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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Auckland, Auckland Tynion steamship company of Jinty zealand Itei Royal mail express service. Overland route to of Jand through America aiding alike the heat of the Hod sea and the Ifo Iouin Cape Horn. A Steamer of Thia line Are appointed Tali to Sydney and Auckland or go Francisca a very four weeks sailing As Etown for tons leave Sydney leave Auk. Arrive Frisco. Pm i�oiup0si 3000 Jan. 21 Jan. 26 feb. 34 3000 feb. 18 feb.2s mar. 14 tickets Are available for 12 months and Toon passengers can break their journey at i Rekland. Honolulu san Francisco. And any Dice of Callen route to new York. Through pares. Sydney of Auckland to England Pipoon. £63 Ana �66. Steerage �32 2s9jt and �32126, Rall information apply at any of the offices Tsios steamship company of new zealand limited. Union steamship company of new zealand limited. Time Takle weather and circumstances for new Plymouth. Wellington i and Lyttelton from. One Hunyak Steamer. Dateo sailing Passen f Gertral. Erpf it Pena 1 Moo. 12l� Jj.40a.m. Fob new Plymouth Wellington and Nelson. Watt aka i thursday 3, 5 . \ 4.16 . Cargo received by railway till 1.10 . For Gisborne Napier Wellington. Lyttelton. Dunedin. And Bluff from Ausland a Matt apr Chi 1 Friday. Jan 9, noon for Melbourne. Mayra of i 1 Friday. Jan. 9, noon for Gisborne. Napier. And Wel Lington. _ Australia 1 wednesday. Jan. 7� 6 . For Awao tji Wai Piro. Toko Maku Hicks s Bay. amp Toluca. Past Baxt 1 wednesday. Jan. 7.6 . For Tonga and Samoa Nuku Alofa. Haabak Vavau and Apia to Iota i wednesday. Jan. 14, 5 pm. Icar Cotill for Sydney Zamora i wednesday. Jan. &Quot,5 ._ for Honolulu and san Francisco. Eda i monday. Jan. 26, 2 . Cargo till 10 a. In for Suva and Leuea Taupo Sii Day. Feb. 1 amp . Kab. Cargo most be booked and along Aida two hours before advertised time of departure. _ _. december. January february and March excursion tickets will Beia sued at reduced rates available for three months from Date of Issue. Auckland Branch Palmerston building ii. To Jujj Quot Wethern steamship company limited. S a to my Tahle a off a to. Prop is amp a so a a Infra few the a Ltd other permitting. a met tort Russech what Cakora and Steamer. I Date of sailing. Tiv Mak i . 7 . For Tau Ranoa _ i Friday 9. /jr.m. I of Quot Matetu and Matatia. I every Friday at 7 . Iia Smas correcting with ran Kati at Taur at Gaall freights mint be prepaid. Fob Mercury Bay a every monday Aad every to Are Flay. 9 Kita Tunu. A Eiolf Danay and Ury Thor say spa a a to a i every Marium a Quot stoning every wedge Day and saturday at 2 . Weather permitting. Very Ronai Nihon cure to amp Ken in Landing passengers and cargo in sort boats no res r Pauda May. Hanoa Rei Heads and Manga pal Wellington Vecty tuesday and Friday Quot Quot for Yusan Garskj and mab8den Point. 1carrying cargo and fas sender or Waiyu co Oehme Eta the steam Ron arrival to convey passengers to Waiyue booking of Asseng Ere through to pnmpuffi.?_ Onui Totok i tuesday. 6. . Quot i thursday 8.10.3qp.ra, Quot from what gab full _ we Ujj a a of a of a i wed. 7. Train 3.25 . 1 sat., 10. Train 5,25 , for a Adranga and Opo Tiki. _ i . 7,12 noon it for thames Rumm with River steamers for Paioa the Aroha and other upper thames 1 settlement a _ lamp Vajta and Roland. Argyll i wednesday 7.10 skin rot Mahaka i thursday 8, ii am arg talk i Friday. 9,12 d00j2 Bot Omahana i saturday. 10,1 . Leave it thames. Rot Omahana i wednesday 7.3 . Abby in thursday 8,3,45 . Hot Makana i Friday m-34 Aegis la 1 saturday 10,530p�m. Return tickets will he mined from december in available for return until Fen 16, 1891. Saloon 10s Steerage. 7s . Children lube fare. Return tickets available either for = m. Hot Omahana or . Argyll. From Manokau. For Opu Nake and Wanganui \ a Gyst Friday 9,1 a for Raglan and Rawhia. Give Kitle j thurs.,15,1p.m. a for a a Plymouth Anit Waithaka gain pc. \ thurs. Al l . Train noon r. Tutu be received at Queen Street Onari Aiter Hati Paet four ., or after noon on saturdays or hour of Ady re a it a a Steamer h departure. Excursion tickets will be segued on and , available to March 3l qteam1 be tween a Vicki and a Faeroe Glt it up. To Jura River. A and s. S. Ruby. Fair Aero a from Aero a wedaet.7.4.30a.m. Thurs s. 8 , saturday 10, �44. A weather and other circumstances permitting after december 21, return tickets will be a Ned a single rates Matanana and Wade. _ Quot . Maori. A a pm Woden it pm Saiera in essay 7,10 am thursdays s am. R j , 2p.m. Saturday. 10,6 . A All cargo must be prepaid. Eat nor and other Circuitt amp a . Syms. A bbl to ar03a h0t Sterns. Tom?,-�lu�c0dtiect8 with Tibo Ohi Vemuri Vii so i Kluy 7jine at Parul. By Meaux note i.a�?o8�11.�fttotdieb from a Nokland Aloha and Back from monday to Satur Steamer and coach aft Alo oto., a a a. if a be of a. Eto., Boroa a River a no buob re the new zealand shipping company s Royal mail line of steamers under contract with the now zealand government Ara appointed to bail with. Her majesty a mails As under Lor London via Rio do Janairo and Teneriffe. Ete amp Mera. Tons do go i. Watak Litow sea. A a tomuat�iro.�., aonxwor.,_. 4,474j 4,163, 4,165 4.473 4,163 is May Bear Geil i Jim. 22, 91 Fob. 19 Maith 19 april 16 May 14 freight and passage at lowest current rates. Particulars May be Learned on application to Chas. V. Houghton. Local manager custom Street. Auckland. A he new zealand shipping company s line. Ship leading wind from Dan Eden. Consignees Are requested to present Bills of lading and obtain Celi ery orders for their goods without delay. Cargo impeding the discharge of the ship will be stored at consignees risk and expense. Captain Hinckley will not be held responsible for debts contracted by any member of is Crew without his written author it. The new zealand shipping company Lim Teui agents. Cd Sternb Street Jan. 5,3 891. He new zealand shipping company s line of cargo steamers for London. The . Duke of Sutherland. 3,116 tows Register is expected hero on or about to bal 24th in3tuntr and will Load As above. This Steamer has a chamber specially fitted for the conveyance of Dairy produce and fruit and has also a limited space available for general cargo for which Early application is necessary. For freight and other particulars apply to cha8, v. Houghton local manager. Customs Street january 5,1891,_ Cletam to London. The Peninsular and Oriental steam Navi gat10n company under contract with the Imperial new South Wales Victoria i and South australian governments will despatch the for London calling at Adelaide. Albany. Colombo Aden Brindisi Malta Gibraltar and Plymouth. A yeomen 1 leave Sydney. Learn Melbourne. Mas amp ill a 1 Jan.13 Jen. 17 Carthage Jan 26 Jan. 31 Victoria i feb. 9 feb. 14 Valetta feb. 23 feb. 23 Arcadia soft Tali 9 March 14 a Iaan at March 23 March 28 and thenceforward every alternate week. 1 passage Toney Eon be paid at this Orcas Ltd a is from England Liberal Coucci Johs to families. The second Saloon having Boon thoroughly re organised this company in now enabled to to Europe unrivalled accommodation at the following greatly re dacedeftt6, s a in return ticket available for 12 months �?�65 passengers booked at Auckland at same rates m Hudnot or Melbourne. Fornall amp Queen Street. Auckland. Agents Brent line a steam. To London calling at Albany to Pombo Naples and Gibraltar Steamer from Sydney. From Melbourne. Cuzco Lusitani a Oriya Ort Saua Jan. 19 feb. 2 Fob. 16 March 2 Jan. 24 feb. 7 Fob 21 March 7 through fares from new zealand to London its Arne �2l �23, and �26 second. £37 and. £40 ,�63 acid �70. Excursion Rk-tt7ttnr tickets a available 9 months Firat Clave. £1 cd available 12 months first-ciaib�116.second �66. Union stramsh1p company of new zealand in Mirhij Akren Tsin zealand a1para Harbour steam service. Cheap excursion pares and freights till Eurthew notice. P. S. Osprey will leave Helenville for Darga Tlle and intermediate ports of fire monday and thursday on arrival do 6.55 . Train from amok land returning from Dar Gaville every wednesday and saturday. For further particular apply id Douglas Bros. Agents Heiens Villo or o. F. James so co. Agents Auckland. _ str Ortheim River la steam navigation company limited. For Northern Bairoa. The steamers Kina and Minnie Casey leave Helenville for Darga Tlle calling at All Porta every monday and thursday after arrival ij.o5 . Train Tern Auckland returning wednesday and saturday with single ticket. 3a return ticket. 6s. A Geo. Cow manager. Captain blk. Anderson. Auckland Ageth we Luke and one Hunga steam navigation co. Ltd. J Ted Manokau will leave Aann Der weal Ter and other Olio us ban pcs Nerini thing. Calling at inter modulate pieces fares return is. Single is Coil Dren half Price. Time table. _ a i Jakuab. A a i leave och thu a leave wait Kun a 5 id 7 wfidnes., 7 . 7�?wednes., 3.30 . �?o8�?1thursday. 8 . 10�?saturday, 6 am. 10�?saturday. 10 . 15�?wedaea.0a.m. I4_wednes.,i no. 15�?thnrsday. 10 . A Tiki Rudny. 2u in. 16�?Friday., Manokau Heads moult cards Etc. 17�? satur., 11.15 . 17�?saturday. 3.15 . 19�?monday.ilaim., via 20-Tuosdsy. 6 ., Hub a Manokau via Coult Narda Heads cout Manokau Heads thard d Etc h Uia. Etc. 00�?taesday, 3.5p.m. 2i-s "inns,731�, p.-. A.�. 22�?thursday, 8a,m. 24-safcnrday, 9.4c a to 29�?monday 28�?wednes,. 12 noon a for Huia. Manokau la. Coulthard a. Eto. Fri a a Mufter Oro a ii 21�?wednes. 4 . 32c�?Friday 5,6 �6�?monday 23-weduefl�?z8.5 . 30�?Friday 9.16 head. Coulthart it. 0 31�?saturday, 10 31�? above time tabla is subject to alteration n o t Tep o a Blo for Auy goods landed at inter a not Mmson Bikic for shipping carrying or Dis Isis be alongside at least one he a aia rat mrs to 4s and u. Voluk a to on Damga on St and22ad, aft table till 10th Sikma returns at 4. And 0�. One Bungato Wailuku on Lott and 03rd, available us 14th and a Quot Tausk v1 agent a avid Campbell floor Terr Wazuka a steam to the South o sea islands. ?.fl, Richmond 860 tone �oob.pcap1,?r will leave Tor Tonga Samoa and Tahiti on of a Hoot tuesday Jan. 13. Splendid accommodation Tor first and Secoura Clara passengers. An experienced stewardess a a Pfiel. The round voyage from Auckland calling at Tonga Samoa Tahiti and Rarotonga occupies about 3s Days and old cent Favori Tracie oppor Tunis to those desirous of visiting the Beautiful islands touched at. Tickets issued for the round trip. For freight or a passage and All particulars apply the a Junaid amp Edenborough. No. 13 Queen bit not. Iok Gisborne and East coast ports. The Tieg Nisi trading Schooner s b o it n a Jonn h. Sic Init to. Of Isidor will Incavo for the above ports on tuesday the 6th m-it., be Civ aug cargo fit for the a a Harc Titi i to evening of that Day. I Anoruo a hipper it a ill please Bend Down Early 1 a 13. Morton. Agent co Romandel. Shortest route to Koa Iunus . Thomas Scott Mastek time a Ault leaves Auckland leaves co Romandell wednes div. 7,12noon Tim Sony to 12 noon Friday. 9 12 noon saturday. 10,12 noon weather and Othor circumstances permitting1. Not Respens bite Jor Nordis Char tin r live Slock. N Carijo received within half an our of Avci Tisco time Lido parture prepaid on Board. Return tickets from december 22. Saloon 10s Steerage 7s 6d. Available or one month. Picnics excursions . To excursion to St. Jul be like a Bay. A a to Morrow wednesday Steamer will rim As fou Owa leave ferry Tec leaving St. Livelier a 10a.m. 2 . 5 pm. Return fare is. Children under 12,6d. J. R. D. Baker excursion to Wawera and Mamu Rangi Heads. Saturday till monday weather and other circumstances permitting. The fast is. Rose Casey will run an excursion As above to Avig the wharf every saturday at 2 . In turning from Jufa Murangi Heads at 6 .f and Wawera at half past 6 . On a monday Aud arriving in town about 9 . Return shillings. I pts tickets will also to issued covering Thyl Steamer s fare and All hotel and Bath charges at Wawera for Twenty two shillings Alex. My Glegor. Faient a few zealand v Al educational Institute Auckland Branch. Conference 1891, the annual excursion will take place on thursday january 6th, 1891, to Lake Beach Vakapuna. _ a Steamer will leave Qucen Street wharf acc 32.15 pm. A tickets la each. Luncheon May be obtained at to Lake hotel la 6d each. Tickets May be obtained from members of the committee and messes Wildman. Chapman Upton and co. Champtal up and Cooper Murray and spencor a h. Drafin Hon. Secretary. My Etc its i Ai lobe uses k pres sees Union. A special meeting of the above will be hold this Ane softy evening at 7.30 o clock in the social Hall. . Business important nomination of officers e. Birley Secretary lost and found lost White Bull terrier dog on Tea Day last near three bring if to it a i Harvey Terrace View mount Eden will he rewarded. Collar Anuran a 1890. Found straying on january 5, near railway Bridge Parnell an Iron Grey Pony. O incr can have same by applying to g. Siprut Yort Street Pernau. If not claimed within ten Days will he sold . F0und�?�drunkenne3s and the liquor craving cured positively. The Golden specific Tan Safe sure speedy and effectual cure. Thousands prove it. It is a recognised antidote to drink. Pamphlet with full particulars sent free by specific company 145 and 147, Collins flt Rodt Melbourne Victoria. Personal we the undersigned will Nob be responsible for any debts contracted in. Our . W. Bol ions f. M. Balloons by morals Surgot. _ be Nowc deceived by specious representations. See that you got Wolfe s Schnapp a _ Diamond and of Cher brooches Laco fins ate. Splendid assortment All patterns prices to Euit a g. Part Lettiw a 1s4, Queen Street. _ evening commercial classes for adults and youths at or Giles a educational Chambers on and ofter monday january 5._ Adame wine clairvoyant psalmist and Phreno Logist. Family of Esdra a epic Salty. A la we a Hepburn Street Bottom of Wellington Street. Marp Jed people and others Are informed that the balance of toys remaining must be slaughtered at Onca to make room for other deep i roads a be in time at dump Era a Victoria Street. _ class or privately Day or evening at or Gieses educational Chambers on and after monday january 5th. Tress rings engagement rings by Fedilino a. A Bartlett a 154, Queen Street. Educational or w. H. Webbe professional teacher of music will resume lessons on monday sad february. For card of terms Etc. Apply to the London and Berlin piano co., a Hortland Street Between 10 and b. Drawing. A melt animal freehand perspective geometrical and Model. Privately or in class Day and evening at or Giles s educational cd amors on and after monday january 5th. Iss Handyside of Grafton rond gives lessons in French russian sing no. Music and drawing a a f. B. Wood Ham tic a a a Lueit or the pianoforte and harmonium. Address Caro o. A. Lady and co a music warehouse Queen St or Burleigh-St., kyber Faaa. North Buhoro attended once a week. Instruction Given to ladies and gentlemen in any Branch of learning at or gives a educational Chambers Day or evening. Privately or in Claes on and after monday january 6th, owes Waihee a to invalid a oud Persona desirous of a change to the sea Side. Comfortable Board and residence to l. Healthy situation charming scenery boating Fathing shooting Etc. Terms very moderate Steamer to and. From Auckland three times weekly. 014 clients will be glad to Hoar that i have considerably enlarged my premises and aut now prepared to receive both old and new friends.�?�. Parris i gentlemen sacking Board and Reed not Dence convenient to business will find a. Com Lorubio Home combined with moderate torts at work Worth House in upper Qucen St vet near private Board amp residence m g Stephenson Yorkshire House Symonds Street Auckland opposite grammar school. Terms moderate. Anted gentleman by order a every Homo Comfort in a plea East part of town Sci Roncee . St Ait o flip s. 1�?~iab�tc notices. A u g la l a a d club ail accounts against the Auckland club Aro requested to to rendered forthwith. Vav. A. Ryan aug Leland Jan 1, 1891. Secretary Ali Durham sauce is to be equal if not Superior to the far famed Genuino Worcestershire and very much cheaper. Ask your grocer for it. Sold wholesale by Moss amp co. A Vondale vegetable Supply. Fresh veg Atahlee daily direct from the growers. Orders or Roque at for the cart to Call May be left with mowers to Steadman and co., addressed to w. T. Murray avoid amp be. Regular consignments Fonda Rod to country stores and hotels by steam or rail. Putterick a cub paper patterns and metropolitan Fadh Lona. New numbers received metropolitan 2s 0d per annul Post free. Trial copy 2sd Taraps a a p. Ogilvie Boot Trade-1�?cat Bay any class of uppers to make up for Stock or ordered work also. Cut leathers grinder Etc., at j. J. Austins 62, Victoria Treel. Machining done for the Trace. E a award t. Smith. Edward t. Smith Edward t. Smith th5� second Gough the second Gough. The second Gough. Is coming. A is coming. Is coming. F Rater b r o a Stock and share brokers no. 3. Stock Exchange and 97 Queen a feet Auckland. No at Albert Street Tamea. buyer of Aii kind cd of Houe Eccli . W. Eft a Shuw next Bank of rape Road have your lunch or Tea at bbl Victoria luncheon and Tea Roome. Vic Thrift Street e. Branch City Market adjoining Arthurs Marti. A first class Bui of Faro of six different six Penny lunches always ready during Holiday season open till 12 . To. T. Crosker proprietor important reduced Price Imbt q. R e g o r a artist Ponsonby Road near a sainted extra finned and enamelled cabinets 20� per Doz. I2�_per half Doz. Extra Al Lahod and enamelled Cartes 10s per Doz. 6� per Hilj Doz. For gone eur matted. . Tram car Zoaa the door. Impounded a Reguera Portree Parson or Akoi 1 Bay Marc White Star on forehead foot White near front Heel sore Marks on shoulder. If not claimed and expenses paid to be sold on january 21st, 1891. At 12 of clock noon a a Trubshaw. ladies and gents1 a watches by a a Bartlett Solhei Hama Tco a Etc in Gold and Silver splendid Stock to a. G. Bartlett a 164, Queram Street. A a i m o o e a Quot. K o p r Marble clocks banded me designs of Superior finish from . G Bartlett chronometer maker 154, Quieu Atreo. A to Tice Oradei Nati in Reserve anyone lot Mil tabs pissing with Oun on Oba icee native Reserve will to prosecutor with the utmost Rigour of the Law. Signed Para Tuha Kre trustee Oradei native Reserve or country friends Are reminded that John Earle amp co. Ora a ii Coulm porters of pure Tea from every Tea growing country in the world purchased for ready Money in the Market of India China and Ceylon their team Are first class in purity. Bars la Clasa in flavour. First class in strength. First class to pungency. First class in value. These Choice teas May be obtained through any respectable grocer or from John Earle and co., importers 207, Queen flt get William Earle grocer 265 Qucen Street. And Newmarket Ebenezer Earle _ grocer on Bunya to shipwrights settlers and bushmen Opper brass Zinc Tea Lead fungus beeswax shark Fine and horse How a bought and the Best Price Given by a Chee Queen Street and mechanics Bay Auckland _ _ o t e la ref h i s t l e Queen Street. Or Thomas Davis late of wha Garoa masonic and Kamo hotels bits respectfully to inform his old friends and the general Public that he is to to found at Tho above where he Hopes to retain the support of his old patrons and obtain the patronage of new faces by supplying the choicest brands of wines to spirits a finest Basr always on draught. All wine and spirits in bottling department a specially and at very moderate charges. The Littge room suitable for meetings Etc., obtainable Frh Sok charge two first class exhibition billiard tables this hotel will be found most convenient for travellers. Attention civility. Comfort and a Good table guaranteed hotel. Thomas Davis Thistle Rolfes schnapps 40 year a ii be w lore the Public. Buy origin in unit of bottle 10 let a Devonport a furnished 6. Roomed Star office. T1 Road. O let furnished House of 5 rooms. A apply mrs Eastwood Koran shape to let comfortable 4, 3, and 2-roomed cottages rents from 2s 6d.�?h. A rior Don to Boas t re e to to let a furnished bedroom or sitting room and bedroom front. Terme White opposite Cambridge House lower Vincent strict. To let for o months a furnished House 6 rooms with every convenience tap of Grafton Road healthy Bitu Atim. Extensive View or to h. Ashton and son 8, . Insurance buildings. To let or sell 5 Miles from Tauran a 12 acres and dwelling1, Orchard Stream Rich deep soil. Low Price and easy terms owner having left District. More land would be bought,�?23uker Bros finance and estate agent. Taco intr i to la Ett Quot Send for printed Liat of houses shops Etc., to let in All parts of the Cit Yand suburbs. Issued weekly by a Thornea is Queen Street or take a list hmm. Has special rack m every Titan car. Lnl3hedoijsel�rib_divati a port splendid situation for 3 months or c. Wil Haibon agent 83, Qucen a treat. Shore. To let Severa by Large Well furnished rooms pleasantly situated with or without office. Of Sale. For Sale 2 level Aliot Menta 38 by 100 fenced a apply a stones Church Street Ponsonby _ Thor Sale or Exchange for City pro to of 25 acres 3 acres in. Orchard 6 and 4 roomed cottages and All required our buildings. About 12 Miles from Star office. Quot do or Sale a Norf Chobe a groomed to cottage stable Good Well and acres All planted and l Cancea 10 minutes from the boat no reasonable offer chitty Beach Road Northcote _ Jeglor Sale i for Sale printed list of houses farms. Land and a very description of property for Sale can be obtained on application to j. Thornes 81, Queen Street or in every Tram car from his special Raoke therein. For absolute Sale Fine Dairy or sheep farm of 134 acres at Hun a with Houat of to Burdin Sall cattle. Implements household furniture Etc., As a profitable going concern at a very cheap rate to effect immediate j. Thornes 81 Queen Al Trot. 1/1 or Sale the Battery Congi Stin of to 10 head of stampers 8-horse Power engine. Saw for cutting Timber. Galvanised Iron shed trucks Tramway Ralls mining tools Etc., the property of the Paul s Cren. . Co. A for particulars amp up y to Saunders and co., share brokers Auckland. For a Sale Good Freehold 5-room, House at Ponsonby. Well built and in Pood order for �150. Torn �10 Down and balance in weekly sums of los. No on payment of �150 without interest to property will be conveyed. Tho Hobo Cost �165, to ear nothing of the and Baker estate agents. A3 arc immediate Sale a splendid farm of 600 acres nearly All in grass Well watered with Limestone and Wood lop Onty now grazing cattle and sheep part of farm can to a old to pantely Stock can he purchased if required Price for immediate Eil. Very Low with easy terms a apply at once to Kew. Warto. H state agent. High Street a Good Butcher s business for said everything in Good working apply s Jab office. _ a and Dairy Fao Toey for Imi Pedine Elsp Csiti. Farot Lap machinery a Good m new . Engino Bacon curing room Sheds Dwel Fig House. Etc. Detailed Lista of Plant wit i 7 acres of Good land. This estate Cost �900 and i am instructed by Tho a executors to sell for �350.�?j. Thornes. 81, Queen Street. 5s7 a parties Deai Roua of rooting or purchasing property should consult or thornes 81, Qucen Arcet who has houses shops and Busi Tomc for Sale or to lot in All parts Omic City. Two food level allotments a Richmond fronting High Road one <0 by 130 feet and one 80 by l30�?to be sold a Vickers and h Oil 109 Queen Strobe. Wanted wanted to hire sailing vessel 160 to200 tons Register. Price Low Good order a address mrs p. Krosche 5t�r office anted everyone to know that Tho Best Agency for the Selling or letting of their properties a thornes81 Queen at rect fresh hat issued weekly. Wanted known for the cheapest most stylish and largest assortment of millinery try c. wanted known our splendid assortment of trimmed millinery cheap and stylish c. Hopkins z52 and 254, Quetu nacre it and London House Victoria and Nelylon streets. Wanted known tailor trim mings. Tweeds and coatings of the right kind at the right Price for Cash Only can be had from the importer a a. Lovett Wellesley w a anted a great. Job -40 dozen men s and boys Straw hats All English samples the beat variety in . Hopkins 263 and 254 Queen Street. And a London House Victoria and Nelson Street wanted known thac e. Barker late Barker Bros. Clot Biera has removed to 227 Queen Street 2 doors from Albert hotel. Wanted handwriting taught in quo course of lessons Adulte youths or Girla in class or privately Day or evening. Pupils enrolled in and after monday january 5th�?for terms Etc apply to or t. Hatle Giles educational Chambers Queen and wanted known that a Goldie a prepared to Supply All kinds of Timber and. Other building materials at his Mills Albert flare stand breakwater Road including joinery builders Ironmongery and wheel-wright�1 materials at the lowest a Market Fries. _ Boot Trade Earle , a Good machinist and fitter also a new zealand Boot factory Chapel Street beware of inferior spirit Beaupr passed on you a Tho genuine Wolfe s Soh Nappy. House wanted 5 rooms Babb Garden East Side City within 25 minutes walk of town for Good tenant no family a apply j. Thornes 81, Queen Street. A Quot practical bookkeeping single and double entry. In class or privately taught Day or evening by or Gilea at his a educational Chambers on and after monday january 6threspectable Man Wanba fio learn milking a to. Would give a fortnight a address d.t.k., Star office. _ n Diamond bangles a cose during Christmas a at a. G. Bartlett a 154, Queen Stercl smart Saleswoman wanted to take charge of Small salary required and references Posth it me Box 206. To rent. A wanted immediately House of 6 or 6 rooms Bath Etc. For first class tenant a particulars to thornes 31. Queen Street _ t tradesmen a gentleman of experience in Boi it a coping and accounts will be glad to assist tradesmen in writing up their books Stock taking or balancing. Good references. Terms moderate apply to so. 0, Carr Coombes Arcade or James Murdoch 75, Queen Street. _ Young lady experienced wants situation As barmaid excellent to l.a�, Stab office. Wanted Good shoeing and general Smith for about two months a apply stating wages to Geo s. Pearson. Hamilton East Wakato. Wanted 7 men far binding to apply to Robert metres St Heller s Bay of by Edne Aday from 2 to 4 .__ it anted. Man for farm work wage v 20b to boy for same place 10a per week girl to assist several Good Genet amp is a stewarts registry Shortland a Trust. Anted a Handy Man As indoor a Octant for the country references required a apply t pm Jackson and co a auctioneers Duhain St foot wanted situation by a single Man As Gardener can milk a address e.d., Star Niheu. Wanted Coa amp hands Shirb machinists. Girls for shirt . Clark and sons factory anted a Groom not Leas than 25 years of age with experience of driving. A apply or. Davy lower by rounds Street. Anted it Yorong boy for the grocery Smeeton Bros. Mount itch still rond. Anted 2 or 5 Boya Tor Ibe factory. About 13 years of j Grey and sons. Wanted a smart boy for Luitz and Nursery work 14 or 15.�?applv to g. B. Boulton Symonds Street Between 12 and 1 o clock on Friday Jan. 9 or a Kochian it anted errand boy references to required. A Sharland a apothecaries Hali Shortl stud Streur. _ wanted a lad about 15 or 16 Able to drive and attend to horse and Cetl la Richmond Dairy Jer vote Road Ponsonby anted working housekeeper for stau anted of try Amateur vocalists. And gentleman minstrel performers and Ballad singers a apply thespian Between 8 and 30 to Morrow evening Gleeson a hotel Wellesley and Hobson anted married people and others. To know that the balance of toys remaining must be slaughtered at onco to make room for other Froah goods so be in time at Dampier a Victoria Street. Anted a general and Nursery housemaid. A apply to miss Ryan Parnell. Anted a general servant. Must. Have ref mra Orchiston Reguera Road. W. mrs Neil Mclean Shelly Beach Road. Ranted at once a Good general servant Small family references re wanted a Good general servant Nono but those Well recommended need apply. A mrs English Devonshire Dairy Ponsonby Road. Wanted a Good general servant must to Able to do Plain cooking a apply Wynyard hotel. Symonds Street. Wanted by the 13th, a Good general servant. Reference to mrs Mowbray Mann us Road Parnell. Wanted immediately generals Wakato Yosof qty a a Whitaker i ave a Dale North Shere kyber pass. Reguera fl2e Nursery housemaid old amp a mrs Arthur s registry. £78, Qucen Street. Anted urgently women looks t v housemaids generals hotels private. War mall farm met. Kitchen Mon. Co Piea. Housekeeper men Cooks a mrs look Ley 280, Ancen gtd Doc. Wanted by a Young lady situation As governess private family preferred eix years experience excellent address r.ii., six office. Wanted by Young girl employment during the Day in shop Orother Iao is Good at �31,c. Star office. Wanted a Strong willing air to make Liera Elf generally useful Good references Cox laundress. Upper porno strict _ wanted for shipping Young thrushes blackbirds and. Skylark. A narc boat once a a. Walk or City Market. Wanted two 400-gallon tanks also Ilis treas Range with state Price and where to he seen to ., Box 55 wanted a Dairy of fresh butter and eggs to to delivered on f. Irwin Grooch Cool and firewood dealer Ponsonby Hood. Wanted furnished apartments or Small furnished House state terme add Rosa Home Star office. Wanted 6-roomed House with Bath room and Wash House Good tenant. Apply Quot hone Stab office v1tanted immediately 2 front unfurl vanished rooms with use of Kitchen. Terms ail Star office wanted second hand engine and boiler about 4 . Also second hand Gap lathe screw cutting about Bill centres born in Good a.z., Star office. Wanted Brandy and whisky bottles in any Saarland and co limited manufacturing chemists Etc., lome Street. Wanted ladies and gentlemen s second hand clothing in Largo or Small quantities. Best prices Given by c. Rogers. Bill Iota Street off Wellesley a treat near Central Market mrs Rogers will attend ladies at their Reaid Euce if required. Wanted to buy building allotment or House near upper Franklin Road address House Star office. _ anted to buy an Ivon Safe a Tate. Size and Price and where to be seen must be in Good by letter to Iron Safe Star office w anted known c. W. Goodson tenders his Roost sincere thanks to residents and visitors for the exceedingly Liberal patronage conferred upon him during Thea Holiday season at the London abrade japanese Art Jinn Oriental bazaars. Thus crowning it As one of the most successful seasons during the ten years he has catered to the Public taste just arrived some Lovely new japanese China Art Ware. Specimen a of it Are displayed in Tho window Nuder the jewellery department but for Choice variety ate the japanese Bazaar where a Large assortment of Bamboo brackets Are just opened Goodson a London Arcade. W a need known. Just opened up at a t h e w so the latest consignment of albums pocket books Purana handbags Glove and handkerchief boxes work Oxos work baskets and companions card cases in leather Silver and Pearl handsome Plush brackets desks Victoriac Cigar and cigarette cases dolls a specially Musio cases toys Etc or Christmas cards Christmas cards i Christmas cards we hold the Moat unique assortment in Auckland j. G. Mathews ,196. Queen Street. Iii it Newton Bazaar a amp Una him roil. Table talk. I q i m de exp a weather. French flagship gone. Tango left for fit a feast of the Epiphany. Alameda gone to Sydney country visitors departed. 11 in his Power n to night. Waiora arrived from South indians still on the Warpath. Touvi Ata in plenty at Rotorua. America mobilising War vessels. Richmond from islands to Morrow regatta committee meets to night. Mana Pouri from Sydney to Morrow. Anglo american auctions threatening. Auckland tailoresees1 Union meets the evening. Annua meeting now zealand educational Institute to Day. Educational Institute people picnic a Taka punt on thursday. A Maori boy from Rawhia died in to Wakato Hospital last week. Annual meeting of new Zeeland insurance company on january 74th. All the berths have been taken for Tho Tara Oral a first sounds excursion meeting of Devonport Borough Council has been postponed until thursday evening. Competition on the Oxford Rotorua coach Lino has been the Means of reducing Faroe. Fine climate Wakato i triplets near Tau Piri a Fow Days ago and two sets of twins this week Are announced. It is boat of a or May the commissioner who bought Nordenfeldt at yesterdays sate had authority to bid up to �90g0. A contract has been let to cart one thousand tons of Limestone from the ranges to Ca Onelly slime Kiln on the Waipa River the Newcastle Road Board Are surveying it new Road under the Public works act across the Soboto Creek near what what. The elections for the French Senate have resulted in a great Republican gain. M. Ferry has been elected for to department of the Vosges. The piano county Council Avo opening up the Oxford Manama tit Road through messes a hume1� and j. L. Wilson a Laud at Manea Hara 1 or. Wright notified the Parnell Borough Council last evening that he was attending two cases of diphtheria in Bath Street. The letter was received the Wakato county Connell Are improving the main Road near Huntly. They Are calling for tenders for travelling half a mile South of Huntly Sanford Fleming Ottawa Bra Flea that the promoters of the Pacific Cable Aro considering whether they will connect with Honolulu in route to Australia. Or g. Bro skill of Taota Oroa near Cambridge who of legs Cut by a mowing machine last week is getting on Well. He had a narrow escape from being lamed for life. The clerks of the London Post office and savings Bank who were suspended for refusing to work overtime complain of excessive employment of females in Bede pertinent. A singular mortality among Horeb a has occurred in the Wair Scapa District during the past few week. Tho disease appears to be infectious bub is unknown to veterinary experts the government Are Yahoub to put in a siding fit Toffi Okoro Ite station near Oxford. This will enable people to unload goods there t present there is Only a there or Hyndman whose Back was injured a the Huntly mine disaster is progressing very favourably in the Wakato Hospital and rapidly improving although Hie leg Are a till helpless it the Kirik Irijoa Road Beard Are putting the Road Between Tau Piri and Garu Azahia in order tenders Are called for form bag three Miles of the Road and playing Tho worst Sandy portions. There is great discontent among the inhabitants of Newfoundland a the renewal of the Moduli Visendi with regard to the French Shore and Many threaten to overthrow British Rule. Tho a Whangarei regatta was run on Bho 1st inbfc., but the Day waa very unfavourable being web Nna equally. The attendance was not numerous. Or Steadman s boat the won the big race. The Tangi being held a Rawhia on the body of hone wet Ere is a big affair. Severe Hundred natives have gone Over the ranges to cry and probably eat their friends out of House and heme or Clements of Tau whore who was knocked Down by a Racehorse fib Claude lands on the 20th december is still in the Hospital. He suffered severely from con Cucalon but is improving daily. A committee of knights of labour at Palmerston North has bean appointed to inquire into the dismissal of several casual railway employees who were dismissed for not working on new years Day Tho next event for Tho Lovera of a port at Whangarei will be the races on the 9th and 10th. The Gates and of Cher privileges Wera sold on saturday Tho 3rd Inabata by mrw b. Buck Huret it is thought there Willi be Good races. Our Wakato correspondent says 11 Tho Road from Hamilton to Yea Tarhata across the a ramp will to quince impossible for traffic next Winter unless Foxall a outfall ia1 deepened or cleaned out and the Road drains allowed to Captain Johnson a nautical adviser to the government and or Lewia Wilson undersecretary of the Marine department left Quot Wellington for the South by the Hinemoa on saturday in connection with the proposed Lighthouse on to snares. The Hon. A. J. Balfour and the Earl of Zetland Are appealing for fund for the Relief of Trish families who Are unable to Benefit by the carrying out of the Public works and also to provide food and cloth0� for their children attending school. A president Harrison has ordered 12�?~ american cruisers four Revenue cutters and seven patrol steamers to assemble a san Francisco within a month it 1� under of ipod that the mobilising a in connection with the Behring sea fishery dispute. The government surveyors Are engaged in surveying sundry government lot of land near Tau Piri up the Manga Hara Creek. They have completed the Survey lately of several 50-acre sections a Roto Kauri Between Hamilton and of Haiat what. The Koroti and his followers after spend ing Christmas and the new year with tha Wai Sarapa natives have left there for their Homos on the a Vaipan again. The visit a been an uneventful one and europeans and natives have taken Little or no interest m it. A wire from Wellington says that two prominent residents of Auckland Nave been requested by the government to investigate the charges preferred against or Collins of the Hospital by sex nurse Arnaz Boidi and it is expected that both will Jon sent to act. Quot the anniversary of Epiphany Chnrei. Karanga Hape Road Bill be observed today the feast of Tho Epiphany. A fail choral air vice will be held at 7.30 to night when the preacher will be the Rev. A Galder incumbent of a Sainte. Thai Church choir will be a aisted by the choir at a saints and other friends. A a 1 a fealty ;