 years a parisian specialist now retire showing sufferers hew they May cure that Selvea of nervous debility without consulting a medical Roan a address parisian . Box 766, Sydney. A Boon to All desiring a Alf cure my a a medical review t 10 secretaries of Cricket and racing clubs. A Largo assortment of folding cards suitable for printing programmes offo Thoom tag season. A a Star Quot printing works Auk card. Still dyeing to live and living to Dye. City of Auckland dyeing and cleaning establishment a established 1864. Gentlemen1� superfine dark Tweed Suita cleaned renewed or dyed Well pressed. Light summer suits cleaned scoured and Well pre Aeed on Short notice. Ladies Silks satins velvets and other materials dyed any Shade. Light summer costumes any Shade cleaned and Well pressed without taking to piece. Lack curtains bleached and got up equal to new damask curtains or table cover cleaned or dyed and hot pressed. Feathe cleaned or dyed any Shade Well o dried. W m. Cd a a a Wellesley Street East and Alpha Dye works Richmond established 1864. E d w a k d Bartley architect enchbuby�?T9 building _ Wolfe s schnapps the safes plan in to Purchase original unopened bottles. Miu ii2 rooms. Doyal Navy restaurant it Queen Street. Samuel Henry Cox in returning thanks to his numerous friends for m supporting him for the last is years bags to state that he has taken Over the old established restaurant opposite the late wharf hotel and adjoining John Reid a merchant Queen Street he has had the premises renovated throughout and Quot Lias a pared no outlay in making this restaurant second to none in the Colony. The bedrooms Are All newly done up. Nicely furnished Cletton and tidy go being Laid in each room thus preventing any a men from inferior candles and therefore preventing any Chance of fire. A a private sitting rooms on each Landing with lavatories Patent closet plunge and Shower Baths to suit Tho convenience of traveller. _ ,. A a a athe dining room in fitted up in excellent taste and design whilst the Kitchen outbuildings Etc. In fact the whole restaurant is a Model of tsetse and. Cleanliness and a credit to this Noble City. The Drain from the main a ewer have been thoroughly overhauled by or Geo. Rhodes contractor and have Given entire satisfaction everyone wishing for Good meals Good clean Bede Etc., should not forget to give this old. And tried restaurant keeper for Over 12 years standing a trial. Meals fid. To is single Beds 1� each double do. 2� each net the Andres Samuel Henry Cox Royal Navy restaurant Queen Street. New jams. Now ready irk Patrio Kos k Brand new seasons Strawberry conserve. A a or , of Nelson 3 keeping up i. Reputation Lor a real to Liap sent is a Sam ple Case of this season s or Brand Strawberry conserve which leaves absolutely nothing to be desired either in duality or in preparation. It is in 21b gloss jars very tastefully put up. a perfectly delicious. It is not Jam but might by better described As strawberries in Jelly Tbs fruit not being broken but keeping its snap and appearance Only massed together in it own Nch juice. It is suitable for pastry or for the table either of Jam or As a conserve to to eaten with Cream children May its just bully and it in Good for them an fresh fruit my a Wellington evening v s. Kirkpatrick k co., manufacturers Nusz or. Hotels. Lake hotel Vakapuna p. 0j&1eagher proprietor the above first class hotel furnished withal modified improvements affords a convenient Home for Tho a seeking healthy pastime and an agreeable change. Bath rooms. Filliard room. Grand View of Lake. Boating fishing Etc or of Meagher will provide a second luncheon table Forth travelling Public and Holiday keeper at la 6d each children under 12, half Price this will save the trouble of carrying luncheon baskets. The Dairy. Reynolds and company limited colonial produce Agency London. Important to cheese and butter factories. Having established an Agency in England for the Anle of factory made butter and cheese a of approved Quality we Are prepared and anxious to Deal with consignments at once subject to Cool chamber space being obtainable or to negotiate with a View to handling next season s output and we cordially invite intending shippers to communicate with a a Early a possible when All available information will be Given As this Branch of our business is personally superintended by our or Henry Reynolds who is now in England and will remain for the season to thoroughly Tost the Market we con fld entry solicit a trial feeling sure that better results will a obtained than Ever before if the article entrusted to our care is of first class Quality. Prompt account sales and cosh advances made 4 Reynolds and co. Limited port Street Auckland Creamery butter a the new zealand Dairy association s new Dairyman says a a the butter which i am now making is Superior to that with which i took first prize against All Comers at the Dunedin this butter which 1� a a better than the Best a May be had from All grocers and wholesale from the association s Van or at the depot at messes j. Bycroft and City flour Mills Short Maud Street. The Brand in the word a a Dairy a with the words a a new zealand Dairy association surrounding it ask for it. And see that it bears the Brand. Told we re Mahony k Bon architect Queen Street Auckland. A Flor Sale a bargaina0 Ness Good jul land with Nice Sandy Beach frontage and Good Quantity of mixed by amp a upon the property Only id Miles from town a apply to John sop pfc House and land agent 3, Quyon Street. It Oil positive Sale cheap really Good Little farm of 71 acres All fenced and subdivided into 7 paddock each of which Are watered from Beautiful Stream running through the property a Good Orchard 7-Roomeri House and other buildings Only 2 Miles from railway station and j1 Troia town. A apply to John Soppet House and Laud agent no. 8, Queen at. 8 a e. allotment 2 five doomed cottage Blacksmith s shop Ati in sound condition in Centre of Village. Price �240 a bargain. cottage Good condition Corner allotment in Centre of Village. Price .-�140. 100 acres on the Avondale River fair land deep water frontage. Price �5 per acre terms easy let a 5-Roorued cottage m Good condition with Orchard and 4 acres of land in grass attached rent very Low a farms Large and Small on easy terms. John Bollard estate and commission agent Durham a Street. For Sale a i new full Power steam launch Light draught 1 ditto nearly new in Good working order 1 3�cyliiider launch engine by Wigwall 1 4- horizon nut Semi pert Ablo Jojn Giuy equal to now 1 3-. Vertical portable ditto by Ruston and Proctor 16-b.p vertical Cross tubs boiler. A lbs pressure 1 . Multi tubular steel boiler 80lbs pressure 2 10-, ditto ditto ditto 1 Donkey pump t lift and Force pump 1 Douglas ram no 6.�?apply to r. A Yeoman Albert boiler works. A Izlor Sale Choice farm 107 acres _1j with Large House of 9 room Lauff a Garden and Orchard in full bearing Welis amp Al tried by ornamental Trees farm divided into 13paddock� Good fences never failing water Supply several acres ii Ood hard Wood forming altogether a most def liable property for sheep or cattle. Furniture Tarm implements utensils. Also All included for the aminul Price of �750, having coat rhe owner a very much Larser sum. His children having grown up and left Tho District is the sole reason for making such a sacrifice a apply to John Saunders Brookby or William r. Bridgman 288, Queen Street. Auckland. T a Quot Rand Orchard 2,000 fruit Trees for Sale or lease eleven Miles from Auckland a roomed House a tables water frontage. Oranges Lemons vines figs apples peaches almonds Etc., in food bearing Over w acres Good Lam. Access y Steamer or Road. Will lease thie Fine property for 4 or 6 Yeara at �1 per week with pnr0hasibsdauae j. Thornes agent. 81, Queen Street. 7_19__ �3 p e cd a 1 a b notice we have for Sale some Choice properties in the City and country and intending buyers of real a state Are invited to inspect oar list. Ewington and Baker. A cry a map o r Sale Gall Galt Galt in store and to arrive. Weston and Westall a Block hoist Brand. Coarse and Fine bar and Rod Iron wire Nail Plain and barbed fencing Wiro roofing Iron buckets tubs tin and Hou Owara and All descriptions of general Ironmongery hooting engines from 3 to amp . With reversing gear and Drakes. Goods arriving by pc amp landia rang Litkei Vaitai Iii and other vessel a room Gutcher k �40., fort Street Telephone not 211, seed Maize. Boned St superphosphate l etq.,�?T Etc w Illiam g Unson 3s cd Quot 13, customs Street Auckland. A Glor immediate Sale a Larue assortment Oso news and jobbing Type Borders a. Specimen books on application. Am la manager Stas office Auckland. It Urs b Berkshire �ig3. For Sale 1 imported Breeding sow. Arm 9 Young sows b months old a by Champion. Appl to j. Sinclair Lake Tak puns. Painters w. P fillipps a a gun 149 and 161, Queen Street Hare just opened up a Lange resort Mentor cheap Pape it hangings scrims. Pushed silvered it rough plate Sheet and ornamental window Glass. White Lead oils turns Tab Nishko and All kinds Painter so materials a r t i s t s requisites of every for Oil and water Colour painting. Picture a Frame mouldings. Glass shades. John Henderson. 13 a 15, Wyndham Street Painter Glazier a paper Hanger. Atefi Ianc decorator. Sign and Glass writer. Manufacturer of Lead lights in tinted Cathedral stained and Plain Glass Tablet silk banners wire but dug private and Bonsi Ness Perigna pm boated a plate Ruby b1u�l Amber and she 1 Gilash original design venetian Blind re taped and painted. Of Saith mixed paint in various colours foe House and ship worst John Henderson 13 amp is. We nth Ham St been As there Are Many imitation of wot per a so snaps the Public must use e. Dunne sign writer Painter. Glazier paperhanger. Picture Frame manufacturer amp a Junction of Grey and Pitt streets Anoilani stained mouldings Etc., on Sale Atlois Torlos ;