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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Weather in Auckland. . To my Fine with Cool temperature. For 24 Houft from to is the duty of dentists who science has served so weft to Post out that efficient dental treatment con be Given without poin m and to ensure that this fact receives widespread publicity. Hip la water to Day. 10.4 . Mindset. 7.2s Sunrise to Morrow. 5 41? it in government minister flee to it . Duke of Kent cancelo \ i it to xort1 Ireland. It ice of metals slightly firmer m London. Hajj prize Money to he offered for Centennial Golf to Uruci. Final Day of Plunket shield games at am Kland and l Aru Brook. Refugees crowing from Spain to France at Ooth per hour. It. Hambe Laiu definitely pledges British military support to France. Aria Zig disclosure of bombing plot of . In London police court. English airman Lowers l Lou to record time for flight to the Cape. Bound from London. Via Panama. A a to \ ii in i 1 1 i.i1j la r 1. A j 11 1 ill 1 re1 1 1 1 1 1 in u of u 1 ill 1>> i 1 it i 1 a >4 i Kunk to 1 in Joti l Robt fion. It 1 ii 1ii 111 1 a f ■ ■ r 1 la Elj h1 1 m ,1 d it 1 \ ■ a Al i 1 us m.1 Aik m uni Rudd. 1 i ,1 Irlia la 1 1 1 r h ill or it my 11 1 1 1 i. Of 1 Tiiu Mui 1 Bmith. I i Cir i v i. .11 1 h Ilc Nih in la 1 h 11 1 1 in Quot i Quot .1 Llor inferior in Risia Bli in ii j am Al did. Liang Tiki expected at ii tins in ii. 0784. St in. Tin sunday Bradford reports a hardening tendency Toa re Mil u i 1 i Muil Ciui pm 11 a i11 r i mid Llin. My in lev Dij u c l11 i r in memorial. Aitkin in limn my Ami i us Iran Rte arli Roi unti i of me old ugh Ricc mkt Oil. 11 i cd Hollik Uler uts 11 Iurii. Nuil it Kiiji ?. L i or. Us 1 veil to r 111> 111 my Yinqu rofl. 111j. i n ii air ii i or nah. Just my hi1 in i or cd 11 is of r 11 ■ s t a slurp i ■ 11 a a Liichi Olccel by to Loci. V » a a us much 11 m w3íc Mil it Tare it y. Ii b no. A mus t h to Fhle inert i wily and la imply. Loving rim Imit Ltd son Ai Thui. Olio 7my i. 1 a ill i j -f1 his jiving Mother our be quid in dad. Memory or my who passed Way Jane Ittel by jus Loving Loving it Shioi y l j 11 h new i my i j y 7. I i j Lime Lime nine tin Edge it Ltd Gilt. Hoi fun Tiomi h unit Jai k every it at. by my i lie Mil i in sons kid la Lovli Iff Lirot Fier Holjol i Miry 7, huh Rulh acc sri High. Tech. In tool big memory or my de in Hufhand Arthur Henri Imit who passed Newny be Bruiy 7, Hub. He never failed to do his heat his heart we True and tender. He patiently tulle cd for Liliuse he moved Ami left me to remember. Inserted by i Loving wife Wah Orud Hoad Kush Malamata. Thum8y-in Loving memory of our dear Emri and air other Fred who Pummil ii Way february 7, Mill. Inserted by his Loving parents and slaters. Mum fit to urn memory of my dear i Lohri Fred who was called a Gay Kelmir Wihry Quot 103 t. In memory » keeping inc natured Ever. Are the Happy Day we prut together. Ever remembered by Jack. Loving memory of Fred who died february 7. Inserted by or. And mrs. J. Rums and family. Loving memory of our dear husband and rather called away february 7, 193b. Why we do not know. Hut Hope some Day to understand. Inserted by Hla Loving Wile and son Esther and Billy. It it it i task. T is r menu Jim i it t Lull to Miki sell Boriin Sorci m list vnt1al Khov till Ai Ijnar to thu Tilin n 11111\ i a 1 of m Sti Kkt Mill \ it up. Brit 1 r»1 so ■ Iopu 10111 in 1 i ii ii i r uti or in of _ i. M .0 it Lor. 111 m 1. T of i k it f a likes Moi urls h h v to a Maul Saujon. Long 17si Riu Issis r,m2 b/1üíl1, in Gnu lb7"7li incl Nfn in Tab Green Obj . Still mime pc i ii it rain car Elf in ii Minnic Jisc with be Archt Fulke miiimn., it a c i , to. Intr Linit 11 rim i. In ii ii it it it atm Tuil is Medicine Hur purrs Clicie Piaf 1li7, Llin id. Lil Yili Kur Lii Ulm hot 1 Vebi f Al 11 toil Aiu it lilt i icis Hail fat. It Mingue hygienic 1113. . D Chu int. Wal Liyim. Silk i-lc., a la Ctm. Jjo Rakil s j be folks Den till and Ingram Surgi on Hullon teen i bulb Long pm in Gnapp Road. Or. W. It. Ingram principal. 1 Honfi 44-1íj3 for -v.ppointment. ■ nor is 1 krida1 monday to 1 n i. 7 i la 111. It Friday. It 1.30, n s. Saturday 11 a in. _ to Dokks Makim Mim Huntnik Lute a. Cri drum . U.1.c, Welli Uii Ilski Luibil Arimizu. U t lit 1 \ Lii Triu is Lek. Jul Dkl Kynlei a 111 111 re ill is flush x Werc 11. It uus is Aii in in Downs it ecu Rcd a 9<itin, included. Jyh furn. Karlicia. in Ltd. La. 4g-0í1.i, write plume or 1oili-Eteil and delivery 11. I insults . Ste nov Arteil Etiitunde-1 1ií.í it. Wittner in a nips Ltd. 4u-Uój _ a 1 Lili Perit ii Ceil y Snell it i ii i lets. K 71 it j ifs it ni. Nulato tui. Ingli i ii its 1 Umi Ion i Etc it 111111>i Uhl Luil. . A Srou. 7 is this i Nowith i veg .i t illcrt111. Slisi in \7 Pust Lime Grid coat need. Wanted urgent a Hub is work u i re Pei to Ihler. 11 All 1 i in 11. Is a. Have tha Ali Kije a Ihk at l u Neil Kluj to in. M u n it o e pm a n u k a strayed and impounded. Utka Jup. 1u, Hisiu i Jill it. N lira a h r 1 dental surgeon endear a Sci Dimis. Leu it of Queen by Kkt. It Kayed Mili Avor. Evjen s 1 Klin ii arc it Mui a Vilh Jun Rcw Arv. 1,7, a rent St strayed Spur id. Him to lie Murungi Ltd d t h. Collier -171. Namno Kim i inc lit i Yirak ring. De Ivel agric dug Hong lit. a. I Leno 4.1 his or Jiust. Bon Eden v7 in Ord. Ulbick to verb it a Wall. I. Randolph i Uke Kohe St. Í it wanted known. Tons i fat Ion la rom syr up cured met trod Craig s St. Kenniv Arcade. 11 c u o 1» k k s. I Bateu renovators of mens hats. Foot of Wakefield Street. Tawwab bus dial in a a cult by and Algor of particulars old age. Bereavement to Bank. Jim Mab. Or. E. Jenri jigs and Camuy Whang Rel wish to tii Hick All kind to leads fur their kind Pip Reninus a it a sympathy in their recent and Here vement ism tur Leitera cards telegrams and Floral emblems received. A Macc. Fri. J. Greere wishes to think All Kina trends nil relations for Ihler sympathy in her recent Hereau Elnett also for letters cards telegrams and Floral emblems received. Funeral directors. Cameron. Juhn. Funeral director three lamps i Moriho Tihy. Phone Lkl-137. H hmm Keih Ltd., funeral directors. Devon port. It vote Chapel. Pm. U2-13ü. B funeral directors def of Jan in k cd. I w. Uns Onby jul. Pm. Any hour. B Monk icon funeral director. 1u7. Floral emblems. Imrie8. The Park cd. Crista artistic _ wreaths boil it units Etc pm. 43-fla2. By Tacky a leading florists us Queen 1u. It phone 44- Zuj night 12 421. B dentists. Ltd a Jewey Yakir burgeon dentist. Phone 41-538, specialist or. Williams . Or. Hodder . Or. Menzies . Jjo Wei Walker dentists Ltd., 209, Al ebb Street Corner opposite John court. Ltd. Of musical instruments for ale. Violins bows repaired repairs ▼ strings Smith 19, Rwan Ion h violins Hewitt s fiddle shop for All instruments repairs strings bows repaired Corner Albert Wellesley streets Aock und. B doll Rii. Hospital near Newton 4üu. Karang Nape Post o Tab to Quot hair de aet 5/-. Boi 1b/b. A mis hangul to. City fair hair retain its in Plant Beauty 1 Sheen blonde Scapier shampoo Sneket Jolin Cut Jurt Ltd. Fencing wire Plain jihad bnrt>ed.1 to help Mentar veil a Elul prices Usk for . Jones. Ltd. City Market k keep Linos dad All Woodwork Bright with 1teor polishing Wax Vladam wind e 11yland, i 3 Hester St. Off with he. Friend hours of attend Ince daily hum. Sci 0 11 111. Evenings7 . To 8 Telephone 41-Fkh. H w Trost auck it surgeon dentists. Ltd Corner Queen and Wynd Hall its. Next lethal yes Lei. Sirini arc Iida. The i . Inc duh tax is Icci Aliste Htiu Etc a. 11 1 to up. Ltd urn and to 1 off l j Aruj to it Luiu Gici. Adelge in. H. Swann 11 14. Kunrt s kill. L.i4. Quenn St. D eve pc t 41 Dill. Aline cml kith m1.11 Lieut my i a jail iinds. I Aua St. Lynu t a my it Wilts hair Pend set hyc part. or Joel ii 56, . .ux7.&Quot» u t a n 310 w l us. S11 to a Titi in. Do 11 it i l e Vii i Jacc Sliu Redict. Cul intent i stir , i in Tec d a in tend Sicri circe in Lii Liau Rug. I7 3 curs it Hist Wurl. And mute Raul _ a 10/ Eugeni Perm. A e Utricia l Aton. Heaths Jirou Ess. Queen St. 44 it amp it 11 hoi silk ill Uii Len mum Jacle i Milit Riihl. Diitit1a it. 7 Thule Jad j j is it. 21 j. Ii.- xlkticlict111. Lil ajl at St la. Ref write 1j. U3í7 m Ginli ii lug , i Day Orch i Iriny work an Ilca Crijo s i lit 7 Ailin Rol Ling 4 i Tor ill 4vi 117, soil diem Oil s. of Cuk. A ii to men t i Lin-.<»n Jun com we Idle St. Air get Chi -s1 us Koj itly urk re Agea Cane Mission bltlgtt., Wei j_d4 Finis if. I Xien factory. Xhu Sisol for clot h ing a Peri exceed machinists rear Ihk. Al a to learn the clothing Trade. Constant work. Harris Langton. Ltd., _ 7b, Lyrine Street. R Adams Bruch Ltd., 2>h. Victoria Street. Assistants experienced girl Enior a coition in Large footwear store. Also Junior. Shoes. 5813, Star. 4ü h o k t h a n d t y p i s t a with 2 or 3 year experience apply Box 14rifc Ait Klaud. R Man. Phlp to Riili work £ week anti Gough Trainer Avondale. 9 Ltd sch won Miu Lii ii l-., shh i Rurue Quot to inn Nuil Uthi re. Ca in Els Man fac i ring co. Lower Federal a. Xhu St St. Rung boy or youth required fur fax try. Apply f. Furnell Ltd., Newton. Yin i jul it Oriental fur co. T ii. Vilt Torin St. X7 j72ü /4.ardemi. Iden Ziouer vex keep. I Loii 17-15. , \<.ung. T i Imru Stree Small wage and \\7axthdreinforcing steel worker Al apply d. It count. Ltd. Newmarket. 9 <1 i Vindman Cook experienced borne it Ivik Erv. 7 i to relieve . 3i 0s. Stab. Facio a Mirkil 1 » Stu Cyduk a Kii Gagi in it and >eftra1 or Aiji a till Able 7on. Sivit. I 1 a 1j1 a cup i ully , Servid be fake it Figarie. 20 s5t l . Bid dirt is Fetek j x write l Ulm. Siml i a . First class for dec month of 111 .11 i to Eloim r Rabi o ln-1. -7ssp. Tiu saw Liers a my Hlili get a hints Minto i. .7.m4.s. Stain. Fri 11 St he get is first a Luis Lola nit a Citlali Good it put Tator. \7 Yuoi the n a ? 17 for parking apply Ortli ii to a m. Wed. A in. X7 apply Bov u4. . W Al Ninlin to it piste tit least year b Everic Kcf. Aji ply . Hov when replying a Una sea otherwise stated Coplea Only of reference should be enclosed. Pleasant change 1 a a Athie Bones of Stead. It s such b Dpi Choub flavour. Phone 14-112 fur delivery. Re phone 46-232. Hours As usual. Friday evenings 7 s.3u. De matrimonial. Vuk or xxx Jet i fim i , 38, Catt a Periti Yuent pub Tiou wee Sieks uliu<íjíi1.iik to Luigj vow my i Jon Educ Ltd. 1 a k. X 7 j1l\ta Gula cd. 11, Swati Hou Street o 1liune 3u-Hlb, offers lonely people numerous to by Ciuc . Dew mute lion Guy d widow i oui till m. 5794. Is k Tilo aged 1-tidy, my a cur desires Matsu mar Henrry Kulsea ground. Setting Hep Lisl work guaranteed Thompson. Slain souk St. B and to brazing Uci exc Der footed Rachel Hurt tonic Renews natural hair Colour 4/u. John court Ilia Diwha soap Pond be protects the dainties fabrics and woollens re Varks quickly heals bad legs and varicose ulcers. Free Booklet. Ernest Henley pharmaceutical chemist Yare Ltd., bos j558z, Wellington. Local representative nurse vane Wallace 12, St. Kevin s Arcade. Ksren Lahapa cd Auckland. Re w us King girl 25 in qua ill pm c Hijii i it it mail ii it Holt 1 1 u 111 nor Muir Man \ a i Luu Ramge. G.11 Lile Cri Etc Ujj i pin Chr bldgf., Vav Ellihu 3 St. . To Homes and Bonny Brae elderly Valence ats Beautiful moderate trained nursing. Kem Uera. Pm. 17-234. Attention. Folk b and con views tech 1, hotly av., d Dav a done Home h13. It. Eden Ltd., 2nd sect my phone 48-809, Quot and attention. Select c Den Ltd., no Clous rooms every cure b club notices. We More natures nerve and body builder. Children love it. 2/6 and 4/ per Jar. Health Supply. Ltd., 336. Queen Street Auckland b 2/6 weekly suits. Costumes household and personal requirement on terms Harold Stott Whitehall chair Berh. Near Tabernacle. Phone 39-781, Upen Friday evenings. _ two rheumatoid arthritis cured the cures achieved by Kun Mari Are Many Airl fully authenticated Mast hopeless and chronic eases of rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatism sciatica Lumbago and neuritis have been treated with re Mari under careful medical observation and in nearly every Case the most amazing improvement has been secured. Ask j. C. Harland Ltd., chemists Shortland Street about Kun Marl t Rolive s cd l be s r o life 3 Wax Wax Wax perfect polish for floors and furniture. Ask your grocer for Rolfe s Wax. Musical instrument wanted. B Epson to reasonable Boosey cornets , Good Condl-0797, Stas. 8 it Aero Rullon 120 Bysa Cash Partl a a jars. Write a 5706. Stab._x8 piano tuning. A a vice free quotes tuning 7/6. Bora treated Dominion pianos. 46-398. D Tjo Hek Randi called. Be Feltma tuning 4j Repollet a King 6 years guarantee free sir Lam and quotations. Atwaters phone 47 047. D would t be cum Pound. A always Leitert Ninios the Good com-4 club Fabian mourns tbura1 i Tiye s .__ d Bill Lulad Truhe Retra St. _ sri civil to night operatic supper. Apulu Hull Queen 7 1/ an Ashihe society heart Hall wednesday. Ladles night. Member and friends Welcome. Third annual flank in on Ron sunday feb. 12. Adults 2/6. Children 1/3. X7 new to 500, Friendly club. 263. Sym Oudi so Elul to night nil Welcome. Every turn div 8 20, St. X7 not floor. City f in inhers above Tiffin. It pupils wanted. _ _ _ second week in my. D it. Anderson . Box 1327, or tepid Bolhs. B jul cd gasp rerun Ling Auckland College. Operators wanted. Splendid opportu-nlty.174, Queen Street. Re3sij31 aking. Sell it a College d Vulcan Lune. I at terns. Classes of Jufe Deposit ., b hairdressing learn this Itofe Sion at the established . College. Constant demand Tor operators. Tuition Gueirno Taitl. Day and evening chm pm 1st floor. Hallen Stein s blogs 228. Queen a perfection cleaning and thing is unexcelled Porter s yv0rks Ltd depots 13ó, Karanga ape Kond 1, Vulcan Lane ferry . Vans cd sect and deliver. D s u p p l t laundry excellencies. A real innovation in shirt finishing 1 the result of the latest piece of equipment in Tell a by the Supply laundry and Quot Tki quo Lei Inera Ltd. Victoria Street and Vulcan Lane the Mil firm in the Southern hemisphere to one this Deil a. Which ensures Collar Couit url in the popular Collar attn Chad slip its a much id Vogue this season ring to 805. Head Uli ire Victoria Street West. City Branch Vulcan Lane. Re r parking j and paths drives courts. A. W. Bk1ant Ltd Tramway building. Customs St. W. I Boue 32-263 2 Ivues. The Holiday accommodate vacant. A Becorn private hotel Ideal Holiday Hub cd Home comforts used. Breakfast. 43-254._ d . .1 a Inaten Culaton urgent. A 5751. . Rumia Sim i Cimi requires position houses and land wanted. \ pm la nations. In song if tie a Srin Iarj. Turk land hoi Plutul Board. Anted for j Thor Migely of Perien ced fitter and Saleswoman for the or it department. Apply manager. John col it. Ltd., Quern Street. At 4 51.111. I Nebiu Alty i lie Stihi t in 11 of 14. 11 39, Are 1ti\ Teil Gardener at the Auckland infirmary. Epsom. 3 Rii Mih or mom Lurk Muiir. In , maim . 1.11 let 1--k 1 in i s wisc liar ii. Do 47, new 111.1 Rovt 8. Good applicants Uro required to have n Good salary Knul l5 5/ of a be table Wick. Growing. Titan Ted Junior girls biscuit factory. Apply factory manager. Bycr0fts. Ltd. C1 Puiul Lilg a 1 lit us in it Freehold Louie about f 17.&Quot»0-£lhru Rintoul part i Mueriel or tin part of up uni. Lot is have yours to due. To Mandom Jackson 3, a skin it just Terf. D , Gnu . Hiu a. R Wilmut üi0u. Williams years. Apody ii. C. Goode in co. Cabinets oakets. 86, Street Ity. Ltd., Hume. Iii it or 01,1k r. St. Holier in in Ulatt Lull Nartic jars. , 55s a Siau >.7 Auk Hospital Board Gisborne c a St and sections wanted All ills Lor aisle. Nurry Maqbul. Ü2s Ltd. t in a it quire Rupert is m All suburb to sell not to put on i Bonk. Colonial Mutual buildings la line 43-342. 7 midwife. Applications Are invited for the to i tin i of Sis j Elt. Sunlit red in midwifery Lor an in Cook maternity 111 is Dita 1. It if bore. Apih iavits Jcj Islat full . Sulari Rici or dog to experience. A Pulca tins club us february 1h. 1íi39, c. A. Harries 7__mnnairitig Secretary. R. Cates and Sun Huw numerous a bib where la acc Kiazin. Write Idun ii or cell. 581. Dominion remd. Balmoral. Phu 1 Joe 1 i 861 i q j adj mint Linns garage. I it Tate pm lid and did Duisit required,14u> or cml Sivit 7 we a g Ive not u11i ads Crisc we sell or Linuse for Sale. If the Price is Roii Onaje up Mill find a purchaser Ivo photo Grid in most Ileus placed nil Gur books. Barfoot bko>., . La Sunmee buildings. D asks. A. It. Johns Ltd., of Archa require first class motor Mechanic. Auckland inquiries to workshop manager the Dominion motors. Ltd. O h furn. £1. Apply Brad Beach House onetime i ten la run Buata fishing picnic trips Man cows Tariff ¿2 5/.write or it inc la Ray. B Black Rock Milford . Fits urn., . Central hot water Long or abort Jeta. Three minutes Becali extensive grounds. Also bed sitting room. Fhone 23-720. D fount Manga Luis under new management. Only guest House on the Quot surf Beach hotel Oceanside the inst coasts most popular rendezvous. Wire or phone. Oceanside 283m. Tat1ranga. 16 Cotton go 1hnlip 40-567. Pin. Garage film. 7 Illa ill in is mar Ternin cd imm a win Viiu. Ill indie 41-557. 7 Illola Gary Winil Bung Lowville. Of. Chevalier. A i it in Lac new up to ill in i term. w n it ing. Ain a tin it tall . Cali w Riti of Pilous 403, Cooke s i bldg. Pm. 42-033, 1.5 u Vav w1 Liu Omlid Bungalow wanted to Pur». Í in i m1j .110 in incl. .1 Tjotis Picl erred. bldg. Burke Ltd. 309-310, . Plume 44 Tilli. \ it a houses wanted Nuy locality. Walker. I3d. Georg x7 y f 1 c k boy w Ante with secondary school education for Large commercial office. Lim ont prospects. Written applications reference to willing 0801, with copies Star. S knit .require Over lockers stitchers and Zig Zag machinists ii Dyeus waiting tvs Leys hotel. Cowes. W Ai he pm. 4 spend your vacation at thl Casida report that Alera for individual taste. All Holiday requirements arc Here free for Linin of go fits including two Good Tennis mutts launch trips and excursions daily rowing boats. Dunn no each evening. Excellent table supplied from own farm. Tariff ¿3 do per week do Villas bungalows Flats armlets. Villas. Ulii Alorth Flats farm cts. I am now specialising 111 City and suburban Hull Era Auu Italio. Neer mind Law Many other agents hat Jour prep cry for Solo i want it. All properties advertised free Quot give it to Ca july in sell. 311 lest. Cassidy Dow Irth a building. 9 wanted to rent. A adults i Isle rent House or apartment above shops . 5483, stau. C change your Altitude £or9b practice and tuition under admiralty o Connell St. College b without a vex Quot for gastric and stomach trouble i take maven at night instead of Tea gratefully writes my. L. Thompson it. Clair Dunedin. Maven stomach compound contains Slippery Elm malt and Herb necessary to remove stomach and Bowel ulcers gastritis stomach nerves blk Kneifl. Loss of weight Etc. A m/4 posted from j. C. 8harland, Tel. Chemist. Shortland Street.___1 motor driving. Car maintenance taught by . Phone 28 220. Mtg operating. Radio engineering. Evening and correspondence courses results guaranteed.. Radio College i amp Stone ._t radio Day. Lease offered. Fevo lease in progressive Whangarei. Jjo Dehn vein forced Gill Dong with plate Glass conc mtg run Molj repairs. Expert workmanship moderate charge. Beggs. Cuk Toma St. ♦ 1-182 b Era hone repairs. 3 repairs. Access., Gramo-phone.353 Queen St., above town Hall. B suitable depth for factory room. S7tc. 90 feet frontage to Jame Street. Or How 33 feet apply the Simons proprietary Whangarei. S shorthand. Typewriting. Bookkeeping English at Auckland business College. Shorthand. Typewriting Etc. College Safe Deposit ., High St Selwyn t. B show card a Tilting successfully taught by k system studios 79, custom St. Tab 5/ to 10 i by hour writing Shn cards and tick its. Easy work. A Jarn quickly from of Phylona who guarantees big result. Illustrated Booklet Cut to you free Send your ncan1 and a to Bernard e. Mckay show card studios Wanganui. Pro s Pii Jast d by Ower s engineering and radio school Ltd. Jas. W. Bower director. For All government and engineering exams Therp is no better training than ours. Call phone or write 11s for Detally. We have just what you want. Col wills Chambers Swanson Street Auckland cd b Rise a line Dull care and worry visit the i playground of the North i Lii and ton Akiho National dark for u Hobush world a million. It Lyle the 31diilitnin l Ruil Golf on a per fact 9-Holn course 3700 fret up play Tennis hike Laze do inc live amid the Crisp stimulating Mountain air. The chateau provides a luxuriously comfortable Home from Home. Bank clerk Roqu ivs urgently finusi1 or Garden Flat unfurl. A a. 5899, Ustah. Now through the Rno uklist b urdu. Book rpm government life insurance buildings Queen Street Auckland. Phone 44-800. Of Holiday a com mod attn wanted b Rownes Bay easter near Beach sleep 6.write b. 0777, Star. X7 agencies offered. Easily earned in by obtaining orders commission. For Al Ovnie Christmas annl and Hiilei Ider from your friends and Acqulin Tanons. No previous eve Rinee necessary. Write to Clay for to i Dutiful free Sample Book to Britain s latest and Foremost publishers Connul halon do not mind this great moneymaking Opportunity. Julnes Williams and co., dept 28, Vul Lorin works Preston. England. 1 í1lat or it i in Tinq Ince Vicinity Rich Meinl , . 5752, so Ali. I kill 0síi6, 2nd Section. G Gar rent Rea Oil it Ermmie it Luru. Ici Inird for few months. In City to. 5r21i, Star. Í a urn. Utilise 2 bedroom careful. 5s74. _ Lern Flat or House. Garage Mihle and guaranteed adult partly Fiir Nisliet m 2 Bedri Guirl inc ult Albu Milia Igor. .s5.1. Sima it. V\7a>tkd by m a. S » t ii bar out Ful team 0795. Star £2 £2, Liall Hiim. Rea on tenant i 7 Bonus. Cottage , and lir House Stah. Bonus House unfurl. Govt employee reasonable rent Eden 5456, Star. 7 partnerships. 31 ii a it. I t a £75 big l k for immediate extrusion required. Half Shnyra offered. Business 0810. Star. Cash orders. W educational. Ticket writing. Fawn Lon drawing Comuni Errill Art expert of personal or correspondence tuition. Inquire Early. Duleigh College o Connell St a a Fadus Cash order _ shop a Bare you web tur drapery hardware. Font car Etc. At Cash prices and repay lenders on Rasy terms. I for details of Bow to shop the Quot Leader Way Call or phone 47473. For Cash orders Leader leaders Cash orders. Ltd., 63. Karanga Hape Road near Maple Fumi amp Hng com poop d apply for woman. Store Mas first Elass and Packer men Only need apply. _b4 a Snoe pattern service we require tub services of a smart boy 15 to 16 jeers of age. To learn apply pattern cutting designing. Edwards pattern service 9n, khyber pass. G k n e k a l clerk. Prominent local body office requires first class general clerk for accounts. Age Between 22 and 24. Salary in accordance with local bodies1 officers award. Splendid opening. B. 0775, Star.8 ii eta1l Branch manager a Large progressive organisation operating a Chain or retail stores throughout new zealand invites application for the position of Branch manager. This position carries a Liberal salary and offer plenty of scope for advancement Tofan Alert and ambitious Man. Applicants should b1 Between Twenty five and thirty five years of age and should preferably Hae he experience in department store management. Qualified men can be assured that applications will he treated in strict Confidence. Write giving full details of previous experience and enclose Copie of reference to Quot Branch manager Quot Box 804, Wellington. __7 cars for hire. Fur Merino Sopwith crore redo Tun lumped. Ifa Wera wlm Hali Elt a in new zen land for s7 ear. To celebrate 100th birthday to Morrow. 1 lie Napier Star will now Ait from Auckland for Loudon via Panama to Morrow afternoon. A Frem a motor ship the Pierre old bringing i lag from Ghent is due at Auckland to Morrow. Ator Ider acquitted in supreme court on Dirge of stealing Case of Gin from motor Esel Pakurar. Swept from horse while attempting to Ford flooded Wai Mansaku Stream 10-Vear-old Maori lad drowned. Claims for first award for taxi Drivers since 1931 to be disc de in conciliation Council in Wellington to Morrow. Able Seaman on Oversea Vewel fined £4 in police court for hitting quartermaster on the Bead with a bottle. Number of scholar enrolled in Auckland secondary schools shows All round increase compared with last year. Scottish societies in Auckland take step to support suggested formation of kilted regiment in new zealand an auxiliary Schooner yacht with America to fishing party on Board in expected any time now from Samoa. Principal of Seddon memorial technical College comments on Small number of enrolments for agriculture Section. Woman faces alternative adult charges in supreme court to a Ftp arc spit of attacking Boarder with Hora knife. Army naval and air forces for first time in new zealand to Combine in Large scale exercises of 24 hours starting on saturday. . Achilles is expected to leave Portsmouth on february 21 for Effew zealand. She is due Here about the first week in May. Chairman of Harbour Board explains reason for granting wheat committee storage accommodation on wharves for 11.000 tons of wheat. 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