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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

The Auckland Star monday april 19, 193 7. For Bale. Quot Darber s chair shop Opp Trade Pood s trades Hall. Hob Mac 19 to Abby Jones latched set c Iron clubs Holni Frt Dir Miido in England. £16 or ring 17-hi . A Jpn or arid washing tubs. Or cheap. J 5&Quot \ Iris Rorm lid. Non Buhr to la Wunej. Phone 41 jj3 i Juble Rimu bed Nuil wire As ii Etc 13 a Lincoln st. Ponsonby \19 ca.1s stoic Champion Guod ardor cheap. T 77 or. George fid. Avondale. \19 Tram. . A a crib re Gand Thompson 20&Quot. Great i in x \1> v a \ i , i i Hitu , Glt Kiil 6 r tinn k Liiri \2n 1 n 1 1l ii Cun Jor 5 \ i t. Ii \ stain do i la Srill 127 21 qh0 Rion. Ca --11, d ■ Peru in lord a a. In it. Alhc-xi9 ing by Dak 17 cheap for amp head perfect condition write b. S916, \ 1 i i a it i Hal is a ii h ramp. G k 27 202. reals. 4 Tea room it ski condition no dealers. 19 wanted to sell. A \ i a buildings bought anti sold. Material for ail 4, Hobson st i i . Shades coloured suede raffia Cane. I to Mich a Luijt strand Arcade. C Auckland Scaur co., Little Queen st registers Seales new and hand. Abs Pratt for for Best value inspect Titock of Geo. Kerler 477, k re. C b to Jackwak Forward hews two ways in Yertson reversible elec. Opp in a Redding single flock mattresses. 13/6 Kapok 21/6, All size Alea better qualities. Kapok pillows. From 2/3. Lana miters Gur special value. 14in Ball Beans. 47/6. F. Prime and co., in Furni shed houses to let. Tkv Orpurt House _ a lift the. Lind i position Box in Auto my. Rooms and kit tip h 1 x 1 i to jus kill cottage 12/6. Rcv at or cited Opp. Hall. \19 apartments vacant. \ Zac a room double. Turn Jill kit pred hitting room Large in Deru Liurni b ,. Firo Lien Etc -15, Wirg re Mil Luom own Entrance. -4 l rank Jan he. i la l Lluc 111 Turo Gna sfo\ Eden Terrace. 19 Isi Nehs people. A i ■. A tents turn Jingle double36. I a per Queen st >111 a on 1 url Ruc i Boom i urn. Ault Livmon -13, Queen Parade earn. In Ooink Ull pm it m it Coli Lin 4. a st. Ii trouble room. Kin Euette. Turni Beci ii a Alfourd. Top lid. A i d d pm m it a Fimi. Single Roo Jii Abo Hamaji khtr.2. Ii Nett a. X20 Nappy Star Shoutd not is a plaid to by letter. The add tsi May be obtained by applying at the office. F Al f lats double Mulc room suburbs -63a, Wellington Stoity. 19 Knish do double room fireplace. ?_?15 lit2. Put Jovi 1 it urn. 2 Kotulis it i in pm in uni thu Ilic. pm Nair. 23. I irk a Ylli Quot i Ell Small t uru. Bod sit Lnig Koom Kitchenette quiet adult a. 25. St. Bay o l furn. Rooms Given Lor housework 27, Vermont st. _____2l Lioums Kitchenette Furnice Sipiniu w separate ,42, st., Cit it Flats to let. Bedroom suites Oak returned from hire sctt cheap.507. Thape re. D 1 Jed room suite specials. £6 t5/. Ü7 Illo. A 10/ exceptional ?Alue,23, Ltd._1 i to suites Oak £13 i lung Rno iii Fri 10/ made on premises. I Oso Home furnishes. 6, foil our cd. C j>edrt0-m, dining i Hester held suites in j3 guaranteed Quality and style. Mccog nosed lowest prices in Auckland for easy t wms or Cash. See a now. Oak bedroom suite from £17 10/.economy fur no h Els. 333. A cd. A big Rex 163, i uti Souby he Large selection a amp de furniture fresh atoe.1» 26-477. D Len Furj Rishad a , Cilc Phuse . -14, nor theote a. Groat. North Evonol get to uru., All couts., near ferry adults 31. Anne st flu d blinds guaranteed Fadeless Hollands. A Lex Onder g. Opp. Town hot. 46-294. D Anas blinds awnings keenest prices. Ring 30-626, Mccarthy for quote. C carpet squares body passage hat j pric it Alexander s. App town Hall. D Chesterfield suites new tapestry designs £16 10/.gran a 473, Kara no thape re c Hill dhans Woollen garments All sizes. Adults. O.s.-87, Victoria st a o doors sashes windows grates. Ranges White. Hons. Clarke told eiderdown quilts silk covered full me from 32/6.haye®. 378, k 1 Extension ladders Darrows. W#sh-4 Loo Victoria st. 4u 634. D Taok Good used furniture visit the Windsor Mart. 3, upper Queen st. Late Belgium st. Dining room suites from £3 Hern Oil suites from to 3 in Itimus settee and squads from i 3<i-80n._ c 1aok health Dri ulc China Tea All Kinde. Jok Nocton see Kevin a Opp. Re dells. Mph furniture Laloli Bros build to your fancy738, Mankou i? Epsom. C in Chur Singer fully guaranteed clieup2f>1. Lynn of by _20 Glass All kinds cheapest motor screens fitted.-r.ewi9 works 44. It. Eden. C Golf clubs Hickory get l bag in used 47/fl.aleltier, 61, Victoria st. A g ° of full Range Superior Grade clubs auction Phibbs George Walker. Ltd. D Gulf. For can a unused set four steel shafts 6u/6.meltzer. Victoria st. D Blind ask for Thia Blind. Chesterfield furnishes 37, Fon Sonev lid a k 1rpson Blind ask for this Blind. Barnes furnishes Broadway Newmarket. A Lam n1iowers, new old Mower sharpened collected n sons Eden ter phone 44-375. A paint English Lead Rinc. 12/9 gallon 3-Gal. Drum 59/6. Jack Oates. 211, Symonds Bush chairs 27/6.thompson. Pram House just above town Hal. Queen so q Uick flow calf cats Gas savers is. Be Ealing. Wellesley st. Opp. Library. C ranges reconditioned a Dew cheap. Galbraith 4, Wilton st. By. Lynn. 27 560 Glen Moku Flat 3 Milonni Illume it 1ii.hvgarden rent 32/6. Write reference. Qh6s, is hu.__.\2u it. . 2iiil sect Nicole Furu re Husir 17-67 m self co Taliu a Irma Sci Tyrce in mime Kitchie Sicrie. m incl Joi Miuji. 2nd a of chm tip in adult. Toth Siam. By 5? rooms and slip Furin Good bile. Reatho Luibl Wilkie 23-4 i. A1í apartments wanted. B Ach turn file place old age pensioner. 6627. Siau. L j to it Auh or double Kolin unfuru., pfc old re. Gah in maj town. Keuso Nahlob. 7166. S i Ali \21 Quot a lat Mishion Buji Huit cup la o Chi Ink from april 24.m, 7038. Star i . Fiat rn.c., a oms a Section end april. Kea iinihlf\_7 g7, Star. 21 Purnis Bud How. inc. Child. A Dean Jorr st. Stephens Reiniera. A. Tutu. , Ritj in. Itomi Gas. Xic Niit 711.s. .staii.\19 Koym. Unfuru., convs., self con tamed Central refined retired 7112. To fran. Max soil -9 Fui . in furn Quot. Kuliu tii place tradesman Newton Edib , 96112. St a. X2l it Fux. Kowins. With Superior boil no j wanted by artist relist be close Trama. 193, Broadway Newmarket._x9 Yolk so married couple require self contain etl unfurl. Flat permanent Central. Christie 41 732, Mon Iliff. \19 by bedrooms Kitchenette or Small Houe Grey Lynn or i Ponsonby. 3, Fla it st., Eden Terrace. 19 Board offered. A cd oilily it Katlun consult Tasman Bureau. 411, Cooke s blips. 4g-347. D acc03imudatiun, Selwin suit gentleman phone.2, Madeira place not a khyber pass. X20 attractive single double rooms tray. Pure Ester Opp. Town Hall Cook st. 45-8&l c b Oak gents private 1st Section Earl breakfast 22/6.l i. 46-338. A a in i vate hotel 1u, Carlton Gore cd . 46-760. C s Superior. Board gentlemen 2 garages 3rd Section 24-533. C Board Board private by Young business lady Vicinity Parnell preferred. Refined 6623. Star. _ i ext Good Board single room soit washing , 0832. Motor and Cycle. Used cars for Sale. All holds Lead to cd motor a u., Fri Frfd , ni-wiuurktt.4-Uotir of . Pin in Quot Atli. Tll3. Clip Krulet 6 ir1 Vlier. Lit st , t he in. C 9i. I Tinell h r iii Liv Quot. Phone 23-273_a a 13 la. I Ponsonby re. 1930 Austin 7 . Good order. £173 1l»2 j at. St1n 7 tourer. £76 turns a ringed. Pm. 1d-s71. D v kms1 Liumis tol Likibi Lull Der i Olla Lelm 111, in i a i Boud to i d-im-ndul.l.i4. I i1 id ii Jiff tur Jib . I Sid Muniu re. no 1 Uii 25 273 21 at a Dew Oil sain.133 wrecking. King a must get. 26-646. Ponsonby lid. C v i in \ 7. 1927 my trial . ,7 j. -1, or lev. Nov Nii a t t st in 6/4 1 i35 Engliski a . Keiit , £2hl v is i in 7. In tit i uhf Excel 4 it Htu Lilii n £75 easii.27, King i Arudy. I get import 49 at so ii 7 tourer. £ 53 in priv Miti in a Salorin. I3£t.-» Siu or Tuff t. £65. £ 47 46. Buirk in Muiir £35 Standard tui Irr £50. A. \ thu err. £50 l Ord. £26 i a hard Ley Broad new Market . 17 674 i a Ustyn 7 1931 Saloon Lif t l ir in Auckland. Paige a Kos Junction Newmarket. 25 663. In on mrs 13-940. D a Ustyn 7s. Tourers. £ 45 £ 55 saloons. 1954 models £145_ 1955 Model titled with air wheel £175. Hylands Ltd 37. Albert Street. D Ai set 7. 1650 so nil Sedan or Der £ 95 Morris s . 1 13 t Sedan. As new £14 Morris s 1% p1932 Avdan it id Valle Van in £125. M my Kkt motors. i. A Iuie 25-59u. T2< to it Ary f iii j9oó 4- Wiir , owner left cheap for, Ili Neitika a. Devon port flu t3ahy Saloon £65 Bei lilt Ford Loti dec £21 Rugby. 1927 roadster £35 Ali incl t six ouch £42 Singer 16 i p. Tourer. £28 emf. 11 . Saloon £ 2a roadster £26. Motor Exchange itu Jand st. D i Skratt and Phillips. Ltd. Essex Sedan 1928. Owner will in it Cut reasonable offer. Itje cheaper car. 64. High Street. Pit. 30-08.7. A to 1y Ford i\ci16lon. Good order a new ijre., new Hood very Good a Phil cry. Cd ended Aji Piraneo Perteet ii of Fri desk. A Good one and Htom Gly recon Melmed. £27 till -465. Maxl he. 13 397. .Mill-1 l Kuk i Yew tier ii t Liaina Well Eliod i Fiertl i a nip 27-6 i6. By / i Kkt i k1> k-s.e\, Bargi in Tilte Ier owner leaving. 71, catch 8tunoliniigii.____ 19 Nilai tol Kelts in Good running or t Studli Orr £12. £14, in iffy 6£24. Whippet coach £42 Clyne 9 la p. Kadi Fer. £52, motor Street x21 hire 26 he Skolkt 1935, dirt la. 46 227. Fth by i Spring \ Ery Nice order Peccin Mancul £55premier minors. A / the Rivulet serian Bargi Hll £35.11. J Cole Lanil st., Virgo iii ave., Eden ter _ x2d used cars for Sale. Enki Ralph tourer £59. Plymouth a 1929 Sedan £79. Star tourer £27 10/. Essex tourer. £27 19/ easy Terina. Albert motors. Ltd., phone 41-729. D atsed car parts 135, Newton Road. La now 1929 Plymouth. 1030 Triu Tuph 102ü Knox. Beauty Fords. Graham truck master 6 itu irk and j92l> Hudi of. Phone 43 26i. Keg. W Harib proprietor _ 4y Austin 10 a. 1935. £255 and £236 Austin 7. 1934, i get luxe £145 Vauk Hall 1936. £275 whippet 4. 1929. £125. Tourers Austin 7. £49 Stuie bulker. £43, Arthur 175 a Herr st d Quot a Flox Olhs nne coach. Mechanically 1 of ii most aphid tits new 19/.--Box \21 11re&Quot it vet fica p js75. List a _ Hudson super wonderful eos Dit Iun £75 Llaves owe ii ave., Sandringham pm. 13-121. I John a Nerew amp Jons a to. A pubs so monks Street. If ,1011 Imp a rur from 11s melt 111 a rvs that that r in i is right As it is Ihle to make if. Him Flung i. Plum ked Troin end to end. And if a ii fault the Raf we will rectify that fault. Nothing could be fairer than that. M e also have a number of Ion priced As is cars with years of work in them list which cannot really he brought Hack to the perfect a Tnge. Yon arc still quite of Moier because we Are perfectly Frank about them. I he is t a reason who we in whys Lead car sales. Steal with the House with a reputation. Falls from £10 upwards Fra appended Jjo Toke a Ltd Quot offer these used cars. Justin 10/4 Saloon 1933£01 he Nolet 1930 door £14-5 Cadillac Sedan 7 pa»., one p 1 /7s owner a owl. 1 Cut a sex Sclan 1929, a window a Ord coach Model a £9.5 ild a 1931 Tudor. A Mokris 10 i Saloon 1934qldswobilb 4 door 1927font Mac coach. £75 Rugby tourer. A Ginger Saloon 10 .t Oti Vaux Hajj 14 de luxe. Light i 07 6 Esfi. Arij Araux Hall 14/6 Saloon air a wheels. 35/j.oo Rel appended Quot a Jostons. Td., 39. Beach Road , Polione 32-951 13 lines. Open a very Friday 1n oiling and Saturn no afternoon. A / 1hkvkoi-et 4 i>0 to Sedan. Capi t6l mud l. Original condition Eer titled. Paine Bros Junction Newmarket. ___25-093 cd Tings 1 to. D Chevrolet Wentworth sem Uii new the. £123. De Soto 1939 Sedan nil steel Bodi. £145. Dodge 1932 , Sedan. Girl it Atell of sued Small mileage. Newmarket motors broaden a. 1hone 25 599. D Chevrolet do luxe Sedan Turret top. Luggage trunk Squill mileage As new throughout univ trial or eve ruination £329, Trade jul accepted Cay terms arranged. Phone 28 569. D Cali Ysler 4c>l. Tourer Only 1 owner. J Beautiful order £85, terms. Phone 17 824. 20 d e Soto Sedan splendid condition £165.private 45-120. D4 d Odge tourer late Model newly painted Tertus £63.premier motors. A Dodge tourer. 1926, excellent order £55.-Paine Bros. Junction Newmarket 25-003. D refined Early pensioner like comfortable Board with Luo thet lady Central. Congenial 7677. Stah.__________x9 respectable working Man. Epim to Webb stationer. Newmarket. X 19 r1 Obertson s Ulett in reversible sewing Mablue sews both ways backward and Forward. Trade m your old machine. Demonstrations at 26. Queen Street. Phone 45-100. C r oof red paint 0/0 gallon Green 21/ , 70, Wyndham st. A a sheets single 4/11 pair double 6/11 o pair warehouse Darby bldgs., Elliott 5< r _ a Singer 7drawer, drop Bead round shut tie £5 10/,201. Pole Oahu re. A fingers £3 16/, £5, £7 10/ fully guar nnterd.15. St. Kevin Arcade. C Finger 66, drop Heads. Portable electric to bargains. Globe Short s bids. D s Inger drop Heads £5 10/» £0 10/. £7 10/. ¿8 16/.globe, 154, Queen st p s ingers every Type. £4 15/ no. Good , Opp. J.. It Pojl heavy volcanic any Quantity also Mecartea Broa. Tausek Imd. Ltd. One Linga. 12-402. 20 Riley Rasso Superior terrazzo sink a benches and ter Razzo co. 40, it. Eden Ltd., Auckland. Phone 29-807_ c Ujj o l f e 8 w a the perfect polish for Linos and fdhnit0rb. Jasiek re Ems. Getter Gervice. Now is the time to Complete the furnishing of your Home Lor Coronation week. Come to White without delay and secure those Quot extra comforts Quot Jou need on the easiest to cams in Torii. Rimu Tallboy. Single Beds. Mattresses from. Settees. Linos. Floor squares from. W Hite w4 1/ weekly to weekly 1/ weekly 1/ weekly i / weekly 1/ weekly 1/ weekly of Ltd by a to Salk for packing or Wra Adlfy. Apply Auckland Star Quot office. Fort Street Entrance. R for floors and furniture id the big value tin. Two business girls private per Erml Handy to City ipod brute a 7609. Stau. Xiy Roung i adj Wauls Board in Christ iii Hinc terms moderate. A. 90g4, Star. \19 round Man 22refined Vicinity Grout South Ltd a. 8942, Stab. 19 shops and offices to let British Chambers nigh st. Single offices and suites in this modern building. Lofty Well lighted Secretary. Room 506._a o ff1crs. Convenient Queen Stu Low rent. Southern ctq3s st. C uple Nihil Large shop close Queen st 38 x 10, Back room 27 x 15 suitable dining rooms second hand manufacturer £3. Sheahan Obrien Ledger City. 19 to let. Tel Antoky i Gay sr., off Kurau Mahape cd. Apply Clarke s garage Day st. X21 to let or lease. Hall of Commerce High , 3 rooms. 28 x 17 redecorated Low rental. A pianos for Sale. B e Vej Dutiful Iron framed 1 Iano no Borer . 6721. Star. X6 nil ssh Plano 5 years old. Rosewood must . 8519. Stab. Ii Waters Only offer 1 the very finest values. 2 the i owe rit prices. 3 the beet Money Back written guarantee of satisfaction. 4 free Stool. 5 the easiest terms. By free tuition 7 free music. At Waters civic Square. Pm. 47-047. Mtg pianos wanted. Kindergarten require 2 Platos Cash. 8091. Stab in w14 Eady. Ltd. Purchase pianos Cash or Exchange . 42-992. D t Elk in c 3iaxo. Borer Good to in Cush no . 8976, Star. 20 musical instruments for Sale. Pianola perfect condition big sacrifice owner leaving 51, Zainul ave it. Chevalier. Al Al so i s piano House. 144, Symonds Street Juat arrived new shipment Dobro guitars with resonator £14 5/ Monterey Guitara £18 10/ american Standard £5 17/6 Liberty. £4 19/6. Terms arranged. D m musical instruments wan the d. At Waters. Civic Square offer highest Cash prices for pianos player pianos gramophone musical instb.--4o-702. D gramophone repairs All gramophone repairs work Guaran and Bond. Ltd. D. Customs Street lust. It legs 1 write to Day for free took a lot about the Varer method of treatment. Elfoly at Home. I Newt Healey chemist. A Irei. Ltd., Box i558z. Well Ngou. Local repro sent tire. Nurse vane Wallace. 12. 8t> a ctn a ainu Kanon Bap by. Aock Laud. In Birds for Sale. By Dale mixture clean seed 4d la 4th 1 /3. Parrot Shoppe. 8. Victoria st. C won Darful whistling German rollers w £1 a store 229. Symonds st it Jim ukr s Ujj o i o r Kyj a h to t0, Lorne of treet City for used cars. Phone 40 560. Equitable loan and finance co. I will fluid Nice car sales. Yuu find the buyer we will pay you Cash and allow the buyer to repay 011 Lenus. 365-5. Cookli s buildings. Queen Street. I 41 7-9.___d English Triumph ski Timu Peri act Ril a guaranteed £95. Apply a Bardi. 412. Jul i _ \2u Essex Shooti new tyres Mii Wotli runner £37 16/.-King in tui 17-426. 26 Brookd a for Dur Sedan Well kept ii i £, st. X 9 ii okd a Coupe excellent order new pros £110. Premier motors. A terms or loud. I cir 17 423-__a Ford Sedan pud running condition registered Only £16 10/.premier motors. A Pord v8 1931 Coupe air a wheels Coo Dilious a new 011c of Vurr. Ilard Ley. Are Dwy. Newt not 17-075. Xl9 Ray Sedan splendid Runnells first inspect buys £37 10/. Premier mulor.-. G Hillman magnificent do luxe Model. Real leather upholstery. Small mileage. £255. Trade car. Arrange terms. To lands. Ltd. 37. Albert st. D h m a Dux eight. 7-Hcator. 18 g. Pm. 4.-,- j68 writes. 6879, st.1h.___26 Orris 8. 1930. Guod order £185. Terms Ali. 1-5-284. C or otitis s. Lac Only soon Miles. Leru s an Opportunity. Paine Bros Oahu he. 25-296» d m Orris 12-4 Seda n. This car h like new. £225. Auckland motor co., Ltd., Hillman Muster dealers 87-91. Albert Street. D Murthis Cowley 1929 Road tar £78. Chrysler 76. Right fld ter £116. Chevrolet 19211 to Urr £83. 78 sex Cus Icli 1627, £15 1928, £63. Newma Kkt motors . 25-569. X20 Sedan 1u2s Model 4-Wiiecl brakes gift. £29 10/. Essex 1028 Saloon Guod Ai be iii ice any trial bargain £9 19/. Studebaker Liht 0 Coupe Guod bargain £18 10/. 156. Albert st. Pimm 4 i-08h. D Plymouth eíisk1ne Sedan very sound £i>5 Auckland motor co., Ltd., 87 91, Albert Street. 20 augry tourer perfect order t Ria As new . Hinc Delmoral garage. Ild Rugby 4-Uoor Sedan extra Good buying at £110.Paine Bros., Junction new inn Ket. 25-063. Evening 13-9-10._d a Rugby tourer. Runs Well. £33. D Paine Bros. Oahu he. A Bane 25-290. R Gar coach. Bud very Well. -£00. Paine Bros., Oahu he. Phone 23-290. D Juie a finest Josed stars 1932 at Stan 7 Saloon 19íí5 Austin 7 Saloon. Ford s . Saloon. 19s> irf0rells 8 Saloon. 193íí Vauxhall 14 Saloon. All carrying our special guarantee a Hight Stephenson a q0- limited. 63, Albert st pm. 45-526. D g c h o f i e l d a o i t d Newmarket. Chevrolet 1929 30cwt truck Hev Roget 1629 licit truck "9 £225 £185 £75 Chevrolet 1935 la Cut Van. Jedford 1355 16cwt Van Are Violet 1920 1 let a truck Aiko a i arge number of trucks and Vena that require . Wilt be Hull a9 la at extremely Low Price. Branch at moklliasv1lle, jja1nl Qamil Ell autos a to. Small luxe Oldsmobile great order 1934 1 i m Kaif am Ipaige Riecl Iao. J a it Fultz is. sued 1935 oldsmob1l1 si.a11 £295 £290 £300 £200 £845 mileage All one of it Ner cars in new condition. Joaine a Amuell autos a to Buckland s buildings. 87. Albert Street. Phones 32-090. 82 09. ? h ouse Gervice. Study Hayek 1934 Sedan wit it radio. £325 Singer Saloon de luxe. 193-5, like new. £253 Vauxhall 1934 de luxe Saloon £24-5 Ford 10 . 1936 de Lux Saloon £23u Reo Coupe 1936. Exclusive appearance. £200 Singer sports tourer 1934. Like new. £200 Singer Saloon 1933, Well cared for. £ 175 Hudson Sedun. 1929. Challenger. £135 Oakland tourer. £75 hu1ck tourer. £43 Ford t tourer. £ 10 confidential terms. Your present car accepted As part payment. Campbell Jjo tors. Ltd Quot Lorne st. Auckland pm 42-974. Electro players. A Beautiful Cli rom. Sliver or Nickel finish commensurate with Quality and service. Is obtained by Haring your plating done it auck. Electro plating co. Ltd. 351» Queen or. Psf. Thu cir r used trucks for Sale. Cuev., 30ewt, covered delivery Capitol exceptional 19-985 any time. 1 to okd beaut to it a steel tray terms or . Penrose 17-423. A Light Lungu it a Van i amp Maut cd for inspection ¿63 -22. re. X19 Quot if Orris 1934 2-ton Long Wincel base Ivy in excellent mechanical order. Sacrifice if so d immediately for £123. Paine Bros. Oahu he. Phone 25-206» d truck parts Foi alb makes and models. New and second baud. _ reasonable Riftes. Truck service 69, Standey Street. Phone 44-692. A t appended m oors run Justin 7» 1935, 3cwt Van a Edfurd 12cut Van 1933tjedfihíd 1935, 2 Lou with 41 trailing a vie. Bedford 2 d boil Hydraulic Huim 195, 2 ton , 1981. A Hev Kolet 192üihk Violet 1 Loo. 1íievii01»et, 30ewt, 4027 shia Violet 10cm t Yau 1927 a lord a 2yd body 1020juy 3ücwt truck. International Chassis and Call. Jalileh a oct. By Jorris commercial Loewe it is Conini Treial 2-ton, 1984jjo Kris 5cwt, 1028sjol tells. 14 ., 10cwt Van £105 £175 £180 £280 £195 £50 £80 £80 £05 £120 £50 £40 £75 £60 £175 £60 £65 a Spenden m Oto 118 Ltd be Fok d d 1st i in Uto r s. 80, Beach Road. I Honc 32-931 4 lines. John a so Kiv st go Dos jul a thick division Eden Terrace 40 145. Metropolitan Ford dealers. A Pond v8 40cnt, duals. A lord is Locut duals. A word a 30cwt, Flat top a Ord a 1931 Vii eve. 6 Loewe Tonj Back. 03 Vauxhall Sedan delivery Ugat 30cwt Van. Quot too Justin 7 1931 Van. 90 certificate of fitness supplied with each used vehicle. John Ndrew amp Gons. A to. Truck division Eden Terrace. Phone 40-145. Quot watch the Fords go motor car repairs. Auto radiators. Ltd. Radiator repairs and All Pauel beating. Large stocks of reconditioned radiators. New cores made Trad fitted. Next to ult of parts Ltd. 144. Newton Hoad. Thone 45-679.___d As. Lawson Suie Luiis to in car upholster new a Qoku Etc.136, Eden ter. C Rjmll-3 Jjo Mixion Tyr toils j to. 1g6, Albert Street. Service station open daily to it Cvrk djs from 7 30 Till 11.36 pm. Saturday 8 a to. Till 12 noon. La Troi. Station open daily including sat Days ii oui 7 39 . Till 11 Sunday. 9 . Till 1 ., 2 Till 6 . Spares department open Dally. Week dumb from 8 Till 9 Saturdays s am. Till i Tyre department some is petrol station. We offer special Roadside service with specially equipped Suli Ngu Crane. The must efficient service station for All motoring need. Reihe Jjo Mimon Jjo tors a Ltd. 106, Albert Street. Phone 82-370. Phone 32 370. Motor cars 1 trucks wanted absolutely Best i rices Given nil make. 150. Albert st. 43-688 d Albert motors Ltd., Singer agents. Ured curs Buu Glit fur cilhl.16. Albert st. Phone 41-729. C new cars and trucks for Sale. Alcest lot ohs Ltd., sin scr agents 1937 Moil la on View. Ulni it models from £254 161. Albert st. Imi 41-729. V George Islieb not advis his Man it Lri Eude be is.Mill Selling cars.39» Ltd. Phone 32-951 c t r 1 m p h a l o it 1 a. Ice and drive tins latest production in motor car refinement. P. B. White and co., Ltd. Newmarket. C h e v r 0 let for 1937 Public opinion do liar i tin kit that the 1937 Rii Cirth to no i Niin 0cwt i Quot 8 i011 rip i omit thu the Lalue. The Sisir def of it re i my and 1 i just econ Juh no Vuirl Ritzou the world ,1 it yur i Kimii. Sci Mofjeld and a a Ltd ■ dust rib t6ks. Auckland. helium lie. Here the new 1931 Vauxhall 14. Tappenden motors Ltd., 59, i .11 i Knud City. Auckland City master distributors. Phone 32 951. Op12n every evening. D motor tyres and accessories. A the in Riding. Quot Cooke i carrier.401, Federn st. To 4-2.54 m b Attje jibes a org Vic stocks serice. Aus Trala sum batteries 36-5, Custin st. C to olt Gei parking worries Hilve your tyres fitted in our new to Date fitting Preniqi amp a Quality and Persona attention at lowest Cost. Fred Kobe Ltd. 7, Anzac Avenue. Phone 46 599. 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It alt for Sale. Catka h.1urakj it Lar it. L re Ehold nil in test Chi s order and grass. One of Ihn Best firms in tic distinct. Ail Goral Hui linings \m>1i sub Ideal and state real Cimie and inspect this for yourself. Further information from owner. . Box 53, Gatea 10 motor services. <2 by vices. Auckland Rotorua Gisborne service. Oce Day service Loares Auckland 7.30 ., arrive Gisborne 9 Leave Auckland 2 50 by car stay night in Rotorua. Through fare £3. Bonking offices Auckland aard office 49, customs Street i. Phones ifica44-656 and 41-600 res., 40-51s. Government tourist Bureau. Rotorua office aard office tul Yuekai Street Dione .¿76, Gisborne Duco office Lorae Street phone 133 c4 n i Olmon Bungalow. Nearing completion 2 in rooms Ntina tic design £836, terms. Stacy. Lid. 1 id Lorili bldg i tithe Bungalow it. Albert 4 i a Rii Inu. K Ette. Him Ponlin elevated a Nim position Elos it i £800. Ill on 14 044. Illow Ell rowers a acre Smaill Bou amp a. In 6 fran i. Dilworth big x21 Len jcdex2 acres modern a roti Suud i . Corive. Gari Ige £4s £300 Cash. Humbolt to. » Farmers Agency. Plu enix glorious Harbour View modern elect Jrie Bungalow. 5 rooms largest 22 x 16ft tilling train. Owner trusts crr a. Fir a mortgage £960. 41 per cent. Price £ 1250.bakfdox Bros., d n x. Los in a acc blogs. Cd key Lynn All Elce tru Huu Galow 4 t Mutis Kitchenette £850 £206 Cash. Cd risen 3. Ortli re. 2i-38ü. C House 6 room. Kiili cede. Bedroni. Eli. Water All onion it garage Nice Section immediate possession.2<j, Allen main re. It Albert. 19 if o d k r n Bungalow in it rare cell. 5 rooms All conveniences Wurr news. Price £600. Flat inn and sox 28. Short had Street. 19 Uliak Royal Oak c roomed Villa splendid order. Minute Tram. Immediate Possession £s30, Fordham. Moore Onehunga. 19 v7em 11 Storey Bungalow Reguera tile roof All Clectner 4 bedrooms. 2 living Ronni Quot. Ujco hath Robin Handy 3rd Section Ilsup i Linne 16 645. Si9 Volt the Oak. Min. M Bart elevated in Silum. Splendid urn it Pound 4-loruned House usual Couve. Total Price Only £45u. Hone Ltd., Vulcan Lane. N Nui Unga 3-Ronmed cottage cd. I , Moore Onehunga. 20 i 1 it Ai.Mill . 6 a £ i860, terms. , Roi Mii pm ivs Del North bldg a Yotouta motor transport co., Ltd. File amp to Fleet of cars in new zealand. Comfort and safety. Daily services Auckland to Rotorua. Whakatane ouot1ki and isi><11 a í. 7.-h Rox Orla to, s And 1 Kook a to Wai Iukes. Taupo and Napeek 9 Arrouo Napier 4 a Tokla. 7 1 And 5 Oldest and largest firm in Rotorua. Phoney 19 amp and 353. So Les Rotorua. Book with thus Cook and son go or Vincnt tourist Bureau or White Star office customs st. Phones 44 656 jut 41-000. 1 1 go Ubbes motors Ltd., leave booking office 22, customs st. East. Phone 41-903 13 lines fur su.vek-1 a be. Kuewa. 1 Vii i a p1j h 01, , Max Leigh Kavvas Island. Week Days 2 a 3.39 saturdays. 9 . 2.30 Sundays 4 Only to Leigh. 9 Car tucs tii urs. Akans Only. Lunins Warkworth Friday 6 a Eksund Suo Ilav. 6.76 pm. D a1 d b lis i prices paid used cars All Lutcs. Motor Kex Elmange. Rutland st. 44-127. D Nars Pui chased spot Ltd. 37. Albert st pm. 47-fill. D o i, ten preferred late Model Keasli buyers. 6970. Star. Xt7 n Kumal Klit motors Robasse any used Cay Eili Krou Ilmi v. Pm. 25-599. D used cars bought spot Cash.465 my Nukui pm. 13 397. Mthr a. Holton Smith co., 92, Albert. St fhe Honin of chromium plating 40 years experience All branches our traveller collects work free Bine 45 335, c electrical engineers. A red. T Lull an expert Winder Kurland st. Lab Sullivan rewind a t7 armature 42-023. C Sjouk motors.7», Wal Sulpy st. W. Pm. 43 i Lockland. . ,. Hot Springs. Leave booking office 22. Customs san a phone 41 3 li.»»,. Hus co., Ltd. Helens Villa Brunch » Dep. Auck in t0 100 3- 0 in it. Sat. 1u.30 ., 1.3u 3.ou. 77 Sun., to 4 s Dep. Ruelens Volle Sion to Fri. 7.36 ., 9 , it Sot. 7.30 8 .15 n.4i> Sun. S 2pm 6pm d Aily services to Morrans Villa. The Alicija Malamata via to Hugo for Moiten amp Volle to Aruba 9-3o Morrin Gilje the Aruba Malamata 3 Sundays 6 Coaches heated by Tropic Aire system. Booking office 22. Customs st. East. Ring 41-963 3 line Edwards motors. Ltd. D Vav a ship abroad via a aural Plains. Cars depart 22. Customs st. East fur inn rail Plains. Perou Iva 7.1.5 11 n 3 , sun6 .t. Turnn sol. To puke. When Kanaue. Poi . , 7.15 ., 11 Cars Leaie non ii for auck Latno Dali. 8 ., 12.20 And 4 4o 4.45 pm. Reduced fairs Peron 18/c. Wail 16/, Anuran a 19/ 1, lie serve . 22. Customs Street. A Hoce 41-063 13 links it transport. Ltd d y\7estmike, Bungalow 5 rooms modern to coins., near Trarup s. £76 1. Deposit £ 161. Let. G1ievai.ikr. Bungalow. 5 room in darn cons £74mi, Deposit a j00. Jones Pikok Salt. Winstone a jugs. A in i Oslo 22/6 tie Ekly -4 rooms no interest year. Total £750. Big Klov conv i inn m 1 n/1 Deposit new 4 roomed electric big Rtin. It. Albert £?60.- Janies Tajiri do colonial Mutual buildings. Apt it i1 to la it pos a balance government Quot. M to Trace. Week y merits including tates and in Stranen repayments under £1clique 5 roomed Bungalow it Albert Henr 3rd econ trains Price £s5u .1 \ m f s Christie. Cp1oiu.i1 Mutual building City. 19 vhf Friom owner. Beaut 5 rooms v a modern Comer beat iii pos s i it now 2nd sect Ion. Appoint Nice t. 9618. Simi Ste to e c e a s e d i state. Offer wanted suggest £400. Pim in Tbs. Near Throe lamps 2 minutes trains l of ii rooms in excellent Omli it Cit. Fni. Rel Section Froeli old i e Hae by iii in the turns act to sell Mihitar let by and Rons Bler flu offer of ¿40ü would buy. Good value Here. Fleming l30n. L i onby ito.. 19 a Geom Tram Section Villa 6 Kozinn Kitchen Bat room. Two open lines. P b. Id h., latest Gas stove Concrete path a garage. I Louic inside. A Kilt £575. Terms in arranged. Moss and Moss Ltd., 113. Queen st. D businesses wanted. Businesses All descriptions buyers waiting Walter Smith 3 Queen l All your obtainable at Wil bum Gill. Karang Ahapa re. Newton. H a Uipi 1775 i to justness co can soil your j , or Humeas promptly. Lib i note thu cd King in to any. Several Gorum e buyer waiting. All business . 6 5. Kiel in Isa Ulione 43-765. \ i Dairy or mixed showing profit about c_25> Cash. , 9u3,s Star si7 Junod clients waiting for Izu Niue ses and Luj of Quot 270. A of Vouly Ltd if you a ant to Kell Jour Kilimik spi iii Phi Rol ii ?4 a Foril. Ring 41-86v 1 Genus ii Pii iting for ail class cart of in Ines a. All dc.ii.-, in. Wat i or Smith. 63. No n st i Kwint to numerous recent sales we Abe Ket i r i businesses do \ a. Do Sci pal Lins i to have client Smith j 63, Queen Street. Xio motor cycles for Sale. A bout spares see Zambacca spares King. 1. Howe or. 46-153. Agents Budge and Thorps motor l . Karanga rd., Newton. Tju. Vul. Newt of. A Riel order trial £2fi 27.1, Var mint st i onto nov. A q Ariel 350, , Jago £ 45. Good ining Sel. Person. 134, so Moody Street. A c Lov. Bag pc 250, Elko new Obroin. Pan j Saddle Etc. £15 . Wake held st. Or i Tirkot. 4, 1/9 helmet., 3/ gloves. 7/6 batteries 21/.White, new Lotton 5j, , appear. Nee per acct certified £25,6, South Quot 19 k 0yal Emiely 850 c.c., . Great Osiier _£45.wjiite, Newmarket to Akk our weekly special All electric to under £ 15.robiuhon s motorcycles d a Jouette 2\ o.h.c., perfect what i a i offers \ i Obj cycles in Eunisa 21 we stuck parts for All Makek of motor cycles. In to quip role Cross Vahos guides Etc. Get our Price first. 1 Skratek and wrist. Ltd., 4&Quot. Fort Street Arkland 2i Jyh Jtb Fob new Booklet the r truth about the James. Cheapest motor Cycle to buy and run in . 7/6 Iep Kiy. Send 2d, cover Dostiee skeates and White Ltd., 48. Fort Street Auckland. W a Delolas to 10/ Good orders i ring li.itif&Quot-. 40 758. Jug 1 a casha.j.s., 350, . Certificate of , Newmarket. 29 nhe Broadway motor Cycle co. X ijtd., Newmarket 1 a lockets genuine spares for Norton Douglas. Raleigh. Royal Enfield new in Izerial engine Carburettor and Magneto. We Cater for every motor cyclist. Our service excels 1 d motor cycles wanted Cash for modern Eler. C7y cues Robin a Sun s motorcycles. Ltd., Grey s a. B immaterial Stab 2b i 16iit eight Conditi ini 1 j cheap no . 6750, motor Cycle repairs a la classes Lolor cycles repairs hottest , Gray tav. 46-483. _ Otholt Cut de quio36, khyber 1asa, a Cut equipped shop in Auckland i businesses for Sale. Amazing , outer suburban i shop electric Bungalow taking £43 Weekin a grand business in £219. Willoughby 40 1, Cooke a him Lidga. The. 42-033. D another Lone shop Dairy and i. General mixed. Of Polc Large school. Thickly populated area. Bungalow accommodation. Total Price t 125. Willoughby. 406. Cooke bldg. Pm. 42-053. \19 a Izak tents 80 rooms Clearing £7 cokl£330.francis, dil Wortlie bldg. 21 artents. Select showing .€2 10/ to. Net. Snip e 18o.29, Ith Ocuin. Ghani a i m a apartment House Superior except Tiomai bargain £275 must . 41-65d Jiff a Lhart mints returns Over £6 week Low rental adjacent Niones st. Exceptionally Long leu so b. 9052 stau. Xiy apartment houses. Is rooms Central 2 Houpe surgent ale £225. Grafton 6 Flat rent 3o/t £295. 9 rooms kitchenettes £250. 7 rooms £110, Ripley and co. Help abyss bldgs., Opp. G . C Bank £4 web Quot storhok tit Agency confectionery drinks second Section. Beautifully fitted. Heavily stocked. 5 rooms Etc., 35/. No sunday work or jute hours. I Quot was £190. To Days Price £115."cassidy, Ellworth building. H Quot confectionery cakes milk bar. 1 finest business in Auckland for the Money. Fine double fronted shop opposite talkies. Heavily stocked. Bungalow. 5 rooms. Reduced £340 to £269. Vaughan. Pm Nix Chambers. X9 tobacco. Station per lending Library. Rtin Gulow 4 Roome 25/ no opposition £223. Vaughan Phoenix Chambers. D / Corner grocer doing £60 a week 5 rooms furn ¿4 75.20-636. __.2u Tari mixed Good residential District a no Opp of Itin. Clean living Ace Nuno dilation rent £1 7/6 lease takings í2s Wei i Start 426._21 airy mixed £110 total Price. D 5 rooms ground floor Large Section Garden. Etc. 25/ Cek. Quot Opp. School 700 pupils. Miles j Cassidy. Pilworth bldg. P deceased estate ail unusually attractive mixed Bur Inest £7 vie Ehly Clear Arnht a ..Iblr Prive on £163. Night Guod . Lux Igilio in . Business sales co., 63. Queen st. Ith. 43 76u. 19 general store outer suburban turn Uxer £2 00 valuation. Rur Luson bos 760_ p me cookery Good locality View Lane Low rental turnover £14 weekly cheap in is 0186. Stvr__1? old established Home cookery with without stae 618. It for o inf cd to Good position £260 or offer . Box 1405 x9 Utah Unerv fancy goods. Slag Yii ies. Lending Library so subscriber it. I Ruul Turu Ovir. Modern do Nimg attache1 Well Blok ii Quot . E 256. Business by Debs ___314. alt ado n Tobac nest my hairdressing Saloon -1101x5115 £0 to £7 Woeklk Clear profit 4.\\eut Toik Coqui it Burnt. Secure this exceptional bargain at mix £273. Business sales cd. 63, quran direct. Ill 48 765 old 1? confectionery mixed Bandy m Luxo ii i Popula tril irn i Pplk str 425. 19 t Dairy. Mixpi.1, turini Ier s 23. V j Hotoi ■ agon re. 29. Phoenix Cuba -1 Dairy. Cakes on l Eltion. A i pre int ¿¿0 wkly. F let Tiki d. Ion make Yon i irn nor to Xiii. Be air for thi3 1 bargain comm abcs i. Colic Merrial Blok. Next to it Ith a Khy confectionery Quot. D Viry . St Mug 606 and email5-total turnover £46 xxi of rent 421g. Good i iii Bak Lour i Anil shop. Lease o .in. I liu1 £1825 b Moss and mils Ltd., 113. Queen st. D alive service station. T n,.rih v i in i 4il x olt lid Pirig Plant. 24li-m i lighting Ami Pex scr air Milit . Drill i of. Syllm j 5iini gallon Niin Imu Kihli. Irmi Lof a Inch a . Plant Eti. .í.13"p. S Moss in in a lid., 118. Queen st. 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