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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auckland Star (Newspaper) - December 4, 1943, Auckland, Auckland Cry but Quot picture Hooks for plaster Walls 1/3 for Pkt of 6 m it Wooi Ayo it is a of Len st vol. . Roll or honour in my mortal mow in iming Mei my of my dear husband or in acc cd cd m Libya december i a is Iwer before me. Ujj inure i to get. I., Luici x eight Fri alums. Re in Quot. Jilji Siuy i will Sec him forever. Mie Eirv fir Bur dear gun in lev. A Jia ser Reauis alarm died of in dec Litber 4. Ld4i, ii me came a sudden end. In in cd Evcic body s Friend a Anu a Morley and family. Mui main nov of our loved firm in Man died of wounds i 4. 1941. Parem.5. Brother and pm nov of a dear Yiantson mils in Libia december 4. Lined by his Eia Dmoi nor Fin Orv of deaf Alan died in 194� be hath no Man sins. Kathleen and Jack. Pin a in Lona memory of our Friend. Leslie v i i id in a men in air wait Accident december a Mil by Sylvia Lois and Iii Tsivin m Mcm and Loving memory of my a a i it Minu ii Virci a Cooee Jook Caruson. Lilly a do Crumit a xo42. His div Noah clone and always Deniem belied inner de by his pal. Ray fellow is a in lawns Mcmoy of oar filed flwn2-Oficei Gcorge Joe Hai Sotl killed Deriv of 5 104j a the be Tai Iti a hero 3 Giatcu. Of a a i remembered. To scored by 4fxs dims Etna. Mckay Lirl Tiff a i la sued killed on Active service to Libia december a. 1sh1. It Noi evening shadows Are falling am we sir All alone in our Husti comes a Loti my my could come Home. In morning dawns. No night returns. Dec me Linn me of Jou dear. Ir.5cr cd by his Eier Loung Mother Broth is a ind fiscci5. Mck al a in lowing memory of dear Brian Nho Pate is late december 5. 1941, Eicr remembered. Inserted by Ann tie Eva and family. Mcm five Tarim in Lowny memory of our dear blather Walter nil. Drowned at Obruk december a 1941 r if Ever remembered by his Jot no Sisir and bothers Mim Jack. Paul and sister Lul no Eunice. Itf\�?111 memory of flight lieutenant w s Ren. Raf. D f c missing m a or crap to Accident. December 5, 1941 Ever remembered by his Broiher Albert 2nd e of Sheft Lviv a in Lowner memory of our son Bruce killed lit Libia december 5, 1941. Inserted by his Mother and father lining memory of Bruce. Killed in Libya december a. 1941. Remembered always los carted by Douglas. Zoc and his nephews Hilton and Bice. Sherwin a a tribute of respect to the memory of Bruce killed in Libya dec Embt 5. 1941 inserted by Eon a. &j1erh Loving memory of Bruce killed in Ursa on december 5, 1941 always in our thoughts inserted by May and Jack. Loving Mcmoy of Bob dlr owned on Active service december 5, 1911. Ever remembered by or. And mrs b. Brierley and Jack Monc Imu. Loving memory of our dear brother Bill believed drowned overseas december 5, 1641. Loving memories fond find True will always remind dear Bill of you. Inserted by Olive and Ann. Frank con Junction Lovell a memory of my dear brother Bill drowned through enemy action december a 1941. Ever remembered by his sister May. Loving memory do our dear son and brother. John Ivan Wilson drowned at Obruk december 5, 1911 always in the hearts of your Mother dad i Voige. Uth. Alexia. And Robert. Loving memory of John killed in Libya december 5, 1941. Loving memories linger yet of one i never shall forget inserted by Natalie. Births and november 29, at st. Margaret a Epsom to or. And mrs. J. G. Adams a son. Both Well. Baker a on december 3. At Ormonde Remlein Road to or. And mrs. J c. Tim Baker Nee Joan Philpott. A daughter. Both Well. Barry. On december 2. At nurse Millers to or. And mrs. H. H Barry Nee Zena Eves daughter. Both veil. december 3, at st Margaret s. Epsom to Gwyneth Nee Robert wife of Petty officer r. A. Carpenter. Rn.zn., a son. Both veil. december 3, at Harn Salile. To or. And mrs. D. B. Drage a son. Both Well. No visitors for seven Days. Phulmani on november 29. Amp to new Plymouth to Eileen wife of sergeant h g. Pc armm Razaf. A daughter. Both Well. Spearman a on december 3, 1943. At Mehta private Hospital Vakapuna to Ruby and int. A Bonny daughter. Both Well. Visitors after seven Days. Thorpe on december 2, at Rie Carton. Christchurch to Lais wife of flying officer c. B. Thorpe a son. Both Well Wake my on december 3, at. Giants to or. And mrs. V. J. Wakera Nee free a fortunes son. Makrl1ges Cox Harris a on november 27, 1943, at Lewes. Sussex. England. Kathleen daughter of or. And mrs. Harns. To flight sergeant Ernest Wellesley Cox. R a f. Only son of or. And mrs. John Cox late Titi Rangi Auckland. november 9. A a be methodist. Church. Pitt Street Auckland Daphne Lorraine youngest daughter of or. And mrs. K. Bomb Edge. 26. Windmill Road mount Eden to sergeant Douglas William kill 2nd a a Ejiu a furlough. Elder son of for. And mrs a. Hill 27. Koohai Street mount Albert. Di3aths Reg pm Ehab Zyss gpo., at \ London. City Auckland n.z., saturday december 4, 1943 10 pages Price twopence gifts for men Billfold leather double 3/11 Billfold leather single. 2/6 tobacco pouches lightning Fastener 12/6 Melvern s 155-159 Karanga Hape Road Auckland Veily. Ber 3 at her residence. 14, min f Erie in Mary Jane loved Vun a Vul Aje fue Iucci. Woodside Road mount Eden. Mary Jane sister of Ernest. George and he late j sister of Ernest urea tit us Robert William. Randolph Anna and for Erick funeral from her residence monday december december 3. Result of Nolino Margaret. Second Darling Day of a Llu nurse or and mrs w. A. Cant Ell 9w���oune Parade Avondale aged 6 re is Quot a a leave w h Tongue Ahtl sons Chapel on monday it til a or to arc Mariun. it Cumber 3. A tip Ai Hje a a a Quot a . Mary Ella. The loved s. Cockburn Law Street. To a. Ana Juvy Mother of Ethel a service will be held at we Church of England. Torbay at 3 on monday. December 6. Fijn Ninci december 3. 1943. At l residence of her Daugler. Mrs. O r�?z0e, 23, target Street Point Chevalier. Go it a beloved Vav Leo of the late w Lliam George Dunningham. And loved Mother of no and Eric Ciema cd this Day at Waik mete. december 3. 1943, Hector Snowden youngest son of the Fate Captain and mrs. John Fairchild. december 4, 1943. At of a hgr Richard David James dearly loved son of Richard and the late Annie Louise al Chi run exam brother of mrs. F. Harlick of non nomm Auckland aged 33 Yeaw funeral vat la the presbyterian Church at 2 m. Monday Waichi cemetery. X Forrest on december 3. 343 a a ?0rrest�?T May. Wife of Alexander Molher of of Franklin transport and bcnv�?~l.m0 private the late Little Peter and Helen Forrest invade interment co by saturday. december j. Patrick it to. The Street Ponsonby. Son of i be Lulo tm�ui3 a a a s Flynn ased 63 jeers Jelp. Jute Are at Woik Rajca cemetery tills Ait Moon. december 4. 1s43. At , Mot the floor by beloved mtg of a al a Sor Sijo a or Henry loved Mother of mrs w h Etalon Road. Tali thu alld Pat Henry Sydney end der Lille Nann of my Gui an need 71 years. Ii dim to at. By Joseph s Church Oahu he. At 6 our monday. Private interment immediate. Cards. K december 4. 13 a a Auckland to amp Pital. Jane 2.p�lt North Patrick Edward Mcdermott 1036, great no run Road. Point Chc Valer and he moved Moth George prisoner of War l b a years funeral will leave cd Little a Ltd. 2 9. Hobson Street at 2 let Mon for Waik mete cemetery monday 6ioore.�?on Detombeur 4. At the Auckland Hospital. John Alexander. Daumer we 2 Wilha a. And Jessie Moore of Torbay unc Rai Day s such is the kingdom of a Van. A at o Neill a Point cemetery at 19 am monday. Mai Ciji on december 3 1943. M a Kilt of a Quot Accident at new Lynn Ljubo dearly nue Aon of mate and Palma of ii a Brook Ajo nut new Lynn aged 12 years. Rip pay Rio a 5 mass will in celebrated at far e Cathedral on monday at 10 funeral then leaving for Waik Tinele december 3. At Creen Lane Hostal after a Long and painful illness. Anna c Desry beloved is uighur o is and mrs dearly beloved youngest Onu Girt a d e l. Prior 28. Mount Rusk ill Roaul Loving sister of Nita and the a to a a Quot Vav Hilda aged 26 years. Funeral a ill love w k Tongue and son s Chapel pm monday at m for Hillsboro. december 3, 1943. At Eckland. Eliza Vilhelmina wife of the Lac Eju be of thames it a go a 73 years a service i held at j. Weirs Chapel 70. Ponsonby a on tuesday at 10 45 am., funeral then leaving for Cri a tromm., december 3 suddenly at the aug , Herber Bill a mys Siscoii sir piss to by a re add a l ,r�.�nd�n�?T1orm�i.t cemetery december 4 at the k.n0�, acc Auckland. Rowland Belo Rcck Husic Mucu Thompaon. And Loving rather of 1fl8rntl��rivatc and Jean m his seventy seventh. Hic rent. On monday at Birkenhead. Cd i it jiej10k1am Plum to ?6 or Nur dear lie and our it l1a december 4. A Ojo. Ais i 1322. 3nd brother Bill. November 2n Iny Artoe Bufi y0l,r Mem no linger a nth al ? be not is Vam whte hm0ase cur heartache he links the broken Chain thl we meet again y missed by dad Albert and Dolly. Whieflii0 hic nory of mum and Nan Elk in pm Weir i Lam a Els 1 a Toj Tuul by to mph deeds. A gaping hand Fot old Crsp . Guv Lionel and Bivs a no my a a re a i Quot he 1l s Bremory of our dear will i who passed Awa december 5, 1941 to Hei last Jitney an Beirut ill Shiu called rest to la is Arul a Una a to the land of eternal rest inserted but her Joving fou and daughter cell iwo a to be 1935 a v he Bill Felt a to a a Day of Tenet Brance 1 a a of Sid to egret. Ivi when the rest of t1b world forgets ins ened b Lus Loving wife g hold a a a err it j,0115 Nemory of my Stepfather Paisa in i do Comber 5 1935. Whatever else Vic fail to do 111 Loving thoughts we think of you Issei ted by Irene. Ted and family of Uholik or a memory of my Stepfather a no passed away december 5 1935 deep in our hearts a inc Ivory is kept one we loved and will never forget in suited by Jack lil and family Gili 1laxd a in memory of unde Charlie. Sweetest memories inserted by icing Mece rub it and family Gil Lildon a in Job my memory o dear Charlie i often think How kind you were. Inserted by j Simes Sisle in Law Cesry a a Louff tribute to the memory of Den Mother and grandma who departed this life on december g. 1940 inset cd by her Lovent Damp Ucarer son in Lau. A grandson Jim and Don Good Jjon Rio Loving to Moty of my dear Mother who derailed this life december 5. 1d42. A Llie it beaut mid loveliness the memo of her life will always Shine. As a Light in the dui Knss Quot a Light that will Nevei grow dim inserted by Het Loving daughter Kay. O Donnell a in Loving memory of our Ducai Mot her and Crand Mothon who passed Vaaj december 5. J942 for Days and no gals she bore her pain to look Foi Cuie was All m vain. Till god above who thought it Best. Did ease her pain and a i a her rest. Ilise cd by hotly. A jul May and june. Tritell a in Loving Mcinery of our dear Mother. Who departed Hus Hie december 4, j322 a tender chord of memory is swirly touched to Day. Inserted by her la veg husband and children Santoro a in Loving memory of our dear Mother who parsed away december 5. 1942 Oil Why was she taken we asked m Otto Sci now. Wyllo others Aro seeking for rest the answer comes soil a Ever so softly god is our a i her. To Krowech Best inserted by Elsie Joe. Rosa Fred and Pat sword a Nicoll a in Lowny inn noisy of our dear Mother end grandma who passed a Iti december 5. 1942 Days of suffering nights of pain. Lor cure but All in vain but god alone who knew 11 Best. Called hex Home to Well earned lest. Ever Remer acied by Annie Bob and Lamell it. Santord Nicoll in Lov lug memory of dear Mother and who Iell asleep december 5, 1942 so loved so Gic atly missed by Millie arthut Dotric and Irene a a fax uh4rt.�?in Loving memory of our husband and father who passed Nway december 5, 1&41. Inserted by Quot a vis wife and son Cyl Lovine Memoir of a passed away december 5, 194l. Ever . Inserted by Gin Venus and Jackie. Urquhart a. John lil Jovag memory of Ovir dear father a. Who pasted away december 5. 1941. Ever remembered by Gladys and Imily. Werkav Kmezt i hands 11fav, j. A Bew and family Siti uesely thank All kind it ends and a Ela lives for their Many messages of sympathy in the sad loss of their son and brother flying officer j. D Bew who was killed in an i Craif Accident overseas please accept this As a personal acknowledgement. in Mebin and family of 14, Clyde Street sincerely thank All relatives and friends for their kind expressions of sympathy m then recent and sad loss Ulso for Many cards telegrams and Floral tributes received special thanks to the Usa please accept this As a personal acknowledgement. Hutchinson. w. Hutchinson and daughters of Point Chevalier wish to express sincere thanks to relatives and Fuei ids who sympathised with them in their recent sad Lei easement also for letters telegrams and Floral emblems received. Please accept uus As a personal acknowledgement. Kenyon mrs. Kenyon of new Lynn. And family wish to thank All kind friends and Neighbours for their Nils of kindness Gnu Goodwill during the Long illness of them husband and father also for All letters telegrams cards and personal expressions of sympathy at the tie of them bereavement. family of the late or Robert Knox Swanson wish to thank All kind in ends and relations for their expressions of syrne3athy m their recent and bereavement also for Mcuen. Telegrams and Floral emblems received special thanks to mrs. Holtom. Mrs. Winter. Mrs. Blac Ingram and mrs 1 lost and found carved White beads on tues a Between 55. View re and . Reward apply Star _______4 is. Newmarket Symonds Jronh Ltd 4 n filigree Civ. Wednesday i Good re.v3rd -14, Puuki __\7 personal i Mattix ring confidential. 011c. Urgently -03-319 Voth to sincerely thank 1 friends and in natives tor their expressions a Nur a a v in a Holt recent sad double Winter. Mrs. Black. Lincoln of 70. Margot Lincoln Street a11 sympathy 1n�?o a a Holt a a or ent sad _ bereavement also for tetters. Pite �8r3�dtci11t and Floral emblems received. Please accept tins As a personal ack Tiow Lodgment. Pagett mrs a j. Hpwell and mrs f. Lincoln Nish to sincerely thank All friends for their kind expressions of sympathy which were very much appreciated. Ii mrs. M. Shaw and june. Puk Kohe West Tovish to thank amp a Hind relatives and Virenda for messages of sympathy letters. La Lecras and Beautiful Floral Ems cams received least accept this As a personal acknowledgement. Scott a the family of the late mrs a talc Scott great South Road Oahu Lite wish to thank kind friends relatives and re a a their expressions or sympathy me vivid emblems telegrams cards and letters received in their recent sad Loas. Flease accept this As a personal acknowledgement. A of a or. Mrs. Brooks and. Friends and extended Durini their recent sad also tor telegrams. Letters and is reel Verf. Special thanks to mrs Wasey. Tiease accept this As a personal acknowledgement. Iurii f of j. F. Soalo and son Jack a Ineer Elv thank All kind friends and relatives for their Laving sympathy extended eur a a a no and loss also for letters telegrams and beaut Liu Loral tributes. Please accept this As a personal yizor.. Family sincerely thank All kind relatives Foi the kindness and sympathy exp their recent sad bereavement als Floral emblems a final bouquet artist. Specialist in All ?,�?o�?1wo7�-m, of 69, Karan Saupo re <0-039. Night 60-550, w5 miss ii woo r5 Road Rinilda. Phone 3-633 the Park Eis funeral directors Cameron John three lamps. Ponsonby phone aa-137 residence ia-078.______�? co a a a . Lxi&Gt., it rectors photos 15 416 i19h�?tlmirl� -40 a it a is. N. C. Funeral director and k�43l 292-4, re. Phone 61-321 private Chapel. S_4 5. Pink alb. Lid., funeral directors Weso poit in re Chancl phone 10-130-- a 550 . Rosora �6. Kart Mahape re phone 40-689.-- of Lylbon. Tun Cral re. Phor director �13.7gb. Any hour. Momia textual masons Monad and Mason. �69 Symonds Street. Auckland. And a Nice a Quot do in Stre to a Mellon. Manufacturer of on mental is Yon s i i a w e settings 10 0 a Walsto. Cin Iii Hill t a a id Roada. is Riva or ii in is. Old to Slor ring 30-041ohil prior Ine. 5/ Oacle Dos �,7��r7s tm�r37risir5rzrhn5i a Portage re. Nov poultry Waxter tit tiny Farmers o u l t h j. Jokes limited Cly markets. A Strong demand for poultry and a cd . A Quot Teloso Moused by us tor Cru kernels hens ducks turkeys. Geese cockerel. Rol omm Cna Consie mems. For Best results consist your Birda w j. Jdnes. Limited a of orbs d aiili1� auu5ai�rresnt psf crates to saggy lilt it freight charged. Oates Are held tuesdays and fridays after the 9th december i a will be holding auction sales daily of poultry. A Jones limited. General Aucul treers and merchants City markets Mesa wanted k n own Arato Xcvi convalescent. Hame Nas vacancies Polo ii 16-323, Between Wellesley st and n outward goods finder Upland Luggage Agency. 6 he Money Tell Slev st a finder ii Leaie club a. Name Wellesley st. Herne Bay a a x4 a Liun to re Sui leu re Bud Marcan Sil Tahod right hand express. 11� 9. Satiri _ \4 ailed Manv photo inside ,1 i330 Star _4 a us Cogil co it f i find ring Gt-442 Sun x4 i Eva Soldier s badge 30027 x4 hypo fid. The Wurdy please a nit Fine la al Ives. Queen st Otic Luinis a n to hulls 2ig. Queen Nim Small a Tiwu Conidi inc Money Rigg Iiley us uhf d. Pc Nilmei i .u11, Between in Uluis and Posl of flick. Fini Leward or no 24-986_ 4 Puhst a. Small Biown Runia ining 2 �9 2 al find 5ilici by War Penstone s wife new ton saturday Moi Mug reward�?49, Randolph st. Nev. Ton x4 Tat Yong no on under return to til Loeb. Couit. Mat Talpis Troen pair Onehunga Iran or shopping Centre Newmarket. Tuesday afternoon phone 16-931 x4 sly Orth the Oubes. Tue Giey Betws in Karamyan hip cd and Ola Lihu. Friday a kindly phone in jul j truck Fitted with new tire Calv sat morning Between Auckland and Pukt Kohe. Reward Irvine and Stevenson s st George co Ltd Hepburn is. &Gt-6 w Lett. L Icci leather. Cont Ding ration Book Elg Parnell thursday Revard a Phecie 44_-035 x4 in \ Neuia mtg rape is. Ideal if Juon card notes re Waidy Captain k e Todd Avn Herlev hotel a w4lllt, dark Blue vice Melv put Alieel can lain Uig �9. Railway pass Ait Union tickets anti stauers Reward a apply 90h_nrc s avenue______4 a Olill pc son w to round umbrella Fridolv. Outside ii he toys plot so. Run a 43-739__4 would it lion w lie took girls pm offic from Sii in by most Ike at Peter pan last Friday inulin Fost false Tocl. to address in Inion Book f �6 in single notes thursday by working Birl _ Rev Aid please phone _26-439 found Civ it kid Olores a phone 25-922 x4 round b s a bicycle City owner pay Adyt a write a 0292 Star a i of and a Delver s Overall Quot wednesday Quay st. Owner Pav Advt a phonic 27-g25-__ m Pew aft d �2 a Ewari and 25 Choice Gladioli for the lady Friend for he Ormason leading to teen very planet plow and seeder missing for several Mon Lis. 113. Princes 5t of thnh or police. A s to l a y k i it and a stray Pniler Bitch Black and Milite a please ring 01-034. 3. Co it be 5isunda Langham club notices Auckland Young people ii club dance tuesday Fountain 01 Friendship Hall Newton re Bihm Ingham gala social wednesday. December 8, 7 45, Fabian rooms Progi Amine dancing carols extras. _4 Cumuli land Roill to association a Christmas social. Saturday Ullh Mun Cju Sci unit Small Hall Hobson st. Entrance All Home Folk invited -9 Lancashire Solity. Munczi Extein unlit he l. Wednesday do Cambet 8, 7 45 v m. Social and dance Mcmaw 5 and friends &Gt-7 scam a evian club a Christmas too. Fabian ski looms 3. Queen st. Thursday dec. 0. 7 pm scandinavian and English carols Lucja festival so Minav Lan Wal come _ _ -7 Young pm Oulu s club dance. Tug fid dec. 7. Fountain of Friendship Hall Newton re _6 matrimonial til c Catherine Wallis correspondence club is at the disposal of All lonely people who desire marriage strictest Confidence Box 81w 4 widow-5<h refined attractive desires meet gent similar Means View , �460. Star. .4 Why not consult Sylvia Gerard Large lists of select introductions View Matrimony arriving dully Ages 2l-fi6. Prompt. Confide mind mall service for country people 63, Queen Street 15, Queen Street. Opp. C plane 42-703. Re pupils wanted Asi Leigh colleges air Force Entrance. General education �?5th floor. N z. Ansur. By Reg. Is Auckland hairdressing College. A hairdressers old. F00d_oppciriurtity.�?h b bldg. Queen st is Blau pit Beauty hard Ressle vacancies �?145, Roaton ores a Quot making patterns. Classes. A 5elw_yn co Liege. Safe Deposit big Vulcan Lane dressmaking. Ash thu Selu hit Fie Hool fd7s bide. Phone 41-32? is Seio Niv Senvi i. A a it. A -. H�tt�ivbfssinc., the recommended new zealand Fly a. 723 Chen st pm. Cotuit a Sale a a. Instruct of a Cal to it Rov idea a phone 20-&44__4 a cars supplied. Folic Ialy rcom a tried Auckland school of motoring. Phone 16-308 m shorthand typewriting Seney Cohew Sale a Post bldg Irh so _ tepid paths reopened cd asst resuming prof Elisor Anderson a i a v a Vious . A pm it s0/ write music tuition 0221. Star Flis a a i a Daee 1�idi�g Academy. Hepburn Ltd. Glen Eden. 1st Road on right pest Haiku Etc Cemeloy phone 153. Henderson 5 Hacks and he expert instructor the Best of Hacks Silra used no Hotos hired bul ars used or a try turn purposes onh. Utmost or Lucy. Warn to ride in Correct e so a ii note min la i Hob e al show Quot Tod How and Euvy ook work write now for free details me master toy Supply Box 193 Wanganui to c v r i v f Fyk in g training. As qualified men Are in great demand for Poai Hona of responsibility and High salaries. Now is the time to prepare for them Bower s engineering and radio school Ltd., col Ufiufi Chambers Swanson Street. Auckland c 1. Phone 42-123 is Hollywood dressmaking school. Alston Chambers 63. Queen Street Ream All branches of dressmaking and ladles tallow Long by simple methods known As Hollywood system. Individual tuition. Is Wake extra Money at Home each week by making simple wooden toys. We show you How and buy your work write now tor free detail so Macmaster s toy Supply Box 1s3. Inn Paul a radio radio. The Industry of Opportunity. Qualified operators and mechanics arc urgently required Avenir classes or correspondence. N z. Radio College. Hellaby budding Opp. of. S fou women Snidal gown and veil. Jeanc lend Beautiful modern nit fittings and types.�?310. Dilworth bid phone 42-491 a a la not a. Cats Bhuja. Eic., fou Sale ijudg1es 9young�?5. Hona ave. It Eden Canary cock Young and Cage 30, 5349, Star. A Ocker a i3. Purebred 2 male dog i feint pc spi scially Good a phone la-2u4__ a Fox Tebrink puppies. £5�?no 31, Dix to a a. Dominion re i cite tvs persian mule 60. Pin Neu Boad. And female pm urdu a in apples foxes. Beautiful ooh sexes reason able�?31. Edam st it Eden. 4 spam al pups Blue Rutin Pedigree 2 Raoul is old. Also Bitch 4 years Williams. 44. Hereta Unga ate 4 wide haired Fox terrier dog for Sale excellent a Pedigree fiery Good looking trained to House or innnel�?51 a a it Albert 1 ogs cats Rios. Of tco a wanted Dupries. Email Breeds. Fuck is spaniels alway Walker. Tap Queen st. We a manure 3 bags Ron ply Dein tied to 1319, it North re earlier Call a or ii. Rifin Middle aged with car would like company of iro or lid a cheerful 7985. Staft _ l till not be for and debts contracted in my name from Liis Date dec 4. I94j a a 14 bailable o o ?.p Epsom Sid to rims what s 111 the wind who spit Active 7 Jar spirit Oversoul sanskrit and hot on John 3 0 mail 10 26�?watch horse nose la cello Darling it looks of though Somy Cne has n Rived bless Ion you must ring me some time a to icky a al kind per sen 11 a Eling Auckland to Wal Hopton 3 n in Irani dec. 14 mind keeping Eye on or 12 ears Irav filing alone a a 57 alt it �1�ll Iris Sofic ilor or a ther person Hui a Quot a a w-,11 Foi James oven of Rhodes a it Ash it please communicate it i the do Qirici pub triste Auckland _ a 1 �111 in i >vj7 Lor any debts con i Quot Quot a a fur to my auth onto Rulp this dil Quot 4 13 43-Fsxgncd m j Dolc. A to �1 in or in Ron Letlon airhood mulls Ercles Law Tuk Apuna 4 a Ciciley re it in Eide think All a red a Ciri v Lien believed accept this As n a do Hanav Quot to in lid and mrs. Cordially thank i lie Manv fiend i who Cut then Tood ullies on the occasion of thu i we amp or. Re Rauno ii Oman Sli Schuell Union will von he in Lazio Laith of 8200 children i in Norw Tsi enl Uvea re Mac wish War Sam cd Sci s Chiulin Adan Ratcil Cloum re or for re Mak Snir most in ceded e a Leighton 33 sea vim Roll or Milnrt Auckland _ 4 mount Eden school commit in the above committee Ici dets ill thanks to per pals und Nix Idonis who contributed to ih�1 Success of the gala and big and Liiv John g 4 Chali Man Mil at bait ii the scripture1�?T Ahl filing believed god and it. Ivas counted unto him for m have auspices non to him that to Teeth is Iho Rei Vird not Rock Rand of of tract hut of Klepl but to him tint univ Elk not bul Breve let on him that a Timieth the in godly his Faith is counted or righteousness five in i like Abraham been Jusn find by tall a holy Bible 6 second association a Xmas party for children of overseas personnel. Imitations nil not be issued for ills parly it is open to the Rel Dicu of All Oversea. Men. And All ivc require is the name of All children of 7 Vears and under who will to present on tha ibid december so Mol Licis Send in cur boys and girls Ages and names so As they May enjoy this treat x4 Christmas cheer. Be a Blessing to someone this off Risemas 300 puddings 307 toys mid steels Are needed nothing for Man women mid children As veil As furniture Etc Ore urgently wanted i the methodist Central Mission Nedelc sleet opposite town Hull Auckland cd Phon 47-704 help to make the children i Ion it ills Chi i stuns �?�13 a. Everill Orr. In making our 1d4j unix Topias a pc to remind you that the result or Appeal enabled ii to Send Pai cels of comforts Etc. To 40 Hoe prols and 20 Homes throughout the Auckland prov Nice kelp Ufa to do even More this Christmas by supporting our Christmas Appeal Dan alias to Saucki and provincial comforts committee postal address o Box 1402 Auckland Cai Recs o Box 1402 Auckland in Bill s Puli line Vulcan Lane x 4 Mir Chw of Max s . to is years of age Are invited to a Day 5 Outino and picnic to the country on saturday december 11. will leave he flying Angel Mission Sturdee st. It 10 n m. Rel Mim at 5 pm mothers to nov accompany the children parents must hand a Llie names and Ages of the children to the Rev h k arc fiery. Rio ing Angel Mission by saturday december 4 otherwise in a Hilt iss hello everybody a Jas Pitt calling Quot we Are now completing our plans for Chrisi mris cheer and we Hope to enlist Vona kindly sympathy during this Molli the need of the moment is Foi single mattresses it 2ft 6m to 3fi wide for our children s Cump left of clothing Alv ays useful if specially Well me just now when our tie Edv families like to make Hitt relves presentable for Moths and solve re a will Niy cat of used garments our families will Wear a them ii 5 of Kiln t help with such goods remember that it costs Money to maintain a free convalescent Home. Children it Camp Christmas tree Etc please help ire to help others a Jasper Calder Auckland cite Mission 323. Queen st phone 43-045 or 48-056 to udus to Filda int 4 Bxs is Esh person al its aching reef. Corns mrs. A. E. Russell late Rux feel and old Sci. Is keel ii s Arcatre. 42-409 7 5 Arthur Lirkle. Sex Jet professional piano tuner. Repairs prompt attention. Quote free_�?60-490_h3.illjann.? 9d. Snooker go eight tables radio Majestic billiards Saloon Darby st. Is deafness overcome a latest a approved scion ifs Hean rur aids consult or g. O Hart British hearing aids. 171. Queen by 41-500. Is doctor s Medicine alums fish und depend Abie at Blyth harpers chemist. 127, Karanga Hope rond is f mba rat Arsing so la irs a cd a Cut a removed by Fletro Isis a Christine her knit 2� Power Board bljg., Queen st. 48-70c.____s for Dandruff senile finder nails Ader Tiona of the skin a Bates pharmacies. Ltd Karanga Apo Road Auckland is of you Are Iii and require att Nhon consult l g ctn Sinaw chemist. Symonds skin and Scart Snow latits new rav Quot clinic 31. Short lard st British american Nyrl ctn Sclan Alfir methods Pron. J m Geotge san 44-500 to Dentai. Star beetles. A e Scott amp. Building Victoria Street phone 45-168 in immediate appointments Avondale 83-76g mount Albert 36-193. Hours 9am Fofi m 7 m to bpm hs4 or. B. F r i e d i. A n d e r. Dental surgeon. 2nd floor Safo Deposit building High by. Phone 45-344. 44-695 Lor immediate godot nunsent Ota Ellhu surgeries phone 25-929 and 168s Olalia Sihu b e. Davies limited. Dentist Davies dental surgeons. Winst me building Queen Street. Auckland opposite Wool Worth. Phone 45-258_ is parents Send your daughters to the new zealand College of hairdressing. Latest hair styling permanent waving taught positions assured 23&. Queen Street. Phone 44-579r.s removal notice. T. A Mayson amp co. Cash orders late Power Board building. Queen Street. New address Quot above Malvern a a first floor 155-159. Karanga Hape Road _ phone 44-019, ws4 Straw hats expertly re dyed for 2/c at time modern bag co. Ltd., two shops 400. Queen st. A lii tie 270 Karang Annpe re. Above and Capo amp Ite just 6 roots Pon amp Onby to non Hall. Side past Geo court s k weak of failing eyesight improved end strengthened by the remark no Surrey soul Bennett method of sight improvement Complete illustrated instructions enclosed with every bottle of Quot Bennett Brand Eye lotion Quot from Oil chemists at 5/1 Cier bottle. Manufacturers Bell pay. Ltd. Cooke s building. Queen Street. Auckland. Res Balfour Irvine and Telb Rijk. Ltd. Qualified opticians phone 110 Queen Street. 48-111 100, Karanga Hape Road 45-005 24. Victoria st Hamilton. 3141 Bank Street. Whang.vaei241 1 Howey Walkee. Surgeon dentist. Also or w. E. Williams. Bus. 209. Queen Street. Corner building Jolt court s surgeries open at s 30 am. Phone 41-538. W. Frost limited surgeon dentist. Jellicoe Chambers. Corner Queen and Wyn Dhara streets. Phone 4 3-233. Hours monday to thursday. A to s Friday. 3 t0 a saturday. 8 30 to 12 Alexema skin and Scalp specialists. Fourth foot Dingwall building. Queen Street. Acne eczema psoriasis Seboit Rhea baldness Alopecia. Saby eczema successfully treated. Also facial treatment. Phone 41-374. Hours 9 a 5 3c a Friday 8 a in to 8 m. And the National Bank bldg. Hamilton phone 1611 Alexema in z i. Limited. Domestics wanted children s nurse 2 children. 2 and 4 years a mus Robinson a Plant a st. Reguera phone �di18 4 llk4mng. Modem i0"sp m per v. Cek �?5 63s8. Star Cai a be person for a nne Small Lorne. Lor 1 Wei pkg Lio do i Reirer 7 j1 it uomus1tc help Liger. Hrs Okiec Home Tiem Uera a phone <��Cai. I Eli cooking Ana housework Small two conditions and wages Reguera re a phone 54-637 4 4ji.nekal help Nurs amp a Cocking. Doc Orr re Sidon on bid. Enli Dav House Wosic 0-� Gnu wages a Phon it _____4 bold Dulles. All a Kepi a. R. 02 i c Star la to Kofr. Ii i al ill Viii Miilu wanted engineering Marine pro ii led a Winic Yolch 8374 Star 4 Cash Iii in Conni iolent Pari Lime of dec Woik till cd 1 isthmus mph 00-693 is i y \ it let los wife Otere Quot Sere ices a outdoor or Domestic Racli Iii i Iii looms own a a Loi Myrv Lianov refund Chi return lion is rental a a Etc s k411 stae 4 lil�ahs1ah school Oil used Cash and shoo do Poynton Aioli Days a Ajjie Star it shoot Bov 17. Iii Teril Driver License desires pcs lion holidays is u3&i, Stvil 4 hot hit Lukk. Refined reliable 3-4 weeks a miss i jul my take Conige dining absences 8155 st of 4 Riouse Kilip for Middle aged Cje Leman health a Disirio a Coli Iris lady defined to 02en Star _ 4 Miv from if lie i Voik. or might Conselena Nous woj Kei a Wiite s 85111, Star 4 Schoolboy 13 Sha it Woik or messages during Holidis. Kph oin Newmarket Oisin or he Ferredy phone fi3-u7 or write s e2gd Star 4 Wolli wanted accountancy secretarial. Taxation returns nov Onie any Horo town Younin a accountant 23 Halesowen ave 81-661 is a ill Lnu Pic Ivanc houses a Fisher. 3 pollen st gie>_lvnn__________4 pick list Beiriger Fatiori service tor prompt expert service and Remus All makes Russ enable charges a Polione 43-176 in ter ii Onra �6-335 l Conven your Coal Range or old opening into modern fireplace ranges pair a fitment ?g_a0-2m n . Cottages mid addition 7 work a Here u 02 11 stars to Rul Idozer will Woik crap 11 Hill Ali food cd lev Ducc Mhor a ring phone 20-391________4 in 4h or Tkv Jun Seiv. Fms Liing experienced lii Desman labour only44 Cumb Cistand a 4 Cir i of a try re Peri Renov it ions alterations re blocking satisfaction guaranteed a phone Quot 557. J uha1xlwlr, licensed anus drainage Woik 011 contract�?105 Dominion Road. Mount Helen a a two Hou dental plate repairing Spe Latif 1 service. Tooth pm hours �?28. Palmerston bide Opp in Virley hotel. Queen st n of a dlr rat rive a Hec Ovied in satyr. Or Taleia �2 10/ a Raflena. 460. Queen st. Pm 48-093 is polishing work done in Homes pianos a specially. Pianos Modernised and a polished a Memck phone 43-172 4 can tile n remodelled a miss r be Road 48-652 m5 Irsch Letlon by experts a. A my Wellesley Street West. 1�?~lirnic 43-276__ms Ninino required Balmoral 1 s 8508 Star 4. It it Viii Ned by of Speil engineers Ruih and. Eden tee. 41-928 is a Quot cd it aws sitar Cneri. Tatesie r of onion. 54. Eden Xci by. Prompt services am Horre m to Box 778 after Honre 18-382. Is v Rew dims i Wellesley st. West t building specialists to iches and jewel _. J ,.� is Arti g building specially to icbms and Job Lory. End figment and wedding rings cry. Canna Leathor and Art gilts phone 30-574 of in Omro s Wear Elk and Cutter is position specialist .11 under Wei Quot Salofi Nelld handling inquires pos Lapate of Coy highest qualifications and re write 5 8261, Star faint nov costs ri5inc, continuously. Sterling us swan�5rffifel?."�?o, Fin. . Quote Lov scat for guaranteed Job in fish or deferred payment is Swann and c of. Specialise in Faun a Farmers taxation v has Over in 000 Ling _ by us a Over a a a a a a zealand Call or write Ead Prejs Dure Adlle Whakatane the pump n save that Busty to of of. Let is Spray your icon v Itti tripod to Bitu Myslic roof Flint red Canadian roof painting co. 1-544 Moi off a Nel Vurnin sink benches suy it. Fireplaces a l and surroundings amp us labour avg Yemc. Sis so 76 hum Ronert of 11 h 11hu_ perfection dry clean avg and is unequalled works 123, Market Road Porter s Dye works. Ltd. Depots a 1. Strand Arcady Queen Street 17. Queens Arcade Queen Street All in bookkeeping and taxation service saves you Money two ways al saves taxes. By expert preparation 0 tax returns. Allowances depreciation and. 1� fun 2 exemptions claim saves expense do your own the Eusy to use All in i lint. Fret Quot personal Iasmi Zuien special offer if you join your tax returns for Phlp year accountant. Taxation consultant Smith s bids. 9-11. Albert Street. Auckland. P o Box 423 plump 4� r n u Simi r al so vat Cal ind s Best kubv1turf values Attia live c piece dining suites Walnut finish �32 10 now st it be Bodi Oom Siut Efi in Oak Quot �34 10 chef Inerfield Smyc s a new design tones tics �35 10. To amp in 3-draw sex dressing fables Ith do a Imit a adjustable mirrors �10 Tat. Tali bpm al drawers m Walnut finish a 8 19 c terms arranged Auckland furnishing co next Mccabe radios peat a m it. N. C. To o n a the genuine chinese herbalist who hos been practising for Many years to Auckland has main satisfied patients who a will testify to or Wong s successful treatment hard facts cannot be refilled do not resign Yourse a to a file of in health. Ii g Wong 470 Queen Street opposite Owca. Auckland Polione 43-929. Country inquires must be by Persona Consula t Quot on is Monte Winter ladies hairdressing. London and american diplomas of distinction. Jamal permanent waving. American curl Cut. Monte Winter. Sareta salons. Limited. Smith and Caughey s building. Phone 30-949_ amp sufferers of All complaints please do not address me As doctor. 1 am not 6 doctor but an Indian Hakim Holch Means physician or healer and is a title Lor the Eastern medical men who prescribe and make Ihler own hetba.1 medicines in Eastern sense without applying Sny Patent drug Medicine or operation Hakim m. A. Sunni. 143, Nch ton Road or so mods Street. Phone 48-035. A situation s vacant in Seaman or Yachtsman for Crew. 40ft yacht. Wellington to Auckland Good pm. A Applei a Aich Speedwell Annc 31-193 or .17-843 _ Jac rat i Jua Odie. Amateur and process Iotia also uutner.4 of i it re 10115 vaudeville trials communicate inn it theatre fs4 to Erin Quot to Tad. Ladies costumes and Coats apply writ end costume co la kegs Ron is d4 afle i i i�?Tkl1 a in der a re Riih a urgently for proof Csizi t electrical firm engaged on essential Ork applicant must Hare thorough know Fitcage of a and do windings Rood working conditions and rate of a assured a Box 1825, Auckland 9 Ortisi. Snare time Uorn pc samples a Ork Eta lieu Lei a n is 0201 Star x4 Lim Strim. Milk bar essential �ork�?20j. Pen Vijit Junior girl Foi our Rofidal Dak j is Cash diaper. Nehu taiga x4 �21 milk bar also w.nt-,n a r h i 11�. Hours to nil 7�? Liotis c. R Xii also cafeteria s horns 10 a m till 7 re st West _____4 tor keeled. Welting on-1 rec a Speedwell Exchange >4 pro v4 us of Immo i Temise Good Condi a Nevin Uffit bore award rates Scott n Ltd 47 st Paul so. _6 al in Tyne to a Quot i Celle it Poa inon Iri tit Bookker per t Picc in office of ilk land s Jsu lii in solicitors a apply in to director dry Lengli business Cov Lai a a 1 no 1 a Quot to Fly a in and youths required for in in isl Lac Lotfi Good a tidies arid ctn Fiti amp ire a i 11 r 1 i he in it in m a cell let 5c. No Forcel products inn a Mie i of pid Liei a Bho in phone 48-14b g Lull 1.1 x ii a i j 1 school . Good fix Agos a a Mich l to.iintll Quot mix i Iii ii v. 01k Jurii s ted inv _ to it i. Nitro 1 Oxted Modem crop my Laige area Goa Iuo in a Cist a Mol 1 Iron dirt Rdale ____8 til Foi grocery. 30. Good prospects Milss a Toien 734 Donn Mon re _ Polione 61-100___4 kovy to arts a la Eun grocery Trade Good Montvi Elliot s four Square store Corner Garnet and old Mill lids a i Lio. Smut 0 11st, in Largo ele Mirical warehouse Joud of Ollig a apply electric co for Sirc i 4 k y tor a Trail no pics pious experience and Lei at one manager Unk Ersul garage a Severn st or Khz Becj of nos f boy foil sheep farm exp hence not Good Home Short hours Able to Ude a Ages 2i- to stall a Mckee the puke e Hoy a Ith Bichele Foi Good a Ages future in optical workshop assured no Samraj a of ankh to Laird floor Jamieson s bldg lome st 4 boy it fees for Mas noes. Etc. Good Opportunity to Loath Trade if sat is Fictor y. Age about 14 Vears a Merrick engineering co. Ltd. Gilts st. Parnell _ a 15uy or to Ltd a req used smart Lor id paric i goods Dejoi tent commence in Nedi tel a Applei a with refer Encis. Arthur h Nathan Ltd 5 competent tradesman a Thos Xgo Rod Bli dlr acquired 10 do Nike Alioti Job Beech permit re sup offing a Ione 25-378_ 4 Isle Cleil second Shopman Good a Ages and Condi Jolis a in tax 373 re Mudra rd____7 t an \ a a Quot a my ii in st in req ii e Strong female Mach Rel for tent work used to Heay most comes. Good wages Ofsei time ring 32-440 during working Houim or 42-868 after 6_p_m _ 4 , Good new 30-856 after g pm 4 carpenters v anted state Horein non is and Sampson 17 target Stiter or Job fir st Axon file r3ian� Genera a anted for the Auckland club. Iho in if Pilc rred apply 24. Short Laid st x1 cup will i01 Large suite of City office a anted write cleaner 0230 Star _ 4 clerk experienced i gentle customs shipping and merchants office acc Ute at figures Good conditions a Wilto b 0212 Star _ 4 clerk. Experienced for general routine in wholesale merchants office permanent position Tood Conr Imons and salary. Suitable Voung Man state experience Vilh refs. And military Obliga it Riis a write b &2q& star__4 caretaker cleaner male or female -1 m until 1 pm monday to of Nav. Must Supply testimonials As to character. Apply f m King co. Ltd1c5 Albert Street pc h e m t s t. C Quot qualified assistant wanted Fop. Leading City pharmacy. Ideal v a a mrs Iti Orre excellent remunerate or for keen and capable Man inquiries strictly write pharmacist 8176. Star a fun finishers or improves Good wages Ond conditions constant Emijo Meni b. Green. In Fig furrier. 17 civic theatre building six shops Wellesley st. West Cine theatres de a girls and women wanted. Good wages and conditions. Those willing to work overtime can make really big wages come gut and Sec the work you would be required to do. Apply Auckland laundry limited. Grey Lynn. D4 confidential Secretary t. A motion picture distributing company with head Nailei i m Wellington regimes the services of 11 capable senior female typ1ste for the above position Solars �4 10 per -.reek, 5-Day week reply with copies of references to Columbia pictures pay. Ltd., f o. Box 1b1, Wellington. 4 to learn manufacture of ladies and childrens Coats and frocks girls be taught the Trade throughout All its branches in Rell equipped factoid under Ideal conditions and sympathetic wipe vision parents Are invited to Call and discuss with us this interesting end useful career for their girl. Royal manufacturing Compaq a151 Newton Road top of Symonds Street amp earn he Money Irois can while they learn to become skilled hosiery operatives at Korma Mills work is Light and interesting conditions pleasant anti congenial. Positions now available on night shift and permanent. Positions assured. Apply staff manager Korma Mills Ltd chancery Street. Auckland n o y or youth wanted. Must be mechanically inclined. Ideal conditions and Good prospects for keen by. Who �1 1 re Ceifie expert tuition Start immediately or in the Nev. Year. Al5ply Wool Craft. Ltd. 73, customs Street West phone 49-442 c Doys and girls a offered excellent positions in the Surrey Crescent Branch of Korma Mills the work 17 Light and interesting i hips Good and Liberal bonuses Are available. No Prefi ious e pen enc is necessary you can earn v Lulo you Loam. Apply personal la 1o Korma Mills. Limited sure i Cre cell 10 jurors improve nuts and journey omes Are Yon looking for a Job a Here of will be Happy where the v Ork is interesting a Here a re the best0 do you want to Teel that your Job is secure your Eliace carefully considered0 then join our Lafi and enjoy the advantages of Bright work coins a Large Cul Tenn sick room Sun no of spoils facilities. Berle Ltd Corner Wei Tilc and Nelson streets. 4 r ii o t o c it a in ii e r. Either sex. Required by old est blushed Auckland firm one Thorou ii Lei Cape no need in All branches of portraiture children weddings and sports groups this is an be Vional Wvori unit. Of Fenny Good Lemon elation Lor a first class photograph ice reply m Confidence a Ith fief partic Silars to a Lioto Granner c a Gold fro advertising Agency Ltd to Box 17&9. Auckland.___10 the Auckland Hospital b04rd. Applications Are limited for the posits of sister with Genera and Mal Eiml certificate or mid Ifer it certificate. Warkworth Cott a it Quot be Hospital. Var a Orth. Salary �164 or i mum lifting in applications should be addressed to the lamp Dot superintendent. Auckland Hospital Park rec 3 c. L. Grange. 7 Secretary. Situations vacant Cook female a anted temporary Captain Cook hate. Kanbei pass 4 Cook e Feii Neeti male �0. Fee. Fare paid Cowes Raj a App i reliable registry Cooke a building _ phone 42-293 Corset first salts. Ii ill experienced for Corset. Showroom a apply fit once a Ich ref stall map a George court and sons Ltd., re a of Haj Ker first class machinist finisher a Adrian Loans. 44. Lew i Zariv by Dpi. ,__4i-3li3 _d4 female to Start immediate wages �3 10 Clear per Titek a apply Empire care customs Street a 2 or Industrial Mechanic required for Lime works exceptional Good a Ages and Bonus on resales new House Avail note a rept to Lime Ujj. Star a Fri state Ripic Rani id commence __4 joints a Lyons 13, customs st West. J fourth Cook and Kitchenman a anted Nice min. A apply manager Peoples Palace 4 card Exfer. Whiee a i s who a �?23 Cile Foll Urnari off Mon Rila in re pm _4 la aug school tor chemist s shop Essem Ixl work a Wiite b 0247 Star _ 4 milk bar a manager. Gillil. Exile fenced Cooke a milk bar Queen Csc a Gurlt i cum i Imp a a of a Israni a e Bridgens shoe store toc re _ ? girls. I4�?to is for piano Reir tag Good a Alec ail conditions ring i0-490_ 7 girl to Smyrl Junior 15-181 counter assist my a coults chemist,_47_ Quern st of i of i a 43-677 x4 ftfftt.s-i�?~01 Minste room to Oil a Ages and Conui Lions Fifick Dav week Brush co. 2j9 Pam Ell Road. J girl amp a won wifi Foi our yes rudins Dorp Altmani Likel work a adv pm g Suong. C 0 j. Jones. Lin _ cite murky is 4 girl North Shore leaving school wanted us Slot hop and to learn knitting a 1j9. Lake cd to a ills jt&Gt-15 Jesaia radio Ami mechanical App now to commence new year Well made Ltd 75 Dominion Hoad 4 Gleto Tolth t Lvi no Quot Light a Ork 10 10 stir la a it pm out medic Pici. Com Cicia Grev lug a ________x4 girls or women urgently required tor Imi it of a get Good conditions. 5-Dqy week a Browne Baird Ltd. Cailton re new Market 7 g1kls or women for mangle room Jayln pc i k and the by is of conditions exponent urn Cessaro Grosvenor laundry. Ltd. Grosvenor so re a. Gie Lohn al old lil. Young required ecu Sand a i ten making m mode1 n cafeteria Good tales in cooking and aim my. In of Senence a . Idol Crudi Finx a Annh silk null n Ltd Eden ten a e 4 wanted. Wai Tumala club. 40 Nouis or uart time an desired Good conditions intr Kerri Tifi 144. Queen st. Northcott 4 a City Saloon �8 per Stab ____4 Elsie Smitn Kesslr. Smart Junior and senior a Burr b6 Karanga Sakr hand Ikun al feared Pood fi1 Pune ced on starch a Ork pc Onn conditions flip Day week. Itis Parnell Road 7 11.\ i v Man. inclined for casual work Good it ties and i Rondii ions apply Bond Nurl rond Commerce st 4 apply reliable registry cookes Blair ._l2-_293 of h06slmmd-iv4itrlss, also relieving a Tuii uic-55 a pm Cpl s puce 8 Biol sem\lb-1v a1tress, re in my a Loti y Mboi e Annid. Good conditions Jive in a Hole Stone Hurst phone 43774 x7 Jimoh or apprentice required for Bakehouse urgently a apply manager Kents bakeries Ltd. Yolk st. Newmarket 6 Junior for shorthand typing and general Olst do les in Ess Colial Indus Liy. No saturday work wine essential. To Box 1119, Auckland 4 in \ paean cd has occurred Uince Aff Enne excellent i leaving school to Ioime recording and 5 q Box 69. Newmarket. 4 a Lintel Albert 3__4 Day no sunday work _4 or Eull rooms apply and Grill room -2a, st. Labourers a anted building work Stephen s ave phone 46-363 _ lady clerk Junior a Anlo dior of it. One to to Vamp a t5 experience shorthand not essential a Auckland club. 34. Shori Loncle sl__x4 laundress a anted urgently for s. Mary s leading Queen st Clu House requires smart Young girl Telephone mail office work a apply own handwriting stating age to manager. 0ib6 Star 4 Man v anted to Clear b 0191. St Ati _ 4 ctr la senior or Junior for our head office counter work and phones Elc excellent Prospect for durable girl. Apply personally Henry s dry , Broadway. New Market _ 8 machinists for sack manufacturing and repairing departments a o previous experience necessary girls from 15 years of age. Good wages 40-hour Creek. Any girl 00 desiring can earn Qew �4 per week. Essential Tendit str. Apply Mckendrick Bros. Ltd Wellington st. Y4 dressmaker c a t a b l of wanted to take charge workroom for drapery store in progressive no 111 Auckland town. Ability to draft Over patterns design Ond make frocks Etc. Essential. Good wages and Bonus on results to right person. Write workroom 0183 Star 4 essential Industry. Refined girl wanted to operate Toothbrush filling machine applicant must be prepared to work Day shift 7 3 m. 3 n m no previous experience necessary any applicant for this clean congenial work. Apply fears Brush coltd., strand Parnell 4 experienced advertising s 4lesm a required for Selling in the Auckland and North Auckland districts. Liberal remuneration. Write in first instance to a a screens pc of j. Inglis , Ltd Box &q1 Auckland 4 girls from 14 years Onward to learn clothing manufacture 111 our modern Faetz a Hamster House helpful supervision and encouragement to learn ensures Adria coment girl in log attract mii endings and very Facelli in Comfort Rafe Terra be Ruce and rear Chon inspect Ion invited apply personally to stall manager. Harris Langton Ltd., 428, que amp in Street 4 girl s�?1-1.18. A i r l s�?11-18. Opportunities to learn the making of ladies exclusive lingerie in our hygienic workrooms under pleasant to Date methods. Permanent positions and amp for advancement. Personal application Ladda Loc lingerie 350-3c2, Broadway Newmarket. 1 al mor and senior employee5 wanted for factory manufacturing Calico flour bags. Applications will be considered from seniors Able la undertake part time work preferably it Wilh experience in operating Power sewing machines apply for woman . Footwear. School a pm Forfi 40-138, male trainees Are required to commence a course of 1c weeks training in the new year returned soldiers Given preference. Apply Early to the footwear school 144 Eden Terrace c3 journalist. A National organisation in riles applications for a position of male assistant to be employed mainly on duties Allied to journalism and Asp Colfi of propaganda commencing salary �450 to �550 per annul or More according to auth to Headquarters Wellington duties to commence Early in new year in Tarp it ing state pre ious experience present position Ano salary Mill Arv commitment age. Education shorthand knowledge i any and other general qua Lilica 10ns a splendid opportune by for a Man of the tight ability and personality. Write in confidences to a journalist a Cate Charles haine3 a deep. I Ilni i aut a. \>i.i,in2ton. 4 my conscientious for expand Dir a Nanu Factor Nisi sep. Pref Mcalli mind or Wilh some engineering Neil it a phone 32-2-to. Monday 1hn. Cup tote to Mius Uge bunding and pour tubers .Pplj b1 st ices ill City Avail led for duration a apply. Gaing full particulars of previous experience re hardware 0210. Star a my Rry Ali col it. A. A no cum by red for Orchard own Sciric quarters a phone j-�&0 or 20-771 i a icings a atrium a to it tto a a two a rooms mount Ibert. Braid and Small age oti red woman Honse Holit duties Man Light Odd jobs state Ages a or. 77&s. Sick met it \m4�? applications for pern Raneiti. Posit of for cd Pablo Nechame to assist in the most Allilion and of applicants pm div stale Are Euer Inre tires try occur Dion and Sny wifi a Langton Ltd. 423. Qty eco situation s vacant st s4 i n for hardies fibr Olite factory. Penrose. Shift a Osgood a Ages and overtime apply manpower office. Civic hoii5�_ Queen st. D4 Man for Ana re Reading Industry an Cilent Oppong Lutfi exists for men of the right Tipp to be trained Nurt become proficient in his work Good in Viire Giro species �8�es and conditions o Box 23 4 met Hwy is a a Furrs and Turners Llyd a in i Winstone Ltd garage top of Symonds Street is Motiur ii tiny in a a a 11 red Quot Tapases pud Good it orking cont sons a apply Alex. Davie. Ltd i of div Nufi nine act phcnc_24-547___,x . Tali mph wanted urgent to for Ponsle Home phone 71-630 7 st and wet ifs a to fifth fowl House. Cows ______8474 Star a i Kaminc in Gimis Fik a in ted Quot a or co Lai ves it l a apply or v ill Viltis a g. Frankham Ltd Dot Dpi is phone_j4910__________4 i Boson to of Iii i v _ Richelieu a Oike phone 45-1 Linen supper Ciotoli. S la m4\, for soft furnishing i inn Meniz staff manager. 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A unique Opportunity presents itself in the North Island Jor a Man with Prater initiative and sales ability to link with a progressive organisation engaged in the production of packaging require Monts the Field covers a wide Range of Carton and Container manufacturing and Allied line the company 1.9 already Well established but the future of the tio Silton lies in the ability of the successful applicant to make new contacts and pave the v a Wanh manufacturer of Vanous commodities for the development of Post a or packaging applicants should give details of heir experience and state Militan obligations ii any replies will be treated with strict Confidence fac Kawg serv ice. Care Charles Haines advertising Agency Auckland. The University of Queensland. Assistant director of physical education. Applications Are invited from women qualified to fill the above mentioned position. The appointee will be requited to act is assistant director of physical education within the University and also As part time lecturer n physical education at the teachers training College department of Public instruction. Brisbane. The Normal Sally Range is �350 �423 per annul but he salary 1& subject to Cost of living adjustments which at present rates bring it. to �382 �4e7 per annul the rate of commencing Saluri will depend upon the qualifications of the appointee. Copies of conditions of appointment and application �0i7ps Are obtainable from the of any University in Australia or new zealand applications must be forwarded to reach the undersigned not later Iha i january 15 1344. Situations vacant and Verit continued on i a Quot pm it 1 weather and tides Ivy la of a or i a a it -1 t-3t1 lib in fat huh kit Iliili ;