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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auburn Plainsman (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Auburn, Alabama Page two the Auburn plainsman tuesday february 7, 1939 the Auburn plainsman published Semi weekly by the students of the Alabama polytechnic Institute Auburn Alabama editorial and business of Ces at Lee county bulletin office on Tichenor Avenue. Phone 448. Editor my be reached after office hours by calling 169-w.edwin c. f. Grisham. Business manager editorial staff managing editor associate editor. Society editor _ sports editor news editor Roy Taylor. J. H. Wheeler Eleanor Scott Bill Troup John Godbol business staff assistant business manager Bob Armstrong assistant business manager Julian Myrick advertising manager Billy Smith circulation manager Arthur Steele assistant circulation manager Walter going entered As second class matter at the Post office at Auburn Alabama. Subscription rates by mail $2.50 per year $1.50 per semester. Represented for National advertising by National advertising service inc. Member of associated collegiate press. Distributor of collegiate a letter ten thousand invitations have been prepared and will soon be placed in the mails for alumni and friends of Auburn asking them to attend a greater Auburn Day on february 22. Extensive plans Are already underway for the Gigantic Celebration of Auburn a Progress. College officials City Heads fraternities Honor societies service organizations All Are cooperating to make the Day one Long remembered in Auburn a history. All the plans have been made with the idea of giving the alumni and friends of the institution a Chance to inspect it while classes Are in session and students Are on the Campus. That brings two things to mind first that on the Day we should do our Best to exhibit All the traditional characteristics that True Auburn men do exhibit and second that every student write a special Friend among the alumni telling him of the Day and saying that More than anyone else he would rather have him As his guest on a greater Auburn to our mind a personal invitation from a student Friend would go far toward making an alumnus want to return to his Alma Bill As yet we have received no word As to the Fate of the anti hitch hiking Bill introduced in the legislature by the speaker of the House. When it comes before the judiciary committee for discussion we Hope that the lawmakers there remember their sons and the sons of their neighbors who almost every week end can be seen Clad in Roth uniforms standing in cheerful groups on Likely locations of almost every important Alabama City crying a Mobile a a Montgomery a a Auburn a a Birmingham a or the name of some other appropriate City. We Hope they try to remember the times they have Given these clean cheerful wholesome Fellows rides and the Good companions they made during the ride. If the Law does pass it probably will not be enforced strictly and the hardships of it will fall directly on the College group who can be easily identified by their uniforms. But the real vagrants and undesirables at whom the Bill is probably really aimed will escape. Has unmeaning by written him the biggest boost of All these years. For they have Given our president the greatest title of them All a nazi enemy no. 1. The republicans and other reactionaries in this land have been Barking again. They say that the president has betrayed his people and is pulling them into War. And they declare that he no longer is speaking the thoughts of the people. He has just sanctioned the Sale of air planes to France. He has taken his stand with democracies Rushing strength to their defense. And America in defense of herself is building air planes for the France which still is free. But people in the Senate and throughout the land Are crying threats against the president. They have branded him As a traitor. Hearing such things now the president must smile. For he has been Given the proudest title of them ally nazi enemy no. 1. There is a world about us struggling for a Freedom almost hopelessly forbidden. Men like Auto Mons Are moving endless rehearsals for War against each other. Fascist leaders beat their chests and rant of world Power. And they Lead an empty chorus of laughs against democracy which Only sits and shakes its insecure head. They fight a constant War against our Progress while we sit Back and Bicker among ourselves. And they Wail like mounted children when we awake and take our stand. But although they hate us and threaten us they have paid tribute to our ideals. For they have Given our president the proudest title of them All nazi enemy no. 1. A daily tar Heel help the band once More this editorial column Calls on the student body individually and collectively to Aid and abet a most worthy project and support the Auburn band. Blue key is sponsoring a Benefit for the organization this week and the project should have the Complete support of the student body. The band has played at All football games has played for Pep meetings Send offs receptions parades and for any and All various and sundry affairs. A moments notice and sometimes even less has been enough to form the band for the encouragement of student whims and programs. In a determined Effort to secure new uniforms for the band. Blue key is staging a Bingo party. Prices Are reasonable students will undoubtedly have a Good time there can be no excuse for anything less than one Hundred per cent student support. We owe it to ourselves to see to it that the band is decently and appropriately enemy no. 1 our president has been called a multitude of names. At once he is the a Savior of our land a and a a slinking communist men have lauded him As the a big brother of the workers and have called him the a dirtiest vote buyer of All he has planned and fought and won and smiled with his famous Charm. For seven years amusingly conflicting legends have been Woven about his name. But now the fume sputtering German press among others things our forefathers in framing the Constitution under which we Are now governed insured us the right to a life Liberty and the Pursuit of they should have included a provision for adequate lighting facilities in the colleges which now Send out Well educated Hal Blind graduates. The other Type of graduate retains his eyesight by restraining his powerful desire to study. Auburn boasts at least three buildings which Are a Boon to All of cultists in this Vicinity. These three blindness breeders Are namely Samford Hall Broun Hall and our own inimitable Library. Samford bases its claim on High ceilings few lights fewer windows and blinds which effectively shut out All Light without diminishing Glare from direct sunlight. Broun proudly exhibits to those who can see in the dark an array of tunnels and passages which would do credit to the most intricate of the Middle Ages dungeons. In addition the student who is Able to see As far As the blackboard through darkness pierced by Light from the windows Miles to the rear is blinded by the Peculiar ability of the blackboard to show no print but to reflect Sun lighted Glare directly into the students eyes. Our Library possesses eight lights each at an estimated distance of eleven feet from the table tops. In the daytime unless the Day is particularly Cloudy natural lighting is provided by windows three doors shut off from the outside world by a portico and three More door plus a sky Light efficiently blackened by several years accumulation of dirt. Auburn students Are blessed with either too Little or too much Light. It is possible that the new addition to the Library will include adequate lighting. The future of Samford and Broun will it seems like the past of Samford and Broun be exceedingly dark. . By John Ivey or. Jitterbugs who have the very characteristic habit a motion which is a result of their easy intoxication from the drinking Down in huge gulps soulful of rhythm of beating on and Hing reach. Usually with a cd Dence faster or slower than that Felt by those who Are a a giving. Never a on the if someone frowns on their actions the rhythm maniac responds with the thought. A the so and so Why can the be modern. If he does no to like my keeping time with the music Why does no the make himself scarce some people Are really old that Jitterbug used one expression a so and so which was spoken in 1513, and a make oneself scarce started making the rounds in 1749. Other words used by the so called modems have had very Long lives and Are in no danger of leaving our language. Some of these phrases follow with the Date of their first appearance in literature having been recorded by j. Louis Kuethe a Lousy 1690 mad As a March Hare 1535 Tell that to the marines 1830 Needle in a Haystack 1565 Plain As the nose on ones face 1660 it never Rains but it pours 1749 like a drowned rat 1580 spliced 1751 sponge part site1598 by Shakespeare Tan ones hide 1731 by Coffey three a a crowd 1430 two Birds with one Stone 1665 wild Goose Chase 1595 by after noting a few of these Slang expressions it seems that very Lew of us can claim to be Modem. The speaker of Slang free English and very few such individuals exist Are the real a moderns a or Are they is according to reports from a Man who was Busy travelling around the world during the world War. He was smart. A conversation with an old Cannibal who on hearing of the great War raging in Europe was curious to know How europeans managed to eat such enormous quantities of human flesh. The Globe Trotter told him that the europeans did not eat their slain foes he then saw an expression of shocked horror appear on his flesh eating friends face. The Cannibal asked what sort of barbarians the people of Europe were to kill without any real object. When we of the civilized world come to the Point where our actions Shock a Man eater from the far most primitive Corner of the Earth things Are getting in a pretty bad state. / How a your family tree a White youth in Hawaii seeking the advice of an older japanese Man As to his courtship of a japanese woman asked a will she object to my color a a not to your color a was the reply a but to your a Why what a wrong with my ancestry a a Well according to your traditions you Are descended from a Monkey while according to her traditions she is descended from the Sun Clifford Geesler a a Story is told on Oliver Wendell Holmes about something that took place when he was stir. On the supreme court Bench. It seems that Holmes and Justice Brand is took Long walks every afternoon but on one of these occasions Holmes then 92, paused to gaze in Frank admiration at a Beautiful Young girl who passed them. He even turned to look at her As she continued Down the Street. Then turning to Brand is he sighed a nah what i give to be seventy a matter of diet in the far Flung parts of the world the food stuffs considered to be healthful for the citizens in the various sections take Many forms. Snails Are accepted by some and Snake Steak is a dish relished by others but the newest thing to come to our attention even though it happened Only once to our knowledge is the eating at a special dinner of a pair of shoes. When a famous Ballet dancer left Russia her belongings were sold at auction. Her Ballet slippers were purchased for 200 rubles. The shoes were then cooked served with a special sauce must have been extra special and eaten at a dinner arranged by Ballet enthusiasts. This must have been hard on the digestive machinery. A Colby College is constructing the first functionally planned College Campus in this country. Puzzled Auburn student a you mean its against the Law to go Home a Auburn footprints a certain Young Ferow from France went to sleep in some grass filled with Ance. What you re thinking is wrong. For he slept right along a cause the Ance stayed out of his Pance. A a a there was a Young lady of Natchez whose garments were always in patches. When comment arose As to the state of her clothes. She drawled a when a itches a girls Are like snowballs the harder you squeeze them the faster they melt. A a a Tongue twister a woman walking along a Road came upon a tinker mending pots. A Are you Copper bottoming Mem me Man a a no in a alumni naming Mem a a Bright Young maid of St. Thomas once found a suit of pyjamas said the Maiden a Well Well. What these Are i can to Tell. But in a certain the garments ainu to the editor s Mailbox editor the Auburn plainsman dear de if i might have a word with the freshman co eds please be it known to All of you Young ladies that a fraternity pin Honor society key and Campus office do not mean that the owner is distinctly above the student who possesses none of these decorations. Of course a Man who wears no pin or key and is neither a class officer nor a shining Light on the athletic Field is not in the truest sense of the word a big Man on the Campus but this should not mean that he has no value As a possible Date for free evenings. There seems to be a feeling among you no doubt charming females that you cannot afford to Date a Man who is not in every sense of the word a b. M. O. C. That girls is just what you think there comes a time in every girls life when she gets the idea that she is doing any boy a favor by permitting him to take her to a show or dance. All that the poor male gets out of this is the doubtful prestige of being seen with said luscious female. Brave Ben finally gets enough courage to ask silly Sally for a dete. He must be very enthusiastic about the whole thing to get said tasty morsel to give her necessary consent to the Date. His Boyish enthusiasm a is some what dampened when Sally replies with a a Well All right a As if she can to think of any excuse at the moment for refusing. Said Brave Ben is a b. M. ,0. C. And this is the answer that he gets. Picture then the reply that Sally would make to the in warned freshman who dares to ask for a bit of her spare time True there is a certain restriction placed on you ladies in selecting your men. Auburn a Campus does contain some pretty poor specimens and probably no immediate rivals for Robert Taylor. Still you must realize that you Are no bargains either As a whole. Since we can to have the Best of either Market Why done to you estimable Young things do your share of making the Best of things As they Are is it necessary for our Campus a average Many to go to Montevallo for that female sympathy which seems to be so very necessary beware girls lest in being so very careful in maintaining your standards of a a rating you fall below All local standards of rating Campus critic editor the Auburn plainsman dear sir a recent visitor to Auburn put into words something which makes our town and school outstand a something which we Aub mites have come to accept As a natural state of affairs. That is the friendliness which exists Between students and townspeople upperclassmen and freshmen Campus big shots and nobodies. This visitor said that he had never before been in a town Large or Small in which people received one with such an air of hospitality and Welcome. He said that though he had lived in a College town most of his life and had rubbed elbows wit ii students from quite a number of other colleges he had never seen quite the air of congeniality he found in a before tomorrow by John Godbold Bhe a face up Deal a governor Dixon a open and above Board policy is netting him Good results. There has been no subterfuge no behind the Bam secrecy about his program. As a result he has won the almost unanimous support of the press the legislature and Alabama citizenry. This lesson might we be applied to situations which arise Here at Auburn. Once in a whue Auburn has its share of the Little difficulties and unfortunate situations which Are faced by All schools. But somehow we always adhere to the policy of hushing matters up rather than bringing them out into the open. Few undesirable conditions Are Ever cured by being kept quiet. To use an analogy it seems far better to bring a source of infection to Light where it can be seen and studied for treatment than to Fumble in the dark and possibly bungle the operation. One Southern University went through a distasteful scandal a few years ago when a wide awake student investigator found that its highest Honor students had a Money making system of Selling copies of future examinations. Rather than trying to keep it quiet College officials and student brought the entire situation to Light and quickly remedied it. As a result they won for themselves respect and admiration for efficient handling of a disgusting matter. Today the incident is forgotten by All but a few and that University has gone Forward to make an even greater name for itself. But Auburn Hasni to Learned its lesson yet. Someday it will find that the Mercess Light of truth is the Only cure whue hidden infection can spread its tentacles further and further eventually destroying the organism which it inhabits. No matter what situation Large or Small arises in the student body give us the truth. It May Hurt for a Brief moment. But Antiseptic always does. It is hard to realize that citizens of the totalitarian nations can be impervious to the attitudes of citizens of other countries. Germans and italians May have been kept deluded by their own press but when they have ventured abroad they have found what free people really think of them. Not Long ago a German naval training ship docked at Havana and the cadets went Shore. There were no cheering mobs to Greet them nor jeering mobs either but lining the streets were thousands of solemn quiet impassive workers each wearing a Black mourning band. Even More recently a group of German officials were met by More Lively cubans who pelted them with Over Ripe fruit. Last week an Itaman naval division steamed into a port of Panama and the Admiral went ashore to pay his respects to the president. But As he and the italian minister Rode to the Capitol they were greeted with eggs fresh and Rotten thrown by irate citizens. Receptions such As these must surely Teu even the arrogant germans and italians that the whole world scorns them. Welcome news is the fact that the Tva has bought out the entire holdings of Commonwealth and Southern in Tennessee. Now a Well planned social development has a Chance to extend its program of betterment of the living conditions of southerners. Tva has already sent electric Power into Many regions of Alabama where it would not have reached for years had expansion been held up to wait for the private Power companies which of necessity had to wait unto such an expansion would yield them a profit. On paper Tva is a nonprofit organization which should break about even every year after it gets on its feet. Probably it will lose a Little even then but it will be Worth it. Bum. He seemed surprised and definitely pleased at our taken for granted custom of speaking to everyone we meet on the streets. This spirit of comradeship is something which every Auburn student notices when he enters school As a freshman and later comes to take for granted. And it is something of which everyone of us should be proud and pre serve. Sincerely student ;