Auburn Plainsman Newspaper Archives February 07, 1939 Page 7

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auburn Plainsman (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Auburn, Alabama Page four the Auburn plainsman tuesday february 7, 1939 Kappa Delta National inspector is guest of local sorority miss Adele Stephenson National inspector for Kappa Delta sorority spent three Days in Auburn last week As the guest of Sigma Lambda chapter of Kappa Delta. A National and local sororities Are doing More now toward philanthropies than they have Ever done a she told members of the local group. Miss Stephenson is the daughter of or. And mrs. F. H. Stephenson of Ivor a. She received her a. B. Degree from the College of William and Mary where she was a member of Kappa Delta. She did Post graduate work at the University of Michigan and Ohio Wesleyan University. She was convention Marshall at the 1937 convention at Richmond. Kappa Delta sorority will hold its biennial convention in 1939 at the Canyon hotel Yeu Owston Park. The sorority is expecting this to be the largest and most interesting convention they have Ever had according to local Kappa Delta a. Editor says Flowers for All occasions King s Nursery phone 134-r ii Ion of of of olt continued from Page one the report of the committee on constitutional revision provided both for the centralization and for keeping the Cabinet membership at 11, but after Long and careful discussion the Cabinet decided to increase the membership. A All in All every proposed change is worthwhile and needs to be put into effect so that the badly muddled document can be clarified the Cabinet Given appropriate Powers and at the same time be checked by the students. These provisions will help to do that. Every one deserves the careful study of every Auburn student and his favourable vote next month. S?8ssss?s5�sss8ssss5ssssssssss�52sg5ss8sssssss2sssssssgs8ss5sssfss8s2sssssssssssss8sssssssssss8?s vacation from the daily grind. How a game of pocket billiards. Where Auburn a leading recreation Center Reeds Kappa Delta National inspector miss Adele Stephenson who spent several Days Here last week As the guest of Sigma Lambda chapter of Kappa Delta is National inspector for the sorority. Soso so so so of Osoyo of of of of co of of cd of of Oso of of of Soso cd of of of so of of of Wright and see the new Spring lines in shoes sweaters suits and All types of clothing Mary Corder Beasley Wrights dept. Store Phi Kappa Phi continued from Page one school of Home economics students tapped from the school of Home economics were Nellie Church of Christ Bible study 10 a. M. Services amp communion 11 a. M. Carl Spain minister East Glenn ave. Ruth Ward Auburn and Ann Winn Florence. Miss Ward is president of Theta Epsilon and was honoured As a Best All round Junior in Home economics last year. Miss Winn belongs to Cardinal key and Theta Epsilon. School of education Camilla Newberry Chancellor Home economics education is president of Kappa Delta i Vic president of f. H. A., and belongs to Cardinal key. Clara Thagard Andalusia or line Lide Orrville and j. H. Wheeler jr., Pisgah Are the new members from the department of secondary education. Miss Thagard belongs to Cardinal key and Dawn patrol to show at Tiger right up on top of your a must be seen list goes a Dawn patrol a thrilling document of British wartime aviation which jul be shown wednesday and thursday at the Tiger theater. The great cast headed by Errol Flynn and including David Niven Basu Rath Bone and Doland Crisp plus some of the most breath taking Aerial combat scenes Ever taken All serve to make a Dawn patrol one of the most important offerings of the season. Flynn playing the dashing Courtney who together with Niven form a pair of hell for leather flying fools of the British Royal flying corps continue Day after Day night after night to wreck havoc with the enemy while death takes its Tou regularly among their less experienced comrades. When finally Flynn is grounded after being promoted to command of the 59th Squadron and is forced soon after to Send Nivens Green kid brother to his death in the air Nevin turns on his old buddy and renounces him. How 8s8s8s8s8s838s8s8s8 8s888s8s s8s8s8s8s8?ss8s8s8s8838s8s88s8ss. Arcade pharmacy cigarettes 15c Martin theater building Opelika service extraordinary oils anti freeze Wash jobs greasing at Meadows garage one Day Only wednesday feb. 8th Don Kyle 20 per cent reduction on All Cash purchases of Victrola records a Reeds a stationery a and All school supplies. Webb a phone 644 the big store with the Little prices for Spring s first fling new Spring frocks new Spring Coats new Spring suits Hagedorn s Opelika a style Center Wheeler is a member of Kappa Delta i the plainsman staff and the Auburn players. School of science and literature five students were selected from the school of science and literature. Edwin Godbold Auburn is editor of the plainsman and holds membership in Spades o. D. K., and scabbard and Blade. J. F. Las Eter Clayton belongs to Blue key scabbard and Blade and Delta Sigma i. Ernest Rouse Auburn is registered in pre Medicine. Eleanor Scott Auburn is president of Cardinal key president of the woman a student government society editor of the plainsman and belongs to the Auburn players. W. D. Wittel Auburn is president of the International relations club and belongs to Delta Sigma i and scabbard and Blade. P. Mckenney Columbus ga., led the department of textile engineering in three year average. He belongs to o. D. K., Tau Beta i and is a member of scabbard and Blade and president of Phi Psi. School of veterinary Medicine h. L. Rubin los Angeles Cal. Joe Stein Colquitt a. And h. L. Sutherland Kinston Are students in veterinary Medicine. All belong to the american veterinary Medicine association. Faculty members faculty members selected for membership were prof. G. W. Hargreaves of the department of pharmacy and prof. L. E. Starr assistant Dean of veterinary Medicine. Flynn in a great sequence takes Over Nivens death sentence assignment in a great Lone foray in enemy territory creates a climatic moment which for sheer pulse pounding drama has yet to be equalled. Scenes which attain greatness Are when Flynn Hies alone through the night to bomb the enemy munitions works while enemy Pursuit planes and anti aircraft swarm about him and another is the closing scene when Flynn a helmet and goggles Are dropped into the squadrons Headquarters As tribute by an enemy flyer. Here is the sort of Story that strikes Home. The right tone has been captured by the producers and the cast has done its part perfectly. The insecure feeling of Here today gone tomorrow pervades throughout. The frolicking fliers who night after night before they take off on their death dealing Dawn patrols join in mad fun and real men whose spirit it is easy to understand. Flynn and Niven As the Veteran airmen Are outstanding while Rathbone and Crisp As grounded commandants whose duty it is to Send these men to their flying deaths carry off honors in their characterizations. Notice there will be a meeting of the International relations club thursday night at 7 of clock in Samford Hall. Speakers will be s. H. Richardson Henry Whitfield and Virginia Adams. All members Are urged to be present. Rooms and boards with 3 meals $25. Board Only 3 meals $18 2 meals $16. Mrs. Cranford 304 so. Gay. Personality led All other qualities in the listing of male assets by University of new Mexico coeds. A the University of Cincinnati museum has acquired the thigh Bone of an ice age elephant. Notice the a. A. U. W. Will meet wednesday night at 6 45 at mrs. Spidle a. Jonquil for Sale. 10 cents a dozen. 427 South College Street phone 246-w. Ami s menus Wear Sale on Manhattan shirts and pyjamas Spaulding sport goods .s8sgsgs8s8s8s8s8s8s8s8s8s8?8s8s888s888s88888s8s8sss8?8s8s8s8s8s8s8sssssssss8s8s8s8s8s8?8s8sg5ssgs8 order your Coal today red Clover Brilliant Boothton Auburn ice amp Coal co. Prompt delivery phone 118 3s88s838 8 8s8t8 varsity Sand shop hamburgers 5c cheese in Bun 5c we deliver promptly 9129 pause. Refresh Opelika bottling company phone 70 wednesday and thursday a a the Dawn patrol with Errol Flynn Basil Rathbone David Niven Donald Crisp i More entertainment color cartoon news views today the a dead end kids in a Little Tough Guy a Tiger ?8s888s8s8s8j8s8?88888?8?8s8s8?8s8s8s8sgs8s ss8s8s88ss5g Ca amp is for All 0c53vsiows Blu Treav cards a wedding can grate lations Annive Hsai congratulations. Coin Awa it Ards baby congrats it lations cheer cards Forte convalescent Erien Suir is expression Oei Sumpat vhf Burton s Bookstore a earliest with the latest t8s8s8s8s8s8s8s8 s88s88 8t8s828t888s888888 8s 8s8s838s8s88s88s8s8s8s8t8s8 ;