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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

The Auckland Star monday april 19. 1 9 3 7.record display naval whalers to Jujj provisioning the Navy dance for australian visitors putting on the finishing new fruit and vegetable Martel a nil Maifon which Viil be opened Mam teci naval whalers race. Ieve rat sending in to or More boats. ,. The iian the race a Quot or Quot Quot is Czi it my australian Happy group at the dance Given in the town Hall on saturday night by the Auckland Branch the Navy league for Petty officers and ratings from the visiting australian warships this one s not so \ Oung competitors in the Hurt race one the amusing events at the Auckland agricultural and pastoral association s Navy Veek a pin Hana at Epsom. Greens for the an army my Reyes on its stomach so the Navy depends on Long voyages on its supplies fresh Green vegetables. This morning Market vans kept the hoists the flagship the australian Squadron. . Canberra Huso loading inboard tons cabbages and potatoes for the pats the Standard in Sidney. After representing new zealand at the inter state harbours conference the chairman the Auckland Harbour Board or. C. G. Macindoe returned by the Aora Hijji this morning from Sydney. Or. Macindoe said that the delegates from the various states representing Harbour authorities were welcomed in the Sydney town Hall on april 6 by the lord mayor Sydney and the conference was opened at parliament House by the minister in charge local government the Hon. E. S. Spooner. The conference was most successful and the opinion was expressed that the inclusion a representative the harbours association new zealand was very desirable and it was hoped that such representation would be continued at future inter state Harbour conferences. It was decided that the next conference should take Dace at Hobart in two years time there was the possibility the following conference being held at Auckland. Or. Macindoe said that the conference discussed matters pertaining to port charges Pilotage disposal Oil in harbours pollution harbours uniformity buoy age and other important subjects relating to administration Porte. Or. E. S. Austin president the Mari time services Board new South Wales presided at the conference in a most efficient and Able manner and it was to be regretted in Australia that he was retiring shortly from a position which he had so Loti held. He was a Man outstanding ability and it would he a great pity his experience and knowledge port affairs was not made use in Home manner not Only for the Benefit new South Wales but for the Commonwealth generally. Or. Macindoe said that the port Auckland was recognised throughout the Commonwealth As one the Best equipped in the world. The recent arrival the pan american Clipper at Auckland had aroused great interest in Australia and it was recognised that it would be a wonderful advantage to Australia to have Imperial airways services extended to Sydney and Auckland. Or. Macindoe mentioned that or. Spooner was due to or re at Auckland Early next month and Bis itinerary would include a visit to the islands by the Mutual. Weedy boys. 7 heir cheers were All in Albert grammar school boys urging on their Crew in the to not my race again Wanganui College on saturday when the visitors were election. Europea members reduced. From our own correspondent Suva april 7. The new letters Patent which were published to Day Divide the european electorate into three divisions instead five As formerly. Suva or the Southern Eli vision has had two members. Now the european and Indian representatives Are elected on separate Rolls for the same divisions. These two races each have three elected members and two Are to be nominated by the governor while the fijian race have five members selected out seven to ten candidates elected by the great Council chief. Elected by the great Council chiefs. These letters Patent a rare passed under the great Seal on april 2. An election will take place As soon As the new Rolls Are sees deterioration Phoenix group. From our own correspondent Suva april 8. The High commissioner for the Western Pacific announces in the Gazette an order in Council dated March 18, which states that the various islands the Phoenix group have been included in the Gilbert and Ellice islands Colony. These include Birnie Canton enderbury Gardner Hull Mckean Phoenix and Sydney islands. This places the sovereignty these Small islands definitely beyond All evil you have Only to look Down the Street to gee the weedy Hoy it i and magnificent girls said or. Stuart Mackenzie District medical officer for Perth West Australia in evidence before a commission inquiring in it youth and unemployment in his state. He added that morals As Well As physique were deteriorating boys to a greater degree than girls. Or. Mackenzie told the commission that this deterioration was a result economic conditions. Be axons were improper feeding and housing. There was no doubt there was a slum Factor coming into Perth. Children men on sustenance rates were getting perhaps full stomachs but1 not the right food in them. They we beginning to show definite signs deficiency. Because their surround Ings they were averse from proper exercise and did not feel capable doing it. They could not afford the appurtenances for various sports. As they grow older they take their pastime the Hoy at the Comer Quot pub or in the Ham and beef shop and the girls Down the Lane. They talk about All Borts things the talk being mostly pornographic. Referring to Young married men who were unable to carry out their parental duties and were unfit for work or. Mackenzie said their children grew up in squalor and poverty. German plan As remedy he suggested As a solution establishment by the government a Colony for Boye where they could be fitted for Rural occupations which were now being neglected in advocating the raising the school leaving age from 14 to 1-5, the directed a duration or. .1. A. Klein to the Kina i Zimmis iii u or. A. A. Woolf. that the the it heme were not possible. The example Germany should he followed. Thin would make it comp uni v for Tiki cats to receive general education nil vocational training one Day a week up to the age 18. A new world had emerged in recent year and an end ii on drum be made to fire a re youth a adequately As possible for it. Commenting not or. Mackenzie is mate Menta the medical officer the new sooth Wales department. Or. A. K. Machen said Quot a Deuce be Lime from medical examinations and from other in Entiat Loiis we one ear rial out does not show falling off fitness or a physical deterioration with regard to either boys or girls Over the past 10 years. Nor was there he added a distinct difference Between the physical standards boys and Girts. The director general health or. Morris said that or. Mackenzie s Tate Unitt ii nut apply to new South Wale India in. There was no Evi Viire Derrin Nitina. in re in. In the in rail Quot i snid. Quot would in Hud sch Tine physique a. Vim see m till iii i la and women . Good Hunting. Hints from . Memorial fund. Head on collision. a liar in Neva. 2. A tin re ult a head on Liet Weij a driven by Bert Timm i hit univ. And a rar driven by Law lir , a a Eti Gei Mithi Fiuek. Or. A. Morgan was taken to the Slivar Hospital suffering from a broken leg Andl » broken knee Cap. As Well As therl injuries Burness suffered from Shock but Thomas escaped injury. Pigs in Waita Keres. Sydney hospitals. Auckland Appeal. Barney the boar. Or. J. H. Kinnears visit mayors arrangements. Tort a Long Chase cok Faribon with Auckland tref o Bell s Perth whisky tile i Pinion Tomt the Waitaker linage Lyale yielded More pig. During the lat 20 Genii than Iny Oiler area it. In new zealand Vuu. iii or. I. . Ken. Who hit week a i incl another Large Hoar near Mikl Vuin s. Bonier. He ree Allweil Liat in Jia to year it iii Enn Noii for . To eath 1i> to i pig. In ii Lia i. And Aid that none Meas on a Tiu or. A Ettha in Ida a Large holier Tiki Java and Tuka gathered from the Range Oler a Ion period year ranging from lip old ,.f Trade to tile present he in i. Trophies a head an old Warrior boar ecu red Early this year. This animal had a Story All itis own. Barney a. The old Idun a Hoar a. Niek named had the dog for years. He had la in seen often and for some time made a a hit so Lumino in a water dam. He found it a Good War losing the dogs. On every evasion he would Lead the dog far a was ■ Rig a every time they hailed him. An that time and time again the dog limped Home in the Ali a to their master who had Long since let them. Manv do carried Seara his making Ami Rome never returned from the phase. The old dog who eventually caught him Lia. Been responsible for hundreds other pigs and is till a Champion the game Quot despite i. Age. He alway. Used to howl like a hound when on Barneys track reserving his Ordinary bark for ices important victim but now the Long Eliase in Over and the old hero is due for a pension. The Day will come perhaps when Auckland Dos Blue mountains will be wild no longer hut nothing at least can Rob the ranges their history As a Happy Hunting ground for the Hunter and Bis dog. Very a Piort Unity to in Init to Pival. In Sydney a taken by or. J. H. Kin Jive a a. Member the Auckland he pm i tal Hoard aim returned by tin Aora ii i to Day. Or. Kin car Walt mainly in iii nature a Holiday trip. In the Prince Alfred Hwy vital Aid or. Kitties or. The superintendent. Or. Lilly. Nalt a medical Man who Hud been Trainer Rulo ii it an accountant. He a actually it in in Lair a e Ery department and or. Kim year indie Ved cat through i comprehensive Camplis. Arrangements to nearing completion for the Zmiric iii by the mayor or. Kane i inti. the Auckland eau Mirti on i Elolf the in geor to v. National Mcmoli ini fund and the Liidi Ealins Are that the drier will he one the Mort Chi preen the in kind Wihl retaken in Alai Virid in Rinvil years. A Reat Deal attention been to the Prev anal Ion the pro i capable rent he had reduced the ,1, a Loh Quot Imus have been Suejit expenditure by Evert hundreds by the Maym and members the special mind. I Ommittee the Auckland City Council at Iwho vital or. Kinnear no be detailed work Riftin Pru a. ■ a new win will a j lion Fri defining to Elliod approach and Ltd or ral. A Ray and boiler de Uirt Niertit. They individual Dutie in the pro Eru i Remeco to leave nothing to be de Iredo on it Rich Branche the a Tea. Lie Eckna rented the a a real oppor Leen Nece stated by the tii titty to be ome bin modern and i time fixed for the Spile Etiopi dial not fait to find out what a realty and the belief that the no to Date Hospital could offer auck Lanct. the memorial. Well a at the Sydney to Pital the so Leni la Fri to a. Warrant i Rosiu Prebi be and control i Nazieh the ame a our own. Action i lie Obj Arlite i lol a the president and Iniard. With the Ionedi hed. Ini us i Iti Klent and the dec relay run ■ tie a Jacal will 1h Qadi or officially Eer thin. The Nure work under an Tkv ibo i Rudne Day. Fun Slowin Quot award and the Board pay overtime rate a a Merlin Ltd the oin Mii tee it which mostly double time for any hours the Finukin touche will be added to worked m emcee tho a prescribed in the plan action. Unofficially a Start the award. The mire Home has already been made with one Branch too Small and overcrowded a Many a j Rin the week end the Mavor Comee. An some tales four Luis Pes share plated the arrangement he bad in View a room. i i. For tie i be get it Ina a Peai to Jar. Rinn rar said the Hospital Almoner invading i i Tizra and prominent he Ines a up her Dutie lii year and had Houe. Quot member the Eom Liitt done useful work that it had Heen Jand myself or. Plavil in reply needed to form an in Ute Almoner. To a one tion. Are determined to re the training student would be Neil or time ener a nor thought m tried out at the Sydney Hospital. My i Appeal such useful. We Are he also visited the Kanematsu memorial Are that fellow citizen will or it Institute pathology a building five port us to the full and provide Auto Storey and Rry Complete with peer land share the sum required to mens for use in the Traini Nof turn in. Establish Eimil Tannou la a living mein our Pathol real department must be urial to a Reat and kindly Kiri and i very cramped in comparison Aid or mean restoring the Birthright Kinnear robust health to the delicate child ;