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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

The Auckland Star monday april 19, 193 7. Finance. Commerce and markets. On change. The latest quotations. Of Nib week opens quietly. Many Sharks weaker. A new Eccl. Opened on the Auckland Stock Exchange 111 ote in mealy Titan has been the Tofte Loi oui time. Further Saemg in the Misc Metal Market a drop in the i ice of gout and a jump 111 wheat prices Appeal to have been dominating factors. Only i quartet of sales was finalised at the Hist lad and bidding was Dull in unusual us Lagic proportion of the listed lines being neglected by buyers. In the banking Section new Calanda were firm Between a 5/ and £2 3/4, but the d to it. Share were weak and an Odd Jot was placed at £1 after which buyers again withdrew with Sellers still at £ 1 7/. All Metal and Gold shares weakened. Marthas Ere quoted Between 13/1 and 19/0, and mount Mot Gana from 1ft/4 to 1ft/k. Mount Liellei he Mihet Between i,2 ,1/ Aud £2 0, to. Electrolytic Zinc ordinal yes we quoted Between £2 13 it and Jami the fire Devences tue it i offer at £5, with no buy is. Goods boughs were Otfried 3d cheaper at £1 17/3, without attracting a Milliner from buers. Wool Ortisi it i e neglected no Bujnis appearing for x w pc Aimala or Sydney and g. J. Flies n Ere easier Between £5 2/6 and £5 it. Several parcels of government Bonds were on offer at about late rates g. J. Cola improve. Business was better later in the morning fend at the noon Call a. Fair number of sales was if corded. Bank of new zealand were steady in business at £2 up with later quotations a Shade lower Between £2 4/0 and £2 3/3. A buyer came in at £1 6/ for d. Mortgage Stock. National tim Bis continued to More upward Selling 3d higher at 12/, and interest in nil Timber shares appeared stronger. For banners trading b preference shares £1 2/9 was offered the highest figure for some considerable time. G. J. Comes moved up to sales 3/ higher at buyers. I Uinci i. 10/7 111 re i i. It 7/o la Lull la oui st toll silk it a o 3/3 i 37/lo it i 2/4 it it 11 4, it Sialei computed. At 10 , Call to Oak Latt Oala. of x z. D f a d £ a d Murog. lot t 6 o 1 q o Lom Bra world 2 0 o 2 o i Bra blah Tobarro Kohn naj Jee 2 10 0 o 11 0 Odd lot. 1 at 12,18 . Call to 01 Dat 3 0 rank of . 0 2 a 0 Nat. Timber o 12 0.fat 11 it Katapol font. O 5 5. O broken ftij1 i to 4 a it. 4 a 0 g. J. Coles a it 5 it ,. 3 o it Taranski Oil. D 0. It it 5 Bonds 46-40. A. 101 15 o. Jol 1» it Stock 3541, 33 mount Eden 101 10 o. 101 o 0 1/4/55 00wanganui h.b103 0 0 103 0 0 1/4/46101 10 unlisted 0 self ridges old. 1 15 0 1 13 0 australian exchanges. To Day in Sydney. Received 1 . Sydney this Day. Sales on the Sydney Stock Exchange to Day included Bondi 1948, 3 . Ditto who a be. Ditto if Tow 4 do Tutti 1941, í . Hittne 1947, 4ditto 1950, 4 . Ditto 1061. 4 . Wilcox Moffitn. Austral Gam Aanthony Hordern. O. J. Coles. Broken Hill ply. Kraken Hill pay new. Elect. Zinc. Ditto <n.z. Delivery. Dotlo . Delivery ditto pref 1n.z. Delivery b. Fowler. Call and dividend list. 00 15 0 04 2 6 not it lost i it if 12 10 it 10ó 10 it 10ft j5 it it 15 it 7 4 it 1 0 14 5 i it o 4 it 5 17 o 4 10 94 10 0 4 id it 0 o 0 12 8 dividends. Golden Sandi final 10 . Month brltlihint., 1/4 a bar United building int., 5 . P a. Okerlto4rt a Ubare. Bank of Adelaide final. 21 . By Lelih tobacco of. Orly. At 6k . P . Pictureslut., of. 3 . . 11 7 v j Agio coated newspaper int. Ora pret 2 . Mossley, 4 . F. And a. Bankint., 3k .1 . Bank of .-final, 1/ a share Calls. A Ltd food alluvial3d a share Dominion brew.7/0 a share including 2/0 Premium. Broken Hill i icon.»5/. Due. Now april 22 april 20 april 27 april 28 april 30 april 30 april 30 May 13 May 15 june 1 june 11 april 24 april 30 june 30 interest rates. The return to the investor on outlay based upon the latest dividends work out As follow on the latent Salea. When government stocks Are included the calculation provide for redemption at the earlier Date of maturity. When payment a made in Sterling Exchange if added. In the Case of local body Tuot allowance a also made for 20 per Crft interest reduction per cent annul. A. Bank of . D in Reg 5 13 3 Dominion Brederle. 4 0 o British tobacco. 3 it 0 Robinsons ice. 5 4 4 Gold and Sterling. London april is. Gold a quoted at £7 1/2 per ounce. The american Dollar is quoted at 4.914& to the Pound Sterling and the French franc at 110. The following is a summary of the fluctuations in the Price per ounce of Fine Gold this year highest Price March 6i.owear Price Jan. 5 and it april 10april 12april 1»april 14april 15april 1 is. April 17a. D. 2 7k í1 8 c Fri it 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 Dollar rates. The associated Banks other than the Bank of new South Wale quoted the following Dollar rates to Day on a new zealand currency basis subject to alteration without notice . Canada per per £ 1 .i £ 1 . Riling. . 3.1 1 11-16 3.íi4a . 3.94 3-10 3.988 buying. A t 3.99 3.98 3-16 customs assessments. Rate of Exchange ruling at the announced Dulea of departure of vessels Fri Are shown in the following table Ardenver America dollars 4.89 Ardenvoir Canada dollars. 4.88 Gaidar America dollars. 4.89 Vino Imi new South w Ilynn my zealand. 7. D a fort i let ult i 1 Niqui no Australia. Insurance National. New pc Laud South British. Financial Dorn. Invest rank. Asmi. . Auer. Arm. Amt. To Lulli ■.inn. All a prof in Ali. T. B a Refl Oil it Roi Igli Mart. A i ton King prof j it z. Anti f nip of i Diu Anil it a farm n of. A. . Prefi i Nuncio. . Quot Lonnee i ouf 1 raft. u i i of j United Ilu ill aut a Coal i us Chirt it. I re now i. pref. port Stoi Loti. Gilt coot thai us. Devonport ferry. Huddart. Parker North. It Tea North i team. a. A tul o. Dof. Stock Timber Kauri Tiki her. . O or Len n j t Inna Ijan Titi. T Auto sofara. . Woollen Siapol annl. Kapui pref. Breweries c. L. I ones. Hatm a miseries. I in Hrew Eric it new . Breweries. Too Kiev of rights. Too this. . Miscellaneous Anthony Hordern. Entrican a dts is ins. Aust. Gl.i.s»4/n o Aust. Iron. Steel pc us a Merle i fn.zo3/o/q re Lel Toquiro. Broken Hill i to. 4/j b broken Hill it con Bycroft Ltd. Claude Neon . Colonial sugar. Consol. Ilk Ekbom. Fertiliser Tjong byes rope Dunlop 1erdriau elect. Zinc. Elect Zinc pref farm. Trading. Farm. Trad new 4/ paid. Farm. Trad. A pref farm. Trad. R pref a general lad Petrle to. J. Coles. Vrej and Llen Zelcs Hill and i Uzuner Hump i ipe Aust . Boxes paid . Boxes Vennt toils Eady pref. Mckendrick bros., p7 Mucky and Boyce mlle and Choice Deb. Stock. . Millinery. 5.k. Millinery 10/ paid. New Aucy. I an dry . Drug. Farm. Fertiliser. . Newspapers. . In per Mills. . Re Frig. Cnut. North. Roller Mills. N. Roller Mills pro Waimer Collins and Whitaker. Robinson ice. Sanford. Sanford pref. Taranski Oil. Union Oil. Kajdas hoes. Wilsons Cement. Woolworth . Woolworth syd1st pref. Woolworth syd2nd pref. Woolworth Vico 1 it s u i u it 1 it 1/7/< 17 s 18 it it it it in 15. 6. 4/2/6 j/7,0 15,0 15/ft 1/2/0 _ 1/1/3 1/17, it 1. 1/1 it 4ii/< it 55/ft o 2/4 it 0 lift 12,0 110 14/0 1 Quot it 3 it 0 _ 1/0/11 ,. 12/ft _ 1 /0 17/ft 17, it j 2/i 2£ft. 2/3 _ 1/2g j5/i ■ ■ ü/6 1/0/0 2/ 0 0 4 it i of 1/0 2/3/6 2/4/0 j/3/9 1/4/0 1/2/0 1112/ 4 h. Fi/9 met 14/0 14/0 14/0 5/3 _. 5/ft ■ 18/0 1/5/0 2 it it 2/1/0 1/18/6 2/0/0 3/0/0 11/0 2/16/3 2/18/0 Southern exchanges to Day in Christchurch. Widespread dullness. Skiff id gets Lari Send by to Star. Wiiki Stahl sch tin Ltd. The Ket Iseicz chiller Oil the shut i Iurii Stock let hang this ii Runng tor a eight time Only la sales being put through j representing Hie i. Hissed of Shapic. In Evcic i a reduced values Ucic recorded. Kloeti o tie Mes particularly dropping Shiply. Got lament Debe Tuic maintained recent Shioi Igli. The banking Selt tion was quiet new Zeal ads Liebig Quotel bet een £2 a Aud £2 in. And new South Wales Between £37 52.6 and £38 10/. _ broken Hill prop Ethry Dio pied 9d Tiffin sat Ida it s i inc to £4 2. It. The Market closing 3d either Side. Eloctio Lytic Zinc Ordinary shares fell by 1/4, to £ 2 18with More on offer at the Huic Jinhee and buy Era id below. The preferences had Sellers at £2 19,9. Gyoles seemed u tion easier and finished with1 quotation ii fro ii £5 2 q to £5 7/. J broken Hill South and mount a Ell came on tic list but both eased the Foi Iner by kid und the latter by 7d. Let Elu t closed Mith by Eit £2 9/ und no Sellers self Edge Australasia which Are be posted to i to paing a dividend of it per cent improved to by Eis tor the old shares at £1 j4/, and a collets £1 jr/11. Grey River dredging 2/6 paid eased by 3d, to 3/3. By Telegraph press association Wellington tide Day. , Wil Liuni pref£4 17/ Iclet amp a rough Mort £1 10/11 Wool norths Ltd. 2nd pref£1 7 7». Christchurch this Day. Sales broken Hill proprietary. £4 a electrolytic Zinc ford£9 18/ 4 parcels broken Hill South £2 9/9 parcel Al mount Lyell £2 .1"1d parcel. River uti paid3/3. Dunedin this Day. a Eulynd breweries £2 19/3 Robinsons ice Cream £1 3/. Exchange rates. Company affairs. A r. Mckenzie Ltd. An expanding business. Addition to premises. Having completed the Moat successful tja4ní m film s existence messes. Meat Export season. Phenomenal weather. Increased killings result. Favourable London prices. Due to the phenomenal growth of pastilles this summer and the Good prices i. R. Mckeuzie limited have apanged Luh Quot 0,1 ther Beitl held Market Lor substantial additions to Complete the i cjd0 from new zealand Are expected to Well known Mckenzie Block in upper it i Mcrea a Over the reason i a capt Mills Street Well Upton. The comple Teil premises will have a frontage to Wii a Street of 8<fft and will comprise five Stoi a Over 61,000 Square feet. Store Pace will be available m the Block and All floors will be served by three modern High Speed electric lift. The present building although having a frontage of 40ft, with a depth of 160ft. And rising five storeys has been found inadequate to Deal with the increasing volume of business. When completed the Block will comprise one of the largest department store distributing depots m Australasia. The firm also advise that they have opened a further Branch of their business at met Merton with a thoroughly modern store. 7/11/0 44/8/0 8/ft 1/3/0 2/13/0 1/0/11 2/17/tl 2/18/ft 1/1/9 4/0 1/2/0 3/2/ft 5/4/0 11/9 1/0/3 11/0 14/0 13/6 2/3/0 18 0 3/13/0 1/17/3 1/2/0 1/7/6 1/3/0 ■ 5/1 3/6 1/0/6 7/15/0 1/0/3 Voo 4/n/u i/7/ Oti of 2/1/0 2/11/0 4/3/6 3/17/0 2/1/0 1/14/0 43/10/0 9/0 1/1/3 3/0/0 3/1/0 6/6 1/3/0 1/1/0 3/0/ft 1/0/0 5/6 1/0/0 1/3/0 17/0 2/11/0 1/13/6 1/0/6 1/j 6 1/18/ft 1/0/0 9/3 1/4/0 1/3/3 1/-v6 8/0 17/0 v9 i a 1/2/0 1/14/6 8/2/6 big River. Lua Kwater. Gillespie » Berceli. Golconda hol Dluga Olden frown. Golden Dawn. Gold held drag. King Solomon. Maori Gully. Artlia. Matal. In take Juroc Loti. . Frown. Ski wipers. Quot Nova ill invest and exp grand Junction. Broken ii1j1 South Kuala uni dear. It. I yell. My Morgan. Flare develop. A twang. To got 411utu i , Bonds 15/2/13-40 4 . 13/4/46-46, i . 13/ft/r.2-.v, 4 . 15/1/33-57 Stock 15/7/39-41, 3. Inter ibo Tock mar., 30-13, 34 . Nov., 38-52, 34 . Sep., 39 43, 34 . May 39-52, 3 no. 3.v2/4 a aft. 4 . 13/4/46-4b, 4 . 15/6/52-55, 4 pc. 15/1/33-37, 34 . Dut Turu har. Brd., 1/4/41city of Auckland 1/1/44-52city of Auckland t/19/0 l/fi/6 .4 1/6/0 _ 2/5n. 3/9/0 v7 j/10 1/0 4/3. 5/ft 2/s 0/2 0/8 0/6 18/0.19/9 i of 3/0 2 0 2/7 0/2 0/4 15/ft. 34/11 5/84/ft 2/11/0 1/1/ft 2/5/0 2/0/ 16/3 íh/9 4/18/0 5/1/0 11/g 12/3 7/0 1/1/44-64 Fakaua Makarra Drain brd., 1/8/46dunedin Drain. Brd., 1/7/38. In . Newmarket Bor. C., 1/c/-i4ama i. Brick 1/3/44, it . Auck Antal. Brick 31/3/44, 6 , Wigton. Gas. 31/8/41, 6 . A. Farm. Freez. £1 auck. 1 int Tang Tuii 1/4/39-44, 6 . Aunt. Alloy steel. Aith. Alloy steel flew i . British Neon. Drive . Fiji Kauri. Huy a Allmon . Hay amp Gibs pref Hei Labys . Pref . Be Imp. Forests. North. Coop. Invest. Trust 5/rotary signs. Self ridges a bold . Audi new Insue. St i fridges . 0/ paid. Sll knit. Trn Colour films vendors. Tru Colour film pref. Too Lori » .Woolworth Julius. Woolworth . Co Romandel Gold. Grey River 2/6 paid 102/3/0 101/5/0 l j0/lfvo 98/0/0 95/10/0 .,102/13/0 104/0/0 99/0/1 100/0/0 101/15/0 100/0/0 101/15/0 102/7/6 101/9/0 103/9/0 08/0/01o3/0/o 101/10/0 103/0/0 105/0/0 105/0/0 -.100/10/0-.100/13/0 104/0/0 .-106/10/0 101/3/0 -.100/10/0 99/0/0stock. Uyvari. Sun a 1/1/31/3/0 m/0/0. 1/1/c. .105/10/0. 1/2/0 6/6 i/2/o. 1/0/6. 13/3. 1/0/0. 0/6 i to. 1/1/3 2/11/0 5/4. C/0. Llo of 1/12/0. 1/17/e ■. 1/17/00/0. 2/10/0 1/12/0 ,. L/3/o7/5/0. 4/15/0. 3/3 Quot 7/12/ft. 5/2/0 ■ 7/2/0. 1/8 3/7 new zealand quotations. Following Are the latest rates for Purchase and sales of foreign Exchange quoted by the Bank of new South Wiles Auckland. They Are subject to alteration without notice to £1 . Currency. Cj.8.a., Dollar Canada Dollar Austria Belga. Coslov Fekla or. 112.23 Denmark Kroner France franc Germany , Holland Florin Italy Are. Java Florin. Norway Kroner 15. Sweden Kroner. Switzerland it., Noumea franc. Papeete franc. . Pence to Hon Kong Dol. India a Ceylon. Rupee. Japan yen. Chotoo Dollar on demand. . Buying. Selling. 5.9411 3.990ft i 9461 Itaas 3.0857.0432 20.63 20 65 23, k>9 23/520 112.25 112.30 17.893 18.233 17.903 88.17 88.21 9.731 _ 9.756 7.107 7.171 74.h1 _ 71,90 7.129 _ 7 1354 15.892 16,242 15.902 13,491 15.846 15.301 17j221 _ 17.226 86.80 80.95 87.01 is 5164 is 17-64 18 25-32 22 21-32 22 11-32 22 41-64 1713 a _ 17 20-64 18 11-32 17 13-16 18 21-04 3313-61 34.623 35 3-16 18 31-64 17 13-16 18 15452 foreign quotations. British oficial wireless. Received 12-13 p of april 17. Foreign Exchange on London to Day compared with rate previously quoted Montreal Dol. New Fork. Dol. Paris franc Brussels Belga Geneva franc Amsterdam Al. Milan it lure. Berlin or. Copenhagen or. Oslo or. Vienna sch. Prague or. Helsin fors my. Madrid Pex. Lisbon ecu. Athens or. Bucharest Lei Rio. Thu. My Vlco Dol Bombay Rupee Shanghai Dol. Hon Kong Dol Yokohama yen Batavia n. Warsaw Zio cye Belgrade Din. 223 All quotations Art. Pence per unit of local currency. To Sclier. Nominal. Apr. 17. Apr. 10. Par. 4 914 4.91 4.806 4 913 4.9ft 13 16 4.806 110 j-r.4 111 16 124.21 26.18 26 left 35 21 5ií 21 5.1 vis 8.981 12 1m7 Zih 7-1u 93 5-Lli 92.16 12.23 12.22 2u.4 i 16.391 19.59 Isa 59 22.40 22.40 1s.1j50 16.90 19.00 18.150 26.30 26.50 34.585 141 3 16 1 0.875 1c4.2. 229.59 220.5ft 103.23 5ft.3 Al 50.501 25.223 110 3-16 116 3 10 110 047.59 547.50 875 670 070 8136 4.25f 4.25t 4.690 39.8757 8».£75t 5ld 18.120 18.125 18d 14 9-1g 14 50 14 5-16 14 5 1g m 14 14 24.58 8.93 8.03 12.11 23.84 25.84 43.38 213 213 276.32 Are for caul tray sfera. Overseas markets. Price of Silver. Received 12.15 . april 17. Silver a quoted at 20 11-Lftd per ounce Lor spot and for for wat d Delhery. Companies registered. The following new privity companies have been registered in Auckland Loegler buildings limited Oahu he. Supita £1000in share of i each. Sub tuber Oahu he l. I Pogler 996 a h. Pegler 1, e. B. Peder i objects Deal in land Etc., and incidental. Mount Wellington quarries limited. Capital £2400 in a area of £ 1 each. Subscribers Auckland j. Barbarich 700, w. H. Chuston 800, a. P. Barbarich 100, a. Batist Icli 100, Bar Bitrich 300j a c. Prime 200 a Duneton 200. Objects Quarry masters Stone merchants Etc., and incidental. Swan electric company limited. Capi £2000 in share of £1 each. Suben Ibers Auckland n. W. Swan 500. Mel Bourne of w. Clarke 750 a. A c. Webb 750. Object Deal in Radii and electrical appliances Etc. And incidental. Amalgamated estates limited. Capital £1500 in shares of £1 each. Sub scribers Auckland j. Graham 500, e. M. Graham 500. R. A Graham 500. Object Lar proprietor of Flats buildings and incidental. Auto machine manuf etring company limited. Capital £35,000 in shares of ouch subscribers Auckland a. J. Kemp 7000, y. G. Fowler 155. W. A Fowler 3521, Kemp 17.t0. Dunedin c. F. Fowler 4354. Wellington w. G. Harrison 700, England a. E. Fowler 2382. Christchurch a. Fowler 1400. Gisborne g. M. Eire 1063. Orini f. G. Cairns Sooil. Fiji . Donnelly 1903. Ent Orua l. J. Fowler 173fl. Object engineers Etc., and incidental. Public. Be Uuetoa publicity limited advertising could actor and agents and publicity experts manufacturing. Letting and Aeling Neon lighting apparatus and appliance. Capital £30.000 in £1 shares. Subscribe f. B. Gregory 1500 share. F Restall 1000, x. F. Holderness 500, e. P. Salvion 23. J. Duncan 10 a c. Ford 10. E. M. Wilkinson 5. Shipping news of the port. Aorangi arrives. Karimea for Gisborne. We5tral1a reports. Awala from Wellington. In the Case of Frozen beef actual exports up to the end of Mai ii Are below to lieu of last Jear in most cases. Killings Foi Export air up Huu Ever and indicate that a Good he i to the season will easily make up the leeway. L p to the present Farmers a e a . Been inclined to hold Stock to take advantage of the plentiful iced Ulm by eds 1i>l exporting firms have been forced to pop the highest i ices for at least six Yeti it. Nav s a now local Stock Market prices tend / downward. Export buyers who usually a Roncil on Friday from new Phi Nouli operate in the paddock can therefore buy i loading for London at the Central the Canad us Auti Al Cirii Royal mail liner Aorangi or Neil from Sydney at 7 . To and berthed at the Princess she sail lit 11 . To Morrow for Vamp inner Iasu a Honolulu and Victoria . The Shaw null com Notor Cassel Karaica which slump in wheat. European orders Stop. Liquidation by speculators. London april 17. A heavy plump in wheat continue of info to renewed liquidation by Peet Latora with top Eoas orders and a be elation of demand from Italy Germany and Spain Western hemisphere. New York april 17. The Grain Market of the weaters hemisphere declined radically to Lav wheat losing s Renta at Chicago and Winnipeg trading at Duluth Yas us Leil. From Bueno. Aires a poit of Hin Jar declines. Expert say that european Speculator evidently have Coli plated the accumulation of Grain for War purposes. Their were suf Timur declines Iti Cotton tin Lead and Zinc which readied level 10 to 25 per cent below those of Early March. Reaction in Sydney. Sydney april 18. Wheat values suffered a heavy reverse in Sydney yesterday upon receipt of overseas advice. Quotations for. Prompt delivery fell about 3d a Bushel. More cheap it and Cau iid More atoll of amp sufficiently High Standard Wenli re willing to sell. Some idea of the effect of the null wet weather us give by the experience of one Mangste a incr. At one tune 111 january when in a Day summer the paddocks Are Brown and Bare he earned 1216 Iead of Stock on 80 acres100 head of cattle and the balance sheep and lambs. Now the same Farmer a cutting Down his holding of Stock to meet Winter conditions As Farmers All Over the country Are doing. Progress in chilled beef. The t development of the chilled beef Trade is the most Stu King feature of the meat Trade this year. During the six months ended March 31 killings for Export totalled 101,552 quarters As com Muired with 66,491 for the same period at year of this increase is counter balanced by the decline in Frozen beef from 61,724 Quarter to 30,527, but All beef killed for Export show an increase. If present conditions continue the whole season should show a considerable Rise. Mutton prepared for Export at the various freezing works also show an increase again duo in part to the abundance of feed. The main reason however is the High Price exporter have paid for the sheep for there has been a. Comparative Hortage of Mutton on tin local Stock Market Over the summer. Competition in buying to come from butchers and Wool grow is. The Inch Price of Wool and hides helped the exporter to cover the increased paces lie had to for the Stoik. The Liouby calf Trade Inis made n remarkable , especially no the North Island where the total of 57.229 carcases is 57 per cent above last Vear a figure. Thi a provided a. Profitable sideline for Dairy Farmer who have been paid Good prices for their calves. Pork exports season has not been Ideal for pigs. They Are very susceptible to wet and cold and thi summer there have been a Large number j ejected on account of disease pleurisy being the most prevalent. Pork and Bacon have been in keen demand in London and what Farmers lost through disease they made up in increased Price. All round increased prices and abundance of feed have Given the Farmer one of the beat seasons in Mentor it As far a fat Stock production a concerned. Prices in London. Improvement in pork. Cotton rubber copra Etc. London april 17. Quotations on april 10 in parentheses , 7.47d 7.s7d a la May delivery 7 23d 7.63d. Rubber. Lnu 12d a la Plantation and smoked lid l24d. shipments £21 j2/6 £21 10/ a ton. Copia. April Muy shipments. South Stu Gem dried £17 10/ to Loudon Ami Rotterdam £19 a ton South sea smoked. £17 to Marseilles and Genoa £18 15/ Plantation Rabaul hot air dried £18 19/ to London and Rotterdam £20 linseed Oil £31 5/ £32 5/ a ton. Turpentine.39/6 39/flj a cwt. Not quoted. Trade in Canada. Favourable balance. Ottawa april. 17. The value of Canada s Export for the year ended March 31 last totalled a Oleate in increase of 212.000.000. Imports were valued at 671,900,000 dollars an increase of 109.000.000. The total Trade was 1.733.000.000 dollars an Incila a of 321.000.000, and the favourable balance was 390.000.000. Income tax collections totalled Itti,000,000 dollars an increase of 19000,000. New South Wales crop. Better than expected. The new South government state tic Ihn ini published Pat Titus is of the Hurat Vest of the current season based upon returns received from the 16.32s individual wheat growers of the state ii ing the i Elim imry result of harvesting operations. The Harvest considerably exceed the anticipations a Orient earlier in the season and in to j8.z79000 bags i n basis of thi Bushel pet lug to 54,837,000 Bushel of Grain. The total area sown with wheat was 4,257,509 acre. Of this Aiea 3,877.560 Aci is Weie harvested for Gram and 277.810 acres for Liny 83,010 Nei is failed Ami 1c,120 Nues were fed off profitably. The average yield of Grain per acre including Hien u he to failed entirely a 13.8 bushels As compared with an average of 12,6 bushels for the preceding 10 it ear. It is significant that despite the indifferent seasonal conditions of 1036. An excellent average yield was obtained. Evidence is accumulating that wheat grower Are learning to coi Bat Adverse seasonal conditions. The new zealand meat producer Board advises that the following or it the approximate average Price realised for the week faced on actual transaction of wholesale quantities of the do it script inc in meat mentioned and Are for representative parcels of the goods offering dining the week being for busier cd done on the basis of delivered to Simth Field Market and or sex London stores sheep. New zealand crossbred Weber and or Maiden ewes. 4s b and under 5d 491b to 56lb. S4d 571b to 641b, id 651b to 721b. 44d ewes 48iu fld undo 4vid 491b to 56ft, 4vid 57 la to 641b, 4v4d 651u to 72tb, 4d lambs Canterbury 36lt and under 7v4d 371b to it 421b. 6%d 43ib to 501b. G cd second Quality. Average about 311tbt by other South Oisund 3flsb and under. 7vfcd 371b to 421b, 6d 431b to bold. 6%d North Island Down 36lb and under. 7v4d 371h to 421b, 6%d 431b to 501b, 6%d second Quality average about 30lb, 7hd North Island first Quality 301 b and under 7d 371b to 421b, he second Quality average about 3llb, 6%d. Australian victorian first Quality 291b to 361b, 6%d 371b to 421b, 6hd. Argentine first Quality. 361b and under 64d 371b to 421b. 5%d. Frozen zealand not quoted. Australian of Hinds 1451b to 2101b. 4hd of crops weights Cone bonding. 4d, chilled zealand of binds. 1451b to 2101b. 4\4d of Fores. 45.l» to 2101b. 3%d. Australian of Hinds 1431b to 2101b, 4%d of drop. Weights Enne pending 3%<f. Snulli african of lii Mars 14511. To. 2101b. 4.l of Foi. 145tb to 2101b. 3\&d synth of. La Linda i ill Oil Kali wharf and houses at 7 . To Morrow for Gisborne. Tic sails from Wellington on Paiit 2s. The Westr Alja a new motor to dip of 4500 ton radios that she Wal arrive on wednesday morning from Texas Gulf of Mexico with a cargo of Sulphur. Moshis s. Paterson and company Are local Uge its. The Union Loni Pany s express passenger vessel Aratea which arrived at Wellington at s.41 . To Day from Sydney Sulla at 11 . For Auckland. She is due Here f on wednesday morning sailing at 5 . For Sydney. Port Brisbane a Rived from Newcastle on saturday night Ami berthed yesterday at the Queens wharf to Start loading for London. F. Coop . Sydney w Linch w As damaged when the Royal Fleet auxiliary Tanker n uvula a going alongside on Friday sailed for Sydney yesterday to be docked for Aust Navy Ardenvoir from new York has not reported but is expected on wednesday. . Coptic arrives from new Plymouth on Friday to Load for London and West of England ports. A,. Sanganella arrived at Sydney this musing from Wellington. She leaves Melbourne on wednesday and Sydney on sat urdu for Auckland. . Matua leaves Apia for Suva and tails idiom thut port on for Auckland arriving next to monday. . Co Karanga we kid United last week from Sydney ail for that port on wednesday to Load for Auckland. . Co Marama is loading to Day at Sydney for Auckland and i due Here at the end of this week. . To Monterey arrived at Sydney to Day from Auckland. She leaves Melbourne on saturday and Sydney on the following wednesday for Auckland arriving Oil saturday May 1, tailing the same Day for san Francisco. H. And a port Caroline sailed from Sydney at 1 . On saturday for opus where he i due to Morrow to commence loading for London. Ltd. Coop port Dunedin arrives from by Blanc on thursday to Start loading for Loudon. F. Coop Matron now sail from Wellington our London at noon next saturday. \ . Doric Star is due to arrive from Lomu Waedt thursday evening. A.. Init air Polss Cage is mail and Ergo a due Here idiom Loudon next Satu Tda. She has not yet imported her time of arrival. . Toa from Witiuk Ataii ti.50 . Rort Brisbane Groin Newcastle . Ilar Faret from Kast coast Porto 11.45 . Yesterday. Optimal from 3.10 . Vydie Fetuli from spot ill 10 , Clau Asiaa from ituss»e1l, 11 . Luke Kun irom eat coast Porta 9.30 . This try. Walp Lutu Froais Welmin Yiuyu . , 11 Ujiki Nim a let 5u ., tin Lolly \ is p.iaaiiuvt-, a i Auk bid. 8.30 expected arrivals to Day. Slim Ltd from tju iraqi. S . . Tutti who. From Faeroe. a j More from Ului Parri Early Idu i tui. From Taurus Kun. 7 n in. Haiti from Romandel. 8 . Kart a Trout 3lani\\ji. Y . Winana from Melbo Ziroe due. Projected departures. To Day. To ulu Tahi for Uji Tiki 4 . Toa. For . 4 . Pori Wakato for a Plkington 4 . Margaret a. Fur in Sborne 4 , to Morrow. Haiti. For Enro mandos.30 . , Lar Vancouver 11 . . For . Noon. I , in Whan Surti. "1 . , for Wonng Trei 4 >.iu. To Intha fur in crop 4 . Pucko fur Eltibi. I oat 4 . Moniti for 5 . Coronation for Whangarei 5 . Vessels in port. Port Brisbane Querns wharf Ltd. Coop. Taipi iii Prince s wharf . So Karimea on trn i wharf a.k.1m. Wataji Sarinn Prince » wharf s. Co. Port Wakato Kinin it we inf . Co. H . Canberra Prince s wharf. . Vonetia Western flu if. , Aust Jilin in st Rajini. . Stuart at Devon port base. . Swan Western viaduct. . Watermen Western wharf. . Achilles Devonport naval i it . Wylli Wigton Devonport i rival dept , Neitli Devin port in Avul . Phil Roinel Devon sort naval dept it Daryan Hel a Southern Cross a induce wharf w. And n lieu in in it reach naval dept. Monwai la Stream . , new zealand shipping co the new zealand slipping company report the movement of their vessels Load in on the coast a follow Hertford sails from port Chalmers. April 19. For London ant West coast ports Cape Horn. Due London May 2ft. Open Vul loads at opus april 21 Auckland april 23 Walh Koopu april 26 Wellington april 29. Soils from port mers. May 7, for London and West ports Capo Horn. Due London june Ruthine loads at port Chalmers april 10 new ouch april 23. Alls Ortun Vav Ellen gun May 5r for Plymouth arid London pan Amru due Al Mouth tune 12. Tomnita loads it port Chalmers pro 21 j Hikaru april 26. Sails from Wellington May a for London and Liverpool Cape Horn. Due june 1ft it a o pita no loads at Lyttelton april 27, sails from Wellington May 6. For London Panama. Due London. Juna s. Inter colonial services. Writ Ganelin loaves or Shourne. April 21 ■ us . April 24 arrives Auckland la jail 2h Ioji i k a Uuk lil my april arrive Syroun j. A let Vaney. April left arrives a Ell Norton april left be i Quot a Auckland. April 21 arrives Sydney. April 24 leave april 24 arrives Wellington. April leaves Wellington april 27 ornies Sydney april 3ft. P shipping. Tynion steam ship company Ltd. Phone 47-430 6 sailings circumstance Pelt Tea i for Sydney with through bookings of Houi other australian porus Boa Saucki Jlou foe std i a tuesday. April a a tuesday Aijo j a ate. Niagara from Wellington for so dam 4watea tuesday april 27?t a Atea , May £ r inclusive Tonra in Australia i 9. For Lyttelton from rang Atiba Mon. 0 Wahine thurs sates for Fli Oji we Lith a a Tamazine Mon.,. Wedis"11 no sailing april 23_ sail saturday. April 24, 7 m syk Talofa pm Aorangi Sara Palyj ?/kotoní1a is Psi my Ltd a tour Day t to a Quot Lise to the islands to Rarotonga Tabid. Lorea boil w. T Samoa Vavau. Ukiu Talofa Maung from Auckland in a » arriving Back in Guy 22 w one class orly. Fare from ¿4 Calio ski Alcest Gisborne Margaret w. Tuesday. April 2n _ Wellington. Ricton. Lett Kim Dunedin Bluff tlaiar0-Wtiputt a r411 Jujj Quot. April 3. Foe Sydney Ajkan a wednesday. April Quot i Canada lk1ted states to Bronco Boa Siopa by Canadian australasian use of ssi Quot eur in three cloak Sallings irom Auckland to Sun m., Uon Luln. Villorin Van a Aorangi. A i. 20 m Angl. June 1. Au8akgi, aug. 10 n1agaba, Sllitti ,. To Niagara Saa. 9 ant hour weekly thereafter Union company s steamers. Aorangi nails it 11 . To Morrow for Hong iii. Aie Ioria and Vancouver. £k.4iriiga ails in wednesday for Sydney Newcastle and Sydney to Load for Hurt land an a Tea Job due Here on wednesday mom id from Sydney Wellington and tails at u . The name Dav for so Nev .ia.,u? a Vau at 3.30 . By Friday w i1 a and Auckland. Wait Lala Baila on Friday afternoon for Wellington. Picton Lyttelton Dunedin Ortli and twin Cru. Marania Load at Sydney to Lay for auck and Wellington and Lyttelton. Valmarino loads at Bluff about Friday for Dunedin. Timaru Lyttelton Wellington and aug Klatil. Wing Atul leaves Dunedin to Morrow for of Yinru. Timaru Lyttelton Wellington and au4 Klynd. Karl go is now loading at Westport for Auckland shiling tomorrow afternoon Kim pro i exp cred to leave Grev Tenouth to Norrow for Auckland. Cargoes to arrive. Omani. Doric is a Al. 20. Melbourne. Api. 20london a i. 21 new York api. 21. Texa Al. 22liverpool. Al 23 new Orleana Al. 24 Southampton Al. 23 Sydney ■ Al. 26suva Al. 26 Japan Al. 27 Lon Angele May 2antwerp fat a. May 3 a Neaver a re a Queor us í i tox Sydney uru re twin Reguera Vav Westmoreland Limerick. Kauri. Truly an. Melbourne Star Kel Fuku Madru Ards Vobr West Ralia Tonga pro. Goellar Alvaron. My Rama Matua. Masaju Maru Golden Weet Brandon Niagara May 7 Calcutta. May 12japan May 13 Liverpool. May 14jionda May 16london May 23. Vance liter. May 24adelaide. May 24 Nova Scotia May. May 25 Laudun Highlander May 28 i ii. J. Air i Lran-i11 a k. Buliongl., or. U. A. , or. X err Elk h. Of. .15ii, mini Air Sivji or. And if Torun Jar d. , i =. And A. Has ¿¿¿5 or. H. D. Jul ill. J Jiuhui ■ Corn Vinji list Al. 1451b to 210 1. 444il of fire. T45utlmtr. A. H. And j. M. . Rev. In of Wivik to 2umb. 3%il. A i Geu tim \ Himik 4 i b Rio i Lumon mrs. F. M. Coit i a r .1 cd Ruvii Mam to Shojii 5%i of fore. Us lib to 2101b. V a slut or. Liivat i run 3%cl. Rn.ii. of . 14311. To 2101b,5 1 of Fores. 14oui to 2l0lb. 3sil. Bui Zilmer of Hind t4.>lb in 2101b. J cd. Zeal tel pork Eva dirt 6iíi1 to 80ll. 614d flt la to tools. 6%il 1011l to 1201b, Gottl b ii Coner 12llb to of lob . Lii in a it Karl Fili Arle Senkier. But Ilo Ninny is Wethin , owns Etc. With i ires chilled limit ice Nup it lies this week with j it new Liin Quarter i and Foi w 1 Cef Iier. Frozen by of firm owing to Light Tocks. Piiru Png Kors firmer for , Gigli weights us i urged Breonn k firmer of Wii to Birchee prices . Mining news. Golden Sands year. Or. A. D. Cook i mid orb. . Or. Ami men. 11, Duero. And or. H. M. Is. Or lieu Izui or. J. B. A or. It. H , Utiss F. Al grit ii or. L v. Al la tiie or a. R. J. Fuhn Bulit or b Green miss W. Grout or a l Imperial Trade. Dividends total l or Cunt. Restriction challenged. Problems facing conference wheat freights up 2/6. For australian exports. Parcel rates of freight for wheat by regular lines for april May june and july Tea overs have been increased 2/6 a ton. The rate for wheat to great Britain and the continent of Europe is now 45/ a ton port said and Suez 47/6, and Alexandria 50/. For flour 2/ti a ton More is charged. Rates for August and tember have been declared on the same scale As for april May june and july. Australian dairies. A net profit of ill Oliff of if i the Winnial in a Minn of Golm sink Ltd. 11 of full mining Cunik than Quot inti Ting eur the West t of it. Out of to Len tii Hion p amour Ling to 2á per cent will lie Phi pm the it car ended Murdi requiring Crt-50 the Gold Irodis Timi fur the Jear Viik 1 nil t. Of it it a elite of r>h1 if average of Loz per shift Lieng -.oin,.\vli Miniver Luin the previous . This a flue Mully to the Furt that the a i a hollow » Mulhern portion of the Luhn Hal to he floured up from tie or wet Post Lien of the Plant. A Cep thu ii it a uni v ruins to affected output. It 1» Earl muted Flint the Plant Villi have to be shifted to a new in shout to years and the director deem it Jda trn the report to create a re pm. Finl rxl1f nil tire. For this if Luid aside a a mice of was Una Rusl for Ivard. Joju Mara Cani Drudge May 31. June 3 Lun it june 15. June 24 june 24 june 26 june 23 Luly 25aug. 4liverpool Japan Halifax new Tork Vod Wuttur live re of Lou do 1. Vancouver. Liverpool London -. Japan Vancouver 1 rapid. Love Povl the time Haa come for a Reversa of restrictive policies which have outlived the crisis a state the economist Quot in an article dealing with the danger of rising prices and the of the Imperial Cou Terence now sitting in London. The writer emphasise that it a important for the impel conference to rasp clearly that the economic situation leu Mically changed sit ice the Ottawa conference. Wholesale prices a be states Are already Riding alarmingly a serious shortage of skilled and skilled labour is developing in certain key India tiie. Unions Are demanding higher sport Dio Rurik have already. A occupied some industries to which the j 673 Zartl in lift Bourn Export Trade a of vital importance re. Klamu went const .243 75 in refusing foreign orders because they Are Iro 31,063 Var a. In i Ujj h0, l. I v1 a 4 a a ■. A w i i in in u Annb. A i 1___ yields of companies a 111.1?1 3. Ü tui a last apr iii 44i» 2?. For 27 a jilt i. I Lajou. _ uillnpl.--,i Sci flt i Softli. Tint. Him tor 12j hoi Irv. Creek i went cym to 25tbz t. Unable to satisfy even the demands of Home consumer. T the first task of Imperial statesmen must be to consider How to alleviate existing impediments to International Trade he continues and to take action to evoke a sympathetic response outside the Empire. The conference must decide whether the raising of word prices the Maine As Ottawa the Keystone of Imperial policy it Nuiet also examine the raw material situation to decide whether it is possible to justify control and the reduction of supplies by even a Ingle ton when prices do tion is strikingly Sliwi in the Quot record i throng lost the probe Leif Duny ports id i ent vests. For to protect the consumer rather than to the three months ended 31 the save the producer crude ounces of i 1 ill 1ih Elf irs. Vaipapa Henci Sim Liland 2. I 8dwt Lorl in hours. Worksop Horn Del Iwry Ronny from 12,009 a run. In in Ruth. Variable supplies the viable nature of australian pro quantities slip pet to great Britain 24,243 ton was less than half those recorded for the corresponding period in 1935. New zealand is contribution increased in the same period from 41,023 ton to 45,679 ton. President room Evetts denunciation of mounting prices i regarded in London according to a cabled Itic Mage As an indication that the United states is in favour of the Imperial conference taking the at egg aug heated by the quo economist. New Hoki Tika company. At Hoki Tika lust week and is going to lot Robe amp Fly will take Over a a we Leonir told ft11»1 mine nine mile by ."brlbe/1 Quot be British Treasury Bills. British official wireless. Rugby april 17. The total amount applied for thi week in tandem or £40,000,000 Ivan Ali of Treasury Bills was £83,3,50,000. The average i rate to fo1 Billa .ee months 10/6.64, against 10/10.27 a week ago i vi.11 lit my or. And or. La. A. Hillary or. Ami jars. 11, Hinnir or. H. Hartl-4m>lsl-, or. And or. A attic mrs. It. I. And is. Dec Inisi. Or. A. Jolt hindi or and mrs. J. J,,. Or. And mar. Usu a Knaur mr-., a 11. And him f. , or. H. . Or. S. Ii. Lord. Or. Ami or. Ila bus Blini or. 1. Lowris i t. mrs. M to l ii Al or. 15, to. Miller or. And mrs. ,1. E. Murilyn it or t 11 Sartin or. I. Mark. My s. M. My inti a Din. Or. U. H. , or. G. My in i. Aud or. W. Monab or. Find my. J. Mlurig4>r, Kus. D. , or and . I. L. Or. Or it. 1. Lva Sim. Or. A j. , or. It. i tiv mis 1. Ltd i mls. Or. Ii red mrs. Inns or j if Slu dvrs or. And mrs. K s. Siuli or. J. Siisi Khoii or and or j k miss a. N. or. .1. Fri Jinmin my it. S. W. My Long or. W h. Thuinli a or. U to tuner or. Ami sure. A. Cri Cliart. Or. J. , mrs. M. Mere. Or. G. Walker. Or. U. Wiiks a k. A. . Or. F And master s a j. J a ii Mii my n. Ail is i a mister l. Allen. Or. L. Ii. Bull or. In ilium or e. R. A Pirrim. Melt c. Biddi or. I. 1 it own miss u. Buldin. Or. M. Berwin Mih a Iiri. Or. T i it. Frs Ltd air \ ,1 Ltd in a 1 lev mini her Guam i or. W. soils. Or. H. Bananas. Or a. L or nth Rex. Or. H. Jul Mart. Mis. K Inus h Cleasur. Or. It. Donaldson. Air. A. I Tifeld in. Alss £. Or s b nil m . Air. To / finns. Ali a k. Esiau a or. A. Btl Gnu. Or h. A. . Or s. Ulster air. Und afro h k. Or incl. Or h \ a Radii is. Or r. For. Or. J. Karev or. , mrs Fli Ulley. Or v i Grid ii. Mrs it. K., or. I and mauler k it. Glass. Or i., War Esylit. Or. I. I litre. Or. W. A Hyde. Or. To. Met a t. Anti master t. M Hii Rogrs ivs. Or u h Jeff Fofi or. Ami mrs to. And Mist Tolm soil. Or a. Neitli. To i a Liguori or a. I Zeke. Or it i Lee. Or k. Little. Ml4 v. Atn Rtin. Or. And mrs. Ii b Morton or nud airs. A j. Moru ii san. Or. 15 Moc a iii or. H ii. Mid win. Mis to. Mend. D. I i it ill. Kph. Dean w. To. Or full unit v. Miss h i Cullum. Air. J. Mehm h. Airs. 1.nor Lvov. Or a not Man air r. A tors mss o it a Hift or. A. Xon Kofi. Or. A k Ompton or. I h Tourvi. Or. And or t it Eire Arr Philios. Or. G p.sft-. Mrav Pnnell at k h and m a Lio Sevear. Or. A. To. Rites poll. At. H. W Kanev or. Inv mrav Kaiser or. Ami mrs a. It. Sunn. Apis z. So Liili. Or e sew ini mrs Sharpe. Or f. K Serlner mrs k. Sii Nili. Afr. And mrs it. Stewart a a a. To Affe. A r mid mrs. T. H. Tiv i it a. Or and airs. H Thimis Ron. Mis k tver or. N. R. Wilson or. S. Avillion i Afi a. Gluten map or. I. A Ard. Or and or. \ u. Ayeh a. Mis a. Winder. Or. X. A . Or. At. A. Wishart. Or. Ñ. Wal Derfl. And Lliter Indian. Telegraphic shipping. A 4 ii Suyten. April Kru from . . Torrn. Ille. From auf Klarl. I to . Sailed Uhl Fuku Maru. For Japan ji.50 n in. A mind e tor . 4.59 . April arrived kor Cut. Frrtz went port. 1 5.7 pm i mics from . It pm it pc Horn from Burklund it ú sailed a Oniani. For Lou Jon. A . Maru. For list Caton 2 pm. April left. Arrived hero Riili from to Koliman bar. Lai i m Alaria from a Misici. I a tii lie Lynn. A Ril 17 Smied Huili Nuiell for Dum do. 11 Ift in. City of Liri Ham for Rii Medin 12-» i to. Kyj Iragui. Alarm Lor a Anjard tub it pm. April 13 a red. Tee from Sliu thins. 2 a in , from it i 7 a in 1ort do i of. Nun a Canadian and . Kail Illva. Itlen Crary Cost of tour Aud an information supplied. Hawaiian inclusive Tom combined with Kir traion Steamer around the world Toubi around the Pacific took Lac luding China and Japan Bwana Laai sea land. Air. Etal. Mil 0f-Flck ass Quay go saw City passenger offic 107. Queen st. Phone 41-6, Northern steamship co to. Time of sailing receiving Arr Shin new cargo subject to weather and is circumstances permitting. Phongs it leave Auckland leave outpob1» a . Sat., noon. Tuh0b cargo for flav Coito Mandel pox in. Raum fore. 12/6 20/. Unt leave Auckland leave co. 2tltb, 8.30 . Cwt tvr rid to am. 22nd. 4aot? Derrick ,81® Mon., 2 Mercury balt. .21st, noon. Thott a Katakana. Algie Sta 2ard, noon. M v Pisan manc Awai. Leigh Takatsu ast Kawahu Island. Mon., noon. Is Al trip Opo Tiki. Mon., 4 pm wait hit Giakof. Mon. Sod wed. 2 . Gsg roat the Abrha , Tanaw amp a 20th, 4 . 22nd, 4 . Paren a 27 h apl., 2 . Clang but Bussell. Opta mangqsí11 what Gabon and Tota Bav Noil tuesdays 2 .Ciuobit Rotorua tii Taranga. Kegs _ _ 20th, noon. 20th, noon. Taupo to Viu Nogai Bani Kluh 2wb, noon. Tham/.2lbt thames , 10/ single 17/6 Betnun. 21st, 4 . To kid 10 . Kawahu 23rd a a 2 Turcato and Koput per paros Luw walk North and Mahl Akell 2->ro, noon . A Kordt surf Ilef Steft apr of Flat to Siwwi a Maui to wed 9.30 . Ftp 6j30 sat 1.30 . Cargo tuesday tor wednesday Tufe Cowes Batt a Aboaf lad of Flat wed. 9.30 ija. Cargo Tanto . Is amp of. Calls one tree Point tuba Dahl Lai Auckland leave elem it 20ui. 4 . Lif Ujj aka tank 10th, 4 Tutu Whan Anaki 26th. Noon a Bohr Jihan Kahuhu 2gtb, . Pil flu. Whan Tapoca. A Whang Aliata Taj _ West coast. Hoki Angat 22nd. 2 10jui Rawhia and Raglan. 28th, .Sonact i Wakato if. Arranged. New Plymouth and Wang . 2nd, noon haul act cargo pm. Day and up to 10 ■ a Pmj phone 32-130. Prep alt cargo orbit » Ryphe oceanic steamship company. A Al a t m it \ line. Mineor posted in Caa. To England America Linera Stop it Suva Pago Page. Boa Olala in aug Les and Sun prance co. Cross America by a selection of wonderful Scenic routes. Of Cnorr Auckland Suva depart arrive Hod it bal Luid rest arrive anti Loii Circy May 3 May it May 12 Mayleb Marli most May 31 june 3 june 9 jul Ufa june 28 july i july 7 july .411 Iliili it a liners trop at Beautiful Bip a go is hours after leaving Suva. Steni Derb for san Francisco sail 5 a to s5ydxky am Bocito Mariposa. Play it 5 a Moutrey. June 11 5 pm. Mariion. I in í 5 it a departures saturday. Wal Uftring for Welling in. 4.3,&Quot . Yest Day . tinny for Sydney 0 55 it m Lenin Hii for in Proa 5.11 pm Clity Giorc for Whan Garci 0.50 . This Day. , for por Naud. u am Haiti for to damns. 7.15 Barona. For Mot lii. 7.4,> . In Kayiira for Wellington 10 a. A r. Ftp a in ■ a Nogaim Riipi i u . April left. Arm i gtd Lin Skude Mam from Lycus Lugton i.4.» a in. A Minn. April 17. Arrived it Luft. .11. P of. Lenra Rma for i Tell Nii. 7 15 am Asir Pliml. For in ban \ 2 the pm. April Vii Bri Thane from it Elton. 9.3ft n m Bull iii us i. From la Ltd thu. La it 15 am. Dvrs was , april 17.sailed walk Onaiti. T Bluff. April Olive Brick Diann lii Ivna Ganella from Weiling. Wal Lugton. It ailed Kui Kornj Lor Veldt a it in so.iitlisimptui». April i7.arrived fort i from Xii it Ier go Nugon. Apr l7.-Atrl, a i or iii Viii lii my. . April ill. A Rived ■ i slav í.r."1 i Iti to London . Rom w id Lull Toti to to Mimi Fruin iii Klaid. To new i Erk. April 1 so Dod. In Mill. From Tuvil Pintoli to London within wireless Range Limo Lollon ing lii no i Lvii to to Oil Hlll runs. Of a. or Ali to a Light .--u.5ii.s so nov i1"11 . Arlington Quot Nuri i Tuku Dorn Star. . i Ort t nine Roll. Port Caroline. Tonga pro. Port of Onehunga. Arrivals this Day Liona i. From Len Manga Lunini am is Rel a Matt my Gfrer Noii. Awn. 1 of herniation Tare Etc. On apply tiv head Eros and Macnab . U0 end Cuns Lold. 5u-5s. Quay stat Opp Queen s wharf. Auckland. 9 Shaw Goa will lib i Corpora text in England Panama and Jamaica to England. _ Cabin c a. Tearl st quit. Mata Roa. Apr. 23 1 Akalp. Jos Kahoa m11v 21 j Tain i got a Kamakoa. Jun. Is araw.4 Makakoa Quot. Sep. 10 1 Tain i tfl90 Minroa. April 25. Sail from Teslin Gottl oils Jamaica Ink Ranur for a trip to enll®0 5 Panama canal the world s greatest a thrill. A route renowned for Fem Ooth end moderate tempera Urc All Slid it. Inv it a i eos or soil Buhl now equipped with talking machine. _ new York travel to Panama the to either by aeroplane for Speed of leu to by 11 Druiee liner. L. D. Nali i gtd co. 1-tvl. A. 5, path and co. Ltd Daj Gery and co. Ltd. D re h7 Yoff ital and ripping company. Limited direct service i hit exited k1.\ct a. 1mvama a anal vow iii ski a. May j Veth Uptou. My j Vav 1111 n £ i Ai Juliis i i i the. In Ancitano 1 a for maj ski get ii i a Skam Tiki ■ \ \ it we í Remi Al \ . Jolerd. Only. A. . 23or. Shipping. A a Para steamship co. Ltd. Leaver Leleu Evili or it. Kex . Mens. Rut Iwai. Tues., Bellbird to. 3 wed. Rua waithara., Bellbird 3 fris. Darnaville j tue., runway _ i Vic tvs. Kelbl Rolt tliutw., Rua Wai 5 Fri. Bellbird of i Sun»., re avra5 cargo on rail daily. Cargo Only after la train. Itidal d it u did a k t p a r k e r Ltee is. n Austrolia 1 v to 10.000 tonal n s in tron Auckland. 3 april 30 met 2j june m Opp receding Melbourne to Sydney and Melbourne from Wellington May 13. Tunc 10 july 8 i Vril fld i seen red class univ. ,1 or at Quot a . Apply of full 54. Quay Sll a. 43-185. D1 tort and Dunic Sulit Njo moist i Etc a re fir Al. To Iiri to ii and to Uri i b Cluj a caftan Chi. Itt Urivi Clu a. Quot of fun mailing at Curacao. ii or Ift Phars i i Timur ii and i Tupa a Pai rail fares a London. Passenger looking offices rift dins. m _ a. Riih a Nuce di13. Queer it u s to Quot i inti u i Quot to lodes i .íi a l i i Malvy Mati it 4 Eyl in. China j Al in. H\4 í 1.1 i my it East can ruts. Lukl it. For buggy it tii is. 1 in Niris and fare and 1 lii in. App » i ours Ivi Javell a a Joyice. New zealand in Sik a i la Iliff Auckland cd. To 24. Phone 3 m ;