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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Auburn Plainsman (Newspaper) - February 10, 1939, Auburn, Alabama Semi weekly Friday edition she and non Pla Smatt Start politicking juniors vol. Lxii a Auburn Alabama Friday february 10, 1939 number 39 extensive plans Are completed for a greater Aulburn Day committees to handle arrangements Are Busy alumni friends expected another step toward completion of plans for Celebration of a greater Auburn Day on feb. 22 was taken Here this week with the appointment of Piem Bers of local civic clubs to a reception committee which will serve to transport visitors to a. P. I. Around the Campus on the Day of festivities. J. W. Watson chairman of the citizens reception committee announced the following members Homer Wright City at Large s. L. Toomer Charles r. Hixon a. L. Thomas rotary club or. J. W. Tidmore w. H. Weidenbach Emil f. Wright kiwanis club w. T. Ingram j. E. Rock or. E. S. Winters Lions club h. L. Biggin or. W. Fuller Roberts h. Brown Junior chamber of Commerce. Members of the reception committee according to chairman Watson win stay in town tiie Early part of the Day on feb. 22, but will go out to Graves Center later in the Day. The committee will Supply cars to transport visitors. Seven thousand invitations programs automobile stickers and letters from Maurice Bloch president of the Auburn alumni association have been mailed out from the Alunni office Here during the past few Days. Local alumni Are requested to return their cards saying whether they will attend the Celebration just As out of town alumni will do. Porter Grant alumni Secretary announced. Elmer g. Salter president of the local Auburn chapter of the alumni association urges everyone Here to return his card and by All Means to attend a greater Auburn president l. N. Duncan and mayor c. S. Yarbrough state they have both received word from Many alumni and friends to the effect a Large number of them will attend the Celebration. Mrs. C. C. Thach of new Orleans wife of the late or. Thach one time president of a. P. I., will arrive on feb. 21 for the Celebration. She wrote that she is a looking Forward to coming Home and to seeing All the a old boys again. In addition to tie program for the Day which includes a Cadet review Barbecue and football game there will be a Nim Are of exhibits staged by the engineering students and possibly one by the architectural students. Records in a criminal cases investigated by the state toxicology Laboratory Here will be open to Public View. H. W. Nixon state toxicologist Annex aces that visitors Are cordially invited on that Day to look Over records. Tomorrow night in Birmingham will be held a a a smokers at the Tutwiler hotel for Birmingham alumni who will plan at that time to bring Down several him red from Jefferson county on feb. 22. Maurice Bloch and Porter Grant will attend the Birmingham smoker. President of local alumni chapters throughout several states Are plans for Benefit for band Given by Blue key function to take place tuesday night in front of Langdon Hall the Bingo party Given by Blue key for the Benefit of the Auburn band will get under Way next tuesday night Ait 7 30 on the outside of the pathway in Between Langdon Hall and the architecture building. Seating arrangements have been made so that up to one Hundred persons May participate in each game. The game will be called by a a cunnely Dave Roberts Over a loud speaker system Itiat will enable All the players to hear the numbers As they Are called. Members of Blue key will assist in the operation of the tables on which the game is to be played. The game is to be run on a basis of a Nickel i it or game with the Winner receiving a percentage of the pay in for each game. The More people that play in the game ithe larger the prize. In Case of the rare possibility of a tie the two Wimmers will Divide the prize equally Between them. Several prizes will be Given by local merchants to the winners of some of the games held during a the course of play. Tickets for playing Bingo next tuesday night will be sold in Advance by members of Blue key and members of the band. Each ticket will entitle the Holder to one game and will be sold at 6 for 25 cents in adaime pnly.,.ad Vanee Sale will be closed tue tay morning at 11 of clock and tickets bought thereafter will be 5c apiece. A each player in a game is Given a card on which there Are five numbers on each five rows horizontally. The a a caller has on his table a Box in which there Are Small wooden disks with the numbers from 1 to 88 written on than. One at a time the caller picks a disk from the Box and Calls out a number which is written on it. If the player has that number written on his card at any Point he covers it with a a a Token or any Small abject which can be placed Over the number. The caller continues to draw from the Box and Call out the numbers until some player has covered All of the numbers in any one Row horizontally. That player will then shout a Bingo a and the prize Money will be turned Over to that person if his numbers Checkwith those that have been called. As was stated previously in Case of a tie the prize will be divided equally be Een the winners. Immediately preceding the game the band will play a program of music rider the direction of p. R. Bidez. All students and townspeople who can xxx Sibly do so Are invited to play the game and help Benefit the band. Thanksgiving dedication of new stadium is hoped for says coach Jack Meagher want to dedicate bowl during Battle with team from Florida coach Jack Meagher of Auburn said this week plans were under preliminary discussion looking toward the dedication of the Plain menus new football stadium next thanksgiving in a Battle Between Auburn and Florida in 1939. The Florida album game previously been announced for Montgomery december 2. If the $180,000 stadium now under construction is completed. Coach Meagher said the clash might be changed to Auburn thanksgiving Day nov. 30. All discussions of change thus far Are entirely contingent upon completion of the stadium the coach emphasized. The stadium will seat approx continued on Page four prof. Adams wins Handicap Golf tourney at club prof. H. W. Adams of the English department at a. P. I. Won the first Handicap tournament of the year at the Auburn country club last Friday saturday and sunday. He turned in a net score of 65 on the 18 holes winning a new $22 leather Golf bag. Leonard Leach and or. J. L. Seal tend for second High net with scores of 68. Second prize was a new Golf club. Third place in the tourney also resulted in a tie with or. B. F. Thomas and g. H. Franke each turning in a net of 71 to win three 75-cent Golf balls. Fourth prize another set of Golf balls went to Henry Brora. Joint hosts for Celebration general Spring elections to in March 21, announces Mcgehee president l. N. Duncan alumni president Maurice Bloch and mayor a s. Yarbrough Are joint hosts for the a greater Auburn Day Celebration to be held feb. 22i a they represent the College the alumni association and the City. Sport writers Aid Homecoming Many important writers to be on hand at event by Charles bums to top already made plans for a greater Auburn Day prominent sport scribes will be on hand to participate. Before arriving on the Campus these members of the fourth estate have been playing up the event through the col inns of the press. Recent reports have disclosed that Morgan Blake of the journal Kenneth Gregory of the As Socia ted pressed dam Forth of the georgian and Jack Troy of the Constitution will All be on hand from Atlanta. Of course there spat Moulton the. Auburn Aux Rautus now. A a Art amp editor of a in Mobile press Regis ter who will arrive the night before the great even and Biu Rol Low coming from the Montgomery advertiser with Howard Johnson of the Alabama journal also being in the party. Zipp Newman and Bob Phillips from Bir Mcgham have Given Auburn a big hand through their paix ers and the sports department is really Back of this a Aback to the Village movement. Farmer Seale in the Selma times Roumal has been right behind the scenes of die Celebration and probably malice Bloch a nearest neighbor with the firsthand information supplied by one alumni prexy in person. Latest reports have come from Jack Troy in his a fall i the games column of the Atlanta Constitution wednesday when he plugged the a greater Auburn Day by using the entire column for Auburn. And we can to forget the work that our own sports writer has been doing for Elmer Salter has been plugging the event for weeks and All the papers have been carrying his articles. Besides reporters cameramen will be Here. Paramount news has been asked to Send a representative Here to photograph the event and Walter Rosser of Birmingham will be on thirty minute broadcast has been arranged Over Sfa Montgomery by Remote control from the Campus. Ernest Rogers of web is lending his Aid through his journal Coli in and Over the Atlanta station. Kirtley Brown our own publications editor has been working night and Day to distribute and circulate news of the biggest event in Auburn a history. The alumni association through miss Claire Culver of ice Secretary and Porter Grant executive Secretary has contacted every alumni on the Rolls and each has been especially urged to attend the event. If it is left up to the publicity. Auburn has it. It is going to be a big event so Tell your parents in the letters Back Home and do your part. No nce the Auburn fencing club will meet for practice every tuesday wednesday and thursday on the top floor of the textile building. Repetition just to ease anyone a mind who is getting All aroused a bout the anti hitch hiking by a recently introduced in the legislature we wish to repeat that ithe Bill has been permanently shelved and is considered to be virtually dead by All the legislators. There is no necessity of circulating petitions or spreading foolish rumours about marching on Montgomery. The Bill is dead. Now forget about it. This Story stinks you have probably heard of a Skunk in a trunk but never two in a garbage can. This is what happened yesterday to Ming when g. H. Coats manager of the Tiger Jab lifted amp a lid of his trash Box and to and behold discovered two Civet cats eating the garbage. He immediately notified the school of veterinary Medicine and Lloyd h. Sutherland president of the Junior agma to determine How to dispose of the cats. These Civet cats Are animals of a Cine Reous color tinged with yellow marked with Dusky spots disposed in rows according to Webster. This species originated in Northern Africa and Asia of which continents they Are typical. At 1 p. Yesterday afternoon on vet h�o1, eight vet students. Manager Coats and or. A. H. Tucker of the vet school watched Sutherland perform an operation to deodorize the creatures. Or. E. H. Walker assistant state veterinarian told reporters that the Musk was sprayed when the animal stood on his front feet with Hind legs extended at a certain Angle. The ducts he said were located on either Side of the Tail. Sutherland and an assistant administered an Anaesthetic before performing the delicate operation in which the mucous membrane of the ducts is clipped to remove the fluid. A these Ana glands secrete a substance of Clear Yellowish or Brownish color. The fluid can be used in the manufacture of perfumes. The operation was successfully performed by Sutherland and his aids. Or. Walker said that Good pets could Ibe made of the cats. Prof. James serves on Art jury in Atlanta Alfred e. James instructor in applied Art at the Alabama polytechnic Institute served on a jury of three this week in Atlanta ga., which selected paintings for the Georgia showing at the next annual Southern states Art league exhibition which will be on display in san Antonio Texas during the month of april. Guy Wiggins nationally known artist of new York City served As chairman of the jury. He is represented by paintings in the metropolitan museum and in Many other leading collections. The third member of the jury Edward s. Shorter Columbus ga., is vice resident of the Southern states Art league and has received numerous awards for his paintings. Agriculture club sees movie five reels Are shown by local agronomist a series of five reels of pictures illustrating the Industrial processes used in the manufacture of Potash Borax soda products and Pyro ibor were presented in the agronomy department of the Experiment station staff. These pictures were made at a Trona calif., which is located on Searles Lake in the midst of Mojave desert 185 Miles from los Angeles. In a Short explanation. Or. Naftel said the Lake which formerly covered 600 Square Miles and was 650 feet deep now Only covered 12 Square Miles and was rarely Over two inches deep. The huge Mineral deposits of sodium a he potassium salts and others were formed by these elements leaching out of the mountains on the sides of the Lake and reuniting again on the Lake bed he explained. One reel entirely on living conditions and recreation facilities was shown first. It showed that Wiell adapted Homes have been but near the Lake and landscaped properly and Beautiful lawns and Ponds afford natural Beauty. The people have proper meals served at All hours of the Day due to the changing of shifts. They have the Type of recreation which most outsiders envy very much. Adequate schools with elaborate playground equipment have been provided for the younger generation. The major product from this Industry in Potash said or. Naftel. The annual output of the Plant just about meets the requirements of the South which is 200,000 tons he pointed out. The total consumption of the entire United states is 400,000 tons per year he said. His talk brought out the fact that this extraction work was begun in 1886 when crude Borax was hauled by mule teams to the nearest Railroad station which was 30 Miles away. A Bairn Sigma i club to hear Reid lecture the a Ibum Sigma i club will be addressed by or. E. Emmet Reid at 7 30 of clock on thursday feb. 16, in room 203 Ross chemical Laboratory. Or. Reid a subject will be a the scientific method applied to other or. Reid has for Many years been an Industrial consultant and professor of organic chemistry and has visited Auburn before. The Sigma i society is a National honorary scientific organization corresponding to Phi Beta Kappa in the literature and arts colleges. Although there is no chapter of Sigma i at Auburn there Are 40 members of the College Experiment station and u. S. Department of agriculture staffs who were members at other colleges and universities. This group was organized last fall into a Sigma i club a number of which Are to be found in the larger cities and colleges where members Are located but which do not have regular chapters of the society. Debate plans for semester Are published schedule of matches is Given team to leave for debating Tow soon by Martin Wender at the sound of president John go Dibold a Gavel on the Rostrum the Moat important meeting of the year for the Auburn debate society was called to order this week. One of the results of the meeting was a decision by those in attendance that an Interra Vemity debate tournament would be conducted in the near future under the auspices of Tau Kappa Alpha honorary forensics fraternity. Beautiful cups jul be awarded to the winning team. A con Pittee consisting of George Young Sigma no Edmund Taylor Ato and George Hiller i Kappa Phi was appointed to make the necessary arrangements for the event. The judges for this tournament will be announced at a later Date it was said. Prof. E. D. Hess debate coach issued the dates on which the freshmen must participate in their intramural tournament. The following teams Are scheduled to debate on the Date Given Dubberly and Downey is. Collier and Bjurberg feb. 16, 4 p. Flowers and Gilchrist is. Moore and Nichols feb. 17, 4 p. The freshman question. Resolved that the United states should establish an Aliance with great Britain has proved to be a most timely one the second round of the varsity tournament in the intramural consists of the following debates Bacon and Mcbroom is. Miller my guest feb. 14, 8 p. Boggs and Keith is. Young and memory feb. 21, 4 p. Newell and game we is. Boyd and Hiller feb. 14, 8 p. Godbold and Sutton is. Millsaps and hazzard feb. 13, 8 p. Those debaters in attendance at the meeting were Winifrey Boyd Tom memory Maxine Downey George Young r. H. Bjurberg Nick Nichols William Boggs Charles Flowers Wilfred Strickland Jimmy Yoi Mger e. D. Taylor Sabel Baum James Mcbroom de Keith George Hiller w. B. Moore Harold Sutton John god bold and Martin Wender. A team of four debaters along with prof. Hess will d part tomorrow for a trip which will include a debate with Mercer in Atlanta Emory and Martha Berry Rome a. Two radio debates win be features of the trip. Students interested in hearing the radio debates Are urged to dial Waga in Atlanta on the night of fab. 17 and the morning of the 18. Teams from Auburn will participate in the Southern debate tournament in new Orleans. Campus to select important officers nominations Aro due on March 7 tuesday March 21, was set yesterday by Billy Mcgehee chairman of the election committee As the Date for the general Spring election on the Campus. All publication Heads All Cabinet members and officers All class officers and the chairman of the social committee will be chosen on this Date. The proposed amendments to the Constitution of the student Foody will be up for a a Roval at the same election so for tiie first time in quite a while a four classes will go to the polls at the same election. The election is under the supervision of the election committee and the executive Cabinet. Chairman Mcgehee stated last night that the Date of the election has been set Early to avoid a conflict with inspection trips and mid semester exams. All nomination Blanks for candidates must be turned in to Mcgehee at the Pika House by 6 p. M., March 7. Any nomination Blank received later than Titis will not qualify a student to run for an office. All Blanks Are to be made out in the form prescribed in the rat Bible. All officers of the Cabinet Are to be named at this election so that a second election for the purpose of choosing them will not be necessary. All potential Cabinet members wishing to run for president vice president or Secretary of the Cabinet must make the race at this election and their nomination Blanks must state which office they Are seeking or else they Are to be considered As rimming merely for a Cabinet Post. The election will be held at the student Center and the usual rules regarding campaigning at the polls. Win be enforced. A list of the election rules will be published soon in the plainsman. The election committee administrative officials Are doing Timeir Best to secure voting machines. A special election to fill two vacancies in the Cabinet will take place next wednesday at the student Hall according to Mcgehee. The freshman and senior Dassos will fill the offices of freshman representative on the Cabinet and president of the Cabinet. Candidates for the presidency Are Julian Fowler and Ernest Pappas while Craig Lee Jackson Bobbie Haas Otis Burnside and Howard Worthington Are running for the freshman Post. On wednesday night feb. 1-5, Lieut. Sidney f. Porter u. S. Coast guard will show a motion picture depicting life at tiie United states coast guard Academy. All those who might be interested especially students who Are considering the coast guard As a it a reer Are cordially invited to attend. The picture will be shown in Langdon Hall at 7 30 p. Local pre med students attend meeting of Alpha Epsilon Delta at Alabama Dean Dobbs to attend meet of Deans of women miss Zoe Dobbs Dean of women at Alabama polytechnic Institute will go to Cleveland Ohio feb. 21-24 for the National convention of the National association of Deans of women. Recently miss Dobbs was named state representative on the publicity committee of the n. A. D. W. She has served for some time As a member of the regional Contact committee. Notice if the student who Rode with me from Bir Mcgham to Montgomery saturday feb. 4, will describe the coat he left in my car i will Ibe glad to Send it to him. Karl c. Winter Geneva Ala. Api has five delegates at annual state convention held by pre med group five pre med students from Auburn attended the annual state convention sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Delta honorary pre med fraternity at the University of Alabama on feb. 3. Among the highlights of the convention was a tour through the University of Alabama medical school where the representatives in pre Medicine saw the Well equipped laboratories and inspected the modern equipment of the school. The outstanding feature of the convention was the annual banquet held at the Mclester hotel with or. James Mclester former president of the american medical association As principal continued on Page four ;