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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

3tcí£? weather in Auckland Fob 24 hours from 3 . To Oak. Cloudy o overcast with rain in most parts. moderate. Details on Page Throe City edition vol. Xviii. No. 92. Births. Or i in pin i r., it i wifi us í p i i i i in my i my i it a i to. I 1 or ii Quot. All Well. A a Skull Ina cell Mthr a Puko Illi Arlt nil a Mccaa. It l it i i Mali i in. I i i lit v l \ i i tot t i i n i i a in Fiill a. Ill Allise findings to ii i or ,1 it 11111, n l lip Kiln i in 1 11 h11 111. To 1 in i ill l. I Jill will t of son pm it pal i a no st i i 1 i mrs >1is 11rjv h i1 111 i it i Quot. New ii Kaiui. My Brit. J deaths. Ambury. Oil fit Tell int it in Init Ali us. I i i tii. I he. Ii his Oil no ill iii unit airs c if Lff to Uri no the i a ■ i i ii a Mimi. In i. Iii a tei us i i i iii i m i 1 my f i i v 111 ■ i i i i i j7l 11 us i a i ii Rii ■. tit pm ii it pit ,i-si1 bad luge. In in i m i it. At 11. I i i Llu . A line ii i. I ii Dizik iluil.--. Mill to iii i Jav iii 14 h 11 l Liu 1,110 Willi i j. , tin re i hindu ii a in i i i in l Lioi. Mil i. Mio iii met a Oluic id Clio i t be iii Niew ■ i j for he i h Irir ilm Librn at 2 .1 a p iii. Hennelly on Pul i. At in it Imil i 1 l10>t. D Lutoll la Lar Tell Al it it in Minim ii of i h i i. I i i Ito iii Loi Rii tit Hutchison. Tin april i at \<jnl.iidr. To ill win 11lii\i. 1 wife of Llola it m m ii let in Tun olt. Of Milt a i Atli Liri no red at Sidney pin 12, . Nice Abe. On pal 20. At ooh Zingra ii , beloved mmpi1 of Mir Ilino Ortii iii i i r in. The i i Quot i of ill i my in i a a i ii r in Quot Imit anti at s p in. A clinic q in. A no. Vineie. In memorial. memory or our who passed Jav april 20, i a í i. \ Wor Loi tut tinting Pood Anil kind \ t a n til 111 Nicory let t Liemiul. Trifi Tori Jav her losing children Mai old lady. And a Tirui Carson. In Loving memory of our dear in Biliter arid i Tiuan Othor lied april Sci l o.». In trim minered Ever let a her Luvier in i Phi a , son in Law who and . Loving memory or Stanton us jct who died Apul 2 l mj.i6. Always . Irisco Crl by his wire and rattly. Loving memory or our dear Mother and pin dam who passed april 2u, adj ii. Inserted by George Ada and . Levien in love nor memory or our dear Mother and Pra Dmn. Who departed to he with Christ on april 20, j9jg. Away in the lira Tirol somewhere min Terr d Torti sorrow and pain. When one lifers journey is Oyer in Christ we will meet her again. Inserted by co Beatrice and Ramly. Loving memory or our dear Mother who passed away april 20» i 036. A patient sufferer at rest. Inserted by her Loving family. Loving memory of our dear Mother who passed away april 20, 1032. Always Loving unselfish and kind a wonderful Mother right to the end. Inserted by Jack Elsie and grandchildren. Joving memory or our dear husband and father Hep who passed away april 20, 1034. Ever remembered by his Loving wire and son. Loving memory of reg., who passed away poppy Day 1934. Ever j eme bored by Jim aggie and family. Loving memory of our dear Flitcr and auntie who passed away april 20. 1936. Yule Lily and sadly came the Call a for sudden end surprised us All runic hut those who have lost can Tell i he los of a loved one without Lare Wele. Front Agnes Jack Johnnie. Harry Platt in Loving memory of my dear old in and Lily. A Loving thought True and tender Junt to show we remember. Inst ted by Eliza Newby. Bereavement thanks. family of the late mrs. Clinio wishes think alt kind n lends tor their kind expire sinus or also for Flora emblems and letters thanks to Doe Tois and nurses for their kindness Ned attention to her during lire Long illness. . May and family a elmers Avent sincerely thank ice adv and 11 in id s Foi a salons of syr apathy and kindness shown in their recent sad bereavement and tor letters and telegrams . Special thanks to doctor and nurse. Vie Mourlam cards letters of thanks pm tinted Komi tit at the Stafl ■ office. Samples Olf application. Funeral directors. W. Morrison funeral Ili Rector. 1117, Parnell . I la. 4g-7ü3, nay hour. Amp pupils Wjk tho Luvelt easy methods swimming faults Anderson. B Topi it Flats. A College . sub meets. Record successes recent est Ems. It Omeitt , voice product ten. Iiri Roxcy me f Hod s. Pm. 2a-270. Ii Pollmer Kcal Art Evces tonal highs Side por Stoml instr Curion i ? 10/ town. Oukei Lold College Pulmer amp ton wild go 41 ■ Queen in essm Akanu Pat Crris clan sea Mcelwyn foil. S if tar Fiorit Rule. Vulcan latine Tin firt tuition shorthand Type Walt Art dressmaking Druid a col icon a Connell st. I it i h . College tuition 1>2r. Queen st. I mandolin guitar Banjo ukulele in it a it Liziie. Walter Mlih Lewis in Dyg he Flag k to Tiss Tikken Woods Coni Merciol school &Quot-1 new Market. India usual instr Etlou Short Hnnry. Type writing. Bookkeeping. B z. Ilalio College Winstone blogs. All qualified students placed during past 4 year. I typewriting books Cepida l Uglise at Auckland business College d no those preparing for government engineering we can Eon Dently recommend the Bower courses and classes for successful engineering school . Cal will Cham Herti Swanson st., Auckland . T dentistry. Fri Klitin Tjade to grit you. £2 12/6 / Slegt amp teat As a aka st Apka at Al. . 1 Auckland n. A tuesday april 2 0, 1 9 3 7. 18 pages Nix oct delivered. We Price twopence. Lost and found. T Usta Black in Una sails and Tarq Rewar a j l , be Attu. To i mar re starting handle he Meta Bra i to u 44 st do i Fisi 1 Parrel it Intili you s Fuerch is . M Uli vib m _ i i by i hrs it f 1st. Stiim Fiir e 11 a 111 Quot Quot it r it i 7ii-Lliiia i Entil i ii Hamied . Fth. A7 its i i is in. nuut a Fountain Irvn in it . Nice i. Reward a ply s i i i Isa. I town it re botel a Lri ind Devi Niport Iasi night or Vanl 20 ¥ of i1, Cardigan fax a us Udy Arning of Nhu Home. Reward ill i get Roll jl.1 nolo Post by Bat oct g . And Couke i Kish 407._ i 1st, Blizek Bloshu bathing suit Sun Ujj t Unn icing top a month st i snug -li1____ 20 i just vol t i,4 Pel Mui is to Trpik a i my inn on fridas att Roeii i 1 rid urn tue 2> pc title store Ooi i irn. Bike it inn to Hinn of 11 in lit.-. No i s h7iñ7lb7ig Ufim . Mundlin Ift Erif in. Revs aril phone j r.-t4<i 20 i so 15. In m i tii i o my och Suju Luy Lui on st. Tsi ncismarket.17. I. In is he. Urey . Jii lost Large Truk we find a cd two bet u Eon old i new o i Mil the Hoe in no a. U. I Malm in Netoli Urli r i Linn i i it a. I 1st Man Atli Tun s a ii. A Iio to re und run up s do i Albert return to l Hunter Amstone kd., jilt nil la ill. Reward. To i it it Flat Crocodile in lira cnut Aming a iii Tigi retie i in Monogram inside Ano bum iii Itira Intuit nor ., sir by town i iii st Ling 31-Ijíls. Be nerd. 22 1 out to ill in , Light coat seen remo ing Mot sir cys a Grosss tier st., in Duy night return amp ume or Irsic ceding will to taken i \2<> i Olind Whir neck let Vicinity Dommi. A i Lowner receive Jusic by a Jug and 27. A it not arse . It. Eden. .■-i1 , 1 Ludy s pure in our pm so t one hour 1 Humr Merit Ossner have Amo by identifying Anil paying Rij fat ibis us , pm it st rent. X20 strayed and impounded. To thayel Heiter Jersey la Mouthy old. It Joriu >1t. Hook ill Lyli. 13 960. \ 2 l tii Ayi a 5 revs . Blue Budgie Friday tilt us in Unity 5, st. At Idreis s l22 Stu Ayelt Cuttle hog Black nil tan. N i outs shite tipped 11-431. Kcnarrl._\21 it i i a 1 , l udi Giese Hitchi ted and x hate detainer liable Giro caution. Reward. -27, cobs Leri st., Newton. X2b wanted known. About a Wool jumpers Nold cardigans. See now shipments just arrived keen a b a Chino feet Plant us corns awk Mervyn i Danius about them. J Andi Ron bist iop. Ttys palist and , asthma Catarrh 239, Symonds st., Opp. Post office. D avoid nil soapy shampoos use Only Sheena soap less or Sheena blonde tor Light hair both luxurious 9d.John court . T bad legs Burcea Sully treated at iii us with Vares method. No renting. Write for free Booklet. Jrnest Henley. Pour Mac Utica chemist Marex ., Box 13a8. Wellington local representative nurse value Wallace 12. To. Kevin s Arcade. Kaming Ninde Road. Auckland Tjade s on a Decroi All Wood borers and insect pests nil work guaranteed Insie Tiona free Premier bldgs., Qucen is. Phone 41-173. B c am betas new cd Cle shop. -66. I by cd repairs rules. _ pod duo Caon Sti Pat Ion cured Mcleod Craigs j herbal . Keel to a Arcade. B Ujj Antist by Albil. Better tt2eth for Money. Corner opposite John court . B eczema skin ble Ubea use Kuril 2/6, 4/6.cooper. Chemist Victoria st. Muf Howey walk Eros guaranteed perfect fitting Teeth. Anal quire Superior. Upper or lower set. Numis no appearance. Lmonte and thin. Giving in a fact Tom fort. I Biff v Wulker a special set will fill Prfu i Iino tiling Gnu have vet bad or Comfort n and not urn i Jappen Antiee. Perfect fitting Utility la £2 12 6 Keb i ted imperial11 Teeth £3 17 6 Standard Quot denture. 44 4 6 Lovey Walker h special. A a 115 0 open Friday evenings. A Jolyy a Alkek dentist 2u0. Queen Street Only. Corner Oppolt Slac John court . 4 luwhay1 Luira Reu 1, 404, colonial to Mutual bldgo., 1ü9, Queen st., Lor arthritis. T gite Yness changed to Foch hint Colour by Rachel hair tonic. Grows Colour Back 3/6.John court he. T Anecto hair Dye. Set a it. Box 16/6. Miss Borgolte. City Chambers. B Adies obtain Xuc rect heal Tell. Send j stamped eur Clype. Dewar. Box 16jl. K m Adame Hyland Phreno Logist 3, Winchester st., off new ton cd. Friends b lbs. Arnold hyc Hoethat. Interview ally lit Day st. Pm. 41-191. Psycho Metry Mart Lar. 3. Darby st. To night. It ots fans and dishes washed quickly with Tanisha soap powder. Re poultry pig foods All Grain and meals heat qual Tylow . Jones City Market a saws and machine knives ground brazing. Setting repairs work Guaran teed Thompson. Solmn Coor Reeth on terms. Small Deposit. Easy payments take advantage of our offer now. Better denture coy., 403. No. Insurance jbldgs., Quen st. B you get a quicker Shine with meteor polishing Wax. And dont forget Nugget your shoes eve cry morning. R hum avoid arthritis wonderful new English doctors discovery known i1b re Maki banishes Jill Rhui Antic conditions. Or. Hugh Wai Polc. Famous nut Lior Given up by London and new York specialists no hopeless and Many other chronic cases bedridden years. Permanently cured. Call tor full particulars of a mixing . C. i Tobener Tannd st. To in Rodone reduces his goitre. T personal. Luxi1lauoi is Hiko Tell know Quot. L Kitfu m Halcli old dear you \ ,\1u.\k Var it m st i Burn of week by t m it Unce new for Soulli matter urgent lick 21 Ivr. Vidali i s a ill be set ii cd. \20 goods lot t it 41, it i med w lii l Quot in not hire Pon Kalbli. Or i unt meted in Ruy name from this Date. Thu Argoud 1 us Nikii t 7/4/37._21 í.at»1, ii 11 Holm mind Bui 0.l Cly mud 4 20. into ugly mov Island settlement and Crl twi Jilin get in touch with others d Rinh. Of forming it o operant Lee st Filc Muf Sedna i . In 3h i. Burklund 2l Kant at it.irigiit7tñ feb air a Tina a Idi Lri Quot Quot Cali 3, Ara Isa so Grafton vj0 \\7añte1 it. Druin Liick mfr Al Bufard Sao 4 phone help Oren hand tract e»1 \ no Niue Ruth beef or i. 7121, Star 29 y\7l old you iii lending , member let my lbs m . Kim la pm ionic 11127. To i i i 0 v29 t a rc5 at tit a \ pm k it a atty 1 . Addre. Loat la in and Boh a be. Iii a Leaf write Ajo business personal. A uni3. Eczema Lysor Jisi Sebor Rhoda v Buhi mss. Alopecia baht Kunnin. Suc cd full to used at Lic runs. Phil Oil. free -104, building i a j i pick a son 1 intent a t Torne a National burble l Llars. Shortland st v \ pm i ital Sot of ii £2 2/. Mude in 2 hours Isit. Frost in Nett to. Auckland. T j1ipüs1t a , deeds Dithe Tulles l luf. In safety in the Auckland Safe Deposit vaults. _ _ Corner High or and a Nocun tame. To i teci inv do Titi i Agency Uii Idem Cuiji Vincnt guaranteed rebut a Rod pm. 13 481. B i act Wjk 1s i Shelrud ousts less at harpers ii Emif 127. Karate Glampe til British Hall i iii iraqi _ din1 p Luile illustrated l a i Ili Ogue. Uiligi Eide appliances spit. . Bro Adiraj. 1> Nolc Nisi Orul extreme a Jodi by walk or d í7, wrist let we Mclies us breakable glasses Sll. Webber <1 , Opp Tov. Ii Hall. N h 6wbv walk kit twin tvs i name it be title and iii lib is Oxtra Clion Fame. D 11 a Way Walker s new Teeth surpass All others for Furt and appearance b View Nitro is oxide 0\j Gen l4 it Quito iii Llesis 1»1\t raid Ion for Teeth. Phone 4t 33s. H Owhy City of Walker dentist. D patents Fortuni a in Humph Eitleb patented write Henry Hughes a Nek Laud Patent a g ref. Tor advice. _ i j hot Teeth £2 2/single tooth other repairs 2 hours Iroku a Flum dentist Auckland. Ujj Omu Kinc fun hit cured 3 a Booklet free. A. S Elwood. To 2444mm, Sydney. 2u matrimonial. Volti lonely people hit King social Ospur iii toil to Gorre Pond. Mew . Best attention until Sui Largo lists Lin Anoil corresponds ill throughout the world All Ages. Sousa Gerard vol ill Liam hrs Swanson st. R of 1s31, Auckland re it Poti Derk tit Lub. I Argost Inenio Cralli to Vest Fei i. 23 a to a it i a it Fai Gincel 33good Poi-4 Tuin car. A ekes a it Milru a Young lady la Lieme flux 7, it Lac dry st i air. _ rom a n Catholic Bachelor 47 it i Ducat id. Decides mar Ragi Lnda a it let in Veri the 320, Pacific ill dub Welles ii or n20 a yukking Man like to meet a working in girl nge 23 28, View Matrimony Toller s. 6s10, Savatt. 20 Homes and attention. Hum i tinny Brae Leht Plum Titi aug ap-.1» i u aged Laduca and Quot Englc Man a it had night i ruined nursing special Atleri Nui aged and Caes phone 13 08-1. 7, a a i. let Ihl u Ueth 4, Alexandra av., it. Albrrt. Trained nursing stuff. Pm. Jisi7. B work wanted. Cab wringer All make Al paired. Tryby 6üs, news Xoi the . It. Albert h a Stelt Atins additions . Golilie i a Sci . 4s2. Itou Inion re. B to k h k Wojclk we do every class of a Brackx Ork new and repair Ijac Jilin a specialists pm. 2b 214. 14 Roku wish Lal Oduy go. Hagi Wasli . A trial is ill a ask. Me know the result vill be nuther snuff red customer. Finished bag starched 6/. Shunjo 46-4 12. Ill 11 Ull work All re pairs i to i places , Heine st Arch Olill. X20 / Larpin lbt a lits repairs Al ter a t ions goner Tariff Guod Quot Ork Trad of Owhi. Ring 27 262. 20 1he i ill parcel Degheri Inice Daili. Nil Sii Luib Luggage Salii Plog. 43-1124. 1 / Zonghi Otong Tennis Guerts. Grounds no Laid but Stone work tarring. Bishop 7, King Dessard Jive a prom. It j 4ent.w, piste repairing specialists a 2-Bnur service tooth re Wiatr Groin Quot it 2n, Palmer Tuii i legs of p. A mercy hotel. ► d resses fitted 2/6 making 1u/. Studdert 310, Dilworth bldg. 47-799. B dressmaking. Designing Lucent Tush Intis perfect lit. Julie i evil 191, Symonds st. 30-921. Ii do us Norton. Quot Groi Don Hus Parnell kd., Opp. Domain Entrance -lj-419.___ tvs Lix Khi knt i a coir a mended any Elas a work Dally. Ring 46 722. \22 i Al Lilly Dier i and dry Ghomi Cix il-7 a j ears Cape notice is Ork Eil. Pent ii tid sons. I i Den ter. Pm B 1ardgks, perfect lit assured reasonable. Muda i do ii. 9. Security blogs it ill iii coat renovated synd miss k. A Witter. 289, . 46-6ü2. _ b \2h hand Stork my. B expert ihiium1 lii Phell a 66, Pons Tiby . Awn Deus Sli vrje7k o>ñecte7s und a Jle i ered. Elroad a service. Pm. 2ó-3.72. 1> Ahmu Wilts sharpened by expert j engineers. Jun st. A jul st. 41-921. I it Dawn mowers raws sharpened col ejected delivered latest Iaeli Morje experienced Craig Sou Eden ter. 44-37 d Magh lists 2j, want work state kid , 7129. Sol mail 20 1>ainter Nui its work contracting labour Only 49. Tref Algne st., Ine Hinigio. 20 painting Shmuil weekly Puj Munts Trude mad. . Box 14, Newton. I defined Wornon would like Murning work in or n9ir Dominion re. Go Oil references i. 7146, stain. 20 Rouimi hair let Yed and set 10/6.verlie Parlours 10, Karanga Hape re. 47 35s. Coal phones Cash Jonette cuke 26 80a briquettes kindling 10 80ó Tea tree a. W. La Tyant will bring Wei Rulh to 3 of Home. Prompt delivery All suburbs. The d y b it s of distinction. For satisfaction in All classes of garment dyeing. . Dry c phone 47-003. By a leaning c0 . La of All p fun Nitura removals at lowest Cost. Phonic 40 830. . Express a a Kkt ltd0 Asco m e tax specialist. Bonks Willien i p Ami Hahme Sli eela pc Jneil fur nil to Ruthm purposes. Fees Alu derail. Advice free. 1. B s w \ a 11 14, smrt » building 1-74. Cju Eon Street la huge 7so. 1.0. Flux 71 i. Club notices. To one who feared the worst i Long thy Rodon has proved a these Are the words of 2o-year-old Charlea Chi Feii 1u7, Holly Road Christchurch who reduced an alarming goitre ü inches m a Villi thy Rodone. Or. Cliften suffer no breathlessness Beart bang lug or giddiness now. Thy Rodone la a fully processed Oyster organic iodine and sea Mineral concentrate. 4/6 bottle from chemists t typewriters for Sale. B Bijou portables from £14 10/, new. Col Walt and Keating. Pm. 41-147. R c. I m the Corona . Bulley late aard office Del Worth bldg. Two s p i a l offer. A Remington portable. In perfect condition for £12 10/, Cash or terms. Imperial Supply co., British chum be is. High st. 15 All Guod Compani Riih please note 2 61, Nonin st Tfir Vlaj s . _22 velt Yiddy a Unity Hull. 8 Oclock Good programme every body Welcome. View i like i Ijeh tucs Duy 2 in is Moil st. Oroher tru All \vr1com_e Neil until resident is interest Ding run re Good Companio is c. To. 9979. Orvn. Form Wrils radio apparatus for a Irving null wave world reception 6/ we ebb Home entertainer a 307. Kara n go Impe a a Irving a . Tor 3/6 meekly. Home entry trainers 307. K Lupe re b airline 3 compact. £12 10/ Ault sir Luin Eady. 192, Queen st d set for the Bach Yah. A valve fc4 1u/.üí. Hepburn o est sets phone Doug. Fol Herd. 47. Margaret a. It. Alb it. 15 to quip your or launch in Atli an to Ralic super Liet. Kudlo. Prore £13 11/. Kodak it. Ltd. Queen st. 0-valve str Meherg ., As j new for do. Set , Rel Twity. It. Eden. X2l Kadi Ojoy the most perfect trouble free radio 011 the Market. Wonderful performers delightful tout Roela 1 valve craftsman Cabinet a cir tuning from £12 10/ easy terms. F. W. M0unt.1oy. 71, quadrant re. On Hugn. T lion 12706. To Silvertone 3-valve compact -, d.c., front £14. £1 Deposit 3/ weekly. Moe and co. 304, Queen Street. St. James theatre buildings. B film bunt Jiuu Bammes Fob Only a £21 10/.the i it Vul e skysckap1si dial wine mud i linings Jun broadcast and Short wave programmes tie world Uver Kay terms. Bond and Bond. Ltd a mtg Phi by Are Here be models of the j world famous s . Britain s Best radio As equipped on the Queen Mary the worlds greatest liner. You owe 1t to yourself to hear one of these before deciding. Free demonstrations. Unit or ring Carlton radios. Pitt and Bere amp food its. Phone 42-914. B i it it 13/ buys the 1937 airline 5. Lewis Eatlo 192. Queen st d í qq7 super get. Amazing reception £7 10/. Sydney Eady Opp. Town Hall _ p 1937 Ariel. . Chest Reali Blie tone and quiet performance 12 months guarantee 3/6 weekly. Warwick Merton. Opp. Embassy theatre. 47-233. B make the school lunches More appetising Sandwich cd from by Athl Esons Jared Are delightful. Phone 14 112 for delivery. Domestics wanted. Pai file and girl Good wages Holiday and weekends free 12ila. Williamson a a. X2d / pm a general 2 adults x Titer Lump i m tree in Reinli 11 de. Apply is Domett a up sum or it neg 4 irl eap tible Lugea £1. Ring 24 291. T 9 x p in \2 it j.1rl, pm iwo a. Liou?.lwi re Ull Eleene. ¥ Tare wage. The in bars. Papa Kurt. 22 jul re Hoil be Tunde s-7apply m volcanic st. Balmoral after 6 . 20 jj.1rl. Young Light duties daily optional. -34, Moavero ., lit. Eden. 21 household duties Bawadi wage s to 2-i-Ajiply up it. St. John a\pdi1i\ e in a 22 apply suf a advertisements should not be replied to by letter. The address May be obtained by applying at the Offos. H Eli wanted Dai it Light Delict phone 42-44p. X22 Haj Peai Abl Reini Eil. No qua hmm a Mem 1 Oriase Ruiu Wugin i £. -38, Kan i Toto remit rit. 11». It 303. X2u tel d Ruhf Nurith i it iii Foud Al Uulrey it Elmeru Dir Triet urges 22/6 by Iowa 1c $76, afro a 6 pm. 26 13 Gil l i need i Jim rotely. Sleep in no 11, Buck-1.1nil . Of prom. X2t> Rilo Wiiri it to and Gua Rilius Wun j Young girl assist m Nice Home lis Siroti in it. H. 7116, ,v21 Kellys registry. 43-702 cd Wihs 2nd la 1. A iii 11 in. Maids general. In Psi scr or. Cow num. S.2u s it a Sirj Short s by la refined help Light position out iii. \2li Kelia bulb l get it 1 a next to Quot a Worth i. Laimdre-4, Oneal. £2 1/ Lintel ii 1. . 36/. X26 Reg sir j gone. 2 my rid i sex my maid hotel re pantry11 . 3-./, x20 situations wanted. B of 17, requires Ito Sillim shop assistant Good . 7172. Stain. 2. O i Quantity girl j8, wants Promin Keiit position housework prefer red fond Wilren suburban big wish 7164, stain to Odd Alto saxophone Clar int l lit Jar to Quot of modern old time Musk 7072. Stah. X21 h q1 Spike Eider capable. Return services for hut or wage. Refined 90s3, Stah \2l> Ady half dream a widely experienced in nil a tranche seeks position any town. Yer let t. 71 miss Vii 26 \ with 2 1. Renoir a work it no kind Driver License willing. 7133, stain. 20 partnerships. Manufacturer supplying . Govt and leading institution with exclusive products offers very profitable opening to Al worker xxx 1111 £200. Former Ereneo unnecessary. Business sales co., g3. Queen st. Phone 43-763. D situations vacant. A it h l11 a Nathan limited have a vacancy it a a smart old flak boy x20 Dot l Rade. A mid. My Ruih. Tar Light and Beavy a Lardy l it str or. X us » gtd about Loable to ride Bike Regent gut Long cu., i.id1, Airedale i. Duty or y Outh for Grid Era. Trade apply iter s pm. Tonight. 3d, Richmond grex la i to i 4 maker Good wanted. Burns 1 and . 131. ?, st. _________\2q / Habink Makuk. . Good position "2 Hume fungi bar 6, puns Obj Road. \2u caretaker for Gont Sirj i Deuce for n-2 ii months kinclx1 m in per rred apply sent iii age and Flory required. Care Faker. Box 146s. Ai Klaud. X21 to that Vest and a a Ruu or Finis Liers wanted. Wages no object. A Jaffe. 344, queer m. D4 Whin replying to unless otherwise stated copies Only of reference should to enclosed. I Peri exceed Busti Ruck required for -14 King i country mid. Cross Cutter Bulc to keep drag saws also scar for apply i re Tiu Lars i and l o., ., Box 7, rang.itfttm.__20 sex 1eit 1fxcei» Goar table hands. Auu Imp Myers Best wages Perma Mienl we it it lib Mann failures Unity Hull Queen Street. Phone 44-os9. 22 i Nice silent de i Nair vet and trouser iii twists and table hands required. .1. Corms ii. I . Bristol House Albert st. Opp or pour vntc>._x.24 i Goat. Vest and trouser 4 Marhi Isis. Cambridge clothing Facie re . 20 1 n Luj ski Zeij hoi Isginn to waitress and j relieving maid apply 2s. Kymond to. D4 t,1 k m ale b o o k k e e p e k a a Large am Kland Camii Ern Lias a inc Lucy lir to mud efficient Mech Niciu Jinok keeper. Elliott i Dier experience part terabyte. Written to willing Lisq. Stak._x20 4irl, Juniur fur office previous Sperl Eiloo not rs»eu1ial a. 9674. 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Written application which will be treated be accompanied with copies Only of testimony Ala and addressed to . Box 900. Auckland _ 29 8irls wanted for preserving j and Labelling department. Wages from 25/ to 50/ per week. Apply Westfield freezing we 1st Field. Works 120 to shorthand wanted. Apply the general outdoor advertising in 1, i itt Street. Al Oss and glkndin1ng, limited. Require urgent it 3 coat machinists 2 Vest machinists. 8 trouser machinists for railway uniforms. Apply Sale Street Entrance near Victoria Park. L w anted Turners. Fitters boilermakers blacksmiths and tinsmith. Apply works manager. Hutt railway workshops. Am and £1 Have a vacancy for an experienced Button sewing machinist and also require girls for general Sittima n Ufa it l Jil no. Situations £¿11allem 1lker Xith Oxx Herd of 100 ran wanted for Good Dairy farm. Malamata District Fine Homestead of j room apply Gilchrist. Son nil Burn. N 20 smart Young woman for j Yiu it Hae double office. 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Phone or write Amo Ileo Belmont take Una. 22-912. 20 Maurn. Llu ube waterfront adult t. 7221, Stab. Gui a Koment rom july servant. Small House do . 7185, t siege garage. Newmarket. Vicinity Seccombe rd., particular phone 22 Kesl of table Young Man wants rent shark or whare. Bandy City Conw Foj. 7094. Stab. Lilo. Suitable Home cookery accommodation in or Handy . 7213, Star s2t> Small House careful tenant excellent . 7188. Star. 20 so Yll unfurl. House reasonable Hui Iga. . 6978. Star. A it 1x k t m a k e it and u hair maker. Must us Good men. 2/s 117it 1kh r minimum. It nil in. House or Flat adults. A Petit . 7101, Star Wimbledon woman Tennis Champion beaten. Hitler agreeable to world economic conference. British budget increase Over last year £57,000.000, Sun sets to Day. 5.50 Sunrise tomorrow 6.51. Wheat prices in London recover from week end Falls. New season records created at Dunedin Wool Sale. Australian Paxal Squadron leaves Auckland to Morrow. Decision in Phito Martin Boring contest not Well received. Auckland leads in placement service appointments for april or. Nash discusses Trade matters with German officials in Berlin. Prices of metals particularly tin decline further in London. King of Irgy t and four Sisters arrives in England for Coronation. Lord Nuffield sees Bright future for xxv zealand and Australia. Estimated that australian Fleet spent £10,000 in new zealand Hgt its. Iraq delegation to Coronation cancelled owing to internal unrest. Bradford cables report moderate business with quotations very firm. Auckland Hospital Levy to be increased by £10.000 during current year. Fast swim by woman competitor last night at final carnival of year. Cyclist seriously injured through striking Power pole in Grey Lynn. Patients fees for Hospital year increased by £14,000 from All sources. First Grade eggs now Selling at 3/2 a dozen the highest Price for Stone year. Production in North Auckland dairies Well maintained in Advance of last season. Rousing Welcome extended to new zealand Coronation contingent in London. English soccer team to tour new zealand and Australia leaves London for Auckland. First lot offered at new auction Mart in Hamilton to Day a Case of apples realised 45/. Jockey intoxicated while in charge of motor car sentenced to one month s imprisonment. Appeal of Pant nod we 11, fined £500 on charge of arson at Wanganui dismissed by court of Appeal. Four thousand tons of australian wheat due in Auckland next saturday for use of local Millers. Hospital year finished with deficiency of £12.357 chairman Well satisfied considering Steep Rise in costs. Auckland Union officials express gratification at outcome of Industrial labour Unity conference just completed in Wellington reported that the number of unionists in new zealand to Day is 195,000, an increase of Over 114,000 on figure a at March 31, 1936. Likely to be caused _ employers in clothing Trade As result of preferred award provision that Anzac Day when it Falls on sunday is to be observed As a Holiday on the following monday in the Case of female employees. Sales on the Auckland. Stock Exchange to Day were Bank of £2 5/ . And a. Bank a 12/ Auckland . A 1/9-, Dominion breweries new. £1 19/c electrolytic Zinc , £2 19/9 Farmers fertiliser £1 1/ Placer development £4 18/6 Bonds 15/2/43-46, 4 per cent £102 15/ Roto Iti Timber 5/ i Dominion breweries £2 1/ Taranski Oil. 4/5 mount Lvell t2£2 5/g. £2 5/3, Australasia s greatest value £5 5/ set of Teeth for £2 10/.e. Davie amp . Dentist Davies Opp. Woo . X20 120 i20 cooking x20 on x20 vent to . 7233, Star. X2u houses and land wanted. Bungalows. Vina an fifths. Ltd., so Ransom st. I a. 46-224. B Zhurba re flags. Christie colonial modern station elevated residence band Kem Uera Freehold Barl it our Xix a preferred 3 bedrooms. Inorg sitting and dining rooms. Price Vicinity £1000 Imsho private Deal. \21_ write m. 7063. Star. Ota Jiuhui Bungalow approx. 2 acres lease if required. H. Parker Hill Lyo Virtoria arced. 20 wanted urgently. New Liou i. Til districts numerous inquiries.wad©, jux of a til is Holiday add Ommodt a vacant r Otorua-50/ we. Clenn. Com. A com. Holiday hotel Bondi mrs. Yuill . B the Lodic. Near Lake aug Mutis. Book now Holiday Accoti Mart Nobmi Nisi Brnt Tariff. Rotorua in flak Al a. Milf Oral Best service. Selec it lion houses. Speedy. Milford 23-3s. B jaded City workers tired business men spend your vacation at Farley is Winch ask v Holse. Kare Kare West coast. Restful and . native Buiji. Beach bathing Ere. Ever thing Lor Ideal Holiday. Cars Jevne aard office daily. B adv Mai classified columns should he in our office hot Liteh thah i . Daily. Adf tim Otar mind in tar Liia hour will to indoor food up till 2.1s pm. In Lato now Pago. Report too tor i Soet Iono for Salo Clovo at 10.30 tho prep Llort do not hold reap Niblo for fan Ino artion of adv Arlise Menta or for error in add Rel Mont through Accident or of Horwoo and they Secorro to Thom Touroo who right to amond withhold or omit by All of Hood be Odd receed to the i Angert Quot Star office. Domestic necessities. Is your appetite fickle digestion timid food a Nightmare you need a Stokes Pat. Elec table to woo Yuu Back to health Anil food enjoyment. The Stokes is in world s most constant wooer of jaded appetites. Make food delicious put an Edge re appetites gives Joy to life uts Only 52/6 from the Westminster co., 300, Queen st. Opp civic. Pm. 45-203. Raj cars for hire. T Auckland rental car 6/ per a Aldax 16/ per Dav. 193g Model Ujita for hire without Opp. Drivers 130. Albert Street. Public tru t. In Zionc 43-088. D smart am pack 233 Groat North Road. Grey Lynn. H a keys Bay Hospital Board. A Jlas hiked without a it or Vars drive yourself . Phone 43-500. 4, lower Albert Street. Weekdays from 6/ per half any. 10/ per Day. Pfc cars. Vans and Trail pm always b Park ii g Slation. I rpm k . Loit 47-1kk>. I ised Julur Nitura any Quantity. We will pay spot Cash auction. Or Trade same for new. No cartage or valuation fees. Yea leu a to. Phone 42 815 auctioneers. 249, Queen Street. D fruit for Sale. Moores Orchards Lien Donn spy Kub Gett Jonathan 6/6 Salome Delict our Munro 5/6 Pear Barretts. Conference Burre Bose p. Barry 7/6 mixed pears apples 7/ Good windfalls 3-, railed delivered. B . A losing in april 28, 1037 Are in tiled for la e position of Ward sister. General. and Plunket certificates a san Vijil Quot sol try Cor drug to experience. Applier Alpons. Stating nge nil experience to he Fornix Arijeet to undersigned. Matron n api Eli Hospital Napier. Patti full Borough Council -1- electricity department. Junior lines inspector a to ? í i i. E m a n Apollon tinny. Closing it 12 noon on wednesday. April 2<5. 19.17. Are invited rur Llie above position. Salary £260 be of Nuin. Applications to he Neil Ressell to the undersigned in an envelope marked Quot application conditions of appointment mat be obtained on application to the undersigned. Electrical Engineer. 22 rate iii Borough Connell. 1ak$ rented to drive yourself. 30 Brand new cars to choose from latest Packard. Chrysler. V8 f Ord and Morris Cora. The Only firm hat Renews its Cara every year. Shorters rental cars Only address 59, Shortland Street. Phone 44-4mil. Free transport to our office within City. D seeds plants and Garden. Anemones. Colours 2/g gardens Vakapuna. Ranunculus Brilliant 100, c1yergrben id Grase. 1/ la mixed grass seed for Bush Burns 4d la. Smith. Durham Lane. Fat Amon seed. Brown Spanish. 1/ of 8/ k la Long keeping Strain to la. Posted. Colli. 97. Karanf tape re. I farm implements for Sale. Concrete trough reinforced. 150-Gal 55 so-gul., 41 railed free Hurcile Firth compete. Finkton. D agencies wanted. 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