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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Weather forecast. For 24 hours from 9 . To Oay moderate to Strong southerly winds crack Lually decreasing. There will he scattered to boners but the Prospect is mainly for fair i Cool weather barometer rising lowly. Sens and tides moderate. Derailed on Leader Page. Vol. Xiii. No. 294. Registered As a news Apee at Don. Auckland ., monday december 1 2, 193 2. 16 pages / a week Price twopence. 3 delivered. J births. Lost and found. 1twn i on december 1-, at Jesmond Dene a it or. And mrs. Win. H. At ecu Are Ling Luw Lej of mount Albert a daughter. 1i it december 12, at me Liollio Boner. Gillies Avenue to or. Find mis. La. Fri Itin iii use Jesslo j i i it to id. Of Saubiu aug Benui a daughter. Bot i Well. No visitors for Sevcu Days. Claris on december 11, at their residence. Great South Road of Hulm to or. And mrs Lem Clark a both Well. No \ tenors for ton Days. T Ost Ford spare tire tim Reward King 42-530, Between 5 Nad 5. 12 Ost umbrella Friday afternoon re please phone 13-1101. Xl2 Ost Brown kid Glove sunday Calgary ■sit.1 return 72, Calgary st Reward. Deaths. Cameron on Decon incr 11, 1032 Sud Deal it. Or his to Milonee 3. Balmoral to oui mount Imin. Captain Joseph wll uni Cameron. Dearly beloved husband of it bal Jurt Camero aged 4ü Yeara. Funeral will Jan a the above address at 4 pin to Morrow tue amp Duj for Hlljs-bo1o Demetei. Crotty on december 11, 1032, at his residence 4, Scheu Inheh Load. Newmarket James Fly Nile be Lowry husband of Ellen Crotty in la amenity sixth Jear. . Fuji Cine will leave the above address at 0 30 n m. To Morrow t Lui Sila tor the Oahu he Catholic cemetery. Dowle on december 11, 1332, at Auckland Hospital. Henry Charles beloved husband of file Alietti Dowle. Of 20, pollen Street. Trey i imaged 153 years. Funeral will leave the Hove address tomorrow tuesday at 2 p in., for Walls mete crematorium. december a 1332, at the Wellington Hospital. Ilette. Widow of the late Jack s. Gandell aged 33 yearn. december 11, at ills n&rents1 residence. Albert rond Avondale. Do Oval Edwin. Dearly beloved son of Arthur Edwiiy mul Elizabeth Humphries after inn illness aged Lei years 2 months. Imp. -1 inn today Kondator a i Ikon ote from t Lite brother s residence 1173. Great North Hoad Waterview Avondale. deep Nib r 11. At the auck Quot land Hospital. Ite Ellen dearly beloved wife of Allan Mckegg mount Albert rond. Funeral will leave the above address to Morrow tuesday » 2 ., for cemetery pc Lillan in december 11 peace in lev at her residence. A Mcdonald Street Muruin late Violet Christina or Arlo beloved wife of Chus. Mcquillan aged 3s year Lule Rcd to Day Hillsboro. Moore. On december 11. 1932, at her rest re Nice. 1, Boyle Crescent. Grattan Jane Elizabeth dearly beloved relict of the late Frederick Moor aged 73 Yea private interment 11 to Morrow tuesday. Motes on Decca hot 11. At her note residence so Benson Road. Item Cru. Rose loved wife of James Moos and lot iii Mother of Ruby Dorothy and Cyril. Private interment. Stev december 12. At the Auckland . Robert Henry beloved husband of the late Myrv Stewart Britton Road aged is years funeral will leave a h. Tongue and sons to Torr Oil tuesday at 3.30 december 10, at Auckland Hospital. William John beloved he amp baud of Teresa stood Law of 24, i Allier tor race Ronso Noy. Interment to Day. december 11, at the Auckland Hospital Mary Rebecca dearly beloved wife of Charles Robert White 39, Sussex Street Grev Lyuh funeral from residence for Hillsboro cemetery 10,30 . To Morrow tuesday friends please note. _ in memorial Loving memory of our tit Roo Lher and grandma rvs passed in by december w. 10m a Beautiful memory loft Bohian. Inserted by her Loving daughter Jessie and grand children will Phyllis Bob win Stout and Joan. fort memory of my dear in band. Ronald who died november to 101s Alpo my dear Sun Freddie who died december 1c, 1027. In silence rom Nevber. Inserted by tus Long wife and Mother. Matthews in Loving memory of our Cloar Mother who fell asleep of december 10, j918. Not just to Day hut every Day in silence to remember. Inserted by her Loving Aid. And daughter in Law May and grandchildren. Loving memory of our dear husband and father who passed away december 12, 1923. Dearest memories fond and True remain with us dear dad of you. Inserted by his Loving wife and family. Loving memory of dear dad who died december 10, 1928. Remembrance is the Golden Chain that binds us till we meet again. Inserted by his Loving son daughter in Law Les. And i. Loving memory of who passed away december 11, 1926. Lovingly remembered. Inserted by her Loving Mother. Sisters Eileen. Dot Walter also brother a Law Bill and Len. I Loving memory of my dear Friend Myra who passed away december 11, 1926. Ever remembered. Inserted by her Loving Friend Teresa. Loving memory of Doria who passed away december 12. 1931. Ever remembered by or. And mrs. Thompson and family. La Ost Oil Canvas coat Ami Spanners kcwaid.1, runs tour ed., my Konkin .\12 lost verson who took bicycle from outside Ono Luuga Convent return same place. Mulo amp to car tools Newmarket or City. Kedly Conion Picato 12, Wellington st _si2 t Ost Iuie girl s Wales Friday right. In Eywor Queen st. Or the Papapa by. Ring 16-261._ xl2 personal. A Choih Winner 1123. ■ the st Juch by 471. So j Bali left 132 3rd 362. Urd 3us, 12 Connill John Leo rpm am Lite w Kara sea , Kuhn us up Quai Bywater u.., it Hing situations wanted. La Liy Aiti Vais and Oil others Sifi find this column the in tit Means of t Encino / i Piaf Ery 7irt let to Vonjj one shitting j domestics wanted. Woman tillable Sech position pastry Small Glt in ill i Otika fun la Eiiwrieuced-1 cute m. 3c4ut st i. 1girl would like to meet no her il-2lnew spun Blu Star. U i will not be responsible our debts connected in my name without qty win ten not Hurriy from 12.d. H. Canaipi it 147, uin mixer 12 work wanted. Abandon a Ira Gauce we itch lock clean Dye last season t. Millinery into now it Allor it or any desired Sli Ajie . U.3, d Domestic Dally capable experienced Toni children,7, King s a. M x2 general Young fond children Zient 10/.ring tü-83i._x 12 a jul wanted a Ellve for Christmas week Domestic duties.s3, Illg Hull a. Epsom. Ill a i jul general duties Plim cooking sleep t out . Lunue aw., Parnell. \12 g irl minted tor week com of ii indy Seaside wages 5/.m. 1721 Utah. 1 i e r k j Ost Short cd As motor cycling com j j Friday evening my smart Ltd. Reward j phone 22-719._x2 lost rubber Iva dets be Iwock so mols st. And mount Eden Reward Maple furnishing co. \12 lust Onca a Nirella Manokau us near now Mihet sunday. Ltd want. 4íj8, re. \12 Ozie social club lbt 090, 2ud 130, 3rd 169a. 12 launch Ower wants Cuil Panioli two 1u Days a Ems cruising Lihung Lavundi 1604, Star Quot it. Eden Neni Joy de a Sofia thu Dominion Hull monday 12tlt, 7.3ü special. 12 it. Wi5i.i 6271. 6137 someone donate old newly tanned Boya club out Elul 2310. Star. \12 t Ost tier Bir i be Neil terho Tiou Livingstone Regina sti., please ring 41-053. 13 t Ost Gnu Saiid ring Letwen a Ruusu it j-4 Liana Road and mount Albert Reward. S. But fun Avenue. X2 t Ost wire wheel Chevrolet Between my Nipkau re. Blobs us st. And Grey 1 Yuu phone 18 070. 12 t Ost parcel boys swimming Suita set la urday morning. Dominion lid. Reward. Finder kindly ring 43-531. 12 t Ostl Ersul picked ii i 5lasea in today la night in theatre Pense return Crawshaw clime list or theatre. _\12 lost Soblo wit it Cullie. Female a Haueis name Dawn in Imti it. Albert . 1671. Stari. X12 t Ost Doy a Brown Tweed 0\ercoat, on sat rela Siun tiny school picnic one tree Hill would tinder please write ii. E. Robertf. Store keeper ma11gcre_enot? _12 Tost sol let and slice links with i. Horde s head if Wright s lorry saturday Between st. Mary s re. And great North re. Reward,42, great North Ltd t list la iii is hamper no. 205 a . A bout Chimney sweeping 26 years to Al la Wuu ted about 16, a set Light llu.?í i?.,hr.1ííeíl. A atv01 .í1,111111housework, Bleep Between 2 and 4 to Morrow Tuc iday12, Miln Futon lid., off ladles mile he mucin. Xl2 i ii. Sinius lob. Great North re. I Hob 26 c06, a abandon dirty work have a clued Chimney sweep coppers Staci it Jiki crate charge cold Uburn l Lione 26-7"c d i lie Jal Brauth Chimney sure Ping Range repair ranges Lor sain.4 1 11 to ii a Grey Ulione 27-560. D heal it , general Wal try amp is Pooh go ural Dunn cities Liegi atry. Xi2 u Ost scare wheel for Morris a Isis car. Yellow spokes. Evening hts instant. Between poke tio and Huntly. Harvard. Farmers freezing co in lean s bldg. 12 strayed and impounded. It Kayed Black Cocker Spaniel Bitch c Inonu it monday Reward Albion hotel. 12 ural de Black Imd White foul Stin Day. Childs pot.-27, Bra Conadell st., Grey , xl9 Tetra add 2 i of iuppk1? chits pets9 irom Wain Lial finder please return Treal Howyn. It. To skin. 12 Cuttle dog Pup sits up by Coli next Sjirk to Terangi toward return Titch cur grocer to Trungi. Or x 1 2 of wind a oils Atta Tiiu us no Collar. 0, or. Eilea Hal. H2 wanted known. Bereavement acknowledgements. The wife and family of the 5ate b. H. Bis Hof sincerely thank Oil relatives and friends for empathy shown n their bereavement also for letters Teie firms and Floral emblems received. The Miriam cards letters of thanks Etc., printed promptly at the 4 Star office samples on application. Funeral directors. Little and sons Ltd., under Takera and Embla Iners Marble Oban st., Auckland. Phones 4a-s89. 5-881 13 a Morrison undertaker 167, Parnell cd. Opp. Library also Greenwood Corner 43-7gs, any hour Quot a Omeron and Bartlett Ltd undertakers 282, Ponsonby lid. Phone 9-137 private 27-032. John Cameron funeral director. M a a Cilyok and sons funeral directors and Etc palmers. Official undertakers to Aue Laad Hospital and Auckland in Tannry my we. Tongue and son Ltd., Pniler takers and funeral directors 3, it. Uden 46-244 private 24-346. C Floral emblems. Autistic Wren Tbs delivered Unur Wenera continuous service. Just phone 46-035, after fix 20-745. Miss Carney. Karazii Mahape ___9 Jhone 4mi5 Iio burls Florist Victoria a and Symonds ., for Beautiful wreaths delivered. Kimono m rental masons. A Anderson Mou Mentill Mason any class of cemetery work undertaken workmanship guaranteed. 32, Burnley to Rraci. It. Eden. 21-538._c cab and Masok 193, Symonds Street manufacturers in Auckland of mount Cental Jias onry. Mrs pupils wanted motor driving taught privately experienced Motorist certificate guaranteed. Low , 2395, lamp Zajk Al Aaronj if you umbrella needs recovering phone Falkner s. 42-417. Next Tivoli theatre. Recovering from 8/ll__p a bout blocking panamas cleaned a blocked hats remodelled Sailor shapes.103, Manokau rd., near Epsom All forms of headache immediately relieved by neural the Pink tablets 1/9. Chemists and stores. A a la soda and Tea room , ii messenger Ltd., Anzac ave. A Anderson and Dustin 3s, Wynd am st saws of All kinds guile ted hammered. Set and sharpened. C a re your Teet wide try the use Easie shoes prices from lo/9.James Adams were soy st. D. F a to Tractive Umb Clias guaranteed by the manufacturer umbrellas covered or repaired moderate charges Lethaby strand Arcade. A a few doses of Urlce Din permanently relieves rheumatism neuritis sciatica 8/3.cooper, chemist Victoria struck Bowel tonic a reliable and Safe remedy for constipation sluggish liver indigestion or any troubles arising from a toxic condition of the system 2/6 per bottle Post free Rowbot Toji chemist. 1, Grey Avenue Auckland. A Quot flu Eltjo denture material latest w Feather weight lifelike unbreakable incomparable suction insist on the Best d d dentist Davies. Specialist in extraction and artificial Teeth. Winstone bids. App Woolworth a ethnic by appetite you la relish the it spicy flavour of Hayward s Eltary at All grocers. Re in to tall Cricket Tennis Caps bowl jul ing bands badges and . Karanga Hape re. Cox the d ends we Dean and remodel your Hal 2/6 r trimmings the Hatter Karanga Hape re. D ladies How to obtain perfect health. Send stamped envelope for full , Box 1621. D t Althe bottle Thistle whisky 11/ a a London Gin 11/ Austral Mii fort and. To a Thistle d Loduva it i 1 Sherry 4/ r French Brandy 12/6. Hotel. Phone 45-437. Of Quot ii weight by eating heir Tell tee f. Kovecs. Physical Guitare studio 214, Paddy bldgs., Wellesley st. Phone 47-593 Madame Yvonne Brilliant psychologist vocation health adviser London America Australia suite Lar phone 21-594 d m is. Bond Quot Noily Quot 7, Seymour Square Ponsonby will sec friends. L mrs. Salem psychologist Export Joan of Arch spiritualism. A col Ling Wood Street. Orange nectar cordial All stores if not curable phone factory and Man Zelcs a Grey hair use Rachel a tonic which tee italics hair roots 3/c. From Jolin court. Ltd. Of Ivy fish and meat pastes very Appe using unix celled for sandwiches by flt grocer. D Tanisha Borax washing extract is a real soap powder and is perfectly to use a naked Ruu Down i Jere eur take x Bostons tonic wine and restore sparkling Quot health and s itally. Tonic chemists Bostons d a Arica be ulcers us zone psoriasis v skip. Scalp ailments successfully treated consultation free Booklet posted. Kle Emu. Rooms Corner Broadway. Station st., Newmarket. D your hair a cd perfectly 7/0.vcilfe Parlour Liverpool st., Opp Masco Wool shop. t i free for you now when Jou return it 206 . Washing powder wrap pets to Superb co. Christchurch. D for bottle jacks Timber jacks. Extension ladders Eood White and son Market place. Phone 14-.os._u vacuum cleaners silent3/ Dar Dean Rcd and collected a vacuum cleaning cd. I pm Jooa wanted to hire. Yar for 1 track 2uth inst., i Perlen cd Vij drive reply Orlf Fiu. Pull Oriel Devou port. To Rotor Bike Lor one acc Etc or . Phone 20-7117. 1 partnerships. w. J. H. Ciarle commercial a a Orvaul stalans. Mctall Cost acc mrs. Luco Oie , Board Bidga. 47-ohv. Partner wanted with -d0, View taking business goad 1457, Stab. 1 Fleu imn trades Lylall to n Iglitz 7.30 important._32 fit Els 142.-Star int Crotch. At Rago Sli re , 17ju. Star. \12 wanted known of mrs. E Hooper. Late of 112. Kimbolton lid., filding uni t heard of living in Poison he . I Noik a j uakau._\12 Ali Tut a ill Lilik. Cou erecting tarring i.ii. Ten it courts. Kook work. Lei a i it. King Edward ave. Epsom. Phone -1 ts2 a Lieut tui iii unil sanding Iona is courts. La w us gardens hit. I concreting oct Ries it . Southgate 43. Cromwell st., i . I Shoue 21 ó 13. My a d\ek1tser motor Mee Liili worming your garage Ivlin Alilce . Ihoko 41-km5. Is w w est eni rowing club results thur. In yes st a ii____\12 tit any person holding the Jan ill of Alary Chi Luovich deceased Mcguire ?____14 ■ít7íll the gentlemen who carried lady Vav Mil of train with fractured ankle thursday december 8, que ii st. And in it person witnessing the Accident kindly run Inui Licate or. Ward Lang Toio Terrace Milford. Luh Gusi keeper Middle aged sleep in All duties.21 a upper ave., Tak Puna. I____32 hush keeper All dumps tie dutie1, country town wages 23/. Phone 41-Fiño, he fore 4 Xl2 t Uvell Home in Exchange Light duties. A a companion Middle aged lady phone m2 a Ltd Nia l kens Metlov Alotis a repair fld Lions shop fittings. Phone 47 8311. P a of registry Palmer amp Tun Nuil dines a l 40-391.genernlk, town and country waitress. . Girls._xl2 Ojeil s registry 45-702 Cooks second waitress Blouse mild Waitros hotel Elul tilt Nursery Iliou Emald generals male cok. X2 blinds colds i Javed. Ill Vii. 2 a Wallace st., Llorna idiom 2 1 914 \1l Cha Kahn luit a pairs j Ashlii iii , Vernal old. Bay windows. Shop fitting Yvor Knigin lip gun tan turd lowest Cost. Plane 18151 c Tould Girla Whing Olu party Igind Vav sen tide. Xmas please write sport. 1019. Tau 12 Tyr Ould some kind for on give Relief Vav worker to Cut very n Star s99. Jya a / tah i Lvi Al y. . It Epners Best nost Lorils renewed. 1/3 each genuine refs. Fjord my 2. Milton Ril. It. Eden. Theme 12-875 a a hamper avoid Lalu Convent ii faddy. Marsden a. _\i2 a truths wanted join live Sceli parly a Milford holidays Hli arc expenses. Inquire Star 878. M3 c skistmas c n e e h. Auckland City Sils Slon we Ca nightly ask those who Enn do so to help us bring some Little brightness to hundreds of families in dire nil this Nam. In close touch As we Ore with so nmn Home where the Christmas spoilt will to absent hut for Flint we Eun bring we appreciate the wonderful fortitude shown in Adeep Shiv a Nuj Lilly by mollies with Small children won t you help us to help them Fonsh Floral Ioji non hoots clothing fond to staffs of nil Kin i i girl v Reoh de nud was div the need was never so great. Phone 43 043 or 46-056. Our will gladly Call. Jasper Cal her 4s Wellesley st. W. Cite missioner. Thanks to f a. For defraying Cost of thin Advt x2 Star classified ads. Serve All business and Domestic needs at an infinitesimal Cost Kersto Maulk in oui ate . Edgar 3, Lional Tali. Laik re. L hour 10-494.__ c Sci mob flocks 7/6, Beau Imp frock Smarte styles evening Fruck i Mai stir Jiuing t5-yp8._ c 34x p f j i e n u u d doll of urls a Lur acct Litchi very <_.ihuti.ililp,36, t?l,_m2 stored or Rumenel any where phone 43 2s1, lug Gage Agency Ltd., ill flu Devoupurt-Tuka-1 p ii ii in c Sliuick used. Wurst ii tried j out promptly by expert engineers 1 it vans st. Imus get Phouy 41-929. R i i my wish 8 collected sharpened Ujj Deli Voied 12 must lis guarantee a. I Rulicek 3üü, join Inion re. Iphone 21-78. Cab i s t m a s cheer. Auckland methodist social. Service Mission. Lawnmowers Ulii Laws collected . Hollered la list ► longest exp Crietee. Jia Uston Eilea l er-1 i Rhone 44-375. P i re for , Duru expert first Czas r 1vj Huer and a tent 23d<\ ii. Kl3 Grent fiend to to Day in Many Home and we Desler particularly to Ulmer the sick and afflicted tid. Hungry Little children this Xmas talc. Thank the Public for constant support my Appeal for All kinds of gifts Ali web will be wisely distributed where most needed. All gifts either articles no Cal Ali should a sent to Rev. C. Strand 2. Airedale Tivet City or ring 43-5üs. A. J. Reamer chairman. 12 c. G. 8crimgeour. Missionary. G clip of held Samaritan work. T. Teat ii. Organiser will by rate cull receive donations food clothing fur distribution to foor and needy families. Room 16, sunday school Union bldg ► City. M2 x c ii b m ii. 5is.tor Esther urgently and earnestly appeals for Good or funds with which to buy food for hundreds of under Nauru hed children who Are living in cheerless Homes. Toys old and new shoes nod clothing will you please help us to make Happy the lonely aged the mothers and Trio children who Are in dire need. Every Gitt Rocc ived with thankfulness,11, pie ton st Sitione 26 943. 24 business personal. Able attention to All foot ailments by qualified specialist of Waldo Relief guaranteed miss feat civic theatre build idea 47-397.___mhs about septic Finger nails. Eczema skin diseases Sebor Rhea consult Bates pharmacies Ltd., so Kevin s Arcade. Newton c la travelling goods sul tenses from 3/11 shopping bugs 2/11.modern big co., 400, Queen st. C a Thona m cures coughs cd Job a asthma bronchitis Catarrh prevents consumption miners complaint stores and chemists 2/9. A astounding value suits Navy Serge 75/ to reproof tweeds 77/c. Palmer and feat Ley 10, Darby st. A a. Park and son Patent attorneys la Hay Reg. Patent attorney Auckland Bank Chambers Shortland 5 perk exit set of Teeth £2 single tooth repair 5/.h. A front Ltd., Queen st Campion requests holders apply s a 3 31, 661, 722, s83, 474, 934, 219, 307, 305, fi82. Charm Beauty Katen Hia majesty is Arcade experts trom Roll Wood. Loc Alette Eugene permanent wants from 10/.47-034._ m dental plate repairing Laboratory 23, Palmerston bldga., opposite , repairs artificial Teeth in two Honra. D detective private30 years expert Ewe. Official private to where any time charges moderate.1, git cos Parnell. C a painting clean neat Trump Siau , 52, Grillon Ltd 1iumn 45-937. 12 Branc lii a of Trade our Price defy com Puriton a Elioue 21-506, c to reliable Geu Oral in Trua hotel general 29/childrens nurse 25/. Girls. Xt2 wanted to rent. To it Bungalow 4 rooms Range garage a it optional 2nd front Lon Morrii inside . It. Eden reasonable.1727, state Elfi Djivan foot wanted particulars of Gool class houses to let clients waiting. Hutchings and son 67, Victoria rd., Devonport. Xl2 furnished Bungalow or . Flat with extra bedroom adults off traffic to Ibex old fashioned Jat her than cheaply Modem permanent not exceeding 23/ no Linen bunk the crockery or utensils re Emred a. 1616. Stah. 12 Btl Aulne la Qurles for furnished and unfurnished houses Reguera Epsom it. Eden of. Wade Newmarket. Rhone 42 562._ a c . Sayers and sons. 10, Vulcan Lane Flod tenants and collect rents Rhone 41003. C House Lurn., Bunn Handy City i Diibon Bjo particulars Box 1186. . M3 Ponsonby Herne Bay Grey lynn20/ t 25/.barloat a . Insurance big. M Shearer Arnth Ero and alien re for rent collecting.2. Security a left. C Small Bungalow Nice Garden Section reasonable rent assured permanent. I i to by 1701, Star. \12 of Pijo Rentria letting Agency requires j you amp of Flats All suburbs Good clients , Hollay s a we want houses Grey Lynn up to 27/6 Ennd client waiting Buckley Surrey Crescent. Phone 27-.70s. A radio apparatus for Sale. Abel Smeeton Ltd Sariel radios Are the Best priced Fiona £3.7 10/. 74. Queen st. A after trying Many Beta 1 definitely state the is the , 46, lome a a gents for Zaney Gill Rad lob Fhone 42.04 for a demonstration. Auckland Cycle and motor Newton. A matrimonial. Lady 29nice Kocot Independent the Mich get Lemon Mew Iuie 21-409. M4 Homes and attention a Raton a con Aie scent Home Beruti i Ful tur round lugs quiet Resul phone 25 823 elevated position.22, Ara Tonga aw-., greit_8utjth Ltd a 71 Dow joing Nicu Boino enc child daily 7/6 7 , 1683, Siau. W walk to Jyh big Itice House would Gie a Laue red and Dan aged lady ¿1, City 1932. Star 12 car and launch trips. A gentleman with Milan car returning in Wellington wednesday or thursday Yinming would like another to Melioto iii at the wheel must he a Good immediately m. 1674, Star. Xl2 water to i id per passenger Devoit part Uli Risca Etc. Pleasure trips arranged Al one 11-299, All hours. D wanted to allans Ivory Fuji so Lac 3/11, reduced 1/llj. 6? for 10/6.secoud floor Cooke s tearooms a neck st., next Woolwo lbs. 19 Allan s Ivory and 1 my spun crepe de Cliine 2/11 Yard men s heavy fur silk Negligee Tiu tvs Canoe coat shirts 8/11 men s silk pyjamas. 13/g. D a suit to measure extra trousers free i aun Al sports or Serge to mulch £6 0a Les. Lees. English tailor shop 20, civic theatre bidgs., Wellesley st. West. C All wave 0-valve superheat £23 10/. Gilfix Jun radio eau st motors. Upper Queen st. M amazing tone exec Afiouni Power Beautiful cabinets new Type prices at Bond and Bond. Twat Khz civic Square offer the finest guaranteed ror Lloa and radio gramophone in Exchange for Llanos 1lavers, any 40-762. D a Auckland s oldest radio firm pos i senses unrivalled reputation for expert repairs guaranteed Ltd. Phone 47-0d4, Johns a t>attj2ry sets for Xmas. Thoroughly of tested newly equipped throughout Send for s radio Arguilla. A be Uuk deciding of any radio hear the British radiola easy terms arranged. The Bristol piano co. 49. Karanga Hape re. C buy from firm who entertains you Mccabe s offer greatest values in new zealand. L2 Canadian general radio batteries j highest qualify Tow prices an Empire product. All reliable radio dealers. D c i by Stal set Good 2 pairs head phoned 1 a Howe st Newton. Xl2 direct current radios from £39 10/ Cash terms from 5/ a 157, Karnga Honic cd. Flione 44-532. D Ivy Ebher s direct current Lialos Guaran. Teed approved by fire underwriters and Public works departments. Buy with Confidence. _ p titello Johns. Ltd. Hello system Al addresses thousands clearly. For sports carnival shows Etc Box 471. A new models landed performance higher Cost lower go Lilllan radio from £9 10/.todd motors. Upper Queen st. M noiseless . Super Heterodyne. Powerful 5 valves passed officially glorious tone easy terms Bond and Bond. Re by arrows. Ladders Stupl Ailers Wash tubs Etc., from pc Huin a 159. Victoria st. W. Last a 49-054. D iii ital Timber and Iron alongside Glen j Eden station wednesday to Lall Day. X2 dam _ cleaning Plant steam presses a larvae boiler a amp Bor and Hydro ii Splete installed Low rent or sell it. L. Button and co., Ltd., x2 Irpeel health take Bostons tonic win Aud enjoy life. Rich in tonic properties. Valuable restorative 5/d and 0/. All Good Liisu Muyers Ulso mowers and saws collected sharpened delivered Cranston and sous Eden Terrace Phooc 4 4 375. D Orange nectar cordial Lull juice beverage tor your children this and Menzles product. A red Ripe tui arnds blended with rare spices in Hayward s military Tomato at All grocers. Re t71ancy costumes and evening dres x hiring catalogue two Peppy stamp.330, Dilworth blogs. 47 760._c g err new Teeth at Jalowey walkers opposite John court Ltd. Ca6cis, now and second bund. Repair to scale co., Ltd Little Queen st. Phone 44-969.__c Singh it drop Iead Cut paces treadle ¿5 15/ hand h2.globe, 154, Queen st.____xl-5 i m i \ í11ítí hrs Nonnik Alexema treatment. Is anus eczema aet varicose ulcers sue Coss full treated Booklet posted. Consul at inn tree. Dietetic information nervous conditions 46 324. D Lex dam Alim puts. Alopecia Sebr Rouen falling hair successfully treated.104. Dilworth bldg. Ice Auckland and Corner Broadway station st., Newmarket. Let Tanisha Pella Quality. Tan Ivha Wash ing extract pc tips the washing better and will not harm anything. A Riff in dining rooms a Erst 1/ m Uil in 1 City closing in Burdajs from 2 During summer Moni a want c Quot hair i Beautiful Waves in 3 inure he using Durous it Yule setting lotion now French discovery obtainable mlle Aid Choyce a Quick Shine motor Polt ii makes the finish look new again. It restores the Lustre and a it eau it. It protects Aud prolongs Duco. Retail us at 1/ Aud 2/ a tin. Re Singer 66 Elroy boards lowest prices in arts every machine. Repairs Peria it . 40-295. Elfi Al bulb manure any Quantity available. I Rice Nita Mahlic from Ernest and Iler Hert Crug Ltd., Bligh st. Auckland phone 43 466, 44 6s9__d a Tyvus sec Oil Winnd All Tuskes. Sizes Ipi Viires Biec Jill v. It Road a 43. Hobson is. It farriers trading co c Philips 2530 Consoletti radio player one Only special reduced Price £15. 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D Atwaters civic Square 49-792, pay promptly the highest Cash prices for pianos players and nil musical in str ment or Exchange for radios ring 47-047 if you want to sell immediately your player piano or adj instrument for a amp a or Exchange for radio musical instruments for Sale. Accordions new shipment of celebrated Maor land a accordions just arrived. 2 Stop 25/ 3 slops 32/g, £2, £2 10/ 4 stops £2 in £3, £3 13/ also » re Piilo Alcor Fllori for £10 10/. Arthur Eady Ltd., 112-116, Queen st., Auckland. _ re get la a Joiiya Pur Tohle for the holidays 2/ per week.153, Karanga Hape re. D la Gloria gramophone from 3/ per week Jio Deposit secure hours now. 135, Karanga Hape re. D gramophone repairs. Repairs accessories reproducers from 3/6 gramophone at lowest prices. Gnor Tonsler 8o5, upper Queen st., Auckland. V violins Hewitt is fiddle shop Lor ail instruments repairs strings Etc rows repair st. West. A we carry spares for All makes new or old moderate charges prompt service. Homies. 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Price not oter £800.kuy Sutton co., 3íh. Colonial Mutual bids phone 43-7t>8. X4 first mortgage Cash in Juat meat offered tor i Giitl encumbered Home Lupsoru , Dilworth bldg. Xl2 wanted to buy. A Dvane buys All Sites sound worn a tyres highest prices. Advant to repair co. Ltd., Hobson alwa1s buyers of phone 42-080 or 40-290. Perkins City Markels. 32 a Faltus audios a and gout s discarded clothing highest 71, Victoria st. O air Brkl mrs. Gutc Niu Victoria st. Buys Superior col big. Phone 42-074. 12 artificial Teeth ire Surj broken jewellery Gold paces now 00 per cent co., Ferguson bidgs., civic Square. D attention i Suita boots ktuci., Tod Gold Silver Etc. Will , cd Victoria st. Rhone 45-339, Auckland auction peering company will auction or buy furniture to Best Street West phone 43-238. D to it Fork Selling before buying your furniture consult Squirrell and co. We defy 44-398. C Dut Liis sacks metals Ali great prices. Ring or write. Reliable men will Call Clarke bros., City. Phone 41-429. Newmarket phone 44-109, c amp Arden seat Good Quality Send particulars Price 1 6, whet Rangi lid., Green Lane. Off a Gas cell font one gallon Fletcher Russellj Quot preferred in Good . 1614, stau._13 gents left off wearing apparel old Gold Silver Etc. Highest prices. Kiss nos 6. Cusp a st. W. C Golly of Colling £38. re. Bring a your suits . Presses spot easlu_x4 a Ood overhead Compass state size and Price. Watson la Ireland st. Tonso Nhy. 14 Knapsack and Price. F. A Teton Arthur st., Newmarket. Phone 45-919. 12 s or table liquid fuel stove two , 1691. Sra ii urls Ewing machines any make Best cup i 154, Queen st. 46-293. D Singer sewing machines spot Cash on delivery. It Thompson ¿1 Queen s Arcade. D Stamps anted Best prices Given collectors approvals cheap albums catalogues , Hellas yes bids. Opp. . C relent x con Centre pole about 9 x 9p Good condition reasonable.8 1443, Star. 512 t to to tote make condition , £-333. Nutak. X12 y Outh s Cycle 22-Lnch Frame state Price m. 1736. Star xl2 10 x 12 tent Noil order cheap Cash. 227 new North _x3 table talk. Squally weather Over week end. Vessels Barbo Imd at Manokau. Hitting kept it i ted throughout Spain to Enior Genera visiting Dunedin toe h ceremony to to Lic lil this evening american mining explosion coals 23 lives. Wellington bands in financial difficulty Aorangi arrived thi morning Sioui Sydney. Ted Oxley beaten in boxing bout at Blenheim. Craw Foid beat vines in victorian Tennis Linah overseas interest in new zealand aeroplane lawsuit. Dross proceeds of fair held at Bli tul Institute £1200. , Veronica left yesterday to visit Southern Porte. Seven motor Cycle Ridel s injured in Hamilton races. Man fined £160 this morning on Book making charge. Air pageant at Blenheim affected by Stormy weather. Bomb outrage in Garden of British residency in Cairo. Gloaming is late owner left £03,277 property in . German airman to Stait Dan in to London flight to Day Boycott of British goods being intensified in Irish free state. Noted australian statesman. Sir Joseph Carrut Kors dead. Shareholders defeat proposal for Sale of Bairoa meat works. Steamer Wai Hemo arrived tills morning from Pacific coat pc ports. Mrs. Mollison starts attempt on Cape town England flight record. Best All British buying Christmas in history expected at Home Over 300 paraguayan reported killed in encounter with bolivians. Frenchman appointed Secretary general of league of nations. Nearly £900,000 to be distributed amongst . Beat Rowena Argentine Farmers planning great Frh Unger March on Buenos Ayres officers of wrecked Mission vessel Southern Cross returned to Auckland new military Academy opened in India for Indian eation of Indian army. Company Secretary at police court to Day admitted theft of nearly £1000. Labour Leader criticises government for Small amount of legislation enacted. Mitchell took seven for 77 for . At Ragga where Schoolboy scored g7 not out. Protest acc Cut in Relief pay made at crowded meeting in town Hall yesterday. Japanese disarmament proposals suggest less offensive and More defensive Powers. London shoppers afforded musical treat when Terrazzini Eings with. Caruso record. Convention signed by Britain France and Italy recognising German arms Equality. Chinese Seaman lost overboard when Steamer Yos Eric Ivas on Way to Auckland from Maratea Island. _ sex Auckland solicitor sentenced at supreme court this morning to four years re formative detention. Sales on the Stock Exchange to Day were National Bank of new zealand £3 7/6 Auckland Gao ford£1 1/3j City of Auckland 1040, 151 per cent £98 10/ Canterbury Farmers 1940, 4 per cent £413. Australasia ass greatest value £5 5/ set of Teeth for £2 10/.dentist Dalvica Opp Woolworth has and h household furniture we will buy for spot Cash the whole or part of your furniture highest prices Given. No cartage or valuation fees. Leonard Coakley w. J. Cuttle valuers. George Walker Ltd. Auctioneers 249. Queen Street. Phone 42 815. D a Josed Jour mature big demand. Ranted. Best prices. Richard Arthur Ltd., 193, Queen Street will buy for Cash phone 40 323. Gold buyers. Announcing amazing increase prices old Gold sovereigns valuations Auy time 45-330.meltzer, 61. Victoria st. D Turing your old Gold broken brooches x5 rings highest Market Price paid. Kissin 10. Customs st. W. D sovereigns wanted also Gold old of any description highest prices Firkins of Pacific bids. Phone 41-963. P o g g _ owing to the High Price now ruling we have melted up 73 per cent of our Gold jewellery Why not sell is yours and obtain the maximum Price the old firm Robinsons Ltd., 352-4. Queen st. Opp. Town unil. D old. Q ° l b. Also sovereigns. Owing to the Public appreciation we alte continuing the increase of ter ounce extra until further notice. Jjef1xers amp a Meltes to a to. Est. In now zealand Over 25 years note address Corner of Queen and Windham Street s few doors above mile Adel Boyce Ltd phone 46-602. Why not look out anything unwanted do it to Day. D g pm Gold Kyj g o l d. G o í. D. Realise on your old Gold or discarded jewellery and obtain highest prices from this old established firm. Cash by return. Please Register nil parcels Jas. Pascoe. Watchmaker jeweller and Diamond merchant. 80. Queen Street and 66, Karanga Hape Road also fit Hamilton. A typewriters for Sale. A absolute bargains in used Typo writers. Finest sete Cimon in town. Imperial to pen riders British chamber High st. J duplicators new and used bargains a makes from £5 guaranteed in writing British typewriters. Ltd., Queen s Arcade. A amp a a overtime rents intended for our n classified columns should be in our office not later than 1 Daily. Advertisements received alter this hour will be inserted up till 2.z0 In late news Page. Properties for Sale and Exchange seat one for Sale businesses for Sato close at 10.30 am Dally. The proprietors do not Hotd theme Ives responsible for non insertion of advertisement through Accident or otherwise and they Reserve to themselves the right to Amend withhold or omit any advertisement. Piano tuning. A Bandon mechanical thoroughly tuned 0/ guaranteed overhauls front £1.dominion tuning co., phone 42-204. D Atwaters civic Square 40-79j. Specialise in piano tuning staff Espert tradesmen at your Burvice satisfaction guaranteed a polishing Borer eradicated re Felting d King 47-047 and have your pianos tuned promptly and efficiently 5/. Civic tuning co., free estimates for repairs. Satisfaction guaranteed. D seeds. Plants. And Garden. Titan Gold yellow Globe 5/ thousand Ira postage Broad . Ite t of Makl 1£ up Tomato plants Oil the Best and latest Sinclair 321 Queen st. M properties sold amp withdrawn. My business Rusgi View Kolii Matamu . Xl2 poultry for Sale. 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