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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - January 5, 1891, Auckland, Auckland Yol. , 3.Auckland, ., monday january 5, 1891. Price one Penny. Shipping. To Quot a ttki0w steamship company of new zealand limited Royal mail express ski Vloe. Overland route to England through America i trifling affix the heat of the red. Sea and the cold of Cape Horn the steamers of this Lina Are appointed 4n1flav6 Sydner add Auckland for Honolulu and Francisco every four weeks sailing a a a a toil a. Leavo arrive Steamer. Sydney auck i Rico a Quot a Amoda Mariposa woo Jan. 21 Jan 26 Fob. J4 1 3000 feb. 18 lfet�.23 mar 14 tickets Are available for 32 months and of Loon Pasho frers can break their journey a Auckland Honolulu san Francisco and any place Ozeau in Rouie to new York through. Fares a Sydney or Auckland to England a Filoon. £63 and �66 Steerage �32 3s9l an ���2 12b, apply at any of the offices Union steamship company of new zealand limited. Tynion steamship company of new be Ajjan limited timetable weather and circumstances . For new Plymouth. Wellington and Lyttelton from Onehunga. Stoa car. Pytte issuing. \ Strain. Tak Afutu tuesday,g,5,30n.m. I 10p.m. Monday cargo received by railway till 1.10 . On monday for new Plymouth Wellington a a and win aka i thursday 8. 5 . F 4.15 cargo received by railway till 110 . For Gisborne Napier. Wellington Lyttelton Dunedin. And Bluff from Apok Landi Nana fori i thursday. Jan. 8 noon for Man Youri f thursday Jan. 8, pop for Gisborne. N Apier and Well Lington. Australia f wed Safiny. Jan. 7� 6 . A of awant Al Wai Piko to Tomaru Hicks s Bay to amp Tolona. A a Eteaua i wednesday Jan 7.6 ._ for Tonga and Samoa a a a a Nuku Alofa haada1j, Vavau and Apia. Wainui i wednesday. Jan. 14, 5 Pru Cav Gotoiu noon.1_ for Sydney. Wat Hora i Quot wednesday Jan. 7,5 ._ for Honolulu and ban Francisco. Alameda i monday. Jan. 26, 2 . Cargo till 10 Taupo for Suva and a Vuga. I monday. Jan. 5. A . Cargo till noon Tat cargo must be booked and alongside two hours before advertised time of de december january. February and March excursion tickets will be issued at reduced rates available for three months from Date of Issue. Auckland Branch prime Stoa building. To Nordhern steamship company limited. Time table january. Proposed sailings weather and other circumstances permit Flygt. From que j3 en.3t Heet -fqiihu33elu wha Aroa and coat Ranutt _ i Friday a of a for Fok Matetu and Matatia i every Friday at 7 . Lansman a a a a a. All freights Rubatt it Al Oka i every monday a�?o4 every For Kua Tunu. 1 every monday and Iosa i every Tjin Ruday. 0p,m. Returning every wednesday and saturday at 2 . Imbat her permitting. Every reasonable carb Taten in Tondut a a angers and cargo in s Uri Boate. Bat no res Nonni of. Fakuda Bay Whangarei Heads and manc Apai 7ei.i.1notok i every tuesday and Friney for Whan by in and Marsden surring cargo Ami Faa Gera few Walpin ice schmeets the Steamer on arrival to convey Tep a amp . From Wii Shabsi a Lumston i wed. 7. Train. 3.25 . _ for thames on rect no with River steamers for Faeroe to Aroha and other upper ata��63 Setti Emente. Quot a leaves Auckland. It Mahatta tuesday 6.9.30 . Kulb t wednesday. 7.10 a Ali it Toh Ahana i Tow Star Al. 11 Fig it a i Friday. 9.12 noon prot Diahana f saturday 10.1 Lav ice to alb i tuesday. 6.2 . A Omahana 1 wednesday 7,3p.m< a Gitlic i thursday. 3.46 . Otom Abana Friday 9,1.30 . Boyle i saturday 10,5.30 _ tickets will to k,1?0� december in available for return until Fob to 91, Saloon. 10s Steerage. 7s go. A a 5? if Fate. Return tickets available either for a. Rotor Ahana or s,8. Argyle. From Manokau. For Opu Nake and Wanganui. Ger Seq Friday,9,1 . Tram noon cargo will be received at Queen Street wharf after half past four it a after Aoa on saturdays or within one hour of a any steamers departure. Excursion tickets will be issued on and alter december available to March 3l cd team Between o Auckland Paera Kop Turuwa. Haku. Taia a Hamas River and the Aroha. S. 0, r us y. For Paera from puerto monday 6,4 wedues., 7,4,30 a. Ill thurs.,8, 6 . Saturday 10, 6a.m. Weather and other circumstances permitting. After december 31 return tickets will to issued at single rates. A Katakana and Wade. S. 3. Maori. _ format akan a from Malakaua a raw lev. H 8 . Tuesday 6. 5.3� , for Wade _ from Wade. Dec tuesday 7,10 Aid thursday 3. 5fhday.9,2 , saturday 10 6 , ill c4rgo must be prepaid weather and of Beix a in Kotano. 34. J. M. Syms. Agent Aroha hot Springs Ruby con nest i Tveith the Ohio Curr �?z.-r1. Agency line it Paera by Means Iwen passengers Are talc in from Auckland Leandia and Baek a pm monday Tooa tur a he Guinea. Sineln done Steamer and coach a 1 hotel . Meals Eton a Etc., a Bastia. Egiy sea rarer and tub shit Ypung. The new zealand skipping company a line. Ship leading wind p it o m Dunedin. Consig Coa Aro requested to present Bills of lading and of it Tain delivery orders for their goods without Dolay. Cargo impeding the of Tho ship will be stored at consignees risk ande nonae. Captain Huntck try will not to held respond Zeiblo for debts contracted by an y me Raber Othla Crow without his written authority the new zealand shipping Codi Pany limited agents. Custo irn Garcet. Jan. 5,1891. Team to London. Tho Peninsular and Oriental steam navigation company under contract with the Imperial new South Wales victorian and South australian governments Willic Sparck Tho following steamers foe London calling at Adelaide Aii Bany Colombo Aden Brindisi Malta Gibraltar Steamer leave Sydney leave Melbourne mass Ilia i Jan. 12 jan17 Cai Ugiagb Jad. 26 Jan 31 Victoria i Fob. 9 feb. 14 Valetta i feb. 25 Fob. 23 Arcadia March 9 March 14 Ballarat March 23 March 28 and thence Ronsard every alternate week. Passage Money can be paid at this end Korpos sages from England Liberal Couch Baiona to families. 4tho second Saloon having been thoroughly re organised. This company is now enabled to offer intending passenger accorn Medalou at to four wig greatly in to diced. Ratesic single ticket-�37 return ticket available for 12 months �?�65 passengers booked at Auckland at same rates As Sydney or Melbourne. For Mlp is amp amp co a Queen at aet Auckland. Agents. Orient _ to Jondon tic Klukoff a Albany to Slombo Naples Aud Gibb altar Steamer from Sydney from Melbourne Jan 19 Jan. 24 feb. 2 Fob. 7 fab. 16 Fob. 21 Orizaba March 2 March 7 through orca Iron new Tamim Lou Oraon Steerage. £21 �23, and �25 second �37 and �40 Saloon,�63 and �70. Excursion return tickets a available 9 months first-rift�9. £105. Available 13 months first c a,3iraionesteamsh3p company of hew zealand limit Iii. Agent san zealand or Gisborne and East coast ports _ the regular trading Schooner Gisborne John h see Nebr. Master will leave for the above ports on tuesday the 6th inst receiving cargo at Firth s wharf till the evening of that Day. Gisborn shippers will Dienso Send Down Early. H. B. Morton. Agent co Romandel. Shortest route to Kun Aorta not . Or Thomas Scott Muster. Time table. Leaves Auckland leaves co Romandell a tuesday 6.12noon wednesday 7 12 noon thursday,8.12 noon Friday. 9,12 noon saturday. 10.12ncon wac Berand thai . Not ice Shipp it Jing Cridla charging live Slock n oct to received without shipping note and within a an hour advertised time of inboard. Return tickets from december 22 Saloon 10s St Crago 7s 6d, available for one month. 6�?tuesday, 3 5 . 7�?wednes 3,50 , 10�?saturday. 6 . 14�?w Erncr. 9 0,m, 15�?thursday. 10 one Hunga steam Nayi amp Atlin cult. A up the Manukas a will leave As under sweat her and other Circum Stancea permit Tungl intermediate places. Fsr Eai Lle Lurn 6s, single 4a, children Rall Price. _ v a a a time table january leave oae Hungat leave wait Kun 6�?tuesday. 6 a to via Coulthard a Manokau Heads Lluvia Oto. 7_\vcdnes 7 . 8�?thursdo y. 8 . 10�?saturday, in . 14_wcdaee 1 . , is thursday , 16�?frijay. 9.1bani,, Manukai leads. Coul bards a 17 Saifur. 11.16 . 17-Fiaturtlay, a15 . 19�?monday, 20�?tuesday. 6 . Hula via Coulthard a Heads. Coul Manokau Heads thex do is Etc . 20�?tuesday a5 . Ai Woad a. 7.15 . 21�?wedncs. 4 , 22-thnreday. 8 . T23�?Friday 5,5 84-Sacurday, 9.4o . 26�?monday 29�?monday 28�?wfitiiics.,6.5 pm 23�?w winos. 12 Noen 30�?Friday, 9.16 ., for Huia Manokau Hoar if Coul Thordy Etc 31 a saturday 10 . 31�?saturday, 2 . Above Timo table in subject to alteration wit Bont notice. Not responsible for any goods lauded at intermediate place. Not responsible for shipping carrying or discharging five Slock. All cargo should to alongside at least one hour before advertised time. Quot special returns at 4s and so to Nehn Titia. On 8th and 22nd, available till 10th and 23rd . T special returns. ��1 one it Tinea to wait Ltd on 10th and aged available tin i4th Oaas read cd ausk a Ait no. On Chanaa. Ravin Campbell Secretary Wailuku fac Nice amp a. Exc Srou to to Siwera and Mahuran i Heads. Saturday till monday. Weather and other circumstances permitting a. Thefa6ts5 Rose Casey will run an excursion As above leaving the wharf every saturday at 2 ., returning from Mahu Rangl Heads at 5, am. In it a Wawera at half past 6 , on monday and arriving in town about 9 . Return fare ten shilling tic jets will also to i Sekul ? the Steamer s Faro Anil All hotel and Bath charge at Wawera for Twenty two shillings Lex Mcgregor agent View zealand j3i educational Institute Auckland Branch. Conference 1891. The annual Etc traion will Toko place on thursday january St 189, to Lake Beacie. To my Amer will leave Ftp Leo Street wharf at to Eire a 1, each. Luncheon May to obtained a a Fri Kiross to1 Betat Dirom of the Yommi amp of and mass wit Man a hip a a Union and co. Cd amp met soup and Cooper. Murray and Spencer. W. H. Draffin Hon. Secretary. Tel do a Aii architect Sho Bury s Public notices. Us Klaud club. A accounts against the Auckland club Aro Ficq Uebber to to rond cred forthwith w. A. Ryan _ Auckland Tan 1, 1891. He rotary. A sufferer from nor Vous and wasting debility loss of Vigour Etc., to a restored to health in such it remarkable manner after All else Imd failed that to will on receipt of a self addressed stamped envelope a curl the Morto of euro free to All a. Milner. G.., Sydney. Al Durham sauce la acknowledged to be equal if not Superior to the far famed be Tuluo and very Onich cheaper. Ask your grocer for it. Sold wholesale by Moss amp co. Vondale vegetable Supply. Fresh. Vegetables daily direct from the growers. Orders or requests for the cart to Call May be loft with messes t. Steadman and co., addressed to w. To Murray Avo Dalo. Regular consignments forwarded to country stores and hotels by steam or rail. Best Valuo for your Money is to be bad at j. H. Dalton a tailor 210, Queen Street. Be Wise in time i Only one purveyor in thousands will have sufficient patience and courage to prepare first class articles like messes Grosso and Blackwell who schooled the taste of the Public and achieved in the end the Confidence and patronage of Consumers. This is Nob an easy task in our of Tho world whore Tho cheapest and most advertised goo is pulled up As to qualities they never possess Are bought by Tho masses but we can wait As to feel assured that common sense and a Good palate must find out in Tho Long run that our coffees spices teas Etc., arc on account of their combination of purity flavour and Choice Quality the cheapest and can to enjoyed without that doubt creeping Over the consumer which oly the Case with poor or adulterated articles of daily consumption a Bown. A Putrn and co., direct co flee. Spice and Tea importers. _ Cut paper patterns Quot and metropolitan fashions. New numbers received 2s go annul. Post free. Trial copy 2�d Stamps a a. P. Ogi Ivio w Boot can buy any class of uppers to Inako up for a look or ordered work Alao. Cut leathers or Mudery Etc., at j. A austins 62, Vitorla Street. Machining Ono for the Trace. Creamery butter. A Tho my zealand Dairy associations new Dairyman says. Quot the Buttor which i am to making is Superior to that with which took first Price against All come is at the j Dunedin exhibition this butter which is 4�?T better hum the Best Quot May to had from All grocers and whole Bale from the association s Van. Crat the doubt �6 messes j. s Gity flour Mills Shortland of cruet. The by Media the word a a Dairy Quot with Tho words new zealand Diry association1 a surround plug it. Asit for it and boo that it bears the Brand. A Quot �?oiam0ndruby Sapphire Gem Riners. Suitable As presents. Engage Meneaud wedding ring a in Block and Mado to . Adams jeweller. Victoria Street. A Eldward t. Smith Edward t. Smith Edward t. Smith the second Gough the second Gough the second Gough is coming is coming. Is coming. Electric appliance free to Auy Man suffering from nervous debility vitality Etc i will Forward free of charge a valuable electric appliance for euro of same. Address a jul octto Pai Hist. Care of f,0. Box 462 Sydney. A a. Dalton tools first prize for o artistic cutting at Tho due Eden or bib Ittem _ Ujj. Swinnerton a Wood Turner win Guam san fiet a of Taisiia hed 18661. Band saw work and carving at cheapest possible prices. Billiard balls from 21s set. Balls exchanged. Pool pins marbles and Chalk pockets on hand. Special care Gloo to by turn Rig and staining balls l o mee1 Tho times a reduction of 25 cent in Alt common work has been made. J h. Dalton confines himself to Tho a tailoring by Sluane Jyh. Dalton took first Prue for o Arti Atio cutting at Tho Dunedin Kex Lii Bittor. I Adier and. Gantse watcha by . A Bartlett Rotherham a Etc., Etc. In Gold and Silver splendid Stock to select from a at a. G. Life Lett a 164, quota Street. _. _ a a i m o a e or o p it Marble i clocks baud Omo designs of Superior finish from �3,. G. Bartlett maker 154, Queen Streeto Tice. Oradei native Reserve anyone found trespass in with gun on Oracki Natiyah re so rvs will be prosecuted with the Ulmat Rigour of the Law. Signed to Haere trustee Oradei native Klesc rvs persons who Albudy one thing Only should Excel i give Ray whole study to tailoring and for results i common i the Public to the awards Given at Dunedin . Ii. Daltou tailor 210, Queen Aroet. _ picturesque Atlas of to Tho representations of the agent of the above publication Are inv Ted to Unito with Sci ours formed for Liat purpo3o. And correspond with or. Muir West Tamaki or it. Cra Vford Clevedon or Puko koha Brunch , puke the _ go cobs in business Gre amp try depends on. Care ital and elate no tic bookkeeping tradesmen and others can have their books started posted accounts made out and balances struck by thoroughly practical men at convenient hours Day or evening on reasonable terms on application to or Giles at his business College Corner of Queen Street. And Durham Street East. Secrets of life and health. Free by Post for six Penny Stamps a medical treatise by an eminent. Freuh Hospital physician to years a parisian specialist now How they May cure themselves of nervous debility without consulting a medical parisian f0. Box 766, Sydney. A a Boon to All desiring self Curc a a a a medical Quot Quot Quot and a still dyeing to live a living to Dye. City of Auckland dyeing and cleaning establishment. Established 1264. Gentlemen s superfine dark Tweed suits cleaned renewed or dyed Well sea. Light summer suite cleaned scoured and we Frej sed on Short notice. Ladies a Silks. Sating Velvete. And other material in dyed any Shade. Us pfc summer costumes any Shade Menue Dand a Quot Ell pressed without to it Jung to nieces. Last pm Law a bleached and got up in new. Damask curtains or j Able Covera cleaner or dyed Jed hot pressed Reatho cleaned of dyed any Shade Well curled w m. Edgar we Wiesley str set East and Alpha Wulw go a amp works Richmond lost and found Jeff a Quot Al re , Uenzli amp a setter a a. Dog. Rated Max a a a finder returning to or oui he amp Ito Carlton Gore Road will Loccie Reward. T Ost White Bull terrier door on u j tuesday last near Throe a ringing to a. L. Harvey. Terrace View mount Erie will to rewarded. Collar Tan rang a 1030. Lost on january 2 Between Penrose and Auckland a Blue Sergo in ulcer rewarded on returning same with contents of pockets to Switi Silico. Lost of thursday evening a Piutti Gold locket heart Hape with two Lori of hair anyone finding the same would greatly oblige by leaving it at or Dalien s a Oleo Palace. I Ost in Victom Street West on Sun j any evoking. Child a Whito Straw trimmed it Lynn Nubon. A will in drier kindly return same to 5, Albert Terrace Albert Street near Wynt Taam Street _ 10st Bethoon Symonds and princes j streets probably o Roro str Cota pair of driving reins and return to greyhound slab Lee. T Ost the drink habit by using no j Ilia of Ehra cd Golden specific. A sate and vapid cure for drunkenness in any form. Can to Given secretly or otherwise. Pamphlet sent with magnificent testimonials free by specific co. 145 and 147, Collius at get Melbourne Victoria. 8sony. £100, and �50 to lend on Freehold Security at Low Arch. Buchanan solicitor a Ucen at. Opposite Bank K a quoth a Sci lend in Yarious. Suma at Low . A Dunne solicitor Shortland Street. T he new zealand loan and discount Bank ii Gil Stakser two doors from offices formerly coupled by City Council a lends Money in sums of �5 to �1,000 on furniture without removal on Rianne without removal on Deposit of does on personal be Crafty it m Mai images on promissory notch on Lite policies or on any Security. Repayable weekly monthly or quarterly All letters and interviews strictly confidential Oney Quot Lent on promissory notes. Houses furniture the my a Bills discounted daily mortgages negotiated John w. Hardie land , and estate asst. A a a a la Street Auckland cheap Money a Truet Money to lend at very now rate of int Reou of j. Hammond solicitor opposite Quot Herald office Queen Street Oney to lend Ata moderate rate i interest a apply to Jackson it Russell Soli Cnora Shoi Tanct a treat. Toney to lend on mortgage of fir sir Al Ola a Freehold so Cut Ratiee William Coleman. Solicitor National insurance buildings _ a qua a a Trout a a a old Al t0 i and in Mara of dwt Vlf from �50 upward a apply Ivy. 3. Coohrane Cochrane a a action jul re 125. A Ueen Treel Queensland mortgage loan and discount company Itei Novod to Wynd Ahi St text 13 doors from a a co Padys office Auckland. Money advanced from �5 and upwards to any amount required and to suit the Borrower upon personal Freehold leasehold or any tangible Security rope Amblo in any Way As in amp a be arranged Vithor weekly monthly or quarterly at lowest Ouri ont Ratee. Advances made on furniture without to Moval Aiea on All kinds of Mero Haudie including Bond warranty Etc. Bills do counted at current rates. Auckland permanent co Opeyi Atik building and investment society. Of iplcfl�?147. Jul Sci Stu est. Loans granted upon approved securities of Freehold or leasehold properties la Imine of �20 to �6,000. Principal and interest being repay Bio in Inala Mente at the following reduced Ivatts for repayment of each �100 borrowed extending Over week. Total amount repayable i year ,. £2 0 0 �104 0 0 2 years 1 0 10 103 6 6 j years do 7 113 15 0 4 years. 0 11 8 121 6 b 6 years. 0 6 9 136 16 9 8 years 0 7 1 147 13 9 to years 0 6 3 lc216 3 and in the same proportion for smaller of larger Loans. Borrowers May at any time pay off the whole or of their i Loans or Muy if the committee consent Redaja the amount of the amp in weekly repayment a annual division of profits in which borrowers participate Dapo amp let received at following rates of a Crest fixed Tor 6 months. Spar sent. Per annul with Drawable at 1 daye1 notice my 4 percent annul John Bax Geh. Secretory business notices. Mahoney k. Son arc i Testa Queen Street. Auckland. The Kapai Corn Broom co., limited Auckland Thos. J. Harbutt managing dire Toti to e a c o c a a optician mathematical and nautical maker Shortland Street Law aft in 3 took spectacle a and eyeglasses of every kind an accurate fit guaranteed 0p61a glasses of Superior Quality telescopes bin ocular Field glasses and Micro i Scopes powerful and cheap a theodolites mining Compaq Sot Abney Levels drainage Levels. Prismatic compasses drawing Inspru Vienia Scalos parallel Lulor ships log sextants compasses Pinnacles barometers thermometers Hydrometers electric Bells barter los and fittings artificial eyes various colours and Sixes magnetic and galvanic medical machines magic lanterns and Sud Al hand magnifiers Stereoscope and slides Graphos Copco team gauges and tubing Sainoi Octen special Lina 3-Foet telescopes cheap settlers telescopes powerful portable and cheap 11s settlers aneroid barometers Strong and Good 21 6d Settlor so microscopes magnifying 1,730 time 22s go working models by Ebenm and electricity Complete sets of hot Agrabio apparatus or Beer Feuers Moderato la Palco instr menu of every kind repaired opposite the Post off amp it re a Lia to Settzo Cinosi. A it Julns Korius. Konyae Navy restaurant Queen Street. Samuel Henry Cox in returning thanks to his numerous friends for their Ximiness a supporting him for Tho last 12 years but is to stare that to has taken Over Trio old established restaurant opposite Tho into a liar hotel and adjoining John Reid a merchant a teen Street. To Lias had the premises renovated throughout and has spared no outlay in making Thia restaurant second to none in the Colony. Tho bedrooms Are nil newly Dono up. Nicely furnished clean and tidy Gas being Laid id each room thus preventing any bad smell from inferior candles and there Faro preventing any Chance of fire. Private sitting rooms on each Landing with lavatories. Patent clo Sofer plunge and Shower Baths to suit Tho convenience of travellers. The dining room is fitted up in excellent tast and do big whilst Tho Kitchen outbuildings Etc. In fact Tho whole restaurant a a Model of taste and cleanliness and a credit to this Noble City. The drains from the Onaiti Tower have been thoroughly overhauled by or Geo. Rhodes contractor and have Given entire satisfaction. Everyone wishing for Good meals Good clean Beds Etc should not forget to Fulvo this old and tried restaurant keeper for Over 12 years Sia Diug a trim. Meals 6d to la Siglo Beds u each double do 2s each note Tho address Samuel Henry Cox Royal Navy restaurant que in Trebst. A jains now ready in Katkic k s k Brand new season s Strawberry conserve. 41 or Kirkpatrick of Nelson is reputation for a real he has sont us a ample Case of to Biff season s k Brand Straw Berry Conservo which leaves absolutely nothing to be desired either in o unlit in preparation u is in Sib Glass jars very to amp to fully put up and is perfectly delicious. It is not Jam but might be better described As strawberries in icily Tho fruit not being broke i but keeping its shape and appearance Only massed together in its own Rich juice Tia suitable for pastry or for the Tabic either As Jam or As a conserve to to eaten with Cream. Children Rayitos just bully and it is Good for them As fresh fruit a a a a Wellington evening s. Kirkpatrick in air amp co., Natl so to. Coal merc giants. Waggons for removal of furniture and us kinds of on shortest Natice. Coals May now to obtained in any Quantity it firewood brat class to Treel. Tanks fencing shingles bricks Lime Sand Eia and a i Stose customs Street East. C Oal and firewood boat Tau Coal and to Trio firewood at Locsi. Price for Cash. Weight and Moriis frument guaranteed furniture carefully removed and Goncal express work Dono at lowest Rylance Corner a a Karanga Hape amp Newton roads. To liners. W. P Phillipps amp s on 149 and 151, Queen Street have just opened up a Large assortment 3f cheap paper hangings scrims polished silvered rough plate Sheet and ornamental window Glass White Lead. Oils turns Var ishits and All kinds of p Ai n t e r so materials. A r t i s t so requisites of every description for Oil and water Colour painting. Picture Frame mouldings. Glass shades. Educational r w. H. Webbe professional teacher of music will resume lessons on monday 2nd february. For card of semis oct. Apply to the London and Berlin. Piano co., Shormann fit Reet Between 10 and drawing. A mechanical freehand perspective geometrical and Model private a or in class Day and evening at or Giles a educational chimera on and after Mottar. It aau agy St. _ instruction riven to ladies and gentlemen in any Branch of learning at Urgiles a educational Chambers Day or even Jug. Privately or in class pm and after monday january 5th. Personal. Will the Young gentleman who left a swag at mrs Ludlow s. Hobson Street on january 1st, please Call for it at Grey Street. H. Dalton Oon finds himself to the tailoring Diamond and other brooches lace Ping Etc. Splendid assortment All patterns prices to suit everybody a at a. G. Bartlett a 154, Queen stroll _ evening commercial classes for adult and youths amp car Giles s a educational Chambers on and after monday january g. _ Adame ti7ine, clairvoyant psalmist. And Phreno Logist. Family affairs a specially. A lower Ile Burn Street Bottom of Welling Toni str cot. M or. Dalton. Dear sir a the jurors in awarding Yon the Flint Lilsa awards expressed Thorn Lvcas that they have net seen such work and finish in the colonies bite to and rarely it. Home a signed William Job each chairman of jurors. Dunedin March 12th. 1890 or Hare herbalist tuesday wednesday thursday and saturday nights. Treatment free from 7 to 10 .�?address, Turner Street _ married people and others Are informed that Tbs balance of Toya Rem Twining Ennst be slaughtered at once to make loom for other fresh in time at Dampier a i Utu a strict. class or privately id Day or Evador at or Uilama s Koa atonal Chambers on and after monday january St. Lamond bangles at Cost Dur a do a. G. Bartlett a 164, Queen Street. Res3 rings Rengac Meub , p a wedding tug at a 0 Butlett Lim �110 jilt wanted. To let a Devonport a furnished. 6-jl roomed cottage re. A a a ply s wait 0fficc_ to let furnished House old apply mrs Eastwood Karanga Tiapa Toad to let for 3 months a furnished House 6 rooms with eve try convenience to of Lii Ofton Toad Ileathy situation 3i a Tensive View of to ii. Ashton and son Lusu Nance building. Quot Rorth Shore. To let Sove jux Large. Woji in nishid. Hoopii plea amp flu Era flatly situated with or without Silico. For Sale. F1 or Sale a bargain40 Icrea Good Lund with Rico Sandy Beach i on to Sre and Good Quaini Lyol mixed Buli upon the pipe ii Only 10 mile Froni to John Soppit Houyao and land Agen 3, a Judea Arcet. Tutor positive Sale cheap 1-Oally ji1 Good Little farm of 71 acres All fenced and subdivided into 7 paddocks each or which arc a watered irom Beautiful Stream running through the property a Good Orchard 7-roomed it Quby mid other buildings Only 2 Miles from railway station and 11 from town a apply to John Soppet House and land agent. No 0. Qucen St. R Sale a allotment 2 Uve roomed cottages Blacl Csmith s shop All in sound condition a Centre of Villu of Price �240 u bargain. cottage Good condition Corner Ullola want in Centre of Village. Price �140. 101 acres on the Avondale River fair Jand deep water frontage. Price a a acre terms cosy. lot a 5-rocmj6d cottage in Good condition., with. Orchard Ami 4 acres of land in grass attached rent very Low. Parras Htiu to and Small on easy terms. John Boll a lid estate and commission agent Duhain so Rcpt. immediate Sale a. Splendid farm of 600 acres nearly All in grass Well watered with Limestone and Wood a plenty now grazing cattle and sheep of farm can be sold separately Stock Cau be purchased if required Brico Lov immediate Bale very Low. With easy at once to Tva Yio h state agent High Street. Good butchers business for Sale l. Everything in Good working apply Stak office. A to Good Lov amp a allotments not Rich Al mond. Fronting lib Gli Road one f0 by 130 feet undone so by 120�?to be a a Sotl a Vickers and Hull 109, Queen Street. Meetings. M a Doe Ponsonby .c the jilg�t�ne1 of this Lodge will to Lidd in Hopoi Bonby Hall. Jorv Cis Roar. To Zoltrow tuesday Eye Ching at 7.30 o clock. All Muster Mason invited ceo. Fowlds Han. See. Lall0re5�es pc pressers Union. A special Liee Tinc of the above will to held to Morrow Ciao Day evening at of Locut in the social Lylall. , business Imp to Tanto nomination of office. E. Lilley Secretary. A a a a tip Nal n Institute. The eighth annual meeting of urn Council of the Institute will be held on tuesday 6th january 1r91. At the tool Lesley Street school ent Ranoo through Central quadrangle i 10 . The president e. M. A a Larrison Esq Loai Libatter of bore Ford Slect Seli Ooi Lacula Lviv open Tho proceed Ings with an address All Intel rated in education Aro cordially invited to attend. Henry Worthington _ honorary secret amp by. The monthly mooting of the ladies Lodge Lily of the i Valier no. 2 . Livili to hold Oil wednesday evening c next Jan. 7.1891. I rho protestant Elf Hal Newton at 7.30, when All members Are requested to to a or sent business important. By order 31. Brown. Sec. New zealand inst Bance company. Notice is Lio Raby Given that the Ordinary general meeting of the new zealand insurance company will be held at the registered office of the company Miteen Street Auckland on wednesday the uth Dav of january. 1891, at 2 of clock a for the purpose of receiving the directors report and balance Hoot for Tho twelve months Onrod 30t.h november 1899, for the election of two directors in room of messes j. L. Campbell and Thomas Russell who re ire by rotation but Aro eligible for to election and for the election of two auditors the Transfer books of this company will be Cla Scalfi of the 1st to the 14th Proximo Bath div amp Rac Lubic. By order of the in Ned. George p. Pierce general manager Auckland december 29, 1390. Boro Tiff notices. º.0rough of Newmarket general and special rates for Henrren a year and Arr Ari Nurmi to paid forthwith other a to la Legal Procce filings will be taken. We Dinnison. January 2� 18s1# town clerk. Board and residence gentlemen seeking Board and Rosl at Deuce convenient to business will find a comfortable Horae combined with moderate terms at Warkworth House upper Queen Street near private Board amp mrs Stephen Aop. Yorkshire House Symonds Street Auckland opposite grammar school trims moderate. Wanted. Anted Brandy and whisky bobbies. In any Quantity. A Shavlan and co., limited manufacturing chemists Etc., Larne Atreo. _ wanted known violin miss Freda Maraden receives pupils during holidays at Jermyn at rect Auckland thursdays. At North Shore anted known. A a Good handwriting taught in Ono gorse of lessons Adu up youths or girls in class or privately Day or evening1. Pipus enrolled in and after Mooday january 5th.�?i or terms Cic. Apply to or t. Haile Giles educational Chambers Queen and ranted known that d. Goldie is t t prepared to Supply All kinds of Timber and other in Ladi Glato rials at his Mills Albert Street Una break water Road including joinery builders Ironmongery and Tybell Wight ii materials at the lowest Market prices. Wanted known Christmas and new year cards All varieties and prices packets. 24 for la. Albums. Book Etc. For . A. Co 1 Sou Victoria Braet. As go no ral in a Small family situation wanted. Respectably connected., a Caro of or j. M. White grocer great North. Toad. _ soot Trade a a machinist wanted one who can lit preferred or. Walton Albert a Trot _ Boot Trade Northern Brand wanted 2 clickers at Noi them Boot company limited. Amp oot Trade Eagle , p two Good new zealand Boot factory Chapel Street. A Quot practical bookkeeping single and double entry. In class or privately taught Day or ironing by or Giles a his educational Chambers on and after monday j january 6tb,_ a it respectable Mun wants to learn jct milking Etc. Would give a. Fortnight la address d.t.k., beat off left smart Saleswoman wanted to take charge of Small shop a state and a a Erea Oab Bex �06 wanted at ones half Donen Pood James Rae Boston Road mount edec new anted guard it Era for fell a apply Walter Nata \k7anted, 7 Mon for bidding of apply to Robert Ille Zies fat. Holier9 Bay on wednesday idiom 2 to 4 .__ anted a smart Kitchen hand. Mph a apply v. Com customs Street Faer. An Ted situation by a single Man. A. Gardener Ean address eu., Star _ wanted by Strong experienced Well educated Yournin wan with Good recommendations. Town Jinp Loument. Any capacity ,�1 weekly a address urgent Stab office. Anted coat hands Shiro machinists. Girls for shirt , Clark and sons anted a Strong boy for the grocery Trade a apply sine Oton bros., mount risk ill Road. Wanted a respectable girl about 16, Call at or Mcgregor s. Talley , mount add rest. Anted Strong boy for country Good Milker 7a per anted a respectable lad a City club hotel wanted 2 or 3 boys for the factory about 13 years of age a apply j. and sons. _ anted working housekeeper for Star wanted lady Amateur vocal fifes and gentleman minstrel performers and Ballad Stager?.�?apply thespian Between 8 and 10 Toun Orriiv evening glee soul a hotel Wellesley and Hobson streets. _ wanted married people and others of know that the balance of toys remaining must be slaughtered at once to Mako roam for other fresh goods to be la time at Dampier a Victoria Stream wanted female Cook and housemaid. 2 boys to milk Young Man and elderly Man generals in amp Iguera my Eden Yorish Steve. To Ciurana Ponsonby co Joee Road 3 Young girls Facto Yyoung girl Lavondale several generals and Young girls town a Hannaford a Auckland housemaid apply in i Var Symond Street opposite cemetery Bridge. A a to anted cools Nurfery-1 v 7 Sanie is my to. Lady helps i anted a general and Nursery House Naid a apply to miss Ryan Parnell. Anted a Good general servant. Noue but those Well recommended Noca reply. A mrs English Devonshire Dairy Ponsonby Road. Wanted a respectable general ser som Mervine Itao Toad Surrey he la _ wanted a Good general servant must to Able to do plam cooking apply Wynyard. Arms hotel Symonds a Street _ wanted by the 13bh, a Good general servant. Reference required to mrs Mowbray Manokau Road Parnell. Wanted by a Young lady situation As govern is private family preferred six years exp Eritreo excellent address . Stab office. Wanted by Young girl employment during the Day in Sbin or otherwise is goad at . S f Ai office. Wanted a smart girl for amp confection or a shoo. State last a address Domna Star office. "��?Ts7"anted, a Strong willing girl to ? t make herself generally useful Good references a wanted a Man Cox laundress a Ted a Strong Active girl for. Housework one who can Wash and Solomon Karang amp a amp be Road. A a to started a nurse girls mrs Hart v a it Sarlotte Tor Raetz off Cook Street. Anted by a lady living at me respect Ilc Young person to do Tho work required Lief Crenca Requirod mrs Cairns Psora on tuesday and Ednaa Day. Wanted a horse Good in Saddle and harness. , w. Whyte tra fal Grutt a treat Ono Hunt a. Wanted 6-roomed House with bathroom and Wash House Good tenant. Apply �?�4 House a Star office. Wanted immediately 2 front unfurnished rooms with use of Kitchen terms a.k., Star office wanted Lackee and gentlemen a second hand clothing in Largo or rmn.11 quantities. Best prices Given by c. Rogers Lilliott Street off Well Colloy Street near Central Market. Mrs Rogers will attend ladies acc their residence if required. Wanted to rent from end of month 7 or 8 roomed House stations lowest rent to p.r., . Box 244. Wanted to buy a building allotment or House near upper Franklin Road Adrois House Star office. Wanted to buy an Iron Safe state Eide and Price ind where to be Scon meat be in Good order by letter to Iron Safe Star office anted to buy Beer bottles in any. Quantity Price Given for quarts 30d dozen pints 6d dozen cd a kill Newton Road tre ranted to Bay painters Steps and w ladder second hand. A address Painter 5t�b office mkt anted friends of the Victoria t t insurance company a limited to Call far handsome Dato Cate dare presented free on application to John Reid and co., agents anted k n o w n. A w. Goodson tender his Mast sincere thanks to residents and visitors for the exceedingly Liberal Patron ago conferred upon him during this Holiday season at the London Arcade japanese Art Aud Oriental bazaars thus crowning it As one of the most successful seasons during the ton rears to has catered to the Public taste. Just arrived some Lovely new japanese China Art a Are. Specimens of it Are displayed in the window udder the jewellery Dapar Merit but for Choice variety see the j a amp uese Bazaar where a larg it assortment of Bamboo brackets Aro just opened. Goodson a London Arcade. Anted known. Just opened up at a t h e w so the latest consignment of albums Pochil in pkg a purses handbags Giovo and handkerchief boxes Lyon boxes Woi baskets and Campaniano card cases in leather Silver and Pearl handsome Plush brackets desks Vietoris Cigar and cigarette oases dolls a specially music Casos tors Etc. Of Christmas cards Quot. Christmas cards 1 Christmas cards we hold the most unique assortment in Auckland. J. G. Mathews 196, Queen Street arb Newton Bazaar roid table talk. Sylva Paek stud gone. Frisco mail in find weather again Hui Bison Case to Morrow a Bac feb of Nail news to Day Galiant Rescue acc oae Huntr for Fiji to night. He Etta preparations proceed inf Lajja night of41 now Magdalen Wiora from a South to Morrow. For cd warships leave to Morrow. About Tho Hospital inquiry ? a Fatiau arrived from Newcastle Nygen Feib brought 5,600 guineas african ship leading wind arrived. By Jusli Fleet will be Here for Beratta Day. Incipient i Firo at Ponsonby on saturday in he a chief Justice of Samoa has arrived at aft Cairy regimen pc nearly annihilated by Indi amp. Crowds of visitor to French flagship Yenta say a tand shipwrighis1 society my eff this Gering the French Admiral has duly a a done Youj Eden. Niqi zealand educational Institute Meewo Morrow. J Fis display of fireworks at Newmarket Oil a furday Gigli pc i and and America again quarrelling Abou Behr tags Sec. L Allied a a passage Down from Frisco i look Days 15 hours. A South Wales obtained represents Vorn Manfe this Day 1843 Ity five Auckland passengers arrived a Risco by the Ai amp Meda. B Wachtmeister a swedish tourist thie morning from a Frisco. U to Tho demands of the labour tons of shipping Are Laid Uriu Vej filial . A a eat by in pie , a destroyed ten Busic amps amp premises in the Centre of the town Tho Anees Aro unknown. Unic Lymington s hat Upshire Mau 9 Hoeu gutted by Firo and a Nuriu Iri Celesa works of Art destroyed. 10 Hundred postal and savings Bank in London have been suspended to Thiv refusal to Vark overtime. By Jan explosion in will Eck Colliery Sile Austria thirteen miners were will Frlj outright and thirty others Are in Tia attention of our readers is drawn to an a picturesque Atlas of aus Folia. A meeting of subscribers is Rinji walked of. If Els officially announced that the French con vision loan of 860,000,000 francs will be iwed on the 10th inst the minimum is no at 90-s5 Tift Lyttelton yachts Mascotte and Pas Tim my probably the Akaroa yacht a. Hunt will compete at Tho forthcoming Well Tgu to or regatta. To Prosa assert that a de Iii a treaty Between great Britain and Gal respecting Tho Zambesi is Oil the Point of Eom Petio lib Ldoa 4 fair Ian a states that Tho Street Fth of Tho shipping Fod cration Lons pret wed an immense Riverside strike i All Dea of january Lal a oilman dec Royce Hau been offered to Huff cur offland of her majesty s new a a cruise blonde which is being in Ned for Tho australian stare. A tto a Burton govern Job Jetts invite i thettes Tatilian colonies Ana Toji to appoint t0 a postal Oon enea open Jami Vitanna on play 20. Wywa Ijac left Lyttelton for Wei a Terdish. Her Crew were entertain at a concert on saturday Nign by the local yachtsmen a a Teiton regatta Coli Mittee Are Cona Jering the advisability of offering �10g let. Rst3 or Zothe championship x am race at Tho next Renatta of Jao univ is tj1892. Although tha directors of the scotch railway companies assert that the strike is nearly Over Tho caledonian company is still a thousand men Short of its usual complement a Iro broke out in Hermann a theatre situated in the fifth Avenue new York at d before Tho flames were extinguished the building was gutted. The damage is a amp to Matt a at half a million dollars. The departmental committee of the to amp to of Trade will examine Tho various age Ute general on the 23rd instant whether their respective governments wish Fco participate in the renewal of european treaties wife i great Britain. The Queensland Revenue for the half year ending 31 by december exceeds that of the corresponding period in the previous year by �49,000� while the expenditure was �50j�0 in excess of that for the last half year of 1889. Tho right Hong j. Goschen Chancellor of the exchequer has promised the agent general to give steady attention to Tho treat Fonda investment Bill which Wass halved the previous session owing to his not having sufficient Tima to can Side its provisions. Sirjo Liaa Paunce Fob the British ambassador has informed or j. A Blaina Secretary of state for the United states that the seizure of British vessels in Behring sea outside the three mile limit will meet with immediate and forcible rot Eis Tonce a cur Craa Pointa has Arisen at Sydney owing to tha refusal of or d. Of Connor poem Craster getheral to pet Misc obscene publications passing through the to amp a office. The Propri Feora of Tho paper in question applied to the supreme court an it obtained an injunction but thi3 or of Connor disobeyed on the grounds that a minister of the Crown cannot be called upon to alter a departmental order by any authority Lees than parliament Frocena Dongs will to instituted against or of Connor. The German government is desirous of an Exchange of direct mails and postcard by British packets with Australia and wishes to commence the system immediately. Or Raikes postmaster general considers it would be better for Germany to make the arrangements after the postal conference to be held in Vienna in amp a and also to arrange for a revision of postage rates with the italian and French government advices from the United states districts threatened by the indians state that tha 7 the regiment of cavalry was surrounded in a Valley near Clay Creek by a greatly Superior Force and Tho 90th regiment of cavalry arrived us in time to Rescue Thorn. The United states government Hope to induce 3,000 Indiana at badlands to Peaco ably surrender. Twelve regiments of in Fantry Are now investing the disturbed districts. Wife Gartica monthly circular Loudon consider that a continuance of Economy and a cessation of heavy borrowing a essential for the maintenance of the Good credit of Victoria. Referring to Queensland it states that in the event of separation being effected it will be beset Wibbie so Many difficulties in apportionment of the debt that it would be beat to con tinae the existing loan arrangements and each main 0f the Colony contribute its promotion of Ira a a a the Dri Nidal ;