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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Auburn Plainsman (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Auburn, Alabama Semi weekly tuesday edition Abb Thirn Platsman vote for Cabinet changes vol. Lxii a i Auburn Alabama tuesday february 7, 1939 number 38thirty-five Are elected to Phi Kappa Phi the editor says the most revealing Book that we have examined in a Long time is the Loose Leaf volume entitled a minutes of the executive Cabinet of the associated undergraduate students of the Alabama polytechnic Institute a which we read and re read during the Christmas holidays. More than anything else that Book opened our eyes to the inadequacies and inefficiencies of student government at Auburn. A close study of the minutes and of the old plainsman files showed us that the Story of student government at Auburn is one of politics of graft of humor and even of dignity. We came to the same conclusion that this years progressive Cabinet has come to that for it to become a powerful Agency for student welfare it must change the rules and regulations under which it operates. A a the Cabinet has realized that the time has come for it to set its House in order. Consequently it has Given its stamp of approval to certain constitutional changes. These proposed amendments Are to be voted on by All four of the classes at the Spring elections and must obtain a two thirds vote to become effective. For too Long a time Auburn students have criticized the Cabinet. Raking the Cabinet Over the coals has been the pastime of More than one plainsman editor and of dozens of letter writers. And often their criticisms have been More than justified. Now the Cabinet is Giying Flie students an Opportunity to help carry out the reforms which they have been crying for to these Many years. Nothing but a favourable vote for All of the proposed amendments can change our inefficient system. This Cabinet has moved the next move is up to the students themselves. A a let us look briefly at the proposed changes in the governing document and see what they aim to do. The changes in Section 2 of article in provide that eight percent of the student body can by a petition Force the Cabinet to submit any act or decision of that body to the students for approval or disapproval. The provision follows closely the procedure used in almost All state governments. The second change in Section 2 of this article sets up what is probably the Best Check on government the students can have Complete and full publicity for All arts and decisions of the Cabinet. The Complete minutes kept by an efficient Pennanen Secretary will be published in the plainsman. Any Shady deals or impair acts will be immediately brought to Light. The proposed amendments also a provide for the initiation of changes in the Constitution by the student body at Large. This provision also follows general state practice. If a Cabinet is reluctant to initiate needed changes the students can do it themselves. The membership of the Cabinet will be radically changed by the new article on membership. The class presidents and the coed president will be Given seats on the Cabinet thereby coordinating the work of All the governing agencies of the student body. This provision however increases the membership of the Cabinet from 11 to 16�?almost the membership in the Cabinet before its membership was first changed in 1935. We Are a bit dubious of this provision because it does increase the size of the governing body. It May tend to make it unwieldy and even As in the old Days so Large that it can never get enough members there to make a quorum. However we believe that the advantages in coordination of the classes and co eds with the Cabinet overweight any disadvantage in size. Continued on Page four colourful beaux arts Ball to be Given by architects saturday night Velen port a important College honors have a ome this year to miss Helen porch Auburn Junior in Home economics from Alexander City. Miss porch is president of the panhellenic Council and of the Auburn chapter of Theta up Silon sorority. Because of a excellent scholarship record she was tapped to membership in Cardinal key Honor society for women key Benefit for band tuesday Honor society members band cooperate in event the Auburn chapter of Blue key will hold its Bingo game for the Benefit of the band in front of Langdon Hau next tuesday night at 7 30 p. M. Tables will be placed on the outside of the path leading to Samford Hall and lighting of the tables will be arranged so that there will be no playing a in the in Case the weather does not permit playing of the game outdoors the scene of the contest a will be moved to the student Center. Cash prizes will be Given for each round of play to the Winner. Cards for each participant in the game will Cost but one Liberty head Indian or Jefferson Nickle. Arrangements for the contest Are being Madei by the member of Blue key under the direction of Allen Martin president. Assist ing them Ini handling the contest will Bej members of the Auburn band to t. W Una of Iet a whom the net receipts for the nights play will be will be awarded for most attractive costumes during Ball by Laurens Pierce saturday night will see one of the years most gayest and colourful events in the annual beaux arts Ball to be held in the student Center by the students of he school of architecture and Allied arts. The theme of the decorations for the Ball will be done entirely in modernistic design featuring a mechanically operated Back drop flooded with an array of color from a Bank of concealed lights. The dance floor win similarly be decked in appropriate decorations in the Ultra Modem theme completing the setting for the array of costumes that will be at the Ball. Aji though no one without costume w�o1 be allowed on the floor there is no restriction As to the kinds of costumes that May be worn. Prizes will be awarded the two Best individual costumes and the Best costumes worn by a couple. The grand March will be the time for the selection of the prize winners the judges making their Choice while the March is in Progress. Incl dog the grand March there win be three no Breaks during the Ribau. Dancers will be Given masks at the door and win keep them on unto after the selection of the prizes. The music for the occasion win be furnished by the Auburn knights. Every year for the past several years the architectural students have Given the beaux arts Ball and made it the most elaborate dance of the year. Each student has taken the Chance to show his originality in designing his costume and there never has been a Lack of Good costumes for the , former api coach escapes Tornado injury a Tornado struck the University of South Carolina at Columbia recently and several Hundred students and instructors narrowly escaped death. Figuring in the disaster was Sterling do free former track coach at Auburn now connected with the University. Coach Dupree with several athletes including the Captain and co Captain of the 1939 foot Bau team and two coaches were in the Field House when the winds struck taking the roof oif the building. The former Auburn coach said that he believed the winds reached a velocity of at least 65 Mues per hour As they swept across the Field House. The wind was coach Dupree an Auburn alumnus resigned his position As assistant football coach and track coach Here in 1938 to accept the position of head track coach at the University of South Carolina. Watch ads for your name is advice free theater passes to be awarded every Issue to carry names of winners of passes in ads in this Issue of the plainsman we Are inserting names of students to whom passes will be Given absolutely free by the Tiger theater. There a no trick to it folks. Its the real Mccoy for sometime now we have been wondering How Many of you really read the advertising. Of course we like to think that All of you do but some of our advertisers and would be advertisers done to think so. Therefore to be certain that All of you Are Reading it we Are giving away these passes. The names there Are More than one of the persons receiving passes Are scattered through the advertising. Hence it will be Nec Essary for you to read All the ads to eliminate the possibility of overlooking your name. If you find your name simply carry a copy of the and to the dealer to whom the and belongs and receive the pass. Inc Dently if you Are one of those persons trying to get through school As cheaply As possible you can certainly save by closely following the advertising. In most issues of the plainsman merchants offer some special certain articles at a reduction in Price Mot knowing of this you May Purchase the articles elsewhere at the original Price thereby depriving yourself of a saving. Then too done to forget that the advertisers make your paper possible. Trade with those who Trade with you. Hooray cheerful news came to the plainsman office today just before press time in the form of the following associated press a Story a College boys who travel from and to school on week ends by the thumbing method had their inning when the House judiciary con Pittee postponed indefinitely an anti hitch hiking Biu in effect killing the measure. A the action was taken on motion of representative Synder of Jefferson and without debate although several members of the committee speaking at once pointed out that Many College boys saved transportation fares by hitch hiking Home on week ends. A speaker Hugh Merrill Anniston is author of the if the measure stays a Post inks Ned indefinitely a All we a be Well. Auburn students will not find themselves in the predicament of the puzzled hitch hiker in Brasfield a cartoon on Page two who is faced with either remaining in Auburn or break in g the Law by thumbing a ride underway for Homecoming greater Auburn Day to bring thousands to Campus with both fraternities and business establishments planning decorations contests on a greater Auburn Day a feb. 22, the City of Auburn will present a festive appearance to the several thousand alumni and friends expected Here to cell brate the growth of Alabama polytechnic Institute. The local Junior chamber of Commerce has agreed to present an award to the business establishment which is judged to have the most attractive decorations on a greater Auburn Day.�?�. Mem Bers of scabbard and Blade honorary military society have offered their services to act As guides and aides to the numerous visitors who will View the Gigantic College building program under construction. Special exhibits Are being planned by the textile students and alumni and friends will be Given a cordial Welcome at ithe exhibition in the textile building. Notice has already been received by president l. N. Duncan mayor c. S. Yarbrough Homer Wright and s. L. Toomer from Auburn men All Over the state and in other states that they expect to come Back for the Celebration Many of them will arrive of. 21. Maurice Bloch presiden of the alumni association has said a this is going to be a great Day for Auburn the largest in its history we Hope. A military review in the morning an old fashioned Southern Barbecue and a real football game in the afternoon with lots of other activities in working hand in Glove with Bloch in encouraging alumni to return for a greater Auburn Day Are Porter Grant alumni Secretary George Mattison jr., president of the Auburn club of Jefferson county and Tighman Turner president of the Auburn club of Montgomery. Or. Mattison is working on alumni in the Northern half of the state while or. Turner is concentrating on the Southern half. Or. Mattison has predicted a we should have More than 500 from Jefferson county alone. I look for More than 5,000 from Over the state. The growth of Auburn jul be a revelation to alumni who have not been Back in the last ten highlight of the Day of festivities will be the exhibition football a game staged by two teams of Auburn a squad now engaged in Spring practice. Ten thousand invitations Are being prepared and jul soon be placed in the mall for alumni and friends.16 in agriculture Are tapped by honorary group professors students Are named by National agricultural society two members of the faculty and 16 students in agriculture have been elected to membership in Gamma Sigma Delta National honorary society in agriculture. The faculty members honoured Are or. N. J. Volk and or. J. A. Naftel associate soil chemists. The new student members Are As follows William Joseph Alverson Talladega Samuel Rex Brannon Midland City Charles l. Breedlove Gantt Quarry Robert c. Burk Hardt Cullman Marvin Royce Cox Deatsville Charles Franklin Grisham Athens Lyman curb Jones Centerville Donald Camp a Bell Kyle Hartselle Jordon w. Langford 3pp cloy veto Lyle double Springs Daniel Thomas Meadows Salem Thomas Perkins Mccabe Dora Wiliam Flynt Nichols Sylacauga Hugh l. Rice jr., Florence Harold Philip Thomas Athens and Abbott Brand Walton Greensboro. President of the Alabama chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta is w. H. Weidenbach executive Secre a tary of the agricultural Experiment station or. R. Yoder head professor of agricultural engineering vice president of agricultural engineering vice president and or. F. S. Arant associate professor of zoology entomology Secretary treasurer. Honorary fraternity names new student and faculty Meliers publishes lab 1% m \ i i six separate divisions formed machines added six separate divisions have been established in the mechanical laboratories in the engineering department and at the present time Are being developed into the Best unit of any College in the country. A Complete hydraulics Laboratory is nearing completion. Prof. T. W. Sparrow of the mechanics engineering department said. In this lab testing apparatus for offices tubes pumps and pipe friction is maintained and study of these can also be made. A 25 kilowatt steam Turbo Generator set has been added to the steam Laboratory of the department. The most elaborate addition that has been made is in the engines lab where a Complete Carrier Brunswick air conditioning Plant has been established. This Plant controls the temperature humidity and cleanliness of air entering a room partitioned off from the Laboratory proper. This is used for instructing students in heating and ventilation Aid conditioning and refrigeration. A general electric Cradle dynamometer having a capacity of 100 horsepower at 4000 revolutions a per minute has been writes for design Magazine publishes article on Interior decoration Interior design As it is taught at the Alabama polytechnic Institute received conure Odaion in a recent article by Sidney Wahl Little professor of architecture at Alabama polytechnic Institute which appeared in the Magazine a Interior design in the College title of or. Little a article was a Interior design in the College in it he Calls attention to the fact that a the professional a decorators has rapidly become during the past five years vastly More than a Mere decorator. He is an Interior designer an Interior Star list an Interior students at Alabama polytechnic Institute according to the article can now obtain a course in Interior design and decoration instead of merely Interior decoration and the course is definitely connected with the school of architecture. Since the change the newly revived course in Interior design has tripled in registration and requests for graduates exceed the output. It s a girl Auburn a 1957 coed cheerleader was selected saturday when the Stork paid the Ralph Jordan a a visit at Opelika infirmary and presented them with a six Pound daughter. The Mother and daughter Are doing Fine according to Hospital authorities and papa Jordan who is Auburn a head basketball coach is passing out the cigars and beaming Over his first born. Lem Edmonson wins leading part in next production of Auburn players will play part of Rad Fern in priestly a immoral comedy a laburnum Grove by j. H. Wheeler Lem Edmonson senior in agricultural education and Vic president of the Auburn players won the leading part of George Rad Fern in j. B. Priestley so him Moil Al comedy a a la Bunum Grove a after a lengthy tryout session at they hut last thursday night. Director Telfair Peet announced at first rehearsal that there would be a very important business meeting of the players at the hut thursday night feb. 9, promptly at 8 of clock. All members of the dramatics group Are urged to be present. Two major roles in a a laburnum Grove went to newcomers to the players. Rubye Morrison Jacksonville fla., Sophomore win play mrs. Rad Fern and Claudia Wein Mann Decatur freshman received the part of mrs. Bernard Baxley. Both Are registered in Home economics. W. D. Hau who played the title role in Shakespeare so King learn last semester will appear in a laburnum Grove As inspector stack of Scotland Yard. Elsberry another Veteran player was cast As the pompous parasite Bernard Baxley. The part of Elsie Rad Fern went to Mary Carmack whom Auburn theatregoers remember for her role of a a melodies in the Broadway comedy Success a behold this dreamer a which the players presented late in seniors a two professors Are named by organization thirty three seniors and two professors have been elected to membership in Phi Kappa Phi National honorary fraternity for students of High Scholastic standing and traits of leadership according to prof. Paul Irvine Secretary of the Auburn chapter. New members include w. J. Ai verson c. L. Breedlove j. P. Campber m. R. Cox w. C. Edigton e. C. Godbold c. F. Grisham j. A. Hartt j. H. Hastie g. D. Knight j. F. Lase Ter r e. Ledbetter Margaret e. Lide c. V. Lide p. Mckenney d. T. Meadows Camilla Newberry e. T. Rouse h. L. Rubin Eleanor Scott l. M. Smith Joe Stein Ruby Helen Stokes h. L. Sutherland j. C. Swanner e. R. Taylor Clara Thagard h. P. Thomas Nellie Ruth Ward w. T. Warren j. H. Wheeler aim Winn w. D. Wittel. School of agriculture w. J. Alverson Talladega is a member of Alpha Gamma rho social fraternity and was honoured last year As the a Best All around Jumior in Charles l. Breedlove Gantt a Quarry is associate editor of the Alabama Farmer vice president of the agriculture club and a member of Gamma Sigma Delta. Charles f. Grisham Athens belongs to o. D. K., Spades scabbard and Blade the a a a club and is business manager of the plainsman. Harold p. Thomas Athens is a member of Gamma Sigma Delta honorary fraternity for agriculture students. Marvin r. Cox Deatsville belongs to the f. F. A., the a club and Gamma Sigma Delta. C. V. Lyle double Springs is a member of Kappa Delta i and Gamma Sigma Delta. Dan t. Meadows Salem is editor of the Alabama Farmer and belongs to Kappa Delta i and Gamma Sigma Delta. Alverson Breedlove Grisham and Thomas Are registered in agricultural science and Meadows Lyle and Cox in agricultural education. School of engineering John Paul Campbell Scottsboro was selected from the department of aeronautical engineering. Campbell is a member of Kappa Alpha social fraternity Tau Beta i honorary engineering fraternity and the writers club. W. C. Edington Mobile is enrolled in Industrial engineering. He holds membership in scabbard and Blade and Tau Beta i. James h. Hastie Montgomery and l. M. Smith Gadsden Are both registered in mechanical engineering. Hastie belongs to the american Institute of mechanical engineers and the Auburn band and Smith holds membership in a. I. M. E., and Tau Beta i. W. T. Warren Birmingham is a fifth year student in architecture. He is a member of scarab honorary fraternity for architects. George d. Knight Selma Roy Taylor Birmingham and Ruby Helen Stokes Montgomery were selected from the school of chemistry and pharmacy. Knight belongs to Spades Tau Beta i o. D. K., Phi Lambda Upsilon and scabbard and Blade. Taylor is editor of the plainsman and belongs Ito Tau Beta i Phi Lambda Upsilon and Blue key. Miss Stokes is a member of Cardinal key Honor society for women and rho Chi. J. A. Hargett Russellville student in civil engineering is a Mem ber of Tau Beta i and Chi Epsilon. Robert e. Ledbetter Montgomery and James c. Swanner la Verne were picked from the department of electrical engineering. Led better holds membership in Tau Beta i and is president of Eta Kappa no. Swanner belongs to Blue key Tau Beta i and the a a a club. Continued on Page four ;