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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Auburn Plainsman (Newspaper) - February 3, 1939, Auburn, Alabama Semi weekly Friday edition Auburn Pla Myrnan Good work Cabinet members vol. Lxii a Auburn Alabama Friday february 3, 1939 number 37cabinet starts student government revision faculty forum session hears Starr explain work of veterinary school president Duncan talks to group on legislature and needs of College Here or. L. E. Starr assistant Dean of the school of veterinary Medicine discussed the work of his department at the regular february meeting of the faculty forum wednesday noon at Bibb Graves Center. Or. L. N. Duncan gave a Short discussion of the work in the present legislature and needs at Auburn to be met by the group. Or. B. R. Showalter presided at the forum. Or. Starr pointed out that the Auburn veterinarian school is the Only one in the Southeast and serves All the states from Louisiana to the Atlantic and from Maryland to Florida. This is the largest territory in the nation served by one veterinary school. An attempt is being made at Auburn or. Starr said to take care of All students applying from any state within this territory. Consequently most applications from other sections of the nation must be rejected. While the Southeastern territory is by far the largest served by one veterinary school livestock development is Low in this Section and the school and the regional veterinary Laboratory located Here Are Able to give consideration to the needs of the in tir territory. Included in the present expansion program at Auburn is construction of a new veterinary building and or. Starr explained that future plans for handling and developing. The school Are built around this new construction. The present building near the stadium site must be torn Down to make room for the stadium and several Small Frame structures will also be abandoned. The new building win be modern in every respect and will House a Complete Small animal clinic. Provision will be made to segregate animals brought to the clinic so As to prevent diseases from spreading and modern diagnostician quarters and operating rooms will be located in the building. The new building will also provide facilities for research work for As or. Starr pointed out there is much to be Learned yet concerning animal diseases and the research is a vital part of any veterinary school. Veterinary work is concerned with diseases of All mammals and Birds. Particular attention is Given to domesticated animals but Wudl Ife diseases Are also studied. Mammals Are divided into two groups Large domesticated animals such As horses and sows and the Small animal group including principally dogs and cats. In discussing the present legislature or. Duncan praised the organization and among representatives. Most of the attention so far has been Given to organizing the two houses and adopting governmental Reform measures. No appropriation Bills have yet been presented. Or. Showalter announced that or. J. B. Needham biological authority from Cornell will be in Auburn feb. 17, and will lecture to students faculty and townspeople on the subject a biological aspects of addresses open forum group leads discussion of human sterilization its benefits the open forum club was addressed last tuesday night by Leon f. Whitney of new Haven conn., who is Here at Auburn in the school of veterinary Medicine. Or. Whitney was formerly executive Secretary and later a director of the american eugenics society. His subject for discussion was a sterilization for human or. Whitney opened his talk with an apropos statement from a Book by Charles Edward Russell which showed the value to the individual of enlistment in some betterment movement. While the eugenics movement is not of primary concern or. Whitney stated that he Felt convinced that it was without question the subject of greater concern to the human race today. Sterilization he explained is but one of. The tools of eugenics which May be used in helping to raise the general level of humanity. After explaining with diagrams the operations used to effect sterilization which is no Way affect the personality of the individual nor alter him or her in any physical respect except to make it impossible for that individual to become an ancestor or. Whitney told briefly of his objections to compulsory sterilization and described the types that should be sterilized. A these people want to be sterilized a he said a when they understand the operation because they do not want to pass on their defects of insanity and other misfortunes of an hereditary nature to their the speaker mentioned some humorous personal experiences which he had had in getting acquainted with certain i it persons of the Type who need to be sterilized. He spoke of the saving to the state and to the nation of preventing the perpetuation of human degeneracy. Then or. Whitney mentioned a dozen or More of the common objections usually heard from opponents of the measures for sterilization. The audience was urged to take a keen interest in the subject because of its importance to society for the reason that As the number of the stupid dependent people increase the Burden on those who maintain and support them becomes greater and greater. The next meeting of the open forum club will be held in Broun 422 on tuesday feb. 14, at 7 of clock. All students Are cordially invited to join the open forum club and participate in these debates. Whether you Are a member or not you Are invited to be present on feb. 14.b. Lowe announces selection of new manager Charles Woodruff of Anniston has been named manager of b. Lowers menus clothing store or. Lowe announced today. Roy Lowe manager of the store for Over a year has resigned to look after farming interests near Opelika. Or. Woodruff comes to Aubin after being connected with the Wakefield clothing co., of Anniston for the past six years. Or. B. Lowe stated that he has recently ordered a considerable Quantity of new Spring merchandise for his marionettes to present a treasure Island monday Tony Sarges marionettes make their annual appearance in Auburn monday night feb. 6, with a performance of Stevenson so treasure Island on Langdon Hall stage. The Sarg marionettes Are known Over the nation As the Best in their Type of entertainment. In 1938, they presented a Robinson Crusoe Here. Performance monday night begins at 8 of clock. Admission will be 25 cents for adults including College students and 15 cents for children. Notice the local Branch of the american red Cross has sent a Check to the earthquake sufferers in Chile. Some have contributed especially to the fund. Any others who wish to make contributions mail Check to Rev. Sam b. Hay. The funds will be mailed within a few Speaks to a s on Russia wednesday tells of his a cultural surveys in soviet Russia five years ago by Dan w. Hollis r. W. Gay last wednesday night the agriculture club heard a lecture by g. D. Jones widely travelled agricultural Engineer of the Cleveland tractor company. Or. Jones gave an illustrated lecture by Means of a slide projector on his agricultural Survey of Russia some five years ago. Or. Jones was especially invited by the soviet government to make a Survey and Rei it Ort of agricultural engineering possibilities in regards to Cotton tobacco and sugar beets in Russia. After arriving in Berlin he and his assistant advanced due East to Moscow by rail. Several Days were spent in the Capitol City viewing the City and making plans for the trip into the agricultural regions of the vast siberian Flats near the Globe Steppe. A Moscow a relates or. Jones a is a very dirty City As Are other russian cities and towns. The building in which Stalin and the supreme economic Council conduct the affairs of the government is a rather dilapidated Structure. The most remarkable Structure observed in Moscow was the great mausoleum in which the russians beloved Lenin is preserved entirely in a Glass Case. A leaving Moscow and heading due East on the trans siberian railway we soon left White Russia and entered into the vast lands of Siberia. Many towns were inspected and various pictures were taken at the risk of our lives. All Bridges Are lighted and guarded by trenches with Cannon barbed wire entanglements and red soldiers. The entire russian Border is surrounded by barbed wire entanglements 20 feet thick and 10 feet High in addition this is also guarded by soldiers. A soon we left the soft cars and continued our journey on Flat wooden cars. Riding Hobo fashion underneath these cars were scores of Young russians 14 to 14 years of age. They wore nothing but a sack like overcoat were oily Grimy and completely disease Ridden. In some sections of Siberia venereal diseases ran As High As 95 to 98 per cent in the continued on Page four amendments last night the executive Cabinet unanimously approved needed changes in the Constitution of the student body. The Fate of the measures will be decided by All four classes in the Spring elections next month. Briefly the proposed amendments Hope to do the following 1. Provide a More effective referendum on Cabinet actions by the student body. 2. Give Complete and effective publicity to the minutes of the Cabinet and All its acts and decisions. 3. Increase the membership of the Cabinet from 11 to 16 and make it More powerful by giving the class presidents and the coed president seats on the Cabinet. 4. Proi de a Clear and fair method of amending the Constitution. 5. Employ a permanent Secretary who shall not be a student. Space will not permit More detailed study of the proposed amendments but they will be examined and interpreted in later issues. The plainsman offers to John Ivey and his committee on constitutional revision and to the entire Cabinet its Heartiest thanks and congratulations for working toward much needed Reform of student government at of inter rat basketball play Given for first week in opening the current inter fraternity basketball play. Sigma no ran True to form in defeating the to Kappa no by a score of 21 to 17. Sigma no gained an Early four Point Lead but trailed at the half 8 to 5. They opened the second half with three Quick Field goals and never lost the Lead. Theta Kappa no threatened late in the game but never tied the score. A. T. O. Gained a 27-21 verdict Over Delta Sig in the other game wednesday night. A. T. O. Took an Early Lead but ended the half two Points behind. Entering the third Quarter with a slight Lead a. T. O. Added to this Lead until the end of the game. First round matches left the two winners tied for the Lead in this league. Johnnie Davis president of the a a a club announced today that the a a a club dance scheduled for tomorrow night would not be held. Approves important constitutional changes it passed Cabinet to have 16 members student vote publication candidates must qualify candidates for elective positions on the plainsman and glom Erata must meet the same qualifications this year As last year according to the decision of the Board of publications rendered monday afternoon. The Board re adopted last years qualifications which were printed in the tuesday plainsman and set noon of Friday feb. 10, As the deadline for prospective candidates to hand in to Kirtley Brown Secretary of the Board their plans for improving the publication on which they intend to serve. The Board will qualify publication candidates in its next meeting which is scheduled for monday feb. 13. The Board of student publications set up in the Spring of 1937 in place of the old publications committee is a joint Stu Dent faculty group and is empowered to a exercise general supervision Over the business and editorial management of the student publications receiving monies collected by the Short of mid terms to be shown at Tiger saturday Are you in the movies you May be for the Tiger theater will show scenes photographed on the Campus during the mid term dances Here. The pictures which will run about ten minutes were made by Ross Pfaff theater projectionist supervised by manager g. H. Coats. A special theme win run through the entire subject and stars a very prominent Auburn student whose name will not be released until its appearance. The subject we a be shown All Day saturday at the Tiger according to or. Coats and features scenes from the dances the grand March Dick Stabile a orchestra and shots of students. Quot nonsense Quot says the editor Quot just Plain simple nonsense Quot by Edwin Godboldt there was an old stupid who wrote All this below we quote. His want of All sense was something immense. Which makes him a person of note. Almost any Good anthology of american poetry that you pick up win contain that most amazing bit of nonsense by Gerlett Burgess i never saw a purple cow i never Hope to see one but i can Tell you anyhow id rather see than be one. Now i have described this production As nonsense and i have therefore no doubt led the Reader to suppose that i look on it with contempt. Far from it As a child i ran across that nonsense verse and memorized it thinking it the most Irres Tible and musing thing i had Ever heard. A great Deal of that Appeal still remains. During my last year in High school i Learned that the author of that piece after being characterized for years As a the Man who wrote the purple cow a when in reality he had written much More serious literary productions published this of yes i wrote the purple cow in a sorry now i wrote it but i can Tell you anyhow. Ill kill you if you quote it. A but that a nothing but nonsense a the Reader probably says. A exactly a i answer. And that is the very reason i like it. It is with chuckling fascination that i recall my childish treble sing singing the quaint words of the Pelican chorus Plo Fiskin Pluf skin Pelican Jee we think no Birds so Happy As we Plum skin Poshkin Pelican Jill we thought so then and we think so still i was firmly convinced then that whether or not pelicans Sang this pleasant song Flat they ought to. To illustrate somewhat the abiding influence of this Type of poetry filled with such terms As a the jumbles a a Jabberwocky a a a Quan Gle wangle a and a the to Boole that had no toes i will say that Only last year while engaging in a a professor quiz ques Tion and answer contest i defined a a whiff Letreed As a a mystical beast renowned in nonsense rhyme a rather than associating the word with a mule and a plow. A volume of Edward learns a nonsense books was a constant companion of mine during my younger Days. And i suppose that my Delight at the appearance of each new Absurdity in that Book was no More uproarious than that of the children for whom they were originally written. All the photographs of , the originator of the Limerick that Best form of nonsense poetry show that he possessed a Bushy countenance not unlike that of Stonewall Jackson. However to me he looked so much like the a old Man with a beards in his poem that i was sure that a two owls and a Hen four larks and a Wren might have easily built their nests in his Beard. These Brief memories from childhood Are merely to show that i was fortunate in having nonsense verse thrust upon me so to speak at an Early age. Most people become acquainted with it later and some alas a never discover its enchantment. To characterize something As nonsense is for Many people to Rule it out As literature. Perhaps a Little journey in the realm of nonsense will help us to discover that Only the greatly in Earnest can be greatly nonsensical and that it takes uncommon sense to write real nonsense. Edward Lear famous the world Over for his a nonsense books filled with Limericks and nonsensical prose was a landscape artist who at Twenty Publ died his first Book entitled a the family of the sit tac idae a which sounds like nonsense but Means parrots. He was a simple childlike child Loving Man who spent his life in lonely wanderings through foreign lands. In spite of frail health and exhausting work he remained always a old Derry Down Derry who loved to see Young folks generations of Young folks and adults have been made merry by the verses that Lear wrote every evening after dinner for the children who Hung uproariously continued on Page four to speak Here a i a uric hindu Maurice hindus to speak Here soon russian born authority to speak on european affairs stating that faculty members townspeople and students Are a anxiously awaiting the appearance Here on March 1 of Maurice hindus noted author and lecturer prof. James r. Rutland chairman of the Auburn lecture committee this morning predicted a capacity audience we a hear the famous russian bom speaker when he Speaks in Langdon Hall. A when or. Hindus lectures Here he will present the latest avar Able first hand authoritative information As to developments in world affairs with a Complete and truthful picture of events in Czechoslovakia a said prof. Rutland. A events which during the past few months have aroused world interest and concern will be discussed by or. Hindus in his the lecturer is considered to be one of the Best informed american citizens on world affairs. He was on the scene when troublous events of last summer and Fau were occurring in Europe and he win discuss these Here on March 1. In june of last year he left new York for Czechoslovakia on one of the biggest investigating and reporting assignments of the year commissioned by one of the nations greatest publishing houses. His authoritative account of the events which took place abroad last year will be brought out in Book form this Spring a there is a great depth to or. Hindus observations and he possesses a mind that grasps the historical significance of these world events a prof. Rutland stated. A in a single lecture he can give his listeners a better understanding of conditions than can be obtained by the Reading of Many hindus spoke Here to a Large audience last year when he lectured on to address Asme on cast Iron monday night Charles k. Donoho prominent Metal Lui Gist for the american cast Iron pipe company will address members and guests of Asme monday night feb. 6, at 7 of clock in Broun auditorium it was announced today by Gore Kemp president of the mechanical engineering society. Having presented papers to the american society of metals and the american chemical societies in Washington and new York he is regarded As one of the South a most promising Young metallurgical engineers. He received his Bachelor and master degrees in engineering at Vanderbus and has since been affiliated with a cipro. His talk is to be on a the characteristics of cast Iron a and the Assembly is open to the Public. Ca it it son amendments next month with Only one change the executive Cabinet last night approved the first report of the joint student faculty committee for constitutional revision which Calls for important amendments to the Constitution of the undergraduate students association. John Ivey chairman of the j committee and i acting vice i president of the Cabinet present-1 de and explained the proposed a-1 amendments to articles four i five and six of the Constitution and with one change the Mea Quot sures were unanimously approved. The changes will be passed on by a four classes of the student body during the regular Spring election next month and if they receive a two thirds favourable vote will become amendments to the document that governs the student body. The proposed amendments read As follows article in Section 2 acts decisions of Cabinet a fall acts and decisions of the executive Cabinet shall be considered decisions of the association except that on petition presented in writing to the president of the Cabinet carrying the signatures of 8 per cent of the registered undergraduate students within ten Days of the enactment of such acts and decisions of the Cabinet they shall be presented to the association for ratification or rejection As provided in Section 3. A fall acts and decisions of the Cabinet shall be published in the official student newspaper of the Alabama polytechnic Institute in the Issue next following the meeting. A copy of the minutes of each meeting of the Cabinet certified by the president and Secretary of the Cabinet shall be published in the official student newspaper of the Alabama polytechnic Institute in the Issue next following the meeting at which they Are article in Section 4 membership of Cabinet a membership in the executive Cabinet shall consist of five sex office members who Shau be the regularly elected presidents of the four classes and the regularly elected president of women student government association and 11 regular members elected from the four classes of the Alabama polytechnic Institute As of rows four members of the senior class three members of the Jumior class two members of the Sophomore class one member of the freshman class and one coed elected by the women students. A each class shall elect by popular vote its representatives designated As above the election to be under the supervision of the Cabinet. The freshman representative shall serve immediately after his article a Section 1 organization of Cabinet a officers of the executive Cabinet shall consist of the following a a president elected by the senior class b a vice president elected by the Junior class c a treasurer chosen by the executive Cabinet and d a permanent Secretary chosen and employed by the executive Cabinet. Article i Section 1 amendments a members of the student body May propose amendments to the continued on Page four ;