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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

The Auckland monday april 1 9, 193 7, auctions. Plum x Al Jinx is. Junior he a. M . Ru11 v i i v let it i ■ o f it a ulus auction. Auctions. J. Ii. Jolt i Skut of Ai High adventure. . St la or this it Sal rooms i i i \ Quot Nipp Jima if a Midi Tiow. Pc \ i it pm k Kyoung australian. Rur . Wanted to see the world. Afri m Jum Al i 1 m l it Quot 1 i it i. I l. Kiri pm i j . \ 1 ii a. ■ is mail ii ii k my 1 of i j ios i a i i torn n \ \ set \ a it i. a i god Unis cab a i. K t,ki.l% lf.\3 i i i Uil ils Gay in i Al m i i uk he 9 10 11 i f Jha a tits c 1t-j \ is 11 Atli Imi ii i it \ us i Ali Hal Mac it a act Flowers. Jan an As. Sam jut Sikli. Filks Julih City 0 re Quot i i let i ii4iiilio.i i Tisil it Nui a. Mimi Loti pm milks or 2 la Luik i a no g chs it. 1 Dkl í w j it i it i i i \ sign \, j it cars Sij a i Giro. \ r i Ltd brn Tungui san fim u my. >1 Ilu mim non it no Cuti ets 4i t my h via. A n my. Tim r it i i in i 1 it pm a uni s r mini i Utti a Ali vote a it lit , 2 l a it Ihm 1 n Mil in ius Ilott h Hir ii i it Ida at 10 10 . A his a is. Fins nil , ski ills. Ill a j. A. 111 i u n Fol . Fut Atols in us i pfc. Klif a i 1 e to of Jurima. Al legs. i it like it. In l kit Pill l i i 1 t in ttke1, hams. Onions cheese mini this Luj Kusins it t r it it i goals pates is i lii Fri Pei. Site. Us Ihm it m Nee Niu Quot skin 0 i l in a i . Suite 11 it i ú ii i i Jelm a i Louf Quot it Helcl Mill i i f 1 i 111 m ii a f -ip.= r firc run i incr i i2tf \ 111 m Wolf lion 1 vhf l lifts itt g c cd im1. Al cd n a u it \ 1 it it or inn a Lunn Esi pm u i n n 1 1c. I it flt i r a i -. Am i Mii its j2 \ i l in 1.1 hit. In Lei sly it in Whir Duro i iii Phi iii 1 Iphil Lleni f ii 1 Irhn of. . Vijil Mil 41 r iii i no l a i Hkin Sci info. 11< i r 1111 ii Jumis in Dak Chest Mali i its l i i Ami Wick. in Ltd. I la. I 1 to i nth Cly st. uni it ii Snail uni uni than Jimj i m Mil m it -. v All Luil Romni l i Irish ill it. I till Lam in. Rich. I li.ur-. \ 1 in and i sundries. Tii if a la Hutiu j. To. R flak ted on. To., Terence p. Frog Gey Allt Tinni it. 19 pc and 2 i m Sharp in s l ult Lall Maria pro Morrow Cly in 0 at am j 111 21&Quot. Ltd cent. Army Storc sold shop. Kul it Eisell. Of fonts Alitto Nierfi Ano merchants on til Corner City markets. Jujic Ewakd a Timur Avile see at the1k rooms next Lowe i Bourd bids pro Morrow a tuesday at Oclock. Jura nos j1mu Purl Turk la pets Ankrah Jurn linings o a and and of rendered from Epsom and it. Albert. Ltd i tox fahd get 12 i 10.r s . It. 1ft.c Belajian a rpm =. A x it i i 4 l Artlis. Vol run r. lil suit <mii.u»tt»l, cli.t»»li Imin Fri iii. Oak my. Suit with Len Neil 7 pit aliud Dio suite. Oak mid it Annii . Pin. To lil Ami hrs Murroh Clinite. Oak to a la cuu. It it it. To till -.unkk-u»». Of. the. Taiin . Klidos Tirl siluilh4. vacuum re a ,.lr? a Quot to to mans to. ? Oak ii ill it a ini i. Tea leu san nah. A Cru Chaira ■roa.rv, cd iii Gla Wetre. Re Willoum Shnir pie Ntreh Callery . Ware i to it a . 2 Chat. T to of Vert bedroom diff in half bed ± toom suite. With twin Beds Rimu Din probe. Oak 0<nnh. Chests. 4 Itimus or Yob. Der. Nod sri. Oak and a lii iwas and wire Badje. Or gtd Skie. Kapok and Onul Matt Rev is rom Ikea deck chairs Vinish a Luile from Orff cot tables and chairs Cooke Fuff utensils every description a Ettic >,. 3 Laan mowers gents Bike Maffle in Luffe birth. Also 200 other lots Good used furniture Lute for advertising. K. Arriving too Jrichard a Rthur auctioneers. I td., be w Alker in trusted by the trn Herfi a two deceased estate i. Will sell by Public auction at the great Saleroom 24u, Queen Street. Morrow face sat at to o clock 11 Jimne be Lection Liurni shines Josed auction in Dpi Ria i la no ££1g e f a r a 1 k it y Jar iry and sa1.1,. A pm i a Isis kites. 4 loth inic interrupted itinerary. In Hirisi if i 14ii Ido Wilnie inv 1-iiic Allen a Diu Imi a maj m obis Virled >ioii>4tuicj\, 41id a Frei a Short \ in am Kcal us to is 111 Lestum to i Iiíhu-i1 Una j uie it -. J 4 n it i Kuci to Ioc Soiu Teliin of tiie world i , ind the United mate i tir Uhn mgt a it Loutit the Lui Nia Lity of Init to inane to Bijj Ujj Iopu i a nit i an let and Oje with Liitt i Tajii hip.», pm d the Aoi Unoji at not dec and m t out. Win the lad e itus Wpm was to nov i i d on Ltd a lady my e n in it to iii Patent mis Diu. Mid immediate Aarau fee input Ciu made both fur his pasare and return Lumio. W heu in Tiki it iese it i Liis Mornin Quot on the Jii in aul Ilia he wanted to a to Ilie hoi id. And he thought that the but a was to on to Yii iii to Anie Ticu. Ile Aid to w a a heat Tead i of Imok and to wanted to Quot e tiling for lit Melf. Riih it on the f no Aith Talun tui very out i to adj Piui although his Ifni Virv halt a been lie Fedolfi Tunit he liar at Lea tha Ltd a lec of old ent in a and lie will a i a quite i lot to Tell iii. Schoolboy Friend Quot when he let uni Quot Hume. The Timnit Aii tin Linn stayed on after tie Amari i beit lied Ami took a ii to keen intercut in the Ati valian a. In Quot lip a in the Vicinity. He Aid that he bad no fixed ambition but he had thought of about to different tiling. 1 would like to to Toto Aid wistfully fiut i oppose i will have to to k to Kivic made it quite dear that his interrupted itinerary is but a a in pm Nisi of life mid he intends when it Reu a Little older to net out Acra iii on i Ronli Aden tin a which he Trust Quot will i it time take him far from ids native land. Cheese Industry. Adventure to his parents Eric alien a Sydney lad aged 14 years boarded the Aorangi at Sydney in the Hopes of seeing something of the world. A radio message arranged the boys passage and his next trip will be Back to Sydney and school. Basis of payment. A change suggested. Grip on British Market. Lie i nets a kits All a a. N z. Ju1 Uhl outings. K ii it. 1 "pr.vtif. To Ifni , i if Terai. I is its term i is. I i \ by a nets i i \ a Quot 1 n. Tali Iet 4 Ehm in it so i i Sutke Leif i it Quot. 1» . rid Jan. ? to Ladli s l Kocks. Daws Levi re Winter i Lulier. In l4 a i i Lulu. Silk Ilu very k i ii u i. It. Plum a i t a. 1-111-1111&Quot. Id i pillows. Suit casks. Crockery and tub re. Mls Jeli Aneo s lots. So and his Ltd no . Every lot Garnnt it it pm. No second hand i Hood Quot. 1ft Money to lend. About advances. Commercial loan finance co., 144, so in ones st. 41 7illk about financial advances up wards. R. Megirr Edward st a advances lit quire bids. 1,01111». £1 55. King Len Misdon dub 14-u70. A , l.tft., st iii it Ion or. 42 2211 d advances on Lowell Erja i flute a Riv site Bijj in broker co., 47. Queen st. Bos 1954. A do vices. , 2. I Lerv bldg trip Anyei Quot a Hun iii st a Lvern Uincent ,211, Juton a arc. 4ís 775. National Jagt an co advance1any so Eunray Taji in and co., it few s Clamburs Opp. G.p.o., 43-75 it. I it a advances on promissory notes and All Jin Seh of Soeu Ritj Wood 7dil, bugs a advances again to in frosts under wills Over Aea ind Nee shares life policies. Confident ini Loans Ltd. Empire bulg., Advance kinds of immediately a liable on nil sewing Mii Eidnes radios. Motor cars. All without removal con i Rienti Al loan Ltd. 2ft, Empire rldgs., Swap anti st. In Hiir 43 22ft. D b u t l e k and co. I Ioney advanced on every class of Charitel Security. 21. Shouts buildings. Phone 42-314. 154. Queen Street. It i i Lonial finance company i7td., tal it Eruko e bidgs., Karning Aliaj re. Immediate advances without and upon any Security. _ cd Joan and finance co., Ltd. Loans on pianos furniture. Sewing machines life policies cars Eta. Slys blogs., 144, Symonds st. Pm. 41-73. It fral Loath finance co., Ltd i end Money on furniture. Sewing machines motor cars Etc., without Retro Oval Palmerston buildings 47, Box 1654. Phone in Oak Rimu and Kauri. Details living rooms oiled Rimu Din i Groom suite of to Prisco Nipuk my mirrored sleet Muaril dining table Titi it i 4 Yjih a it in Aleli Diu a , Vudhi n. Orrish Fireng Roeii Well a de by cd t Hest Kitaj m . Ii ill in Genoa velvet Tom Lilii , Kaok Lierck. .ks, Izu Lable and his Ord Quot. K. Sideboard ii unit i a. I lining a set Fei and . Floor Rug Quot Liming tables and Clair Quot i Icetty it h uste it Field suite m rail to , it Tea Wil Guli Eil it 11 liars Sid Hoard Rimu Uliari a i ii Cit and All living Hoorn Furni Limov Oak bedroom is Iti 5 . It i u i in ing Mir ii red Ito or wardrobe senile Dir Sving if iced Cui a mid 1. Lbilsre.1.1 ibid wire w i \ Emily Lre Quot Quot uld i i Lwiws sheer , of. Lin it i Kauri Quinli Che a 4 1ce shaded is j the. Comprising modern l in Quot my Ruble a Bill. Clipboard and panelled re and wire Savoie. Vij Dong Odd , client in is. Single i double Bedstead Quot Ilund wires mattresses floor Bug Quot. So. Chairs o so bedroom suite. Word Rye , i de and bed and Kverek. Iril Roc Dik i ices. Pair it Puii usland Side s Ami bedroom furnishings it Incis description. A Tschus kit , kit. Cd nor us kit. Uterus Al a. Toui a and Zenci Ai sundries a Sulu l Ely no reserves. Queen st. __40 703. I Only i Erit All i asses Grant Ltd., Keans rldgs., Opp so i hone 43-727._ d Eltun Agency makes advances nil securities without removal. Gaze s bldg. 80. r<1. Pm. 4g-677. A qiíed1ts Corpa Jade Kef ads mosey on All securities. 205, Del Woith . Queen st phone 42-787. Box 242. D Money will . G Ltd wami plums ill not Al ctr Yonkers Leo null , t. S. Gulding aunt louver. 1 Voy. Xiu win. . I a a iii ii at Lili i Lojis 54, Jug i Hal tet of Moe Liow i l y Jat a j 1 3 Gal. Los Leet separator with i lip Muter tim new l. 1 he Lillet Green Mother w i Ali motor. Fill he it \ j wire not fog. 1 separation clutch i Dover stove. ® ii Titi in cupper stand i jul tub Quot Lauri a it on to Lyle Vlier a Twissell j \ screw Garden Loii. Up or neg Liri 1 cum l Edlu 3 sex b us Lon , 1 a Rita Ocle. 2 sewing inclines. 1 Winger , Plugis. Lino Yurrish sundries Beds and wires Billing pm i is s. I Tuur Mats ¿ ext Ftp mph 2 id Quot. Kirim d. Mimir. K no a nos h Cut. 3 Good Klee Mieles sri Quot. Dtho a pics and general end leg l dbl. Gun 12-gauge. Joy a Ciolll Zitelli auc1 of Nejak and Valuer. 10 Radmio holy Loans honest people Ahl Lity j. 1l Irwin 72. Wakefield so the Ideal loan and 63. Queen st tpl44 finance co., Ltd 577. . Box 655. D cd a piste Joan and Jim Nance colonial Mutual . 159. Queen Street a Tabushi since 1015. To £500 on child paralysis. First fatal Case. Boy at . By Telegraph to res Ai eclat inn Weixing Cox this Day. Tho dentil oct Vul veil Tuduy from infantile twi mix i of the Bov Hoied 14 year Figuni Lomu unit win w a Quot admitted to the Wen inn tuu Hospital on v. Thi Quot is the first fatal Chise in Ayel iii Glim Miick tin unit break tier Tod. In other Case or i weted i ii is wore admitted do iii r the weekend. More schools closed. Wellington precautions. By t i graph. Press association i do in g l on this Day. Re lie Wellington Kiln Matioli Board decided to Day All schools in its diet tint Elliis Side it of Ltd a Stifil which Lwe not airheads been dosed Aie to be closed Foss the Ith. Induddi Quot those already closed nearly i7u schools fire Neffe Catul by the decision. Obituary. Or. R. T. Michaels. Tour ski vice to Rubinc. After a lengthy connection with Amblie life in Anc Klind or. K. T. Azic Liacos died at his Home at a la Cattou Jore Stoa Ltd at the age of 75 years. He mine to Auckland Oicer 55 pc air ago. Kie years pie Ionly lie bad Ai lived in new zealand to study the grow Itig of tobacco in North auck Hviid on behalf of Long Lisle Tutere to. Or. Mivhael Asci it elation with politics both local arid ionic intent extended Oer a Long Pei to Ltd. He was Cli airman of thy Liberal labour federation in Auckland last during the teens in parliament of the late or. F. K. Baume and Nir Aithur Myers. Or. Michaels was clot Ely of Soi rated with tie Auckland City Council and the Devonport and new Narket Borough councils Oer varying Pernik is for Many years. He represented the last named body for some year on the Council of the Auckland War memorial museum. He was a foundation member of the justices of the peace association and also had a school opened. Mount a skill building. Ogress of District More Wakato victims. By correspondent he Mllton this Day. During in week end two further eases of infantile Parchm i were admitted to the Wakato Hospital bin gig the total to in a Ilij foged four from a Kerro near Carol Ridge was admitted yesterday Sutfie ing Fijon paly is of Iphil legs while a boy aged four front the Poi win taken positive ease to tie Hospital last evening. East Cape cases. By Telegraph. It s association Giro Ink. Sunday. One Case of infantile partly two and a half year old Maori girl was reported from Suhaka. Doing the weekend. The patient is is Romos de to the to Iron to Pill. We 1/kd £5 fire nature. Piano motor cars Lialos. Sewing machines live Stock nil without removal also shores and promissory notes. Infantes Boardinghouse made motor cars to it businesses Purchase furniture hours 0 . To 5 . A Jimpie an and Jim Nancy a colonial Mutual blogs. First floor 150. Queen st. City. Phone 42-661 a next to Rah i of Australasia Loans arranged £3 to a £300 on furniture Finnola sowing machines radios. Motor car. Live Stock farm implement Etc. Fall without removal building Sci eff pharos and life policies Ujj Sivate j gency. Piton to Chambers. Opp. Queen Street. Auckland Rohnn 42-50s f Tito a. Manager. D d v a n c e s. Limited. We lend Money on furniture. Pianos. Sewing machines. Motor cries. For Ilo without Security. Advances. Ltd. 122, Victoria i first floor. Corner of Queen and Shortland streets phone 45 is Quot d 27. A r Eliance Tjui vat l Oan co. Ltd., lends Money on furl litre. Pianos sewing machines All without removal. S Dilworth blogs., Queen st. Auckland. 8. Emanuel managing director phone 42 009. . Bos 228 d i t e d e a d m n s. I lend Money on furniture. Linos. Sewing machines Lialos. Motor cars. Launches. Cattle. Uve Stock. Farm implements Etc. Althour remora l leaders. . 315, Pacific buildings. Corner Queen and Wellesley streets third floor. Phone 40-1, 6. D water Mains burst. Fire at free mans Bat. When two brigade from the Central fire station attended a tire at Hgt. Adelaide Street Freeman s Bay. Hist night it the Home of i Quot. 1 t her lit the wafer Mains in Drake Street Hurst in Aei eral place when the ho-a1&Quot Weie connected. The outbid us however was extinguished without great difficulty the damage being confined to a Back room and a. Wash Hou a. Thy building and its contents were in ured w Ith the Phoenix insurance Lon Pauy for £200. Two cyclists Hurt. Week end collisions. Two eve lists were inn tied in you Minn with motor cars during the week end. But neither was seriously injured. When cycling toward Fiona Klipa to too cyst Cidne Moinius. Min. Killen May priestly wifi of or. It. A Pic of a great South Road Oul Ulm Cann into collision with a motor cur and suffered concussion and abrasion. She was taken to the Auckland Hospital in a st. John ambulance. Slight abran Ion to the left leg and Wese suffered by a buy Ramea Marshall Humphrey aged 15, of 5u, old Windsor la jul a nodule w Hen he w a knocked off his hic Eye on sat Cuy afternoon on the orca North Road. Machinery for Sale. Allum electric co., Ltd., Anzelc ave. Auckland for electrical motor and 32-160. B Oiler testing in unit. Capacity dragline Winch. Fri get Sawyer. Log fax balers. Oil new Markei d d Kivor Walker Turner Power tools a Youeil. Agent 70, Wadham st. A Tiaw spindles circular Oblock wire ropes of claws. A Snutch breast benches. Twin and vertical Bren Dowds. Planers. Surfaces buzzers Oil to driven log haulers machinery of nil . Appleton Arthur st., Ruji Kuban Boot Symon is st finishing machine re 1.sly a 1 1ft used wire rope oui of lists Large Otoe. . Durham st. A Large number of parents and 5í$itors attended the opening of the new school it three King it i Oil saturday afternoon. The ceremony was performed by air. T. A Well chairman of the Auckland a Ituen Ion id. Outlier speakers were air. A. S. . For Roskilly air. Al. Christie chairman of the school to Manittee or. F. A. Guity healt in Aster mis. X. S. Joe full a Founer chairman of tie con Mittee or. C. M. Bullough of the mount Roskilly Road Boatri and or. W. Collins a former Pupil. In a to Clegia which was read by or. Stic. Tie acting pm mini Beer and minister of education the lion. I. F i user expressed his regret at being Hijji Wulc t i attend and sent his Best wishes for the Success of the school. The keen interest of the minister in All educational matters was referred to by or. Wells who also congratulated those concerned on their a cease in the school to its present Quot Tallard. Outlining the history of the school or. Lurry thanked the parents and the staff fur their support. Lie viewing the go Erin tit s work for i Ilu cution which included an increased i ote of Money and Reading Sion of live car old children or. Richards said that other schemes were under con aider Tiitu including the Pio Ision of radio sets in school and Home tuition Lorei i pied children. He congratulated the headmaster particularly on the transformation of a wilderness of Rock and word i into an Ideal playing area. Cups made available through the Hei Bei t Smith test were presented by the chairman of the school committee to l. Loud Dove Champion runner and k. Moseley Winner of the steeplechase. Colourful play. But new beginning. Long with various sports bodies in Devonport and the City. He was Al of interested Iri motion pictures let eing an sex president of tie motion Fyk Tiric exhibitors association. For some Lime ton lie was a member of the executive of the employers association. At the time of lii death or. Michaels was a member of the committee and Ateward of the Vakapuna jockey club and a member of the Council of the aft kind sailors Home. In addition to being a foundation member of the Auckland druids Lodge he was a member of the United services Lodge no. 10, . Danrid v trip War or. Ali Eliaers was Eon Nec eted with the recruiting committee in Auckland. Later he proceeded to England and. With other voluntary workers at the new zealand soldiers club in Risell Square London became a Fame True figure to Many new zealand Soldier Ltd leave in London. Tie was for Many years a in Arnber of the vestry of st. Thomas anglican Church. Or. Michaels a survived by i wife and two son or. R. J. Michaels Auckland and or. L. G. Michaels Hamilton. Or. J. J. Salm0nd. By association Dunedin this Day. The death has occurred of or. Joseph j. Salmon aged 73, sex superintendent the City fire brigade. Excellent Amateur work a recent statement by the Alini Stei of agriculture has drawn pointed Afteu tion to the serious state of the cheese Industry in new zealand at the present time and to the very grave Danucar of new zealand to ing its Premier position a a supplier of Cheche to tie British Market 5 states air. J. A . Secretary of the new zealand Fric Ian association. The critical state of the Che a Industry he adds will be recognised by All when it i known that for the first time in the history of the Industry n minister of agriculture has expressed doubt about the suitability of the milk supplied to factories for thee a making it Well established that moderate testing milk with Small fat globules is the Mot suitable for thee a making Inasi Nimeh As such milk gives ease of manufacture the highest Quality Che Efte and the greatest iced of Chee amp a per Pound of butterfat. Butterfat payment basis. For Long Cara past my it cd stir it a has emphatically it protested Sig iii a the system of payment on i Init Rifat Hasi Quot for milk for making. Again and again have brought before the government and the department of agriculture the Gro is injustice inflicted on the supplier of the lower testing milk by that system of payment. Or. P. Ó. Veale b.a., in his invest National work at Haycra in the 11 2 5-27 season showed that the Frie Ian milk average test 3.35 per cent produced 1.3.7 per cent More cheese per Pound of but Fermat than did tie Jerae milk average Petit 4.75 per cent. Or. Wale ays producers of milk for cheese making Are depriving themselves of 14d to 2<1 per Pound butterfat by their present adherence to High testing cows. Yet under the present almost Universal system the suppliers of the lower testing milk receive exactly the same payment per Pound of butterfat a do supplier of tie High testing milk. Consequently a Premium is unjustly being paid to the latter supplier and the be of High testing milk encouraged for cheese making. Guaranteed Price system. Under the present guaranteed Price system a differential rate of an extra lid per 11 of fat has been Given to milk suppliers to cheese factories but thi extra payment has proved insufficient to retain the Supply to Eliee a companies partly on account of labour difficulties on the farm and the better feeding value of the by product skim milk for pigs Cah a. Poultry Etc., or. Alternately for Casein manufacture which with butter gives a considerably higher return to the supplier than will cheese with its annually falling yield. At the present time of the largest cheese factories in Taranski have discontinued cheese making in favour of butter and Casein. Figure supplied by the primary products marketing Board show that for the year 1936 tie Iota Quantity of Liepe imported into England was 134,015 ton. Of which sl15í tons or Over 62 per rent of the total came from new zealand. There is very grave Clanger of thi Dominion Losin r its grip on the British cheese Market a Market Worth Many million. Of pounds a Parl to new zealand. The minister of agriculture state that a company receiving 3.7 per cent milk will pay its supplies at least lid per Pound of butterfat More than it factory Reeth ing High testing milk. Yet the cheese companies Are now asking for an increase in tie differential Price payable for cheese a compared with butter under the present guaranteed Price Sci erne. The True remedy lies in encouraging the use of suitable milk for cheese making . Milk with moderate fat Content and a High ratio which gives a High yield of Bee of per Pound of butterfat. The one Way and the just Way i for the minister of agriculture to insist that payment for cheese milk shall be made on its actual value for cheese making. Or f. W. Oakley. By association Wellington this Day. The Donti a of tuned of or. V. W. Oakley chief messenger in parliament building he Vav As 73 years of age. Or. Oakley was attached to the entourage of the Prince of Wales in 1920 and the Duke of York in 1927. Cleaners keep working. Demand Fob higher pay. By association Dunedin this Day. The threatened strike by women cleaner at the Dunedin Hospital failed to materialise. The medical superintendent stated that although wage increases were demanded the cleaner assured him there was no truth in the report that they intended to walk out to enforce their demands. Pc scented by the members of the society the Phi Lod Plav but new beginning which Wea cd for the first time on saturday evening at the town Hal concert chem Sci proved .111 exceptionally Good offering. In theme it was most interesting Ami in production Dic Hung and acting it was of a Standard which should earn it considerable Public support. The society and its members Are to be congratulated on tie result of their it fits. The Plaj is loin the pen of a Young australian George Duke Walton who to Zirul jus inspiration m the last Ruehm Istre Congress in London. That inspiration had its effect in the Quality of the play with its High coinage its Hope Anil tie Slie ugali i i character it Levels. Or. Waiton protagonist but to is not a prejudiced one lie has drawn Lus plot and his Chiisai this lion the pages of history but he deals with them with an understanding pen and a kindly one. The Story is Laid in the Days of King Hemy yifi., and its major characters i o the Tumilty and household of sir Thomas More beginning at the time when that great gentleman bad been made lord High of England loved by the people Ami by the King because of Lus greatness of character and honoured by the King because of hrs great . It Story of intrigue and of tragedy but those elements never Ortrude on the scene except m the expression of the High purpose and courage of the statesman. It opens to the peace of a Happy household a peace that was both to be overlaid with anxiety for the Man who was the Axis of its happiness. The major honours of the production must go tour. P. H. Woods who in the role of sit Thomas More was most impressive. The Little kindly Man who in his great Faith and in his love of England went to the scaffold with a joke upon ins lips confident that Good would come from his sacrifice was played with an understanding that won immediately the sympathy of the audience and gave to the play a dramatic interest that was sustained unti the final curtain. His expression of the part was an exceptionally Good piece of Woik for an Amateur and in the i the scene with his daughter Meg edmee1 Noble in tie Toiveo where had been cast on a trumped up charge there was great dramatic duality. The roles of Meg of King Henry Viii. William Harris and of lady Alice More Madge Duncan were 1u0 splendidly taken. Miss Noble gave to the character of Meg the same spiritual Quality that marked that of sir Thomas More and again it was a role that was played with quiet . King Henry a part modelled on the interpretation of it Given by Chilo. Laughton but with the loudness modified by the Charity that was the it a Fiance of the Piny. The role of lady Alice with Mother love and anxiety giving it a harder aspect than those of the other characters Ivas Aleo impressive. The play will be repeated tia evening and to Morrow evening late news. Weather forecast. £3000 profit. Wait Emata Power Board. A womb Kafut. I the income and expenditure account of the wait Mata electric Dower bom d for tie Vear ended Maich 31 lat. Presented at a meeting of the id thi Quot afternoon. Sun ived u. Net profit of £3o95. After full pro Ision bad been Luule for All capital he nope Hud Pilepi i Iati Ltd. The chairman. Or. A. R. Lei Uptou. Aid that the rep011 of the Nina i. I. A. Main. &Quot-4 a. Wonder full one. The Board although it had to Tod the car somewhat in fear Ami trembling Hud More than soon it twin Uipi. Ending the period Vith a credit balance of Over £3000. He paid a tribute to the of the staff and Aid that everyone had pulled i weight. The estimated income and expenditure account showed a credit balance of £10.59 at March 31. 1>3s. It provided for £11,000 increase in Revenue but the manages reported that this was offset by Incila Elt a Power charges discounts and sinking am depreciation fund payment together with the extra wage Cost with which the Board was faced thi War result of last years legislation. Personal. Profet or Arnold Wall returned to Wellington this afternoon by the expire = a or w. J. Dyment of Wellington visitor at the hotel Cargen. Or. Y. Of. Y Seddon of Wellington has Ali ived in Auckland and the grand hotel. The minister of Justice and at Tommy general the Hon. H. 1. R. Mason will return to Wellington to night by the limited. Or. G. Blo infield a been admitted a barrister Ami solicitor of the supreme court by or. Justice Callan on the motion of or. E to Blomfield. Or. A. Cameron retired Oriental manager of the Canadian Pacific railways. Is returning to Canada by the Aorangi after a Holiday wait to Australia. Or. R. E. Price. Conciliation commissioner. Left last night by train for new plot month. He will be away for about a week and no disputes will lie heard in conciliation Council in Liis absence. Or. Alexander Hamilton. Wellington manager for the Westport Coal company Wili join the Aorangi to Morrow night for Vancouver and will make an extended tour of Canada the United slates and England. Or. Chas. K. It egg and mrs. Begg. Senor Dunedin arrived this morning by the limited am leave to nor nov on the Aorangi on an extended Lisit to the i. .s.a., England and the continent. Or. Bigg will attend the Phi Loo radio annual cum Suljoti in new York the Rev. Laurence m. Rogers of the so Denhan presbyterian Church has been appointed editor manager of the Outlook by a special committee of the general Assembly of the Presb Tyrian to Liureri of new zealand. He will take or the appointment Early next year when he will relieve the present editor tie Rev. G. H. Jupp. Or. A g. Lee general advertising manager of the Atlantic Union Oil company Sydney was a through passenger on the Aorangi which arrived at Auckland to Day. Or Lee is on his was to the head office of Lus company in new u spend some time in the United states and Canada before returning to Australia. Judge h. F. Ays ii. Resident commissioner at Rarotonga Cook lands will return to new zealand at the end of june owing to a shortage of judges in the a tithe land court. The acting minister of native affairs the Hon. Of Langstone. Has appointed or. S. J. Smith Secretary for Cook islands department to succeed judge arson. Hotel registers. For City and province. Tha government meteorologist issued to the Quot Auckland thle afternoon the following pedal weather forecast for the Auckland province to n far South As Taranga Rawhia and Hamilton East to North East wind prevailing Strong at times in exposed positions in the far North but elsewhere mainly Light to moderate. Some isolated showers possible More especially in the North but otherwise fair the Fine. Temperatures Cool to moderate. Seao moderate to rather rough on Tbs Oast coast and slight the to Dorala on tha West coast. Pressure is rather Lew but gradients Are slight Over the new zealand area. An and Cyclone a located Over Southern Australia. For the Dominion for 24 hours from 9 . This Der the indications Ara for moderate to Strong cast Porth a Terly winds. Mainly there Prospect of fair to Cloudy weather but scattered showers. Barometer Little movement. Seas moderate to rather rough. Of Uraki Gulf conditions. The following report of weather conditions in tha Haruaki Gulf was received from tir Tiri Lelend it noon to Day wind North East Moderatemoderate weather Cloud but Fine visibility Good barometer has a rising tendency. Amusements. Juvenile choir recital. A choir of Young Auckland Pingera be town thy age of 8 a Oil 12, under the conductor ship of a Ida Holmu will be heard m a conceit to be a Ven m the Lewi Eady Hall on May 27. Proceeds will be expended in connection with the punt rss May Wald of tie Public Hospital. Little theatre play. Eugene o Neill Vav orld Fino tie ii ish a Monea play 1 ight whose Annahi is tie will lie staged by the Auckland Little the tie society in the town Haji conceit chamber to Morrow week is know 11 to auck Landers through film vision. Of several of i plays it hiding the emperor Jones Paul Robe soil the Ann Harding. Strange into Ludo a Norma Shearer and Anna Chi i tie itself i with Garbo and lire Lei also through stage presentation of the rope and the hairy ape. Grand . E. Milnes a. H. Fitts Christchurch. Or. And Aire. W. R. Barton Gisborne or. And airs. T. Miranda Wellington air and mrs. W. Piers England or. And mrs. F. P. King Victo iid messes. T. E. Y. Seddon Wellington and h. S Barncastle. Hotel Cargen. Messes. Gunnar Wiman Gothenburg Sweden. Wainri Glit England. R. Beau ul. A Spooner England. W. J. Dyment j. B. Maunder and e. Browell Wellington. J. Benough Epsom England Landon Smith Sydney or. And mrs. R. L. Hastie Singapore or. C. F. Wick trom Sydney or. And mrs. Humphrey Batty i and mrs. H. M. B. De la tour \vai-10a, Hawke s Bay air. C. Rudle Wellington. Central . J. L. Marriott Captain of Marriott Tasmania Les los. S. Andrews t. Andrews Christchurch. W. Roche w. R. Chalmere j. R. Alexander Rotorua. H. Shaw Wellington. Clark Newcastle. T. Bevan Tapie a. Telford and air. And mrs. J. I a tin Gisborn messes s. W. Hodgeson Wellington. Chadwick Dannevirke. S. Wilson Hamiltonjr. And mrs. R. Cowan Wellington. Station hotel messes. A. Urquhart and 7. Aitken Wellington or. And airs. W. T. Desha Napier. A. W. Bridgford and w. J. Harrison Wellington. Miles Sydney. R. Allen Gisborne. Campbell Feilding or. And mrs. D w. Amos Suva Fiji or. E. H. Seager Toronto air. And mrs. C. Lacey Capetown. Royal hotel. Messes. S. C. Obrien Sydneyj. B. Kealing the Aroha. K. Caverhill Wellington air. And airs. Letham Oto Ohanga. Air. And airs. Barber Christchurch. Or. And airs. B. Weyburne . Canberra or. And mrs. D w. Priest Inglewood. Star hotel. Or und airs. J. Jameson Alast Piton. Alease. P. Gosman London. D. Yule and Ai Welsh Wellington r. And airs. W. Or lab Fiat a Mata. Air a. B. Iordan Truiti. Or. An it mis. J. D. Rio Anan Wellington messes. A. Hawke and c. Broc Elsby i Hiquera. L. Fits Arnld. W. S. Smart and w. Ale a skill Sydney a w. A. Trotter Wellington. Theft alleged. Farm labourer remanded. A farm labourer. I Liffous dig let Keune aged 22. Appealed in the police court this inn in. A hurled Uilah stealing at Christchurch on 12. .1 suitcase iii Fri Content valued i. deity of John Reynold Woal old Mac. On the application of detective ser Beant Amchugh accused for who1» or. Aekins appeared was Lenin ill to Christchurch on april 22. Thief steals tools. A thief broke into a House which is in course of erection in Royee Avenue. Mount Eden during the week end. And stole planes and other carpenters tools valued at £2 10/, the Projko tiv of or. E. S. Stevenson tie builder. Entrance was gained by forcing a door fitted with an improvised lock. Amusements guide. His majesty s theatre the Mil pc show presents Broadwin in Jucs. Town Hall boxing. Martin v. Pluto. Picture theatres. Majestic Irene Dunne and Melvyn in Theodora goes wild. Regent Jack Benny and Mary Boland in Goll pc Holiday. Ambassador fury and 1 married Hurior a a st. James Eleanor Powell and James Muarl in lion to dance. Embassy tan Hunter and Kay Francis stolen Holiday. London Lilian Harvey in Leps live tiv Ninlin and a. C Fields in Girt a8torde= and the great impersonation Britannia our relations and the i evil doll. Capitol Fata lady and Border flight. Gaiety the Case against mrs. Ames. Grey Lynn get a Moon and give of the . Kingsland the country beyond and millions in their. Pictured Rome the Bohemian Prince Edward Early 10 bed and heart of the West Newton a Garden of Allah 1 state by Monda Street Tirra Dilly Jim strand Onehunga 5ii/.j and Palm Dpi Trigs. Tudor a Small town girl. Victoria woman trap and poppy. Orphans club. Election of officers. The Auckland orphans club held its forty fifth annual meeting in the Lewi Early Hall on saturday night when the report and balance Heet which were adopted honed the Memzie Reship to number 295, and the dub to have a get amp amounting to £317 or. C. G. Brookes presided. Tubule was paid to the memory of my Rhet who had died during the year namely Mesera. A. Yeoman c. Westwood c. Steven c r. Bishop g. H. Foster and w. Johnston. Later a Bright musical programme was rendered by the club s orchestra conducted by or. Harold Baxter. Officers were elected As follows Patron the governor general Viscount Galway i evident or. Ernest Davis mayor of Auckland vice presidents messes y. X. Hubble. C. G. Brookes. G Grev Campbell. G. S. Poole. M. S. Walker a. Howey Walker j. P. How Den and k. A. Batey committee. Mosi. W. Packman. L. Whelan. K. L Sibun. W j. Scott w. J Bates and v Hamblin Secretary. Or. S. O. Clark treasurer. Or. H Willie. In Pitois messes. W. T. Brown and k. 1. Elliott conductor of . Or Harold Baxter Leader of or bests a or h. Sommerville honorary Pinksis mess a. Trevor Spain log. L. Elliott. A in and p. Tow spy Progin mme , or in Van Murray. Or. C. M Croft the former Canadian Trade commissioner and president for the two year and or. C Mountain the retiring Trca Suir note elected Hie members. The session in to be opened on saturday. May 1. Injured in House. I but and a gah on tie heal we i by or. .1. Law l in aged 45. When lie fell against a door at his Home at 154» Vincent Street Eirv. About s o clock on saturday night. He was taken to the Auckland Hospital in a st John ambulance. His condition this morning was fairly Seviou although lie in progressing favourably ;