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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

City edition Burton on pm to Ai i it use King m i met might i. F. Furtun not Durw Jiu my Ria Pitri. Siuth Well in Auk 1.0 Muo Jim Roclor. To i Siriois Loi \ i1 u Rio Cochran. Oil april in Al Lyl Nti olme m i Lold Mir. I it o. Rocil Ldla Dice re Mari Isa son. \ to to or. And or i. ■. into Ltd Lovetto ? Mill it my or a , 00 1 á of Flat ii i to i let ill Ryhti i. Zoiti Well. Fieldsend. In Btij it 31 or. La Oleir to my i s. Leo fiend Encl of . 11 o t. J 1 , a son 0.0 to Norr a Ltd sen ii Clas Harlen in Panl is at Lack Tell ilme 10 m1 and or i. It. U Hurlen knee Point try it edvy Mont la Horii. A april is at feint lids , to i and or s. T ii. . U a Mecit Hoad. Jie of ipod talk hotly Well. Lambert. On Panl is at Mia in to i rid my in tremm lambent Nee Milt i it i Llu Imeri late mount to Vul no Itutti Well Malam. On Piil 18, 31 Stadler a incl new . In or. And Mir Luc Milam. It it a both Well thank to nurse and Ductor. Viii of 3 Arter seven a r. Mercer. On a no is. At Mclen Holme to i and or. P. J. Meiceli. A Bull. Reese. On Pul is. I i Deu Horne to it j Zirul mis. Tie of be Oleere a son. april is to or and mrs. Jilin Binder Nee Hazel Langor i i pm Miett Grey a in a daughter. Well. Waldron. On pal 10. At running Liaina. To or and mrs. Ted Waldron Junior Baughier. Both Well. Marriages. Piper Rose on March 16, 1037, til methodist lit ill Ell Ozah Uhll by Rev. I i joke. Luna us Ranide Only daughter of or and mrs. George Hose. Mangeim task Laie w of Delile to Hury sconce. It Oil digest Sou or or. And. Mrs. 1 Ipei Utal Iuliu. Deaths. Dav on april 18, at Auckland Hospital Mabel beloved wife or Kre Denck Day. Of Nelson Street City and Mother Quot of Joshua Jetton Imd Thomas aged a it ears. The funeral will leave the Chapel or Mesar. Little and sons lined Chi it. Jobs pm meet at ii a to to Morrow i be Scala Lor Cermet ii. Duncan on april is. At Newcastle Vul Stralis Mai Jone beloved Wile of me Minean and daughter of mrs. And the bile i. S. Hodge. Us Epsom. april 18. 1037, at a i j v j to Hospital Auckland William r1 Meis m Tider. Loved husband of liar Lutte Marshall late of Hastings aged 65 ears. The Rune Rai will leave Watney Sibun and sons Chapel Kii her pass. Newmarket. 2 pm. To Morrow tuesday Lor Haiku Nice cemetery. april 17, at his late Iris Deuce 02, Carlton Gore Hoad. Fun Ali Thomas beloved husband or Francis Emily aged 75 years. Interred it it Vii eau tins afternoon. april 16, 1937, at the Auckland Hospital Albert youngest son of the late Thomas and Sarah Nixon aged 11 years. Interred to Day. april 17, at Auckland. Lbert John beloved husband or Grace Milicent Pimblott or Devonport. Funeral will leave h. Morris limited s Chapel a Avonport to Morrow tuesday2 in o Neillis Point cemetery. a p i i i 10, at her residence. Tablelands spot ill Polly dearly beloved wife or Frank Heid. La her Rotty eighth car. april is 19 37, at Auckland Hospital. Abl Esther beloved wife of Peter Soljan of Plassey Henderson aged a í years. The funeral will a ave the Chapel of messes. G. Little and 0115, limited 209, Hobson Street at 10-Inoriow tuesday for walk mate crematorium. april 17, 1937, at Glen Eden suddenly John Ivan dearly beloved husband or Anicich Sunde Shaw Road or Tiu and beloved rather of Matey Phyllis Molly ted and Ivan aged years. . The funeral will leave the Chapel or messes. Little und sons limited 209, Hobson Street at 3 pm. To Morrow tuesday for walk mete cemetery. april 18, 1937, at Auckland toward beloved son of the late Florence wild and brother or mrs. W. Hicks of Avondale aged 4 8 years. Private interment. I Cordi Lulli grecurimn.1. Aw., Par Uell a mule return no. 7. A Ltd 01, Het i Jalc in Chi up it pc inc ring 4ij-it. By Ost purse. I Elmern Ivi Scarrow Phul to 11 ii us. ri4v. \ in a in jul j 3 a. In bet we f City Ami Royal Unk Ard. Phone _ i Ai. Reward apply in i on i inti Money bet via and ii amp anade tail id1. Of camera Canberra. Sunday. Hut Lake Ulm Lake Irum a Sailor. Hyx 13n7. A Wekla my. \ 15 Juluas Lily betwee Reward. Appie do Joh i Roll a notes j . Ami la joke Slid 4u7. I Jet. Gold medal und guld Itig Santur Liuji i Ark Reward. 7u7. La Nimmi re j a t Uia Felt Toque b Vulaj Enin Altieci i get. 01 Western a liar re Waitl ply met i v 1 j i ust he Juth Cutuil a Newmarket Lien . Reward Uii returning to u. Alt a Liaison he >15j t get ave Hirse Emit Diimig met or it. Link took i Curran st. Phone to. Saturday Reward.17, Islington st u i Oist. bag Eonta Uig Silver Sll or any night in Vicinity of three lamps flew aril at attn other ionic st 10 v is always . Uel e. L sue a in a 1 r.__1 a 4 i. Per Sinis 1 lit Erest etl ill forma i Ion a Lac Tarud Suu Liei a and a Sailor poll Inal i arts i Urr Sprind to Walfrid. 15n\ li4ht Auckland stamped Eim Tuyu of. Red ill v in univ going Bijj Sborne Emi of w k. With m 7u-&Quot»d. Is \ l l j a i4h1 thank it. All the be it to j i j tar Tjie in . \1i 1 \0l of Muon i nto at Meo Neil Plain Nnoli. Mil of i Geu i.1 us lil in Quot goads Leit at 4 1. L l Chi Esther h la nit Cli tuned pm Liln 7 Days Mill be Febol. T riot he re ten simile tor nil debts font rated in Iny name from tins Date Vrh. To Lior Sooil. In Kaka 17/4/s7 21 a lev on n Home mind Huj dad Haigh. Lh.». Mario Tonoli get Leo t Ost. Gold wristlet watch initialled k ii Molj i i Isoni new Market Keepsake Renard Llang . \1d t ust. Wallet containing Money mid la Driver s License. Sunday vehicular ferry Rioin Devou Puit about 4.30-5 pm Reward finder please ring 27-309. 10 t , 11 Reward leather Brief 13ag, with initial j , taken by mistake from Victoria my Oriu Allais to owner Only King to t Ost. Taken by a intake from Victoria Cale leather Brief hag with initials j., contains iii formation valuable to owner Only ¿1 Rivard King -42-tilo 19 1 get Gold wry let Mutch inline ii Gried saturday night Bel Wren ilium rail Ltd Taka Kimii. And Hajle Crescent. Grafton Reward More 1, Boyle cres. 19 strayed and impounded. Strayed of terrier dog. Reg. 24o5 Reward. G i. Grey s acuity. 19 Utra Yeu Green Budgie Jellow ii acl Reward 7. Itoe lands ave., Balmoral. Sti Lavelli cattle dog. Black and tan. 9 ninurh51 White tipped rail Hing 41-4.14 Howard vol tit slaved from Penrose Small wire haired Fox terrier. A White with Bla Ltd ears King Shaw. 12-080. 19 Holiday a com mod attn vacant r Rotorua Fenton private hotel. Write for May school Holiday special tar it. C4 Toto Tija Fenton private hotel adjoin. govt. Gnu Denis. Sunny bedroom a to Isio car . Tariff. 8/9 Ilu Ilju. R tjo Tokilia the Lodge. Near Lake and grounds. Book now Holiday Alcoie Madation Tod truth Tariff. I pupils wanted a bout Gregg shorthand. Learn , Quot a Iya tem. Free College. A Bujo lately Fay methods swimming. Results Anderson. Tepid Bilth. 15 a i daiy or san making Victoria Arcade a 10 lessons 3-/0. Patterns. Cutting Etc. C i rom i tim to who actual tier Nance. M "111. 81x11. %19 us mkt 1 slam sett lenient ail Ert i or u s of get in touch with other desir»ii4 of forming cooperative settlement Sumlie Hifp i it hex 3iki. Al Kulild. Al w ill ii. cull on the secret my Caty hot dvrs football club Ali business personal a i Axon aching feet corns Keit moved Marx in . Foot Spe Kallst. Opp. St. Janie Queen st. 4ti-707i a catalogue of hygienic and Hequin Stites free. Iran Feries 15, i it bldg. Queen st. Aii Eklund i a. 43-531. C acne. Pc tuna. Psoriasis Sebor Rhieu baldness Alo Hecla baby eczema sue Cess fishy treated at Klo Xema rooms Ali. 31-Illfl. Consultations free.-104, Dilworth d a j. 1altk amp son Patent attorneys. National Bank a tiers. Shortland st d la 1hsenses of skin Dandruff septic l Finger nails. Bate pharmacy Newton a feb act set of Teeth. A 2 2/, Tiu la Al. In 2 hours visit. Frost. Deut psf Auckland i Sld snooker 6d it ancient billiard Saloon Darin doctors Medicine Costa Losa at us Yeti harpers chemist. 127, Karangu Hape Ltd. British health Lus Virance prices. 1 Tjelle illustrated catalogue hygienic . 163. Broadway. D and extreme care. Howe Walker h Owei Walker thatus his name of Emir Imd Palules extraction tame. I or Teeth reme to owes Walker extracts you with Quot gentleness and Eitreim a Quot nitrous oxide oxygen process for Quito pal less extraction of Teeth phone 41-538, Ujj Owen Walker City de Tisi d i wfem8 fortunes in a Henry Ilu Glies Ltd Auckland Patent agent tor advice. U Teeth 42 2/ single Xuoi other ►3 repairs h hours i rum 5/, Frost dentist smoking habit cued 3 in Jas Booklet tree a s. Elwool Box 2444mm. Sydney. 20 Ranii new r1ters on easy terms from £5 j up urdu Lully Gimera Utech. Nyhus Lesul j i tax Riter . Till. Powts blogs t. Asir Leigl College n.55. Suh jets. He jets. Kecor4l_hiiccessca it cent sex neg. B Keels singing \ o1ce product improved methods. I la. 28-?70 in a it Rass Vouk Stencilling tatting pros a Pectle Ayling 4, strand Arcade. M Flo Mercial Art exceptional High Gride personal instruction £2 10/ College Palmerston bldg47, Queen st. B d , fattes classes Selwyn Coll. Sife Deposit bldg. Velron lotto. ? bkü8ís.makimf, designing pattern making thorough Ashton. Sel Phit school. Plaza theatre bldg. C dressmaking designing in Turu malt to Trio rough it ers it uial tuition no Cess natured. Holly Wood school dream Lite uni dress. Coll., Brunswick old Gnu to Queen st. Thorough tuition 42-029 5xpert tuition typing Quot Mesa Clarke. 11. Swan ii is 41147. C e i Mem Kiam. Loving memory of my dear father who passed away april 18, 1936. Dear rather How we miss you. Only aching hearts can Tell the Earth Baa lost you the heavens have gained you. Otis there Farewell tears Are shed no More but we know that you Are resting where shadows to not tall. There in perfect peace you await us All in the Light of everlasting it tay. And our memories often wanders evening s shadows fall Hack to years of happiness nears Licy Ond. Recall. Inserted by hts Loving son Dave. Gulley lit Loving memory of our dear Mother and Gran who passed away april 18. 19 36. Ever remembered by her son Isaac daughter in Law and grandchildren Loving memory or Mother who passed peacefully away april 18, 1936. To memory Ever dear. Inserted by Perce May and family. remembrance of our dear Mother Rachel who passed away Ai it rat 19, 193 3. Inserted and loved by Aii her rally Loving memory of my dear wire Janei who passed away april 19, 1935. Sadly Mia get inserted by Charles Graham. Laving memory or our dear lather and Grandfather who parsed away on april 19, 1 936. Ever remembered. Inserted by George Kola and Rodger. Loving memory of our dear Victory who departed ibis life a la 19, 1935. Ever remembered by her Loving parents and Sisters Betty and Nancy. Loving memory of our Mother Liz Ghotb who passed away april 19, 1934. A wonderful nature Good and kind a Beautiful memory Lert behind. Inserted let a her Loving sons and daughter. Mcgill i Loving memory of Mavis Mcgill who Tell asleep Panl 19. 1927. No one knows How we miss her. Inserted by her father Mother i other and sister. Moore. In Loving memory of dear dad Willham Arthur passed away april 18, 1936. Laved in life remembered. In death. Inserted by Nisi sons Christ tim and daughter a Law Nellie. It Ico l8 on. In Loving memory of our dear dad William Millar Nicolson. Who deposed this lire april 19, 1932. To Dix greatest Girt remembrance inserted by his Loving daughters Doten and Chris and son Jack. Type Morjaim cards letters of thanks Etc., printed of Kohl try at the Quot Star Quot office. Samples on application. Expert tuition. Shorthand typewriting. Art. College Oconnell st. Genof butyl Imperial la Mode 1 Academy dressmaking. All private lessons in this wonderful system arranged. Doy and evening. Terms on application. Room 3d, st. Kevin s Arcade. Newton. C a Jochai Iraq n. Scrap Iron turn yours into Cush. F. Llaves and . Pay highest cosh l races. Sacks bottles rags metals. Etc. Reliable Man will Call if you King 41 599. Ring write or Call. Station st. Newmarket. C matrimonial. T us j851, Auckland cur respondent club. Lung pm membership. Lyyii or fees. 23 1_>l sim7ss Man 42. Desires meet Home Loving lady View j state Nguc 7b4u. Stau inquiries Welcome. Novlie free View Matrimony apr lonely pet it up lacking social opportunities. My understand. Ine Thody have made a Miry people tip pm. Financial eve cry so Heie Jivin Gerard Colwell Chumbris Swanson Street. U gent s tailoring professional a taught. Selvyn College. Safe Deposit bldgs., High st. A h a1kdr15ssingformer pupils recommend . Collegp.228. Queen st. A it Aird Kesing its. College tuition . 22s. Queen mandolin guitar. Banjo ukulele saxophone. Walter Smith Lewis in dyes miss Greenwood s commercial school. Newmarket. Individual instruction shorthand. Typewriting bookkeeping b m a tar driving in a. Mayhill late . Tost License instructor pm. 14-223. C no Foite. Singing elocution latest technique City 2/ Lea. B. 8053. Star shorthand typewriting College Safe Deposit ii dip. High st. C wok than. Typewriting bookkeeping. English at Auckland business College. ticket writing successfully taught. K system 7d. Customs st. K Fth. 42-101. _ Warwick tutorial College matriculation. Accountancy. W. Jess. M. \., it Ritia Cham Era High st. 40-32l dress cutting. Designing dressmaking for thorough tuition learn from the Foremost and largest school of fashion in the British Empire. Call write or phone 47-260 for our free Booklet. Personal or a postal lesson. Mecabe Academy of dressmaking. 4th floor. Colonial Mutual by Daft lo9. Queen Street Auckland. 51 dentistry. M add to so Howey walkers guaranteed perfect fitting Teeth. Quality quite Superior of info upper or lower set. 3-¿át la natural appearance palate Light nod to bin. Giving perfect Ufort. Howey walkers special set will surpass anything you have yet had for Comfort and natural appearance. Perfect fitting Tull Ltd Teeth £2 12 6 selected Imperial Quot Teeth. ¿3 17 6 Standard denture. £4 4 u Florey walkers special. £5 15 u open Friday evenings Gowke a Racket a dentist 20». Quern st but Only a crore opposite John court. Ltd Floral emblems. A Quot artistic wreaths miss Carney to. Kahn be lid. Ring 40-035, night 12-234. I. Man 4ohe anti iii 1 Dot Valri s housekeeper be mi11 ill Obj bus him it ability appreciated Man like to meet. .1 working Uirl Ngu 23-28, View Matrimony Toller s. To Fulli Staci. 2u Homes and attention. Bonny Brae rest Horne receiving applications tor aged tunics and gentle sued. Day and night trained Nurias. Ape Cal attention aged and rheumatoid cases. Phone la Osl 7, Chamberlain ave., it Eden. D club notices. A la Good companions Pense Bote 2u3, st. , 8 pm. Pivk it Al Tab y a Unity full 8 o clock Good proof Unnic Welcome 2u n jew Friendly Culli tuesday. 2u3. Symonds it. Drcha Sorn. All Welcome. 2ú wanted to rent. In Dott 2-3 Nio Nelisi a Lenity Wellesley 8t. Joau or write aug Odd Hel a int tak Puha 22-917-. \2 1 Jollie 33/, Takazumi monthly rent n , 71154, stain. 19 House Cluj 97 Rusonis buy some Lur ski use and blinds am. 7033. In. P Young Man wants rent to Silick or Hare Handy City cooking con is. F.t., 7034. Star. X20 Jingle room near Queen by. Church st., Zunli Singn no meals trip Plaff. . Jim fld one Hugn \11i do ill of turn. House Reisui Wilile on to Hunga. Mangei o. A. . Slali. A inf Ikin. House. North Shore Bank officer no children. M. 7 158. Star. 3 u Fultn. House or Flat adults ref rent add . 7101. St a. X2l would. Labour Jea enable rent Davis 16. Chamberlain jit., Grey Lynn. A la Khoiee would repair ice. Houses and land wanted. I1le salesmen sound advertising Fella l property. Geo. Sayers. Victoria a red. A 0 requires Small Alonse Cash. Soldiers Lund Bureau Hellaby s bldg ■ f iome to Cates first if you want your la property sold Cates let Ufi g1 Low 5 Romov agents. Ii 9056. Star. \1í» monumental masons. Modern residence Handy re Mueva station elevated Freehold in Arbour v new preferred 3 but rooms Large silting and dining rooms. Price Vicinity he Gnu Cash private Deal. Vol write m. 70q8. Star wanted to i Purchase. Reasonable Price a la to Date Bungalow o Larse rooms close Tram Huntly City Wenzl so , 103. Queen Street. Alft \ Bandon dirty work. U chimneys swept work . 26 759. 0 a Tarr Jig sanding Cuner Couig Tennis fourth ii Volt Gro Niue. South Gate 43. It Roinell re. It. Eden. 21-343 a Ucucu it i an 1 books or Tircui up to come and wage returns prepared advice 415-411. Box 1393 a brickwork a it do every class of brickwork now Aud repair fancy fire i late specialists. Ill. 28-214._d 1jij a k work Buckley Niht fireplaces a most to heat fuel economical domgii5,.-- j27, new North lid 14 941. , alterations renovations Etc. Expert Workman Sonji Ali 13 -916. C / Larl Kyl for wants repairs Hera Titus in creating Good work Trade Somji. Ring 27-2 52. 20 /11ieckeu parcel delt Verj twice Dally / All suburbs Luggage shipping. 45-924. _ d / Lon Crete Gnu gab a built £2&Quot Thorn icy 28, mount my View lid., morning Side c / a Crete 1nllis, tur sanding special its sanitary drainage. Phone 21-119. i Sintal plate repairing specialists be 2 hour service tooth repair from a. A. Palmerston bldg. Opp. Waverley hotel. Dressmaker mat Ennu tacked perfect it 5/g -19, Karungi Huajie re. Pm. 47 358. C u urn it i re stored re nosed anywhere. A 4-i 281. Auckland Agency add. T Awn own its. Collect Shackeii deliver Leo a. Kloc Brakeen 2-5, Bro Divay. 30 875. C t lawnmowers sharpened collected and service pm. 25-352. mowers sharpened by expert a . St. Paul so 41929. D t lawnmowers saws. Sharpened col i ejected delivered latest machinery , Eden ter. 44-375. A t us Gage carriers and Springs All cars. La Western or a Cutler 144, Newton re. C t l a Gage carriers . Ford g m distributors. Ii. Snell Ltd. Kii her pass. C new is the time. Let lawns . Clo Tbs Job pm. 24 p2fl. C if. M4 t>lumb1ng. N person Aad son Reg. 16 Richmond a. Rey Vrr sewing ony Quantity by experienced machinist reasonable. --1l 9058. In Quot old Jerk. Cleaning Elf Flocs. Loii Sev 11.1 l Wash Jig write to 0926. Star ill w Vav ringers rerun Herd in for collect deliver. New Roll was. 12. Fans Howe st Taybus of distinction. For satisfaction. In All classes of garment dyeing. Phone 47-003. . Ski cleaning a Ltd a Pilot All r Furnet Lille removals at lowest Cost 40-830, j Xii be is a to. tax specialist. I look written up and balance sheets prepared for All taxation purposes. Fees moderate. Advice free. R. A Swan 11-14. Short s buildings 154, Queen Street. Phone 46 780. . Box 716, pour Success in garment and textile dyeing has been attained by wide technical knowledge Long exper Leuce and the use of modern Plant. Porter s Jye a Yolks Ltd. Stab. 45 yen. 1 135, Kar Anguline Ltd. 1. Vulcan Lane. □ and of try Bookstall d supreme Quality. J j a t h1e s o n1s Pike and. Fresh from Bakehouse to you. L hone 14 112. T it i Clea n jn<4 certainly is popular has no rivals. Supreme in its Field tr1&Quot cleaning Lins Sot n Wirich Dale a i non no other wish to Seru any particular and tin Public is wive to the frit la it any wonder Ilcy 0 popular Towel Supply laundry. Victoria st. The Only tri Civiller. Pm. 4 j 89j. D radio apparatus for Sale. Airline 5 compiler ±112 15/ it Heoji Liea 13 Wady. 192. Queen of i a toe world is yowl to own a skyscraper 7-Vuhe radio with 1937 be Iti ires electric Eye Fly Millu dial quiet tuning control. Manurel Model í29 in. Co Zihol Model £37 10/. Terms available bund nil Bond Ltd. A mtg a Melikyan electric und Batter. A a Cooper und Muhln. Cli Mucery st. 1110110 44-449._ a year ahead of All others. Gul Biensen leads the Way. Otu Muu Reid Unis Call Aud if Spect Toliese in Odolo at Hll Teit s radio service. Ota huh u. To tvs it god. Pm. It it we. N Taro Adlist models. £12 dual wave. £17 10/ h us trios 251, Sunio Juls st he y u set for tie cacti Yale 5 valve £4 1uz.■ 51. Hepburn st. D i71choette ±3. Master 5 valve £4. J 4-valve mantel 10/. A few of our latest Call and inspect. Carlton radios Cor. Pitt and Beresford sts., Newton \t9 yr1c 5. c., au6ltultuu flt ious -4 Guam teed £15 10/.ripley s radio. _ a Quot a to Mast Quot Aerial effective. Inexpensive very easily fixed All radio dealers or builders supplies Ltd. Anse ave. C Juilean capable girl 13-1u9. Epsom \19 t ume Stic iii Iddle aged preferred a i izeral outing1. L Hou. 24-551. 19 i Domestic help. Epsom Dally or sleep in no ?Liing. Good Vages. La Jusic 29-157. X19 irl House <1 uti p i 8-5 apply m t volcanic st. Balmoral after 0 . 20 ail Young Light duties daily optional. 34. Mor Veru re. It. Eden. 21 a apply to Starr Quot Agiert Irementa should not to replied to by letter. The address May be obtained by applying at the office. To parents Aud guardian wanted Young girl. A it most iii Nice borne Mit. Mun Raj a 7116. Stak. Ajl wanted Kitchen assistant sleep nut Preif Rcd apply 7, City . Phone 40 097. \19 Quot Toung Louian 25-30domestic duties must be Good Plain Cusk refs required. B r93-í, Star. 19 to it do los registry l h. 45 702 Cooks a . Waitresses h p. Maid. Apr Elm. Co Man. Gardeners. X 1 a of Virtry next wools Orths. 5s0/j, h.m.w.s., a Trulik. Maid h. Maid. .\19 strand registry general 30/. , h.. .15/, , keeper 2s. Xl9 situations wanted. Cood Aito . A Linnet player a modern old time. Music 7i 72 stau. _ ______\2l t Ai y. Capable require position housekeeper gent or elderly lady in it entrant. By. 6903, Star 19 shares and debentures. A gain you Are reminded that to sell or buy stocks shares and debentures to the Best Advant flip you a oiled instruct a. J. Green Ltd., Stock and share brokers. Bank of new zealand Chambers Swanson st. Tel. 42-499. Cd partnerships. A tan it facture it applying . Govt. Al and leading ínstitntii>ü3 with exe Gualve products offers very profitable opening to a worker with £200, former experience sales ., 63, Queen st phone 43-705._ d otomi Man £50-£75, secured Trade of who Star. 19 y wanted to buy. Abide Here Hook urgently wanted top prices129, Opp. And Rewth 51ntors, Sam nails st. Mighty atom. C bout furniture clothing. Sundries Kadyra. 51. Victoria st., Best Price. 4fl-s4r bout that used furniture. We want it. Top prices paid car Laws Mart 24, Wadham st. Booe .4-246. A. Aluminium brass Copper. Batteries. L in Rovance Supply smelter. Nag in st. C Star isl la moderne mrs. Ont Tom t. 15. Victoria st est 20yrs. 42-074. D. Spa Rev perrys. 315. Symonds st. Pay l More for Suita. We Call. Pm. 31-101. A a Auckland auction ering ., buy --■1 ton in Rah ure. I customs st. 42-238. D big Ken gives biggest Cash Price for used furniture nod household effects. 165. Pem Sonby re. Pm. 26-477, Krutles. Sacks. Metals highest prices reliable Man will Call. Write Clarke Bros. City. 41-429. . 44-109. C mild s second hand motor car reasonable i hone 43-014. Il9 fungus dried Wall Lee. 4o. Grey s . A us Elaml pays highest prices. C mum s shop buys for Cash. Furniture sundries Vns Rattan cartage free prompt after Nylon. 47-567, event ngg 17-064. D r age. Bottles Zealandia Trad ing ., 25, Cross st. Newton. 42 431. C sacks. Sacks. Bottles and metals. Wanted buy rest prices at a Kendrick Bros., Ltd. King tvs. Rhone 47-227, s or used furniture. Roy auctioneer. Fli. 4 4-398. C tall s bought sold ., Pacific islands stocked. Foidl 45, Shortland st. Spot Cush so Norrell Stamps bought sold catalogues god Den , Tellu Hyss bldg. A sufi suits suits highest fitly is isaid for left offs and misfits. Phone 45 330. Will Call. Anchor. 01. Victoria Street Likht. 20 Jears. C wanted 2 » i Millili 10 16. 79, Safe Lyle or. Grey . 21 t3lacksmith state age required. Uitz own Herd of 190 _ Box. 173, Auckland. X9 sons Wuu ted for Clairv farm a kind Teddy builder. First Elas tradesmen ref immediately d Mel Wallace. Ltd new Market do boat Trade Henchman. Permanent position Good tradesman. A. Button and son. 49. Upper Queen b k t it Ude Gill to learn Trade Good condition. Apply ,1. W. More and son. Ltd. Kip Emmid. Pm. 14-097. X9 tor him Excel printing Lyl us Wuu ted for Good Dairy farm. Malamata i toilet. Fine Homestead of or. Rooms apply Gilchrist Sou and Burns pc a mini 20 uh91it1iam smart Young lady previous office experience not needs met. Trl Iahlo 9070. Stah 1_ioy of buy sec uivary Educ Tun req tired for Legal own handwriting to b. 8990, Staic __10 ¿51 Art gift tor cake shop experience not Posen till f. 6583. Star. 19 Young lady Setji tired for Bakers shows Good Niau nerd apply Homestead bakeries. Ltd173, sym new st. Xl9 Spalj lib asses Host Vlasis wanted it a Preston and Maurice. Ltd. Cit the House. Queen st. 26 t Lyl is temporary position no experience 173, Auckland. Cabinetmaker Good Wantedburns it and n 131, Symonds st._x2qa i j. Lee j Tanto girls fris biscuit in sir hotel rotorua_11 packing. Quot Good wages for upper Ledred girls. App a factory manager Bycroft Ltd 20 1aretakek for country residence for k Mout lis single Man preferred apply Ting age and required. Caretaker Box 1468, Acklund. X2i it att Vest an 1 term ser machinists / wanted wages no object. R. Jaffe 344, Queen st. D4 Whan replying to Adverta emants Yunlan other Wien stated of opine Only of refer Noee should to Enol need. I Al Kityk sued but Tinea required for j j King cuu utry Mill Cro amps Cutter Able to keep drug saws also i Rhum Larsen and ., Ltd., Box 7, Jaugu Tikiun 29 coat Vest and trouser 4 cloth tag factory Ltd. 20 1_? eur fenced coat tailor Llanda also improver Best Wagen Permunentwurtliy manufactures Unity Hall Queen st. Pm. 44-989._21 housemaid waitress and a relieving maid apply 28, Symonds st. repairer for repairs and alterations±.3 week. La Rothall Ltd., 33. Eden ale re. 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Write now for illustrated Booklet and particulars of special offer enclose 3d lace ., 229, Colluna st., Melbourne. . 19 a capable woman with experience in Haberdashery hosiery and dress goods departments 1b required for country town. Salary ¿4 per week. Copy references. Giving details of experience age Etc., to confidential Box 1434, Auckland. Xi9 wanted known Bolish pain Miles anti pain pub l non in Jurious 2/6.dewar. Box 1621. Alki and sons booksellers. 225, Karanga Hape Road Opp. Court for Fountain pen repairs work guaranteed. A a Deuton Bloop. Tiera Alibi and , asthma Catarrh 239, by Rands st., Opp. Post office. D Auckland Safe Deposit vaults Deposit your valuables during your vacation. Comer High st and Vulcan Lane. Mph baby eczema skin and Scalp troubles successfully treated. Alexema 104, Dilworth bldg. 31-019. Consultations free. A Lothes Snow White with tan1wha soap powder. Re d e n t i s t d a v i b 5, specialist in extractions and artificial Teeth. 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Box 9g0, Auckland. 20 specialises in extractions and painless fillings. Corner opposite John court. Ltd., Queen Street. A Kari Tane Kuttab Home remedies the original Knut ointment Castile and tar soap. Cold club baby cough mixture. Finest and Best. In tons make novel Toj s. A 1/. Chemists. Richard Arthur. Ltd. 191, Queen st. 4.\evt Power Board blogs. Will Tiluy for Cash. Phone 47 380. U sed Jig it n i t l k e. We will give highest prices spot Cali. Any Quantity. No cartage. No valuation fees t e Ltd Quot phone 43 025. Auctioneers 291, Queen Street opposite John courts a Kakitani Kottage Home remedies the original Kuril me ointment Castile and tar soaps cold rub baby cough mixture. Finest and Best. In tons make novel toys. All i. Chemists Vivell established company transacting l inc Marine and Accica Init business requires the services of a apply Junior male clerk. 16 years of ago or under. B. 0056, Star. By anted to b old Type Metal. Apply Foreman. Star office. 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Or Queen a Wakefield sts., Opp. Town Hall a shoe 1 x d in s t 11 y Quot Fly Vale Quot by Dot in have openings for two or three first class machinists and girls. T7eep Linos and alt Woodwork Bright with meteor polishing Wax re Latch keys duplicated immediately. Builders supplies Ltd. a. C Adame Yvonne. Certificated psychologist vocation nod a tilth adviser London. America. Phone 28-364. C a View hair Colour with Rachel in sir ionic. By stimulates hair roots and Scalp 3/g. John court. Ltd w dearly is Ltd. 7, Nugent Street. W anted Turners. Fitters. Boilermakers blacksmiths and tinsmith. Apply works manager he to railway workshops. Cabinetmaker chair maker must be Good Man. 2/s per hour minimum. Sharp and Page 233. Great North Road Grey Lynn. Of face a Domestic necessities. H Ouidie 1ü, 16 coins Handy trams and3rd Section nurse. Phone 28-427. 1i r ing 47-233, Warwick sect in. Til. Solen Alfir radio service moderate. Manufacturers in Auckland of monumental Parkinson and Bons Kiil Sui ones st. Complete Job £6 15/ sec window. G j grazing to let. Farm implements for Sale. To acres it Wilelen Sallr in Kaiui left available for cattle or Dairy Stock. Apply Public Trust office. 219 Cru Nick link i Rug is reinforced. 15u Gal. J 55/ 89-Gol. 41/ Ralleis free 11 0 Ingle Hrth Concrete Ltd., Frankton d the Stokes cooker has Many Good Points Worth inquiring about it is on privilege and pleasure to have the Stokes Pat. table cooker a Qiming Jour inspection. Your Surprise Ami pleasure Are la store. Why not Call la in ure deferred Tetli no one. The stocks Coste Only 52/u terms if required Westminster . 300, Queen st Opp. Civic. Pm. 45-203 re a Large importing firm of pelting throughout new zealand has a vac1nct for an office Junior. Aged 16-17 years. The position is permanent and offers scope for advancement to the youth of the right Typ apply in own handwriting with copies of testimonials to a. 70.74. Star1, x19 Ruvvo delightful Sheena shampoo i. Soap j Jess of Long lasting Sheen and softness is Icona a Lomec for enhancing lighter head 9d Pkt John court. Ltd a varicose ulcers get rid of them by Marcx method of treatment. Easily and safely applied at Home. Free Booklet from Varpa. Ltd., Box 153sz, Wellington. Local representative nurse vase Wallace 12, st. Kevin e Arcade Karanga Hape Road Why suffer from piles ? Zann treatment gives immediate and permanent results. Write for generous Sample nine Pence in stump. Zann pay. . To 932. Wellington. Re your health demands better Teeth. We help with easy terms better denture coy., 406. . In Surnce b1<1rs. Queen st. A of i Eft Book. K system new Book club customs st. 1/ to join. C Gaved from baldness. I was going Bald. I could t keep Ruy hair from falling and pulling out. But to link goodness i secured your burmese herbal hair Root treatment in so w rites t. Mathura. Us Reese Ute rally vamps the hair Ami Renews vigorous growth sold at 3/6 with free a Tusk Scalp gland in Sager by All chemists who also sell Burniche shampoo. Rms r o l 7 1 g gives a High polish that lasts. A x m &Quot\tim1 benefits blood. Body and. Brain. A thin run Down condition thro Ucli insufficient digestion strengthening and a Vij Ollk Vitamin is in erected by it Eye Bat Iron my tablets Moi to °.u. Source of vim Feour Ami vitality. "y1m&Quot tablets contain cultured ale yeast Iron in its purest blood Enn Cli ing form and a malt concentrate. 4 0. Double size 7/6, from e. Coutt Eccle Quot pharmacy and other chemists. M table talk. Racing at Nelson to Day. League football season opened. Sunset 5.52 j Sunrise to Morrow 6.50. I quoth water at Auckland to Day 2.,-. New zealand Rugby league Annua report. New school at mount Roe kiss officially Openell. Unique a Walgamat Ion of Cricket and Rugby clubs. I. Wallace a Century and three wickets for 7. Sharp drop in wheat prices on world chief markets. Fijian Breaks four records at Walcy College sports. Aorangi sails at 11 . To Morrow for Vancouver. Problems of jewry Ducu amp sed by noted australian rabbi. Or. Jordan to be Standard bearer at Coronation ceremony. British motor racer building car expected to do 400 farm labourer remanded to Christchurch on theft charge. Auckland priest describes How he was refused entry into Russia. Tragic shooting of wife by retired army officer in California. Elderly Man killed when knocked Down by taxi cab in Wellington. Christchurch tramways show Loas of £20,258 for past financial year. Hospitals in Sydney visited by member of Auckland Hospital Board. Man fatally injured by heavy fall of Earth on Waitaker Scenic drive. Fine Gold quoted in London at £7 1/2 per ounce the lowest Price this year. Carvings for st. Patrick s Cathedral brought to Auckland by or. Buxton. Thirty two thousand auck Landers visited the australian warships yesterday. Auckland Cricket season closed when the rest beat the club champions North Shore. Karimea leaves at 7 . To Morrow for Gisborne to continue loading for London. Port Brisbane arrived on saturday evening from Australia to Load for London. West Ralia a new motor ship is due on wednesday from Texas with a cargo of Sulphur. Prominent British agriculturist condemns Export of 6tud Stock to foreign countries. Departure of Matara from Wellington fur London postponed until noon on saturday. Australian Amateur wrestling team won seven of eight contests at Palmerston North. Police search for thieves who tripped baby car of fittings and accessories on saturday night. Be Valera reported to have intimate knowledge of new zealand is problems and remedial efforts. Adventurous australian lad who a found on Aorangi after liner left Syd Ney to be sent Home. Hope that Palestine will achieve Dominion status expressed by rabbi Brodie of Melbourne. Driver of milk had narrow escape when overturned after colliding with car in re Mudra. Thieve stole two motor cars in cite on saturday night. One was stripped of wheels and equipment. Conviction of a Chi Wese at Taur Auga for alleged phase Sion of opium qua hed by supreme court judge. Opinion that new zealand May give a Lead in world reorganisation of Octal problems expressed by or. Buxton. Aratea leaves Wellington at 11 . To Day for Auckland. She leaves Here at 5 . On wednesday for Sydney. Consternation among certain Seine net fishermen in Auckland concerning governments plan to control ind Tatry. Entry into Australia of selected jewish exiles from Germany advocated by past president of australian zionist federation. Cabinet has approved of a Grant to enable additional area to be purchased for playing ground at Koohai intermediate school. Sales on the Auckland Stock Exchange to Day were Bank of new zealand £2 5/ Bank of new zealand d Mart Odd lot£1 6/ Dominion breweries £2 British. Tobacco £2 10/9 Robin songs ice Odd lot£1 3/ National Timber 12/ Kai Apoi con5/5 broken Hill proprietary. £4 3/ 6. J. Coles £5 5/ Taranski Oil 3/ff Bond 46 49. 4 per cent £101, 15/ Stock pc 3841, 3 per tent £101 10/ mount Effen 1/4/55-00. £103 Wanganui Harbour Board. 1/4/46, £101 10/. Unlisted Selfridge old£1 15/, Australasia s greatest value £5 5/set of Teeth for £2 10/.e. Davies Ltd. Dentist Davies Opp woo Verti Sementa intended for our classified columns should re in our office not later than 1 . Daily. no after Thea hour will to insert of up till 2.1s . In Lata now Pasa. Proper Lea far Sala and Exchange sat Lone for Salo Roalna Kaaa for Talo Olao of com . Dally. The from Latora do not hold Thomo Olno Ruapon Vihlo far flon in Karalon of . Manta or for Errora in , through Abeldano or of Horwoo Ond they Raa Orro to Thoma Olvo tho right to Omond withhold or omit ony adroit Loomans a Tould to Etc udder of the manager Star office. Piano tuning. Claude Oyer for Fine tuning Aud 2/ tone adjustments. 653. It. Albert Bead. Dogs for Sale. To it a Kinase dogs. Lov j up Tai Clima ». -12 re. Boats Fob Sale. To it ii Igess. The original ouf Conrd Kervin suttion. A sold apr Vlacil now motor £17 . 30. Customs st. _ 40, Kola new this reason ring 20jd7____ fat it ter. Good raring i a Pete Rrt eing gear in aloof £13 10/. Re Enni 732. I 9 aft Muliett Safe coi Iarj Root Cruiser Quot Dinghy Devonport Box 1370, Auckland. J9 a our news pages. Cables. Quot cartoon Quot the victors Quot. Of crossword a Zzz it .37 editor lax Quot a tin i tion a my a can wit t n Nii it .6 Genori no í. 5. 6. 7. A 9. 12. 115, 17 i Lustra Lions. I in the Public mind. 0 mail nonce. G and Commerce. A i. Show. To it Loncin world. A shipping news. 4 Short Story Quot disturber a of tie peace 1s it Orts. I. Ii. A 6 to Tony s Liu nig. 5 trotting a women warm q in ;