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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Cur1 edit Ion l a weather in Auckland por z4 hours from 9 to dry. East to South wind. Cold and unsettled rain in to part it Dean on Pace three. Vol. Xviii. No. 90. Kuthle / registered a a news a per at i . Boll auck l and ., saturday april 1 93 7. 42 pages a Sirice a wets delivered. Price twopence. Ihk Ninmer i \ a our Etc ii r rift i la 11 Lorn re mini. Pal. Never Tad y i i it i Hub maj u n Quot i but Íii-,11.vil a pm a gained a he i Iti Ltd Wonia contained. ■ a i1&Quot&Quot &Quot.iu"111 Quot Quot in i run n. Lnell Lar nor or our hear mom. And i acid Mottier. Whom to 1 in \ Rii is . Into d daughter a tour. Son in Law i in Fli in. T in lie r and fraud a Jilan it it Ali . Leuv » ,iiiic.Iti» hotel. To ills .1 Ltd i a mum i Home. Ring \ i Jil » moni.1 Leuw /1ai Able , ,1st household duties linkers Lull of a a . Week Nula f ret x7 Pisono lit 227. 17 births. Quot rim Ril iii .11 m c ill Hurzd. In ill. Ii a Quot \ cd .1 to l Lull a4 Nuil. Al Han Mam Itell Lih lil i Hon i Lurhl do Sherrock. On aft in 7. I Quot Mimish iii i t. To i. I in 11 -1» k 1 be Lek him \ a Motil a 11. ■ i Lila i it i a ind mis. My i Miguil Zicuis alter at i st Riihl and mis. a marriages. Church charter s. On pril s j. At .1 lorem c to Etc of Ltd a i my the late or. I j. Tui tons. Of , in Lui in Lewis cup to a 11 imy mis i. D. 111l c tar us Oro r iii , go us Funnell. In March 2u at la Unis Nii iii ii c lit a a. I till. Fichti mice daughter no my Annj Edwall in Tiu 4i< a rat Lulu Hinni. I Hla tid. To Charley , Mii Frost tin he tie late David and i Quot ii i Al quid. Aunt Ufi 11 memory or our dear a 1 Jess it i Jav Quot a at As re to. ,e it 1 by i or it y Utulla Anil Johnstone. A in Weir me rum v n Tun a a i my w,i1j iih1 in m"11 in Una him in there is a Plinto. In us a North item no Ihm Geol cd. Los Plinto if on i rp.,i to in in it. Rik Inoia Sili to ii Tow cold Uuk ckuho11 1,y tud did Ljury it mcveilnn.111 a nip Merit oct or our Imp Sou Hcetor Buheit who lasted a i i it is fondly de. ,onf0nna a i is Mother Ami rather and lii Ollieus Holm and Suomi Ion. Melellan. In Lov Lup merry by of our 1í-0 tel who passed away a Vijh ii a Gnu i la drouth 1 a i . Ruil a ,n5. 17 ii -4 a mtg Dpi. m rite s stir uni Vril. it on i 1 1 i a that i 1 a i lists it Jii Ite a i in to s s. a Etui not Knudts Lett at 41, i-1 el11 i la i Neil is Hui to. Tends one watch Ionr-17 / Palm Zilfi help trustwurtliy.1, Jour it Eru rd., off Bijl moral Ltd., it. Lamp Den. Xl7 / lome help Coti s to tent Home Eugun ii. 01ia<, sitar 11 / Kulm Amox help 11 ■ i is. U f Lier Liet i kept. New Nulli iii. 2 adults Audi Ron or. Ltd 5. V. Ill tie a i 11 n a Quot .110 to. The or ?. Gail in it a enl Csc it Fly Imrij and myi he i Mill it he it mitral a a it Teri responsible and Dehill i i Nucie withal my t utter lius Date. Michael hoax. He. Nelson Stielf i Auy own i gun mind Liu Daylight or b m i i i Miou list of Lam be let it it i uui1k s. Illuv bind Mai ii line Krat Efell Eholt iii a i Ilsi a. Do Lirt , jigs. 7ctttice to i . Nurse Sadk. Kind too nos lad relat tons for unit kind lies o Norman liter his Mclellan. ■ in Ned. Who pushed Sale m die inso cd by l it Nair Nio Mir \ of liner Meis Mills the Mantle -1 jul Ltd. Pill 17, Lojo. I l. A 11a \ Island sett a. I or Imp. I. Deaths. poll 17, Al ills residence. Hirv a Pinr new , it min plier Clui a i doved husband of Chii guile 1 Flo land. Ruiu Lutui a i reial will he late res demo it p in Monda papets please copy Bromiley. On april 10. 1937. At a private Hospital. Catherine Tiou Ilei. Teleai in beloved wire of William Bromley. Of no pm pure Road , Aud loved Mother of Nellie. Jennie fully and a it i. After Stirr Ervinjr patiently Lorue aged 7 1 ends. The Tiiu Eil will leave tie above address at 2 pin on . 19tic Foi Purewa cemetery. Friends a Jose accept his . april 16, at 27, Toni Sonoro in incl. In unit Albert Rautus. Beloved Wile of the late a Anrold Eliot late of 3, Llast Fuji Hoar aped Fly years. Private write Arnem Rioin w. H. Tongue and son s Chapel monday at 2 . Finlay on april 17. 1937. At 56, Mackelvie Street Pou Sonty. Vat Dali Fuhler or the late John and Jessie r Illuv. Funeral monday from above Addieg at 2 pm. Tor pure a cen Eiery. apr 17, at a Haw Euc Avenue West Hud wat Wick mania. Loved youngest son of Janies and Rita , raged seven years private interment monday at Kyj a in. april 17, at Auckland Mcdonald. p. The funeral will leave the Chapel or c. Little and son. 209, Honor Street at 9 30 u n monday Lor Hills Ohio cemetery. april 16, 1037, at the Mick land Hospital Albert youngest son of the late Thomas Nixon aged 4 1 years. The funeral wll leave the residence of Hla ■ Slater mrs. Mcewan 48, Kas Letl Street at 2 . Monday for Purewa cemetery. O april 17, at Auckland Hospital Maurice James o Connell beloved husband of Louisa Mary o Connell Cross Street. Newton aged to years. Timaru Wellington papera please copy Parker on april 16, at Sydney Victor George beloved husband of Hilda Only son or late w. G. Ond j. M. Parker of Auckland beloved brother or mesdames n. Met Kay Kory. Union Street m. Cooper Ai Irma eau 0. Griffiths Penrose age 50 late master Fiona. By Cable april 17, at Auckland Albert John beloved husband of Grace a Lucent Pimblott of Devonport. Funeral notice later. april 16, at Dunedin suddenly Joseph j. Late superintendent Dunedin fire brigade loved rather of finest h. Salmon 4 2. Cardigan Street Western Springs. . april 17, at the Auckland Hospital Floy dearly beloved youngest son or Sadie and William Smith 185. Walmer Road 3 Yeara 0 months. With jeans which is rar better. Private interment april 10, Arthur Thomas Stokes of Chi flt Church beloved father of mrs George Reed mount Albert aged 78 yers. april 17, at the residence or her daughter. Mrs. F. M. Walker 4i Selwyn Road Epsom. Mary beloved wife of Charles Stuart or 22, Arthur Street Ponsonby Iti her seventy eighth year. For Ever with the lord. Funeral will leave the mortuary or Watney Albun for Hillsboro cemetery on monday at 11 . april 17, at Christchurch. Amy la Ettla beloved wife of the late Wilcot Wood. And i uni in inv i 1 g Momoi 1 it in out nil her Whu 11 it a Mic Cai go. A place is Van tit in no which never be Illus. Inserted Liy her Biving daughter and <n,1 Nell t and i . Over. In Loving memory or our dear Mother who passed la rest in Panl it l u j 6, dear mum r you Only knew How much werness Vou. Inserted by your Loving daughter and Sou i Law a a and Peter Jensen and family. Loving memory of our dear Mother and grandmother who passed away 17, 1036. by All. Badly missed. Inserted by her daughter Celia Soti in jaw and family. Over. Weot remembrance of Darling another and inc idea Tell asleep ii 17, by to. Sadly missed by daughter i Ltd son Amy and Mercer and grandchildren. In Loving memory of dad who died april 18, 1933. In silence we remember. Inserted by f. C. And b. Peacock. Loving memory of our Loving husband and father. Clarence who passed away april is 1932. Tourer to memory than words ran Tell. Of a husband and father we loved to Well and those who knew him. All will know Huw much we lost rive years ago. Inserted by big Loving Wiir and in Loving memory of our Husland and father passed away tinl 18, 1023. From this world you have gone. Our Golden Chain has been broken hut i want you to know dear Joe that i will meet you in the better land. Inserted by his Loving wife and Ramiy. Loving memory or Mother who passed away april to 1936, at rest. Inserted by her Loving son daughter in Law Alex Elsie and grandson Douglas. Saunders to Loving memory of our dear Olive Constance who passed on Aptil 18, 1933. To Mon. It of Lorit in iii cml. A Mil vim let Al 111 Isi Tom la i it h it Boi no a t slim Nib. Auckland 1 Quot to ft1m o Young i Quot it join Tofpi club fac it particulars. A fun. A tak. Business personal. \ a it ií01 in fil to Citrus 1nmlestly ii veil Mer u Adams foot Spe Eia Lisl. Opp. It. Jame Buoen st. 4ti Tuti c Methola swimming results roles or Anderson i tepid maths. N a catalogue of hygienic Ami term Sites free Ivan Keels. I tel 11. It legs. Queen it. Auckland i h. 4&Quot c a pm eczema. I it aria i a Ftp Rah it a it ■4ta. La Alnesa. Alopecia Daby eczema. Sue res sulty treated at Klc Xema rooms i lev -.i? consultations free.104. Dilworth building. Ujj help Middle ogeil.<1 Rufii lady. iii Dii Lump. H / weekly ill it-3 lir Taldi Midk general 7 l Arnell a Rydl Llor. I la 42- ii i Lieut . J 1 a lira general 2 adults refs required. Apply Alfa g. Dmn Stilld 16, Victoria a. I Fumii iii phone 24 046. Xi7 Laily 19 help Hel i Liotis work Iner 3 iii Alid a Lione 27-00í. Ija1l1 help. Ii let Wii-.1hhk, weekend fret. Up ply 240, Jestoin itd., Herne inv i a Mir 211 8 a 17 t help i to 4 week ends fret. Apply 32, st. Be Orsog rd., _ 4 7 to fails tic Young icon. Ite Onuora i 01122. S r i n All Dunn pc. A a lii ring 24 424. Write \ 1 7 i v i m hath help capable. Plain it ■ i us. Tin Azeil Ngwa lir s-1 it., <5 a if the week Ila a 1 Range Ltd i Den the m 124. In som help. Ring a self j 4 Dill he sleep out Ali. 24 7.t household. \t7 Quot apply stir should not to to plied to by Lotter. Tho Addrena May to obtained by applying at the office. I 1 i lil House f \ Glen /j.iiíl. Light Hou Clutild duties used Quot Clil Elron Good a. J. Park amp son Patent Atto Lueje Ixa Lional Dauk tri hrs. Shor Lan it or _ n a la i scars of skin Dandruff septic . Dates pharmacy Newton a perfect Sel or Teeth £.2 2/, made a kind. Hours to sol f™8t a Siil Lugii cell Page no sub Jer to. Record successes it it ent exams Lillett is Keels singing voice i in disc Dun. Iii prom my thorns pm. 2s 270 it t31 ll1a right a 1»u, snooker Del t Ime enl Rill lord Saloon Jarliv Street. Tooji Sikkel Ial lit Gap Grule personal ing Truclio £2 10/ term Wake Ltd College. In Ulverston Lilg 47, Queen of. In i Osit tour valuables deeds Deh Entres. Etc. Iii safety in the Auckland Sake Deposit vaults Corner High st. And Vulcan Lane. Loving chords of touched to Day. Memory Are softly to memorial. Bland in Loving memory of our dear Mother who passed away april 18, 1033. Sweet memories Loving und True. Ever remain dear Mother of you inserted by her Loving daughter and Sou and ted son in jaw and grandchildren. having memory or dear Mother who passed away april 18, 1033. To memory Ever dear. Inserted by her Loving daughter and son in Law and rally a. And f. Petty to Hawera Taranski. Loving memory of our dear í1p33 re we passel away on april 18, dearly Laved and in dlr missed by us All. Inserted let a her Loving son John and daughter in jaw and grandchildren Birkenhead. In a Jug memory of my dear grand Raiher who passed away april 17, he suffered in silence in patience he bore till god called him Home la suffer no More. Inserted by his Loving granddaughter a spline fond and Loving memory of our dear wire and Mother who passed Awn april 18. 1936 nesting where Rio shadows rail. In pet feet peace she awaits us All. Though gone not Foi gotten. Inserted by her Loving husband Ana a Irney. Loving memory or our dear Mother who was transferred Audi 18 19 3 6. While memory last you live Mother. Inserted by Harry Lily and tamil. Loving memory of our dear brother Bert who passed away Arll 18. 1038. Ever remembered inserted by his Loving brother and sister Argle and Bertha and family . Loving memory or our Din hug Wile and Mother who passed away april 17, 1935. Dealer to memory than words can Tell or a Loving Mother we loved so Well tui those who knew her All will know Huw much we lost two years ago. Inserted by her Loving husband drip Glittis my sons in jew. sincere and Loving re Mem Hran re or Rev Loving sister Sarah d away april 17, 1336. Not forgotten. Inserted by charge May Verena and trem Follas fun Loving memory of our nude Raul rim thei who passed a who Pill 17, Lino Ever remembered by Hartr Miille and Ciao. To Rand memory of Mother and Gran who passed away april 18, 1036. Ever remembered. Inserted by her daughter Nell and grandchildren. Inserted by her Loving Mother and father. Loving memory or our dear Olive who Lert us april 18, 1933. A we loved her so we miss her. In our memory she i dear. Inserted by auntie Hose. Loving memory or our dear daddy passed away april 17, 1931. A wonder tut father True and kind. Inserted by his Loving daughter. Ivy. Loving memory or Pauline who passed on april 17, 1927. Not lost but gone before. From father Mother Billy and Molly Birkenhead. Loving memory of Pauline who crossed the har Laster morn april 17, 1927, to live in hearts we leave behind is not to de. Chari May and family Herne Bay. Loving remembrance of dear Pauline who passed on april 17, 1927. Sadly missed. From her Loving Rolend Frank. In memory or out beloved grandma who passed away april 17, 1936. In ser decl by Joyce and Maurice and great grandchildren Brian and Beth. is australasian private de acct Joe of Pau it modern equipment guaranteed fee Utts assured i h. 13-481. R 7 Ial 40-402 on monday and have your weekly Wal a collected washed and ironed for of. Quality is the keynote of our m Stem. British laundry co. A hone 40 4i»2. R Tao Toich Medicine Coj it to i let harpers chemist. 127. Less at Fly tit ,. T Karun Mahape British health insurance prices. D 1 Pressma iving a patterns classes Belwyn Oil. Safe Dean yet bid Vulcan Una. B thrice Illus trusted in Lajosne Hugic iii . Q3a. Broadway. 14 and extreme a Jewey Walker. Dentist. or Metlei watches. Uny breakable a ensues Sll. Webber jewel tar. Opp. Town Hall. A a iri4reh m n . To ■1írl. Aiice j write it 4 i h l i flier duties. 8.3--apply ii. Me st. Balmoral after a . » to 4a6 i 7 or elderly Vul ten. Light Domestic 47-719. 53, Weston _ x17 a irl duty in i hone for. Albert. Situations vacant. Toot Trail boys nil Ciru Unn Terl 1j 1 r. Riff Iti Wali a flit sr._.1 7 b situations vacant. Out Trade . 10 tears turn line room. Murray shoe co. Pm Miner Ltd. 1>ot>t j rare Gul to learn Trade Good credit Mhz applet. Y. More Ami . . I and. I h. 14-097 1» Strong for Feldhu Ongory the l papa my wage right lad i i i Kllc. 17 . For Ron lieu get pm Pizii 1 itts t u no apply leg Mill be n a Tionel dark 17 g Jern clo Liing Trumie. Sew Bros one Linnins Ilu 1ri.s for brassiere b by Kov. store and Fues jigs australasian de co., pm scr llidg., Attane 1>gy 14j16intelligent required imme a Kos Hyu. 32s. Queen st a \ for Golf club making. Apply Korgin and son Ltd Jobu Khos bling i. By t irl t n. Ihlen. . Work to cooking sleep la hos Pitzl alt. I , to i re cited Senrt Trade also exp a a nil wages and Bonus. Model Murrl ii. Ullh. Igme ral si.__17 and i irl. 10 to 17 joint a. Void Trinnin v6 every fur ult i refill apply ant. Apply in writing to sire us 144 Jileen is. V1 by i second tiry Legal i Titi e to it about 17, matriculation Standard. I Junior office work. No typing. I Revi own j \1 unde Ira de apply. . Situations vacant vl . Tint Clas wait pm to i i Appl a Teslin and i Lurice. 1t1u Jonic a Reitt Irementa of Eier Home apply by letter alar in a 1 Armadale a. Remner 17 rail silk. Vinh Lemen tur tio re Lac a bookkeeping. It Ushii Hsiu estate office write b. St s 17 to dust. ». Pith m e lid a Licitr i office sex. A ctn apply own Ham writing Tilting qualifications s 6r11 stir t fist and i dry Edue Kilimi required for j handwriting. I to pc Etc 55í is apply we handwriting Al i Yahng Man tel he. For Bolt and Kirigin Eitsa store Ai App moriday morning. S a to Macolm wind Ami 1 it Gay Roi juiced a i ply 1» a Ltd. I Enro Xic. Al gift Par my inlay. Booth 17 i of Deh or. H a re min nil Mars nil Ltd., i a enlers 12t 131, Albert st. T-?1- » 6 ear a for soft mud. Represent ii lib Era office excellent Opportunity snort Bov to Irnen pm Sites. Apply in own la adv. Ring of Box 155 1. 17 b u y s of w a n t rit hiring and store work Ltd. Vail in apply the fruit we _ Cist Nick Street it West tour of Gils Al quire int st a. Calculator operator re inane Dinely write s. 0056. When replying the advertisement Unalee otherwise to ted. Copies Only enclosed. Of refer be should be t a i Betm a Kelt Good Vuk nil a Quot As 131, s Iuo. Walled. Monds st. Í algal talk Vertle. St. E. 1 Lione 4d-5tí4 shorthand to piste. Inobio racial a rldgx., Weile Slev Al 7 ller Muonis Light housework ret Iwuona . 29-163 rite b 8885. Star.__x17 for doctors Home Able to Cook help kept Good Home and Winget. I Ioli Udoji Herne Bay. 26 341. \ 7 mrs a l i1y Earl cry Horne offerer _ Tupie. Return Homel Mii. St in. Lady. Light replied help 17 Tudi capable refined Good Home i Ages mall Fiu Nily remu Cra. I h. -4 747,_ Xii 1 Kun child not objected to la City lather son apply sunday or in my ii afternoon Krak 4 14. 17 l / Vaif Entkos walled. Go or hotel. Rotorua. Oar Pentek v in Sentinel c apply j. Lee. _ 19 d. Simile alter Nylon _ Herne Bay. X17 Lerk and Liol Ith a Quot a Quot a to Fps t it 1 noting lady a Ltd office experience for merchant s office state age and details. Wages £2. Office. 8 j2. Star. 17 Poats Lukk. First a hard a Fermi Square class. Girl permanent. Gubson hldgg., civic Al 7 try Riser machinists wanted wages do object. It Jaffa. 344, Queen st. D4 Aid help capable All duties 1 adult » Quot i i Erien ced Star 394. 17 King nun try at i Diilio Aglah House keeper Liiiuiedi-4,-Lalely. For 3 weeks.--8, Croydon Ltd. To liable 1 Corsuti Liou Schurk not ing or ii skiing mornings Only. Erik Hing 17 reliable woman. 9-t of 4 a s per 22 Aira Kaupua. Light week housework. 12/0.lting it Waltress a keeper ii Lieg str tearoom. Conk inst., i in town domestics reach no 17 w Toman Light position in Murii services inv men required for. Mill Eross Cutter Noble to been drag saws also Berlin a Lar san and of. Ltd., Box 7. Kill Fatima. 20 1x1 he i pm by font. J Mac Bis is. Cambridge Vest and Trouis can filing a 1 Elt Lencki housemaid waitress Ami j relieving main apply 28. Symonds st. Tel so gals Organ Laer up Nido m coffers services expenses v. 6694. St my. Flo ■\7"cjllng Oil in 23-3udomestic duties i must he Good Plain Cook refs required. B 89x4. Stah id reel s a Phi try. 45-702 Cooks second Jau Imler secs ii . A h .s, Cook generals Gardonier 40/, Luxl twin Podle machinist 11 wanted Good wages Bonus permanent posit ion37, Wake fled st. 37 Ooi Cutter Good own gear tract. Heart f. 17 a whew 6924, Star t5-17light work.26, Ami Reeh chef. Nail or 19 a titans registry cookie. 2 5/, 2 3/6 Kitchen Naid generl Sluus keeper. Ii i a. 35/. \17 matrimonial All lonely Fried in a a 11 chit e c t u it a l i u v i l. An p firm of architects has a vacancy for a Rupil matriculation a put in i. Pupil sív52, Star. Required Lor War Louse of Antonioi Ami general elec i rival Kirin. Reply stating age full of exper Irinee. Writ to b. S97l\ Star. 17 tumult wanted fur wholesale Ufi the. Previous experience nut is Schmul. Apply Box 189, Zuckla n u 17 i alt require n a hit bed Alu Cliine Knitter _ lev hours weekly s 6713. Stah. 17 f and a Grille a Cill in Tripo Prunity mailable Man peking opening Wai i night tvs. Nh3. t coat machinist. Salary and Annii Al to Tiirik. To team Trade.1.1011 clothing co. 77. Federal st. Lil m 1 l l i x i r s. wanted for the Box Quot millinery 261, Queen Street. _ 17 Onehunga citizens band Cornet i lovers required Safe occupation. Ulv Secretary Al Quot a Chestra Stait. My time three players anted month mondays a. C736 17 1>ai nth it Piiper Llauger. new Job. Barrack cd. It. Wellington. 17 1>ane a renting apply 7.45 ., Tofor workshop. Mondov 42. Stanley st. 17 expense no Eil preferred hog 14 do for appointment. Kadi Mer Bunic Bond. Ltd., 6 8. Commerce st. And 17 , keen energetic for progressive organisation experience preferred hut note on la Good and of advancement. Particulars to sales 613. Stah. Xit want position Preier Kyj ably modern dunce band. E. Fiat n7h5. Star. 17 is it Irth a nil writer j1 n1dr smart beginner preferred. Apr sly Frank m. Win Stone Myrcha tsi. _ Ltd. Custom or. 17 vacancies a. He so ■ Farnis t h Rin Ighut t or Nomee a Teplo tent Clinin Pittee. 17 a tante Ribe wintry Attr fictive Winter summer underwear Hose it Drigans. Kain i hed in i a reply. Redei Yinn to a. 9016. Star wanted n Junior for Eale a office. I Jears clerk for engineers office it not i. Or. Or Tulili the Stiehl Freer ing x4orks. Try Active at ent. Or take order personal client. Xuy w a n t f. I it at Osco smart Gim. Solo Al not Wallins far Ilaff rant or. File if wages. Phone 2004 to wanted bots Fob f1a11 it mile. Apply. Miller Bycroft limited. 117axted for jul soft furnishing workroom. Experienced machinists. Apply manager John court limited. 17 wanted _ girls for biscuit packing. L11 Good wage for experienced girls. Apply. Factory manager. By Croft Ltd 20 ranted. Male office Junior for Large department store. 36-17 years. Quot Box 1334. Avoki and. Xl7 , Good Carpenter Joiner. Apply Mon Dikiy morning. It. Albert Timber Mills 17 \\7a-nted immediately. Experienced press ser and finisher frocks manufacturing co. 14-18. Lower Rooprai st. A a wanted with own Herd Ivam Al immediately Strong. Capable to cows half shares Good farm and Wlben work Home x17 Bouse. Mayoro. S mile Wailuku ref req tired. Wyn Nril Wilson and vim Stirmer. Solle tors. Wailuku. 24 a holds. Offices t Rudo waiting. A tick. f my Loument committee. 17 la 11a Rem i with own Herd of too wanted for Good Dairy farm Malamata District Fine Homestead of Jimima. Apply Gilchrist son. And Bun. Tearonn 20 hgr Tiland typist i 2 years expert Nee wholesale warehouse. A g495 Star. 17 smart roys Oael sweets apply Sharp. St. Jumps the atop. Mart wanted shop ant Bond. Ltd. 6-8. Commerce st. 17 Mart for cake shop experience not essential of. 6583, Star. 10 Maht to 84. Own Rnka learn a. It. Albert. 17 29-013. By Tanteri it office Junior temporary employment. Apply. W. F. Tucker and co. Auburn Street khyber pass. 17 it anted. Speciality Salesman calling no Rel Allers Good line and commission reply Mann per. Box 73. Ai Irkland. 17 is 7 a need. Suit Alp women Over 30. With personality ability and determination. To take free training for our health work. Knowledge of Plarl preferable. Apply manager. Viay1. Ellison Chambers. Auckland. Xl7 Voith. Milk. G cows experienced. A 4porgc. 22. Church st. Onehunga. Xl7 i Eorge court and sons. Karanga Hape Road Ltd., Mart Young lady required for Bakers t shop Good Home tend bakeries Ltd. 173. Simon dec st. Lil i 21 applications m be made on . Font 17a, obtainable at the Principe people to cml for Flat pen col a spun device club \ Lew Matrimony strictly confidential Agnes ,. Vilart Box 11, Tearo stamp replies. 17 pot offices will to received up till noon of , Auckland Quot matrimonial Cor í.-.1 Fri info Quot a Respondence club largest membership lowest t fees. 23 Liles Tiara noted Collige Queen st. Tui Lori 1. In go needing draughtsman event 1 a candles. Temporary staff housing con Branch. Share Alvance t Corpora Welcome advice tree Vil a j non. Salary according to qualification. Mute Liming. For lonely people tucking j when . Copies social opportunities. My understanding Only of testimonial need be forwarded method have made Man people Happ. Secretary finn iii Jal correspondents everywhere. Public service commit Lohery s\1vih Gerard. Olwill a Humbers Swanson t7 Wellyn inn cd Street. _ d Quot Tow by Walker s new Teeth surpass a Jall others for Comfort and appearance n b Olough of Takai Una. How by Walker that s Ida in not gentle uni painless Mvi mandolin. Saxophone. In dyes bldg. Guitar Walter pvt action Fame n Banjo us Anele Smith Lewis n in toss Quitek Woods commercial school Ninnin Arkyl. Infill Viduna instr action shorthand. Typewriting. of an. Auckland <52home Ami arc hard desires marriage Sylvia Gerard. 17 Tonsi Ector professional desires meet. suitably endorsed Ami adj about 21, ally reside it. \ Lew addressed to the undersigned and closing genuine. 6965.inn \17 i Nootz on wednesday. April 21, 19 17. it ,. Permanent meander tar i it run Neil from energetic joining Nien for Al Ecsi 1 is marriages in a Gerard 17iflie put flon a inspector. Knowledge of ■5---- drafting a recommendation. Schedule of 11,1 i it de ii it least 11 , in Quot sub unties obtainable on Apper Allori wars ins marriage lady own Home. P / per week. 11. L. Bowden town Quot nitrous oxide oxygen Proveas for --1 quite painless extraction of Teeth Ito Way Walker. 1l City dentist. D phone 41-538. Bereavement thanks. fam Fly of the late e. Ash wish to thank All relatives and friends for their expressions or sympathy 11 then recent sad bereavement also for letters telegrams cards and Floral emblems received. Broadhipr8t. Mrs. H. Broadhurst 69, Grey Street Onehunga wishes to thank All friends and Lela Lons for their expressions or sympathy in her recent sad bereavement also foe letters be regt i and Joral emblems received. Special thanks to staff or Auckland infirmary Epson . M. J. Healey and family ties in 10 thank All kind friends and relatives tor expressions of sympathy also letters cards and telegrams received in their recent sad bereavement. . T. Mahoney sincerely thanks relatives and friends for kind sympathy in her recent sad bereavement also tor letters telegrams and Floral emblems received. family or the late Ann Elizabeth Murray wish to thank ail kind friends fur their expressions of sympathy in their recent bereavement also for telegrams letters and Floral emblems 1 received. family of the late Harold Tierney wish la thank All kind blends and relations for the Many expressions of sympathy in their recent hoi eave Meni also our letters telegrams and Noih emblems received. Special thanks to patients military Annex and nurses . Tomlin and family wish to express their Heartfelt thanks to All kind friends for their sympathy also telegrams letters cards and Juliai removed. Also i. And mrs. Ladder it i and mis Cphil a mrs. White and mrs. Jones for their kindness in our recent sad and sudden bereavement. 1 the relatives of the ate or. Frank you Rakovich wish to sincerely thank All friends tor kind sympathy shown in their recent Sod bereavement also tor letters telegrams cards and Beautiful Lorat emblems received. Patented. Write Lenry Hughe lid Auckland Patent agent tor and ice. D 1_> j. Mcshane Chounl amp Turiy lie Jon ■ suited 317s c Aiu Tancl 17 Jet Teutli it2 2/ mingle tooth other la repairs. 2 hour from 5/. Frost dentist Auckland. D la lilt cured 3 diet a. S. Of wort. Box 2444mi Booklet fret. My. Sydney. 20 l Ewh Leilis on easy terms from £5 a upwards fully Gunnn let wholesale typewriter co. 66. Power Board by tags. C Goral Iron. Scrap Iron. Turn yours into Cash f. Hayes and co. Pay High Efet nah prices sacks bottles rags metals Etc. Reliable Man will Call if you ring 41-396. Ring write or Call. Station st. Newmarket. C Gil i 1 yer the 320. Pacific bldg will eve lev st. Urtha. \17 Dytoh King 24 a i eks acquaintance View marriage. Working Reine. Inv 7. Wellesley of. Man.1 Al x7 Ystok King Man like to meet u Workin i age 23 28, View Nuitt Arnony. Toilet. S. Of soft. Stah. Homes and attention. Bonny Brae rest Home receiving applications for a cd ladies Ami gentlemen. Let a and night trained iii Riuz. Special Adinion aged and rheumatoid cases. I Honc 15-0s4. 7, Chamberlain . My. Eden. D clerk. 17 o f d t a h i h u. written nor Iier Rby invited from Lineal residents Only and Wilt it received by the undersigned up to 4 . On tuesday. April 20. 1937. For tic position of Driver of the Borough truck. Wages and conditions to be in accordance with the award. R. W. F. Wood town clerk. 17 it la Al get ii 4, Alexandra av., it. Albrrt. Trained nursing stuff. Pm. 1is17. B partnerships. /napa11le woman join owner established apartment 455, Dominion 17 h Alu Fin share offered in marvellous a aleut £100. Vaughan Phoenix cd Maniber x17 w Ante scrap Iron. Scrap Iron a amp Are buyers of All classes Iron and st icel. Top prices also buyers metals sacks Etc. A Mckendrick Bros., Wellington Street and Newmarket. Phone 47-227 <3 lines. 1 d. Club notices. A la Good pm cute s Monda st. Thurs Dan j 1 i abating. A a adult Lunuel Wildi Tunu Box 1231. Note 203, i . 19 i s Eli olo journal Hun. Niemiera a Comeil it. _ xl7 established club requires Gentoo Emu member urgently to Quot Quot 8910, Statt. Limit. B. 1 in 1v Hall amp Oclock Good programme Ever body Welcome. 20 vow Friendly club a a by Mol st. Orchestra. Tuesday 203, a Welcome. 2d Radiant health club Unity Hall City. Tuesday. 7-45 . Speaker Misa Good won. All Welcome. X7 if an u fact Ikek apply lug Govt. And leading Institute Iowa with exclusive products offers by profitable opening to n worker with £200. Former experience in dec Chury. Business sales co., u3. Queen st. Elioue 43-765._d Quot of a Rte i a w i ill £3000 to Rural Nice half -1 share of will known City firm. Any invited. Full particulars principals Only Walter Smith ___c3, t_xl7 lady Ngdung j rooms capital capable Mung areas Tea _ in required 1c 150 £ 330 Uges plus share profitable undertaking. Personality 9030 Star. 17 to Tang Man. £5i-£75, secured f. 0619, Star. Trade 19 commendable desire for Neeme it bring Bountiful returns in n worthy Enterprise with nut finance 8031. Star. 17 a v1 and a comm la it Fiji Unciul a Dunn b Dot t k d t71irst-class certificated mini to manager required by Clem Afton collieries Ltd. Apply stating age and experience to the superintendent Glen Afton collieries Ltd., Glen Afton. Q1rls wanted for preserving and Labelling department. Wages from 25/ to 50/ per week. Apply. Westfield freezing works. Westfield. Of boy for Legal wars 15/. Apply Box 8. . Wanted urgently. Six first class machinists. Also Young girls As learners. Bract Wilgoc and Omli Linn. G. A. Coles Al it co. Ltd. Ennui la Street. Eden Terrace. Ujj e l i e v i n organist. Ii of to _17 grocery la Van t11k Trade. Apply any or Neh of invincible Cash stores. Ltd., la Pekurn. Muziii Owji. Rapat Netyne of Huhn. Also boy for warehouse. Apply Hutchinson s i wholesale Ltd Beach remd City. 17 Tyr Ace machinists. Experienced. A and beginners. Required fur our new Brncic Ond Gnu tar factory. Apply Klippel Bros. . Ltd. 201, str it. Auckland. J Ike Dit and collection motor organisation. 17 clerk. State nge experience salary expected hike Ruk Chake 89s8. Stah. Dentistry. Jjem0&iam cards letters of thanks. Etc., printed promptly at itch Quot Star office. Samples on application. Funeral directors. Travis no. Undertaker late of 3r Sib a u204, Dominion re re c \\7 moult Sun funeral director 167 to Parnell Ltd pm. 43-76k. Any hour. D Floral emblems. A artistic Vlf Reathy Mesa Carney 69. K Hape re ring 40-033, night 12-294. C Auckland French club. Tiie clubs conversational class open to nil club members will Crmim on monday april 10, at 7.30 . 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Howe Walker s special set will surpass anything you have yet bad for Comfort and of turf appearance perfect fitting Quot Utility Quot Teeth 2 12 6 selected Quot Imperial Quot Teeth. £8 17 8 Quot Standard Quot denture. £4 4 0 Howey walkers special. £3 13 0 open Friday evenings Jjo Wey Yiai Ker dentist 209 Queen st bet Only Corner opposite John court. Ltd d i k Domestic necessities. Stokes Par. Elec table cooker a world s Champion no mutter How Complete your Preedit cooking arrangements Are you should have the Stokes Handy for something Ectra Bijj Peinl for supper or any special occasion. Only 52/6 another British Champion la our electric vacuum cleaner at £7 7/, inspection invited. Dust terms available. Westminster co., 300, Queen st. Opp. Civic. Pm. 45-203. Re tho leading drapers of in Luke req Ulric the services of a capable Young lady for lir or general drapery department. Apply stating age and details of experience with copies of references to the manager. _ lilt Les. Ltd 17 applications Are railed for the do Allon of relieving organist at the Devi Poi a methodist Chnrei for approx. 6 months terms a tul condition apply or. It. B. Johns Box 1013, Auckland. 17 s require additional coat machinists for their new and Modem mens clothing workroom. Apply staff . Xl7 o e Trade. Table talk. race meeting concluding. Sunset. 5.54 Sunrise to Morrow g.4s, Farmer near Waichi attacked by Bull. Murnor general to visit Dar Aville child at Ellerslie scalded by boiling Tea. Opening of association football season to Day. London air mail due at Auckland on monday. All Mctaw prices Down on London Market. Sprig Quot Bok Captain and vice Captain announced. We require the services of an experienced Young lady for our cleaning and boxing department. Also Young girls to learn. Full time work assured. First class conditions. Good wages. Barker Smith and Lynch Ltd. 17_117 123. Albert st. Short blvd air Pliss. Large mercantile House require efficient stenographers for appointment at its Auckland and Whangarei officer. Apply promptly stenographer Box 959, Auckland. Situations wanted. Tetli Essmaker daily 81/6. Fares8. Bui que re. Lop set Ponds st. Alt j enold. Oman widow experienced Al la the management of Dot would like position of managing apartment or Hals. Quot 684». Stah. 17 Luy 1 i a i tir it nist. Telephone of Ella or. First Das position excellent prospects applicant must Hae pleading personality appearance nil voice. Not Oer 30 years. Full particulars. Opportunity 8956, Star. Capable requires position. Housekeeper gent or elderly lady. . 6903. Stah. Yaj a Ian exp Erst ii Ewe class tally consign 1 want Ewe try . E>966. Stah. _ 37 5 position Laily housekeeper professional or business people preferred own my Siresa week ends Iree to Xcell tut Stah. 17 . Female head machinist tent making and Light Canvas work. Able to Cut out materials and control Orrin in. Good wages. Permanent posh Ion of . A apply Hutcheson. Wilson and co. Ltd. 92. Ter vols Quay. Wellington. V7 earners w Ante to it. Selection committee of springbok team chosen. Esh Captain fails to run blockade of Spanish port. Official closing of Auckland Wachtin to Day gymkhana at Epsom showgrounds this afternoon. Record entries in Dairy division for a Jato show. Indication of attempt to create Mutiny in dartmoor gaol. Royal romances precipitate political Iri. S in Rumania keen de stand for store cattle at Feilding yest Crdal. Port Erie hand arrives this it cold to Load for London. ° elderly woman struck by motor at Parnell and injured. Almost total clearance at Christchurch Wool tale prices up. Rugby league season commenced today at Carlaw Park. Road Courtesy discussed by automobile association president. Trota at Manawat and races at xenon and is image. High treason charge against in germane. Ai Traisia state consider Commonwealth air Fegula Tiona. Rugby l Nion clubs held practice matches this afternoon. Australian warships to be open to Public to Morrow afternoon. Aratea due from Sydney via Wellington. On wednesday morning. Large number of entertainment for personnel of australian Xavy first annual meeting held last evening of Auckland Canterbury club. High water at Auckland to Day 12.13 . To Morrow 1.8 . Wellington s new railway station to be officially opened on june 19. Complaints made in Auckland of inconsiderate and careless driving. Final stage of guaranteed Price investigation will he reached next week. Five injured in a collision Between a train and motor car in Christchurch. Sydney May be delayed in Auckland owing to damage to propellers. Force of 30.000 British and Indian troops to capture troublesome Indian Fakir. Higher prices for Bacon expected in Dunedin a result of wholesalers increases. Aorangi due from Sydney 7.30 . Monday sailing at 11 an. Tuesday for Vancouver. Wool prices expected to Advance at next London Wool sales crossbred id to 1 id per la. F state control under Industrial Effi Evency act welcomed by Auckland fishing Industry. It Pray motion for failing to obtain int of fitness for ■ motor veh ctr brought in Dunedin. When liner Honor st reached Toko Maru Bay it no reported that seventh end Jinever had been lost or Erberd. Owners of radio b stations in Dunedin promoting conference in Wellington to consider government offers of Purchase. One Hundred remits received for annual conference of new zealand teachers Institute to open in Wellington on May 17. Sales on the Auckland Stock Exchange to Day were commercial Bank 19/7 Queensland insurance. £3 broken his proprietary £4 3/ a. Kelleway s.t.d.27 Inch nurse re Flannelette 1/11 Doe. 30-Inch strip it re pyjama cloth Rwy 54-Inch English twill sheeting 1/ s0-Inch do 1/8 cd. Newmarket and Kelleway Heary Woollen socks 1/ menus Tweed trousers Grey 7/11 menus zip lumber jackets 4/11 36-Inch twill Winc Eyette 104d-Floral do., l/2jd.xewmarket. And now is the time to Hare your fur or fur net restyled and renovated by new zealand is leading furriers Empire furriers Opp. Town Hall clock. Adj Kelleway full Fash. Pure silk Hose 4/11 silk and Wool do 3/6 w. Interlock pyjamas 5/11 inter a Jock nightdress 4/6.xewnurktl and Kell Cav s bargain furnishings brocade tapestry Squab 25/ 9 x 9 Congo icum squares 27/6 50-Inch furnishing tapestry 4/11 20 Only 54 x 27 English Axminster rugs 18/6, now 15/6newmarket. And ref. Write s. 674last officer ret 1 red. I Lude Gacil. New cd Alunder. Hiltl resp Silde pus Liuzi. Qualified secretarial. Accountancy Fork Ine Ether inf a l Igor to references s. In »6t Stah. Xj7 Dukj arable i for any Job in a no 40-117. Soldiers or Pague Pacific a legs. S4 Ripic it put ulan Beu von need a ring 40 11 Leagur l Heitic soil Lifry bldg. Man. Re establishment s4 result of Hove i iii ten spin business we in Meier of e Lac Tricia Esper Lencel in repair am maintenance of Industrial Plant. Required As second electrician. Must have thorough knowledge theore Tirol Aid practical of All brandies 4>f work. Work situated la Auckland. 1500 connected How Power. Written april cations which will be treated confidentially should he accompanied with copies Only of testimonials and addressed to . Box 960. Auckland 2fi q i r l s no previous experience necessary » wanted for factory. Tucking and Labelling. S. A. Smith and Ltd. 105, Nelson Street Corner Rook Nelson streets 1 required 17 for girls nestles chocolate factory. Permanent employ Meo t. Apply n.3l milk products Ltd. So George a Bay bd., Parnell. Vacancies for girls. Aged 14 16, to commence Ai 1.earners in the Corset Industry. Work under Ideal condition in Auckland s Model in Story. Apply monday s . Her Lei Ltd. Corner Wellesley and Nelson streets. Ujj e q ü i r e a a fully qualified Joe ital Jour Geo. An Oid Eslyn wished dental practice requires n loom for the Mouth of May application win be regarded As Tryr Tolj confidential and should be Marte in writing slating salary required. Age. Experience and full qualification to dentist cd the n. Hui so Tennor advertising Agency Ltd., 154-156. Hereford Street. Chris Tehereh. . No 1st. Etchers a thoroughly competent first Smitj goods Man seek employment with first Ela firm. Fourteen year a experience in making the highest cd a i of Good apply d. B. Wallis 1ro. Manches ter st. 17 vac leaning by Day it. Albert Dale capable 53. Roberton re. \\7e Lippy the men fur any work. Ring 40-117, soldiers be Estable stament Lengie Pacific blogs. will i daily. Ponsonby v t Herne Bay. Energetic. 68 13. Stab. 17 vat Oman. Capable Driver ionic housework v and i Inlet. Seeks 1-Ntliirn Donn try preferred. Write s. 6724. Sta is ill no Man. Meeh Anical Abl it or -1 to wants work morning Only Liening Good driveri»l»4ff Stak 17. For £20 in id Ernnein Pas Linn 6766 ski in Quot Cpd re k River trek s portable ism lii Corona typewriter the Bulley late aard office Dilworth Uli two p e c i a l d f f t to a Remington Polit Vrlik in perfect condition for £12 in. Cash or term Imperial a i. British Cham her iii or i Phe world s number duet a Fri or Lunger. Royal faster less in the Long run Royal typewriters Argus to ifs. High ii i we have a Large number and variety of typewriters ranging from £ 5 10/. Up Rarda which Hare been i traded in for Sile Otas and Woodard Cut All guaranteed. Inspect at British Type a writers Ltd., 8, Queen Arcade. A advnmmu11 cd ism Tom Otto 1 Milf. Myrtu Enon pm after Uil. True win be Inerhue up tin tip a. New pure. Fro Puruee ter Sele ene tube in. A Fer Bate. Buele Yeeee a Cleee it 040 be. Eilf. The prep Tere a net he 4 the Melree a Apo i Ible Fer bin to Neerken of . Mate. Or Fer Currere in . 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